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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday simple ah !
Whole day @ home .. then after that evening went to meet HX to take back my psp ..
after that chatted abit .. jiu went home to game again lor =X
then i got no rice to eat .. so got to do with bread =.= cuz rice not fully cook ..
haiyo =x buaiz Lol =p simple day

Gratz YC for modding his psp and can play le
Gratz BY for modding his psp and buying new memory card
Gratz BB for buying new memoery card
Gratz Coco for buying his razor mouse
Gratz Simp for winning $ in MJ
Gratz LY for winning $ in MJ and soccer bet
Gratz XP for buying his long wish tumbdrive

See, so many people happy, of course, cannot forget

Sad for WJ to lose $ in MJ
Sad for HX to lose $ in MJ
Sad for XP not sure whether of something because someone said something =<
Sad for Eunice on her "case"

That should be all

I really want to know, what you all talk about,
as in, who is the "mastermind"
Or is everything a joke, but I don't know why, this is the 1st time I,
don't really want to ask until you gave me an answer.
Although I really wants to know, but it's so weird, maybe, because I'm scared?
But I hoped, sooner or later, you could give me an answer. Please

BY told me this:
Why you so 执着 about the people who,
doesn't learn to cherish you.
There are a lot of people whom,
treasure you a lot.
So you should stay happy.

It's hard, really hard, for me to off-set away.
It's not easy to put the determination down,
because it result in something very big.
I don't know how to explain, but I know myself.

To the person:
I don't request you to treat me like a 宝, really.
But as a friend, I really hope you can treat me like a good friend of yours,
sharing your "emotion" with me, although I know there are always some other people,
out there whom you can really talk to, putting yourself into them.
I know I doesn't know how to talk, speak.
or even think.
But can we keep it simple, don't treat me 忽冷忽热. It's really uncomfortable

Just a simple question: Can we be closed friends?
Or at least a friend whom you can share your woes and joys to?


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Saturday, November 28, 2009


Okay .. best day ever in this week i assume .. cuz of something mah =X
anyway woke up le .. watch tv .. then went down le .. then watch them lor ..
after that chatted abit .. then abt 2+ le ended .. see not much ppl left ..
so went home oso lor .. then after that used comp .. then BY came over ..
do his psp .. failed .. hahaa =p so blah blah ..
met the rest le .. went over to far east 1st .. go funsquare to mod psp .. =D
after that went over to the "food fair" to buy thigns eat lor ..
then done le .. went over to expo and look for coco and gang ..
then walk around the IT fair ~ nice siol =D hahaa .. although its squeezy ..
then everyone get their stuff le .. went over to Changji airport to eat popeyes.
then eaten le .. jiu took train back le .. =D
went over to WJ hse .. watch them play abit MJ .. then went home le ..
after that watch show blah blah .. then went to slp =X


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Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday neh ~ Hmmm .. same lor .. woke up le .. then play play abit ..
went out to lot 1 to have lunch .. after that went over to WJ hse to MJ ..
not mi though lol =p then play play . play until past training time .. haha =X
then all rush back prepare le went court lor .. then as usual .. they play lor ..
i very long no bball le =X
then after everything ended .. went over to mac as usual ..
then i didnt eat .. juz drink .. then chit-chat ..
then went home le .. msn abit .. game abit ? then slp ba? Lol =p


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Thursday, November 26, 2009

yay, after a week or 2, i settle those show that i skip past week ><"
Very long no post, so its time =D
Thurs quite a simple day i think? actually i forgot wad happen =X
i think i was @ home the whole day? cuz no 1 ask mi for lunch mah T_T
then after that evening time go meet ly/bb/yc/my .. then go over to pasar ris
for dunnoe whose chalet .. very qiao de .. saw my pri sch fren =.=" LOL!!
anyway go there chat chat have fun lar .. after that took MY's dad lorry back
DAMN SHUANG can =D then went to 302 to eat .. eaten le jiu went home lo =X


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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


2 days, 2 DAYS wor .. i didnt step out of my hse even once ..
how izzit possible ? omg omg =.="
same as normal .. slept and woke up ..
then comp and psp lor .. sigh ..

Izzit right for mi to talk to them 1st?
I know it's wrong for them to speak liddat ..
Why can't his reply be more like a normal person reply,
if he were to just say psps, how good it is =<
but all in all, I got no wrong?

Why friends are so important to me? Can anyone tell me?


