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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wah seh, I'm back again, haha, seriously hor. Really seriously, my boss de boss really really cannot make it. You totally don't earn anybodies respect at all lorh.If keep complaining I think will have unlimited things to say. I just don't know why you so dumb, last time heard that "Commando" training will twist people mind, now I really get what it means to be "Commando" training. I'm not going through it, but I can see what happen to a person who went through it.

Nothing much this few weeks, just that work is tiring, and a funny and dangerous thing is that I overslept for fall in timing. My heart stops for a moment sial. It was like damn scary, suddenly people came banging the door like what ever shit drop from the sky, then you woke up in a shock, and looking at the time with a shock yet clear mind, get shock again. Kinda stupid, haha.

Umm, today mid-autumn, hope at night can play, things go smoothly, bye.

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekend always ended so fast, so fast until the fact that you can't really grasp it, sigh.

How I wish my camp is a non stay-in camp, at least I no need to prepare to go out at night before 11, I still can do some of my stuff at home. This sucks man seriously.

Staying in initially was alright, until recently, at least I can do SO MUCH stuff when I'm not staying in, at least I got my comp, even without playing game, got my phone, got every shet, but taking the night back to camp, I only have a few things to do, before I'm going to bed.

I rather sleep lesser abit, then to book-in in the night. =<

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Just a day after my previous post, that's weird, it's not really that I'm really gonna come back to blogging, but still, although I had a lot of stuffs to do, I just don't feel like doing anything.

Well, had a lazy day practically doing nothing, and nothing. Haha.

(Damn!) Should have taken a picture of a Chinese I help GW did just now, but oh well. Today was really simple, and I do hope my life gets on so simply. Haha

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I didn't expect I had a post just 1 month earlier, though it's only a sentence.

Well, really, a lot of changes happen throughout my army life, from a peak, to mid, to low, and I will never think it will go back up again.

Still thinking the last 3rd or 2nd post was about the time I was in CPC, it was still a fun time, and continue on for a few months down the road was still good. Then after I went for a long MC, due to operation.

Things took a big turn-around after that, when I go back to camp.

The 1 whose MC ends earlier then me, went back to become the clerk where everyone warn us not to be due to the over-stress of a clerk at our particular place. I guess the stress also went to him, and I had been aim non-stop, oh well, I will take it then. But I don't like the face he give, I don't owe you this.

What's worst is the other guy, more pathetic then I don't know what, if I'm not inside the army, practically I'm going to do something not right. DEFINITELY.
Please, you have your OCD, don't try to put it on others, and you are still a kid, I'm not in the age whereby I need you to teach me what to do. You are allow not to guide me on work, I'm okay, wouldn't ask for your help also, no problem de. But really, most of the time, don't force your mindset to others, no 1 owe you a living, no 1 owes you anything.
You are of course allow, not to clean my place during your bunk cleaning time, I never ask for it, I'm okay. It's not easy to step on my tails, that's why I always let people climb over me, but some time, some things, step back a bit, really.

Well, my working attitudes comes from the people I work around with. It's really not easy to touch on something, that out of the 20 over years I had never really hands-on on, to learn it after a few months, to forget it after a few months, and to re-learn it again with 2 months. I'm only a human, I have my own problem, my own life, I don't only have to cope with work and work alone, if I only needs to focus on this 1 thing, believe me, it will be "facepalm"

I'm not a dumb guy, I just don't like to beat around the bush, there's no point most of the time, except if it's going to hurt the other party.

So someone ask me, before MC I would stay in bunk, but after MC I don't and what is the reason, you expect me to say it? If by any chance you can read it here, ownself think about it ba, why I don't like to stay in that bunk anymore.


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