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Sunday, August 31, 2008

posting ~ for Saturday cuz i ytd too tired dun wanna post Lol =p

well .. morning woke up 8 or so .. then get rdy .. reply some of them training starts @ 9 .. then i went down @ 9 le Lol =x reach le there are some there .. then a few more came .. and some say they cannot make it .. hmmm .. then china and phliipine ppl came too ~ wah ~ 国际化 haha .. then they play .. my team oso play .. budden i juz sit there do nth =.=" Lol =x no 1 ask mi to go in play lor .. haish ~~ lol .. then stay there till 12 or so .. then went back le ..

reach home ~ use comp abit .. then chat and watch hot shot .. abt 2 i went out to meet Eunice and Ly cuz we going to go Calvin bday bbq celebration mah .. lol .. then reach there le .. waint for sean and jon ~ waste lyke 2 3 hrs there waiting T__T wah kaoz .. si bei slow ah .. then after tat @ last they came abt 5 .. then we went over to senja there .. then met wif calvin le went over to the bbq .. lol .. in the beginning sit there chit = chat .. wakaka .. then bbq start abt 6+ 7 ? haha .. then eunice starting go bbq those food mah ~ then after awhile i went over do .. then jon pei mi .. while the rest went over other side play dai di =.=" lol .. then eat ah have fun all those lor .. after tat its time for calvin to cut cut and stuff .. so went to sing bday song for him .. he cut cake and take photo .. and dunoe from WHERE they can get those vanilla and so mani ppl kena lar .. wah kaoz .. oily + the smell damn thick Lol .. but suan le .. have fun jiu hao .. haha .. know some new friends ><" but i tink they wont rmb hu am i LOL =p then after cool down .. they went to play bluff / 21 / big 2 while mi went to chat with calvin lor .. wah seh .. muz thanks calvin for those beers ;P wakaka .. haha .. then abt 10++ they decide to go off .. so we went off .. then walk to BPP there took bus .. mi siancheong ly and eunice .. then mi and ly went to buy ice cream and see jeryl Lol =p then he give us de ice-cream like so big .. reach home then juz finish =.=" haha ..

see the bday boy Mr Calvin =D

wah seh ~ Ly face thick ah .. with the vanilla HAha =p

reach home .. bathe le .. i watch finish hot shot epi 4 .. then i went to slp le .. tired to the MAX! haha ..[abt todea .. @ nite or wad then post =p ahhaa]

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

SHack .. shack ! I really want complain Shack le .. okay .. woke up and as normal .. meet with LY and todea he met up with DX .. so we walk together to bus interchange .. then reach le their bus oready there =.=" so they went off while i was thinking if i wanna get breakfsat .. then tink abit .. ahh .. nvm lar .. so i juz went home .. then reach home le .. i watch abt 45mins of Xing Guang Da Dao then i get rdy and went to bukit batok ..

Reach there le .. went to 老地方 to wait for that Eugene .. meeting time was 8.30-9 and he woke up onli @ 915 .. lol .. then he came le .. we chat abit .. but none of us wanna call the teacher inside cuz we see like people kena bound out .. hmmm .. then we saw some go in .. so we try ~ and well .. cant .. they say 1030 then can go in ~ so gene suggest go eat breakfast lor .. and we went to eat macgriddles .. oki lar .. budden i dun like saltish + sweet tgt .. lol .. then eaten le .. chat abit and went back to sch ~ wah ~ students finish sch le .. and gate is open freely ..

went in ~ walk around .. find teacher .. chit - chat .. too bad no performace to watch .. chatted with Mr HEng .. haha .. funny sia him .. but he getting more and more botak Lol .. then after some time .. abt 12 we left .. and he go back while i wait for bus lor .. then contact BY le we meeting 1230 lyke tat @ CCK control station ..

reach there .. saw yoke they all wor ~ and they going to eat ~ they oso went back to TWSs haha .. well .. then by came .. and we went to [singapore pool] oppoisite de [food fair] to eat .. hmm .. done le then juz when we walking back .. saw sean and junhao and they say they waiting for jon .. then i wanna ask jon something de but nvm .. wait awhile i went off le cuz tv more impt ><" Lol =x reach home .. i watch tv then by use my comp .. then abt 3+ went of to JMC =x

reach there .. took appointment .. hmm .. then after awhile i went in with my mum ~ while BY outside watching Vid .. the Unity game lor .. hmm .. then came out le .. result hai hao lar .. =x .. so after tat went to the pharmacy walk walk .. then took taxi back le .. lol .. reach cck .. my mum went home while mi and by went to b.ball court but no ppl leh .. so went lb since i wanna go toilet .. then he buy macchiken while i buy soft drink and went back court .. wah ~ =.=" so mani ppl liao Lol =x then they played a game or 2 .. and when all came .. the training started ..

this time round i give timing ~ but even though they nv meet i didnt give punishment .. cuz i wan to noe the agaration on how long they going to take .. then keep training and training lor .. then see nick lyke so shack le ~ then got ppl leg cramp here cramp there .. hmmm .. 加油 xD lol .. its okay de .. haha .. then after all sorts of physical .. not realli basic .. [since their stamina is not there yet .. and basic nid to consult others ><"] .. then after tat let them have matches .. the team up was rather weird Lol =x but nvm ~ at least the 1st 2 games i can see some seriousness .. not bad lar .. haha .. then after tat cuz getting realli late .. some left 1st .. while JJ YC BY nigel was sitting there discussing .. then simp was there oso mah .. but didnt talk alot .. hmm .. then after awhile all going off le so simp oso go off lor ..

then mi nigel and yc went to 302 .. they wanna eat dinner mah .. then waited quite some time b4 finding a seat .. after tat found le and eat .. sit down chat abit and we went off .. then walk home .. bathe and eat and chat with coco .. then he told mi abt simp du lan .. i guess i noe y .. its because of mi .. and other stuff .. haha .. and he went off le .. hmm .. nvm lar .. going off .. wad a long freaking post =.=" Lol =x and so wordy .. haha .. byebye


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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Came to blog since I was naturally getting bored and while at the same time, I'm waiting for my hair to dry and I can get to sleep. :D

So as usual, waited for LY at that place there, then walk halfway suddenly big rain, so we decide to walk to overhead bridge, then while walking DX was behind, so all 3 of us walk together. Then reach le and they board bus, I went to buy Nasi-Lemak, after that I went to take Bus #302 and since I just wanted to waste my time, I take the whole ride, thus taking me like 30mins or longer to reach home. Once I'm home, I watch tv and after that use comp, do a bit rubbish and went dota, after that I go watch tv again. With computer getting so bored, TV somehow is nicer in a way. So after that about 1 I use computer again, and wasted my time until about 4, I went down to basketball court.

Intially when I reach there, only Kranjian was there, then Andy and his friends came, and while I was on phone with Ade, quite a few more came too. And before matches, Sean was trying out his new Perfume which is Deoderant actually, then after that he though of going to lot 1 and get a new 1 because the 1 he bought might be a bit too strong, but at the end drop the ideas and we went back to play match. Quite a lot of people was hurt, Ashley was bang by LY head, then after that JJ wants a ball and his swinging his hand, and hit on Ash head again, poor thing. Then while Sean is running he trip onto Ash and hurt himself quite badly, then we continue the game for awhile after getting S to the bench. So some other came, and play match, then Eunice came and saw S the injury and she help him with it. So kind of her, so after awhile, I got to go, so went off with Ash DX and LY.

Reach home, bathe and prepare, wasn't feeling good because of something, then I went out to take bus 190, then at interchange I saw Sean, say a few sentence and I'm off waiting for bus because I'm seriously uber-ly late. At last I reach PS, went to Thai Express to have our dinner, it's okay, and very hard, we didn't really disgrace outselves this time round. So after dinner we went to walk walk a bit, and we sit down at Mac to chit-chat while I ask about the basketball games. Heard that ShiJie played too, and anyway HongJing lost 2 games, that's all I know. Then about 10+ Meau also wanted to go, so we went off. Intially taking train, but at the end we chose taxi, and we talk about A stuff inside the taxi and that uncle joke with us too, until the end it's still a A day.

Reach home, I went to bathe, and now I'm here blogging, hope Eugene don't put me aeroplane toomorrow morning, wanted to go back and see the schools performace.

Just random stuff, should I really let everything be as simple as possible? I mean, is it that hard to confide in me? I guess everyone can see that I'm kind of unhappy when playing basketball since I didn't laugh and I'm just not the normal me. But I really felt so, stupid, I tried doing the same as what someone else did, but yet what I get is cold attitude, I really don't know what I should do, it's so simple yet so hard, but I guess no 1 knows what I'm stating here. :X Sigh.

I guess only this post I will type everything like standard typing, just because I'm not in the right mood. Anyway toomorrow is the day I'm going to hear my result for my leg, I really don't know if I want to hear a good news or bad news. :D

Basketball, do I really love it or ...? Should I use my everyday time to be down there? It's really a good question to ponder about

To anyone who really has the interest to read my blog, starting from don't know when my blog is a sad 1, so don't blame me for writing out like this, and I know that it's not good to always put thinking to the pesstimistic side, but some things aren't just not going to be optimistic no matter how you look at it. Bye


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Juz for the sake of fun?
If u have done tis or you had written down the answer .. plz tag mi to ask for ans or contact mi lor =D
Quite true wor, in my opinion. haha

1) Put the following 5 animals in the order of your preference:

Cow, Tiger, Sheep, Horse, Pig

2) Write 1 word that describes each one of the following:

Dog, Cat, Rat, Coffee, Sea

3) Think of someone, who also knows you and is important to you, which you can relate them to the following colors. Do not repeat your answer twice, Name just 1 person for each color:

Yellow, Orange, Red, White, Green


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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Post ba ~ if not later people say i wad lol =p so lets talk abt ytd ~ ytd normal normal ~ walk to but-interchange with liyong ~ then after that went home le ~ watch tv le then abt 8 i went to slp le .. tired mah ~ haha .. then abt 10+ woke up by MSG =x lol ~ cuz i tink coco msg mi asking if night the got match .. then i told him confirm later lor ~ haa .. so woke up online .. blah blah ~ lol .. then post something lor ~ to see wad i post .. plz refer to the post below .. its deticated to SEan/Eunice/XP Lol .. so after tat 12+ watch tv again xD haha .. then after tat 1 le i go use comp .. use until abt 1.30 met with HW lor .. cuz he suddenly change timing to 1.30 ><"

Met le .. then i told him ly would be home onli by 2 .. so we went to shoot shoot ball awhile xD =.=" after tat he called ly le .. then meet with ly then went over to Basketball centre .. @ TPY de .. lol .. we cab there wor ~ cuz intially say wan cab .. then decide to take mrt .. but i lazy take mrt so we cab over .. haha .. 12.60 wor ~ lol .. okay .. so reach there .. went inside .. Unity girls was playing with Dumen Girls .. and so the games goooooooo Unity Grils won .. budden i dunoe wad score ~ not a bad game haha ..

