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Sunday, July 31, 2011

2010 is the last time I posted in this blog.

Not much intention of reviving this blog, but never-the-less, maybe when I have the "feel" or when I'm out of the camp, I will do the privilege of updating this blog so that at the end of the day, there's still notices of me.

1 year past ever since the last memorable incident happen, on the every 25th of every month I will do a countdown, until the 10th or 11th month whereby I totally stop, because I know that nothing I do will ever savage the problem anymore, and I will leave it as it is.

Now it's my time to go army, though I highly anticipated it in the beginning few, but I didn't expect to be so worry about it until now, which is like "tomorrow" at the time I'm posting this. Though it's just 2 years, I really pray hard that I could complete that 2 years without much difficulties.

As of now, actually I really can't get a-hold of my life anymore, whenever doing the Facebook notes or something like that, if the question ask is "Are you happy now," I really do not know how to answer. This isn't like the previous time, whereby they left me without a trace, and non-contactable again. This time round I had them, and a new group, where though I no need to put much time on them, I still can get in contact with them, see them every now and then, having to talk peacefully with them. They aren't that heartless, at least we are still friends and we have respect to 1 another. I definitely still likes to be with them, and also for the new group. So how should I feel, happy because I gain more then what I lost? Or sad because there's a chain still holding on to me?

Had I grown? Or there is another 2 years to go before I really know if I had grown or not.

OKAY! Time to stop this "shit." Today is the last day for me to enjoy before I go army, after a sleep it will be around 10-11am, where I had less then 12hrs to my enlistment time after all the "enjoyable" day-out.

Just 1 thing to note for everyone in love: Loves doesn't come easy, you never know when it comes, and when it goes. The only thing you can do is to grab that opportunity that stands in front of you, be it after or before you are in love. Go ahead and LOVE that person and do whatever you can with him/her. But never forget who you are, and what you wants. Quote a traditional sentence: It takes 2 hands to clap.

Maybe post again at the night later on, before I went to sleep, I found out there are a lot of stuff I hadn't do.

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