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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Today morning woke up ~ damn tired can =.="
dunnoe why oso =.=
after that prepare le .. ate .. then went down lor ..
then play abit ~ stomach ache =.=" so didnt play much actually =.=" sigh ~
then went hoem to SHIT ! muahhaa =X
then went down .. 收拾了 .. jiu went to LB to eat lo .. eaten ..
went over to simp hse .. then play build up yi xia =.="
then jiu went over to MY hse le .. then they play MJ there lor =D
play pplay ~ then play till 9+++ .. then went home ..
reach home .. bathe .. eat .. then dota ~ after that freestyle ..
eh it sux =.=" internet too lag LOL! =X
suan le ~ was waiting for W3K .. budden =.=" nvm ~ see how ~ maybe go do project Lol


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Friday, October 30, 2009

brb, just hoping that you come down find and talk to me lor. sigh
I think its kinda obvious who u are eh? oh well ~ nvm ~ hahaa

So .. woke up in de morning ~ then after that was waiting to go for lunch
but didnt . so used comp abit .. watch tv .. the nwent over to sean hse ~
his niece sleeping ~ booooo ~ then see him do hmwk then i listen song blah blah
then his niece woke up le ~ Muhahaa ~ then play with them lor =))
after that abt 5+ liddat .. sky damn dark ~ so went off in case ir rain
then it rain while waiting for bus =.= then wth ~ the bus-stop drip water de ..
zzzzzzzzz ><" then nvm .. took bus .. then went hoem le ..
prepare abit .. went out liao lor .. then it rain again =.=
so sit down chit-chat .. wait for everyone .. go LB to eat Lol!
then after that eaten le .. went to WJ hse ~ alot ppl siol ..
then play MJ lor .. starting they play blah blah ~ then watch tv all those lor ..
after that play .. done le .. went LB get stuff .. jiu go home liao ..
now online blog ~ go FB abit .. should be sleeping soon


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Thursday, October 29, 2009

b®b =D Dunoe why the person doesn't want to copy? cuz he cant type de R? hahaa ~ nvm

Okay ~ woke up in the morning lor ~ then used comp abit .. play play ..
then went out to meet BY for lunch le .. then My came .. then they went off 1st ..
stay @ lot 1 wait Ly and co .. then go lib chat .. then wait yc come le ..
go LJS to eat >< kaoz Lol =x after that .. eaten le ..
jiu went home .. prepare abit le ~ jiu went over to MY hse =D
then play MJ lo ~ hahaa =X play play ~ then @ the end .. Coco came oso ..
then after that he play lor ~ funny siol =.=" we take turn play haha =x
then after that done le .. jiu went home liao ..
reach home .. bathe .. eat .. then try character and freestyle ~
well ~ freestyle isnt as good as it seems i belief ~ might not play on =X hmm ~
See how ba ~ buaiz


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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

idiotic keyboard warrior hahaa

Okay ~ woke up as per normal ~ after that wanted to lunch but no peeps mah =.="
so didnt go lo .. @ home used comp .. all the way until like .. 6+ ? LOL
then went down to play bball ~ not alot of peeps present oso =.="
play till lights off ~ after that jiu go home le lor .. bathe and eat ..
then paly comp ~ was playing W3K and Nida lar ~ dunoe @ the end play which 1 .. Lol
then watch anime .. Tears of Abyss ~ finishing soon =D lol


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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Morning woke up ~ then used comp blah blah ~ then went over Junhao hse cuz bo liao
then chatted abit le .. jiu went to lot 1 meet su .. go library do project
then after that went off .. go find sean and co. then LY hyper active sia =.=
dunoe wad happen to him >< then they buy thing le jiu went back lor ..
reach home .. online and stuff ~ wanted to go bball but no 1 ..
so just used comp all the way till midnight ~ then slp =D


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Monday, October 26, 2009

Today morning woke up .. then msg everyone .. went back to slp ..
then woke u 11+ .. DAMN ! Shouldnt have went back to slp .. then can go sean hse LOL
budden suan le ba =.= he dun wan dun force him lor ~ lol ..
then used comp .. after that went out to meet LY AND YC .. then went to lot 1 ..
wait meet the rest .. then went to eat .. eaten le ..
went home prepare .. went to MY hse .. then play MJ ..
after that went downcourt to bball lor .. play play play until lights off ..
chatted .. the nwent to LB .. ate abit .. then went home le ..
reach home .. bathe and stuff .. then after taht used comp .. try skype ..
then anime ~ then slp


