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Thursday, December 31, 2009

So fast 31st December le T_T
Don't know why, suddenly find that time pass really very fast,
especially the fact that I still remembered what happened 2 years back,
and 1 year back on the same date.
Well, will 2010 be a better year for me? Or a lousier year?
Don't had much anticipation for the future, because I don't know how dark it would be.
Let's pray hard, that it will be a better year,
but of course, not only should I pray, I should do something about it too.

Uh huh ~ Today woke up in the morning le
after that comp abit ~ then went over to meet them lor ..
then went over to NTUC to purchase food and shun bian wait for the rest Lol =X
done purchasing ~ went over to 302 to eat =D
eaten le .. jiu went home .. dota abit LOL =p
then started preparing food liao ..
then do do do =="
after done ~ went over to Eunice hse lor ..
then help out to do the foods also ~
after everything done le jiu everyone eat tgt lor ~ budden dunno why abit jiu full le
anyway after that watch tv abit .. they started MJ-ing
then paly play awhile le .. coco and mi went down lor ..
then went home get psp .. jiu went back le ..
then countdown ~ done le ..
jiu preapre .. then left her hse le .. lol =X
after that went over to 302 to eat lor ..
eaten le .. jiu chat abit .. then went home le ..
reach home bathe .. now come blog =D hehe


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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hmmmm ~ well ~ today not that bad ? not sure either ..
woke up then watch tv blah blah ~ cuz internet still sucks =.="
then after that called Singtel le and stuff ~ they said technician coming ..
then sian diao =.= so @ the end didnt go Sean hse .. arghh ~
miss diao Ryan didi again =<
anyway after that the person came le .. do do =.=
internet hao le .. then he left .. internet jiu down liao WTF !
then i pluck in pluck out try this try that ~
@ the end must destroy everybodys internet then can use mine LOL! =X
sua ~ then played abit of dota le ..
jiu went over yew tee to meet with long lost fren =.- wtf .. not so old plz =.=
went to meet Vin Tan / Chua / SH =D
then chit-chat dinner .. just a talk cock sing song session =D
then until abt 11+ then went hoem le lor ..
reach home .. dota and FB .. now come post .. going slp soon maybe ?
im hungry T_T


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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lets go to tuesday Lol =X

wEll .. woke up liao ..
jiu relac relac get rdy ..
then go down wati for the rest lor ..
after that went over to lot 1 to meet up liao ..
jiu go over to woodland .. then purchase ticket for the movie AntC2
wah .. Sean de swollen really very jia lat =.0 Lol =X ke lian him .. sayang ..
btw ~ The cutie is there oso =.= LOL!!!!! And eunice told mi its a suporise =X
anyway ~ purchase le .. jiu eat there .. after that went over arcade to play abit ..
then go down to purchase tidbites .. =X then went to watch le ..
i find it not bad lar =D but ly say not tat nice .. lol ;p
budden okay lar ~ i just find that they are really fucking cute can =.=
tink im gonna go purchase their plushe =D hahahaha !
after movie .. went back .. preapre le ..
jiu wetn down for bball ~ woot ~ very long no play ..
then cheong cheong play paly .. after that chit-chat le ..
jiu went home lor .. reach home .. bathe and stuff ..
then watch tv cuz cant use comp T_T then slp


Woah =.=" Worst i think .. monday Lol =X
let me see .. beside staying @ home .. I did nth else pratically .. =D


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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday is actually quite a simple day i think =X hahaa =X
nth much actually ..
after celebration from Sat ..
jiu woke up .. then comp abit ~ then went back to slp ~
after that no ppl can jio go out dinner mah =X
so solo go eat dinner le ..
then jiu went home .. comp and psp lor .. then slp ..
Eunice Bday cake Lol


