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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Okay .. woke up kinda early today ..
then online and msn chatted abit lor .. after that went to watch Tv liao ..
then watch till 1+ then went out to meet BY ..
then we went to eat Subway Lol =X
eat eat chat chat lor =D Then after that went to walk around ..
then go library see newspaper liao Lol =X
then after that see the guiseness ( dunoe how spell ) world record ..
find out so many funny thing sia Lol =X then after that jiu went home le ..
reach home .. preapre .. then went out le >< Lol =X meet with By le .. went court sit down chitchat lor .. then went to buy nailclipper and cut nail .. after that alot came le .. played a game lor =X Lol =X then sit outside until dunoe wad time .. then went over 707 there for training .. they have their training .. then BB solo training cuz new mah .. then after that play match .. done le jiu chatted abit .. jiu went to mac and eat le .. whereas for Ly they all went to foodcourt to eat .. then chat chat ah .. blah blah .. after that done with everything le .. went back lor .. went to take needle from JJ .. then went home le .. reach home .. chatted with LY ..
then after that went to bathe ..
then now going dota .. but i finish blog 1st ..
dota le jiu slp ba .. nitez all =D


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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Uh huh .. back to posting =X
well .. woke up @ 6+ and called LY .. then ask him something
done so and went back to slp lol =X
9+ woke up and sms yang that im not going gym due to tireness ..
and went back to slp once again =.=
slept till like 11+? cannot slp anymoer ..
so wkoe up and grab a bite folo by watchig tv lor ..
after that BB told mi no more lunch-ing mah ~ so well ><"
aFter taht done with everything .. went to TW to find my fren ..
but fail to do so .. so went to bus stop and met up with Sean and friedns ..
then they went lot 1 1st while i wait for BY and saw Ian Lol
then by de bus came le .. so onboard .. and went over to lot 1 too ..
then went to find sean they all .. then went down to KFC le ..
bought SnackerS ~ then eat and chit-chat all the way =D Hahaa
after that JJ came le .. eaten we jiu went back liao lor .
went to court but see no ppl . so went home ..
reach home dota a game ~ then went out to meet Ly and Jj le ..
then go over 514 to find simp and go over lot to fetch boon ..
then went to CCKCC .. lol ..
went to buy food after that .. and watch Remix VS Teck Whye Sec ..
wEll ~ Obviously Remix bully ~ but oh okay ~ lol =X
Next on is Cashew VS Knights, not that bad eh ~
3rd quarter Cashew was catching up .. but 始终 fail to do so ..
so at the end they lost ..
after the game .. went to take bus back .. then went home le .
reach home .. prepare .. dota a game ~ after that went to bathe
then eat and watch anime .. lol .. then msn abit oso lor ..
so now everything done ~ come blog ~ should be going slp soon =X
nitez guys =D

Ah stress, Su ask mi to go sch Tmr @ 1230 ..
but im not free during that timing leh ..
how ah .. argh !!!! T__T should have met her on Teus .. ZZZ

Me and Sean cute sia ..
he intially told mi he dun wanna come find mi and BY de ..
then At nite msn him he told mi that ..
he thought i will sms him again ..
then i told him i thought he will sms mi oso ..
Lol =X we are juz too cute =p
Nvm lar ~ sure got a next time de mah .. Lol


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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm really feeling damn weird now ..
why did someone threw my slipper down?
did i 得罪 anybody? but from what i know .. i didnt .. hmmmm
jia lat lar =.=

Feeling so damn blur and fk-up and worried now .. =X haish
anyway .. today woke up le .. then went to sch ..
but awhile later .. i jiu went back liao .. cuz TOTALLY SIAN! Lol ..
and my hand is aching anyway ><" Lol =X
after that went over libary to sit sit .
done le jiu 1 person went to eat lunch lor ..
after that go home watch tv .. watch until 2+ went out liao lor
reach TW .. wait for Sean .. he came le ..
we went over BPP to look for his things .. but fail to do so ..
so wasted some time there .. then Saw calvin .. so he acc us ..
then BY reach le .. treat him to a coffee ~ jiu sit down chit-chat le ..
anyway .. 吃的苦中苦,方位人上人。 okay mah Sean and Calvin? hahaa ..
well .. then simpo came le .. bid farewell to bY and Calvin ..
jiu went to buy double cheese burger for simp ..
then travel to clementi le .. well ~ still didnt sell wad sean wants ..
so went over to the new open shop to walk walk Lol ..
then eunice came .. cont. walking .. awhile later jiu went back le ..
Thanks eunice for the yogurt
went home .. bathe .. eat dinner then msn + phone ppl lor . lol ..
after that dota .. then duing the 2nd round .. WJ called ..
and told mi that my slippers is downstaisr .. so went down tocheck it out ..
Really mine .. damn fucking shock lar .. wtf happen sia ==
totally blur .. just leave my slippers there .. then went back to cont. dota le
done with dota .. come blog and cont. to msn lor .. 一头雾水 .. argh


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Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy 15th Birthday to Mr Tan Yong Chang =D

Too long nv work out, the strain is taking it's toll on me now T__T

It would be good in future if you could reflect on what you learnt & then narow down to the one thing that you deem MOST important. You made a good point about not respecting customer's decision. Overall presnetation skills was average. You have the potential to improve further based on your presentation and answering skills during the Q&A. I suggest that you stay engaged more during the module and don't be afraid to speak out and challenge other people's views.
heh, this is the comment i recieve man ~ Bores mi to the MAX .. but i shouldnt blame him .. i chose not to speak up eh .. School's really doesnt catch my interest .. How how how? Someone teach mi how? T__T

Today Monday leh .. woke up 5+
then get rdy le .. jiu went down to meet Ly and Yang ..
then Yang PS ~ He went to took 975 Lol .. and the rest of us took 190 ..
Anyway .. bus travelling abit sucky =.=" Lol
then after that reach woodland le .. jiu slowly stroll to sch lor ..
reach class .. watch anime then check mail all those Lol =X
Okay .. lesson started ~ Well .. Nth much to say abt it .
Just normal Jounal Entry .. so it bores mi since i learn before
and im lazy to relearn .. and most jia lat is .. i oso forgot how to do liao LOL!
oh well .. dun care .. so after that .. went back to CCK to wait for them lor ..
then they otld mi to go off 1st >< Kaoz ..
so went home .. prepare .. then went Ly hse to ZBL liao ..
after that abt 3+ went out to meet yang .. then went over CCK Complex le ..
reach tehre .. play play arouynd .. BB joke sia =.= when running hit the pillar ><
then after that Sean and Kaiboon reach le .. jiu buy and went up gym
then do do do .. hlp them .. hlp delvin gorup oso Lol =X then 5+ went off lor ..
went to LB to eat .. then after that wnet over 514 to chat .. =X
then waited for Simp .. then went over to 10mile see shop got open ..
but nOPE =.= so went back to LB mac and eat >< Fr his dinner lor .. hahaa ..
dinner done .. jiu went back liao lor ..
reach home .. bathe le .. eat dinner .. then dota a game ..
ended le jiu chatted on MSN .. folo by doing my quiz/Evaluation and RJ ..
then now come blog lor .. lol =X @ the same time called Su to ask abt tmr's stuffs.
weLl .. tmr then decide ~ Im going off soon ~ Nitez guys =D


