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Monday, August 29, 2011

My Days in Tekong.

Aug 1

Went in without much of a few, early in the morning my dad fetch my mum, my 2nd bro and me to Pasir Ris Interchange there while we wait for the bus, thereafter boarding the bus to Changi Ferry Terminal and going to Tekong Island.
After a greeting from our 3rd Sergent and stuff like that, went over to the Main Auditorium to listen to (I don't know) whatever his called, follow my a lunch break before my parent went off.
Felt uncertain anyway, because I would be inside for 18 days, which is consider long for most of us already. After getting on with grabbing our Fieldpack and "Tuffle" Bag, we went to check on our items, follow by testing the size of them. There-after, we know our bunk and stuff, followed by the long exchanging of equipment size and cutting of hair.
Had my 1st dinner there, then continue the long chain of time wasting stuff, had our (R)outine (O)rders, and a water parade, the 1st day went by.

Aug 2

Woke up as early as 5am in the morning, wash-up, and went down to hear on the 5BX, but the funny part is that we skipped it, and after our water parade, we had our breakfast.
After that, it's talk again, on some matters, follow by the exchanging of items for those who hadn't complete it on day 1, and went for our lunch.
With that, we went to listen to another talk by our OC, pratically Captain, and had some time off until RO, before we went to sleep again.

Aug 3

Another boring day, morning woke up follow by water parade and talks follow by breakfast and continue listening to talk.
There after we started our 1st time drills, in learning some basic command, and lunch again, since the lunch time is as early as 11am.
Finished lunch and went to talk again, (Does Pes C9 have a lot of talks?) Then relax a bit before going for dinner, due to the fact that Muslim had to Break Fast after our dinner, we always had some time off, so do nothing follow by going for RO, there about I went for a smoke break, which is practically the time when I started to make friends. Of course, with that, the bed is calling me.

Aug 4

At the 4th day, this is the 1st time we started our 5BX, that's cool, and had our breakfast so on and forth.
Continue on we went to watch movie, I forgot what's the title, and went for our lunch, and continue the movie again, but most of the time I sleeping. If I didn't forget, I think it's because our commanders had something on and thus leaving the whole company with only 1 or 2 Sergent, that's why we watched movie like nobody business.
After we had our dinner, it's our 1st time we had our Stand by Bed, and of course, things were flying in the bunk but luckily not all about, I think that's a norm seriously, there won't be perfection anywhere. with that done, we had our RO and our very 1st OTOT also. Which practically quite a number from my platoon went for a job or things like that, it's really enjoyable. With that playing around while jogging, went to bathe and sleep.

Aug 5

As per normal, we had our 5BX, but before that, because people fall in late, we were tekan. :( Follow by going for our breakfast, and went for movie + lunch + movie spree again, that's crazy huh!
There-after we learn how to fold our Smart 4, Tie our boots and stuff like that, then it's time for us to change into it, and do drills with it.
After that is a rest since we were all burning hot under the sun, then dinner --> RO --> Sleep.

Aug 6

Wake up --> Water Parade --> 5BX --> Breakfast as per normal. After a cig, went to find our MO because I'm SICK! Then went for lunch follow by listening to talk, and some rest time before RO and sleep. Simple day!

(By this date I almost everyday went over to other bunk to chit-chat till late before went to sleep.)
(Know quite a number of smoker friend in the company liao, not just platoon.)
(Everyday we can had 4 Cigg)

Aug 7

Woke up but still tired, guess I'm already custom to the bed already. Do the same old shet again. And we had our 1st Aerobatic Conditioning(AC).
It consist of a series of Warm-up, a brisk walk session, and a series of Cool-down, and oh please, the warm-up + cool-down can kill people, it took up tooooooooooooooo much time.
Changed to Smart 4 and went for our lunch, because of some rules, and change back to Admin and went for our 1st FAD talk. After that is resting time. =D
*Went Toilet, saw David, then chat chat abit, went to disturb Daryl, Louis and Yu Xiong. The funny part whereby Louis get Yu Xiong is to knock hard on his bed and shout "Stand by Bed" which also woke up every single 1 in my bunk. (As usual, people hate and worry about Stand by bed or Stand by area)*
There after dinner, follow by smoking and David spon, because ours is finished. Then saw SGT came in, so chat with him abit, and go for RO, follow by a series of check on our Fieldpack item and Smart 4, and sleep.

Aug 8

Argh, a day where it made me starts having knee Inflammation. Woke up and water parade + breakfast, changed to Smart 4. There after having our own NDP in Tekong. WTF!~! And because we were standing right infront of the stage + I'm the 1 standing at the 1st row, I can't move. and it was hell man. Stood there like a statue for quite some time, before we are able to move off which is a relieved for E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E of us. directly after that we went to learn to do CPR and AED and go for lunch. Follow by going to listen talk on heat injuries and getting our CPR Cert.
Went to changed, 1st time went over E-Mart to get some stuff, enjoyable shopping trip, and went for dinner. There after we had OTOT, then went to talk to SGT for awhile, then go back bunk play Risk, and sleep.