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Wake up damn early can =.= Lol ..
then PSP abit .. bathe .. preapre le ..
jiu went down lor .. then wait for the rest ..
after that wnet over to woodland .. go over the nwe open foodcourt to eat ..
heng still got some old stalls there =D Lol =X
eaten le .. went to buy drinks and stuff ..
then took bus le ..
reach ard Marine Parade .. walk over to ECP lor ..
then wetn ther ~ Found a place le .. juz as we wanna fly kite .. it rain =.=
sigh ~ so took shelter @ arcade .. play some old schools yet fun game =D
then after tat went over to play pool? hahaa =X actually is see them play lar ..
after that me / coco / BY .. went over to a market ..
then find a cake shop for Eunice lor .. to buy her panda / kaya cake shown on top =D
after that bring back .. give her suprise .. hope she likes it ..
after that aSk JJ pass her present hohoho =D
doned with that .. walk abit more .. then jiu went over to the steamboat shop ..
near Mac de .. wah kaoz =.= attitude problem leh the sales person =.=
cant we open 3 table side by side ~ Cmon lar =.=" damn it lor ..
anyway after that we open 2 table somewhat far apart =.=
then eat eat joke joke .. after that eaten le ..
since theres no rain ~ went to the beach to joke around lor .
then wanna fly the kite ~ but fail since there's no wind ~
hahaa .. so abt 11 went off .. "clean" up abit ..
jiu cab to LB and buy drinks .. then went home le =D
reach home liao jiu online do stuff ~ then FB abit .. then come blog ~
going watch tv later ~ then slp T_T


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Friday, December 25, 2009


Used comp after waking up lol =X
after that went to meet BY / JJ / Eunice ..
then went over to lot 1 to eat lor ..
eaten le .. walk around .. then went back ..
intially wanna go WJ hse .. budden rain ..
so went home .. and saw ly too =x Lol ..
then after that go home comp abit .. jiu ornorn le ><"
woke up le .. see still got rain ~ so used comp lor ..
then went down around 730 ..
then sit there do nth lar seriously .. was having flu zzz =.="
then went NTUC buy orange lol =X
anyway after taht lights off le .. went over to mac to have dinner ..
then chatted abit .. jiu went home le ..
reach home .. comp and tv .. then slp

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woke up really damn early in the morning ..
then prepare le .. jiu went out .. to wait for jon / yc / ly
then took my dad's cab to buangkok there ..
then take flyers and go distribute ..
halfway thru it rain =.= but we cant go.. hahaa =X
nvm ~ abit more and we are done to go back ..
reach back ~ only LY was there .. so waited with him ..
then chit-chat blah blah
then took mrt home le .. bathe and comp abit ..
went to slp ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
woke up again .. then went down to court since they say playing ball ..
but i didnt play once again =< Lol =X
after that lights off .. chatted afor awhile more .. and off i went home ..
reach home .. bathe and stuff .. comp comp comp =p


haahaha ~ woke up kinda early oso ..
then went back to slp cuz its raining ..
tthen comp abit after i wake up le ..
jiu went over to marsiling there to puchase the kites ..
after that went to coco hse to take something ..
then solo go home lor ~
reach home le .. comp comp comp ~
after that went down le .. come back again to comp ~
then go down to chit - chat ..
then go over mac to eat ice cream ..
then went back home to comp again =.=" LOL!

Should be starting works @ my mum palce again nxt week T_T


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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


after awoke .. preapre le .. went down ..
then ash called out to me .. then he acc mi lor .
went lot 1 to xfer money to coco .. for eunice present
after that done le .. jiu went home liao ..
cuz MY told mi lunch cancelled .. and nobody wanna eat le i tink .. lol
so .. reach home .. slp ..
woke up 5+ .. go court ..
then see see and stuff lor =.=
after that jiu went home and bathe and eat ..
then comp .. then after that anime and stuff ..
then went to slp ..


today wake up le .. anime adn eaten liao ..
jiu preapre and went to meet jon / ly / yc le ..
then went over buangkok =.= piang ~ so far can =.="
anyway .. the price is damn EX .. 2bucks for a trip ZZZZZZZ
anyway reach there le .. listen breifing blah blah =.= time wasting liao ..
then took train back ..
went to lot 1 .. go delifrance to eat ..
Thanks LY for the voucher =D
after that went court and have fun =.= juz joke around since ball and flr wet ..
then went home le ..
reach home bathe and come and FB .. now come blog ..
lata maybe dota abit then slp le ..
tmr needa wake up early =.=