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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Uh huh ... back to posting =D
hehee .. okay .. Sunday mah .. woke up late late again =D
then woke up le .. jiu wash up .. then started dota spree lor =.=
then about 1+ went down to meet BY .. then we pump up all those balls ..
then chatted abit .. jiu went home le ..
reach home .. cont. to dota all the way till like 5+?
then after that i went to nap awhile ..
halfway thru JJ called mi and ask mi to go find him 1st .. =X
then after his 苦苦哀求 .. i okay lor ..
so went out to meet him ..
then simp play kids style =.= 算了 nth much to say ..
then after that meet everyone 2 Home-Fixed DIY .. jiu went over to TW 145 le ..
reach there neh .. eaten le .. jiu went to watch match ..
Not bad wor ~ Close game .. nice play =D Hahaa =D
Luckily those 老鸟 nv foul out .. arh bo .. haish ~ =X lol ..
oh well .. anyway ..after the game .. went to buy ice-cream and drinks ..
then went back to watch uncle vs 小弟弟 lol ..
and the winner is obvious eh ? Lol =X
then coco keep joking got 1 guy like sEan like that ..
so nxt time must ask Sean to come see Lol =X
oh well .. after that took bus back ..
they plan for training on this coming thurs .. and i tink JJ msg everyone le ....
so reach home .. chatted abit .. jiu went to watch
超级星光大道 5 Lol =X
then abt 1 like that show end i 就 go slp le lor .. =D


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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Woke up like 9 in the morning? Wah, like quite some time I can sleep
soundly all the way until my alarm rang. Hahaa.
Anyway woke up le, just do Bread and Egg, then follow by eat and watch tv lor..
After that jiu prepare, then went down le ..
Reach court, saw JJ and bY .. then chatted abit .. a few more came le ..
went to get drinks .. jiu continue chat until the rest turn up ..
After that went over to the Gym .. then i go toilet 1st Lol =X
After that went to sportslink walk walk Lol =X
jiu went over to the Gym le .. so long no work out == abit weird weird de .. Lol =X
After that jiu do do do lor .. Lol =X then ended around 1?
then went sportslink to buy things le .. jiu went over LB .. they ate . i didnt Lol
after that went home .. abthe .. then relax relax lor =.="
then jiu go out meet them le ..
went over to lot 1 .. then ly and yc wanna eat the snow ice lor ..
then BB and sEan came le .. then yc and bb buy tako .. we jiu go meet BY ..
meet le .. waste time abit .. then jiu take MRT to queensway le ..
then take shuttle bus over .. lol =X After that walk walk walk ..
SAw QR oso .. then at the end walk liao jiu went over to the shop we dun like de ..
buy their ball >< Lol =X after that jiuw ent back liao ..
reach cck .. take bus over to CC .. then awhile later match start liao lor ..
not bad man de 1st game .. seriously .. close score .. nice ncie =D
then after that 2nd game .. watch watch lor .. then okay okay lar Lol =x
follow by Simp they all leaving 1st ..
ended le .. went over to 145 to eat .. then had a "Tiff" with Simp?
No lar .. its juz i dun wanna go watch movie due to no $ ..
budden he link it up with other stuffs .. but suan le ..
no matter what i say oso no diff .. since i "Betray" them once? =X
Anyway .. after eaten and stuff .. went over to Cheers get drink le ..
jiu went home liao .. then they test those 3 balls under my hse =.= Lol
after htat jiu went home le ..
i reach home le .. bathe .. then come blog lor ..
dunoe gonna do wad .. Fucking [Sian] ah .. haish ..
suan le .. maybe just go to slp without anything =.="
Totally Not In The Mood.


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Woke up damn early in the mornig cuz my dad msg mi =.=
then shortly after Jaynice msg mi on the match stuff =.=" lol =X
Everyone disturb my beautiful sleep =.=" Haish ~
then after that woke up le .. prepare le .. jiu went sch listen cher talk cock =D
Lol =X then after that went back to TW Market ~
then help them take their things lor .. after that jiu camp @ TW mAc le ..
then played PSP till they come ><" Omg ~ By the time they come .. i was cold ~~
until i nth to say seriously ><"
Came and chatted abit .. jiu went to buy food to eat lor ..
eaten le .. rest awhile .. jiu went off .. then 307 came .. so they took and
went for their tuition .. while i went over to court to see ppl play ..
then awhile alter PH came to find mi .. chatted abit ..
he went off le .. then after that when i going off .. saw the CC Uncle ..
so chatted with him .. then watch ppl play bball .. then abt 230
jiu ask PH go GOmabk stadium tgt lor .. go there .. no palce to sit @ 1st sia =.=
then awhile later got le .. sit down liao then was like =.=
getting bored ><" then last 40sec went off lor .. Lol =X
took mrt back .. top up card .. ph went to buy food .. then we went back lor ..
then chatted and prepare le .. jiu went to 302 and wait for coco
he came le .. he ate .. then we chat .. after that saw Reiner Lol =X
then JJ came le .. so went off lor .. then pull Reiner abit lar ..
budden he went off still =.= so we went over ..
then Coco came over my hse .. then told mi my bro change Camera >< Lol =X
I didnt noe =.= anyway . hao le jiu went court ..
then awhile later change shoe then play abit lor ..
done le they started their training =D Hmm hMmm ~ Not bad as wad JJ had said ..
then after training .. went over to LBP .. budden both ring oso down ..
FK =.=" so sit there cool and wait for WJ .. came le jiu went over LB to eat lor ..
eat eat .. then after that doen le jiu wnet over to stone table
chatted abit on some "G***T" stuffs .. then awhile later jiu went off le =.=
Lol .. then reach hoem ~ Heng got yang call mi =X THen by msg mi oso Lol ..
then bathe le .. now come blog and msn lor ..
Paiseh ah Yang, make u add YC in Lol =X


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Friday, April 24, 2009

Blog-hop and saw this, so I come play myself =D

10 'Are You's
1. Are you single – Yar.
2. Are you happy – Not really.
3. Are you bored – Yea, i don even know wad to do.
4. Are you fair – Kind of?
5. Are you Italian – No.
6. Are you intelligent – No.
7. Are you honest – Yes and No =X
8. Are you nice – Ask my friends, I don't know.
9. Are you Irish – No.

10 Facts.
1. Full Name – Peh Koon Kiat, Alwyn
2. Nick – Xiaopang/Pang
3. Birth Place – Singapore
4. Hair Colour – Black, with abit brown.
5. Natural Hair Style – Yep.
6. Eye Colour – Dark Brown
7. Birthday – 25th July 1988
8. Mood – Bored.
9. Favourite Colour(s) – Bright I guess.
10. One place you'd like to visit – Japan, France.

10 things about my love life.
1. Have you ever been in love – Only like people.
2. Do you believe in love at first sight – Yep.
3. Do you currently have a crush – Nah.
4. Have you ever been hurt emotionally - Yes.
5. Have you ever broken someone's heart – Yes.
6. Have you ever have your heart broken – Yes, DEFINITELY.
7. Have you ever liked someone but never told them – Yes.
8. Are you afraid of commitment – Yes
9. Who was the last person you hugged – A guy? I forgot who.
10. Who was the last person you said I love you to – My friend. =X

10 This Or That
1. Love or Lust - Love.
2. Hard liquor or beer – Hard liquor.
3. Cat or Dog – Dog.
4. A few best friends or any regular friends – A few best.
5. Creamy or Crunchy – Crunchy.
6. Pencil or Pen – Pen.
7. Wild night out or Romatic night in – Wild night.
8. Money or Happiness – Money AND Happiness.
9. Night or Day – Night.
10. IM or phone - Just let me have both.

