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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This 1 coco gave de ..
i kope 2 Lol =p and 1 is like forever on my hand =.=
although its not nice =.=

Story Time

Well .. woke up in de morning .. fooking shag =.=
then Sean msg mi .. ask mi to help reiner buy 4D .. kaoz =.=
than at last i drag myself to sch luh =D
hahaa .. reach le .. played psp all de way lor .. lol =X
then faci start lessn le jiu stop .. then was quite stupid day seriously ..
my teammates are like living in their own world ..
mi and another guy like so =.=" suan le ..
then 1230 like that i went down to library cuz they say got FYP meeting ..
wait till 115 still no ppl come =.=" wth ~ suan le .. then jiu went back lor ..
after that go over lot 1 .. hlp Reiner get number ..
Lol .. then buy curry puff =.=
jiu went home le .. watch Tv, eat, then keep watching until like 5 like that ?
then went out to Bball court .. shoot shoot chat chat abit ..
jiu went back le .. reach home .. bathe ..
then online .. played psp bla blah =.= no ppl online for dota =.= WTh !
then wait till like 930 then at last played dota lor ..
play until 1130 like that .. then see FB some stuffs ..
jiu come blog le .. 难得 Tmr i had nth on ..
cuz they nv told mi got FYP meeting or wadever shit ~
so i can slp late today le =) 爽!


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Monday, June 29, 2009

1st pic - This angle pic not bad =D
2nd pic - my short hair T_T Dunoe why that auntie cut until so short, zzz.
3rd pic - BB's de SLOPE! Lol =p

Story Time

okay, woke up in de morning, damn sleepy siol ==
after tat preapre le, went to fetch minyi, jiu went to worok le lor ..
today mah, more tiring then ytd =.= haish ~
but lucky minyi, easier, hahaa ..
so after work, went to tiong bahru walk walk lor ..
then drink bubble tea ..after that went back lot 1 le ..
wait for them while psp-ing ..then reach le .. we jiu went to eat LJS lor ..
eaten le .. then jiu went to cut hair lor ..
after that done le . (that's how de above pic came abt)
then jiu went home .. bathe .. online .. play psp . but since no dota .
went off to nap abit lor ..
now woke up le .. jiu blog .. later going to watch TV
then play dota ba .. lol .. then slp =p so Ta-Da!


Tagged By Sean, anyway whoever read it can do, whoever doesn't want, its okay. :D

Peoples to sabotage :D hahaha good luck :D
1.Adeline :D
2.Chua :D
3.Eening :D
4.Huiting :D
5.Liyong :D
6.Mingyang :D
7.Minyi :D
8.Qianwen :D
9.Sean :D
10.Simon :D
11.Simpson :D
12.Xavier :D
13.Weijie :D
14.Yongchang :D
(According to alphabetical orders.)

How did you get to meet 7? (Minyi)
-Through Ade, Turtle gang.

What would you do if you and 13 never met? (Weijie)
-If we never met, I tell you.

What would you do if 1 and 12 date? (Ade, Xavier)
-No worries, impossible.

Have you ever seen 14 cry? (Yongchang)

Would 4 and 11 be a good couple?(Huiting, Simpson)
-Nope, totally don't think so.

Do you think 11 is attractive? (Simpson)
-Okay, not my type though.

What's 2's favourite colour? (Chua)
-Tell you again next time.

When was the last time you talked to 9? (Sean)
-Yesterday luh, in Msn somemore.

What language does 8 speak? (Qianwen)
-Chi,Eng,Malay,Thai,Indian. Lame! The 1st 2 lang.

Who is 13 going out with? (WEijie)
-No 1, yes got! The Army.

What grade is 12 in? (Xavier)

Would you ever date with 10? (Simon)
-Yes, in dota definitely.

Where does 5 lives? (Liyong)
-Chua Chu Kang. =D

What's the best thing about 3? (Eening)
-Being a good "mama" who knows almost everything.

What would you want to tell 10 now? (Simon)

Whats the best thing about 8? (Qianwen)
-I don't know.

Have you ever kissed 5? (Liyong)
-I'm not sure, forgot le.