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Sunday, October 25, 2009

On Sat .. morning woke up le .. then slowly prepare blah blah ..
then went down le lor . sit and chat .. watch .. play hahaa =X
after that chatted abit .. jiu went home le .. cuz no ppl eating lujnch mah ..
reach home .. bathe prepare eaten .. went to meet ly and cs ..
then my dad fetch us to lot 1 .. find 2 boon le ..
then went over JP .. then they went to eat ..
eaten le .. went over to shop for KB de cap .. and BB de comp lo ..
then see see buy buy le .. jiu went over BPP .. then mi and ly eat
while de rest went home .. eaten le .. went home to SHIT .. then went over WJ hse ..
then they play MJ and blah blah lo =X lol ..
then went home and comp A LONG TIME .. then slp ..

On Sun .. damn tired can =.= online use comp abit .. eat .. then dota abit ..
then waited for ly they all to come for MJ =.=" then play play .. Eunice went off ..
so simp and mi seperate lor .. then we played .. play play .. then abt 7+ done le ..
wwent to continue to use comp lo .. then watch tv abit =.= damn sleepy ..
then after that went to meet YC .. go NTUC buy tibits .. go over LY hse lor .
then slowly de rest oso come .. then watch soccer lor .. kaoz ~ Lol
lol .. nvm .. after soccer .. went over to 302 to eat lor ..
eaten le .. went to fitness corner and chit-chat chit-chat .. then send coco back
the rest of us went home lor ..
reach home .. hit the bed .. then uncoucious le =D


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Friday, October 23, 2009

Woke up in de morning ~ then after that online lor, cuz Ly they all late ..
then went down, watied for YC le .. went over and find them ..
then mac ~ lol =X ate ate ~ saw the girl who like's LY liao ..
then after tat eaten le .. jiu went home le ..
intially wanted dota .. but nvm . went over to westmall .. then swap of plan Lol =X
then after that shop abit ~ jiu went home le .. reach home .. online dota ..
then went to court .. play abit nia today ~ then after tat leh ..
jiu sit down chat and watch le lor .. then @ the end .. lights off le ..
went over to mac to eat ~ met simon @ last Lol =X then eaten le ..
went home .. bathe and stuff .. then online ~ then dota =.="
sigh ~ Moodless


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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wooooooooooooooot ~
okay ~ woke up in de morning by my dad ~ suan le ..
then onlien abit ~ went to watch tv le lor .. after that ..
nth much else .. juz watch till 1pm .. then went out to meet BY to eat ..
Got 1 kid, wanna buy Les acc, but keep pushing / dragging.
Can't he be more man? Sigh

Mac now has the Monopoly thingy ~
It's time to play !!!!!!!

as wad i stated, went over mac to eat lor ..
then eat eat chat chat ~ play play =p then SC / YC / MTB came oso lor ..
then they eat and play oso ~ hahaa .. then went over to watson ..
buy a dye ~ then went back le ..
reach home .. use comp abit .. then went over to Sean hse lor ..
then play with his niece ~ Muhahahaha ! so fun =p
then see him like stress over some stuff lar =.=" kaoz ~ 小事
then after that leh ..
went off with wilson lor .. cuz he came oso mah ..
then took bus back .. went over to court le ..
play and sit and stuff .. =.="
then went home lor .. then bathe and eat .. then dota ~
after taht facebook ... now come blog ~ lat go watch Anime ..
Sorry ah Boon.


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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Woke up in de morning by Eunice message ~ than went to watch tv cuz i tot going out
then Su say nvm le =.=" so @ the end no go do project lor ..
then use comp abit .. msg msg ~ then went out to meeet Eunice le ..
went to lot 1 .. then met sean le .. then walk around .. then meet eilson ..
juz go old woodland centre lor .. walk walk shop shop eat desset ..
then went to CWP to find coco .. then eaten and chat chat .. then walk around ..
jiu went back le .. reach home .. bathe .. watch show .. dota dota dota =.=
then eat and anime .. then slp lol


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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Today woke up, then used comp abit, than watch tv, then went out to lot 1 le ..
met sean wilson reiner, then cut hair lor =.= si bei short =x Lol
then went to lot 1 walk abit, then ly they all came le ..
went to LJS to eat lor .. eaten le .. jiu went home ..
reach home .. used comp blah blah ~ then evening went down for ball ~
play play play ~ chat chat ~ then went to LB foodcourt to drink water =X Lol ..
then took simp car and fetch the rest back .. then went home ..
bathe and eat .. then dota ~ woot ~ can play le =D Song !!! hahaa =p
then finished le .. watch 1 epi anime, jiu slp le ..