10 'Have You Ever's
1. Been caught sneaking out – Yes.
2. Seen a polar bear – Yes.
3. Done something you regret – Un-count-able.
4. Bungee jumped – Nah, no heart to try either.
5. Eaten food that fell on the floor - Yep.
6. Finished entire jaw breaker - Yesh.
7. Been caught naked – Not sure.
8. Wanted an ex gf/bf back – No.
9. Cried because you lost a pet – Yes.
10. Wanted to disappear – Definitely, but during the "Black-hole" time.

10 preferences in a partner
1. Smile or eyes – Smile.
2. Light or dark hair – Any.
3. Hugs or Kisses – Hugs.
4. Shorter or taller – Any.
5. Intelligent or attraction – Attraction.
6. Topman or Zara – Topman!!!! LOL!!!
7. Funny or serious – Funny!
8. Older or Younger – Younger!
9. Outgoing or Quiet – Outgoing.
10. Sweet or Bad – Sweet

10 'Have You's
1. Ever performed in front of a large crowd- Yes.
2. Ever talked on the phone for longer than 1 hour – Yeah
3. Ever walked on hands – Nope.
4. Ever been to a rock concert – No.
5. Ever been in a cheerleading team – Yes.
6. Ever been in a dance team – No.
7. Ever been in a sports team – Not really.
8. Ever been in a drama play/production – Yes.
9. Ever owned a BMW/Mercedes Benz/Escalade/Hummer/Bentley? – No.

10 'Last's
1.Last phone call you made – Friend.
2. Last person you hugged - A guy.
3. Last person you hung out with – Basketball mates.
4. Last time you worked - A lot of months ago.
5. Last person you talked to - Dad?
6. Last person you IM'd – Jermain, Xavier, Simpson.
7. Last person you texted - Sean.
8.Last person you when movie with – Bball mates.
9. Last person / thing you missed - Them!!!!!!
10 people to do this - People who likes to do?


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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Okay .. woke up @ 6+ in the morning
due to the fact that BB msg mi and told mi ly didnt go sch cuz he was late
and his phone was off =.=" then i told him wait a while more ..
and just as i said .. he came Lol =X oh well .. after that told him i go back
lala~ land le ><"
then wake up aaround 11+ .. ate and watch 07Ghost anime ..
then after that play psp .. then abt 1250 went out to meet BY lor ..
then he went to eat LJS while i drank LemonTea ..
after that chatted abit .. walk lot 1 and popular ><" Nostalgic feeling =D
Hahaa .. Oh well .. after that abt 3 le i left lot 1 and went to TWSS outside there
then met Ly they all le .. they went to taper pants lor =X
WEird leh ~ Dunoe is weather too hot or they too tired or wad ..
all feel so Hot-Tempered .. =X haish
then wanna cab back but 5 ppl .. so bus back @ the end lor =.="
after that walk home .. damn quiet sia =.=" Lol =X not nice de feeling ..
then reach home le cheong psp lor .. then BB told mi abt the newspaper ..
so i search online .. but fail =.=" then after taht my psp hang
while boss-ing halfwya .. fk =.=" so at the end went down to minimart ..
and buy the newpaper and read it there .. lol =X
after that sit court ZBL lor .. then a few came le .. went to shoot abit bball ..
then folo by acc-ing yang eat dinner ~
eaten le .. he went home i went back court .. just sit down chit-chat nia lor ..
abt 9 went home .. jiu go bathe then online chat le ..
after that played a game of dota .. the nanother round ..
was sms-ing Sean and teaching him chinese .. hope it helps =D
now everything ended .. so come blog lor .. hee .. going off
My phone bill is really jia lat lar =.="
Good Luck to those taking Exam tomorrow =D

Saw on Ly blog so played it oso =.="

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at MagMyPic.com

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at MagMyPic.com


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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Well, today woke up shuang shuang late late =D Hahaa ..
Then woke up le jiu PSP all the way lor .. then intially got go lot 1
but dun have at the end =.= so went down to mac and help yang check his ez-link
but i guess it's really lose =.=" =X after that .. went home .. then wait for LY lor
then hao le .. go down bus-stop .. then after that cab to BB hse downstairs ..
after that go over bukit batok there to send BB comp for repair lor ..
then LY Joker sia .. when the lift came .. mi and boon walk in ..
then that uncle keep pressing the "door close" button .. Lol =x
Then Ly aren't inside =X then we were like laughing lar =.= Lol =x
Dramatic sia >< then after that he came le .. go out wait for bus
board bus then go back cck le .. jiu went to food court ..
cuz BB wanna eat ice kachang Lol =D after that jiu went to Libary sit
then soon after .. JJ came le .. lol =x so cont. to waste time ..
abt 530 went over to LJS to eat .. lol =X eaten le jiu bus over to CCKCC le
Reach there leh .. juz sit and wait lor .. then sEan came ..
awhile later competition jiu start le ~ Simp came too lol =D
not bad siol the game =D hahaa ..
看得津津有味 =D then got a uncle came to give out the competition shedule ..
its 1 of the pic below Lol =X then we nv get .. so borrowed and CAM it down =D
Then end le .. jiu 2nd game ~ See liao .. totally Sian diao =.= Lol ..
so we left lor .. reach cck bus-interchange .. jiu went back le
then LY went home while JJ and mi went to BBall court .. chat and play play ..
then abt 10 like that went off lor ..
reach home .. bathe .. then chat .. find newspaper surf net Blah blah lar ~
then went to eat ~ Eat halfway dunoe wad happen ..
the WIND suddenly so big until ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
so was like "playing with the wind lar" ><"
then after that dota when i finished my food .. done le jiu surf blog =D
Surf ended jiu come blog lor =D Hahaa =X
bye guys ~
Looking for P-T-Jobs !!! Lol =X Best is Own time Own target,
anyone got lobang? tolong tolong lar =D

Pic time !!! No Caption =D


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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wheee ~ Shag shag .. lol =X
At least i understandn now why Ly always complain tired tired liao ..
I think i forgot de feeling previously =.="
oh well ~ Woke up early, then prepare le .. jiu went to meet Ly ..
Meet BB after .. then bus lai le jiu board bus lor ..
then they alight le i solo go sch ..
then met a new fren very fast ..
after that go to my own team .. then start the day lesson .. okay okay lar =.=
then have a fun game ~ Lol =X kinda fun ~ But im just so lazy to speak lor =.="
anyway after that .. started our PPT liao . then 2 like that start presenting =D
then last team to present ~ Damn Sian =.="
then when the faci claify 1 thing with mi .. i think i 得罪 the class ..
cuz of my words .. but nvm ~ No matter how they wan badmouth mi ..
i only stay in that class for 4 months nia >< Lol
then after sch .. went to meet Simp .. then eat lor ..
something happen halfway =.= Lol =X the 1 hu issue ticket de come ..
then simp rush over to drive away =.= lol =X
anyway after that went back .. go simp hse awhile later ..
jiu went down court find yang .. then slowly the rest came le ..
intailly yang still dunoe we celebrating his bday de ..
then BB told him =.= kaoz =X
Then BB Joker, his pants is tored !!!!
Due to the fact he wanna kick Ly then kena stop,
then Kb come over to tored up his patns >< Lol ..
then he wored Sean de PE Shorts + Uniform =.=
Damn pai kua =.= Lol =X

okay .. after that went over to cake shop and bubble tea shop to buy yang stuff
then went back .. help him celerbate .. took photo =D
after that just photo-genic abit while the rest play bball ..
then went to LB mac with yang / simp / jj then simp ate lor ..
after that chatted abit .. jiu went home le ..
reach home .. bathe .. then do my internet stuffs ~ Now 1st time using new lappy
at home to do things Lol =X but abit 不习惯 la .. lol =X
then now coem blog cuz no game mah =.="
then test out new lappy lor =X i think gonna off soon man =.= Lol =X
buaiz guys ~
MTB Keep Bluffing People =.="