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Sunday, December 20, 2009


woke up in the morning .. see that it rain =.=
then comp abit .. after that went to eat lunch lor ..
eaten le .. chat abit .. then went home le ..
after that used comp blah blah ~
then go over MY hse to waste time oso ..
after that went home to take things .. they had game @ 5+ ..
took liao .. went back court to see them lor ..
then warm up blah blah .. then started ..
QR they all only got 5 ppl =.="
suan le .. then play play ..
at last .. JR WON =D
after that everyone rush back ..
then mi ash and by chatted abit more ..
then went home .. preapre le .
went over to ion .. after that go find a jap place to eat ..
eat eat eat .. eaten le .. then went to walk abit .. went to take photo blah blah ..
then since its getting late .. we all went home liao lor ..
reach home .. comp adn stuff .. then slp ..
Needa say sorry to Turtle gang
I would go for the dinner if their game start as per normal .. 3pm ..
budden due to rain ~ they started @ 5+ .. so by the time I ended ..
its too late le ..


Was @ home the whole day =.=
mornin woke up .. comp abit ..
then went out cuz meeting my they all @ lot 1 ..
then tio bomb =.= so went home and comp and nap
then used comp all the way till night?
I totally forget how i pass my sunday =.=
i only rmb @ nite went to meet up with my / ly / yc ..
then went to walk dog and chit chat =.=
and home .. and comp
TATS IT ! ><
Simp is angry with me, but so long pass liao leh ..
still angry meh =.="


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Friday, December 18, 2009

Woke up in the morning ..
after that used comp abit le ..
then went out to meet BY to have lunch .. since noppl coming oso =.= LOL =X
REJECTED ~ then eaten le .. jiu went home liao =.="
reach home .. used comp again ..
then go play Bball ~
Then JJ injured himself =.="
Take care eh
after that the oldies went to eat ..
eaten le jiu went back chat and play abit more ..
then coco and simp went off le ..
i went to mac to find them .. then chat abit more ..
jiu went home le ..


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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sian leh ~ its like i cant dun do wad i dun like =.=
haish suan le ..
today wake up le .. then surf net .. msg msg ..
used comp .. then after that simp say mj .. i reject ..
then they say go watch movie .. intially okay ..
then last min sean they all say got bball .. so i went to bball and miss movie lor ..
cuz their game coming mah ..
then comp abit more .. then someone say something very wad lor T_T =.=
then went down lor .. after that i didnt play lar ..
watch them play .. then rain =.= so sit down chit chat ..
after that stop le .. they pla abit more .. then some went home le lor ..
then after give advice to sean le i went home liao .. reach home ..
bathe and eat .. then dota .. now come blog lor ..
lata should be going to watch tv ba .. buaiz


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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I wanted to ask, if having liabilities is a good motivation to start working?
I remembered last time I work, I did had a goals to target, but now I don't.
So how am I supposed to get the motivation to work.

This is a good quote for everyone.
To accomplish any goals, you need a dream.
You need to see youself making it happen.
But it goes beyond the idea and the vision.
You have to do your homework,
put your goals into writing,
plan your steps
take them one at a time.

okay okay back back
lets see ~ morning woke up ..
used comp .. then after that i forgot do wad le =.=
got serious STM ..
then went down to court .. than ball abit le ..
reach home bathe and eat .. then went over to WJ hse to MJ .. lol =X
after that done le .. go home .. then go out again ..
went to teck whye to eat .. then eaten le ..
went over kranji damp .. but rain ..
so went over to yishun de .. then awhile lata rain again =.=
then went home le .. Lol


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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Today leh ~ woke up like 9+ agian .. then watch tv and used comp ..
then 11 my dad fetch mi to meet sean and reiner ..
then go into twss to walk walk LoL =X no lar ~ sean went to buy books ..
i juz go in Xplore the 2nd time =)
after tat done le .. went to lot 1 since reiner wanna get stuff ..
bought le .. jiu went home .. tv ..
then met the rest .. go over to QW again =)
reach there ~ ate liao .. then walk aroudn to look for shoes lor ..
@ the end all bought the same shoe .. Lol =X it looks more like an outing shoe .
after taht done le .. chatted abit .. jiu went back liao ..
reach home .. went to nap due to rain ..
then @ the end sdidnt stop much mah ~ so went on to slp ..
woke up le .. comp and ate dinner .. bathe .. now come blog ..
see lata do wad again ..