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Monday, October 19, 2009

Story Time

woke up in de morning ~ ate and watch anime, then preapre le ..
jiu went out to meet ly liao ~ then met the rest le .. went to BPP =.=
LY ate LJS while waiting for wilson .. then he came le ..
bought stuff le .. took bus lo .. then alight halfway cuz YC coming ..
then board again .. reach west coast =.= awwwwwww ~ boring to the MAX ..
watch ppl fly kite .. awhile lata we go play playground LOL!!!
then @ the end went to drink @ mac =.= and went off le lor =X lol ..
wad a trip =X
after that went back BPP .. went to Yew tee to eat ..
eaten le .. LY tabao for his sis .. then bus back home le ..
reach home .. bathe and stuff .. den ate and watch anime ..
then dota but fail cuz internet ~ budden @ nite internet hao le ..
WTFBBQ =.= swt ~ dun understand how this internet work ..


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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Woke up damn late =X
was awake @ 9+, went to pee, then went back slp till 12+ Lol!! =-D
then after that .. woke up le .. wash up, ate, anime, then dota.
WTF ! i dunnnoe wad happen lar .. totally machiam cannot play . zzz
damn fk up .. from ytd liddat, today oso liddat, nb ..
then sms some stuff .. msn ~ then internet down, so went to bathe ..
then come here blog .. after that .. waited abit .. they come my hse le ..
play MJ lo .. play play play =.= until 7+++ .. then went to bathe ..
bathe le .. went to try dota to see if can play ~ eh like can liddat .=.= lol ..
then went to eat and watch anime lor ..
then played dota again =.= fk it .. had being losing for the past 3 days .. wtf ..
the losing spree lai liao lo =.=" ZZZ
then now come blog .. =X
lata anime then slp ba i think



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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sat woke up le .. FB FB lo ..
then went down to court le .. then chat chat ..
then they start ~ then conflict occurs .. dun say le Lol =p
then after taht they play full court while i watch lor ..
abt 1++ ended .. then went to LB to eat .. then go home bathe le ..
then YC come my hse do things ~ lol ..
then ended abt 6+ 7+ then went home le ..
intially tot of going to WJ hse for MJ @ nite de ..
budden lack of LEGSSSS ~ so at the end didnt ..
thne just stayed @ home game whole dday .. then watch show .. and slp


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Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday mah ~ a simple day i would say
woke up in the morning ~ after use comp awhile ..
jiu went out to meet JJ le .. then go lot 1 find Ly and co ..
then go LJS to eat .. eaten le .. jiu went home liao ..
reach home, play play ~ then after taht went down to court le lor ..
then sat awhile .. saw JX .. woot ~ then chat with him ~
then he left le .. see the rest play lor .. then i play oso ..
after that done le .. jiu went mac to eat .. eaten le .. went home .
game and stuff? then went to slp


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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Woke up in de morning ~ then went back slp ~ tired mah =X
after that wake up le, used comp and stuff lor, then went MY hse =D hahaa
went there le, just ZBL lo .. then after that went out to meet the rest for lunch
then went to eat subway lo ~ eaten le .. went to arcade play candle land ~
played le then went library sit .. till ly and dx came le ..
then abit later .. jiu went off liao lor ..
they went home while i went to Sean hse lor .. reach there ..
no 1 @ his hse mah .. so i was like =.= falling aslp >< lol ..
until his niece came back make a din =D hahaa ~
than play play lor =D
then after that wilson came le .. used FB abit ..
then went into room to chit-chat ..
then 7+ left his hse i think ..
then went to court .. see them play match and talk cock lor ..
then 10+ went home .. bathe .. surf net .. eat and anime ..
then dota ~ then now come blog le .. dunoe later going do wad ..
but ~ bye ~~