Then it was boys time .. haha .. then saw Randy they all .. they came to cheers for Remus mah ~ then i went to find them chit-chat awhile .. then went back find HW and LY and cont. watching the game .. hai hao lar ~ Unity boys alot miss Cue lol .. then i tape down de last Quarter .. cuz my fone if take vid dun last long =.=" haha .. and so .. Unity boys lost and they got NAtional 2nd .. not bad le lar .. although i know they wanted to be double champs .. 加油 nxt time =D

so everything ended ~ we went back ~ tot of taking MRT but i juz too lazy to walk to MRT staion since i dun even noe @ where =.=" so we flag a cab again ~ and now reach back is 17++ LOL =x okay ~ so reach 514 le .. i went to buy thins ~ then come back see Eunice SEan and Jon .. haha .. then we play a few game .. folo by YC and RYAN coming down .. play play .. then abt 7 lyke tat went off ? i tink so .. haha ..

reach home le .. bathe eat watch the Hot Shot .. wah ~ damn nice i tell u .. lol .. but crunchyroll onli come out 3 epi .. hmm faster FASTER ! Lol .. then i was playing with the new stuff i got online on sunday Lol =x its a 13 pieces small gun[its flat end] and dunoe how many piece of chinese figures .. and it cost mi 10bucks Lol =x quite oki de price ? but the quality lyke not good .. take a look @ the below pic to have a clear view =D haha ..

okay .. after tat chit-chat abit on msn .. and went to slp abt 12 ..


Today wed .. woke up as per normal ~ went out as per normal Lol =p then come back as per normal =D ahaha .. come back watch zhong yi da ge da ~ then watch de sugar sugar rune ? Lol =x an anime lar .. then after tat 10 liao mah .. so was tinking .. jon say wanna come @ 12 .. so might as well dun slp ~ so i use comp .. wait and wait ~ then in the end he say come @ 2+ ><" wah liew ~ then i watch tv ah .. do this do that .. then when going 2+ he say not coming le ~ WTH =.=" si bei li hai dua mi leh Jon .. KNS ~ then Janice say wanna come my hse but i wanna slp .. and i lazy to pacify my dog .. so i say i go down meet her 1st then i shun bian can eat something Lol .. so went down at 3+

reach le .. saw her eating Fish and Chip ~ liew ~ then i go buy cup noodle ~ so big diff ! haha .. then after tat saw jon he say coming my hse to look for mi ? WTH ? he didnt see mi ? so after ahwile Ashley came .. then Jon came back stating he came my hse .. ><" ahhaa .. then after tat talk hao le .. Janice was using my fone .. so i went outside to game with them lor .. then slowly 1 by 1 came .. and blah blah .. play game chit - chat everything oso have lar .. then play full court LOL =x shack ah =.=' felt so dumb in de sense .. haha .. then after tat got kranji de jio us play 3v3 .. then nic YC and LY went over lor .. while de rest of us were playing match @ the other half court ~ then they came back and say win .. heng ah ~ nv throw face =.=" Lol .. then play awhile more ~ abt 630 or so .. go back le lor .. lyke very long nv early go back Lol =x

Reach home ~ use abit comp 1st then went to bathe .. then come out watch Tales of Eternia de Anime .. and eat my dinner .. after that chit - chat abt tmr .. see if got ppl wanna go down play .. then i accidentally forgot got game .. then i go promise tutle country ppl that im free on thurs .. argh .. damn fk now =.=" haiz .. troubled troubled .. dunoe wad i should do .. haiz .. dun go oso cannot .. go liao then throw other side with no people to guide ><" arghhhhh .. forget it .. see how tmr lar =.=" ended today post Lol .. going slp soon aniway .. bye

I think this color is hard to read .. hmm .. aniway .. im still sad abt wad i said in ytd post ~ YC say not that they dun treat mi as fren .. but juz that cuz im older they in a way got respect .. hmm .. i dun see the respect leh .. wad i wan no nid lyke i older u give mi respect lar .. i mean .. basic curtesy lor .. but wad i realli aim for is the Friendship .. and i dun mean normal de .. i mean CLOSE de .. but i dun tink it will gonna happen .. haiz .. 烦啊烦 .. not nice to live in this world =x Ps. i dunoe y eunice oso got tis thoughts =.="


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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Just a sudden post out of nowhere, maybe I'm just emo-ing out of nowhere, it's really sadden-ing to see that, no matter how hard I tried, some things aren't never going to change. Especially the word friendships. With this, I wanted to ask everyone a question, is friend forever a phrase to use? Does friendship last forever? And last but not least, what is a frend and a close friend to you?

Quite a lot of people surrounding me are sad? Like Sean, although he always say about forgetting her and concentrating on basketball, but whoever is his friend is able to understand that he is still sad, if his not, he wouldn't be putting [I will try to forget her in every post.] His just not courageous enough to own up to many people, maybe because he doesn't want people to sympathize with him? Or maybe he just hope with the lesser complaing, he could forget her much more easier. But to what I know and what I had gone through, it's useless to forget her if you fall too deep because this kind of things can't be explain, that's why some people say that it is a blessing to lost one's memory and start again a new life, while some people say that holding on to a memory is a blessing because it's the happiness and sorrowness and everything else of feeling that makes you grow up. Also, to Sean, playing basketball aren't the only way to grow up, watching and learning them is another way. 加油吧,老弟

Eunice also, I just read her post and seeing that she's sad because of her size, she know that a lot of guys prefer to have a skinny or at least a girlfriend with a decent look plus an okay size, I persoanlly think that she is okay with her look, I guess she think so too, it's just that she's worry about her size because she know she is plump. I wouldn't use the word fat because it's should be use on people like me. Previously she tried losing her weight because she wanted to show to some others that with determination, she could slim down, now once again shes doing it but now her mind is set to others. It's just funny on how she can do it with this kind of thinking, but I wish her luck, and Eunice, if you were to see post, like what Sean had say in your blog, if the person likes or loves you, he wouldn't care much about your body but rather your heart, if you can give the impression that you are as good as those pretty women down the streets through your effort and love and everything, it would simply push them down because you are someone whom they can't beat with action. Although what I say here might be a little off from the real world, because the world is just so realistic, but I hope you will have more confidence in yourself. You are not like me. :D

This is the two whom I know are sad because of one thing or another, but does anyone know I'm sad once again? It's hard to be contented with only a few bit. I know I always say asking for no returns after putting in so much effort, but it aren't coming that way, I don't want something more back, but I want equipvelent stuff back, I know it's impossible, especailly on the word "Friendship." Like my msn nick is trying to say, no matter how hard I try, how much effort I put in, some things are just never going to change. To those younger then me, am I hard to mix around with? Or am I just too sucks to be your friend, I mean, close frends. Chatting with me is like so hard, playing with me is also like so hard, I just can't understand why this happen. I felt like my life is going back to what it is a year or two ago, where I tried mixing around with a group of friends, they are already closed to themselves, and I joined in, and I find that they are close to me too, it's just that after one stupid inccident I created, I found that our friendship together is actually so weak, so what's the point of telling me Friends Forever when you are going to leave me so soon. Now it's a bit better in the sense only 6months has pass, what about another 6months? Will it be totally the same as how it is a year ago? Where 1 year is the deadline to everything frends in there? I really hope it's not. Are you guys taking me for granted? Or it's just that we are not close enough for you guys to even care about me. Will someone ask about me if I'm suddenly gone one day? Maybe you could answer yes when I'm asking it, but might not be doing it during that day. Do I really means nothing? Or am I just forcing to much stuff. To answer people's question about why I don't go and find a girlfriend at this age is because, I know I wouldn't give up my time on friends for girlfriends, so I rather stay single and not hurt any girls. Sigh, life is once again meaningless. I told Yoke last time, that if they were to really leave me one day, I wouldn't try something like this again, but now, I'm still here, trying to get close to another group of friends, which I know is impossible, because their heartx doesn't had a place for me. I though being god-brother would get some closer, but I smell that it's getting further and further, I'm still just one dumb man trying to graps something that is impossible. Alwyn is only a person there, but not in their heart.

I'm going for my results this coming Friday, to see if my leg is fine or not, I hope that it's fine, but it just means going to the hard army, I also hope it's not find so that I could get to the lazy army, in a dilemile, and I asked people to accompany me there, but I don't think how I ask will affect them, some will just say, don't want, rather play basketball, while some would just say see first and totally forget about it. I don't think anyone would read it because this is something for none to read, I mean, you read, you will get what I feel, you don't read, doesn't really makes a change to me because like I say, some things will never going to change, not especially, but to most extend, to the word [Friends.] If you had successfully reach this sentence, it shows that you had ended a long speech by Mr. Peh


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Monday, August 25, 2008

haha ~ okay ~ this morning woke up as per normal then pei Ly da shuai ge down to bus - interchange .. then told him im jealous cuz so mani ppl guan xin him =( .. lol .. after tat reach le the bus is oready there ~ TMD .. lol .. hmmm .. then i went to the nasi lemak store buy nasi lemak Sec B + 1 popiah ~ wah .. the popiah expensive T__T .. then walk home .. eat and watch tv .. lol ><" si bei nth do sia .. juz trying to waste my time .. haha .. then use abit comp oso .. i go do the last touch up on HongJing blogs .. then intially i wanna edit my own blog de .. but alot ting got problem ~ so forget it >< lol =x after tat done le go back watch tv .. haha ..

then was sms-ing with BY abt asking him to go down mah ~ then wanted to watch tv de but simp called mi ask mi go eat ~ oki lor .. so i went out to find him .. then went to yew tee eat ~ not very good la .. de kway chap .. after tat done eating he went to find a carpark then do some cleaning up on his inner side of his car ~ and i was so bored >< Lol .. but nvm .. after tat he went to yew tee de pertrol station to wash car .. folo up to batok that viccom ? to do his car inspection Lol =p .. done with everything .. he went to limbang to buy de stretch and win ~ wah lao ><" he bought a total of 5 strech ~ and won total of $40 .. so still lost $10 in total .. lol .. and i sitted in his car for like abt 25mins ? lol =x nvm lar .. for fun mah haha .. then after tat drove to bball court le ..

reach there .. see quite alot of peeps .. lol .. saw SEAN !!! wakaka ><" okay im mad .. then chat abit .. see them play matches with those swiss .. then swiss lost le bu gan yuan Lol =x then mi and sean went to lb cuz he wan go toilet .. after tat kope some pics frmo him .. like ..

sri ah DX .. lol .. but it look jus so funny .. haha

Sean and YanYou inside the pic ~ 1st time i see Sean with uniform + tie ~ look realli neat xD haha .. so cute too !!! ARGH !!! ><" YY OSO ><" IM DEAD ><" LOL =x after tat LY came and we do a few shoot shoot Lol =x so done with it HJ team played with swiss .. then those kranjian jerk @ swiss cuz unhappy with them mah ~ but HJ team still lost >< argh ~ WTH ! haiz .. they oso cant win sia ><" suan le ba .. then after tat 6.30 liao .. BY going off .. so is LY ><" liew ~ then HW folo them cuz he wanna take ball .. then since 630 le jon and ash oso went back .. so those hu left over de play b.ball matches ~ outside team VS team kranji ~ and we won xD haha .. then juz when mi and wj going over the other court to play .. sean and eunice gtg .. well .. byez to them Lol =p after tat we play a few games .. lauff a few bit and joke around .. then WJ say abt wad bukit view ting on news again .. but he like bu shuang mi cuz i nv see newspaper >< LOL =x WTH lar >< t00pid WJ .. lala ~ oki .. after tat ivan go back so i oso go back lor

Reach home .. chat abit .. then do some stuff i went to bathe ~ bathe le i came out eat and chat with the team abt the bbq stuff .. then i called my auntie and cousin to ask them help mi do de booking ~ aww ~ seems like im de bad guy >< Lol =p no lar .. well .. then after tat i come over here to blog lor .. lol .. tmr some of them going down to see national final sia .. hmmm .. dunoe i should go mah .. hw told mi ly ask him to cab down tgt .. should i ? Lol =x i msn ly but he didnt reply mi >< Argh ><" baddie baddie .. i forgot i wanna blog something le .. but .. haiz .. suan le .. cya guyz .. bye


