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Thursday, May 31, 2007

whoo ~ kinda long no blog le ba ? =x well .. its time lor .. i tink hor .. han didnt went back wif mi .. he went to eat dinner wif his classmates i tink .. so yup .. then after that .. go and meet ade lor .. hehe .. then went shopping wif her and her fren .. yup yup .. she was looking for her hp strip thingy .. so walk casueway for around 1hr+ ? haa .. then at last found 2 tings for her hp .. not bad wor ~ then went home after tat .. then started watching show .. after tat weait till 12 then watch show .. ahaha .. was chatting on msn the whole nite i tink =.= .. kk NXT =x

tues reach .. IT security wor ~ starting stilll oki lar .. then after tat han told mi he went back early .. wanna ask him wait de .. but he 'bz' mah .. so become i sian diao lor .. cuz suddenly got ppl say wan pon sch de == haha .. so yea .. went back earlier that day .. but wads na de is that i did complete my work b4 i went out .. whooooo ~ *clap*clap* haha =D so yup .. went back .. called ade but she didnt ans my phone yet ~ ai yo .. so went back home lor .. then slpt awhile .. after tat i went to baw hse that area to cut yi xia hair .. didnt took photo cuz onli trim it .. haha .. well .. then after tat poh they all got play dota .. so go play wif them lor .. cool man .. although its still not thr .. but i felt that things are getting abit better ^_^ .. after tat .. went to SS i tink .. then i went home le ba .. so day goes as norm i suppose .. haha NXT =x

then on wed leh .. hmmm .. earli in the morning went out of hse .. then didnt go sch .. cuz sian to the MAX .. didnt expect its de faci bday sial .. haha .. then hor .. went to sing party world wif ade .. whoo hooo ~ quite EX though T_T $15bucks lor .. =x haiz .. yup .. then finish liao .. went to causeway and lot 1 dunoe do wad .. hah =x then she nid to go acer company to take her 'laogong' laptop .. hai yo .. budden i didnt pei her .. cuz very tired .. so after tat went home and slp abit .. then suddenly ant ask mi go play dota .. oki lor .. went over find them .. then go pak game le .. =x .. well .. hai oki ba .. i tink .. after tht siong and xiang went back .. then vin and paw went back .. then mi poh ant and py go eat .. then after tat we went back oso .. i went to ant hse cuz xiang and siong wan to 'dry swim' .. wah .. haiz .. lack of 1 person seh == then after tat initially wannted to go hom then go back his hse to dawn de .. but too lazy .. so stay on lor .. until around 3+ .. when all not playing le .. xiang suddenly say wan go hom .. then siong oso .. then wah liew .. sian .. so i oso went back lor .. then watch abit anime and then go to slp le ba ..

today de thurs .. no sch wor ~ slpt till around 1+ i tink .. haha .. seriously tired .. then sui how ask mi to go IMM budden i say dun wan .. cuz i forgot to ask him wad time go . then i tell him i wan to slp .. then after tat .. woke up le .. go and find poh they all .. saw HH then until 3+ they haven went IMM =.= .. i tink hor .. sui how 11+ call mi de lor .. lolx .. then suan le lor .. went thr .. suddenly ask mi play mahjong again .. wah sian ~ lolx .. hai hao lar .. play until aroud 7+ ? then started to eat dinner at ant hse .. his dad cook for us (thxs uncle) then after tat went watch finis hshow .. all went back le lor .. =x then now at home i come blog .. seriously i still dun dare to taok to vin wor ~ haha =x wad a coward u are man .. boi =.="

whoo .. time for my stuff again .. long post i tink ? haha .. so ong nv post pic le .. i tink got once i nid to start posting pictures up again le wor ~ haiz .. well .. let mi see hor .. felt that tis few days goes by more easily .. felt that the gap had actually close up a bit .. thats juz my feeling though .. lets wish that it will be real ^_^ Hope hOpe hoPe hopE | wisH wiSh wIsh Wish .. everythingi will be fine soon ! =X .. but in a way .. i tink vin still got abit defensive against mi ba .. budden i cannot blame him right .. =[ kk aniway .. tis time round i wanna post abt some of the quite i learn from the show [Mars VS Venus] and although some may not link to u .. but nth to say .. thety are gd quotes ^^ .. here we go !

