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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

wheeeee ~ today is New Year Eve ~ but im gonna make a post for yesterday which is tuesday .. making a New Year Eve or New Year post later or tmr =D

anyway ~ woke up liao .. then see its still early .. so online .. then play dota =.= at the end late in going MY hse .. so nv go lor .. aftert at met sam le .. blah blah then i went to meet them .. then we go lot 1 to eat .. lol .. eaten le .. went to Trim and Cut lor .. haha .. then we wait outside .. 5 ppl wanna cut .. damn alot ppl sia -.- then wait lai wait qu lor .. haha =X done le ~ i went home to change

hao le ~ went down .. then teach the pengheng how to shoot .. with zi xuan .. after taht ownself play match .. play play play play play until 9+ .. then stop le .. sit down watch them play Big2 and see magic tricks . then play de hu big eat cake game ~ damn trilling =.=" after tat waited for sEan and Yc to come back with their dinner .. then went home le ..

reach home .. bathe le .. jiu online ~ online le play dota lor ~ then after that chat abit .. jiu come here blog ~ done le .. i running off from this blog .. but not offline yet .. hmmm ~ anyway NYE dunoe got wad activity .. if realli watching firework hope can take my bro de cam ... or maybi he going there himself ? =.=" lol


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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Post on Monday ~ lol ~ Tues come post .. haha
Anyway i can asure that wed or thurs post is gonna be long ~ cuz New Year le mah =D

woke up kinda late ~ cuz slp late =.= si le ~ night owl life is back >< haiz .. after tat online lor .. then play some dota game ~ play play play ~ then 515 like that go MY hse ..

reach his hse .. ZBL awhile .. play his psp .. try the FF game and see his bleach stuff .. well .. after tat juz cont. ZBL until 630 .. went down to court lor .. i went to buy pao mian ~ after tat eat le .. wait for coco to come .. then they started their training ..

today kinda fun ~ all cheong ahhhh ~ dunoe why ~ maybe it's cuz coco came ba ~ oh well ~ guess they prefer coco ~ but its okay lar ~ since his a better 1 then mi ~ chao chao he got EXP okay ~~ Lol =p then cont. train trian ~ timing i set though >< ahaha .. after tat trainign ended .. play a full court .. haiz ~ alot mistake =.=" forget it .. i cant say its not i un-suit for bball .. its just that i no heart ~ but i put in effort le .. emoemo .. nvm ba .. LOL! nvm lar ~ learn from mistake =D hee .. after tat de-breif from coco .. then went to 7-11 to get drinks ..

sit outside talk talk talk talk talk talk .. keep talking until 11+ .. alot of stuff lor .. then they nid catch transport mah .. so went off lor .. haha .. went home .. bathe .. online ~ wanna cook noddle but no time .. then chat abit .. dota .. budden i dc >< ZZZ .. then cook noodle .. eat and play bleach .. then they done le .. play 1 more game .. lose dao .. oh well >< after tat yc and ly went offline le .. i chatting with MY lor .. up until now .. blog and chat .. gonna run blog .. bye ~~~


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Sunday, December 28, 2008


Well, didnt post yesterday, so post 2 post today, haha, okay, woke up in the morning, prepare le, went down to court le, to see whose there, but to my ultimate shockness, which actually is normal >< no 1 was there .. then sit down and sms abit .. then yc and eunice came .. then after tat mi and yc went to buy cup noodles .. by came after .. after tat jiu play abit big 2 .. see by and eunice play matches .. then awhile later went back le ..

wah .. go home .. oso nth to do de leh =.=' lol .. then play psp abit .. then after tat play dota lor .. play play play .. then abt 4+ went down to find YY they all .. cuz he coming with CS and his bro mah .. then find them to play abit lor .. oso alot of ppl came lar .. then i paly with YY de slipper then he angry =.=" Sri YanYou .. after tat they go back le .. i sit down chatted abit .. then went back liaoz ..

reach home bathe and eat .. then online .. dota dota dota dota dota =.=" until abt 12+ 1+ .. then play abit Dragonforce .. then BTH le .. went to slp . ahahha =.="


Today neh ~ woke up kinda late .. cuz wanna get enough slp mah ~ after tat play psp again ~ ai yo =.= become like sean le lar =.= PSP at home >< Lol =p after tat online .. jiu dota ~ then done le .. went down to court to sit .. starting emo ~ sit there 1 person see them play lor .. alot ppl cut hair le siol ~ sch starting .. lol .. after tat just sit there lor ..

then JJ came to pei mi sit down chit chat while watching other ppl play .. after tat QR came oso .. then we play matches lor .. abit nia lar .. then play finish bullet le i went home liaoz .. lol .. =.="

reach home .. bathe le jiu watch 1 million start ver. 4 .. then eat @ the same time lor .. then ian msg mi saying sean ask mi when wanna cut hair =.=" mi told him tmr but he say too fast .. lol .. make a time ba .. mi aniting de ba >< Lol =p after tat online lor .. jiu come blog .. i think later got dota ba .. lol =p byebye =D


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Saturday, December 27, 2008

For Friday ~

woke up @ 10+ .. went toilet then i go back sleep again ~ cuz nth to do in the morning mah ~ after tat 12+ lyke tat wake up le .. jiu use comp ~ than play dota and bleach soul canival .. after tat prepare le .. 2 lyke tat went out

met By / Eunice / Jj / Hw under my hse .. then we went over to Trim and Cut there .. Cuz BY wanna cut hair .. after tat went over to lot 1 .. cuz By wanna print pics mah ~ then i wanna print 2 pics oso .. budden in the end Eunice took away =.=" boooo ~ oh well .. after tat mi and By went to buy cake .. then they 3 came le help Eunice celebrate ~ aahhaa =D See Eunice .. dun say ur kor nv buy cake hor =D hehe

after tat went home le .. play abit dragonforce .. then went down to coach training le =.=" train train ~ then train train ~ then TRAIN TRAIN ~ until coco came .. then i eat nasi lemak .. then wear shoe started playing lor .. after tat rain =.=" zzz .. Sean's blog say he no motivation le, how how? Jiayou ba Sean =D .. anyway after tat went to 514 de void deck .. then play abit Big 2 .. then chg to slipper le went over to lot 1 de mac to eat .. AGAIN ?!?! Lol =X

wwent there .. went to buy le .. then eat eat lor .. after tat Sean and Simp play ice war .. WTF ~ then shoot here shoot there .. then starting from the point where Simp go hide =.= [Take Cover] Coco was lauffing like mad .. thne i was looking @ Coco eating cuz the old coco is back .. slow eater .. then he lauff .. then i BTH i lAUGH lar =.= aiyo ~ my laughter goes across the whole mac i can say =.= Pai seh but bo bian >< Lol =X after tat keep laghing laughing =.= ZZZ .. Simp ah simp .. how old liao ><'' LOL =x after tat cool down le .. done eating le .. went outside cheers there chat abit .. cuz simp and coco wanna smoke .. then went home le ..