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Sunday, August 24, 2008

ehhh well ... this morning post le ~ so if u wanna see morning wad happen ~ plz go take a look at the post below :D

okay ~ after posting it .. im getting so damn seriously bored ~ by the Emoness + all the shitty stuff ~ Take a look @ my msn nick and u will noe =( .. i asked hengwei if he wanna go sheng siong with mi .. to stock up some tibits blah blah ~ he say okay lor .. then i met him .. and we walk tobus interchange together ~ then while waiting for bus .. i told him i wanna go bugis there get bag mah ~ he say msg the rest lor ~ so i msg ..

well ~ on bus .. sean msg ~ say he doing homework so not going out ~ then we reach sheng siong le ~ walk walk ~ we went to look for bbq food ~ just seeing nia ~ nxt time throw Miss-EuniceVerse to come buy herself =p .. haha .. then walk to tibits area lor ~ then i keep walking and taking stuff ~ lol .. then done with the buying ~ went to the top floor to walk walk oso ~ then saw those bbq plates blah blah de ~ nxt time oso ask her to come ~ since this is manger job =D ahaha .. after that we took bus back to 302 ~ and eat there ~ at the same time i went to ATM to Xfer funds cuz i purchase something online ~ the person Bank acc number damn nice sia .. 11x-1717x-7 .. nice right ? lol .. done le ~ walk home ~ and watch Oliympics basketball men gold medal game ~ wah ~ their 3-point power seh ~ and their skills ~ cool =D not bad not bad ~ for those famous players xD haha .. and USA won over Spain at the score of 118-107 (Resource from Sean cuz i forgot their score haha) .. after tat game ~ its still raining ~ so no choice .. i online do the HongJing blog stuff ~ then play Shaiya abit .. and off i went to slp .. abt 730 woke up xD and bathe ~ then eat and watch the Oliympics closing ceremony till 10 ..

so now 10+ lor ~ came online chit-chat + blog + emo cuz of them lor ~ ai yo ~ envy ppl sia ~ take care guyz ~ going off =D bye


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Ytd was damn tired to post ~ oso dunoe y .. so today morning come post abt ytd 1st =D lol

hmmm .. ytd woke up @ 7+ .. then BY msg mi cuz the sky is shoooooooo black .. lol .. and it RAIN ~ piak piak piak de .. rain very big .. then i online ~ wah ~ see alot ppl online sia .. all waiting for mi to say if got training or not >< haha .. well .. then abt 9 lyke tat told them yea .. can get rdy to go down le xD so went down @ 9.30 and met with Ashley .. then walk over to b.ball court tgt le =D

reach there .. some of them oready were there ~ so ashley and ryan went shooting .. then we wait for the rest to slowly come down ~ lol .. while waiting Eunice .. being the manger ~ sweep the flr so that it can become dry aSAP haha =D thanks ah manager =p .. then yep ~ at last whoever can make it down de all came le .. so haha .. they started by doing some warming and streching .. then went out to run and run the stairs =D haha .. after tat do some side - walking and phyiscal like sit-up and pumping ~ cool ~ didnt realli heard much complain ~ its an improvement guyz =D then after tat do the shooting =D haha ~ this time round let them CAKED abit =D but awhile later i still relac .. hmmm ~ starting from next week its not gonna be easy =D haha .. then while they were doing lay-up ~ the rain came again .. but stop abt 10mins later .. then the GOLDEN HAIR group and the PHLILIPINOS group play matches lor .. then JJ they all join in ~ but i didnt watch >< was playing luminos block with Nelson phone .. Lol =p then after tat went inside to sit down chit-chat ~ didnt realli had de-breif cuz all like so relac blah blah .. hmm .. haha .. then it started raining big again ..

intially yc ly wanna go eat de .. budden at the end dun wan le .. so mi sean and hw went up to borrow umbrealla from Eunice then ask her to go with us lor .. on the way funny seh .. Hw and Eunice was walking infront of us then Hw fell down de stairs =D CUTE SEH ~ haha .. then we were lauffing like mad lar .. then when Sean going down i surpport him LOL =D SEan .. u muz say TY to HW for showing u the dangerous of the stairs Lol =p .. then we went 302 to eat xD haha .. eat and chat ~ then after tat Sean went back le .. the 3 of us went pasar malam .. walk through it .. bought drinks and off we go ~

Reach back home .. was doing some online stuff .. then sms-ing with james and sean .. hmm .. then chat with coco abit .. he say wanna go makan and slp .. then i oso go makan and slp .. then 10+ woke up wanna use comp de .. but see see .. ai ya .. forget it .. off comp and went back to slp LOL =D


woke up ard 7+ .. then use comp .. go check out blogs and frendster .. found that sean alot ppl say hi bro ~ but not to mi ~ then complain .. Lol =p then see so many peeps care for LY but not mi ~ hmm .. sad-ed lol .. so muz complain .. then i go eat breakfsat watch tv nor .. then simon came my hse do the NS online stuff .. and he went off .. so now 11+am i came to blog .. going off .. at nite post again i suppose .. bye

No matter how hard I try, some things are never going to change, supposingly our relation too.


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Friday, August 22, 2008

okay .. today woke up as per normal ~ walk to interchange with LY .. then go and buy nasi lemak cuz ytd night i didnt had dinner T__T ~ hmm .. i buy set A .. 1 egg 1 chicken .. then add a hotdog .. 70cent ~ kinda ex lol =p then hao le jiu went home le .. then getting rdy yi xia ~ time for mi to watch Chao Ji Xing Guang Da Dao .. lol .. well ~ its de final =D not bad not bad .. so after show ~ went to use comp and play psp ~ cuz realli damn sian .. then awhile later went to eat breakfast .. again ? haha .. then dota ~ realli getting lousy and lousier .. haiz .. then after tat jiu went to LB and and get bubble tea ~ then met with LY oso lor .. well .. went home tried installing the game coco introz de buy fail leh .. then install the other 1 .. tried .. 1 person play very bored ~ lol .. then abt 3 lyke tat i went down le

i noe is early ~ but realli bored .. so went down and chat with the mini mart auntie for like 40mins ? lol .. then went to void deck sit down watch Tom and Jerry ~ then jon oso came ~ folo by some others who were playing b.ball outside .. then came and came ~ rain and rain ~ played 2v2 with Ly Mtb and Jon .. mi and Jon 1 team but lost them Lol =x then after tat rain heavily le .. so juz went in chit-chat lor .. then Eunice came ~ give LY the pasar malam buy de shark fin soup ~ wah ~~ hao en ai wor ~ =x then they share sahre .. while i listening to song Lol =x emo ? nahh ~ lol .. then play tai dee cuz HW brough cards down .. hmm lol .. after awhile some went to play b.ball again .. while i still wasted my time lor ..

then abt 7 .. i tink should be okay le .. so i let them choose to run up 2 time or run zig zag 1 round .. they choose zig zag ~ then haha .. all the dogs were barking =.=" LOl =x hmm .. then jia sheng was going home ~ so chat with him abit while waiting for them to come down ~ so once they down .. ask them to do all sorts of physical lor .. including the long lost bad-ly use 马步 .. but tink not gonna use it .. change to crab-walk =D haha .. it wont hurt the knee as much .. hmmm .. then after tat pump ah .. sit up ah .. lay up shooting running .. full body nor =D not bad not bad ~ didnt relly complain ~ but noisy .. well .. its still acceptable lor =D haha .. then i tink sean realli reply mu words dman well sia .. Good Job Sean =D .. keep it up ~ and i suppose all are well .. =D haha .. jia you jia you =D .. after tat they played 4v4 with other ppl .. since got others @ the other half court .. but lost .. still no team work ~ then simp looks unhappy Lol =x well .. effort but no heart yet ~ go go go for it guyz =D communicate more ~ u guyz are a team =D haha .. so train and train .. lights off then done .. hmmm .. then all went home le .. so mi yc and simp went to 302 eat .. lol =x after tat chat abit then jiu went home le .. sri ah simp .. i tired =.="

reach home bathe le .. use comp ah .. then eat and watch tv then ask suggestion from ivan .. u all put in effort i dun mind putting in too =D haha .. then now come back blog .. going off ~ lol .. bye ~


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Thursday, August 21, 2008

1st and foremost ~ muz congratz wu gui guo de blog is up ~ will try to link it up ASAP ~ but for the time being .. u all are allow to click on [yasmine] and link of to wu gui guo =D

okay ~ today .. woke up @ 6+ ~ then get rdy le walk ly to bus intercfhange =D yesh ~ today i woke up okay ! haha .. then walk le i jiu go home le ~ ai yo ~ reach home .. i watch tv ~ watch and watch ~ then cook meggie mee ~ then eat and eat ~ then watch until 9+ 10+ ? i went to slp ~ then haven fallen aslp my dad's back .. he wanna off the air-con but stopped by mi =D and i continue sleeping ~~~ woke up @ 1+ ~ WOW ! power seh ~ very long nv slp until so shuang le =D woke up le i on comp eat breakfast play psp chit chat on msn =D lol ~ then play dota but DC T__T ~ haiz .. then after tat msg Sean .. and whoosh ~ off i went out ..

met him @ lot 1 there .. then after tat he say wanna go my hse but rejected by mi ~ cuz i lazy mah .. then he say go limbang lor .. then walk halfway he say he want go back see hp pouch cuz he change his fone ~ aww aww awww ~ lol .. then walk pasar malam but i tink his taste too high ~ none caught his eye Lol =x then we walk to lb ~ DX went into lan shop see if jon's there but nope .. then we buy le bubble tea went b.ball court le ~ wah seh ~ alot ppl .. including those Kranjian de .. lol

we sit down on the bench ~ then play song ah .. take photo ah .. then hor ~ arghh ~ xian mu JJ lar ~ he can lyke tat take with sean T__T

then ai yo ~ i oso wan ~ can mah ? lol =p nvm aha =x juz for the fun ~ then sean test out his camera =.=" and u see wad he take ..

kaoz ~ then i secretly took photo of him =D wakaka .. but with JJ hands over him T__T lol ><" im mad =.="

well ~ after tat mi and yc went to mini-mart get cup noodle ~~ wakaka .. awhile later Ly Cs Mtb Calvin came .. they just finish swimming mah ~ liew ~ nv ask mi along .. zhen shi de .. lol =.=" nvm ~ then coco oso came down cuz intially got a game with shi jie's team again mah ~ but at abt 6+ confirmed that they are out cuz shi jie say 伤的伤,病的病。 Lol ~ damn funny lar .. i tink is cuz they over exert their limit le lar .. how i wish HongJing oso lyke tat .. lol .. well .. then after that .. MD came down siol ~ then he came to mi and say sri to mi .. ai ya ~ thing pass le .. oki liao lar =D then i tink he told ly sri oso .. =D so after awhile .. since coco is there .. time for trianing for the HongJing guyz .. tis time round abit fierce .. the play the normal formation 2 where they learn last week .. but 3on3 type lor .. then coco and ivan shouted outside ~ xian mu sia .. i can onli help with slow moving pace ><" LOL too fat T__T nvm lar .. haha . then after tat lyke 8+ le mah .. so whoever needs to go back jiu go back 1st lor .. haha .. those hu left de .. played a game with those leftover kranijan ~ lost 1 ball .. haiz .. wasted .. then after tat some went back le .. mi wj bs by yc ivan play match 3v3 .. win 2 lose 2 lol .. but the game damn funny .. and i fall down .. notice ? XIA SI WO LE LAR =x wah liew .. heng nv hurt my ankle .. lol .. then play till abt 10 ~ then wah liew .. yc say too late dun wan go eat dinner .. so nv eat lor .. then mi and wj told by how he can improve .. then see yanbo .. wah seh ~ xiaofei guided him seh =D hope he can learn more =D jia you ba ..