Some pics =D Today de


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Monday, April 20, 2009

A big birthday wish for Mr Teo MingYang. =D

Well, in sch now =D Hahaa, okay, woke up early in the morning,
then prepare le, met yang under my hse, jiu slowly walk to itnerchange lor.
REach le, so luckily, saw BB, which means LY is late LOL =X then wait for ly tgt,
after that ly came le, wait bus, bus came le, jiu onboard =D.
Oh yea ~ Ly wanna pon sch sia Lool =X
Then after they alight, Soon after mi and yang alghit oso lor .. lol =X
then his bus came so fast .. then i 1 person wait =.= kaoz .. so long sia ..
At last it came le .. board it .. reach WDLs .. jiu walk to sch ..
sweating like hell == then reach class le .. cont. playing psp until teacher come ..
after that set up stuff .. jiu listen cher talk cock le ..
then after that go to my own team .. jiu Ice-BReak lol =X ji bo liao yi xia =.=
then start lesson as per normal ~
Wah, damn boring seriously, All about POA although there are some changes. ==
原来 today doesnt need to go so in-depth, we make ourselves hard-work nia =.= zzz
anyway .. after that end sch le, toook MRT back, then waited for BY =D
he came le, told mi no eat =.= so i eat @ N.T.W.U >< Kinda Ex lar =.="
then went NTUC to buy milk for my dog dog =D
Jiu went home le .. cool down abit, jiu went down court ..
Saw Ly, Jc, Dx, MtB, JoN, Ph, Simp, then i juz sit down chat abit ..
almost all went home le =.= Lol =X then just cont. sit down chit chat ..
then abt 8 jiu went hoem le ..
reach home .. bathe le .. now come blog .. eating soon .. maybe a game of dota
jiu off to bed le =.= Lol =X see how it goes ~ Nitez guys =D
Seriously speaking, With the change of time-table, the school still doesn't catch my attention.

Got this from a web, Test

Your view on yourself:

Other people find you very interesting, but you are really hiding your true self. Your friends love you because you are a good listener. They'll probably still love you if you learn to be yourself with them.

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:

You like serious, smart and determined people. You don't judge a book by its cover, so good-looking people aren't necessarily your style. This makes you an attractive person in many people's eyes.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:

You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person.

The seriousness of your love:

You are very serious about relationships and aren't interested in wasting time with people you don't really like. If you meet the right person, you will fall deeply and beautifully in love.

Your views on education

You may not like to study but you have many practical ideas. You listen to your own instincts and tend to follow your heart, so you will probably end up with an unusual job.

The right job for you:

You're a practical person and will choose a secure job with a steady income. Knowing what you like to do is important. Find a regular job doing just that and you'll be set for life.

How do you view success:

You are afraid of failure and scared to have a go at the career you would like to have in case you don't succeed. Don't give up when you haven't yet even started! Be courageous.

What are you most afraid of:

You are concerned about your image and the way others see you. This means that you try very hard to be accepted by other people. It's time for you to believe in who you are, not what you wear.

Who is your true self:

You are full of energy and confidence. You are unpredictable, with moods changing as quickly as an ocean. You might occasionally be calm and still, but never for long.


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Sunday, April 19, 2009

In sch then post Lol =p

As i say, in sch post, its a simple sunday.
woke up 1 like that, then wash up, after that jiu online,
then dota all the way and psp until like 6+ 7 like that?
then after that went to meet ly and simp .. then go lot 1 find bb and coco ..
jiu went to find microphoen for coco le .. then after taht went KFC to eat .
something stupid happen again that makes mi laugh like dunoe wad =.=
then after that hao le jiu went hoem le ..
and dota ~ Try Xfire, but mine cannot use i dunoe why =.= Zzz
so after dota jiu prepare, watch million star ~ then play psp .. jiu go slp le ..
was tossing in bed for like 2hrs =.= juz cant get to slp .. ZZZ


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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Woke up 930 ~ but still damn tired ~ so woke up @ 950 @ the end .. then prepare ..
jiu went down liao .. saw Sean and JJ ~ Wah ~ Sean so early ~ hahaa =p
after that slowly slowly .. the rest came .. so we walk over to the gym lor ..
reach there .. buy "entrance" .. go sportslink see .. jiu went in le ..
then they started their "training" while i sit outside PSP ..
then during all the time ~ i was like .. listening to phone call
cuz some of them inside cannot be found so all called mi =X lol
then after that YC / MTB oso came lor ~ then MTB told us shocking news ..
said that his dog kena taken by SPCA and blah blah ~ Well ~
Wad i wanna say i told him oready ~ hope he got learn his lesson =X
(Still wanna say mi sia =.= lol =p)
after that went to LB to eat .. then they told mi abt PH de "gym event" Lol =p
then eaten le .. jiu went court there Sean and MTB go jump jump ..
then went home le .. use comp abit .. then they jio go sing K .. so prepare ..
went out lor .. walk to lot 1 then after that WAlk wAlk around lor ..
then see nth of interested (For Sean) .. jiu went over to Orchard le ..
[cuz Euncie wanna buy for SEan as b'day present]
reach there .. walk abit .. then went over to shaw there to meet simp ..
then afte rthat went in lor .. sing abit .. coco came .. then cont. singing
until abt 10 .. then went off le ..
intially wanna go other area to eat ~ but because of some unforseen situation ..
so we went to 302 instead ~
To the person, no worries, no 1 will blame u, we all uds de =D
then after that go playgorund sit sit play play chat chat ..
jiu send sean and coco back .. then went home le ..
reach home .. wanna get a game .. then 1 funny thing is tat ..
i called ly he dun wanna pick, then yc sms him he replied, then i ask him why.
he said he sure know i gonna force him played =.=" Lol =X
Bro ah, no worry ~ I not so Cek Ack de =X

after tht .. started a game .. ended le .. jiu read blog abit . then go bathe le ..
bathe liao now come over blog lor =D hahaa =p
going off ~ Bye ~