Some time, people forget that they have the courage to live, but as long as they have something in their heart to believe in, that courage will never vanish.

Don't look back if you have something to accomplish, only look forward!

The only pleasure in life is to escape from the prison of one's own making.

You must be able to put down your hatred before you could pick up your happiness.

When a person commit a mistake, he don't have a chance anymore? [gd quite to tink abt]

When you are consious of yourself, your true feeling is being hid up. [i feel that its true]

A friendship takes a lifetime to build, but a second to destroy. [i wrote tis last time oso .. but seriously tis quote is quite true, but thinking on the top sentence, doesnt it somehow contradic? haha =x]

i guess, it will end my quote from, the show because i onli watch de last 4-5 epi i tink .. and oso .. the ending song is not that bad wor ~ the lyrics is power ! haha =D .. now its oso time to post some other thing i found over de net, its quite true de ^^ i tink most of it u guyz hav read it here adn thr ba ? haha =]

A second chance isn't granted, its created by her or himself. And do not lie, for you need to lie again to cover the first lie and so on and so forth, lastly friends are not granted, cherish them.

When you dropped your mobile phone, it can still be repaired. but relationships, friendships, once broken, can you mend back that broken heart?<==[something realli to ponder abt .. even if its can .. its not as ez as u tink]

If you're mad with someone, and
his there trying to fix the situation... You fix it with him.
Maybe today, that person still wants to be
your friend . And if u don't,

tomorrow can be too late


If you're in love with somebody , but that
person doesn't know... tell her/him.
Maybe today, that person is also in love with you .
And if you don't say it,

tomorrow can be too late .


If you really have friends who you appreciate... tell
Maybe they appreciate you as well. That
if you don't and they leave or go far away today ,

tomorrow can be too late.<--[seriously its true, u will nv know wad happen the nxt day..believe mi]

eh .. i guess i will end it here lyke tis ba .. blog again nxt time =] takecare everyone !


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Monday, May 28, 2007

whee .. yea .. ending last fri .. so coming back on sat wor .. let mi tink back ah .. fri after sch did nth ba i tink .. hahax =x .. but still tink slept quite late oso ba .. not sure .. hehe

sat right .. because of some problem here and there .. i was thinking of sleeping through my sat and sun .. then sat juz slpt till around dunoe leh .. i tink abt 11+ or 12+ ba .. then dun feel like sleeping le .. after tat i went out .. to do wad ? haha .. no 1 was wif mi mah .. so i juz went out for no reason lor .. as CG once told mi that when nth to do or quite sad hor .. took de bus and juz sit thr lor .. then i do de same thing .. wahahah .. i take until Far East Plaza then walk yi xia .. then took bus back .. and took around here and there .. around until 5+ or 6+ went home le .. then sit at comp infront abit .. then poh called and ask if i wan to pak lan .. k lor .. since i so bored .. then juz went thr lor .. then waited for aroudn 30min for them .. then find them at SS .. then wait 4 de rest and then went to game .. after 1 game .. all walk back lor .. because siong / xiang / vin and ant went to ant hse to dry swimming mah .. then yoke and mi went back .. [ seriously its not because im still grounded or im scared to get out of the hse during the nite .. its juz tat i felt that problem havent being solve .. so didnt wan to go and destroy their joy ba] .. then after that met up wif HH around 12+ to 1 am .. then chat till 2am then part and go home .. back home watch anime and orn orn le . for mi . haiz .. siong/tian/yoke go swim nv ask mi go T_T .. then ant paw and de 3 of them + vin went to creative nv ask mi go too .. sigh ~ haah =x