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Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday ~ woke up in de freaking morning =.=
then watch tv le .. prepare .. jiu went to meet teh rest ..
after tat went to TopOne KTV with manke/Yy/Sw/Sean/Wilson
reach there .. sing sing sing joke joke lor ..
then until like 4+ i BTH liao =.= too hungry + sing very long + troat not okay yet ..
then abt 6 liddat left there .. then after that went over to bugis junction to eat ..
eaten le .. jiu took mrt back le ~ then reach home .. bathe and stuff
comp abit .. jiu went to nap ..
then after that 2+ wake up .. found that show didnt do =.= fk =.=
went back to slp again


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Sunday, December 13, 2009

As i post is abt 4 ..
woke up in de morning .. the watch anime and have breakfast ..
after that jiu used comp ah ~ all those ..
then after tat jiu dota until now lor ..
then went to nap ~ blah blah ~ then woke up le .
jiu eat dinner .. then didnt play oso ba i think Lol =X
just used comp nia lor =.= after that 9+ acc simp go 302 to eat ..
eaten le jiu chatted ~ and went under my block to chat again Lol
until now come back ~ then come post ..


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Saturday, December 12, 2009


hoho ~ friday leh ~ woke up in de morning ..
then used comp lor .. then used used ~ i tink went to nap abit ..
after that went down to buy a drink .. then go over eunice hse to discuss ..
after that went to court and wait for the rest .. then play abit nia ..
then waited for time to eat dinner lol =X
then go mac to eat lor .. eaten le .. jiu went home used comp blah blah ..
then watch tv @ 3am .. then went to slp .. Lol =X


woke up @ 10 liddat .. then watch tv .. then went down to court ..
to see them train and play .. after that they done le .. all jiu went home le lor ..
i tink la .. cuz i left earlier .. the nafter that go home bathe and stuff ..
watch tv .. then went to meet Ash and Ly .. then go lot 1 meet yc / bb / sean ..
then went over to queensway .. go there eat the curry chicken ~ lol ..
after that jiu shop around lor .. walk walk ~ @ the end AT last sean decide on a shoe
then try out liao .. no size . then he damn emo lar ~ lol =x
after that jiu went back le lor .. then reach cck .. no 1 wanna dinner mah ..
so went home lor .. bathe and used comp .. then cook maggie ..
after that acc wj and simp go mac .. then go over WJ hse to wati for the rest ..
then they play MJ lor .. play play .. abt 2+ 3+ went off ..
then go 7-11 get a drink .. jiu went home .. comp abit ..
jiu slp le ..


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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Let's talk about the day today.
Simply .. woke up liao ~ wash up ~ then went over Da Xiang hse ~
after that about 2+ went home lor ~
then comp abit ~ jiu Nap le ~
then continue to use comp lor ~
then 6+ met LY ~ go LB find YC / Nigel ~ then go WJ house
then they MJ lor ~ just watch them ~
until about 11+ then went home ~
reach home le ~ bathe ~ then eat ~ the chat ~ then facebook ~ the blog.
I hope my friends doesn't bluff me.
And be truthful infront of me, I don't think there's a need to bluff.

I really wants to know, I really don't mean anything to you guys?