so after tat went home kinda late .. reach home le chit-chat abit .. then went to bathe .. then come back blog ~ lol .. a hungry night T__T bye ~


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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


okay ~ post about ytd cuz i didnt post mah ~ haha .. well .. woke up then accom ly to walk to bus interchange oso lor =D then went home .. i watch abit tv then went to slp le .. cuz dun feel lyke using comp and its so bored ~ lol .. then woke up le still dunoe wad to do sia ><" diaoz ~ so use comp ah .. watch tv ah ~ juz waste my time lol =D then abt 2.30 wanna go out cuz meeting sean and peeps @ abt 245 mah .. then sean told mi he finish sch @ 3.20 .. so i waited @ home 1st cuz janice called mi mah .. then met her @ 3 and went there to wait for the rest ..

slowly ~ came Lidong 1st .. then Sean and DX .. then we chatted at there .. after that DX went back 1st mah .. then we went to LJS to eat lunch .. lol ~ then LD so cute lar .. ask janice to ask her seniors to go b.ball court ~ horny boi .. dun lyke tat lar LOL =p then eat halfway saw weijie .. he doing pre-working-shopping LOL ~ after tat we done he done then he went to work we went back to court lor .. lol .. then play quite a few games lar .. i was laughing all the way =D lol .. then play ah .. chat ah .. until another wai dui came down to do trianing lor .. then juz nice thier coach is shi jie ~ old fren lar .. so we let them play friendly game .. but we lost dao very jia lat ~ its oki =D Lol ~ Exp mah =D haha .. then simp were down too ~ lol .. then after game .. they went back .. the other team stayed back to continue their training .. while simpson lecture mi abt my team cuz he dun wan to see mi and coco de effort go down in drain .. hmm .. will try my best =D .. then see de way they train ~ wah .. their mentality so good .. hope my team got that too =D Jia you ba guyz =D


wah seh ~ today .. woke up @ 9+ .. wth lor .. miss diao ly Lol .. sri sri ><'' ahaha .. then woke up didnt want to use comp mah .. so i just watch tv all de way lor .. till abt 1 i met BY and went to 302 to eat lunch with him ><" then talk to him abt the team things lor .. haha .. then eat chat walk ~ then went to pasar malam to get a fake nike brand pounch LOL =.=" wth .. haha .. after tat went home lor ~ then i VIWAWA with ly .. lol .. while waiting for BY to rdy to go down b.ball court she .. haha .. then abt 4 lyke tat rdy to go le ~ then bugger ask mi bring shoe =.=" lol .. wth ~ nvm lar .. juz bring .. then meet him le went b.ball court =D

wah ~ quite alot ppl there .. lol .. then we go there shoot shoot .. then play abit b.ball ~ kinda sian @ the 2nd match lor .. haha .. then sit down le .. ben lai is JJ wanna talk to the whole team de .. but he dunoe how speak .. so become i speak lor ~ wah seh ~ 1st time i can see they realli sit down and listen ~ nv walk around or blah blah de .. except for jon Lol =x not bad liao lar .. then i talk abt their team .. compare with others .. or blah blah .. talk bad abt everyone ~ haha .. i mean wad they normally do .. muhaha .. suan all =D after tat done le ~ Daniel play match with HW .. while the rest of us went to shoot lor ~ then we play 5v5 full court .. kaoz ~ my leg give way sia ~ found out my 2 leg cant surpport my entire body T__T sob sob ~ then just play lor ~ they catching up ~ but not bad ~ at last we won .. wahaha .. =D then after tat i dunoe wad happen ~ i just noe MD shouted @ LY .. then standard precedure lor .. lol .. its common ~ then after tat MD punch and kick LY .. he didnt retialate .. onli try to block off lor .. then dunoe hu ask mi go stop [ i wanted to stop only when thing got worst ] lol .. cuz u noe sometime things might go out of hand if got ppl go help mah .. then i push them away lor .. then MD still wanna hit LY .. then become i tio hit .. -.=" kaoz ~ then become my turn to talk lor .. then MD stare at mi wanna whack mi oso i tink .. but i tink he give mi respect ba .. @ the end went off .. then the rest oso go off lor .. after that mi YC and BY went to LB to get bubble tea then go home le .. lol ..

went home msn awhile .. then meet ly and yc to go pasarmalam ~ well .. still the same old thing .. dunoe still wan go mah LOL =x then we went to lot 1 .. yc get something .. after tat we went to play daytona ~ THEY SUCKS ! seriously keep bang mi and make mi overturn ~ W-T-F ~ ChEAtER !!! forget it .. after tat went to get something then we went home le lor ..

reach home ~ chit-chat .. with quite a few ppl .. asking some if they wanna go back bvss on teachers day ~ kinda tio rejected by all Lol =x nvm lar ~ then talk to sean .. but he gave mi cold shoulder .. as in speak un-friend-ly-ing to mi nor ~ then cuz i oso unhappy ~ i complain to a few person .. then they help mi talk to sean sia .. i tink is cuz someone told sean i talk bad abt him .. then that's y he more unhappy since tat time he quarreling with others .. but i didnt aim him lor .. seriously i aim at the team weakness .. not him .. sri if u tink im targeting u .. well ~ thanks to those who help me talk to him =D running off Lol =x nitez ~ tmr they have a game ~ hope its a good game =D and seeing sean having so much fun is like .. he so cute lor LOL .. haha ..


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Monday, August 18, 2008

post post ~ lol ~ well .. woke up as per normal ~ then went down to find ly lo .. then walk with him to bus interchange le ~ saw SC lol =x then juz chit-chat awhile then their bus came .. haha .. then walk back .. saw YB and GY again LOL =x but i tink its dark at that void deck + i wearing cap YB didnt notice im there .. hmm .. lol .. then walk home ~ watch abit tv .. then went to slp le ~ but couldnt really slp .. found out that humans sub-concious damn power sia .. i was having a dream of something then it was so damn real lar .. woke up feeling soft every where .. sia lar .. scary wor .. then couldnt slp le .. so online do stuff lor .. lol .. then sean msg mi abt some stuff ~ and ask to come my hse .. siol ~ lol .. then i wanna go rest abit cuz i tot he oso 3 lyke tat then end sch ~ but in the end he ask mi out abt 12+? lol

walk over there ~ then acc BB to buy drinks @ the coffee shop ~ then he go home while mi Sean and SX went to lb cuz sean wanna drink bubble tea .. buy le ~ then came my hse le .. lol .. so wasted time on the comp doing dunoe wad .. i help sean change back some of his stuff lor .. then played dota ~ but lag till dc ~ wth ~ then play AI show them lor .. lol .. not show them how power ~ show them how weak i become LOL =x well ~ then after tat i cook meggie for them ><" ai yo ~ but 1 packet nia cuz DX and Sean share .. lol .. then after tat done le i went down b.ball court le .. cuz simp ask mi go down fast ?

reach there le ~ i go and find simp ~ then he went lb wanted to change his C.C de pw .. and take the price from the stretch and win .. lol .. then done le leh ~ walk back lor .. then juz as we went back to bball court .. it rain =.=' kaoz .. then we went over to void deck sit down chit chat

lol .. then aFter awhile HW went home to take poker come down ~ then play dai dee there lor .. wah ~ Jon is a pro sia Lol .. in a way lor ~ then after awhile we went to b.ball court to play match lor .. lol .. then Alvin came ~ then we ask him how le .. he say things settle .. but in a way that im not gonna tell to show privacy .. but .. its juz a joke of the year .. or decade .. haiz .. then play a few games for the sake of playing .. then i went home le ..

reach home ~ chit-chat alot ~ then went to bathe ~ come out eat dinner + watch anime + chit-chat with huever chatting with mi nor .. then MY ask mi to ask coco to help him look for shoes ? lol ~ coco is being introz out to others thru Eunice ~ then i told coco abt Alvin case and .. Lol =x well ~ sri to say ~ his 1 of my bastard friend .. so something arent not meant to keep it frmo them ~ some more since simp noe le .. he will oso say de .. no diff ~

Well ~ this time here is no dedicated to mi ~ but to alvin, sean and HW ..

  • Alvin -> i hope u learn ur lesson seriously this time round .. its like u do something u shouldnt do .. but u had oready done it .. we can do nth abt it .. but plz .. nxt time belief in ur fren .. and dun even do it again .. but in a way ~ i will still praise u for doing it .. although i noe its of other meaning ..

  • Sean -> @___@ well ~ u dun seems to look tat sad but everyone still can feel tat u are unhappy ~ dun keep it bother to urself .. complain ~ whack ~ cry ~ or aniting lor .. its good to let out fustration .. take care of yourself =) no matter what you still got us =) haha ..

  • Hw -> last but not least ~ u are still in Pri Sch ~ its good that u can sometime think further out ~ lyke wad u say u gonna go other court to play to improve ownself .. tis is good =) we noe too .. haa .. but there are some things u wont be able to understand @ ur age ..

  • done with this 3 ? wakaka =p sorry if im being straight or wad lar ~ but its juz my feeling ~ although i noe mi myself is not fit to say all this oso .. in a way or so .. lol .. bye ~



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    Sunday, August 17, 2008

    post ~~~~~~~ lol =p okay ~ woke up @ 830 ~ haha .. then msg a few of them if they got go down play b.ball ~ took them quite some time to reply cuz all were still sleeping =.=" then abt 9.30 i went down to see see mah ~ then only saw yanbo .. so asked him to go home lor ~ since its lyke no ppl gonna come down liao .. then i oso went home ~ then ly ask if we were downstairs =.=" liew ~ nope .. then i was so bored lar .. seriously i got nth to do ~ then ask them if they wan go out but BY studying LY dun wan YC see no ppl oso dun wan .. wanna ask sean de but i tot he sunday cant go out =.= but today he went out !! arghh [until @ nite read his blog then noe] .. well .. then msg coco ask if he wan go out mah ~ he say no oso cuz he no $ .. nvm lor .. then i help yc shop for the thing he wanna buy mah .. then after tat i jiu went to slp .. told yc to msg mi when he done with his stuff then can pei mi go eat lunch ..

    so abt 3 he msg mi lor .. then rdy le i meet him .. went to lot 1 then go atm do $ xfer and blah blah .. then went to eat LJS ~ wah ~ so qiao .. met james and yitien again .. lol .. ytd oso met them ~ they were down there studying ~ wah seh .. i tell u ah .. james de word nice lor ~ lyke chua de .. but i chua de smaller LOL =p well .. eaten .. yc wanna learn daytona ~ so we went up to play lor .. play play then jiu went back to bball court le .. reach there ~ ly came ~ shoot abit ball .. cuz got HW and YB .. then RAIN ~ liew ~ lol .. so we juz sit there chit chat .. i mean mi .. they stand up chit-chat LOL =x after some time they went up to Eunice hse to borrow umbrealla .. then come down they go play bball with umbrealla .. but i didnt watch lar .. juz sitting there listen to music lor .. then after tat jiu went home le lor .. haha .. reach home .. use comp abit .. then heard abt alvin case abt his thing lar .. then he ask mi for my help but tio rejected .. =x im evil =) then ask simp to go out eat lor .. so wasted some time on comp on tv then went yew tee to eat .. he no drive .. so we walk .. lol .. reach there i ate liang dou fu ~ then he eat chao mian ~ hahaa .. then done le we went back b.ball court sit down chit-chat lyke wad we did 3 to 4 years ago .. well .. after tat went home lor ~

    then msn with YC ~ Read on others blog ~ sean say his sad on his blog but i dunoe wad happen .. so juz tag him dun be sad something lyke tat lor .. hope he dun angry with mi .. then bathe and do someother stuff .. come blog .. going slp le .. bye


