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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

28/3 - boring day serously ~ was just @ home and comp-ing the whole day =X lol !
at night went out to lb to get dinner with Junhao, then eaten and home =.= thats it ~
Welcome BY back to Singapore! =D

29/3 - o.O ~ went out to sch in the morning ~ to listen to some stuff ~ then after that home and nap abit .. then went out to lot 1 to meet sean and gang ~ then walk walk joke joke around ~ after that jiu went back .. then home le juz comp and nth much ~ lol

30/3 - damn fking tired, seriously ~ woke up damn early and went to work as usual ~ tired like mad == zzz .. after that jiu went home, then preapre le .. went out meet by and eunice for lunch @ subway? then sit and chat for some time ~ went to mac and had something again Lol! then sit and chat again ~ hahaa =X after that went home lo .. then awhile lata do some stuff le .. cycle out to pass kb something. then pass sean and reiner .. then went back do some stuff le .. then ask jj to drive mi to get cs and sean, 1st time or dunnoe wad went sean hse in the nite Lol =X then after tat jiu went back lo .. reach home le jiu bathe and eat and stuff ~ now come blog .. lata jiu slp le .. bye ~ tired
Thanks JJ for the drive, seriously, without you i dunnoe how to move around =.=


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Sunday, March 28, 2010

27/3 - in the morning woke up, then went down for bball, after that went to lb to eat .. then chat chat and stuff .. then went home to bathe and dota .. then @ nite when down to court to chat chat and stuff ~ while the rest play haha =x lol =X anyway after that went to LB to eat .. eaten le go 7-11 to sit and chat .. then home, bahte, im here =D haha


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Saturday, March 27, 2010

26/3 - Simple day, was @ home from morning till evening =.= then went for bball.
whole morning + afternoon only 1 cup noodles + 4 slices of bread, can die =.="
@ night jiu eat mui fan, haish ~ better then nth hahaa =X Nth much nor special


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Friday, March 26, 2010

26/3 - dammit, did something so stupid today =.= =X anyway, morning acc ly to interchange, after that went to purchase breakfsat le home and tv. then slp. thenwake up use comp. then change my blogskin =.= then cuz i was too fast =.=
i accidentally change sean blog de whole thing =.= zzzzzzzzzzz fk sia =X Sorry bro .. then done le went out meet him and reiner cuz he wanna cut hair . then after that told him his blog . then he went home le . then i dun think he will re-make his blog le ba =< sigh ~ psps =X let's all hope he cont. to post =X hahaa =X .. after that went to take bus back .. saw HW . the ngo court chat chat sit sit . then home and comp/dinner/tv/ so on and forth, bye ~ go watch anime then slp


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Thursday, March 25, 2010

14/3 - Just stay at home the whole day, and had a freaking full dinner =.=" hahaa =X

15/3 - Well, i think mi/Eunice/By went over to JP cuz free mah =X hahaa .. then after that had our dinner there @ Fish and Co. Follow by going McCafe for a coffee chit-chat session, but the coffee still fail lar =.= Zzz .. I dun wan believe BY le .. no chance for Mac Cafe =X lol .. Saw power Ranger oso =X lol okay .. then home
thats it ;p

16/3 - I think went court nia, forgotten =X

17/3 - Went out to have lunch with Euncie and by and simp? then after that jiu went back to court liao i think =X forgotten lurh =X hahaha =X

18/3 - Went to each lunch @ mac, then went to lot walk walk, then go over timah to play ppool =X then had our dinner @ idk where =X lol =X high chance @ LJS i think =X then after that wnet over arcade to play the catch toy =D Yay ! Got 1 dinosaur. =X and home there after

19/3 - Morning afternoon idk go where =.=" so nvm ~ At night i forgot do wad oso, i forgot got rain anot, if no = bball lor =X if got = stay home ba? or im outside =X grrrrr, STM sri sri =X

20/3 - woooo ~ eventful day ~ morning meet the rest, then went over to WM to see them play 3on3 lor . went to eat @ koufu after, and see them continue to play .
then while waiting, mi by eunice went to mac to drink and eat =.=" lol =X
then after that go back see their last game, then eunice went watson to buy things
then after that jiu went back @ 5+ .. go home chg and stuff
then go down court and bball ~ lol =X play play till night time? then went LB to eat
then after that jiu home .. and chao ~

21/3 - went to cut hair with sean and junhao, then it took us the whole afternoon cuz waiting mah =.= oh well .. home and anime and i forgot do wad =.=" hahaa =X

22/3 - home the whole day .. then went over to NTUC to get stuff .. cuz i thnk its raining .. then home and anime and stuff =X

23/3 - stay home till go court, have fun @ court and acc eunice and yc to lb to eat .then home and anime there-after .. =D

24/3 - went to work in the morning, then go SS in the afternoon to buy alot of stuff =X after that wnt JH hse to rest . then went home liao lor =X then went down again to go LB do some stuff . then went over to court sit and chat . then went over to pass coco stuff . then went home and anime and stuff ..