What was the best memory you have with 7? (Minyi)
-On phone with her I guess.

When's the last time you're going to see 6? (Mingyang)
-When he doesn't wants to see me anymore.

How is 14 and 12 different? (Yongchang, Xavier)
-Age, and 12 coach 14 bball.

Is 6 pretty? (Mingyang)

How did you meet 5? (Liyong)

Is 1 your best friend? (Adeline)
-Yea, in the "girls" Arena

Do you hate 12? (Xavier)

Have you seen 4 on the last month? (Huiting)
-Yea, just nice I think I met her in school.

When was the last time you said to 3? (Eening)
-I don't know.

Have you been to 5's house? (Liyong)

When's the next time you gonna see 10? (Simon)
-Maybe this Sat?

Are you close to 13? (Weijie)
-okay ba.

Have you ever been to a movie with 4 before? (Huiting)

Have you ever gotten into trouble with 8? (Qianwen)

Would you give 2 a hug? (Chua)
-Yes of course! Whoever I also gives.

When have you lied to 3? (Eening)
-How I know leh?

Is 1 good with socializing? (Ade)
-Yea, think so.

Do you know secrets about 9? (Sean)

Describe the relationship between 12 and 14. (Xavier,Yongchang)
-Coach and player, but most importantly, FRIENDS.

Best thing about your friendship with 9? (Sean)
-His my Gan DiDi lar. (Sayang) LOL!

What's the worst thing about 6? (Mingyang)
-Guess it yourself.

Have you ever had a crush on 12? (Xavier)
-Yep, that's why we are like that. LOL!

Does 14 has a girlfriend or boyfriend? (Yongchang)
-Don't think so, or maybe...

Have you ever wanted to punch 1's face? (Ade)

Has 2 met your mother? (Chua)
-I forgot le.

How did you get to meet 3? (Eening)
-Through Ade too.

Did you ever physically hurt 3? (Eening)

Do you live close to 7? (Minyi)
-Clementi and ChuaChuKang near mah?

What's 8's favourite food? (Qianwen)
-Can't answer you.

What kind of car does 1 has? (Eening)
-Haven't yet.

Have you travelled anywhere with 9 before? (Sean)
-Other country no, SG yes.

If you give 14 $100, what will he/she spend it on? (Yongchang)
-He will buy whatever he wants.


Why we can be so un-close?
Whatever he told you to do, you okay,
but whatever I told you to do,
you ponder on it even if it's just a VERY simple things.
You can ask him so much, yet you can't ask me anything.
I'm always the 1 to light the matches, can't you be the one?
What do your treat me as?
1) A close friend?
2) A friend who walks away also doesn't mean a thing to you?
3) Not even a friend?
Am I that detestable?
Am I such a bad friend that you can't be closed with?
Am I such a person that whatever I did means nothing to you?
I know you have a choice, but is this what you want?
Is it because of a few age different you are like this?
Or is it because of what?
Although I think this way, but I'm trying not to think about it
because I got it once before.

I really cannot force thing man,
what's not mine is always not mine? I don't need it to be mine,
I just want a different attitude from him towards me.


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Sunday, June 28, 2009

I really like this type of pic sia
Shows the thing Teamwork

Story Time

Everyone is gonna start sch nxt week le !!! lol =X
Today Sunday .. woke up early in de morning ..
then went over to tiong bahru .. then met minyi le .. jiu went to work lor ..
Lol ~ She 可怜 .. worked in the harder station =.="
and no body teach her sia =.= lol =X
anyway work work .. then after that 12 jiu chit-chat .. then went off lor ..
took wrong bus .. =.- then went over to Raffles there ..
then MRT back .. reach home .. jiu bathe and online lor ..
then dota again .. after that went to nap abit .. like 15mins? =.=
anyway after that went out to meet ly and my ..
then went to lot 1 find BB .. intially wanna cut hair .
budden too much ppl =.= well ~ so nvm ..
than mi and yang went to lot 1 1st
while ly and bb cut hair ..
after that we went to top area than saw alot of ppl dancing =.= Lol
then ly and bb came le ..
oh well .. nvm ~ after that went to eat LJS lor ..
then abit later jiu went to LB .. then took BB de psp lor ..
cuz his psp repair mah .. then xiu hao le ..
jiu went to court .. then ly and my brught dog down lor ..
after tat chat and play dog and bball abit .. jiu went home le ..
reach home .. bathe le ..
jiu watch tv and play comp .. then dota around budden ended soon =.=
so cont. watch tv .. then now come over blog lor .. Lol
buaiz ~ Tmr got work again ..
If tmr not tired wanna talk feeling le