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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wah, a whole day at home.
Was sleeping until 3+ .. it was like so long i didnt sleep for so much oready .
woke up le .. then comp abit .. after tat psp abit ..
then continue to comp lor .. then until now 11+ come blog ..
later should be going watch tv =X
go watch Unbeatable III =X Lol =p
buaiz ..

1st time, without anything on, I didn't went down to court.
It's like I did the impossible. =X
Kidding, but how I wish someone would understand it. Haha =X
But I don't think it's possible. Maybe it will go fine sooner or later.
Who knows. I got absolutely no reason to be angry, because it don't anger me.
I'm just feeling down, because no 1 could think for me.


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Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday woah ~ sian =.="
Woke up le .. same lor .. anime .. after that prepare le ..
went out to meet ly yc simp lor .. then go over the SECC
after that chatted abit .. went WM .. then after that no show to watch ..
so went to arcade walk walk le .. went over to eat dessert ..
after that went home le lor ..

No matter what I did, how I did, what I say, I'm always in the wrong?
Did anyone think about my feeling not?
I already didn't try to force myself, yet what I recieved is something like that.


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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday .. damn simple day can =.=" lol
woke up in de morning .. after that anime lor ..
then went down get nugget from eunice le ..
jiu went home and anime again ..
in de evening went over to WJ hse then they play Mj ..
after that went over to 302 to grab a bite .. then went home le ..


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Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Birthday BingYuan

Well .. on friday leh ~
quite a simple day i think =X hahaa ..
let mi see =x err .. errrr ... was @ home de whole day ..
after that went over to BB hse to do something ..
Sean is dumb =p Lol =X after that done le .. went back .. they bball ..
but i was like busy with my stuffs =x Zzz ..
then went to mac and eat .. then go home le ..
reach home .. same as per normal lor =p hahaa

On sat neh ~ woah ~
Woke up in de morning . then went over to lot 1 .. mac to eat ..
then go NTUC to buy the bbq stuff .. buy and buy ..
after that send stuff to eunice hse le .. went back and get stuff for bball ..
but i didnt play cuz no slot =X LOL ..
then after that end le .. some went to eat .. while those that needed to go home ..
go home 1st . so went home .. prepare some stuff .. then met ash ..
went over to lot 1 lor ..
reach there le .. walk walk abit .. after that waited for cooc ..
bought cake le .. went home lor ..
then started doing the rest of the stuff ..
then about 5+ went down to pit ..
see them start fire .. then play water gun .. play play play ..
abt 7+ started eating Lol =X
ate and ate .. then went over to lot 1 to get stuff le ..
then go back there .. after that continue to play lolr ..
then that leslie broke my water gun .. zzzzzzzzzz =X
noob shet him LOL =X suan le .. then play zhong ji mi ma and 7up lor ..
so after that drank abit le .. jiu take photo .. start to pack ..
and went home ..
reach home .. do abt 30mins of clearing up the stuff .. then bathe ..
and everything as per normal ..


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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Today ~ woke up in de morning ~ same lor .. cheong hitman reborn lor =D
after that watch watch .. went out to take CPU from BB and pass him something ..
then after that went home watch again .. folo by going nap ..
after that watch again ~ then 7 meet the rest le ..
went over to lot 1 .. ate @ KFC .. then go watch 2012
wah seh ~ if got 3D de .. i might go watch again ~ the effect damn nice can ..
omg omg ~ after show .. chatted abit .. jiu went home le ..
now reach home .. blog .. FB .. then watch again LOL =p


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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Yoyo ~ hahaa =p
Alright ~ woke up in de morning .. then eaten le ..
jiu went out to meet the rest .. then go over to IMM ..
walk around ` to look for BY present ~ of cuz ~ i wont type wad they bought here =D
then went to daiso .. coco and mi like kids liddat =X Lol =p
nvm ~ then after that .. done with everything .. went home lor ..
then comp all the way ~ then slp hahaha =p


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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I think today is a Simple dao bu ke yi zai Simple de day le. =D
Woke up in de morning ~ psp ~ then anime lor =D
after that went out to meet Ly and Bb and By for lunch ~
eaten le ~ jiu went home liao lor =X
reach home ~ anime anime =X Lol =X then game abit ..
jiu went to court and play ~ abt 9 liddat went home lor ..
reach home .. bathe le .. online ~ eat and play hahaa =D
after that now end game ~ so come blog ~ then lata anime time again =X lol