reach home .. bathe le . wanna dota but see no ppl le .. and tmr still needa wake up earli .. oh well ~ ocme blog lor .. haha =D sms-ing and msn-ing oso .. buaiz ~~ lol


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Friday, December 26, 2008

wah ~ must complain 1st ... ZZZ .. my computer hor .. dunoe wad problem .. after defragment .. clearing registry and scanning for spyware and virus .. up until now still haven solve .. zzZZZ .. some more while cleaning all this it DESTROY MY BLUETOOTH service .. FK .. i dun even noe how to re-install it back .. NB ><" arghhh ..

end with my si bei unhappy things .. lol

Merry X'mas things had gone pass le .. lol .. Emo lar ~ Eunice dun treat mi as special ppl .. sobsobx =( I lost BY and Sean .. sobsob .. Emo Emo .. Lol ..

okay ~ was @ MY hse whole nite mah .. then woke up .. wow ~ we were actually late cuz MY was going out to meet his friends .. aftre tat hao le .. mi ly and yc went over to lb and eat breakfast .. finish le buy bubble tea then go home le ..

reach home .. bathe and online ~ dota .. abt 1 or 2 game like that .. then after tat really bored mah .. went down to bball court after doing my computer de all sorts of rubbish .. ZZZ ..

@ court .. chit chat eat things .. then coco came .. play abit match .. then after tat he went off le .. i cont. sit down talk .. until LY say he going home then i go back oso lor ..

reach home .. bathe and eat .. then watch 1 million star Ver.3 .. after tat hao le jiu use comp .. argh ~ haven solve .. budden nvm .. rS .. took mi like 20mins ? OMG !! lol =X afte tat dota with them le .. 1 game they zhao le .. so well ~ i come blog while chatting with coco lor .. oh man ~ he gave mi [M]ission [I]mpossible stuff .. budden i will called Eunice tmr to tell her that =D hehe .. It's manager job .. ahaha ..

well .. i think i go play something then i go slp le .. and i decided not to sign off ~ Mafan ><' Lol

last but not least .. Eunice not good de .. sObX SoBx ~


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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Birthday to Eunice =D, may all your wishes comes true =D

Merry Christmas to everyone !!! Jiayous !!!

oh well ~ today woke up like abt 10+ lor ~ then use comp awhile .. then its still raining ~ after some time ~ yea ~ training resume =D haha .. then msg msg blah blah .. went down for training .. buy 4D for my dad ~ then buy other stuff ~ then after that jiu started training le ~ train train train ~ then rain le ~ =X we went in to sit down chit chat lor ~ after tat play Big 2 awhile .. then i went home le ..

did blah blah ~ preapre le .. went down .. then go over MY hse .. lol .. then chat chat play play ~ then met the rest @ badminton court there .. then rush over to lot 1 .. then went to Bukit timah there to eat dinner =D Nice dinner =D but i hurt my leg .. hehe .. oh well ~ nvm ~ treat it as a x'mas gift ... LOL! after tat eaten le ~ went over to play lan ~ all paly dota except jon who play maple =.= maple siao ~ oh well .. after tat jon and sean took another bus .. the rest of us took 67 back ..

walk home .. do things and prepare .. then go out meet YC and LY .. then go 7-11 to buy thigns .. then went over to MY hse to camp le ~ well .. now they dota-ing ~ i wanna SAVE my comp .. lol .. bye

Signing Off ~ Byez


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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

come blog 1st ~ hmmm ~ woke up as per normal ~ then play abit comp le ~ YC ask mi go down eat lunch ~ then accompany him lor =D after tat they say wanna bike to TW ~ so well .. borrowed a bike from KM then we bike there ~ kinda fun but tiring lar ~ lol =D anyway after tat we bike to YT Park then play bball with HW's GF >< Lol!! AFter tat bike back to 514 le ..

then since its raining ~ we sit @ shelter play Big2 lor =.= ahha ~ then some went out to play bball since rain stop le ~ then coco came ~ ooooo =D lol .. after tat chat chat .. buy things eat .. then went out to sit sit le ~ by then oready like 6+ ? lol .. then we sit sit ah ~ shoot shoot ah ~ after tat they got play match blah blah ~ mi and him just sit there ~ not much chatting .. ahaha .. like that say [True friends are those that will not feel ackward sitting beside you without talking] .. ahaha =D after tat they continue playing .. then i went back to get my dinner and go back bball court to eat .. done le .. aga almost time le .. then lights off .. we went to boid deck sit down chat lor ~ after tat send song ah .. blah blah ~ then went back le =D

reach home .. called MY and ask some stuff .. so good lor .. he bought the Samsung Innov8 phone ~ haiyo ~ after tat done le bathe .. then online .. chat abit .. come here blog ~ ahaha =D well .. play a dota game ~ after that simp went off le ~ then chatted abit .. i quitted .. cuz of something bad happen .. and i dun wanna say it .. but i noe i shouldnt be angry .. forget it .. zhao ..

Signing Off ~ Byez

Nth to do take ownself with flinch coming out from the cap .. lol =X

the stupid QR go put 2 bball as 2 boobs =.= kaoz .. so big =.= swt


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Monday, December 22, 2008

wheee ~ lol ~ post on the same date but different day ..