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    wheeeeeeeee ~ had quite a long day =.=" SHACK .. and i seriously mean it ><" arghh ~ morning woke up @ 7 lyke tat .. then after tat dun wanna slp back mah ~ cuz slp liao sure over de lataer >< so woke up get rdy ~ blah blah ~ get weijie to wake up ~ ask ashley wad time he go down cuz wanted to meet him but he nv reply LOL =x then i abt 745 jiu go down le .. reach liao see no 1 .. but juz nice walk to court see Ryan oso come lor ~ then he go shoot while i check his bag =D my fav. LOL =x after tat play his rubic ask him to teach mi oso >< but i still dunoe ~ hiaz ~ then slowly others came ~ then Eunice help us buy breakfast ~ TYTY =D i no nid eat meggie sia lol =x today use up quite a lot of $ T__T =x then .. they started their training ~ after some train train then start their 5v5 again ~ @ last that fatty wei jie cmae down ~ kns ~ everytime ask mi to wake him up but wake up le dun wan come down ~ kaoz ~ then after awhile we play with them lor ~ mi + coco + wj + CS|MTB/Sean|Jon ~ quite fun lor ~ after so long liao got the feeling back ahaha =D at least can walk can run cuz bought a new shoes ~ hmm ~ angkle protection quite alot .. =x lol .. then after that they got "de-brefing" by coco ~ and all went back le lor .. shack ~

    i reach home .. eaten bathe jiu rush out to meet by eunice ly yc and hw cuz eunice and by wanna go hair cut mah ~ then we walk to lot 1 .. then they choose to eat kfc ~ i eat again .. wtf ~ full lyke mad ><" then eaten le ~ we took 67 to KeatHong shoppping centre there lor ~ cuz [salon] there mah .. then cuz no booking ~ so we got to wait >< haha =x after tat we sitted at the other side the kopitiam chit-chat ~ then i bought kopi-bing .. drink finish i almost voimit sia .. knn ~ too FULL -.-" then after abt 30mins they went in ~ cuz time abt 20-30mins again ~ =D haha .. then chatted quite alot lor ~ then they done le Eunice machiam nv cut siol ~ like mi normally ~ go in waste money nia LOL ~ BY cut liao ~ SHUAI +D haha .. after tat we took bus back ~ without Eunice cuz her parent came over to fetch her out .. reach lot 1 ~ BY parent oso came ~ so left we 4 walk walk around lot 1 lor ~ then @ mini-toons saw james they all ~ they buying stuff for ppl seh ~ lol ~ then we went up to play Daytona ~ wah ~ see a damn frreaking power knn de li hai de person playing there >< POWER TO THE MAX i tell u >< then our turn to play ~ we play advance then i tot yc and ly dunoe how play ~ mei xiang dao LY noe siol ~ lol ~ shock dao mi ~ haha ~ after game we jiu went back to b.ball court sit awhile lor ..

    shoot abit ~ then those finos play full court ~ so we no court play ~ nvm .. then mi yc YT and ZW playing de fountun telling thing ~ ah dunoe how spell >< so stupid sia .. then make joke lor -.- cuz kinda bored ~ then after awhile when hw dad called him to ask him back to eat dinner .. he went back folo directly by LY ~ then i was waiting for simp mah ~ so didint go back lor .. then after he came .. went to my hse he play dota while i bathe and such ~ then abt 910 lyke tat went out to woodland le .. met wif jerm and coco then go jalan kayu there eat ~ doned with eating we went selatar resevoir to chit = chat ~ till abt 1+ then reach home ~

    i reach home le jiu msn by and sean ~ cuz they haven offline mah ~ then by nv reply sia ~ then sean reply half half de =.=" dotz ~ then he dun wan let mi join in de fun with him and jon ~ wah liew ~ 不够朋友 lol =p maybi he detest mi le ba ~ hu noes >< hmmm ~ S and M so many secret liao sia .. everyday 1 secret LOL =x hmm .. shall get to slp .. bye


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    Friday, August 15, 2008

    post post post =D haha ~ okay ~ woke up early in the morning then pei LY wallk to bus interchange as per normal ~ then while waiting for bus saw Sian Cheong oso ~ haha =D then 一下子 de bus 就来了 .. so they board then i went back lor ~ saw Yb on my way back =D haha ~ reach home ~ i use comp awhile ~ then play psp ~ after tat watch tv ~ till abt 1020 lyke tat ~ bathe then 就 go out meet JJ and Eunice le ..

    reach cck mrt station ~ then wait for coco de train ~ lol ~ then reach le ~ board lor ~ then he say he hurt his leg while playing b.ball the nite before ~ lol ~ then train awhile 就 reach le ~ fast =D then walked over there ~ lol ~ so hot lar =.=" ahaha ~ then BY oso msg over mah ~ ask if got eat lunch ~ i say got =.=" lol =x reach Queensway Shopping Centre ~ we went to eat de curry chicken rice ~ Lol ~ then found a new way of eating by Eunice ~ putting the rice into the bowl or curry and mix it up ~ LOL =p after eating ~ we went to shop around lor ~ then BY say not coming cuz we eaten le mah ~ psps BY ~ then after that walk for quite some time ~ everyone bought something lar ~ then coco 就 taxi to his [job] training place lor ~ hmmm ~ while mi JJ and Eunice went to ikea ~ liew ~ Ikea is big ~ seriously ~ Lol =x so funny lar ~ then JJ got his study computer table set ~ Lol =D lyke 1 kid lyke tat ~ so happi ~ ahhaa .. then walk around get all de stuff ~ then Eunice went to buy her MEATBALL !!!!! >< i nv get a chance to eat it ~ ahha ~ then we taxi back to his hse there lor ~ then help him bring up ..

    then went into his hse ~ Eunice very fast go off le ~ cuz she needs to clean her hse ~ i nth to do mah ~ then see b.ball court lyke no ppl oso .. so i juz stay @ jj hse see him fix the table lor ~ then i help him fix too ~ cuz i realli too bored =.=" LOL .. after tat do till abt 5.50 lyke tat then went down sia ~ still lyke no ppl >< weird seh ~ 1st time Friday no ppl de ><" hmm ~ WEIRD ! then play some matches lor ~ then quite late Sean they all came ~ SEan AnXiu and JunHao ~ then they play with XingBei de ppl ~ hmm ~ still win 1 match not bad ~ haha .. after tat Sean they all went back le lor ~ then cuz simp there mah ~ so we chatted ~ he talk to mi abt 人生道理 =D lol ~ understood lar ~ but .. u noe u noe .. hmm .. then Sean's mum oso got call my hp and ask where is he sia =.=" liew ~ y aim mi ><" argh ~ then abt 1015 then went home wor =.=" lol ~

    Reach home i 1st thing bathe wor ~ then eat then come blog ~ oso ask Sean not to make her mum worries but he say dun care ~ haiz suan le ~ i cant nag him 4ever + his still young lar ~ teenagers are lyke tis =D haha ~ im once lyke tat too =D haha .. going off too ~ im tired after tat freaking shopping =.=" and i realli hate getting b.ball shoes when so many doesnt fit my BROAD FAT YET SMALL LEG T__T bye ~


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    Thursday, August 14, 2008

    back posting =D today morning woke up quite late =.=" LOL ~ abt 6.15 ~ then wash up hao le jiu on TV ~ watch [Discovery Channel] de [History of Singapore] ~ then heard abt some stuff LOL ~ not tat bad wor ~ at the "Dark Nightz" Sitting there watching something ~ especially when juz woke up ~ then i went down le lor ~ Ly was waiting this time round LOL ~ im late =p then he was still eating ~ biscuit LOL then i wanted to hit his stomach ~ juz nice his hand move down ~ then i hit his hand =.='' LOL ~ his biscuit almost drop lar =.=" then tell mi very Ex de ~ LOL ~ cuz his breakfast mah ~ damn funny =D haha .. reach bus-stop his bus jiu come le ~ always so fast ~ then he went up i went back lor ~ tis 2 day on my way back always see YanBo ~ machiam like 1 zombie >< LOL

    Reach home le nth to do mah ~ i jiu watch tv again while eating de Nasi Lemak i bought for myself LOL ~ then watch [MARS] an anime lai de >< ~ then watch de [zhuang shi ye zhong hui] ~ until abt 8+ ~ dun feel lyke using ocmp ~ so i jiu go slp ~ until abt 12+ woke up .. hmm ~ then watch that show again ~ cuz got replay mah ~ then after tat eat breakfast .. my dad bought laksa for mi .. =D lol ~ then i on comp le ~ juz when i was abt to use ~ yan you msg mi ~ ask mi go lot 1 find them .. so long nv see him le ~ then i oso always ask him come down mah ~ so jiu go lor =D haha ~ on comp nv use =p

    wah ~ the weather not good >< aRgh ~ so hot lar ><" then i reach lot 1 ~ went lib. meet them ~ then oso got Ryan there ~ then some play Rubics while i was checking on bags ~ wakaka =p so fun ~ then Yanyou de sch shorts let mi keep throwing >< .. wakaka =p then he complain ~ after awhile anxiu xiao mei lai le ~ then the staff juz nice come out ~ ask us dun block de way =.=" ai yo ~ forget it ~ then i tot ryan wanna eat ~ so we move to food court ~ but nope ~ so we 就 went Ryan hse LOL wah ~ his hse so big lor ~ like bigger then mine ~ Lol .. and not bad ~ comfortable oso =D haha ~ juz waste time there ~ then they took photo of the couples outside ~ but i tink onli 1 pic nia =.=" lol ~ from ryan ~ i didnt hor tis time round ~ mi guai =D lol ~ then took pic with YY

    haha ~ then after awhile went outside sit down chit-chat ~ then after Ryan do 10 times de Rubic set + 1 time close eye de we 就 went down play b.ball le ..

    Reach there ~ cuz lyke abt 5 mah ~ then alot ppl lioa ~ then got some i think is Ngee Ann de peeps there taking [movie] scene ~ lol ~ then all the courts were book >< the other ish by Kranjian ~ wah damn sian lor ~ cant they use sch court ? Lol .. after awhile i oso go down to play ~ then quite fun lar ~ seriously i dunoe y Ivan say im funny ~ i didnt even felt that i joke =.=' lol =x forget it ~ most of the time were chit-chatting session ~ lol ~ today see another team come down wor ~ 1 of them wearing (流浪子) de jeresys ~ hmm LOL .. afer tat we went back le lor ~ then on the way back ~ the fitness corner got 1 thing u can use 2 hand to hold then stable onself on the air de mah ~ i accidentally hit ly hand again =.=" and he almost fall down =.=" omg ~ psps ~ =( ~ after tat went back lor .. lol ..

