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Sunday, June 20, 2010

im not gonna say about my days last few weeks, i think is just working and in court + their training and stuff .. thats abt it, nth much very special ba ..

oh yea, forgot which date, went to NYNY to have dinner and help BB to celebrate his bday oso =D hahaa =p

Anyway talk about this 2 days ba ..

18/5 - they have their "official" outdoor game with other people, and well, they did lost, but at least to us, its honurable lost, because we have seen their improvement, their results, their effort, their seriousness. =D
Anyway, continue to work hard ba =DD

19/5 - tiring day == morning woke up and went to find HX and talk abit + take my pay == than after that went home watch anime abit and prepare and went to meet the rest .. then went to StGames to play console gaming .. funny dao ~~~~~ i believe everyone really enjoyed themselve =D clap clap hahaa =p
then mi by and jj wnet to challanger to find stuff, bought le jiu go shaw plaza to find the rest.
there after, we went over to watch THE A TEAM. eh power lar them, action movie, not my type of genre, but i would recommend ppl to go watch =D not a bad show afterall =))
after movie went on to have dinner @ sakura, today my "buffet kahki" isnt with mi .. zzz ~ Damn this BY hahahaa =p then eat enjoy and see how LY waste food =ppp after that leh .. jiu go sportslink walk walk then slowly go back lor Lol =X
fun day overall =D

Im never gonna be the person you will consult into,
Im never gonna be the 1 that you will talk to,
Im never gonna be the 1 that you will think of if you need help.
Could we change this back like the previous time?
Could you tell me your problems like the previous time?
Could you let me help you like always?
Could you stop saying nothing and talk to me like normal like before?


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