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Friday, April 17, 2009

Feeling so so bad now T__T

Post !!!! friday mah ~ woke up in the morning, after that went to watch Anime
play FB, then awhile later jiu went out of hse liao,
then wait for JJ but he no reply ~ then when i was walking halfway, he came Lol =p
then after that go alighting point meet ly/bb/dx .. then went to mac to eat ..
eaten le .. we went back lor .. then ask BY down and chit-chat @ void deck ..
just as we were going off, ly came =.= Lol .. so continue to chat lor ..
after that done le jiu went home liao, psp abit, jiu went down meet BY
while we were walking to interchange, MY called, so we went back lor ..
then meet with him le .. go over Keat Hong there, met with Eunice,
then they go cut hair le ..
intially Eunice oso want de, budden needa wait and bball time is near,
so at the end we nv let her cut =.= then she emo .. PS ah Eunice
But 一下子就 hao le, standard de her =p hahaa =p
then went back prepare le .. jiu went down court ..
sit awhile . all the CCKCC people came .. then found out 707 no ppl ~
so we went over and have our training and discussion lor ..
after that do do do .. done le .. jiu went over MAc to eat ..
while we were buying food, something happen lar ..
after that eat liao .. i was laughing MAdly due to JJ slow reaction
and my own stupid-doing ><" JJ really uncle lvl =p hahaa
after that everything done le .. jiu went home liao ~ Lol =X
reach home .. dota a game .. bnathe .. psp .. watch tv .. slept around 4 ><"


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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Woke up in the morning like 10+ I think.
Then went down to LB to get my breakfast since BB said they not having lunch.
Bought Vegeterian Lol =X I always eat that sia.
After that went home watch 07-Ghost and Bleach.
Done le jiu PSP all the way till 2, then went to slp.
Woke up @ 3, so damn bored, so on comp lor, then Sms BB but like cant get him,
then now come blog lor, hahaa, im hungry ><"
Okay, then about 430pm like that went out to find MY, then we sit court chat abit.
Then went over to LB and eat lor, after that sian mah, so i went over his house
reach le, just psp lor, until abt 630 then we went down to meet junkai
then went over to lot 1 there, saw Sean and Calvin, so chatted abit
then JJ and Jon came .. then awhile later went to find Eunice,
after that jiu went to pizzahut to sit and wait for simp lor
Simp came le .. then we chose our dinner, then jiu started chatting and eating le
after that done le .. went popular .. but didnt get anything ..
folo by Simp going to withdraw $ then took his car go back le ..
After that sit aT court and chatted abit .. jiu went home liao ..
reach home bathe le .. then awhile later jiu online .. then wait for dota ..
1 game later .. go read other people's blog .. then come here blog lor ..
going off le ~ Byez
Sean ah, if you need help in Chinese just say please, don't wanna you take CLB


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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wake up kinda early due to the facts that 人有三及 Lol =p
Then hao le .. jiu started my PSP spree liao lor
After that psp no batt le .. jiu msg BY ask him return mi the adapter
Then watch Anime and eat something lor .. after that jiu went down find him le
After he pass mi the stuffs, we chatted abit, then i jiu went home liao lor
Then about 1.30 we met and went over to alighting point to wait for them
Msg BB then he told mi they orady at home, so at the end we just went to eat
The auntie damn cute, keep pursuade us not to buy the $14.90 Value deals Lol =p
Then we bought normal 2 piece le, jiu went to eat, then chit-chat alot
Chat and chat, about 4 like that we went off lor, then went home
Reach home le continue to PSP, then Coco called and ask me to go down
So i called BY then after that went to meet him jiu go court le
Reach there, i was sitting down doing nothing, due to my sprain ankle T__T
then after that continue to chit-chat all the way while they play bball
then about 9+ went over to LB food court cuz coco and by eating
during the eating sesson, due to some stuffs, i was laughing like 1 mad dog like that
then i keep laughing =.=" Lol =X after that abt 11 like that went over to
bball court to chit-chat again .. until like 12+ then went home ..
reach home le .. bathe .. eat .. then played PSP and chat MSN again ..
then now come blog lor ~ i think later going slp le Lol =p
Bye all
Haish, project on hand yet i dun wanna do, haish, 完蛋了啦。


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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Today woke up kinda late ~ hahaa ~ like 11+ i assumE?
after that watch anime play FB ~ then play PSP lol =x
after that went down to pass BY psp charger and the vaccum
then went out liao ..
then abt 4 reach lot 1 .. then BB they all say not coming le ..
so i went home lor ..

reach home .. i play abit psp .. watch anime and eat maggie le
jiu went down to court le .. after talking awhile .. jiu went MAc cuz simp wan eat
after that went to court .. then see Shijie the team training again ~
while we were talking alot abt dota/bball team ..
chat chat until like 10+ .. jiu went home le ..

reach home .. eat liao .. then wait for dota .. after 1 game le .. chatted abit more
jiu went to bathe le .. then now hao le continue to chit-chat hahaa =X
then blog lor ~ maybe after this 1 more dota? i not sure
budden i guess it's today .. bye ~
new way of posting .. abit weird for mi =X Lol


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Monday, April 13, 2009

Okay .. i know the cake isnt that nice ~ it's due to the fact that Mr L B B swing his hand too much when he was holding on to the cake ~ hAhaha ~

Okay .. woke up early in de morning ~ dunoe wad time .. after that use comp awhile .. jiu went out to BPP to find my fren and do things lor ~ after that went to lot 1 to find Ly and Co. .. then went over to his hse and ZBL there lor ~ [His dog bite now pain liao] lol .. then after that abt 3 jiu went down to LB to buy cake for Sean ..

Bought le .. went to stone table sit .. then came JJ BY and Sean .. then My came le .. then we help him sing bday song and eat cake lor ~ after that they went court to play bball .. then i jiu sit here lor ~ almost felt aslp == Lol =p tired lar dey ~ after tat they played finish le .. jiu went home le ..

intailyl wanna slp de .. budden nv ~ play abit psp .. use comp awhile .. ate dinner .. went down to find Simp and see ShiJie train his team lor ~ they got match on WEd ~ tmr ask him wad time then maybe going down to watch and surpport .. after that chat chat till 9+ .. jiu went home le ..

reach home .. dota until now ~ come blog lor ~ after that maybe 1 more game? not too sure ~ ahhaa =X buaiz guyz ~

Last but not least

Happy Birthday Sean Yeo


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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hahaa .. woke up @ 11+ today ~ after that online le ~ jiu watch a new anime called 07-Ghost .. Nice siol ~ hahaa .. after that dota a round ~ end le another game .. then jiu went out to lot 1 to hlp my dad do something .. then went to libarry and find ly and bb .. then sit there and chat + surf net due to my PP ><" kaoz ~ after that they see girls Lol =X then tio caught by some other girls oso ~ Paiseh siol ~ =.='

after that done le .. went to the toilet .. wth =.=" all play who urinated the last 1 pay for the ice-cream =.=" lol ~ budden for fun nia lar ~ then after that buy pie kia le ~ jiu went to courtl or .. then play play abit .. then after that jiu went off le .. Ly that sucker paly too fierce .. i almost fall down =.=" NB >< Sadded Lar ~ lol =X heng i no fall ~ arhbo jia lat .. then went home ~ jiu go toilet SHIT

then use comp .. now come blog abit ~ then went to play a few more games of dota lor ~ then after that chatted abit .. jiu went to bathe le ~ then now 1019 come complete this blog entry ~ lol ~ byez ~~