Aug 9

Fun day due to the fact it's National Day.
Do stuff as per normal in the morning, and had our 2nd AC, followed by playing Capt Ball as our (Games) session. At the end is the top winning platoon versus-ing our commanders, which still, we WON! Went to rest and lunch and rest again while waiting for our canteen break. Went there though it's closed, but the tibits stored is open! So I purchase quite a lot of stuff.
*Funny Incident, I was chatting with the store auntie about some stuff, then we got to go, so the auntie say -Thank you Ah Boy- My SGT heard it and he say -WTF, the auntie pak jiao ah, called a guy that is older then me Ah Boy- And the next thing was, the drinks in my mouth flew over my SGT body because I just can't stop laughing at that joke, luckily, his a good guy, and consider a good friend, so nothing happen to me.*
Went back relax abit, go listen talk again, dinner, then went to watch NDP in the LT with the whole company and the commanders. Finished everything we rested awhile and went to sleep.

Aug 10

I will dis-regard the beginning of the day from now. We had our Games again, this time Dodge Ball. and had the same thing also. there after we went to listen to Safra Talk and obviously, I think everyone signed up for it. Then we went for lunch and went to listen to Safety Talk.
Rest awhile, went to learn new drills and keel failing because I think too much. Then after when I joined the rest, Fabian ask me why my face looks so angry, I said nothing. I wasn't angry with him or what, it's just that I can't hear the command clearly and it's making me pek cek.
Anyway after that we went for dinner, change to admin and go RO, OTOT but I didn't do anything anymore, went to gym to blow air-con and chat with friends + SGT. Went back bathe and stuff, sleep.

Aug 11

Once time ever I can't wake up fully, almost late, then rush everything le, do the normal morning routine.
Then we had another talk again, followed by lunch. After our smoke break, went to company room enjoy abit, and had our Stand by Area, followed by a lame drug talk. Continue on for some Forming up stuff, and went to get our riffle at the DON'T KNOW WHERE. After that was a long talk by our SGT, which is also lame IMO, send our riffle back to the weapon area, smoke, bathe and sleep.

Aug 12

1st time had our water parade with the green water bottle, then breakfast and went to Fire P**** D*** in a 5 tonner, it's like a roller-coaster ride, bumpy and fun. =D
I was 1 of the firer, so had the chance to shoot the SARS 21, there after we went back to get our riffle, go for our lunch, learn how to Strip and Assemble it, Load and Unload it.
Bathe and change back to Admin, went for dinner and smoke break. Rest awhile went for RO and stuff, and talk to my Sir, follow by another smoke break, then chatting with my good pal SGT, then secretly took another smoke, bathe, then wanted to ask for his help before he booked out, but fail, so went to sleep.

Aug 13

Changed to Long 4 after clearing our morning routine, learn some riffle techniques again, and went to the canteen once again because there was no activity due to rain. Go LT watch movie and follow by another E-Mart trip and return for dinner, lepak arond, RO, chat, area cleaning, bathe and sleep.

Aug 14

Totally fuck-up day in the morning, because last minute there was some changed, and a lot people were late, we were kena fuck like nobody business, like it's so enjoyable to "him" can, there after we got our riffles, went for our breakfast but we were damn fucking late also, due to the punishment before this, and the cookhouse had thrown away all the food, luckily the uncle there took out bread and Kaya all those, but 1/4 of the platoon didn't eat because there wasn't enough time for everybody in fact, so just went back and changed to long 4 while we go for our test.
Finished went for our lunch, then go LT listen to some Rubbish, and smoke at last. Went back to clean riffle but halfway through need to fall in to clean the whole company due to some stuff, then finished went to change and do drills again, and change for dinner.
After that smoke, relax, went RO, bathe and go company room enjoy, then sleep.

Aug 15

With the norm, and talk to SGT about SGT, then do area cleaning, and went to report sick due to the fact I want to pon the AC, but didn't go because I'm not the serious type and due to rain, we went to get our riffle and went to keep it and go for lunch. I slipped and fell down the stairs with my butts, pain only.
Finish went for smoke and talk and do riffle cleaning while I went to report MO, this is the day where I knew I got Knee Inflammation. Anyway after this, went back to change and return riffle, got Tekan because some of us were rowdy, then went for dinner. Smoke and relax, went for RO, went to sleep.

Aug 16

As per normal, change to long 4, go RMT, and I chatted with my SGT because I can't shoot, WTF. Then we went for lunch and it's almost out of stock, so went to smoke after the lunch and continue area cleaning.
Went to learn Fieldcamp stuff, and go for dinner. Come back before smoke,
*See Daryl do the "Hun Ki" Show* and went to smoke. Went back bunk to complete the iLBV, and went for inspection but a lot of us got things we didn't bring, so went to LT and listen some stuff, then went to re-inspect again. And with a snoe break, went to bathe and sleep.

Aug 17

People was late again because slept late the previous night, then wasted a lot of time on getting riffle and stuff, and went for our breakfast. Followed by going to the Live Range in bus, and looking at people preparing because I can't fire, and luckily, because there's no space, the statuses got to go back. =D
Pratically, I was playing risk the whole day and stuff like that, got to make more friends in the company, and doing nothing the whole day. Went for RO then sleep, but woke up by the rest of my bunk mates when they came back like 2-3am, but soon after, went back to sleep.