So today is Monday =D woke up @ 9 =D then get rdy le go out to meet Ian .. folo by Sean then went in to TWSS ~ wheeee ~ lol .. they bought their PE Shirts and Shorts .. after tat went to buy Uniform ~ lol .. cute sia =.= like 2 small boy going out buy clothing like that .. haha .. after tat leh ~ went to TW market to eat .. then they go home while i go LB to get things for my dad =D

after that went home to get rdy ~ went down to attend training ~ LOL!!! just train train and stuff =D after tat matches all the way =.= wah ~ today [run like a dog] .. EMo ~ Lol!!! nvm lar ~ nan de coco is back mah .. after everything .. went over to 302 ~ then me and coco ate our all time favourite ~ laksa mai hum mai taogei .. LOL!! then chat abit .. coco and sean went back .. then me and HW wentb ack oso ..

reach home .. bathe .. then online ~ come blog ~ then msn chat ~ later dota i think ~ then dunoe going do wad ~ but end blog here1st =D

Signing Off ~ Byez


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post ~ today woke up .. not late not early lar =.= cuz nth to do oso mah ~

then wake up le jiu use computer .. dunoe do wad .. lol .. then i noe got help coco find his computer parts ah .. then talk to him and knew that he went out to get cam .. after tat do something with my bro comp .. =D then coco jiu called and ask if got ppl playing ball .. i say got .. so he went back and came down after that ..

went down to court .. intially was hai hao .. then alot ppl came .. then got play match play cards play this play that lor .. lol .. haiz ~ today matches i did alot of mistake ~ Emo ~~~~

Oh well .. after tat lights off went back home le .. then bathe and eat .. then watch 1 million star ~ at the same time msg calvin and ian abt tmr things .. my mind's in wirlpool .. wanna go with ian they all cuz is mi whu ask them to ask mi along .. then wanna go with calvin oso so as not to PS him .. haiyo ... then tink now is cfm meet with ian le .. budden dunoe after tat wad will happen .... Lol =X anyway .. finish show le come blog lor .. [dunoe why sean didnt online today] .. hmmm

Signing Off ~ Byez


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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Okay post post .. well .. i think everyone from HJ had posted the BBQ on the later date .. hmmm .. Haha =D MI TOO !

okay .. i woke up late cyz was realli tired .. thanks simp for calling ah .. lol .. then woke up le prepare liao rush down to meet him .. then drove to 302 to eat .. folo by goign to yew tee for a car wash .. then to the coast road le =D haha .. well .. reach there .. met with jerm and his friedns .. then we went in lor ..

Coco saw us very fast .. then they eat abit .. we went to the ship to Xplore . wow .. big siol ~ lol .. oh well .. walk walk and stuff .. then hao le went down with his stuff .. then he go back took things while we waited down .. then done le funny sia .. wanna go out that time we cant take back our hp .. cuz the person who recorded the ic isnt here .. ZZZ .. but after some time .. at last we are out .. then went to Bouna Vista there to eat the duck ricee .. not that bad .. anyway thanks coco for the treat .. after tat went to bukit timah to find the HJ ppl le ..

they were playing pool .. then i play billard with simp .. after tat play lan .. CS .. wah kaoz =.= lost to them like mad .. 4years gone raelli = GG .. lol .. nvm .. after that they elave 1st while mi and simp continue playing .. until abt 430 .. we left there .. then rush to 10miles to meet them .. then taxi over to my aunt place .. well .. after everthing .. went up .. BY and Eunice started cooking rice .. i just lay there like siao cuz tired + sick .. arghh .. nvm .. after tat abt 7 we then started the BBQ lol .. well .. cook and eat and chat and stuff .. =D nice nice .. haha .. then coco gave out present le .. then started drinking .. halfway thru we started playing Zhong Ji Mi MA =D Cool man .. lol .. some ppl realli tio like so jia lat .. haha .. mi onli like 2-3 time nia .. forfeit is to drink the beer mah .. haha .. after tat MY dad drove them back while i folo simp car lor ..

reach home .. prepare le .. bathe and use abit comp .. wanna watch Bleach then slp but too tired .. so at the end i went to slp straght =D byebye

Signing Off ~ Byez


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Saturday, December 20, 2008

okay ~ post 1st just in case =D

Today didnt sleep mah ~ so well .. went over to M.Y hse then transfer the Bleach game .. after tat met with the rest le went over to MRT lor .. lol .. then train to buangkok and kena brief .. haha .. work there once and i become "lao jiao" LOL!!! then went to the sch lor .. wah .. BORED TO THE MAX .. there's like totally no work to do de lor =.=" then wasted our time until so sian ~ then since my teammate's friend went back le .. we go back too =D buddent nid to wait some time b4 getting pay ~ so went over the other side the coffeeshop sit sit chat chat .. then went back still cant take =.=" so sit outside do things ><" after $ taken le .. train back .. then go to TW with Calvin lor ..[Oh yea, met a new friend called Ian .. it's oso from TWSS de lar .. JH they all de fren .. saw him once but nv talk to him b4 .. then today got chat and play .. haha =D then he oso help mi to change $ mah ~ thanks alot =D haha .. then today oso alot ppl cant work cuz not register =.=" Lol =x they wasted 2hrs but @ the end went to play pool .. haha .. psps]

rEach there .. it rain =.= then go find his bro, dad and aunt .. then eat fishball nodole .. after tat went into TWSS .. found out that they nv sell any sec3 stuff @ all =.=" all cater to sec 1 cuz oreientation .. omg ~ wasted my trip .. then they wanna go JP .. budden i nv go mah .. so bid farewell ~ and told them if calvin monday going back again tell mi lor .. haha =D after tat went to CCKCC de bball court .. oh well .. saw say chiang they all .. then chatted with them abit .. went back home le .. [@ court saw someone playing style like mine de .. weird =.=" lol .. not that i play weird .. its hard to find that my style is being used =.= .. maybi .. my shooting pattern is not original? nah nah ~ Lol =p : anyway went going to take bus that time saw CS and TP i think .. but i nv let them see mi lar .. oh well .. things had gone ~ cant come back .. bo bian ba .. lol =X]

reach home play abit .. get rdy went out to court again .. then play dai di @ court .. done le jiu go LBP for training ~ today not bad =D haha .. after training they play matches .. then after that went to LB to eat dinner ~ then i go home .. bathe and eat .. then see that simp wanna go back his workplace to return keys .. so folo him .. then chatted awhile @ cosy corner .. come home now to blog .. buaiz =D lol .. tmr's HJ BBQ ~ Hope its real nice =D

Signing Off ~ Byez


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Thursday, December 18, 2008


o.O ~ come post since ytd didnt post .. ahhaa =D woke up as per normal =D late late de .. actually hai hao lar .. cuz HW woke mi up and ask mi if i wanna go eat brunch .. then oki lor =D went down to find them and stuff lor =D hahaa .. eaten le .. cycle over to HW sch cuz he collecting Cert. .. haha =D after tat jiu went home le ..

