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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

26/4 - woke up late since no work ~ hahaa =X then jusssst stayed at home and stuff lor =.= then went court and home, totally bored ><

27/4 - went to work ~ sian, no change lor =.= hahaa =X then after work went home le .. comp abit jiu went to nap .. then go court and home wahahaha =.="

28/4 - in short, today was @ home de whole day LOL! woke up use comp then nap until evening =.= then go cour see no 1 so pratically went home and comp again lor =.= wahaha. if my day continue like that will rot to death =.=


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Sunday, April 25, 2010

21/4 - went to work, then went to meet coco and walk around funan to look for iphone casing and cam stuff and blah blah blah ~ then went back cck ard 5 liddat.
then went over to court and hibernated by rEgan/Qr/Yc =.= practically i felt aslp while sitting there =.= then joke around yi xia jiu home

22/4 - went to work, ended went anchor point to help sean see shirt == tired like a knnbcb liddat =.= then wait wait ~ @ the end didnt get .. went home comp abit .. then slp .. then woke up le comp lor .. was a bad bad day ==

23/4 - Fri mah ~ woke up le started doing comp and stuff ~ then comp abit le .. went to sim lim to get stuff == wahahhaa! then rain like big =.=" wah kao .. then went back they say no ball le .. okay ~ so comp abit .. then went down saw sean/jon/qr .. so stay ard for awhile then zhao home to fix comp agin .. budden @ the end FAIL >< lol

24/4 - morning is ball time ~ went down to look and see lar =X then see them play full court and stuff ~ then went to mac to eat ~ saw someone damn look like Simon == BTH ~ then after that done le jiu home and dota .. then nap .. then went to simp hse to help with his iphone . then went to dynasty to sing KTV then home @ 3am

25/4 - woke up wenbt BPP to look for something ~ both things i wanna look @ oso fail >< Lol =X then home and comp and do the FB thing .. now come blog ~ lata idk gonna do wad =.= rotting liao
was @ hopme the whole dya .. went to nap then dota then msn =.= sigh ~ bored


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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

LOL! 1 week didnt touch =X Psps =X

13/4 - Happy Birthday My Yeo Wen Jun Didi =p
went to work in de morning ~ then afternoon nap ~ then went to court to chat and play then went home as always =x Lol!

14/4 - weee you weeeee Lol =X went over to JP with BY to shop for sean boyboy present =p hahaa ~ then went to eat macc and chat and stuff == then out of stock ~ then went over to IMM .. and took the last piece =.= HENG AH! after that went back .. SAw JJ .. then went court awhile jiu home and stuff =)

15/4 - hectic day Lol =X woke up in de morning comp abit .. then afternoon went over to Sheng Siong to purchase stuff == then @ the end machiam everyone BOMB mi =X heng @ leasat got Bing Kia following mi =X THanks ah .. Especially that HX .. SUCKER grrrrrrr anyway purchase le .. my dad fetch us back .. thanks dad .. then home and comp lor =X since that HX didnt came to marinate .. grrrr =.=

16/4 - MORE HECTIC DAY == morning woke up .. then went out to meet by eunice simp for lunch @ mac .. then by and eunice went to cut hair .. while simp came my hse to dota with wj == then i started preapring the food .. until like 4+++++ then HX came to start the rest =.= piang ~ 2hrs to rush all de food and stuff .. then 6++++ went down and cook and play and everything .. overall .. beside the TIME CONSTRAINT .. overall it's a success =D pictures will be up on FB soon =D

17/4 - went down for ball ? Nah ~ went down to eat and chat and watch == then BY came and talk some stuff to them .. then went over LB to have lunch and stuff .. then went back lor .. then preapre le .. went over to coco hse to discuss some stuff .. then after that wnet out to meet with turtle gang to grab our dinner to celebrate yas bday =D hahaaa =p play play joke joke eat eat lor == okay ~ aas of now, maxican food doesnt suits our liking definitely =.= WAHAHHAA then rush back home and stuff =<

18/4 - woke up jiu preapre and went to cut hair with jh and sean .. then cut le jiu went jh hse awhile .. then after that jiu went pasar malam walk walk .. then go home comp until siao lor =.=

19/4 - went over to jh hse since he didnt go sch .. intially wanna go ball but it started rainig =.= wtf =.= then fine ~ went home and went down court to see see lor .. then home again to comp >< LOL!

20/4 - Happy Birthday to MingYang Didi and Yasmine!
Okay, today did the as usual 20/4 should be done stuff.
Morning woke up, preapred and went over to Batok and waited for GH and DW.
After that went to eat and chatted abit, waited for Sammuel, and cabbed over
to Old CCK there.
Went over to see Tian Ming, and talked about some previous time.
Looking @ the date he passed away, and looking @ the date now.
5 years, that's very fast, in 2005, he passed away, and he brought us altogether.
In 2005 I had my O's Level.
But like what GH said, 托他的福,我们才能至少每年见一次面。
If not we never know when we will try to meet up.
When everyone is having their own different life after 5 years.