Aug 18

YES!!!!!! BOOK OUT DAY!!!!!!!!
Clean Riffle because the rest went to shoot, I just did nothing pratically, then went for lunch, and continue the riffle cleaning, then area cleaning and dinner, then relax and pack bag, and had our inspection.
Went down for RO, wait awhile, went to take the ferry back, and bus, then Babu sent me home.

Aug 21

Simon fetch me back, though we lost our way, I'm not late!
Went back to the far far away island, had our inspection, and change the fieldpack to our fieldcamp item, inspect again and went for dinner, smoke, relaxation, and RO and to sleep.

Aug 22

Woke up early and got fuck again because people are late, have our breakfast, and drawing of riffle, we went for our 2D1N Fieldcamp.
1st thing 1st was learning to build our tent, and we built it and attend 1 more lesson, I went back to report sick. But was fuck by the MO there because I think we broke record, in the morning there was 40 over people reporting sick, I really don't understand why Pes C9 has to go for Fieldcamp.
Because we were fuck, we got to went back to fieldcamp again and continue on for the rest of the lesson, learn to cook maggie in the wild, and went for a night walk, wanted to go back bunk sleep but the medics don't allow, so went to change and powder bathe and sleep.
Woke up like 12+ because my back was hurting due to the ground, and SGT came in to lie down and chit-chatted with me because my buddy went for sentry duty.
Around 1+ my SGT zhao le, continue my sleep.

Aug 23

Woke up early, and slowly do my stuff because I still had some time, but suddenly my SGT changed the initial RO again, so people were late, but luckily only fuck awhile, adn went back to take down our tent, eat and camo up.
Fall in and learn the rest of the stuff, draw card, walk and observe trails, and watching people do stuff.
Then we had our lunch from the cookhouse, and those who finished the whole Fieldcamp went back 1st, those who hadn't had a special things to do to accomodate to us for whatever they had learn, so had to stay back and complete the course.
Finished everything, went back to shit and clean riffle and what-ever there is to clean, then clean up abit, went for dinner. Finish with a smoke and unpacking of stuff, went to LT slack abit and went to return riffle, follow by RO, Bathe and Sleep.

(On the 22 Aug after breakfast until 23 Aug before the cookhouse lunch, I only had 1/4 of the combat ration, and 3 slice of biscuit, so from 22 6am to 23 1pm I only had 3 breads, 1 egg, 1 hot dog, 1/4 ration, 3 biscuit)
(On the 22 night I already wants to shit, but the place for shitting at that place is, CMI, so I LUN all the way until 23 5+pm before going back to bombard the whole toilet bowl, it sucks.)
(Didn't smoke at all on 22 Aug, and 1 in the morning and 2 in the night on 23 Aug.)
[Really is record holding for myself due to the stupid, and I really mean STUPID Fieldcamp]

24 Aug

Wake up as per normal, went to take riffle, Breakfast, smoke and rest abit, went for the AC, and change to long 4 before going to the LT to listen to the grenade throwing thing.
There after we went for lunch and went to the grenade throwing area, chat abit while waiting for the rest to complete their drills, and went to do mine.
PK with my bunk mate but I lost, so I surrender 1 cigg to him, then Louis went to versus our captain, he won by abit on the 1st throw (According to him), but on the 2nd throw Louis lost hands down to our captain. =D
Finish with dummy throwing we went back for dinner, then they had their 2nd throw, and we statuses as their pick up boy.
So while we were playing around, I was hit on my Shin, and I fell to the ground after 2-3 step back, PAIN LIKE W T F ONLY. Then rest abit, went to smoke and have our RO, go back do stuff and sleep.

25 Aug

Per normal, Combat Fit people get their riffles, then I become their Advance party, went to do Sai Kang to set up the whole place for them to throw real grenade.
*Set up a water point and had my drinks there, nice siol*
Anyway after that, we got the chance to go back company, so declare and went back. Was quite frustrated in the 1st place because alot of things cock up, but luckily, things are solved pretty quickly, and I went to bathe and stuff, and went to the company orom to rest while listening to Daryl and Gofry playing the guitar, they are good.
Awhile later the 1st batch of thrower came back, and around 3 everyone's back. Had to change to Smart 4 and went to the I Don't Know what place to take our platoon picture. With a relaxing day again, went for dinner, and initially we got to go LT to do stuff, but the LT room for no reason it cannot be open, so we skipped and went for RO straight, and sing Bday song for Louis because 26 is his bday.
After that we had a long long OTOT time, so went to the company room to watch "On The Fringe" and bathe and sleep.

26 Aug

Nothing much on this day, we learn how to do Guard Duty, follow by a lot of area cleaning and getting scold, then had our RO and went to pack stuff, and I went to the company room to watch the show again.
There after pack a bit more, went to sleep.

27 Aug

Woke up in the morning and went for breakfast, then follow by a series of rushing here and there, and took the ferry and bus to SDC.
Then we had a morning "Walk and Talk" inside it, fucking bored anyway, then waited for cab and BOOK OUT!


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