Tmr is my didi bday ~ hahaa ~ Wish him Happy Birthday in Advance =D


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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Woke up in the morning ~ then after that prepare .. kaoz .. my hse de socks like will go MIA de =.= .. then went down to take psp charger from BY .. then hao le jiu go court le .. reach there .. the rest came le .. chatted abit .. went to buy cup noodles and maggie ~ then jiu start their training le ~ same ~ ly lead =D hahaa .. okay ~ kinda simple training today ~ i guess everyone is really shack after 2 days of games wor ~ after that do free-throw bullet with stack up pumping ~ then at the end went to void deck under to do pump le ~ jiu rest abit .. and some went home while the rest of us went to LB to eat .. eat eat ~ then discuss discuss ~ call call ~ then after that decide when to meet le .. jiu went home le ..

reach home .. bathe .. prepare abit .. chatted abit .. jiu went out le ~ kaoz ~ big rain siol == lol =X then juz "walk" in de rain lor ~ Since i cant run =( .. then after that went to lot 1 to walk cuz waiting for Sean mah .. then after tat he came le .. jiu went to take MRt to Novena le ..

reach there .. went to velocity to walk walk lor ~ then cant find any shoes for PH mah ~ then was damn shack due to my leg .. budden nvm lor ~ like abt 6+ went to take MRT de .. intailly wanna go home ~ but due to 良心不安, cuz we ask PH to go Novena to buy shoes instead of queensway and he failed to buy 1 .. Due to the lack of shoes .. we decided to alight at AMK liaoz ~ then went over to sportlink ~ walk walk ~ quite alot of stuff sia ~ then i was playing with those bags ~ should get 1 for myself .. budden i think it's abit too big Lol =X after that Coco came le ~ then he started his Freaking "Just~~~~~" curse, like keep saying Just~~ Do it, Just~~ Buy it, Just~~ Blah blah, kaoz =.=" .. then Sean keep folo wad he say =.= dotz ~ lol =X then after that pH still cant find wad he wanted .. damn him =.=" so many good choice seriously ><" then we went over to get curry puff le ~ jiu go AMKHub the foodcourt to eat lor ~ didnt eat any "zhen chang" just keep getting junk food ~ at the end still get a huge moutain of fruits ~ and it's damn joke on the way there and eating lar ~ seriously .. and i had a headache >< Lol =x

after that take train back .. reach le ~ went to buy bread ..then go cheers .. after that walk home .. jiu chatted abit .. then went to bathe le ~ after that eat and chatted and waited ~ then a game of dota ~ so now come blog lor .. lol =X going off soon ~ really tired ><" Byez ~~


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Friday, April 10, 2009

Got a Riddles from Nick blog, here it goes:
"You and I both have one, your Mother uses your Father's one, Arnold Schwarzenegger has a long one, Lee Kuan Yew has a short one and Mao Zedong has a hairy one"

what is that one thing? *Note: Do not think dirty pls.
Answer is: Surname!

okay ~ woke up @ abt 10+ i assume cuz eunice msg mi mah .. then after that use comp awhile .. eat le .. jiu went out to find simp cuz he wanna take MC .. then went to food court to eat ~ after that went home le .. then i went out to lot 1 .. after that go home lor .. then reach home le .. 1+ .. chatted abit .. no dota cuz no time .. then PH came over my hse to take PMS from mi lor .. after that he went back le .. prepare .. awhile later jiu went badminton court le ..

meet le .. wait abit .. chatteed .. then bus over to CCKCC due to de rain ~ then the rest slowly come lor .. then some went other court see while i stayed and watch matches .. after that coco came le .. went in to play lor =.=" haiyo ~ starting still okay de .. when the night is getting dark .. it become damn jia lat sia =.= Lol .. then did alot mistake .. then most suay thing is .. I STEP ON JJ FOOT AND I SPRAIN MY ANKLE AGAIN .. always liek that de =.= then went out to rest liao lor .. then after that see see .. went to get drinks and stuffs .. chatted .. then others came out le .. then we watch those miniature car playing .. damn funny sia .. then awhile later .. jiu went to find food le ..

walk the while TW Market =.=" then sit @ blk 145 .. lol .. old memories sia ~ the eaten le .. Ly they al come find us .. jiu went to wait bus le .. then the rest went back by bus .. a few of us jiu folo simp car .. then went to Admiraty to drop coco .. then went home le ..

reach home .. jiu bathe .. then come online lor .. blog le .. chatted le .. dota le .. jiu go slp le .. tmr still got bball =.= bye~


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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Okay, on thurs .. woke up early in de morning ~ then pei ly go to interchange le .. buy sweet for him ~ lol .. then buy nasi lemak .. jiu went home le .. then eat and anime .. after that went to slp for awhile ..

then abt 10 called WJ .. budden change time to 11 .. so went down @ 11 and pass BY adapter .. then he pei mi sit till 1130 .. then during this time .. i keep calling that WJ cuz he OVERSLEEP =.=" wah kaoz =.=" then at last he answer le .. so i went over to LB .. then ZBL there cuz i dunoe wad to buy =.=" .. then he came le .. get chocolate .. jiu went to flag cab and went to see Tian Ming le .. done with it .. cab back .. then went over to lot 1 lor .. then walk aroudn le .. went up to food court to have a drink and small bites .. then bb called and said no lunch =.= kaoz .. so mi and wj went to eat KFC lor .. after that he went to buy ticts for movie while i went to find them ..

wah ~ so long no see YY .. so play a game with them .. after that ly went back 1st .. and awhile later i went back too lor .. rest abit .. jiu prepare and went down to 514 le .. then play a game .. after tat rest rest =.= then went LBP to play a few games ~ haiz ~ damn off sia =.= then after taht went to LB to eat dinner .. then went to have a chat . jiu went home le ..

reach home .. bathe .. use abit ocmp .. jiu slp le .. lol


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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Wah Piang =.=" What a good wake up "Call" I recieve this morning, zZz, my dad play 失踪 with my brothers and me. My house phone rang, then I was awoke by my dog's barking, (His telling people that the house phone is ringing) it goes for quite some time, but I'm just too lazy to pick up my feet, then my bro came and shout at the dog and he quiet down, I went back to sleep. Next moment, my dad phone rang, and I was weird why he didn't pick it up, so i get up and didnt see him at all, so went out, my 2nd brother is calling him, then I was like ~Blur~ then called my mum, the phone can't get through. Holy SHIT, then we were like 不知所谓, (Did I use correctly?) so my 2nd brother and I went to get our shirt, then went out to find. He went over from the back, while I went to the overhead bridge there, but my intial thought was going over to Limbang to check if they were there, but nevermind, just walk along the road at least. While I was on the bridge, my bro called me but my phone hang, and I was like "CCB," what a good time it knows how to hang and that my handphone has the crystal casing on, so it's hard to get the battery out to restart my phone, (At that split second, I actually thought of throwing my phone on the floor) so after that, my bro called again, I picked up, and he said that my dad is at home, so I ran all the way back. Reached home, asked him where he went and stuff, he told me he was waiting for a car to fetch my mum to work. Then I was like, "Wah Piang eh." But no matter what, his at home, it's really a good news to hear. 好一个可怕的早晨.