I shall tell you guys why I so like to take others people pictures.
I mean my friends.
1 reason is simple enough, it's always being said by me, and it show on top.
Is that photograph is something that wouldn't chance, because it's a dynamic stuff.
It will only fade, which tells you that you had grown older.
You might grow with him/her, or you might not.
But some of them, are people who had stepped into your heart, makes you who you are.
And let you become this way.
2nd reason which I didn't say before, is because.
Only photograph of happy moment is capture within my camera.
I doesn't take much sad moment, especially if it's death and life apart.
The only sad moment I would take is when someone is going overseas.
Or the last memory of him/her.
Why only happy moment, because whenever I look back at the photograph.
I would find myself smiling (If I am in it)
Or I can see my friends smiling, which brings me joy.
There are still other reason why I so love taking pictures.
But all in all, it revolve around a sentence.
That is:
Hoping to see my friend smile together with me.

To Someone:
Why can't you refrain youself?
I thought you had overcome it already?
Didn't you ownself said that you should pull back?
Didn't you tell yourself that it's okay?
Why this little thing can beat you down?
Why can't you stand strong?
Why do you feel so heartache about it?


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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Today leh ~ woke up @ 1030 liddat .. shag dao ~~~~~~
after that watch anime / eat breakfast / watch tv ..
see wad is called ATTITUDE
after tat leh .. prepare le .. ji uwent out ..
then went back again to close window .
lol .. after that go meet the rest le ..
then went over to find sean .. then go mac eat .. eaten le ..
jiu go over JP .. then walk walk joke joke lor ..
was trying to find water gun ~ but to no avail .. JP FAIL ><" lol =X
sua .. after that took mrt back .. haish ..
LY and Sean joke =.=" they took the wrong MRT while in a rush ><"
after that everything back to normal le .. went back .. then go home le ..
intially got MJ .. budden i dun wan =.= everyday play so fun meh ? =.="
but anyway i was too tired lar .. not in the mood to play ..
so reach home le . went to slp straight .. =D
woke up 7+ .. then bathe and stuff .. then search round the net ..
and eat and anime .. now come blog .. dunnoe will have dota mah ..

Was suddenly thinking, it's MJ again, would I lose my friend,
once again, if I keep rejecting to play?
But seriously, everyone should have their prefrences?
Why am I the only one like being pushed into making the hard choice?
Why other people can reject without a problem, yet I can't?
Yet I'm like the one whose spoiling everyone's fun?
How I wish I can be like him, don't bother with anything, want then want,
don't want then don't want.
But one thing I'm different from him, I don't have the charisma like him,
which can attract people trying to be closed to him.
Or maybe, I'm just lost?

I really hope the same thing wouldn't happen again.
If it happened again, I really don't know what should I do.


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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

hohohoo .. let mi see let mi see ..
Tues mah ~ okay .. woke up in de morning ..
then after that used comp abit .. went out to meet ly ..
then go lb meet the rest including yc / da xiang / eunice ..
after that they eaten le went over to eunice hse to play ..
then went back take chips ..
after that ashley came .. then we MJ ..
then simp came then he play Lol =X i just relac there ..
after awhile WJ came oso .. he bombster ..
okay sua ~ after tat play play le .. keep ~ WOOT ~ 1st time ever everyone ..
keep it so fast Lol! everyone was rushing for time lar ..
so went home .. ate and stuffs .. after that went to court .. play abit le .
jiu sit down watch le .. then went home bathe and stuff ..
then went to meet coco .. then go his hse .. after that simp came oso ..
then discuss discuss disuss ~ abt 4am went to eat .. then went back ..
4+ reach home .. and slept @ 5+


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Monday, December 07, 2009

took this pic while walking @ Orchard ..
okay ~ Today woke up @ 830? wash up and stuff .. went over to DA Xiang hse ..
then they play dai dee and blackjack while i watch tv =)
Ly lost alot siol >< Lol =X nvm lar .. 愿赌服输嘛
okay .. after that went hoem comp abit ..
went out to the rest .. go lot 1 le lor .. then walk around ..
went to eat mac with BY / YC / ASh / DaXiang ..
eaten le .. went to buy Toto and 4D .. after that jiu go home le ..
reach home .. comp abit .. then went to slp .. =X Tired lar ..
after that woke up le .. went court awhile .. played phone ..
after that done le .. jiu went home liao ..
reach home .. bathe and stuff .. comp comp comp =X
then went to watch The Unbeatable III
Lol .. now come blog .. going slp .. buaiz


