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Sunday, July 25, 2010


Today my birthday, posted my wish on Facebook, hope it will come true. Haha =D


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Friday, July 23, 2010

Lifeless day I had everyday.
And I really mean E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y.
Practically, my day goes like this

  • Wake up on computer, facebook game, eat and rot either in front of computer/tv.

  • Wait until about 4+ or 5+ then went down to Limbang for the BubbleTea shop.

  • After bought bubbletea and chit-chat, went court to sit down and do nothing.

  • Sit until maybe 8+ or 9+ then went home, bathe and get ready for dota.

  • After dota, starts to complete my facebook games.

  • Get ready for LATE dinner and watch movie at the same time.

  • Always slept around 3+ 4+ in the morning.

  • The same thing happen next day.

  • This is how I R.O.T every single day.


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    Thursday, July 22, 2010

    Practically alot of days has pass and i dun really know which day wad had happen, so i summarise with those photos starting from maybe a month or a moth and a half back =D


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    Sunday, July 04, 2010

    long time no post, only some dates posting ba.

    26/6 - On this particular Sat they had their game with Jurong Sec C Div boys. Well, they didn't come down with their full team, but JR is also complancent on their side, but never-the-less, a win is a win. Good Job guys =DD

    28/6 - went out to daiso Lol! the BPP 1 hahaa =p then walk around, then have dinner outside and stuff. then went to yan jiu soccer and start gambling =.=" booooooooooo >< Lol =X suay kia xiaopang

    29/6 - Nth much, intially tot needa to go sch, but well, not really, so stay @ home i think? i forgot le =p hahaa

    30/6 - went out to woodland then to bugis to walk walk lor, then try the durian chewey puff, buey pai leh =DD then go court sit down talk cock le == then home LOL!!

    1/7 - went to JP and walk around. shop around. look for present == piang eh, tired leh liddat walk LOL! =X anyway cant find present lurh == so suan le .. then went back to lot 1 to have dinner i think? hohoo =p then court ==> home

    2/7 - HAppy Birthday KaiBoon =DD went to IMM sia >< to look for present .. wee you weeee ~ found it anyway =DD then continue to walk around lor, then after that go the ah mei cafe to talk tlak chat chat eat eat .. then home and eat then out to gamble soccer again LOL! =X

    3/7 - intilly going thehangout to play de == then very little ppl attending .. so in the end went over to JJ hse for a gaming session LOL =X okay suan le, better then nth .. after that leh, jiu went back and prepare, then out to clementi and eat lor, buey pai lar, the BBQ dunnoe wad shop =X lol .. after eat le jiu buy cake go void deck cut, =XX then jiu go LB de mac sit down chat and talk and eat =DD then home in the end now come blog, sleeping soon maybe? =X hahaa


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