alright .. then on sunday .. woke up around 10+ .. eat le went back to slp again .. then until 2+ .. poh ask mi go ant hse le lor .. cuz going pak lan .. then went over lor .. took around 1hr ba .. haha =x .. saded .. reach thr .. then went to SS lor .. after tat pak finish lan le .. i tink around 5+ le ba .. so vin went home 1st .. then paw and poh oso went home .. then mi ant and yoke sit at dunoe whr play yi xia poker .. then went back oso lor .. yoke went ant hse .. cuz he and vin wanted to study at ant hse since they could get to sch easier at thr .. so yup .. went back and juz watch anime and all .. and slp le lor .. =x

then today leh .. they taking their O lvl chi .. wish them luck ba ^^ .. hmm .. went to sch .. still late .. but its a relief faci .. somehow better then de 1 we original have .. haha .. gd man .. quite a day ba i tink .. i ate quite alot .. dunoe wad should i do when i got home actually .. but i noe i not going find them most likely because i wan to watch 8pm and 9pm de show today .. yup .. so now blogging after UT .. aniway .. tis time realli BUANG .. dun uderstand de ut at all .. how de hell am i suppose to do it =.= .. haiz .. no time managment .. lolx .. then finish le not blogging here lor .. haha .. waiting for han .. see if he wan to go back wif mi mah .. cuz very sian to go back by myself .. realli wan to go meet them wor .. but haiz .. problem kin kin solve i hope .. and seriously lor .. i cannot take it soon ba i tink .. sigh ~


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Friday, May 25, 2007

o.O .. today friday .. start blog on monday .. hmm .. let mi see arh .. i tink monday hor .. after sch i went to find alvin they all lor .. met them around PY hse area .. then went to teck whye .. then poh do some songs things on my lap .. after tat then i tink all went back le ba .. cuz i quite late go .. things juz go lyke normal ba ? haha .. after tat went back home lor .. then forgot do wad le ..

nxt on tues .. wow .. wad a day .. finish sch le .. i went over to WM and find chua and vin and 1 of vin fren seh .. then chat wif them lor .. shun bian xui xui jiu .. heh heh .. chua abit kee siao lor .. budden realli had a nice time laughing wor ~ its like so long nv lauff ?? weird sial lolx =x budden anyway .. wasted quite alot of $ though .. haha =x but nvm lar .. its realli long long time then see them once ==

k .. then on wed .. after sch msg poh .. but no ans .. nvm lor .. msg siong oso no ans !! haha =x .. well .. then i met ade at lot 1 .. walk finish liao .. poh then reply saying he at home == guess he sleeping ba .. haha .. then siong msg mi oso .. asking mi y looking for him mah .. then i wanna pass him de show .. so after i sent ade back .. i go and find siong at lot 1 .. then after pass him show he bought something le .. went back home liaoz le .. haha .. day pass lyke tat lor . didnt use comp for the past 2 days lolx =x

then on thurs wor .. went back .. contact HH they all .. budden tot they going off so nv go find them .. then i go find ade again .. wahaha .. then bought some bread and went to some place and sit sit chat chat lor == she even bite mi !! hahax ..

i think my day pass juz like that wor ~ hahax .. go back .. on comp pass data .. then off and orn orn le .. dunoe wad should i do wor .. haha

well .. on fri which is today .. java .. ?? haha .. got 1 my classmate nearly wanted to scold the faci .. but heng nv lor .. hohoho .. now break then come blog .. not doing aniting .. hehe .. guess my new team will KILL mi .. but haiz .. wait for mi to finish sad-ing 1st ba == ..

got this little things on my fren blog .. which realli is good man .. and also something i learn during the show in mars VS venus .. here goes

money is everything..
izzit true?