Reach home is like 3+ le mah .. DF until 5 lyke tat .. prepare le went down court .. haha .. budden i think i played abit bball and chatted alot =D haha .. then 7 lyke tat went over to LBP to train .. haha =D not that bad actually .. i made an ultimate mix so that everything could end earlier =D then end @ 9 =D see i sho kind .. then play some matches lor .. haha =D after tat went over to eat dinner .. them not mi .. then went home le ..

Reach home .. found out my ocmputer got problem le .. the whole system lag for no reason .. and i think the last time i solve this was to reformat my comp .. haiz .. sad and Emo lar =.=" jia lat jia lat .. anyway do this do that still nv solve .. just dota lor .. after tat hao le .. teach sean how to play dota oso .. then after tat alot of them went to slp le .. left mi and LY we chat chat lor =D haha .. then i virus scan .. and went to slp ... @ 5+ 6AM =D


woke up @ 805 today cuz alarm set mah .. intially still wanna slp back but lazy .. so play DF all the way and at the same time got cook something to eat lor .. then after tat meet Ly and Yc then went over to M.Y hse .. lol .. then play psp + dota .. hahaha .. after tat they say wanna go eat lunch .. then go lor .. eaten le i went bakc M.Y hse .. waitted for sean .. then i cont. psp while M.Y teach sean how to play dota .. =D then just waste our time there until about 6 .. haha =D

went down court . play match and matches =D hehe =D so good =D ahaha .. ><" after that rest time .. jiu started playing tai di =.=" argh ~ just play until come home time lor .. then bathe le jiu online ~ computer stil got problem .. haha =X after this got play dota .. then i dunoe if i wanna go M.Y hse to dawn mah =.=" see ba see ba ~~

tmr work ~ but not sleeping ~ then @ nite they got training ~ and that nid to stay till late oso ~ but Sat nid wake up early again .. haish ~ wad a night life im living ><" ahaha =X dunoe y suddenly go back .. ke lian ah .. okay ~ zhao~~

Signing Off ~ Byez


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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

alright !

today woke up .. hai hao lar ~ cuz BY msg mi mah .. lol .. and he wanna go down but no ball .. so forget it .. then online le .. i do my sega saturn emulator .. and YES!!! CAN AT LAST !!! Lol .. then i play abit dragonforce =.=" but anyway do that took mi like few hrs =.= then play with Ly lor .. but not very good game .. then play abit more went down court le ..

today court no much ppl .. then we jiu play some match lor .. after tat chit-chat abit .. went back home le .. then msn and blah blah .. lol .. after tat jiu go down after simp called .. then we went kiat hong to eat dinner .. then chit-chat there until now lor ..

come home le .. jiu blog ~ then later should be playing dota =D simple day .. ahaha =D tis fri working .. for a short while =D takecare .. going off le haha

Signing Off ~ Byez


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always post 1 day later =.="

today woke up late ~ =D cuz ytd slp too late le ~ then wake up le online lor .. abt 1+ liao mah .. then do some stuff .. jiu dota with Ly .. start not sure when .. but i noe we stop @ 5 .. then 5+ prepare hao le i went down court le ..

reach there .. play Big 2 with them 1st .. after tat play bball lor .. then they come le .. cont. to bball 1st .. abt 730 we started our training =D haha .. went to the top of the carpark there to train ~ but kinda big and boring =.=" oh well .. after tat train and train .. then went down to train oso .. lastly do ally le then done .. then they play match lor .. play paly while i chit-chat .. after tat chatted with simp awhile then he went home .. i go hlp sean with his shooting pratice =D

after tat mi sean jon yc chatted for some time .. then done le .. went home lor .. reach home abthe .. online and eat but see no 1 online to dota leh .. then now i come blog lor .. i dun tink will hav dota and i think i going sleeping .. Stress sia .. i dunoe should i go work on both days mah ~ abit wasted if 1 day is 30bucks .. budden i wanna go TWSs to see see neh .. and Calvin is bringing mi inside on Fri .. argh .. fk stress lar =.=" haiz ..

Signing Off .. Byez


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Monday, December 15, 2008

Ah .. back to post 1st .. haha =D

okay .. today woke up late late ~ cuz nth on in the morning =D hehe .. so nice .. after tat online .. eat and surf web .. after that read comic .. done with that .. play dota with Ly .. folo by Sam and Yc .. lol .. kinda fun ? haha =D after that surf web again .. cuz waiting for simp to come back fom M'sia ..

went out @ 4+ to meet Ly / My / Sean and then went over to My hse .. play with his dog (at least its cuter then mine .. as in .. not so active like mine lar .. Lol) then played Call Of Duty and Battlefield .. after tat simp came le .. went to his car wait Yc le then we went off to Clementi =D

Reach there .. they started chatting .. then Ly and Yc went to buy poker .. then gamble lor .. eeek ~ a few game and i lost LOL! well ~ kinda standard ~ so didnt quite think abt it .. after tat they cont. playing while i go around helping the rest to cook food .. lol .. then i oso join in the fun =D My and Sean ke lian ~ keep getting hit by the "heart Attack" game =D hahaha .. okay .. then play and play .. time to cut cake Lol =D then still sing de X'mas song .. then cut log cake .. folo by gift exchange =D haha .. kinda fun wor seriously =D anyhow exchange and exchange =D Lol .. @ the end i got a lighter and a cup =D [lighter i gave Simp @ the end cuz i dun us] haha .. then after tat cook abit more .. chat and play cards .. then waste our time there .. ahaha =D abt 12+ we went off i think ..

on the way back .. simp keep braking here and there =.=" Lol .. oh well .. then send Sean back le .. Yc oso .. then mi and ly oso .. reach home neh .. bathe .. then online lor .. then dota .. now dota end le .. come blog .. lol .. going off =D