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Saturday, June 27, 2009

这才叫做 T.E.A.M

Story Time

woke up in de morning due to some arshhole called mi =.=
then after that another person sms mi =.= wah piang .
then woke up le .. prepare blah blah .. den went down le ..
went to eat .. then lata abit rain =.= so slack @ Void deck ..
after that no rain le .. take water brusher and newspaper ..
make de flr dry lor .. lol =x tats where de pic above came freom =D
after that they train train play match blah blah Lol =X
then keep playing until like 3+? then went ot LB to eat ..
after eaten le .. jiu went to ABC buy drink .. chatted abit ..
jiu went home le ..
reach home .. bathe .. then online .. FB abit .. now come blog while waiting ..
for dota Lol =X
Maybe later post again .. but if never ..
i can say that .. later is dinner + dota .. maybe going lot 1 for awhile ..
see how it goes >< lol =p


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looks sad >< Lol =p

Story Time

Fri woke up late ba =.= 12+ i tink .. too tired le lar =.=
woke up le .. jiu FB Abit .. then after that went out to LB to check things ..
then after that went over to Ly's hse to play psp =.=
then went home to rest and prepare abit .. jiu went out to meet the rest le ..
after that went to cck mrt .. TMD Damn alot ppl =.= then we split group Lol =X
then met @ Woodland le .. jiu went over to RP .. and eat Lol =x
after that jiu starter bball games lor ..
then awhile later i sprain my leg ~ Yay !!! ><"
jussst sian only .. after that jiu shi talk cock with simp lor ..
after that everyone done le .. the nwent over to civic centre to chat ..
then wait for the rest came .. they eat .. then after that 11+ 12 jiu went home le ..
reach hoem le .. bathe .. then they online le .. jiu dota =.=
after that jiu slp le


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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Think positively

Story Time

Thurs quite a simple yet SHAG day Lol =p
morning woke up le .. then went to sch as per normal ..
was doing sales =.= Zzz ..
SUI stuffs just sucks okay .. forget it ..
then alot of cought fever running around Lol !! H1N1 is getting fiercer =[
after that half time liao i went off .. lol !!
went to find SU for FYP .. then after that James called ..
so went to find them .. then that unholy basket told us why we lated =.=
FK him lar .. we arent late lor .. TMD .. anyway he TCSSPM liao ..
then james go back lesson . mi and su did abit . then went to eat .
then went lot 1 find them .. abit jiu went home .. preapre le ..
jiu went out to work =.=
now i really understand the 日短夜长 man .. 4hrs of nite = 8hrs in de mornig =.=
but not for gaming =.= FK ! >< Lol =X
working was kinda fun =D Lol .. but shag =.= the timing is slow lar ..
anyway after work le .. went back .. then find Sean they all ..
then wait for simp .. then we eat "supper"
after that jiu go home le .. reach home .. bathe ..
dota a game .. then slp le ..


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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How true this is



Story Time

Okay, woke up in de morning, then went down le, but like raining raining like that ..
so went to get food le, then wait for bb and sean lor ..
then they reach le .. slowly others came too ..
so after that was training BB .. then after that we played match ..
doen le jiu chit-chat abit .. then went to eat ..
eaten le .. after that jiu went home .. reach home jiu bathe ..
then after that dota ..
then JJ jio us go watch trasnformer, but damn full ~ So didnt go @ the end ..
zzz =.= then after some discussion .. went to nap lor
woke up le .. have dinner .. then online played psp ><
then played dota .. aftre that jiu slp le ..
The feelign of having bunch of friends
but non can help/acc you in times of need sucks man =.=

Do you always need to accustom to others and not others
accustom to you?