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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Today woke up .. Late =.= then fsater prepare le .. went over to cck interchange ..
met sean le .. took bus to KK Hosp lor .. piang eh =.= after awhile .. jiu hao le..
he needa go back after 6 weeks Lol ~ and that should be de last time i suppose ..
then after that done le .. sitted @ mrt platform for awhile ..
train to queensway .. waited @ the playform .. then went take bus to queensway le ..
then sit @ the marble chair .. listen to mp3, waiting for the rest T_T
they came le .. went to eat mac ~ sean is dumb =.= Lol ! nvm lar ..
then eaten le .. walk around lor .. this time is REALLY WALK AROUND =.=
whoosh ~ tired lar =.= then walk walk buy buy .. everything done le ..
bought some food .. went to anchorpoint .. then Sean buy G2K shirt sia ..
Lol ~ then after that went back liao lor .. reach cck .. go lot 1 ..
go giordano check something .. budden fail ~ then sean went back
while we go pasar malam .. budden sean look so sad luh =.=
went home le .. bathe and stuff .. online .. played dota. . then play FB ..
watch anime .. now trying to cre8 orum =.= LOL!!!
so yea ~ bye ~


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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

uh huh ~ woke up in de morning .. wha tired =.=
then do some FB le .. jiu went down to meet with them le
went over to lot 1 met with the rest .. then went over to ECP lor ..
reach there, sit down 吹海风 lol !
then awhile lata .. jiu walk over to a bike hsop ..
then manke/wilson/yy/sw rent bike .. while mi/simp/eunice/sean/ly go ply poool
done le .. jiu met up ~ then return bike ..
Fuck it, while i was playing de bike, i spoil the wheel rim =.=
nnb ~ than needa pay 15buck for no fking reason .. zzz

then they played the candy land machine . then train to kallang le ..
went over to da chang jin .. then had our steamboat there ..
well ~ nth much to comment .. as per normal lor .. juz that no free flow drink ..
except plain water Lol!!! eaten le .. bus back to cck =.=
then went home le ..
reach home .. dota and watch show .. then slept


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Monday, October 12, 2009

Woke up in de morning ~ use some comp le ..
went down to court ~ see them play, train BY .. than shoot abit =.= Lol!!
after that went back to bathe and stuff .. then went out again ..
meet the rest le .. go LJS and had our lunch .. hmmm ~
then since very bored .. went over to Library to sit and chit-chat lor ..
than go arcade to game a daytona 1 round =.= then jiu went back le ..
reach court .. go the new pavilion there sit and chat abit ..
than went home le ..
reach home .. bathe .. dinner / anime .. then dota ..
than do the online registration blah blah .. done le ..
now come blog .. lata going out maybe? =X


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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday ~ a freaking boring day i would say ..
let mi see ~ woke up .. than online dota ? i think so
after that go watch comic .. wanted to slp de .. budden didnt =X
than came back to dota ? then after that was waiting for some reply ..
than hao le .. dota all the way ? im not sure though =X lol ~
i just noe im @ home whole day ..
then after that watch 星光大道 last episode .. not bad lar =D
as expected .. sun zhi you won .. lol ..
then went to slp after that =.=
Thanks to those who show concern,
its just a while, I'm feeling low, but it's fine. =D


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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Okay, back to posting,
woke up in the morning, then heard the papapa sound,
went to window and see, oops =X its raining ..
so sms abit .. well ~ training cancelled
than online, played a game of dota i think? hahaaaa =X
after that went to ZBL whole day lor .. den watch de 何日军再来
=.=" than went down court lor .. sit sit chat chat =.= eat eat drink drink ><
than after that bball abit le .. juz talk all the way =D hahaa ..
then after that abt 910? went over to LB, they ate lor ..
then went home .. found out no kahki to MJ again =.=
so online use FB abit and stuff .. then @ the end bo bian ..
i went out to play lor =.= found them le .. go WJ hse ..
than play play ~ win le .. budden nv accept $ =.= cuz of some reason lar =)
then jiu went home le .. reach home .. FB all the way .. then come blog Lol =X
should be slp-ing le ba =.= buaiz
Be fast ah pang, must start working on ur project le


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Friday, October 09, 2009

Wanna upload photo, but abit lazy =X Lol =X
okay well .. woke up in de morning .. than use comp abit le ..
went over to LY hse to pass him things lor =.= then after that go over Eunice hse
wait Simp come .. come le we played .. than play play ..
then wanna go sean hse de =.= budden he sleeping. than simp came back le =.=
so bo bian ~ cont. MJ lor =X then play till 5+ .. went home .. use comp abit ..
went to buy drinks .. than go court le ..
then got some ppl playing soccer .. than coco went in to bball ..
than the ball hit dao BB .. than quarrel Lol =X than mada come .. cuz coco call ..
than talk talk lor =.= @ the end those soccer "player" went off ..
than they cont. bball while i watching lor .. than chit chat =.= lol
than after that .. @ the end le .. went to mac .. then ate ..
eaten le .. jiu went home liao