Signing Off .. Byez


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Sunday, December 14, 2008

okay .. time to post for both days =D


Okay .. as i had posted earlier .. hope that Nick had a wonderful Bday =D haha

back to mi post .. woke up early in the morning .. then get rdy le went over to Mingyang hse to camp lor .. then after that Ly come le .. we chated .. then play chess game .. then after tat playe dota -.- Ly bully mi .. ZZZ .. then MY de cousin came .. then they eat while mi and LY play HvH .. lol .. kinda boring -.- oh well .. after that they did MY cousin de interview abt Aids and Stds .. lol .. kinda funny lar .. the whole interview .. after tat leh .. we watched movie and stuffs .. then Sean and JJ came too .. lol .. his hse re nao lar =D haha .. then abt 5+ his cousin go le .. then we oso get rdy .. then went down ..

went to LB to get stuff .. then i go home change le .. eat dinner then rush down lor .. then chatted abit @ 514 .. went over to LBP le .. but i stomachache .. so went home =D came back @ 735 like that .. lol .. then started training .. but the Pinoys wanna train for tournament .. so give them lor .. we go back the "shelter tunnel" to train .. haha ~ since we no nid use court mah .. then cont. train train lor .. after tat done le .. went back to court .. sit and watch .. after that play with ZX that group .. 1 win 1 lost .. lol ..

then we went over to 302 .. ke lian BY he hurt his leg again .. then cant move around .. so he went home earlier .. then reach there find seat le .. sit down eat and chat chat until 2 like that .. then went home le .. lol =X

reach home .. bathe .. use comp abit bit .. then watch comic le go slp =D


Today woke up damn tired =.= woke up @ 8/815/830/9 ><" cuz of some stuff lor .. then get rdy le .. went down to bball court .. eat my breakfast .. then not alot ppl came anyway =.= as they slowly come .. we play 1 or 2 matches lor .. after tat play abit bullet .. most of the time is chatted .. then decieded to go Queensway .. so go home and get rdy ..

Bathe and stuff .. went out le lor .. meet them le went to lot 1 and eat .. after tat get the present for tmrs .. then went over to Queenways le lor .. reach there .. walk to the shop .. then ask around but to no avail .. haiyo .. then MY went to buy his jersey shorts =D haha we oso got walk around lor .. then ask again for the jersey maker but still to no avail .. fk lar -.- haiz .. after tat walk aroud for medicine ball .. only see 1 =.= but it sux .. so nv get it .. then just walk around see shoes .. and went off after tat Lol ..

took mrt back .. then each go our way .. then went over to meet BY .. then go 514 sit sit chat chat .. then LY came le we went over to LB to eat dinner .. haha =D after tat buy bubble tea le go back 514 sit .. then i acc BY since he cant play mah .. while some of the rest went to play basketball .. haha =D after tat 9+ all went back le lor ..

reach home .. bathe le .. online chat .. cuz BY doing the set up mah .. then Sean complain to mi abt someone .. haha =D i oso complain him .. so its okay =p then after tat can play le .. i wrap present while dotaing lor .. then after tat wanting to ask simon to play but he offline .. tmr nid to pei him play le .. Lol =X after tat cont. wrapping while chatting .. then wrap hao le come blog lor .. now blog ending .. so going off .. haha =D

Signing Off .. Byez


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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday to Mr. Nick Tay =D

will post again wad happen tmr =D


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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Post ! lol

okay ~ today morning ~ woke up kinda late .. i think is like 12+ ? after tat went to QR hse .. then watch "Chi Bi" and some NBA stuff .. chit-chat and some other stuff oso lor .. then tot of going over to Ly hse .. but since it's raining .. he say he wanna slp more ~ so didnt go lor .. and i stayed @ QR hse until like 7? then his mum came back and bought us Dinner .. Thanks alot Auntie =D After that me QR and ZX walk over to bball court lor =D

I dunoe wad comes over mi ~ just had the urge to play bball lor .. Lol! then play and play .. matches and shoot shoot .. blah blah ~ then after lights off .. we shoto abit .. then play "Ma de" Lol =x cuz Sean keep saying mah .. then we folo oso lor .. then joke alot lar -.- then abit later an uncle came down .. ask us to leave the court cuz it's disturbing since lights off mah .. oh well .. we jiu leave lor .. bo bian mah .. lol =x

reach home .. bathe le .. come online .. then chatted and eat @ the same time .. dunoe later got dota mah .. Lol .. Well .. after tat dota 1 game le .. ended liao chatted abit ~ then went off lor .. hahaa =D

Signing Off ~ Byez


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Whee ~ blog a day late again =.=" Swt .. hahaha =D Oh well nvm ..

Okay .. morning woke up .. then used a bit comp .. then get rdy le went down to bball court .. cuz i see alot ppl playing mah .. then see ZX train them .. and i chatted abit .. after tat i went over to MY hse .. then prepare again .. went back home to take my keys .. then went over to lot 1 and meet up with Sean .. after tat both of them accompany me to sch =D

well .. reach school .. i went over to do my PP re-assesment lor .. but after wad the assesor say .. oh well .. i suppose i failed again =( lol .. then met up with them .. then went over to Food Heaven to eat lor .. wah kaoz .. eat until so full =.= then tlak talk talk lor =D lol .. after tat go toilet .. each one 1 cubicle to chit chat wakakaka =D then nth le .. went to book shop to get sweets then went back le ..

Reach yew tee .. alight then go over to bball court .. then My play abit le .. went to his hse .. i kope his psp game and stuff .. Sean oso .. haha .. then Eunice and JJ came too .. then discuss abt the jersey things .. hmmm .. then after tat Eunice and JJ go le .. Sean play abit gunz .. then we went down too .. lol .. then they play against some others .. im just there chit-chatting -.- after tat play full court but they lose .. so they got to pump .. =X hai yo .. then HW sprain his ankle .. lol =x after tat .. chatted abit more .. went to pump oil with simp .. then go cosy corner sit .. but his GF called .. so oh well .. went home after that ..

Reach home le .. bathe and eat then watch bleach .. then chatted with MY and LY .. Ly still owe me a tag -.-" haha .. then MY ask mi to play dota with his friends .. after his kukuyaoqiu .. give in la .. if not ppl say i bad kor =X lol =x then play lor .. but see his frned play until lyke tat .. i oso just anyhow play lor -.- after tat phone chat with MY .. lol .. then he go gunz le while i come blog .. going off le wor .. hahaha =X

Signing Off ~ Byez ..