Both the sentnece on top is for mi


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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Today woke up in de morning, then prepare le .. jiu went to sch lor ..
then reach class, found out i 1 perosn .. then since i gonna go ..
i keep myself solo luh ~ Dun wan waste other ppl time mah ..
after that done with all my stuffs le .. jiu went off ..
then go find them ~ Training ended .. then we went to eat @ Mac ..
eaten le jiu went home lor ..
reach home .. dota a game .. then jiu prepare le .
then my dad fetch mi to lot 1 .. meet sean .. then go over Furaa .
then ben lai got work ~ Due to SEan being UNDERAGE Lol =X
he cant work le lor >< then i went off with him luh ..
if not like very bad like that =.= ask him 大老远跑来 ..
then we went dunoe which place .. shop around .. drink the soy bean =.=
damn thick >< after that went to lot 1 roof garden chat chat ..
then go find the others le .. then went over 302 to eat ..
chatted le .. jiu went home ..
bathe le .. chatted with my dad .. then come online blog lor ..
later should be going dota then slp ba =.=
TIred 3 days man ><" Lol =X
Who wanna work with mi?



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Monday, June 22, 2009

Today woke up 9+ .. prepare le go down find them
then BY teaching them Defense =D then help along =)
after that they train train ~ Then i was like asking ppl to help mi sia ..
cuz YC stuffs mah =.= then no 1 wanna help
weii, 你们大家不够朋友啦 .. but luckily Sean say okay @ the end . PHEW!
after that went over LB to eat . then eaten le jiu go play ABC and Bullet ..
then i lose mah .. so treat them drink lor .. anyway LY Lost his hse key ..
then he become the "Homeless Dog" .. Lol =X
funny lar .. after that chatted abit more .. Ly went over My hse ..
cuz he cant go home .. then the rest of us go back lor ..
reach home .. bathe .. then dota .. after that jiu played psp =.=
anyway quite late Lol =X then trying to book chalet but haven yet ..
then sImP came .. pass him cable .. watch TV .. then now online le ..
come surf net and blog yi xia =X later should be going dota ba ..
Tmr needa go work le lar =.= abit worried ..
心理觉得怪怪的 .. 这么办? =.=" but 算了, must be independent!

Was thinking of opening a blogshop sia
Anyone wanna join up LOL!!!!


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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday, woke up due to my mum sms ..
forgot le .. anyway .. woke up le .. online ~ did some stuffs ..
then YC shock mi sia =.= say he cant go work lol =X then i think
he pursuade his parent le ba ..
then play dota le lor .. after that continue doing my report ..
abt 5+ 6 like that went out to meet my ly .. then went over lot 1 ..
to find bb and yc .. then ate KFC .. lol =X eaten le walk walk around ..
cuz i seeing something mah .. after that discuss some stuffs ..
jiu went back bring dog for a dog gathering .. no pics =.= Lol =X
but a tiring day ~
and wads funny is that Sasha run off when ly accidentally drop the latches ..
and the sight of yc and ly catching Sasha is CUTE LOL =X
anyway had a good laugh .. then sit @ court chatted .. jiu went home le ..
reach home .. bathe .. then watch tv and msn .. then jiu went slp le ..


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Saturday, June 20, 2009

woke up @ 9+ 10 like that .. then preapre le ..
jiu went down find them le lor .. then my mum called mi and tell mi abt work ..
half-heartedly accepted ><
after that train train match match ~ then done le .. chatted abit ..
ask if anyone wanna do lor .. at the end heng got YC who willing ..
jiu went LB to eat .. hoho .. eaten le .. jiu went home le i think =)
reach home .. then after that jiu went to Ryan hse >< To do my report ..
do do do .. =.=" zz ~ abt 7 then left his hse >< Lol =X
then reach home .. bathe le .. jiu get rdy for dota .. play play ..
then abt 12+ 1+ like that went to slp i think >< Lol =X
Simple shag day =p