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Thursday, October 08, 2009

morning woke up .. FK MAN ! im late =.= damn damn damn !
fk sia =.= tmd .. liddat point gone .. zzz
than use comp lor =.= sian diao sia ..
then went to nap ..
then wake up le .. preapre .. went out to meet JJ
than went over lot 1 .. wait for by and eunice .. folo by sean they all ..
then go over basement .. den chose kfc =.= zzz
than eaten le .. mi eunice by went over to town lor ..
go paragon .. crumpler .. how to spell idk =.= i dun like ..
than purchase his sis bag le .. went the "ah mei" tea hse ?
then drank tea + eat bread .. okay okay nia =X LOL!!
budden quite a big share they gave lar ..
than after that went back liao lor .. go home ..
use comp .. then bathe .. than eat and watch Bleach ..
folo by dota with simp but sian .. cuz got delay .. dunoe wad happen lar =.=
always play always delay .. totally no mood =.= ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
than after that done le .. come blog lor ..
now scanning comp .. lata dunoe do wad =.= bye


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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Happy Birthday Manke

This is Pathetic, wanted to upload photos, but dunoe why blogger so slow =<
oklay nvm . morning .. use comp le .. then went down to find by they all..
than train by le .. jiu went home lor . abt 1+ ..
reach home .. use comp blah lbha .. then abt 2+ .. went out to meet eunice ..
than go lot 1 meet ly they all .. then buy cake le ..
go pizza there find manke they all .. woah =X alot present sia Lol!!!!
than after that they come out le mah =.= so went to get lighter ..
than go over a void deck to hlp her celebrate Lol !!
cut cake eat cake all those lor .. normal procedure lar =D
pics are being uploaded =.= duno can suceed mah ..
so after that .. chatted abit more . then all went off le lor ..
then eunice went buy 4d while i was messaging =X
than after that reach home le .. use comp lor .. all de way till 10+?
than went to watch tv =X hahahaha ~ then abt 12+ .. jiu went to slp le ..

Photo Uploading FAIL
Will try again


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A bird resting on the bench @ badminton court

Story Time

Today woke up in de morning ..
than use comp abit ~ wait for BY le .. went down court ..
hen chit chat =X lol =X
after that went home .. rest abit .. jiu go lot 1 to find Ly and Co.
eeeek ~ like still got problem =.=" nvm ~ then buy MK present le ..
intially pass to her le .. budden she wan accept it tmr .. so i bring back 1st lor ..
then went food junction to eat ~ eaten le .. walk abit more ..
jiu went home le .. reach home .. slpt ~ tired lar =X
then woke up use comp lor .. dota .. then bathe .. then ate dinner ..
chat .. dota =X lol =X sian diao sia ~ International Banking is troublesome ..
WTF =< lets hope got SG to find mi ba =X its easier =)
then after that come blog lor .. now going watch show hten slp le ba .. Lol =X
should have went out to find sean they all .. hmm Lol


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Monday, October 05, 2009


Story Time

Today, I don't know how should I say,
well ~ woke up in de morning ~ by BY msg =X i was late anyway ..
went down to train him =D then train train ~ after that went back le ..
bathe .. use comp abit ~ was "emotional" ~ cuz after a day,
someone still didnt forgive mi ~ after that chat chat abit ~
went out to meet BY and JJ then went over to WM to walk walk ~
saw those "wooden" pieces ~ not bad sia =D
than after that .. went to topup prepaid, folo by going arcade ..
after that sean and reiner came le .. then sena like so scare sia =X Lol =X
after that went over to BK .. i eat and do "buisness" while the 2 TWSS De ..
Study lor ~ the 2 Ex-Kranjian chit-chat haha =X
than abt 6+ went off lor ~ was "emotional" again on bus ~ cuz of some stuff lar ..
after that reach homne le .. bathe .. then dota lor ..
than saw someone online mah ~ so talk to him,
then he reply. And he say everything was fine.
I'm worried, it was like the previous case =<
Cuz this morning I was reading on my previous post mah,
so I'm really worried about the "I'm fine" / "It's okay" type of sentence.
Really hope it goes fine

folo by dinner ~ then a game of dota ~ then watch Bleach movie
follow by 超级星光大道 .. now ended le ~ come blog lor =)
Found a new song ~ sang by 1 of the contestant, damn nice sia =D
suit me so well sia =< hahahaa