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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wheeee ~ posted on another day, but it's okay ~ haha .. okay .. morning woke up .. then prepare le jiu went out .. went to minimart and get a packet of milo .. then drink le went over to MY hse lor .. LOL! go up scare mi siol .. his sis just went out -.- then i nid to go hide .. Lol =x oh well .. after that get into his hse le .. we chatted for awhile .. then started to use comp .. then play dota with Ly cuz he came back from sch le mah .. after that he play Gunz with Sean .. then folo by playing dota with his friends .. after tat prepare le went out lo ..

met with Ly @ badminton court .. then went over to lot 1 .. then wait YC Sean and Eunice to come .. then we go over to LJS to eat .. lol .. eat and chat .. after tat walk around .. then sean do his screen protector .. after tat nth le we jiu went over to bball court lor .. play abit nia lar .. for the sake of fun -.-'' then quite alot of time is chatting lo .. Lol .. then 7 lyke tat liao .. went over to MY hse and get my stuff .. then went down bball court to chit - chat lo .. Lol =x just crap !!! after tat Ly and Yc came le .. Simp go park car then i go back change and put bag then went over lot 1 again .. lol

reach there .. Yc go get things for .. we dunoe hu .. Lol =X after that Simp went to eat mac .. [wah .. buey sian ah ..] Lol .. after tat eaten le .. Ly and Yc wanna go eat the [Snow Ice] mah ... so went down .. then chatted while they eat .. after tat Yc went to buy fish burger and we went back after .. lol .. then Yc departed while the 3 of us walk back lor ..

Reach home .. bathe and eat .. then dota le .. dota 2 games .. =.= 1+ liao lor .. Lol .. so now i come blog .. ahahaa =X I wan ly tag mi !!! Lol =p anyway .. going off .. tmr still nid go sch do the stupid fk-ing PP presentation cuz i failed last month or wad -.- ZZZ ~ waste my time nia .. haiz ..

Signing Off .. Byez


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Monday, December 08, 2008

A short day i would say .. woke up @ 2+ .. after that online lor .. hehe ~ internet can use oready =D then did some stuff .. after tat eat and dota with simon and simpson and simon's friends .. after tat i went down bball court le ..

Reach there .. not much ppl since its raining mah .. then just play poker .. after that went to minimart get something to bite lor .. then continue playing poker -.- then simp say wanna go out .. so contact Ly .. but he didnt reply .. until abit later .. then he say watching tv .. after 7 then free .. then i went to play bball lor .. hahaa ~ then simp went back .. then 7 lyke tat i went home lor ..

reach home .. use abit comp and watch abit tv .. then called simp to ask him to contact Ly and plan with him .. but up till now .. 830 there isnt any movement . so i assume is that we not going out le lor -.- then now come blog lor .. then later see wad am i going to do .. okay ~ after watching the Life transformers show .. came back and play dota until 11+ .. then read on blogs .. i come back re-post .. now going off le ..

Signing Off ~ Byez

The Life Transformers show is really meaningful, it shows some of the more unfortunate few in SG, and to help them, and a lot of stuffs, but asking, how many of us can really be like them? 知足常乐 .. it's really hard, really hard. They say must 乐观的做人, hmm, 加油吧,坤杰。


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Okay .. post @ a damn damn damn early timing .. later tell you reason ..

hmm .. woke up kinda late ~ cuz nan de can slp mah .. haha .. then after that wake up le cheong finish that dvd lor .. its a show called 大人物 .. anyway i finish it abt 2+ lo .. then on comp .. but dunoe y no internet .. zzz .. so nvm .. off le went to watch "Power Sunday" .. then 5+ went down court ..

caught QR they all playing poker .. then after that went to sit down at bball court see see .. then it rains -.- after that went into the shelter and play dai dee -.- LOL! then HW came back from SG le .. welcome back boy =-D .. after tat abt 745 lyke tat went off .. chatted with Nigel and went to LB to get something .. oh yea .. Sean ask me to help him find song .. shall try =D then after tat went home lor ..

continue watching tv .. then after tat my bro tried but oso cannot use internet .. then nvm la .. anyway i went down to find simp and ly cuz simp wanna eat mac mah .. then we chatted all the way from like 10pm - 430am =D Lol .. talk abt alot la .. ranging from dota to friends to blah blah ~ now back home .. bathe and come blog ..

Anyway im not using hse internet .. lol .. u get wad i mean =D
oh yea .. had a tiff with YC .. haiz .. but we apologise to each other le .. hope eveything's is fine =D

Signing Off .. Byez


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Saturday, December 06, 2008


o.O ~ today woke up .. as usual go to LB mac to sit down .. then check on something and do some PP re-edit and stuff lar .. after tat no 1 came at all mah .. so decided to went off earlier ~ then nth to do actually .. so was sitting down on the stone chair playing HP lo .. after that JJ came .. then went bball court find QR and friends .. then played abit i went home le .. bathe and get rdy =D use comp abit .. went to Sean hse le

went out ~ was sms-ing Eunice all the way lar ~ cuz she change her hp mah ~ can go to her blog to see =D hahaa .. gratz girl =D after tat reach sean hse .. eeek ~ her baby cousin i think forget hu mi le la -.- see mi cry le T__T =( sob sobx ~ cant play with her .. oh well .. then see Sean play comp .. then play with pricilla .. lol .. Ryan was sitting there watching .. found out actually Sean chatted alot when Ryans' with him .. ahaha .. after tat he off comp .. chat abit .. went back to 514 le ..

then Sean suddely wanna add game to psp mah .. so we went over to MY hse .. then put song ah .. then Sean play comp while mi and MY PK DJ Max -.=" lol .. i lost him .. sob sob ~ oh well .. after rotting @ his hse le .. went down to court .. saw QR and friend pinic there .. go steal lo .. after tat chatted and stuff .. go LB get things .. then saw Jeryl didi .. then chatted abit went over LBP le .. anyway it rain .. ... .. ... ..

so we went to shelter .. then train train train lor ~ but dun see much diff lar .. onli some damn tiring -.- haha ~ then last 30 mins i cheong them off lar .. arhbo i see all rest like free lyke that -.- then done le .. 10pm went to court sit .. then they play with Ivan and friends white i play Sean de PSP .. anyway they lost 1 win 1 .. hahaha =D after tat all go off le .. Sean / Jon / Ryan went off took bus .. while mi and JJ went to 302 and eat .. then chatted for a long time wor ~ hahaha .. then 1am lyke tat went back lor ..

reach home .. bathe - comp abit .. then went to watch dvd and eat abit more .. then went to slp @ 3 ....