    Reach home ~ ask my mum for $ to buy shoes ~ but kena scolding ~ ARGH ~ nvm ~ then she wan give give lor ~ she dun wan nvm >< Lol ~ then use comp awhile ~ jiu went to bathe .. hmm ~ done le i see 8 liao ~ might as well go watch tv ~ so watch [chao ji xing guang da dao] ~ until 9+ ~ then come back use comp again ~ now blogging ~ Lol =p was chatting with Eunice though ~ dunoe y she suddenly put CS de name ~ LOL ~ after this dunoe gonna do wad ~ but say bb 1st ~ lol =p

    hmm ~ see Eunice put Mr. Seah CS ~ i was still thinking hu is it ~ i tink i realli might not be thinking abt them le ba ~ rmb-ring few months ago ~ CS tat name is actually still ~ u noe ~ abit taboo lor ~ cuz it's someone's name mah .. but not ChinSeng definitely .. well ~ then every time wanna msg Sean oso will pop out his name .. cuz i press [S2] juz nice his name oso go [S2] except got some other stuff lor .. hmm .. hope i can realli get over with them ~ although now i got new friends ~ but new problems occuring ~ it's cuz i learn how to over-think ~ Argh ~ haiz ~ how i wish to revert back to the time of Sec. Sch. ~ but it's just so Impossible


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    Wednesday, August 13, 2008

    Well ~ before posting ~ wanna say thanks lot for all the caring facilitators hu tried to help me ~ although im 1 hell ponn-er ~ i still care for my grade though ~ it's just that im playing with it =x maybe it will back-fire ~ or not ~ i dunno ~ but the more impt thing is FYP =.=" but ~ never-the-less ~ thanks ~ even though after so many weeks i dunoe wads u all de sur-name or aniting ..
    thanks lot for praising mi although i noe im not tat type of person in actual facts .. hmmm .. hao le .. thanks till here ~ cont. my blog

    well ~ woke up and went to wait for LY ~ quoted frmo Eunice ~ HE BIAN LE >< he greeted mi morning seh =D wah ~ last time he say not impt de ~ dunoe y suddenly greet mi ~ hope nxt time everyday oso ba =D lol =p then reach there ~ awhile later his bus came then i go back le lor ~ i told him i will be meeting him at LB after his sch time ~ dunoe for wad ~ i juz wanna find something to do b4 going hospital T__T

    reach home ~ play psp ~ then cook meggie then watch [zhong yi da ge da] ~ hmm ~ not bad lar .. the magician =D then after tat use comp lor ~ rub.bish with eunice ~ msg others ask if anione wanna go hosp with mi ~ then yc wish mi good luck ~ but until the end still no 1 .. lol .. so rott-ed with everything i could ><" then abt 1.30 went out to lb to wait for ly ~ then wait and wait ~ wait and wait ~ abt 2.10 lyke tat i msg alvin ask if they go home le ~ he say yes =.=" dotz ~ guess i miss diao him LOL =x waited till abt 2.30 then went back lor ~

    rEach home ~ bathe le jiu get rdy to go out le >< for wad mah ~ go hospital lor .. haiz ~ went out by myself ~ train by myself im a lonely guy =x aniway on board msg-ing junhao lor ~ then dunoe which stop my dad ask mi to call him =.= then jiu noe where to meet my mum and everything ~ reach tiong bahru ~ my mum done with her stuff ~ went to Alexendra le .. reach there ~ register ~ the nurse say dun hav my details =.= wth ~ then she help mi input ~ then the other nurse ask mi go change to their "gown" there >< hmmm ~ not nice de ~ then very fast de doc jiu ask mi in le lor ~ then she say cannot move =.=" and i realli didnt move sia >< shoud have ask if my hand can move cuz my head didnt lie down comfortably >< argh ~ then itchy oso cannot move ~ wah ~ damn uncomfortable ~ then cant get to slp ><" listen to 933 ~ arghh ~ then mind nid to keep bluffing myself still got how long how long ~ so as to cut short .. AT LAST ! 30mins up ~ im done =D so happi lar ><" let mi stay lyke tat for 1hr i might become fossil =x then hao le jiu take bus folo by mrt back ~ i tell u ~ I HATE MRT AND BUS @ PEAK HOUR !!! IT SUCKS !! CANT THEY FREAKING HELL INCREASE THE TRAIN SERVICES OR WHAT WHEN EATING SO MUCH CONSUMERS MONEY !! DAMN !!

    Reach cck at last ~ walk to b.ball court .. saw them ~ =x hmm ~ then i bug de couple lor ~ become the lightbulb ~ hmmm ~ juz sitting there ~ chatting ~ blah blah ~ then the rest donw with their b.ball games oso crowd aroudn there to chit-chat ~ then shortly after they went back le ~ then mi and yc 1 team VS wJ and Hw ~ lost 2 win 1 .. hmm ~ nvm ~ its oki de .. then after game we went minimart buy drinks ~ sit down chat awhile ~ then went back le ..

    reach home ~ bathe le jiu online ~ then chat chat ~ with alot ppl lor ~ then made the couples angry ~ cuz i love to take photograph ><" haiz ~ it's my sucky hobby wad ~ cant change .. the bastards group know it =.=" haiz .. then chat with YY oso ~ but abit he offline le ~ then alvin say i keep on be lightbulb .. nt like i dunoe ~ then he say cuz i jealous of them ~ maybi lor ? u nv noe .. but its hard for mi to jealous couple .. i onli like disturbing nia ~ but it's oso another SUCKs hobby which .. haiz ~ i dunoe ~ sam and cin can ta han ~ but not very li hai oso ~ lol =x but at least very fast forgive mi ~ dunoe sean and an xiu .. haiz .. done with today blog ~ going off soon ~ not feeling good .. haiz ~ after every post got the tag right ~ u all try seeing ~ if cant .. its [我什么都没有,只是有一点吵。] .. can understand ba?

    juz my own corner ~ take a look @ the pic .. doesnt shows much though ..

    aniway ~ its juz a bit of my feeling lar ~ haiz ~ im always a good for nothing fellow ~ always around making people angries ~ and tat's juz mi ~ how do i change ? or cant ? i dunoe sia .. haiz .. anione can teach mi ?


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    Tuesday, August 12, 2008

    Hao lar ~ i play oso will onli play till a certain limit laR ~ dun be angry =X Sorry if i do aniting over-board

    hmmm .. post O-N-C-E again =X today woke up ~ get rdy ~ went out to meet ly lor ~ but tis time different ~ cuz the usual place i sitting got [bird shit] .. then i cant sit ~ so keep standing under his blk ~ then sit awhile at the letter-box there till he came down ~ wah ~ 1 week nv see him in Uniform ~ haha =D then walk with him to bus-stop lor ~ and he went up lol ~ then i train to sch ~

    REach le ~ juz checking up n SGC and some blogs abt the 2 newlywed ~ then wait for facilitators to come lor ~ then she chat abt some outside stuffs .. lol ~ then today sch work ~ damn funny ~ no presentation no nothing ~ at the end she say she wanted to meet us @ cafe Galilee to have a chat with us ~ and buy us drinks too ~ but i meet with YC to eat lunch ~ so skip it ~ guess shes sad =.=" lol .. then lyke i say ~ train back ~ so wait for YC ~~~~~ so long =.=" ......

    after he came ~ went to eat herbal chicken LOL =p then chit-chat abt the newlywed oso =.=" and some other stuffs lor ~ then done le we took bus back ~ funny sia ~ at his bus-stop he press the bell le ~ but uncle still move off =.=" then he call [uncle uncle] .. then after awhile the bus then stop >< Lol ~ then nxt stop i alight ~ then hor ~ suddenly heard a [ai~yo] sound ~ then look back ~ saw a bicycle knock onto an elderly i tink ~ he look quite old to mi ~ the bike juz cheong ahead without seeing if anyone's alightning ~ then the bus uncle came down to help ~ i juz walk off ~ arent i evil ? =\ i dunoe wad can i do oso ~ and ~ 好人没好报 .. 算了啦 ... jiu went back le ~ then reach home blow air-con ~ then jiu went down at abt 4 le ..

    so co-incident ~ saw ashley ~ so walk with him lor ~ then play 2v2 with ryan and junkai too ~ then afte rawhile the rest of the [b.ball gangs] came ~ lol ~ then they play over the other side ~ i sit there lor ~ then juz when Eunice came down ~ IT RAINS ~~~ LOL ! so after tat we sit there ~ blow the freaking cold wind ~ then chat there play there lol .. then see how the 2 newlywed sit down there together ~ LOL =p
    then after awhile become left mi there to be the LIGHTBULB ! wakaka =p after tat they went toilet mah ~ then yc say his phone andwallet lost cuz he tot he put inside ashley bag but isnt there ~ so at the end dunoe hu tink that its with junkai since his and ashley bag almost same de ~ then went over ~ left the 2 Sean and AnXiu there to 二人世界 .. lol ~ then wei jie came down oso mah ~ so after awhile jiu play abit b.ball lor ~ then the 2 of them went back .. haha ~ cute seh ~ so after b.balll i oso went back le lor xD

    reach home ~ cfm wif my mum tmr's should be going down for the scan ~ then bathe le jiu eat dinner while watching [zero no tsukaima] .. then oso chat wif anxiu ~ ahah ~ she reply mi msn =D then talk to her ~ then after yi xia zi sean oso online ~ talk to him oso ~ then lalalalaa ~ ><" lol .. then i ask them if they wan to go hospital with mi tmr ~ starting from see 1st become tio rejected T__T poor mi ~ hthen talk to sean abt his ytd gameplaty ~ he not happy >< Lol =x suan le ~ hope he learn something new =D .. so after tat ~ came blog ~ then going off later LOL =p

    seriously .. the Sean and AnXiu si bei cute sia =.=" i mean the both of them in person ><" damn ~ dunoe wad im tinking oso >< Lol ~ but its funny seeing them together ~ they now is CONFIRM liao ~ juz waiting to SxxxD nia .. haha ~ Good Luck To the new couples ba xD ~ From their Kor =D kekex


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    Monday, August 11, 2008

    back to posting ahah ~ hmm ~ woke up abt 7 or 7.30 lyke tat ~ cuz was keep thinking if i wanna go sch or not mah ~ wanted to see Joshua 1 last time since today last lesson mah ~ budden cuz the HJ peep's got no school ~ so they decided to have training @ 8am ~ lol ~ so love b.ball eh =D then @ the end ~ decided to went down to play with them lor =X haizz ~ School and Friends, I still choose the latter. well ~ so brush up and went down le lor ...

    Reach le ~ onli got ashley there ~ wah ~ his early haha =D then slowly the rest all came lor ~ James and his friend ~ jia lat i forgot his name =.= is de latest ~ lol ~ well shoot abit ~ then after tat ask them to go run around the neighbourhood lor ~ then up the stairs =D lol ~ all complain mi ~ after tat they say wanted to train on shooting mah ~ so make them do what people last time do ~ learn how to free throw 1st ~ lol ~ then YanBo cute seh ~ at the number 96th ball i think ~ he air ><" then intially needed to start from 0 ~ but .. nvm ~ let them start at 50 ~ then after awhile pull Sean/Jon/James/YC/LY out to let the discuss ~ the rest continue lor ~ cuz Sean ytd talk to coco abt their stuff mah ~ then 刚刚好 got other people there to play full court ~ so play lor .. after that put JJ team down ~ okay ~ both oso lost ~ but its okay =D EXP mah .. haha .. then i was eating cup noodle mah ~ then Zheng Wei dunoe y can throw the ball onto mi =.=" im damn far away liao lor =.=" then the soup pour until my shirt and pants ><" I niao ku zi .. haha =p then play le Eunice was discussing abt movie mah ~ so at the end we say wanted to watch $ not enuff 2 =D .. and we went back ..