Yc is back from camp in de night ~ tmr his going back ..
hope he have his fun =D hahaa

Oh yea ~ sean didi is coming back tmr night?
I dunnoe wad time ~ arghhh ~ lets hope he have fun too hahaha =D


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Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunday then =D
was @ home all the way ~ using comp obvious =X
then went over to court ~ they played bball ~ didnt really played luh ~
after that abt 7+ 8+ went home lor .. then settle dinner le ..
jiu comp all the way till 5 then i slept =X hahaa

today monday ~ simple oso ..
was @ home the whole day, seriously, WHOLE Day =.="
kidding =p woke up in de morning ..
then after that watch anime luh ~ then watch watch until 3+ ..
went out to meet BY .. then settle lunch @ LJS ~ then chatted abit ..
jiu went home le lor .. after that reach home le .. jiu COMP all the way ..
until now 9+ came over to blog ~ waiting for game .. hmmm Lol =X
should be as simpl as that ~ buaiz

Wonder how is YC and SEAN =D hahaa
It's kinda boring to stay at home the whole day like that.


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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Friday 1st wei ~ hahaa ..
okay - woke up ~ then accompanied LY over to TW. then went over to BP to eat ..
then after that met YC outside his sch ~ then walk back home ..
then comp abit ~ went out to meet YC and COCO for lunch ~
settled @ Mac ~ then wait for the DGN buyer ~
he came le ~ settle everything le ~ walked around lot 1 ~
then went over to sEan hse le lor ~ reached there ..
same thing as per normal ~ after that since it's raining ~
so went home by myself ~ and no bball @ all ..
after that went over to play MJ ~ play play .. then went back to comp ..
and sleep ~~

Saturday .. quite a simple day ?
woke up in de morning ~ Shag like dunoe wad =.="
after that went down for bball ~ cant concentrate haha =X
after that chatted abit for the BBQ and stuffs ..
then went over to LB to eat lor ..
eaten le ~ jiu went back home ..
then hX came my hse to pass mi game and stuffs ~
then intially wanted to go IMM with those TW peeps ..
but they went off too early ~
so was chatting with HX all the way until 6+ ..
after that he went off le ~ starts to used comp and stufs lor ..
after that game game . and anime like nobody buisness ~ then slp


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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Today .. woke up in de morning .. then comp and psp abit le ..
jiu went over to lot 1 .. then waited for BY ..
then LY they all no come oso .. nvm .. ate mac ..
after that accompany him go cut hair lor .. then cut finish le ..
jiu went home lor .. reach home .. bathe and stuffs ..
then used comp until now .. post le should be going slp .. Lol =X


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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


A simple day .. was @ home the whole day .. until abt 6+ or 7+?
then went down to court and see others play lor .. then lights off ..
waited abit .. cai went home . and comp again =.="


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today is a boring day .. was @ home the whioole day until 6+ =.=" zzzz
intially wanted to ask them for lunch budden they all hp no batt =.=
@ the end everyoen was having lunch =.= Ah Damn IT ! =.=" zzz
anyway .. went down to court @ 6+ .. then play match chit-chat and stuffs lor ..
then knew some stuffs lar =.= kinda stupid ..
then went home le .. bathe and eat .. after that surf net blah blah
intially got game .. budden @ the end didnt .. so sua =.="
lol ~ buaiz .. going slp









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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

2 almost same picture, with the same camera, taken @ almost the same time, just with a tilt in the latitute, it makes such big different.


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Monday, November 09, 2009

Simple day ~
woke up in de morning ~ anime abit le ..
went out to meet YC and MY .. then waited for LY BB KB ..
then ate mac ~ after that MTB came le .. then eat oso lor ..
after that jiu went home .. prepare abit ..
went over to MY hse .. took an old game =X lol =x
then went court .. then come back kmy hse .. play MJ ~
damn long sia =.= Lol =X tired ~ ahaa ..
after that go LB eat .. then came home .. bathe and stuff..
went to play game till now ~ come blog .. stil playing Lol =X


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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Beside bored, i got nth to say


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Today didnt really slp la =.=" lol
slept @ 3+ woke up 5+ .. then watch Tv all the way till 11 liddat ..
went down than paly bball blah blah lor .. then went home ..
used comp abit ~ went to slp le .. tired dao !!!! =.=
wake up .. used comp abit .. then ZBL LIAO LOR =.=" Bored siol ~
then after tat msg abit .. then went down to wait for ly lo ..
then went over to WJ hse tgt .. after that play MJ ..
play till 12+ .. then went to 302 to eat ~
saw a kinda stupid scene lar =.=" wth ~ budden we dunoe what happen though Lol =X
nvm ~ after that jiu go home liao lor ..
reach home .. now used comp abit .. going slp le .. tired ~~


