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Friday, February 08, 2013

Hello guys, 转眼间 another soon-to-be 1 month has past since I last posted on this blog.

Well, the Lunar Chinese New Year, in short, CNY is coming. It's practically time for everyone to start packing, doing spring cleaning and stuff like that, including me.

Sad to say, just a room, with 2 tables, and a whole floor, it took me about 10hrs just to finish "packing" and "refurbish" it, see how 惨 I am. =X (But it's kind of fun actually, especially since I only do this "big" thing once a year)

CNY is a really big time for every Chinese, but as Singapore is a muti-racial country, even other races so-call helps to celebrate it too. Like joining in the fun in visiting their friends house or what-so-ever.

It's also a good time for Children - Teenagers as this is the time they will received extra cash from their relatives/friends parents You know, the extra cash can actually help them to get quite a lot of stuffs, as some of them are able to get more then $500 worth of Ang Bao. (It's also a good time for me =D)

But as of my age now, actually CNY to me is really not about getting the Ang Bao anymore, (though I still want it as who doesn't want extra cash in this world) but rather, it's the time for the gathering of the relatives. Though I'm not the type that likes to get around with family, easy say, not a family guy, but still, there's a few relatives, seriously speaking, I only get to see them once in every single year, which is like quite pathetic even though I could actually put out some of my time to go down and visit them. Especially my dad side of relative since I don't even see them during 清明节.

Oh ya, 1 important thing about CNY is also the gamble part, this is also the time whereby parents will allow their child, which is at least Primary School and above to engage into Adult Activity. C'mon, I'm not talking about that kind of adult activity, but rather gambling. Since it's also once in a year time, so I guess every parent will just open up and allow their child to play, for the sake of fun.

So all in all, CNY is a good time for everyone to enjoy and celebrate.

Enough say, let's go to my "workplace." Well, the new guys are getting more and more hang on to the place already, and they are becoming more and more Zai Qiu also. But I told them before, within 3 months time of their stay there, they will become a better Technician then me, though they keep doesn't believe me.

Well, nothing much happens for this past 20 over days I guess. Though there's a cohesion going on, which everyone takes part in Ice-Breaking Games, but believe me, I bet everyone did really enjoyed it during the programs. Frankly speaking, Kudos to the few that really make this happen. I sincerely thanks you for that. Since to me, it's not about Ice Breaking but rather, enjoyment.

Another thing happen is just last few days, holy!! Actually I didn't really go and think about it until Jeff told me, actually on that day, my whole day was working, practically non-stop and no break at all. Now then I know why I'm so 累 during that day, until 我去到哪里睡到哪里 type of situation. Stress ahhhhh ~~~~ But actually, workplace is quite fun in some ways or another. =D

Last thing I want to say, is about the movie Ah Boys to Man, or in short, ABTM.

I'm not helping to advertise, but speaking about it, I suggest everyone to go and watch. [I]n [M]y [H]onest [O]pinion, it's a really good movies.

Although the 2 series movies only talks about a Recruits life in Tekong, but it really shows the people, how in the world is army like. From Young person who are worried about armys, from NSF who are serving the nation, from ORD personal, from even the child's mum. They really can look forward/Recall and understand what is army life about.

To me, it brings me back to Tekong time, whereby it's really enjoyable, because in there, there is only 1 rule to follow, that is "1 Order 1 Command." Nothing else matters. Isn't that nice and sweet, compare to "outside" whereby Responsibility really kicks in, which builds stress in people. Oh well.

[B]y [T]he [W]ay, ABTM1 and ABTM2 Theme Song is also nice. In a way, the lyrics do describe the feeling of a person serving the Nation, or those who served the Nation. To others, the tunes are catchy and the lyrics are funny, but the meaning behind it, is only until you go through it, you understand it. Anyway, I believe those in Uniform Group during their Teenage time should also get it. Actually, sports person too.

Blood, Sweat, Tears, everything to share. *Claps*Claps*

Okay, I'm damn done with my long long speech,. byee.

Last but not least, guys,

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