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Friday, June 19, 2009

Faster post, forgetting le =.=
lets see, woke up LATE i think Lol =X cuz nth special on mah .. hehee
then after that Dota and psp lor .. after that do spring cleaning my comp table =)
cuz letting my dad use the old lappy ..
after that done le .. bathe .. rush out meet my ly les yc ..
then go over find bb sean ryan
then mrt to my sch .. eat and chat and psp .. until 5+ went to court ..
sit there .. then later got court le .. didnt really train lar ..
but seriously .. they Improve =)
anyway ~ played match all the way .. shcak ah ! ><
after that lights off le .. jiu went over to mac ..
mi wj simp coco outside chatting while the rest inside eating ..
after that chat till like 12+ ? went home lor ..
then continue clean abit .. hlp my dad set up de comp blah blah ..
then stayed up until 4+ zai slp >< Tired !


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Thursday, June 18, 2009

another no picture again
Today leh, woke up early .. then after tha tprepare le ..
proceed to YTM .. then play psp awhile .. jiu started my PP report
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz stress dao ~~ Dunoe why this time harder then rpevious de =.=
haish .. den after that met BY and JJ @ Lot .. intially wannted their help
but they dun do report either .. so well ~ Nvm .. then @ Mac slack lor =.=
after that go back le .. chat msn abit .. jiu went down court ..
then sit there do nth =.= all the way until 7 like that .
acc them to lb and eat .. then went abc get dirnk le ..
jiu went home .. bathe .. then online ..
jiu dota all the way until now lor ..
sian ~ toally lose =.= dunoe why .. haish =.=
now psp then blog .. lata eat and anime again
gonna be pig man T_T


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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

No pictures le =.= lol
okay, wed woke up early, then went down to see them lor ..
after that play psp .. abt 11+ went back .. bathe and stuffs ..
then prepare le gave them a bottle of water .. my dad came le jiu go to sch le ..
found su le .. su heng came oso .. then chat chat .. discuss =.=
then after that 3 le wnet over find them .. then had lunch ..
then went to take UT .. done le .. jiu go back with them lor ..
sO HOT !!!!!!!!
after tat go home le .. went to bathe .. then played psp ..
after that dota lor .. Lol =X simple day lar =.=
dota ended jiu watch anime and eat then slp


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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My newest didi =D

Story Time

Okay, woke up in the morning again, then was thinking wanna go sch mah
but heck, get back to slp again .. after that woke up le jiu use comp abit,
cuz they change timing, then went down find BY tlka talk le .. JJ came
then Ly come le .. jiu went to shoot shoot .. then they train lor ..
after that train train blah blah blah blah ~ then chatted abit .. play match
they play i was on PSP .. then Sean and Bb came my hse ..
do the psp update .. after that they went off le .. jiu bathe then psp abit ..
then went out meet BY they all .. after that went to lot 1 walk abit ..
met BB go over CWP .. then i wait for sEna .. he come le ..
with the cutest handsome ryan == then went up to watch
"Drag me to hell" .. horror movie wor .. but i was lughing ==
cuz the "kids" beside mi making mi lauff ~ but nvm lar ~ da jia gao xin jiu hao =D
ANyway ~ Its not quite a bad show actualy =d hahaa .. then after that ..
took bus to Timah .. depart with BY .. then went over to eat ..
eaten le .. jiu go pool abit .. then done le .. jiu went back lor ..
reach home .. bathe .. then eat and dota .. dota dota dota ==
until now end led come blog .. hmmmmmmm


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Monday, June 15, 2009

Done eating jiu shi needa t ake a pic

Story Time

today monday leh, stupid siol == lol =X
woke up @ 8+, then went down to see them .. after that done le ..
they went to eat mac ~ then went wo de hse awhile .. jiu went over BB hse le ..
then played a game of dota for SEan to see .. after that ly came le ..
soon after they left for tuition .. so i went home lor ..
then played psp while using comp awhile ~ Damn sian Lol =X
after that msg sEan blah blah ~ @ the end didnt go his hse lar ==
then use comp from like 4+ to 5+ .. went down to get something from NTUC
after that reach home le .. bathe and play psp lol =X
after tat jiu watch the 百万大歌星 .. after then msn abit ..
then watch anime ~ now done le come blog ~ dunoe got dota lata mah .. lol =X
wad a boring last day of school hols ..
well ~ Maybe put myself off for another 1 day? hahaa =X
Anyway Chances doesnt come by itself, u nid to grab hold of it ..
really think of making myself more useful after this week ..