Money isn't everything..
It can buy a bed - but not sleep
It can buy a clock - but not time
It can buy u a book - but not knowledge
It can buy u a position - but not respect
It can buy u a medicine - but not health
It can buy u blood - but not life
It can buy u sex - but not love

It takes a lifetime to build a friendship, but it only takes a minute to destroy it.

so i tink, we should cherish whatever we had now, because we really dunoe wad happen the day after today, which is tmr.

well .. time for my own things le wor .. too long nv type abt this .. heh ..

well .. juz feel that things arent still going smoothly .. im waiting ? waiting for them to finish their Chi O's .. then i tink i will speak to vin once again le ba .. now realli .. dunoe is wad happening eh ? haha =x well .. they(my old fren) told mi that .. since im not the pure true self of "hao wan" guy infront of them .. and suddenly tell them that .. its a huge impact on them .. thus making the thing worst .. i guess that's quite true ba .. but .. infront of them .. there are alot of things im worried abt ? haha .. dunoe wor ~ but its realli fine wif mi ba .. cuz they happi is enuff le wor .. maybi .. its true that a frenship should be put in by 2 party .. but if u realli noe mi well enuff .. u should noe that i dun mind giving in in almost everything .. becase i .. i realli cherish frens and hold it much to an importance in my life .. and some time .. its too importance that i would listen to advice but i couldnt do it .. in a way .. u can also say that i am a pure sturbbon guy or idiot .. nvm ba .. siong did say b4 .. actually things are not as bad as it seems ? i dunoe leh .. he say everything should be fine ba .. haha =] good for him to say that at least .. his the only 1 thinking of other things .. budden that's also because his the onli 1 hu noe vin rather then the rest of my fren .. although everyone of them are 3rd party .. heh .. but nvm .. everyone is giving mi the same kind of solution ba .. but i still dun wanna do it .. hehe .. but things are realli going blend .. and does anione realli noe wad am i suffering from ? haha .. i look freaking normal wor ~ regardless its infront of hu i tink .. because im the xiaOpanG u all noe mah ? haha =] shouldnt always use the world emo lar .. but .. juz no mood wor ~ in ani tings .. heh ..

well, humans are something which they have their emotion, and sometime, emotion can really takes over their heart, because it works so much in-hand with the mind, where your brain will accept the fact of 'SaD'. But of course, there are a lot of ways to clear out of the emotion part, because some people is really very happy-go-lucky, but sometime, its really very difficult. Then i believe, when after sometime and the problem is huge yet still can't be solve, I think that avoding the reality will be the easiest choice for everyone of us to choose because by running away from it, it somehow hides away our pain, but can it last? will you be able to run forever and not facing it? Time, time is always the best solution that people have, when the situation become a stand-still, but does time wait? we all should know, time don't wait for anyone or anything, the world still revolve, people continue living, tree grows and people die. Thus, time doesn't stop for us, so izzit the best solution to use time to heal the wounds ? Now i don't know what am i saying about, so i guess, next time blog again, i hope i didnt hurt anyone in what i type.


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Monday, May 21, 2007

haiz .. blogging time again .. last post ended on thurs cuz its web multi media .. now mah .. get on to friday lor .. heh .. fri i didnt went to sch because no mood lor .. tired oso =.= .. then juz stay at home and rot till the max man .. then cuz i got UT mah .. went back to sch till quite late lor .. then wait for SH to finish IG .. then went back wif him .. after tat go meet HH and WX then we at BPP lor .. until around 11+ ba .. went back .. rest yi xia then slp le ba i tink ..

then on sat hor .. woke up in the noon .. then contact tp they all .. then go and find them .. after tat went to pak lan .. then after tat went to eat then bpp to get some stuff .. hah .. not a bad day ? guess thats all lor ..

then on sun hor .. woke up .. around 2+ 3+ contact poh .. he say they all at vivo .. then since nv go .. nvm lor .. did nth much aniway .. juz went and touch b.ball .. so long no touch liao wor ~ wif sui how and kok sang .. haha .. funni sial .. KS looks almost like lao jia seh .. =.=" yar .. guess tats wad i do on sun ba .. keke .. aniway damn emo at the nite .. for dunoe wad reason .. nvm .. haiz .. guess that would be my blog ba ..