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Saturday, November 07, 2009


我穿梭金星 木星 水星 火星 土星 追寻

追寻你 时间滴滴答滴答 答滴身影

哈哈 =<




你在这里 但是我在外面


想要对你说I love you

心中的秘密 好想对你倾诉


我想哭 觉得无助


我想哭 痛快的哭


不管多久 我都不在乎




Obvious this is a lyrics =.= Lol!!


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Friday, November 06, 2009


什么都“我不需要知道吗"? T_T


Woke up in de morning ~ then used comp abit .. Han came my hse le ..
then Fs abit lo .. then went out .. go arcade =.= cuz ly they all damn late ..
then went down ~ Ate KFC le .. went over to BB hse ~ see see comp and stuff ..
after that went over to sEan hse lor .. then play with his niece =.=
Lol!!! play play play ~ then bu zhi bu jue 6 liao ..
so went off .. then met BB @ Lot 1 .. then dey go court .. i went home lor ..
prepare le .. went court .. change shoe blah blah ~ played a game ..
then go LBP .. didnt play le .. ><" After that jiu go mac eat ..
eat and chat blah blah ~ then went home liao ..
then something TooPid happen =.=" ai ya ~ then cont. walk walk ..
then home le .. forum / Fb / Forum / Blog .. going off ~


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Today thurs .. morning woke up damn early ~ =.= then watch tv ..
after that waited for YC le .. went down to meet him lo
then acc him to polyclinic .. hahaa =X
reach there .. registration blah blah ~ then just waittttt till like dunoe wad =.=
lol ~ after that went to walk around TW cuz wanna find a place to eat ..
@ the end it suddenly rain =.= so took bus back to lot 1 ..
then go eat desesrt .. after that eat the smelly toufu =.=
kaoz ~ not nice de LOL! =X jiu waste $ . then after that ..
jiu go arcade awhjile le .. then went JH hse awhile .. then went home le ..
reach home ~ was waiting for lunch .. but @ the end cancel =.="
wth >< sigh ~ then online lor .. paly play ..
then after that eat eat .. than play play until now ~


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Thursday, November 05, 2009

What's the use of speaking over the internet?

A few day no post liao ..
si bei moodless jiu dui le ..
how i wish someone can talk to mi =X hahaa =X
well ~ on tues .. online de whole morning afternoon lor =.=
then until evening .. went out to LB to eat ..
then after that went over ot WJ hse .. then they play MJ lor =.="
play play ~ until 11+? send coco to mrt .. then went home le ..
reach home used comp abit .. then slp liao ..

wed leh ~ slept till kinda late ~ cuz nth to do mah ~ then wake up used comp lor ..
after htat abt 3+ dey came my hse .. then MJ ..
then abt 5+ i took over LOL!!! then play play ..
afte rthat went over bukit batok to have our dinner .. then went home le ..
used comp lo ~ play play paly ~ then slp ~ LOL!!

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Monday, November 02, 2009

生日快乐 ChinSeng =D

Well ~ today woke up in de moring ~ then eaten le ..
jiu rally do nth .. until 2+ .. went out to IMM
after that took more then the requre stop =.=" then cab back ..
then ly and yc ate le .. went to walk around ..
then after that go the SE care centre lor ..
then done le .. took bus back ~ then on bus met wilson and sean ..
the nwent to lot 1 find the rest .. then bought cake le ..
went over to 514 hlp CS celebrate his bday lor .. then after that jiu went home le ..
reach home .. comic .. bathe .. then went to slp ~
woke up le .. anime and eat .. then FB .. now come blog lor .. going off soon ..
really really tired














可是,如果有人真的读了,也知道答案,能不能帮帮我? 当然,也别说出去。






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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Greeting all humanoid ~
Yesterday didn't post, so start posting today.
Well ~ woke up my WJ call =.=" then used comp abit ~
after that wait for them to come lor ~ then play MJ all the way till 9+
then went out to LB to have my dinner ~ after that went home ..
bathe and used comp abit ~ then went to slp due to having hadache blah blah ~
Just a long MJ day ~~


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