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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Today, woke up by WJ sms for MJ =.= WTF =.= then i ask others lor ..
than after that online .. msn =.=" sian ~ made LY angry ..
starting was abit du lan lar =.=
budden after a day of thinking,
its true lar .. my fault ..

than after that .. i tried to contact him buy fail all the way =.= sigh ~
he really angry le .. then they all come for MJ .. lost $ lor Lol =X
than dey went off le .. played a game of dota .. then bathe .. jiu went out le
went over to my ah yi hse lor .. then eat Lol =X eaten le hlp my aunt play MJ ..
budden lost =.= OOPS =X okay ~suan le .. then she play while i watch and eat ..
Lol .. than abt 10+ jiu went off le ..
reach home .. bathe . use comp lor .. now come blog
@ the end, Ly still didn't reply mi, guess his really angry.
Hope tmr he will be fine ba

after this .. should be game abit then slp le ..


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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Some photos taken while playing candle
the "JingRui" is 1 of the best man =D

Story Time

Wheee ~ okay .. Saturday mah .. woke up liao .. then do some SMS blah blah =.=
then went down to train them lor =.=" train train ~ run run ` play play ..
chat chat .. than went over to LB to eat .. eaten le .. jiu went home liao ..
reach home .. use comp .. dota and FB and sms and msn =.="
then after that slowly prepare le .. jiu went over to LBP to wait for wilson and co.
then they come le .. play candle lor .. then they went to play catching =.=" Lol
than the 3 JR members went to play bball but lost 11-0 =.= wth =.= Lol..
then after that chatted abit .. jiu went home le ..
met yc on de way .. then went home bathe and stuffs ..
folo by going down to meet yx and ly .. then went WJ hse ..
watch soccer / mj .. then play abit .
jiu went home le .. reach home .. SLP
While looking @ them play, was thinking my childhood =X


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Friday, October 02, 2009

My eyes is really closing down =X
Okay .. woke up .. should be as per normal because my exam starts later hahaa =p
then slowly prepare as usual .. then go to sch lor .. read abit .. FB abit ..
start exam le .. wah ~ idk if i did it well or not .. but suan le .. =D
hahaa ~ but i completed it wor .. than after that .. stay back chit-chat abit ..
cuz so call last session with them mah .. then went off le ..
someone call mi jay chou fans =.= cuz i keep listening his song in class ..
BUT! i only got those songs inside my lappy =p LOL!
went home .. put stuff .. cool abit .. go library find them ..
chat abit .. wait the rest come .. then went over to food junnction to eat .. lol
then eaten le .. went over to the roof garden .. than Eunice emo ~
details not going state =X btw .. after that .. went to take photo le .
jiu went over to sean hse lor .. than play with his niece .. play abit dg ..
play the toy =.= abt 5 jiu went off le lor ..
went home .. prepare take stuff .. went court .. than shoot abit .. play match le ..
than @ the end play until kinda hot ..
PS to whoever =X than after that chill abit .. chat .. then went to mac to eat ..
eat and chat lor =D eaten le .. jiu went home le .
reach home .. bathe .. FB .. surf yi xia net .. then come blog le ..


Im done with all my study!!!!

But I think I too tired to be happy now =(

If I free I will repost this.


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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Happy Birthday Reiner

Story Time

Good Luck to those taking Exams,

including me. :D


Happy Children Day

okay .. woke up in de morning .. then went back slp =D haha
then my dad woke mi up =.= zzz
fine .. after that used comp .. than BY came over my hse to do some module selection
after that he done le .. i oso done eating Lol .. so i use comp lor =p
than chatted abit in msn .. went to preapre .. went down to wait eunice ..
then went lot 1 tgt .. meet the rest le .. went over to find by ..
then go subway to eat .. i didnt eat though Lol =p
then chatted abit .. jiu to buy bread and cake to celebrate reiner bday ..
than went home to prepare .. go court .. then play bball lol
after awhile .. jiu hlp him celebrate lor .. then take some photos ..
than chatted abit .. jiu went back le .. reach home .. bathe ..
after that the internet fuck up .. totally dunoe wad happen .. JUST SUX ONLY ..
than after awhile .. can le .. jiu online .. msn .. then surf net lor ..
than dota a game .. now come blog .. lata watch show ..
maybe a game oso =X bye


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