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Thursday, May 17, 2007

101 post ~ alright .. tuesday le .. let mi see wad i do arh .. umm .. woke up then went sch lor .. as per normal ==" it was IT security lor .. umm .. oki lar .. the days goes oki oki lor .. after tat faci oso ask mi y i so long no go .. juz say got my own problem lor .. didnt told him wad happen .. haha =x .. then complete the day liao .. didnt contact them .. dunoe y oso .. so juz stay in sch till around .. 5+ ba .. then after that went off .. then went home directly .. eaten le .. till dune wad time bathe le .. rest yi xia then slp le .. around 12+ then slp ba i tink .. haha .. kk

oki .. then on wed .. sch were having networking .. OMG .. its the hardest i had being through lor .. too GG for mi to even study sial ~ >.<" the 1 and 0 is too powerful for binery lar .. haha .. oki .. the day pass damn strssfully . until the end still dun understand T_T .. went home .. damn tired .. didnt slp until around 11+ ba .. doing smethng lor .. then orn orn le .. tired day

today leh .. almost couldnt wake up .. heng my dad called mi then i could wake up de .. now in class doing dreamweaver .. wth .. i didnt come 1st time .. dunoe wad to do T_T .. suan le .. then my teams did the webbie up while i go and read those resource =.= Lolx .. luckily .. guess done up everything hai oki ba .. haha .. after sch .. went home .. slp abit .. wake up eat now blog lor .. bb ba .. going off ==


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Monday, May 14, 2007

hahaha..well..tis is gonna be my 100th post wor ~ still the same .. not a very gd post .. haiz .. tings are not de same animore .. hmm .. sigh ~ well .. lets juz get on to wad i had being doing tis few days ba ..
kk .. previous post ended at fri .. so yea .. get started on sat then .. let mi recall .. sat wasoso another damn bored day lo .. in de noon .. ask to go find ant .. he say going out later .. so nv meet .. then ask mi contact the rest myself .. budden didnt .. so nvm lor .. i do nth do nth .. then at the end went to ade hse == .. we play monopoly until at nite .. 8+ .. then after tat went to eat dinner .. then i go find my long-lost buddies ==" budden guess now chg to frens whom wont forget each other .. because i giv them up 1st .. so yup .. went to find simp and sam de brothers .. then i drink lor ==" we ah pek drinking .. =x .. after tat .. sam went back cuz cin at his hse waiting for him .. simp pei mi till dunoe wad time ah . keep chatting wif mi all those lor .. then oki .. after end liao .. i go home .. played and all .. until around 5+ 6+ i tink .. then i went to slp ..

kk .. then woke up around 11+ mah .. then was thinking ai ya .. later abit then ask if they wan to ask mi out bo .. then ask le all those .. they all outside .. k lor .. i nth to do whole day .. so i tink i did nth lor .. =x .. not veru sure wad i did .. budden i tink i met wif no 1 ba .. then around 10+ .. poh suddenly called mi to ask if wan meet them .. then i go over lo .. was playing dota then quitted =x .. well .. after tat .. saw ant han and poh lor .. chat till 12+ then waent home .. since some of them nv go sch all those .. kk .. went back around 3+ then slp ..

so ya .. monday leh .. woke up didnt went sch .. around 8+ pei ade go sch cuz she nid to go it helpdesk .. then she left her lappy thr and we go causeway lor .. eat liao .. ben lai wan watch movie .. then nv open .. so went to arcade .. then finish le went the bookstore ah .. then nth liao .. i went back .. she went to sch lor .. cuz afternoon she got UT .. then went home and slp .. around 3+ i called poh .. he say he going meet his fren .. then they juz finish going see doc .. i was blur .. budden dun wanna ask le lar .. so nvm .. went back to slp .. then around 6+ 7+ i went BPP .. y leh .. dunnoe oso .. very sian mah .. then go liao saw alot of fooood seh =." k lar .. then bought some .. went back buy dinner for family .. then started all my own stuff lor .. complete liao .. now blog .. finish le then go orn orn le .. jia-na