Today leh .. intially wanna wake up @ 815 then prepare watch tv then go down @ 930 de .. budden dun hav the ability to do so .. so slp until like 845 lyke tat .. and went down @ 945 lyke that .. no ppl siol .. then wait and wait .. abit more came .. play some matches .. then when going train .. a few more came down ~ hahaha .. after tat started their training lor .. congratz them on passing their free throw this time round =-D kekex .. oh well .. then after tat sitted @ the shelter there to chit-chat while they went to play match .. then done le continue chatting -.- LOL!! then went home after tat ..

eat something .. prepare hao le .. went down .. then meet BY then go meet the rest .. cuz we going lunch mah .. then went over to lot 1 de subway eat .. 1st time i eat subway .. heng i share with BY 1 foot long ~ lol .. so not that ex .. anyway hai hao lar ~ hahaha =D then LY came .. then chatted abit lor .. after that walk aroud lot 1 .. then Sean say wanna get cover for his HP .. but lot 1 nv sell mah .. so bo bian lor .. oh yea ~ Barney is @ lot 1 .. ahahaha =D [Barney is a dinosaur and ~~~~~~] hahaha .. walk around ..

then abt 4+ 5 lyke tat went to take 307 and slowly waste our time to CCKCC .. cuz we tot got competition over there .. went there sitted for some time .. at the end found out no game at all .. Zzzzzzzz -.-" then suan le lor .. so we went over to a bball court to play awhile .. then went to eat .. i think the last time i eat there was like 1 year ago ... hahaha .. remembering that time ... oh well .. after eat le .. bought drinks .. then go find QR and SJ .. then take bus back le ..

reach cck .. watch a vid .. then went back home .. reach home bathe then use comp lor .. now i come blog cuz no 1 ask mi for game or anything .. later see how .. ahahaha =X i think i will watch DVD @ the end .. wanna finish the whole show asap leh .. -.- Lol .. oso was thinking of going to MY hse to dawn .. but dun think so la .. cuz tmr is Sunday mah .. haha .. =x anyway im BROKE LIKE SHIT !! haha .. oh yea ~ and Sean's blog alot of "den later" .. caught by YongChang .. haha =X ahh ..

Singing off .. Byez

I Can Bet with you 1000000000000000000000 dollars then Eunice will steal both pic .. believe mi or not =D


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Thursday, December 04, 2008

woot ~ come post 1st since i got total nth to do ~ let mi think .. today woke up as per usual ~ @ 830 .. then ask if YC got go down .. then i started watching tv le ~ then intially say wanna go down @ 930 de .. but thinking back i doesnt have much $ left T__T =( so decided not to go ~ then jiu tell him lor .. then he oso say not going ba .. after that continue to watch watch until 1215 lyke .. then online ~ read blogs .. then the answer is the 1 i anticipated ~ oh well .. nvm ~ cant force him either right ~ then after that chatted with andy asking abt ash ~ cuz he haven reply mi ~ hope's everything's alright for him ..

okay ~ wanted to dota intially ~ by myself ~ buw saw ly .. so ask him .. then he say wait abit .. budden until the end it rain .. so i think he went to slp =.- ahaha ~ then after that i didnt play too ~ i continue to watch tv .. and then i went to slp .. 430 woke up ~ but see it's still raning .. went back slp =D 5pm woke up .. msn lor ~ maybe later going down ..

okay ~ at 6 lyke tat i went down ~ well .. as expected and known .. no ppl was there .. except jon kicking soccer with those kids ~ oh well .. watch them abit .. then nic came down .. then they play abit bball lor ~ i was getting bored cuz i dun like hairy ball touching water that feeling mah LOL!! so i went back 1st .. then watch dvd and xing guang da dao lor .. awhile lar =D

after that went down to find jon cuz 830 le he still haven contact us to go PM mah .. then ly and yc came down too ~ i suppose everyone wait until du lan .. cuz a short while like u cant play anything then nth to do oso .. then i went down play abit bball oso .. @ long last we went over to Pm .. 1st time i didnt buy anything except for a whistle and drinks .. wah ~ 1st time 1st time .. noramlly i will get something to eat de .. budden dunoe why this time rou cant find anything nice to eat -.-" after tat went to Lot 1 .. walk around -.- then they went to buy ice-cream .. then jiu feng dao li bie with jon le ..

we walk back lor .. then got 1 thing scare mi lyke shit -.- Ly suddenly shouted "XIAOPANG" .. then yc and mi look @ him .. then he nv talk -.- after tat suddely talk abt the bbq .. wah kaoz -.- we cua sai lyke wad lor -.- i tot wad big thing happen or wad sia =.=" Ah yong ah .. nxt time plz dun suddely raise ur voice without any reason -.- then after tat reach back le .. then seperate lor .. went home

reach home bathe le jiu watch tv .. now come blog .. blog le jiu slp =D

Signing Off -- Byez


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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

okay ~ back to post ~ today woke up earlier then expected ~ then watch the video drama lor ~ then after tat eat abit le .. went to LB mac find them .. after that go court play play abit .. folo by going to Ryan hse to play "bluff" and "maths game" .. oh well .. lol .. after that go home lor ..

then 2pm went out for a swim .. well .. swim abit nia lar .. then alvin came .. ZZZ .. he really dun dare to go down the pool lor -.- wah laoz .. Alvin, if you see this, man a bit leh, I know there are some phobia which is hard to overcome, but at least try? had quite alot of fun and drinking water in it -.- after swim hao le .. eat beehoon from there then go court le ..

went court .. then bike abit .. chat abit .. play abit .. oh well .. after that heard from JJ that Ashley had fractured his hand while cycling .. omg !!! and some more they say is his master-hand .. haiz .. Ashley, take care of yourself this time round. then after that @ court just chat lor .. anything under de sun .. then go minimart buy thing jiu come home le ..