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Sunday, June 14, 2009

I bet he doesnt know
that there is this picture in this world Lol =X

Story Time

Post for Sun.
Well, woke up @ 9+ .. then after that went back to slp and woke again @ 1230
lol ~ soon after jiu online lor, then play psp .. and watch GuinSaga and eat ..
after that jiu dota all the way till like 4 like that ..
then rest until now .. then go play psp until like 8?
then BB called and ask mi dota .. so play le .. then play play until 10+
do some FB farm town, after that go bathe .. transfer data ..
now come blog, going off to watch TV le ~ Bye


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Heck the teeth
look @ that piggy pig !
It's at BY hse =.=" Lol

Story Time

Post for Sat.
woke up then still very tired =.=
after that bai bai le .. jiu prepare then went out liao lor ..
reach there ~ then eat .. wait abit .. the rest came ..
after that started their training ~ then while playing match .. CS sprain ==
his wrist >< Haiyo ~ then after that .. chat chat and discuss le ..
jiu went over to LB to "drink" .. i didnt eat lol =X
then done le went home .. reach home le played dota abit ..
rest abit .. then bathe and prepare to go out ..
met yang and by @ badminton court le .. jiu go lot 1 find the rest ..
then take bus to BPP .. went to eat cafe Cartel .. but the queue was long ..
so walk awhile == zz
went in .. then buy things to eat lor ~ eat eat joke joke .. done le ..
jiu zhao >< Lol =X
after that went back to lot 1 .. find a corner .. sit and chatted abit ..
jiu went home le ..
reach home .. done le jiu started playing dota =.= Lol =X
man ~ FB kinda sian >< =p
then ply play .. now ended so come blog lor =.=" Lol
going off soon i suppose .. bye


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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kope from Remus Facebook Lol =X

Story Time

Friday neh ~ was like tired lar == but woke up like 11?
then after that play play abit le .. jiu went over to Ly hse Lol =X
to check something .. after that kena "attracted" to the tV >< ZZz
after hao le .. went out to lot 1 to meet BY ..
then he ate .. after that we walk walk ..
then went back le lor ..
reach home .. wanna dota de ~ then after that all say dun wan ..
just as i wan solo play .. they told mi to play ..
then all left after like 20+ mins .. Zzz ~
anyway after that game halfway .. Leslie came my hse mah ..
then prepare le .. jiu went out to meet the rest ..
then went over ot MRT .. on platform i scolded them ==
after that reach Admiralty le .. then play play lor ~
cuz go there training mah ~
after that coco came le .. les jiu went back == dumb
then train train .. bo tai bo ji im inside == haish ~
anyway after that sat down talk cock sing song ~ discuss ..
then went over to Mac eat .. then simp drove us back ..
reach home .. dota a game ~ dunoe why Yang so du lan playing older ver.
but nvm ~ after game end le watch anime jiu slp le ..


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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jusssst 2 person acting cool.

Story Time

Hmm, Forgot wad happen today Lol =X
in anycase, woke up le, then after that use comp abit ..
then went out to meet Sean cuz he doing belt mah ..
after that wait and chat, then ash came .. went to eat mac ..
then yang came .. after that go get his belt le ..
jiu everyboidy went back while i went Sean hse ..
go there .. then play play == after that discuss hao le ..
jiu decided to go QW ~ so after he change hao .. went to my hse for mi to prepare .
after that done le .. jiu go out meet the rest .. then went over to QW le .
reach there .. go to look for shirt and let ly Xchg his jersey ..
after that went over to some market place to eat ..
ate quite alot sia == Lol =x after that done le jiu take mrt back lor ..
on train discuss the team T-Shirt .. not bad Lol =X
after that reach home .. jiu dota .. then go slp le i think =.="