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Friday, May 11, 2007

alright .. back to blogging after quite some time .. aniway i deleted my previous post .. so now come back and blog lor .. lets talk abt per norm ba .. on sat mah .. at the end i contact till ant le .. from msn .. told him i going his hse .. he say oki lor .. after tat i reach tw then he say bz .. waited almost 2hrs then poh vin and ant came down .. they went lot 1 cuz vin wanna do concession .. then tot of following .. budden too slow so nvm .. after tat went to the playgroun and sit .. then waited for some time .. after that saw them again .. including ant family .. then siong oso came over .. so yup .. they were going over to imm lor .. so i went over too .. i were kinda quiet like normal lar .. after tat .. tings juz went ahead lor .. then at giant .. the static on my shirt suddenly touch vin and whoo .. he chat wif mi .. realli so long didnt had tat much laughter le .. =x .. well .. after tat tot tings were going quite right .. so go home online abit then slp ..

alright .. went on to sunday lor .. i woke up still oki oki ba i tink .. then i sms ant .. no ans from him .. then i called him lor .. he say his sick .. then not meeting .. so nvm lor .. after tat i go do my stuff liaoz .. then around 5+ (since they noe liao .. might as well say it out) .. i did something the most MOST MOST stupid ever i had done .. i went over and tried to find them == then after tat .. went around those place liao .. then lastly .. went over to the ten mile lan shop .. omg ~ i saw them .. they were at the counter .. so i rush over to hide .. saw them coming out .. 6 person .. nvm .. then i was like looking for them all over ~ then lastly .. saw py vin ant tp at blk 5 playing cards .. intially wanna go talk to them .. budden when i juz went over near them .. i dun dare .. no courage to speak .. so bo bian .. nv .. then waited under ant hse .. cuz see them walking thr mah .. then thinking when they come out lift juz talk to them lor .. mei xiang dao they came down from the stairs ==" walking very quickly .. i was behind py and vin mah .. budden still no courage to go and talk to them .. so wanted to stop them at the front .. budden they walk too fast .. cant catch up .. so yup .. nth much else that day .. so i went home lor .. everything was like .. haiz .. nvm

then on monday .. went to sch .. not realli in ani mood .. then after sch .. contact them .. didnt remember if i got met them or not .. lolx .. blur liao .. i tink i miss meeting them ba .. cuz i went back quite earli .. haha .. nvm .. then after all .. juz like that lor .. then i tink i hlp ant complete his blog ba .. not very sure .. well .. tues

alright .. tues .. didnt went sch .. lolx .. miss 2 IT security liao .. jia lat wor .. then i around after 4+ 5+ went out .. intially tot of finding them and say myfeeling le lor .. budden didnt get to see them .. saw yoke ly zy kk hh ks lor .. lolx .. then until the end .. yoke go find them .. called them budden nv say wan meet .. so meaning still not wanting to meet mi ba .. no choice .. didnt go .. so i juz went home .. then after tat .. poh ask mi call vin .. so i called .. and they are having a confrence lor .. then .. vin told mi to speak wad ever i wan lor .. cuz from dunoe how long ago i had being saying i wanna speak to him mah .. then almost lost for words .. then alstly no choice .. say out my own feeling all thsoe lor .. tink they can understand ba .. until the end .. they say got 2 choice lor .. fren or no fren .. i choose fren .. left them .. they went discuss .. after tat they call mi and say chose to be my fren once again .. well .. was happi i suppose .. budden not realli at that high peak .. maybi cuz i noe the misunderstanding cannot be clear so easily ba .. oki lor