reach home le .. bathe .. then eat while watching the tv drama .. then now Eunice talk to me mah ~ so replied her while blogging .. think today im not playing anything -.= think im going offline soon .. hope Sean would reply something nice nice .. haha .. hope lar hope lar .. anyway tmr can see him le .. and tmr intially dun wanna use much $ de .. cuz really broke le .. budden just rmb-ed they say want go pasar malam .. always got alot of things to buy .. but jus dun hav the ability to spam ><" LOL! poor me poor me ~~ see how ba .. signing off ~ byezz


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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Wheee ~ a fun day combining of 2 days i would say ... but an expensive 2 days for someone so broke like me ~ zzz

okay ~ woke up as per normal ~ early in the morning .. then prepare le went down to find ashley they all lor ~ after that went to LB mac to eat lor ~ haha .. then go back court chat abit .. then using my ultimate mouth =D pursuade Ly to go Kbox ~ wakakaa =D ask Yc to go de lor ~ budden he say he dun wan bomb his friend ~ so he rather go sch with his fren to buy books and stuff ~ argh!! last time i say he go jio mi de lor -.- until the end nv ~ haish haish

then go home get rdy le ~ went down to meet Simp and wait for Ly ~ then he come le went over Clementi to sing lor ~ fun lar ~ seriously -.- listen to how Ly sing ~ woot =D his the same as mi last time =D hahaha ~ okay .. sing until abd 230 .. went off ~ go to lot 1 arcade plaaaay -.- then went to food court to eat Lol !! after tat went back to court lor .. haha

go court .. chatted abit ~ then shoot abit ~ then play abit ~ then rain -.- kaoz ~ then play play play -.- after taht jiu go home le =D reach home ~ bathe lor .. then use comp ~ was watching the drama and eating @ the same time ~ now got a bit free time so come blog ~ then waiting to see if simp can settle his GGC mah ~ haish ~ so many problem ..

after everything .. dota 1 game .. lost dao lyke 1 ass lyke tat .. then chatted abit .. told simp im not playing le .. PaiSEh Paiseh .. i going offline soon .. byeez


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Monday, December 01, 2008

Okay .. this morning posted once ~ so i post now again since morning i post yesterday ~ now i post today =D haha

morning woke up .. miss sch as usual ~ went to mac and use comp ~ checking emails and blogs and stuff lor ~ hahaa ~ after that aSh came .. follow by Ryan .. last but not least Eunice .. then eaten le .. we went to court .. Eunice went home to eat med and stuff then come down again .. while the rest of us continue playing lor .. hahhaa .. after that i sit down watch them play and stuff ~ then abt 12+ we went back lor =D

reach home .. watch the new drama -.- Lol !! dunoe wad title lar ~ lazy go check .. then something very VERY Unusual happen .. Ly asked ppl for lunch ~ omg ~ i tell u ~ it happen 1 in a million year =.=" Lol =D then decided to met @ 215 .. i went down @ 210 .. then they told mi 230 .. so went home awhile then went down again lor .. haha .. after that went over to lot 1 .. eat eat eat .. then YC bought his ultimate undrinkable drink .. Avocado -.- then mi and ly went to get bubble tea and he ta bao for his bro .. after that went to Eunice hse le =D

reach there .. watch 10brothers .. not that bad .. after that done le went down bball court .. play a small game .. then chat all the way lar .. after that at the end got 1 game .. damn fun !!! make mi high =D wakaka ~ that's good .. very seldom i will be high @ court .. maybe is cuz Ly told me "小胖玩好一点,不要用你的size去吓人" .. fun fun ! oh well .. although we lost .. but by 1 point .. haha .. after that buy drink le went home lo ...

reach home .. prepare le watch 10brothes last epi ~ hehe .. after tat bathe ah .. then online .. chatted for abit .. then simp called and ask mi out later to acc him eat dinner Lol =x then accepted request .. then now come blog .. blog done right .. then simp say his back mah .. so went down to meet him 1st lor ~ after that ly came ~ woot =D glad that he came .. then we went to bukit batok there to eat =D after that went over to Timah and play pool ~ kaoz -.- no bring $ out .. no $ draw ~ zzz T__T totally cannot make it lar .. anyway had quite alot of fun oso =D hehe ~ after tat tot of going to drink and chat ~ but since Ly's mum call .. so decided to cancel .. and we went back home

now reach home come edit post .. going off .. hehe Bye ~~

Hope Sean would allow me to accompany him to school and get his books and stuffs .. haha =D hope lar ~

Very long nv post pic ~ well ~ tis is nice .. but didnt use the main cam .. so its not that nice eventually ~ but its okay ~ haha


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oops =x ytd didnt post .. so come here to post today .. hahaa =p

alright .. woke up lyke abt 10+ or 11+ .. nan de no nid wake up early .. haha =D after tat use comp le .. cuz no tv mah -.- then do this do that .. nth much anyway .. then dota with sam and simp ~ oh well .. after that 3+ lyke tat .. went to watch tv lor .. cuz very sian mah computer .. then watch and watch .. abt 5 lyke tat i went down to bball court ..

intially tot of going down awhile nia .. then stay there .. then nic and yc came .. then qin rong came .. then weijie and weizhi came too =D hahaa .. more and more people =D after taht played some match .. then nic / WJ / WZ went back earlier .. the rest of us sit there chat .. then JJ say he think LBP got ppl play match .. so we try our luck go there and see .. Oh man ~ there really is !! haha =D

we sit down and watch lor .. fillipinos game lar .. only 1 team of singaporean .. Shenze Knights .. lol .. oh well .. total ownage for the SG team ytd .. dunoe how well they will fare the nxt time roudn .. after their game is like 9+ le .. then we continue chatting and stuff .. they shoot shoot abit but i didnt .. haha .. then after tat abt 1035 lyke tat we went back le lor .. hha [oh yea .. QR request the nxt coming 2 training put him in-charge .. then he will do with the team oso .. then i okay lor =D budden he nid to make out a plan and discuss with me .. =)]

After reach home .. check abit computer .. tag on Sean's blog .. hope he dun say see 1st -.-" Lol .. would rather him to reply Okay! haha =x oh well .. then went to bathe .. done le watch xing guang da dao ~ woot =D new host anyway .. after that done le jiu went to slp .. signing off ~~


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