    reach home i did my stuff ~ eat .. then met ashley and ly late ~ lol ~ nvm lar =.= im always de late-comer T__T so after tat walk to lot 1 ~ met up with the rest ~ then they eat LJS mah ~ then nick say he at causeway le >< wah ~ power house la =.= lol .. so we train to yew tee ~ then heng ask nick to check if got seats mah ~ then no ~ so we train back to lot 1 >< wah kaoz ~ waste money T__T then we wanted to watch lot 1 de ~ but see so many ppl .. so .. LOL =x then rot outside arcade while ly they all went to play ~ hmmm ~ Eunice called on JJ to ask him abt timing mah ~ lol ~ then took some time ~ then we decided to call it off ~ but suddenly say wants to watch Dark Knight .. so at the end oki lor ~ even Ashley hu say cant de oso make it can =D then we bought tickets le ~ get abit stuff jiu went in le ~ 13 tickets ~ occupie the 2nd row =D ahaha =D seated beside AnXiu xiao mei and Heng Wei ~ then watch watch ~ movie not bad ~ abit confusing though ~ cuz i see machiam all the people same face =.= lol =x the place not good lar ~ i mean 2nd row haha .. then i tink ashley keep disturb AnXiu ~ so she changed place with mi ><" Lol =x then show ended ~ went off ..

    we Reach 1st flr le ~ Sean/James/Ash/ZW/Jon went back to b.ball court 1st ~ then de rest of us get some stuff to eat lor ~ budden i dunoe wanna get wad ~ at the end wanted something but cuz too mani ppl so nv buy ~ then met up le walked back lor ~ then i go get meggie ~ ahah ~ then after tat sean want get drinks + anxiu want get meggie oso .. so i be light bulb =D Wahaha ~ am i always de match-maker ? hehe >< maybi wor ? then hor ~ Ly drank Sean de coke mah ~ then he drink inside mouth le put back to bottle ~ then eunice go drink it ~ WheEEEEEEEEEEE ~ wahhaa ~ weird and funny sight =p haha .. well ~ so after awhile ~ Sean wanted to go back ~ AX too ~ so we ask them to go off together lor =D haha .. then took a pic of them ~ but they standing quite far apart ~ its okay =p haha .. soon they will be standing close =D hehe .. then after awhile went back with ly lor ..

    reach home ~ talk to my mum abt de MRI or MIR stuff ~ then she say might not be going for the scan cuz too expensive ~ well ~ abit bu shuang ~ but i let her choose ba ~ cuz i oso felt that $4xx is kinda Ex ~ but it might be good to go ~ so im still kinda okay with it =x haha .. talk hao le ~ went to bathe ~ then use comp lor ~ then chat on msn ~ with quite abit ppl ~ haha ~ budden an xiu didnt reply mi =.= argh ~~ lol =x then sean ><" scold mi young kid cuz i dunoe wad is love T__T ~ maybi lar .. lol =x but u will nv noe wad i noe .. hehe =p takecare guyz =D 小胖如果可以不那么在意友情就好,可是,那一定是做不到的事。

    side - track ---- then i talk to darius ~ then he jiu went offline liao .. wth ~ so i ask junhao if his online ~ then he added darius in >< wth ~ he block mi for no reason ~ SMLJ lar ~ wad i do sia >< dunoe i should be angry or sad =.=" but my msn said i lost a fren juz like this ~ its realli weird ~ haiz ~ i hate losing friends ~ then talk to YY abt some stuff ~ lol ~ then blah blah blah ~ well ~ going off after blogging i think ~ Hope tmr i can get an answer ~ or at least ~ unblock ba =.=" tis is de 2nd time a fren block mi after the incident .. haiz ..


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    Sunday, August 10, 2008

    sunday ~ a kinda boring day for mi seriously ~ well .. i woke up abt 9+ ~ then watch the chn 8 de "le le wo" .. its all children drama in the sense lor ~ but not bad ~ it teaches alot of 人生道理 =) like [只要你抓得住眼前的幸福,那就代表你很快乐。套一句,快乐不一定要天长地久,只需要曾经拥有。] after the watching ~ i on comp ~ budden dunoe wad to do sia =.=" so watch Naruto and Bleach ~ then ask the rest if anione wanted to go Queensway ~ but none wanted ~ so drop tat mindset .. then 12+ ly and wilson came over ~ he took his book then went home le ~ well ~ after tat i waste time till 2+ ~ went to slp till abt 4 ..

    woke up le ~ read up some things ~ then i went down to b.ball court ~ eat potatoe chips and drink Ice Lemon Tea ~ not much people ~ then after i shoot shoot a few balls from HW ~ quite a few people came down xD then we play full court de ~ but keep losing ~ aww aww ~ its oki =.=" then wei jie came ~ play 4v4 half court ~ budden seriously its just playing sia ~ then junkai very good boi Lol =p he didnt talk xD its was a hilarious sight the whole day =D i was lauffing till ~~~ i dunoe .. its juz a joke =) then after some time ~ JJ came back ~ so he shoot abit ~ ly came too ~ wah seh ~ he realli is so shuai =.=" i wonder how many girls fall for him .. hmm ~ then we shoot shoot lor ~ then yan bo is joker =D he making joke the whole day =D during the time at b.ball court was realli fun today =D ask-ed ly to pei mi to lb ~ but rejected by him =(

    reach home abt 8 ? then bathe ah ~ friendster abit ~ waste time till abt 9 ~ then eat dinner ~ omg ~ full to the max ~ cuz i ate more then 3 serving =.='' im dumb ~ seriously ><" then after food came blog ~ after awhile more wants to go to slp le ~ hehe .. byebye =D

    I dunoe if anyone can read .. but its okay ~ went to an xiu de friendster ~ then heard the very long time nv hear de melody le ~ but she cant send mi cuz she doesnt have this song in her comp ~ it's realli a sad melody ~ i dunoe y ~ but when i was listening to this song .. all my sorrow could come out ~ it is just so hurting .. when i listening to this song ~ and typing aniting ~ it could change what i type seriously ~ aww ~ it's painful .. hearing this makes mi think of them ~ beside that ~ oso quite alot of emotion came out ~ regardless its abt hu ~ maybi XX too ? haha .. i dunoe ~ but i tink i put in too much effort into something i shouldnt .. i juz cant stop myself from doing that .. then i keep thinking ~ wad if i leave them ~ will it be of any changes to them ? do i mean aniting ? or im once again ~ someone hu is being there for the sake of just being there ~ no 1 could possibly answer tis for mi .. and i dunoe how to find this out ~ or rather ~ i dun wan to know the true answer ~ cuz it might just hurt too much ~ i feel lyke breaking down once again ~ but for wad reason ? 小胖已不懂得什么叫做快乐了吗?难道快乐是一件那么难找到的东西吗?还是说,我始终放不开伤心,所以找不到快乐。我以前说过,如果我真的失去了,我一定不会再去拥有它,可是,到了最后,我还是放不下,离不开,又在一次的去得到它。唉,难道伤心的人不能够快乐吗?心痛 =''(


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    Saturday, August 09, 2008

    hmm ~ posting @ national day .. before anything .. Happy Birthday Singapore .. i might not like SG tat much ~ but its still my birth place .. so =D hehe .. jia you jia you =D

    okay ~ national day morning woke up ~ went down to play b.ball ahaha .. quite alot of ppl come actually wor ~ then they play with those philipinos again .. @__@ but lost all .. lol .. after tat the few of them hu came last week continue their training of the "formation" .. lol .. some others went to the other court to play wor ~ then SC oso came down wor ~ he brought along LY de books ~ cuz they say ly is coming at abt 1 to take his book ~ but till the end he oso nv come =X haha .. well ~ before they went off we play a 5v5 full court ~ i was in too xD Lol =x well ~ then abt 12+ .. quite alot went off le lor ~ left actually only mi coco jon sean dx and cs .. wah ~ haha .. well .. then play abit oso ~ then wei zhi oso came down ~ so play together lor .. lol .. oso chat a bit ~ hmmm .. until abt 4+ then we went off ~ then was deciding with by on where to go ~ but lyke no ppl + no money ~ so at the end decide to stay at home =.="

    reach home bathe and everything ~ ask my dad to buy mac give mi eat xD ahaha .. then watch NDP xD umm .. how do i describle ~ the marching not that bad xD the aeroplane and the firework not bad either =D but the inbetween de show isnt as good as i tink =.=" well ~ every year is like this ~ but i hope next year i could get the NDP ticket lor =.=" lieW ~ how much i wanted to go ..

    then found out sean got new lover beforet he start of NDP >< LOL ? eh ~ so blur sia ~ wanted to ask him -.- but i guess he wont say aniting LOL =x well .. ending my simple blog here ~ once again .. happy 43 birthday Singapore =D take care everyone =D


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    Friday, August 08, 2008

    back to posting =D starts from yesterday which is thurs =D well ~ went to sch by myself cuz ly got something mah ~ yep ~ then reach sch ~ teacher come ~ then we only had 2 teams =D and we finish everything by abt 12+ xD haha .. then teacher wanted to treat the students mah ~ so walk to causeway .. intially they tot of eating soul garden, after tat change to swenson, but cuz i got medical appointment .. i cant enjoy with them T__T .. nvm ba ~

    train to boon lay ~ and walk around while waiting for my dad ~ then he reach le fetch mi to Jurong Medical Centre .. then register and talk to doc .. then go take X-ray ~ after tat go back again to see the "bone" X-ray results .. hhmm ..the doc say my bone abit out .. cuz the leg to ankle should be straight but mine got pop out ~ dunoe real or not =.=" then he ask mi if i wan to go and check the soft issues like nerve .. i say want .. then after all de appointment ~ i still thinking wan or not =.=" LOL =x done with it .. went to lot 1

    then my mum brought mi to eat lunch ? lol =x then after tat done le i go home bathe get ready go bball court ~ then called eunice down .. then wait yc le we go lot 1 wait for sean =D haha .. then sean reach we went to eat KFC .. done liao take train to dover ~ so freaking pack ==" haiz ..

    reach dover ~ saw sui how they all .. wah ~ 好久不见 ~ then walk in liao saw HH they all ~ Lol =x so qiao =D last year i go TWSS concert with them ~ but this year with another group .. hmmm .. then sit down le ~ wait for the thing to start lor .. oh yea ~ took photo of chinseng ahaha =p

    his kinda cute eh ? haha

    ahaha .. Eunice de candid shot again =p

    well .. then performance started ~ quite okay ~ everything goes by smoothly ~ see chinese dance --> Malay dance --> Indian dance --> Chinese orchestra --> Concert band .. not bad not bad ~ after de dance is break ~ they all went out ~ i stay back and chat with HH haha .. after tat the band performance ~ YES ~ THAT CONDUCTOR IS BACK ~ THE JOKER !!!!!! HAHA .. everyone love him to the core i tell u .. his the ultimate joker conductor u will even see ~ well ~ then i take vid .. take till batt flat ~ WTH !! ARGH ~ miss that conducto funny part lor ~ if nxt year got a chance i sure take cam liao =.="

    after the concert ~ mi yc sean dx and sc went to 302 to eat ~ then sean lao di eat laksa with me ~ while yc eat roti prata .. dx with prawn noodle and sc with fried kway tiao .. lol .. eat hao le ~ then we 就 went back le ~ tooke bus .. wah ~ expensive man >< lol ="p" day ="D" color="pink" size="5">Friday

    well .. woke up ~ and was thinking if i wanna go sch or not ~ then tink tink tink le ~ go sch ba ~ so reach there le ~ then during the 1st meeting ~ wj ask mi to go cck stadium cuz BVSS is having sports day there .. so i excuse myself with medical appointment and went off @ 1st break LOL =p then train back and met wei jie ..

    then we go in wif jeryl ~ yuan lai wei jie noe jeryl lao di de GF .. kaoz ~ lol .. then we go in wor ~ then keep go find teacher ~ nostalgic ~~~ saw .. alot of teacher lar .. then talk to them ahaha =D i wan go back on teachers day oso xD Lol =p 11+ we went off le ~ wj went to eat mac ~ hmm .. then done eating went home lor ..