on wed .. went to sch .. everything and everything lor .. then kena flu ~ == .. omg .. nvm .. after sch go find them .. ask mi treat dinner .. oki lor .. since i oldest mah .. keke =x .. then tot was fine lar .. so jump to thurs

well .. went sch but went back home lor // cuz im late due to the stupid bus .. ya .. nvm .. after tat rest abit then go back sch take ut .. then went back looking for them .. no 1 reply mi except poh .. whr he was wif his sch mate i tink mah .. then .. haiz .. was like waiting thr till ade ask mi go jog .. then i go find her lor .. around 8+ poh call mi ask mi whr am i .. at cck .. then ask mi not to go find them since they going back liao .. kinda late .. then no choice lor ..

then today leh .. went sch .. earli morning kena faci problem .. kaoz .. then buey song faci liao .. =x .. she oso fine problem wif mi .. pui .. kk .. nvm .. then after sch .. went to find them lor .. sms poh 1st no ans .. called him said at ant hse .. went over liao .. see ant poh vin and siong .. kk .. after tat .. they game finish le went to eat .. then vin went home .. i come home do mhy stuff lor .. well .. now blog finish tis few days .. see how ba .. hope things realli go fine wor ..
i will hope u to be my best fren rather then worst enemy ..


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Saturday, May 05, 2007

back to blogging ba .. since so long nv blog le .. oki .. previous post on monday .. so now start on tuesday lor .. tues was a labour day mah .. no sch .. then contact ant cuz siong maybi wan to go town to find some hp stripe .. after tat go meet them .. when was with them .. dunno how to speak oso .. tings arent turning ani better .. after tat the rest come liao .. chat abit .. play abit .. then went over to town le lor .. went Ps .. after tat .. go walk wkl see see .. didnt get wad siong wan .. so nvm lor .. then we went back .. then tink wan to go lot 1 see see de .. then nv tink tat lot 1 de CC close liao .. so went back lor ..

on wed .. i still didnt go sch .. because .. because lor .. then .. i forgot wad i did on wed le lar .. oh .. i tink i went to find them and eat .. then duing nite time went to lot 1 .. after tat ask ade come find mi then i bought sweets for her lor .. after tat go home le ba .. i tink .. still rmb .. vin actually did chat wif mi during tat day .. tot tings were going fine .. hahx ..

then on thurs .. went to sch cuz i met wif ade mah .. then was late for sch .. now new sch rule oso .. nvm .. then complete de whole lesson .. went back .. on bus .. saw HH vin PY .. then alght liao call vin .. no answer T_T .. then contact PY .. then they at poh hse .. didnt went up .. was waiting for them downstairs .. after tat they come down .. walk towards ant hse all those lor .. then reach ant hse .. they were fixing ant bike i tink .. i was chatting on phone .. after tat eat liao dunoe do wad do wad .. then vin quite earli went back .. saying wanna dota .. then we oso went back .. then chat abt if ponning on fri .. then poh say yes .. tink so lar .. then oki lor .. went back .. didnt game oso .. nvm .. slp

fri .. went sch .. sch goes as per normal .. after tat got UT .. dunoe if buang a not .. then went back to TW .. call tian no ans .. cuz reception problem .. then call ant lor .. 1st tinme no ans .. 2nd time ans liao .. they going vivo .. wah . i tot they wan sat then go de .. nvm .. went with them and took bus lor .. then at vivo .. realli big .. tings kinda bad happen lar i tink .. then i guess .. things realli arent going too well .. dunoe y .. and i realli dunoe y .. after tat went hpme .. still no game all those .. nvm ...

sat .. online do nth do nth .. then msg ant haven reply .. maybi sleeping .. i wan go out .. very sian .. now blog .. haiz .. see how ba

haiz .. sms didnt help .. talk didnt help .. call didnt help .. now i realli wan .. wan to chat with him .. but .. i dun have the courage to speak to him .. and i dunoe how am i suppose to kai kou .. wad am i suppose to do ?


im a coward .. useless pathetic guy .. haiz ..


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