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Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Story Time

okay .. woke up @ like 10? cuz ashley msg mi == lol
after that went down find him .. he went to buy bubble tea ..
then after that ly bomb mi .. he didnt go eat lunch =.= lol
so after that ash came my hse .. then we watch miss swan ..
after watch le .. went down to lb mac .. then eat ..
my bomb mi . he didnt come >< lol =X
after that eaten le .. jiu went home lor ..
reach home .. rest abit .. FB .. then very sian keep using comp ..
then watch guin saga oso .. until like 6+? went to bathe ..
intailly got go QW de .. but ly too lazy hahaa =p
done le jiu started the normal evening routine Lol =x
found out Darius blocks mi in MSn =X Lol =X ZZZ Saded ..
sorry lar boss ..
anway after that play play le .. then msg reiner and sean ..
then after that play last game .. jiu come over MY hse ..
now @ MY hse making this post .. bye ~ Lol


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Monday, June 08, 2009

A hands-on I did,
took mi quite some time =X Lol =X

Story Time

Awww, back, morning woke up @ 10+ like htat ..
then use comp lor .. watch Tear to Tiara until epi 9
after that played a game or 2 of dota, then do some FB stuffs,
abt 510 went out to lot 1 and meet BY, then walk around,
go to roof garden chatted abit, jiu went down to KFC find them le ..
found them, bought food le, eat, then jiu chatted abit,
then went to pasar malam walk 1 round == jiu went back le ..
go court, sit down watch ppl play bball, then simp reac LB jiu go find him
go mac, he eat while mi and yc ate ice-cream .. after that he smoke le
we jiu went back lor .. reach court ..saw ying xian .. so chatted with him ..
until his fren came le .. he went off le .. i went home lor ..
reach home .. bathe . eat then dota .. now dota ended .. so come blog lor ..
later dunoe going do wad =.=" but i think wont be editing le ~ Hahaa
sleeping soon most probably .. bye


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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Laying back so relax Lol =X
No worries de peeps =p hahaa

Story Time

Today sunday, just woke up not long, 12+ woke up, get my food.
online jiu come blog, then see no 1 online == 难道 they went out without mi?
joking lar, anyway dota dota till 5+ ..
watch ToT 2 .. then slp ..
then woke up le .. went to lb to eat with yang .. bought things..
jiu come home .. bathe .. then dota LOOl =x
now ended le .. come blog .. going watch tv then slp
buaiz ~ simple >< and short hahaa
Oh yea, my number 5853 open 1st prize,
maybe i should start buying 4D with my mumber >< Lol


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Saturday, June 06, 2009


Story Time

nap le jiu woke up @ 10 >< wah lao, fking shag ==
then prepare prepare, jiu went down court, woot ~ Except JJ the rest all late =.=
Lol =X then slowly all came backk, started their taining lor . then train train
told them off, due to their conentraion and seriousness, thne BY came ..
cont. abit more, jiu rest and "debrief" .. after that went over LB to eat ..
done le .. jiu went home, intially wanna slp, but nvm ~ so dota abit ==
with eyes half close in the afternoon >< lol =X then play another game ..
then watch anime and msn abit .. jiu went down see Breakers vs XingBei ..
awhile later Ly oso came down with Sasha .. lol .. then after game Ly went off le .
i went to LB to eat with coco . then chat abit .
went home dota again . then after that msn abit . like 1+ jiu went to slp le ..


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Friday, June 05, 2009

Pricilla? Hahaa, Sean niece,
but my hp cam isnt that good during that day =.= dunoe why

Story Time

Woke up as per normal lor, after that was using comp and msg-ing mah
then everything done le, abt 3pm found out i tio cheated =.="
oh well, then went to slp, but cant get to slp, so went to watch TV,
cuz using comp very sian, then use abit more comp le, went down to find BY
talk to him abit, then went court le, saw leslie talking to them
then started their training, after that by talk to them le,
see them lian qiu lor =.= but they cant keep their concentration luh
then played a match until lights off, then went over LB le
after that all came my hse, except a few, then chit-chat and stuffs lor,
after Eunice went off, awhile later they started MJ.
then Sean and Bb oso go mah, then YC go off soon, then i take over YC
No Luck =.= oh well, after that about 3+ went over LBP
then chat chat drink drink lor =X then 6+ coco came my hse ..
shit hao le jiu went to interchange .. then i went home ..
did nth lar, eat watch tv .. then 8+ le really BTH
jiu went to nap


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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Written with a marker, stuck-ing inside whose heart,
to become a pro, what must you do?