After that jiu went home and went out then home again .
then went court see see lor .. and chatted and waited for eunice to pass mi EHDD.
after that home jiu comp .. now come blog =p Buaiz


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Monday, April 12, 2010

12/4 - morning woke up and went to work. si bei shag lar =.= cant get the drowsiness away is 1 thing, 1 person doing that shitty stuff is another == after work ~ was waiting for the manager to sign my paper. i sat there wait until i fall aslp == wtf sia >< then he sign le i jiu zhao liao .. went TBP to see something .. then went home to nap abit .. then went court to wait for ppl pass mi $ == from 5-8 Lol =X si bei bored >< after that jiu home and eat and stuff then now blog . sleeping soon i suppose haha


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Sunday, April 11, 2010

9/4 - Fri mah ~ went to work lor .. then reach home le .. jiu comp comp and stuff .. then went to sean hse to chit-chat play with the 2 girls. the small 1 is getting bigger LOL! =p funny adn cute lar them ~ i will rmb to buy lollipop for them nxt time kekex =p after than went to court lor .. kaoz == no ppl de sia >< power ~
then jiu play abit le .. jiu went mac to sit and eat and chat then home ..

10/4 - raining in de morning ~ so waited for rain stop .. then went down .. so many ppl was there .. then bball bball bball lor .. after that pack up went back le .. prepare .. jiu went QW with reiner / by / coco / eunice .. then shop for shoes and stuff ~ then coco adn reiner couple .. mi eunice by and by parent went to eat and walk ikea and stuff ~ then took bys' dads' car home lol =x thanks uncle auntie =D home and comp as usual ==

11/4 - today woke up late .. then comp abit le .. jiu preapre to go shao mu ~ then shao ah shao .. then after that jiu went to keat hong there de zhi char to eat lor .. hot dao like a cb == bth sia >< then eaten le .. jiu went back le .. home le jiu msn adn stuff == wanted game but cant lol =X grrrrrrrr .. tmr still got work ~ sian ~~~~~


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Thursday, April 08, 2010

I was down yesterday, was down today too. But both at the night. =X
Yesterday 就别提, it was quite obvious from last time already.
Today, nothing is ever going correctly.
Working I was been scolded for no reason.
I was working for free for 1hr+, work until so shag and yet no "goodwill" came.
Then at night something happened again. Might be be thinking too much.

Guys, my name is Alwyn. I'm just a normal person with emotion.

Today nothing much, just work and home and went to LB to eat, then court for ball and chat, then went home to comp and stuff.


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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

6/4 - woke up late, so juz watch show all the way =.= then went court awhile =.= then went home to have dinner and stuff ~ then went gombak meet friend awhile .. then home le .. then FB and STuff and blah blah lor, tmr working. sian =.=

Looking back all the old photo, and thinking how some of you starts to detest me. It's saddening =<
This is me, can't you guys accept me?
Can't we go back to the past, where you won't be sick of my face?


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5/4 - Today woke up and watch tv abit, then went out to meet eunice and by le lor. still nid to go by hse to get him up =p hahaa ~ then went bishan to eat lunch . then chatted abt the bbq thingy lor . then went to walk walk play arcade . and have fun @ mini toons due to the cruel dice LOL =p then after that went to toast box drink kopi ~ then train back . go court sit and awhile lata go back with ash. reach home jiu per normal le. only that i had been screw by some ppl =.= but nvm lar .. then juz msn and stuff whole nite long.


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Sunday, April 04, 2010

2/4 - Well, friday, didnt went movie as expected =.= Lol =X was juz at home dota-ing and stuff .. then intially was going over to CC, but @ the end still stayed @ 514 lol
after ball went mac eat. and chat along time ~ tats all =D hahaa

3/4 - in the morning went for ball ~ then after that went to lot 1 to eat .
went back to bathe and stuff ~ then go JJ hse play wii .. FUCKING FUN Can =.=" after taht watch kong zi ~ assuming the storyline liddat, its sure not going to be a hit for youngster hahaa =p after that jiu went home .. eat and stuff .. and slp ==

4/4 - whole day @ home ~ didnt even go out once == jusssssssst dota only == but lost like a cb == idk why Lol =X buaiz


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Friday, April 02, 2010

31/3 - morning woke up ~ went to sch lol =X then meet up with teacher and stuff ~ after that jiu went back .. and stay @ home to rot =.= lol =X then abt 5+ went court awhile .. see them play and play abit ~ then jiu home to eat and stuff ~ then jiu went to slp le

1/4 - Happy April's fool day == Lol .. morning woke up went CMPB .. wah piang .. then waste some time there le .. jiu went home .. then reach home le .. SEan juz ps mi can == Lol =X after that jiu rot awhile .. the ngo CWP to meet eith eunice by jj .. they oso PS mi can =.= then after that meet le .. walk abit .. went to watch COTT 3D de .. totally CMI == storyline hai hao .. the 3D effect you gou lan =.=" lol =X after tat jiu went eat dinner . then go lot 1 sit and chat . then go court sit and chat . then went home do some stuff .. jiu slp

2/4 - waiting for them to ask mi to movie =X


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