Okay .. so woke up by this lufrewop event .. i went out to meet ly and send him to interchange .. then met le BB .. bus came le .. they went off .. then i buy nasi lemak .. and went home .. reach home le .. PMS abit .. eaten le .. hlp my dad do something .. then went to slp .. woke up by JJ call asking me to go for breakfst but i rejected him .. hahaa =x

so afterward wake up again at like 10+ 11 like that .. then get ready .. prepare .. jiu went out to meet JJ le .. bY and mY no go mah .. so we went over to lot 1 .. then went over to subway to have our lunch ~ follow by going to clementi and watch USS vs KSS .. lol ~ starting of the match was damn damn exciting man ~ si bei nice ~ and that all audience came to watch this 2 team play because both of them haven lost a game at all yet .. lol .. then after a while later .. the match looks kinda 1 sided already .. and after that KSS de main player was hurted .. so its a GOOD GAme ~ lol =X after that continue to watch HCI vs AES ..

then got an uncle talk to mi ~ intially i tot he is juz a normal 老头子 .. budden at the end ~ his really an 老鸟 .. wah piang ~ his bball knowledge is unlimited better then mine ~ compare to him in bball .. im just nothing == OMG ~ This is Uncle Level de basketball Lol =x then watch girls team after that .. awhile later jiu cab back le .. lol =X

went over to ly hse downstair and wait for him and BB cuz BB go borrow shirt from him then play bball mah .. then after that went over to LBP to play .. and teach BB some lan di lor .. after that jiu play a game with Uncle .. LM LM LM lol =x then went to get drinks le .. jiu went home ..

reach home bathe .. eat .. then simp called .. so went down to find him ~ court still alot ppl sia .. then chat abit .. then went over to mac .. he ate .. we chit-chat .. after that went over to court and chat again .. but soon after jiu went home le lor ..

now reach home .. completed my "bleach" .. then now come blog .. later i think 1 game of dota and im gonna run ~ my eye is shutting ~ hhaa .. tmr is gonna be a bz day + tiring day + a confusing day ~ Lol =X

nitez guy


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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Woke up damn damn late =X Lol =X no lar ~ like 11+ lor .. after that went on to FB for awhile .. folo by PMS awhile .. then prepare my new lappy ~ and went out to meet JJ and BY le .. oh well ~ the 1st day my lappy is out ~ he met the rain =X Lol =p okay .. reach lot 1 .. went to toilet to dry ourselves .. went to library and we find slot ~ at the end ~ well .. juz got to make do with a slot lor .. haha ..

then sit down .. on comp .. chit-chat .. plan stuff ~ but 1 thing i damn du lan =.=" My comp cant connect to wireless@SG .. i totally dunoe why =.=" oh well .. will try again at my hse to see if all internet working after it charge finish Lol =x after that abt 4+ to 5 le .. went down to KFC and ate .. then coco come and eat oso .. folo by Ly and CO. .. lol =x all came le .. then ly they all went off to lirbary to return book and stuff .. after that met them outside .. and they got coupon for KFC .. $4.50 for 2 piece chiken meal ~ Only lack 1 colsaw or mashpotatoe [mus kope from them oso] ~ lol .. but its so much cheaper ~

after that went court .. play a gamed but joke until like dunoe wad =.= then sit down and chit-chat lor .. then try Ly psp but simp stole from mi and play patapon2 Lol .. then he overwrite Ly's bro de data LOL =X after that i use then the NBA keep hang .. sian . so watch Simp play my new lappy until flat lor .. lol .. after that 830 went to eat dinner @ Mac ~

reach there .. bought dinner .. eat and chat .. then play ice war .. after that jiu went home le lor .. reach home .. bathe .. online .. then played a game of dota ~ after that on phone discuss things .. then after that surf blog chit chat lor .. then now come blog .. gonna zhao Lol =x Bye ..

Oh yea ~ This morning my cousin told me there's a work going on on Thurs .. intially i was like okay to go .. then at the end i rejected him .. So sorry Brayant .. =x this is de 2nd time i reject work from my auntie le =X haiyo ~ I think nxt time she wont call mi le T__T =X lol .. really PaissehPaiSeh


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Monday, April 06, 2009

Shack shack, freaking shack now, for no reason. I'm feeling giddy, eye closing, heh ~ More like going to slp eh ~ =X And that GGC is making my head bigger and bigger. Maybe he told me I shouldn't Dota so much? Nah =X lol

Woke up like 6+ cuz of Ly msg =.=" ah well ~ then wake up le, jiu watch anime all the way till 745, then prepare and get ready, jiu went out of hse and go to sch le .. after that the teacher haven come == so i compete my Gundam Seed Destiny in school =X lol .. after that surf yi xia net she jiu come le .. then told mi abt de PP stuffs .. alamak ~ early in the morning make mi think so much == brain will burst de leh == then after talk talk .. alot of things untili wanna die le .. then went back lor ..

REach home .. preapre .. went out to meet yang .. then went to lot 1 besement walk .. after that go eat mac @ the end ~ then chat chat == after that jiu take MRt over to Clementi le .. then watch a few matches down the road .. intially was USs game .. after that was TW vs Pioneer .. TW won its last game .. gratz them =D .. then cuz its raining mah .. so cont. to watch match .. NHHS vs Juying i think .. starting like so ji lia like that == espeicially BB keep making lots of noise == then after a quareter all so like everyone's cool .. then found out inside got 1 小帅哥 who has the Edison Chen look/Aura .. and BB and I were saying maybe his Edison Chen de younger bro =.=" lol .. then during the last quareter . we went off since no more rain . and cab back ..

reach court .. see no ppl .. went home .. use ocmp abit .. then went down again .. intailly meeting ly but he nv come .. then after that go play play @ 514 lor .. then Junkai told us ly and jj @ LBP .. so went over call them back .. then after tat went back 514 .. then chatted with simp .. then wj came soon after .. then folo by ly and jj .. then jj went off awhile later .. folo by ly and us too ..

reach home .. use ocmp .. bathe .. use comp and eat .. after tat dota? after that do alot of that fucking GGC things but still fail .. then at the end didnt play .. com blog jiu go slp le .. Paiseh ah MY, make you can't dota today, nxt time dun so kind to let others slot =x lol =x Im teaching bad things =X ..

Feel so sick, think use too much brain juice =X lol =X Let me see, morning that 1 hour of critical and brainstorming session, then on train play puzzle game, then go watch match also play puzzle game, after tat play dota. Like nothing much leh, I think I'm too weak


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Sunday, April 05, 2009


不然呢, 有很多人会因你而受到伤害。

Today woke up kinda latE ~ like 12+ ? Heh ~ it's being long since i last wake up so late liao lo .. so wake up le .. then use comp lor .. just stay infront of comp all the way until like 5+ like that .. then sian ~ (Dota / Sms / Msn / FB / anime) are all i did on comp .. hahaa .. Oh yea ~ I scolded MY cuz of dota ~ Sorry bro =X 不是故意的 .. and oso ~ my bro asked if i wanna use his fone .. cuz he wanna trade in mine for an Iphone .. then i was testing hsi cam .. pictures are below ~ the clearer 1 is from my own .. i dunoe should i change or not ~ His is a PC fone which i like to use .. hmmmmm ><"

then after that i try going to slp ~ but omg ~ i cant get to slp .. so woke up again .. then after that cont. to use comp lor .. until 7.30 then meet ly .. then go over to my hse .. after that chat on fone and blah blah ~ then 9 went over to LB to eat our dinner .. then go off after that ..