Story Time

A simple and fun day i asuume ? =X
okay, woke up in the morning, use comp, then msg boon,
found out he got PS3, nxt time camp his hse le lar =D
then he didnt reply mi cuz i wanna go de ~ Damn him !
then i was hungry like dunoe wad lar =.= no breakfast no nth..
then went to slp. abt 3+ woke up, prepare abit,
sms abit, jiu went out, on the way saw Yang, so fated hahaa =D
then went over LB and met WJ, then eaten le, watch de 意难忘
wah seh ~ buey pai lar =.= then after that Bb called over, so went to find them
then go over yang hse, he prepared le, sean jimmy came
jiu went over CCKSC le.
Nice to meet you Jimmy
buy ticket, changed then went to pool ~ not bad lar ..
then after that went to wave top play =.= like kids like that >< Hahaa =p
tiring but fun ~ Then taught Alvin how to swim =.=
okay, at least he dare to make a little tiny bit of move ..
then after that Sean said his lens was gone too =.=
so ask the rest to come back .. then we find his lens,
lucky Boon foiund it Lol =X it almost reach an un-go-able place ><"
then went to swim abit more, jiu went to bathe and change
go over LB to eat. done le jiu went home le ..
reach home, bathe, then online dota Lol =X
until now, done with most stuffs, so come over to blog ~
bye all =D


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isnt this dog familiar? haha

Story Time

Okay, today woke up le, then msg msg, then use FB, then watch tv .. lol =X
after that went out for lunch. Went to Pizza hut ate, done le, jiu walk around.
Coco play de UFO catcher .. haha ~ he so heng, $1 catch dao le ..
after that walk around abit more more, jiu went off lioa lor ..
i went over to Sean hse, then played with his niece, then he do homework,
then abt 6 like that went off his hse lor .. took bus over,
then i went home prepare le, jiu walk over to LB get bubble tea,
then go over YTCC for bball le .. lol ..
(didnt met with BY anyway, oh well, see how tmr)
then bball abit, those Taiji uncle auntie came, so we went over Green court.
then go there, ownself play 1st, then play with others. haha
so long no excercise like that le, after that went to yew tee point to eat ..
tio cheated ><" oh well ~ eaten le .. went under void deck 回味往事
hahaa ~ Done le, jiu walk home..
reahc home le, bathe, then FB abit, jiu come blog le .. going slp man ~
tired ~ Buaiz


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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

so messy, needa clean up soon

Story Time

woke up in the early morning, intially wanna do work de,
but my lappy the wireless got problem =.=
so up until the end didnt do ~ Zzz =X
after that went to nap, then went over to Sean hse, then chated abit,
cab to CCKSC de gyme le, find HW and JJ, then do do,
after that went to court there talk talk talk .
then went home prepare abit, went over to CCKSC again, to swim Lol =X
taught yang / sean and Yc liao .. then play around, then after that went back.
tired siol =.=
then acc yang go LB to eat, get some stuffs, then talk team with him Lol =X
after that went home le.
bathe, jiu dota, done le, went to watch TV and eat
now ended so come blog, should be sleeping soon, buaiz


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Monday, June 01, 2009

The kids smile are always so 天真和谐

Story Time

Woke up in the morning, cuz of a few msg =.= then after that online use comp ..
play play abit .. then abit quarrel with sEan, but nvm lar =.=" Lol =X
nv go out nia .. anyway after that went to nap awhile but fail,
so online play dota .. then now done le, come here blog,
after dota leh, nth much mah, so i think abt 4+, went down court lor Lol =X
then play abit, then chatted abit, then after that 6+ went home le,
bathe, then played dota, then eat and watch TV.
after that dota again Lol =X budden a bad game i would say,
then after dota, msn chit-chat and stuffs lor ~ Lol =X
i guess it should be it lor hahaa =X Buaiz


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