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Sunday, March 14, 2010

FRI - Hmmm .. no work ! yea !!! budden so sian .. seriously .. just stayed @ home the whole day, then went down to court for ball, then went to mac to eat, then hoem, thats it =X

SAT - woke up comp abit, went down to court and bball =D after that went to LB to eat
eaten le jiu went home prepar, then went over to QW cuz BY shop for shoe, got things in mind, but didnt purchase, after that eaten le, went over to Thiong Bahru, then went arcade play play >< then went LJS for "dinner" then go watch Percy Jackson.
Ah ~ not that bad =D hahaa ~ nice storyline i would say =D =D =D after tat train home
joke around . =D


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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wed - went to work in the morning, eh seriously, shag can .. everyday woke up @ 5
i dun have the habit of this leh =.=" and i dun intend to build it in =.=
anyway work work, then ended le .. jiu went hoem lor .. after that eaten le
jiu went to nap . woke up le . jiu comp abit . then went ard to cycle lor .
cuz find out that breaking a sweat is really nice =D i mean not intensive type
then after that court le jiu home --> court then home then comp then slp

Thurs - woke up again to work zzz today still okay lar .. juz tat cuz abit late
pay tio cut =.= fk it man . anyway end le went home . eat and tv then prepare
went to JP with by/my . then shop for my slipper + by chg shirt + their 2 chicken
then walk ard le jiu went home . reach home . go court again . see no ppl
jiu went to slack ard . then went court find them chit-chat . then go lot 1
then went to walk pasar malam awhile then went home . dinner and dota tgt
then sms and stuff .. then now blog . bye ~


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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

If you love something, set it free.

If it comes back, it was, and always will be yours.

If it never returns, it was never yours to begin with.

Saw it on Nics' blog, and find it meaningful like him, so copied and used it here.
But although this few sentence is out for so long, and the meaning is so true behind.
How many of us actually can set our "love" free?
How many of us can make the decision of letting it(love) be itselves.
And wait for the answer if it will return or not?
You can count using fingers, that only a few of the people can.
So just a food for thought.

Why when reality is so hard to accept,
when reality is so hurtful.
there are still people who wrote this kind of "reality" verse.
Are those who wrote this really looks into the truth of what's behind?
Or is their feeling only?

Anyway, everything is just a thought, nothing much.


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Monday, March 08, 2010

Tues - went to work in the morning .. then went home then to lot 1 to find by and my
then have lunch with them @ kfc lor .. after that jiu home le then wetn down for ball
but rain lol =X so @ the end went over MY hse to slack =p then jiu went home.
and norml le lor =D

wed - trouble day hahaa =X went to work, after that jiu went to my manager hse
then help her with her ocmp and stuff le ..
then went back lor .. then rest abit comp abit le .. jiu went down for ball =D
hahaa =X after ball chatted abit .. then jiu went home and as per normal le ..

thurs - went to work oso =D hahaa =X after that went to meet My le ..
go over to clementi sports hall see some B div games lor . after that went back le
then i totally forget wad happen le .. bu shi @ home play jiu shi go court lol =X

fri - yea !! no work ahhaa =p afternoon went to lot 1 eat with
by / eunice / jj / my .. then went lib sit sit ..
after that went shop ard =.= then ly and mtb came find us ..
then went back together .. then i nap abit ..
went over sean hse .. slack awhile .. chatted awhile and hep him with his hmwk le ..
jiu went back and preapre le .. go court and play lor =D then @ nite eat mac
jiu went home le ..

sat - morning went court .. then train train le .. jiu went lb to eat lor ..
then went home awhile le .. jiu go lot 1 meet jh and cs ..
then go over CWP cuz jh wanna buy shoe .. then shop ard le didnt see
so nv buy .. then went over to AMK to find coco / simp / wj ..
then after tat went to eat and stuff .. coco bough his cam .
then went to shop .. then went to play those catching machine ..
then went over to watch goemon .. it sux =X some how =X too draggy =p
after that jiu went back liao lor .. then dota ? i think so .. then slp

sun - woke up liao . dota abit liao . jiu went QW with sean / jh ..
then shop for 4hr+ for jh shop and @ last bought it =D
oso eat there larh =D done with shopping jiu went home ..
then meet ly / my / yc then go pasar malam .. then walk walk lor
bought those nv try before the food .. the jap pizza .. sigh .. jusssst CMI =.="
okay fine .. the potatoe nice but ex sia =.= 1 potatoe for $2.50 lol =X
anyway home le jiu play ? i think so .. then slp ..

mon - yay ! no work .. woke up use comp abit .. then go meet eunice / by / my
then went over to Bishan to eat lunch .. @ cafe cartel =.=
then after that went to shop around .. they dun wan watch movie sia .. zzz =<
then BY bought 2 shirt .. MY bought 1 .. lol =X then evening time went back lor ..
reach home le .. go ntuc purchase stuff .. then sit @ court see them awhile
then went home liao lor .. then dinner and FB .. then now come blog ..
maybe lata a game ? then needa slp le .. tmr got work @ 6am in the morning ..
fk right ? =.="

Pics up nxt time


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Monday, March 01, 2010

I just want a simple thing.... really... a simple thing just from you.

thurs wasnt much i tink, went to work then i forgot le =X
fri went to sean hse to play with his niece, then went over to court for their bball
sat went to vivo to watch them >16play match, folo by lunch then to movie then home
rest liao jiu went over peace centre there to have our ktv session for simp bday
well ~ alot of stuff happen like ppl needs to go home to chg, getting cab there,
getting drunk and stuff liddat.
sun went to vivo again, and watch U16 games, then folo go eat lunch @ KFC
then wait for them to get prize presentation .. then went to QW cuz KB/Reiner/JH wanna get things lor.
after that jiu went over to my cousin hse and have a gathering .. then jiu home drunnk haha
Mon .. juz a boring day .. woke up late, then went oveR JH hse to slack .. then go court folo by go borrow bike from MY .. then home and comp . then pass ly TD with those vids. wasnet feeling gd after i went court to see see .. sigh ~~ so hard meh, to get to mi ..


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