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Sunday, December 06, 2009

sunday wei ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~
Watching drama and anime =.="
wait i sleep .. @ night then tell u all wad happen >< LOL!
Okay, went to sleep lor, then woke up by my aunt called ..
cuz she was asking mi abt psp ..
then prepare le .. went over Far East Plaza to find her and my cousin lor ..
after that she bought PSP for 1 of the small boy le ..
went over to the dunnoe which shop and eat .. after tat eaten le ..
went over to Ion walk walk ~ then went back le ..
then on the car ask and told her some stuff ~ then got some details le ..
after that done le .. go home played / slp ..
then @ night went over LY hse to take games and watch abit tv ..
then went home le game again ~ then anime then slp =D


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Saturday, December 05, 2009


Okay, come friday .. woke up le .. used comp abit ..
then went over Ryan hse .. then played monopoly =.= Lol!
play till training time .. the nwent home .. ate .. prepare ..
then go own lor . then chatted abit ..
went LBP to play .. i didnt .. cuz i was sick =X
after that done le .. went over to MAc to eat lor ..
and chat chat =)
eaten le .. jiu went back .. used comp .. watch anime ? and slp


Today leh ~ sat mah .. woke up wash up le ..
jiu went down to court lor .. after that play abit ..
then see them play lor .. then talk to BY abt some bball stuff ..
see if he can translate to the team =) Lol =X
then after that rest and chatted abit ..
went over to LB to eat lor .. eaten le .. chat for quite awhile ..
cuz rain damn big =.= then after that went over WJ hse to MJ >< Lol =X
LY Funny .. wore his lower sec sch pants >< LOL!!!! look so small on him ..
but i think last year oready look small =.= since he grew up =.=
ah nvm ~ then play play .. taught Sean oso lor .. ;O
after that done le .. went home liao lor ..
reach home .. bathe .. eat and stuff .. then dota until now ..
come blog .. gonna go watch xing guang da dao =-)
then see wad again .. buaiz


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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Thursday mah ~ woke up le lor .. then used comp ..
then went to meet simp and BY .. then go lot 1 to eat mac =.= LOL!
after that done le .. went to walk walk and talk abt some stuff ..
then went home le lor .. reach home .. used comp abit more ..
then they told mi got MJ .. so waited for them to come .. then play paly lor ..
play till like 9+? then online jiu game blah blah ~ then went to watch anime
and slp


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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

woken up by simp in de morning .. then went to huan shen ..
quite alot of things to do .. and i did wrongly =.= sigh ~
then after that done le .. went to buy 4D .. then jiu went to eat lor ..
eaten le .. went to simp hse awhile .. then go over meet simp fren ..
he repay debt .. then after that jiu go meet ly and sean ..
then went to cut hair =D
cutted le .. went over to 302 cuz ly wanna eat ..
after that eaten le .. jiu went home le lor ..
ly and simp folo mi home =.= Lol ..
then we watch de "li gu li gu" mahjong show lor ..
after that dne le .. prepare le .. went down to court ..
then they have training blah blah lor ~ then do and do .. then play and play ..
jiu went over to 514 to play .. then i think is went to eat lar ..
or go home .. totally forgot =.= suan le ~ buaiz LOL!


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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Green ! Lol =p

okay ~ Actually too long no update .. so dun really rmb-ed anything Lol ..
just rmb-ed woking up .. then after that jiu comp ? hahaa =X
then went over to lot 1 to meet Reiner and Sean .. and ate lunch .
after that go pasar malam walk abit .. NO INTEREST @ all =.=
then went over to Sean hse lor .. then play play ..
abt 6+ jiu went to court lor ..
not alot ppl anyway ~ then @ the end juz play abit ..
then folo by some chit-chatting for mi / sean / ly ..
then say wad ly like green Lol =X
after that jiu went home and comp =p


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