    reach home .. i eat and watch tv .. eat ALOT sia =.=" Duck rice .. Nasi Lemak .. the dessert .. drink milk =.=" omg ~ so damn bloated ~ then after all the food ~ went to lie down abit =D then slp .. abt 4 lyke tat i went down to b.ball court le ..

    go down le saw quitea lot of ppl there le wor ~ then they keep playing with those swiss cottage de ppl .. then keep lose .. haha =.=" nvm lar ~ hmm .. then jiu stay there waste time lor ~ i oso dunoe y i dun wan play .. maybi cuz of my leg ba .. haiz =.=" then decided to go for the X-ray nxt wed ba .. hmm .. lol =.=" then stay there play till abt 8+ .. went to mac and eat .. with YC lor .. then talk talk .. after tat 9 went off le .. then 就 come home .. ahaha =p

    reach home ~ bathe .. then now come blog .. hmm .. read Eunice blog .. wah ~ Ly got msg her nv msg mi sia ><" lol .. nvm mah ..cannot be emo because of this right =.=" =x lol .. well .. so post ended ~ tmr is training day xD hav fun guyz .. i realli had a great time at the concert ~ its good to go out together like this =D haha


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    Wednesday, August 06, 2008

    post post post xD haha .. okay ~ todea no sch mah ~ so intially tot of waking up around 9+ to watch zhong yi da ge da .. but due to my stomach >< i woke up at abt 7+ .. so juz nice ~ oso can watch ~ so went ahead to watch lor .. then done le ~ wash up then use abit comp xD Lol =p then breakfast come back ~ so eat liao ~ then get rdy ~ went out to lot 1 to find JJ BY and Eunice ..

    met them ~ they dunnoe wan to eat wad ~ so we walk around ~ at the end settle down @ Food Junction =.=" lol .. well ~ mi and BY ate Yong Tau Foo .. since i eaten le .. so i juz get the esoup lor ~ then JJ ate Salmon + Chiken terriyaki bento set while Eunice eat dunoe wad raman .. lol after eaten le ~ BY say he not full yet =.=" so we went basement walk walk get some stuff to bite oso ~ done with that we went home le xD haha

    dily daly ~ do tis do tat .. until abt 410 met with BY .. then we went bball court ~ then play with 2 sec 1 or 2 kranjian >< we lost =.=" Lol ~ nvm lar ~ then we play our own since quite a number of ppl is there ~ Sean and DeXuan there too ~ since their CCA cancel till CA2 over .. haha .. then play and play ~ after sometime a few of us sit down together to chit-chat ~ then heard from Sean i teach them lyke Shit .. cuz i nv join their training last time mah ~ onli watch .. T__T sob ~ 死 coco ~ Lol .. oki la ~ i noe he teach beter la ~ lol .. but due to my lack of motivation ~ hmmm .. Lol =x forget it .. then after sean went off le wei jie came sia ~ then play a few games with him lor .. haha .. done le 就 went home le ..

    Reach home ~ bathe .. now come blog .. hmm .. blog hao le should be go eat .. lol .. bye ~


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    Tuesday, August 05, 2008

    well well well ~ after dunnoe how many days .. =x didnt walk to mrt with ly sia ~ cuz he in camp mah ~ so i woke up late xD then slowly stroll to sch =D hehe .. reach class .. jiu game PSP lor =.=" then after that she came le .. then start lesson after some time ..

    eeeee yyyeeeer .. she target mi todea .. cuz my 3rd UT didntt done very well .. i think a D ? haiz .. jia lat sia =.=" then she ask mi to do most of the thing today so that i can try to get A .. so did lor =.=" well ~ todea is kinda simple ? just creat a brand name for 2 new beers .. kaoz =.=" Shirley group got something like Island Supremacy .. Hua Long groups got somethong like cherie <-- french =D then my group simple ~ White roses LOL =p well .. after tat had Ut ><" after UT right ~ sam check ans with janice ~ then hear hear ><" i jia lat liao sia ~ alot error T__T plus no time ~ y UT onli 30mins ? can anione tell mi ? how to finish typing so many thing sia =.=" argh !!! FORGET IT T__T hope it moderates well .. kekex

    after UT ~ Rush to MRT .. then took mrt back to yew tee lor ~~ dunoe when want to buy hp pouch sia .. hmm .. see how ba ~ then went bball court ~ saw quite alot ppl there lor =D haha .. then played too ~ but lost ~ thanks to my freaking acheing back that i dun feel lyke moving much ~ Its so F***ing ache lar .. argh ~ then Sean pass mi the ticket ~ hmmm .. same as last year .. haha =D last year went with them ~ now went with another group ~ both oso twss de .. kena curse haha =D well ~ then saw ly come down wor ~ he ended at abt 530 for his NCC camp haha =D then mi ly and yc went to lb to eat lor =D then after that alvin came to find us .. then ly buy bubble tea le 就 went home le .. haha ..

    reach home ~ i bathe ~ then eat ~ haha =D eaten le .. then ly told mi something happen ~ so he wont be going to sch with mi or aniting for tis week .. oh well .. its oki de .. then eaten le nth to do at comp mah ~ so went and watch "ben shan jian li shi" .. the show where pri/sec students form a team and create something for singapore lor .. haha .. i tink so lar .. then had a talk with my dad abt SG .. conversation keep confidential haha =p .. then now come back ~ read Eunice and sEan blogs .. hmm .. then blog my own ~ gonna help sean edit tings .. bye =D oh ya ~ scare abit dull ~ so anihow add 1 pic =D

    The most noisiest small kids in the b.ball court =D haha


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    hmm .. juz change my blog skin =D in sch ~ give mi suggestion guyz ? haha =D
    at nite will be posting again xD so no worries =D


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    Monday, August 04, 2008

    post post post =D starting frmo sunday since i didnt post ytd ~ hehe .. oki .. woke up .. then get rdy abit .. i went down to play bball with nick ly and ashley .. after awhile yc and eunice came xD then we play match .. 3 games and i lost all 3 T__T got rebounder is so good ahaha =p

    after the few games ~ get drinks ~ shoot abit ~ abt 10+ went off le =D haha .. then eunice help sean to do his blog ~ but she juz gave her a template .. i went home le mah ~ then watch anime lor .. then after tat help sean find blogskin oso =D u all can click on the link .. then went to slp awhile ~ after tat went to westmall ~ then to bukit panjang ~ wah seh ~ BPP alot of foods ~~ ahhaa =x its still de same ~ if i got money i wanna go cheong =.=' haha =p

    okay ~ abt 6+ went off ~ reach bball court at 7 lyke tat ~ no much ppl =.=" then simp juz came back too .. lol .. after having a chat with him ~ play abit bball then went home le ..

    reach home ~ rest abit .. wanted to eat and watch H.E.R.O .. a jap movie that shows how a guy use all his ability to crack a case .. but hor .. the show starts abt 9 end 11.15 mah ~ then dunoe y sean so kan cheong =.=" thne i miss diao 1hr of tat show help him settle his blog =.=" where can find so 好 de kor =X 真是的 lol .. after tat done with it .. i went to slp le xD


    okay ~ monday ~ as my back is hurting realli mad =.=" i didnt go sch todea ~ woke up morning .. walk to interchange with ly ~ his cute ~ wearing his ncc uniform ~ abit nerd nerd lyke tat .. haha .. but still oki lar .. tin shuai de lar =D haha .. met up with jun hao ~ he oso ncc U LOL =x funny 2 >< cuz they got camp mah .. haha .. after tat took 190 =.=" oh my tian ~ so full ~ then the bus door got hit my leg =.=" lol ~ 本来 wanna stop at the same bus stop as them ~ but see so mani ppl .. forget it .. went down @ the polyclinc stop .. =D

    go in line up ~ then get number >< so mani ppl sia =.=" then after tat get a soya drink .. and continue waiting .. then at last see doc ~ told him i wanna get a refrence letter to check my leg ~ then talk bt my back too .. then he gave mi med for my back =.=" ai yo ~ kinda useless .. after everything done ~ my dad fetch mi to sch =D

    reach le ~ eat breakfast .. si bei xin ku ~ cuz cant realli bend =.=" then done le check check .. then go for the talk le .. the talk not bad ~ ended quite early .. then after tat got some activities on lor .. haha .. then hor .. done at abt 445 ? i took mrt back ..

    reach bball court .. quite alot ppl there ~ met a new fren oso .. boonbing haha .. well .. then play some matches .. then sit down and chat .. after tat jiu went back le ~ oh yea ~ i dunoe eunice still can go for the concert mah ~ if tmr's the last day of handing up money since i tink she didnt contact sean .. hmmm .. see how it goes lor .. then reach home ~ bathe eat and blog haha .. going slp soon .. dunoe y .. juz dun feel lyke doing aniting due to my back ache T__T bye ~


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    Saturday, August 02, 2008

    well well well ~ lol =x okay .. todea sat ~ had quie a shack but fun day i suppose .. haha =D alright ~ morning was quite scary for mi .. seriously i dunoe wad happen wor =.=" but the room tv on by itself ><" T________T wth lor ~ i check .. but i tink no 1 at home lor =.=" eerie T___T sob sobx .. then i hide myself till abt 8 .. then rdy up i 就 go downstairs liao -.-

    reach there .. saw yc ~ then junkai oso there lor .. then after awhile nigel came le .. then i went over lot 1 to meet sean cuz i wan him to help mi buy 豆花 but he dunoe where got sell =.=" then after tat walk back bball court alot ppl le lor .. haha .. then jon and coco came down too xD .. 1st part .. they run outside ~ i dunoe how many rounds .. think 2 ba .. then up the stairs till 14 flr ~ haha .. i was up there waiting for them ~ then abt 7-8 of them took the same lift down ~ and they say all cant talk .. suffocating inside ahahha =x mi and coco took another lift ~ but that lift stop 3 times cuz got ppl come in =.=" ai yo ~

    after tat .. coco consolidate ~ at last time to teach them formation / tatics .. then they play with those phllipinos .. but play 4 games win 1 game .. not tat bad eh =D haha .. then after tat do some training again lor ~ but all on hands de lar .. hmmm .. then hor .. we play a few games lor .. then folo by a full court =.= whoooosh ~ shack dao ~~~ T________T oki .. fine ~

    after all this tiring stuff .. all of them went back le lor ~ while mi and coco sit there and chat ~ after tat heng wei came oso mah .. after his sch training .. so chat with him lor ~ till abt 4+ then we went off .. haha .. reach home ~ bathe and rest abit .. 5+ went down to find ashley le .. haha =x then was there shooting ball ~

    then ming yang came over ~ since he ask mi to teach him how to shoot ~ so teach like how i teach others lor .. hope he learnt ba .. then james were there too .. lol .. then abt 630 met with by ly and yc .. went to eat mac ~ cuz by want to get the cup .. cuz bball picture LOL =x so oki lor .. we all 4 oso get lor .. ahaha .. then talk abt their training and stuff ~ kinda alot stuff to talk abt lar haha =D

    done eeeeating .. went up to arcade to play .. daytona ~ LOL .. then 1st game hai hao .. then 2nd game got a small kid come play with us .. then he use turbo =.=" wth ~ wasted our 1 round for nth .. kaoz .. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SHIT ! then i play myself advance that kid challage mi again =.=" but he dunoe advace turbo not every where can use .. until the end still lost mi ~ wah ~ now i noe de feeling of winning others legit-ly LOL =p

    after tat we get ice-cream ~ then walk back together lor .. reach home bathe and now blog ~ was tinking if i wan change hp mah .. haiz .. juz thinking .. hope i can find some good application for my phone .. lol .. bye


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