Reach home .. bathe le .. now come blog ~ I tink i gonna offline soon ~ Hahaa .. wad a day eh ? lol =p buaiz


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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Okay, Today woke up in a funny way .. i set alarm @ 830 mah .. then woke up le .. i keep nap another 15mins .. until 930 Lol =x 830 wake - 845 wake - 9 wake - 915 wake - 930 wake up at last Lol =p after that prepare le ~ took my breakfast .. went down to court le .. reach there .. still got others haven come .. so eat my things .. then after that slowly and slowly .. the rest came .. so started some basic training .. after that was matches all the way =D Oh wow ~ Ly has changed =D he has be come so much better le. aFter that jiu slack around the void deck and chat lor .. then abt 230 like that went over to LB to eat ..

reach there .. bought prawn noodles eat .. after that eaten le .. i rush off cuz i needa go 扫墓 .. and since my aunt came to fetch mi mah ~ Thanks =D hehee .. then reach there .. my relative had a quarrel ~ Oh well ~ The older generation quarrels doesnt need us younger generation to talk, so i just stand there lor .. after all the 扫墓 .. went over to Raffles Marina to eat our dinner ~ well .. reach there abt 645 .. sit there and eat until 915 == and i was like .. OMGWTFBBQ .. im so freaking full lar =.=" Then the whole journey back to LB is so xin ku =.=" Lol =x

intially my mum wanted mi to help them carry stuffs back home, but i wanna go and meet simp they all .. since shun lu oso .. then at the end she let mi go lor .. Sri mum. .. afther tat meet them .. ask WJ to help mi buy drink .. then i went to SHIT !!!!!! Lol =X seriously .. BTH =.=" after that sit down @ staircase and chit chat lor =D hahaa ... then WJ told mi something .. that is the pokka tea he bought cost $1.85 .. and 2 for $2.25 .. budden he nv help mi buy de 2nd 1 =.=" Omg ~ ah well .. suan le .. so after that jiu went home le lor ..

reach home le .. bathe .. then settle down .. dota 2 games like that .. jiu come blog le ~ going off soon ~ lol .. buaiz

I keep thinking of someone sia, I wanted to know it's every single movement, wanted to know what it's doing, wanted to know everything. OMG, I'm getting Deeper and Deeper sia, this is bad, seriously, Bad, Bad, Bad. What am I supposed to do, I like need to be with it for every single moment. Argh, 完蛋了啦.


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Friday, April 03, 2009

Woke up in the morning ~ then after that watch anime all the way till meeting time lor .. liew ~ wasted alot of msg >< Lol =X anyway went out to meet yang liao .. then went to lot 1 to meet Ly/Bb/Dx then KB oso come later .. then we ate LJS le .. see KB and ly and BB so kan cheong rush off ~ hahaa =X after that juz stroll along lot 1 1st lvl and wait for PH .. then he went to mac eat ~ after eat le .. MY and DX went back while mi and ph went to clementi to see ..

reach there .. see forgot which sch play le Lol =x after that watch TW de game ~ totally tio own =.= well . then oso watch jurong de .. JurongVille totally kena own == Lol =X oh well .. halfway thru jiu went off lor .. then reach cck .. went lbp to see got who ~ no my ppl .. then talk to uncle and uncle went to paly .. so went off then come home le ..

Blog le .. rest abit .. jiu went down court le lor .. then play match ~ then chat chat .. after that 9+ like that went to mac and eat .. eaten le .. ly and my went off 1st .. then after that we went over to LBP to sit down talk talk lor lol =x then see others play match .. until lights off ~ then went off after hahaa .. now at home just let this blog end it's story ~ heh =D byee

OTW back from CCK mrt to LBP .. 1 of my teacher called sia =.= shock mi ~ then she told mi if i can work hard enough, i could complete all my module within 4 months ~ which is 1 sememster Lol =x now i must ponder hard .. because its quite alot of left over man .. let mi see ..
  • 1 Elective Module

  • 1 Freely choosen Module

  • 1 Final Year Project

  • 1 Professional Profiling

  • 1 Creative Eengagement

  • 1 Core Module

  • TOtally WOW!!! Lol =X see ba see ba =X


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    Thursday, April 02, 2009


    Well, today woke up in de morning .. like 8? then wash up . use comp watch anime .. after that took call cab .. get rdy jiu pei my dad go hospoital check up le ~ hahaa .. went there .. tkae number .. take blood .. wait while we go eat .. come back see doc le .. pay money .. take med and pay again =.= kaoz ~ like that $60 liao ..NNB =.= SG eat ppl $ ah =.=" oh well .. after that cab back home .. then tio my dad scolding cuz cab fare ex ><" budden nvm wad .. my bro pay ~ somemore its safer since doc dun allow him to go out =X lol

    reach home slp awhile .. cont. watch anime until abt 3+ .. then went out to meet Ly and Co. find them @ library le .. went to LJS to eat >< Lol =X after that we were like asking abt BB wad happen .. why did he say his noob and stuff .. and LY make the situation worse by using a lie to cover for him which makes it hard for us to belief Lol =x anyway Sean went off 1st .. then after eaten le .. went to NTUC to buy egg and bread .. then went home le ..

    watch anime Lol .. msn ~ after that went down to court .. then chatted ~ wait for simp come .. went to Mac and he ate ~ after tat went back court .. jiu play a match or 2 lor ~ then play until lights off ~ jiu went home le ..

    reach home .. bathe .. wanna dota budden no ppl de =.=" so at the end no dota .. then play PMS with LY ~ new server =.= kinda laggy for mi .. then chat with Sean .. haish ~ Fan ah ~ ask him to acc mi go watch match tmr he say dun wan .. no BB no LY .. then reason ~ BECAUSE I DUNOE HOW TO JOKE .. =.="liew ~ BWG ~ 我真的那么没情趣吗?i really think so =x its a skills to learn ~ haha =X anyway see how tmr lar ~ then sEan oso gonna start learning from XF le ~ lol .. dunoe i should feel happy for him or not .. should lar =D hahahaa .. 小胖不可以吃醋,哈哈。 bye ~


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    Wednesday, April 01, 2009

    Today woke up .. then after that jiu watch anime and play PMS =.=" after taht went out to meet BY and JJ le .. then went to lot 1 .. walk to find BY de slipper but fail to do so .. then walk the popular like from 130-230 cuz we were waiting for Ly and co. =.=" then bought my stuff .. walk walk .. play play in popular =.= then after that jiu went down to LJs to eat le .. then they came later on ..

    after eaten .. went over to LBP .. played a few games .. then LY suddenly like angry sia =.= play until damn serious ~ oh well ~ then plya play play .. then rest abit .. then cont. play play play .. then 6 like that went off le ..

    reach home .. PMS afk cast skill and bathe .. then msg them for dota .. budden no 1 reply =.= dunoe wad happen .. then keep playing and playing lor .. after that 9pm le jiu go and watch de new show ~ not bad sia .. funny ~ lol .. and de joshua .. still so shuai >< L:OL!! okay .. anyway .. after that

    went to dota lor .. Ly totally gone ~ Cant get him sia =.=" .. then after that now late le come blog ~ msn ~ and like that lor LOL =x bye ~

    Tmr needa send my dad to hosp for checkup ~ haa ~ gonna wake up early =.= lol


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