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Saturday, January 31, 2009


Okay, Thursday came ~ woke up not normal wor ~ cuz the whole week i didnt accopmany ly to interchange because

  • I'm sick and haven't yet recovered.

  • Ly went to school too early.

  • tried a game of dota after dunoe how many days ~ sucks =.=" nvm ~ then went to find them for lunch ~ hahaa .. Mich didnt went sch and My got jio mi too ~ ahaha =D after tat we went over and ate KFC i think >< eat eat eat ~ done le went over to bball court to play bball .. i can say .. BB is the Joker of the joker, no 1 won him in court =D .. in short .. we were just laughing all the way off ~ after that rest abit .. simp call le ~ then went back prepare lor

    prepare le ~ meet ly sean and bb .. then went over itnerhcnage .. then mi and ly take to clementi and bought drinks 1st .. wah kaoz =.=" a bottle of Winter Melon Tea and Plain Water cost mi $2.50 .. i was like .. wah kaoz =.= then simp came le .. we park at orchard tower ~ then went to wheelock and he repair phone .. then coco came to find us .. after tat went to i forgot where to have our "dinner"

    omg omg ~ the food is only so-so ~ budden we damn joke there lor .. laugh until ~~~ i dunoe lar =.=" if i nv sore throat .. i bet my laughter can just cover the whole area man =.=" OVERLOAD!!!!!!!!

    after tat went home le .. play a bit of dota .. went to slp le ..


    haiz ~ woke up .. slowly get prepare ~ then MY at the end didnt go .. wah =.=" the whole trip was so boring =.=" i 1 person hao wu liao wor ~ train there .. HENG got ppl to sms .. then reach le cab to CMPB .. after tat blah blah .. all sorts of check up ~ yes =D Done le left last stage .. he ask mi go eat lunch 1st .. go back 45mins later =.="

    eat lunch and met my dad .. he help mi sign form and hand it back wakaka =D then eaten le went back and do the fucking stupid MCQ .. and it took mi 1hr ++++++ >< then kin kin go back court find them .. play and laugh again =.=" CS bian le ~ Lol .. bian li hai le lar lol .. then after tat went back .. prepare le .. went out lo ..

    meet the rest .. went to Ajisen to eat .. haish ~ still de same ~ NOT NICE!!! lol =X i just dun like lar .. dunnoe why ~ lol =X then eat eat chat chat .. after that they went off le ~ (from wad i know they went to MY hse to play le then went for triannig) ~ we met yong quan le .. i go to coco hse 1st .. then watch Kang Xi Lai Le .. damn funny hao mah .. then simp came le .. went over to Pasir ris chalet le ..

    reach there .. almost went wrong 1 LOL =X then go the other 1 .. greeted nic ~ then chat abit .. eat abit .. play abit .. then stay there until like 11+ 12 like that .. went to walk wlk around .. then sit @ Beach talk talk talk talk talk .. then went to fuel station there bought drinks le .. talk abit more .. jiu went back le .. send coco off le .. is our turn ~~~~

    reah home .. didnt bathe .. went to slp str8 away


    Morning woke up ~ haish .. bathe le .. get rdy slowly ~ then went down le .. then after tat took some time =.= then training started ~ train train trairn .. attendence not meet LOL =X then abt 1+ we ended training =D then went over to 7-11 to get drinks .. [Simp came down earlier on ~ and he wanted to eat .. budden dunoe why at the end he didnt le .. maybi wait too logn le ba .. psps] .. get drinks le .. then slowly walk back liao lor ..

    reach home .. wanted to slp .. but sms abit .. then go pla dota LOL!!! Ly jio mi de .. then just before start game he went off =X then i play with simon lor .. after tat he went to eat .. i went down to get nachos .. then come back blog le ..

    wasted my time ~~~~ then watch [yi tian tu long ji] .. then after that prepare le went over Ly hse .. met them downstaris Lol =X so qiao >< anyway went over to Ly hse le . sit down relac chit-chat ~ ahaha .. the i kope controller =D then keep CC chn =D lol =X they wan watch hot shot i wan chg to other show =.=" ah dumb .. after tat time to start gambling .. went to play lor .. lol =X

    play play play ~ after tat Jaynice de ahma wanna come? then we were like gonna hide and this and that .. si bei funny =.=" budden @ the end nth happen lar .. lol .. kong dang xing yi xia ~ ahaha =X after tat relax abit more .. went over to LBP to sit le .. they play bball .. i keep seeing Remus they all LOL =X then see Mich oso >< hmmmmmmmmmmmm ~ lol .. then after tat went over to lot 1 mac .. si bei not niice lor =.= so hot ~ ARGH!!!! chat chat and stuff .. then simp came le .. he eat then we chat abit more .. jiu went off le ..

    send mich off 1st .. then we go back lor .. then mi and ly saw a cat @ bball court mahg .. see him like hungry .. so ask ly to run over to 7-11 to get cat food .. he ran there .. tell mi no cat food no tuna no this no that .. WTF!!!! simi 7-11 that doesnt sell anything regarding fish? wah piang .. then the last choice we choose to do .. was to buy the tuna and cheese pizza bar LOL =X he came back le .. feed the cat .. budden dunoe why he niao ~ dun wan eat LOL =X kaoz .. then play with him awhile .. he eat abit le .. then went off liao Lol [cat ah cat ~ food leave there le ~ hope u finish it ~ Dun let ant eat it LOL]

    reach home .. online le .. then blah blah .. jiu dota .. dota ended .. chatted abit .. now come blog ~ lol ~ MY ah MY ~ Lol .. how long u wan mi write =p kekex .. kidding lar ~ budden really dun like u to keep saying and saying nia lol .. once or twice okay - de lar ~ Lol =X speak in a tone if anyone reading this line ~ if not ask mi how .. i speak let u hear =D haha .. going slp .. byeZZZ


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    Wednesday, January 28, 2009

    Must 不好意思的 ask, did anyone miss me for not posting for so many days? No worry, I wouldn't let this blog die just yet, not like last time my blog where the post ended after CNY. Haha. Old Blog


    Okay, sunday woke up, was still feeling okay de lor, still can use comp and stuff, tat's why i got post during the morning, that im sick .. haha .. then didnt do much stuff .. until like 4+ ? i went out 1st .. cuz i wanna go do last min shopping mah .. see wad else can i get .. so went to lot 1 and BPP .. budden nth caught my attention and alot of shops are close .. haha ..

    so went over to my uncle hse .. then sit there and waited for the rest to come .. lol .. then after that reniuon dinner start le .. didnt eat much .. seriously .. no wei kou .. was feeling damn sick and tired Le lol .. then eat le jiu sit down watch tv .. then my cousin bday oso tat day .. so celebrate her bday le then lao yu sheng .. after tt went to sit down .. then my dad chat for duoe how long .. until i BTH i ask him wad time go back .. was like dying le .. then @ the end we went back =D

    reach home .. str8 went to bed .. budden cant slp .. haish .. head was damn fucking pain lor =.= ZZZ then stay awake .. watch tv .. then went to slp .. and wake up every now and then T__T haish ..


    then woke up @ 9+ .. then went out to buy the flu panado .. cool man ~ this is de 1st time i find that LB and my hse is so damn damn far apart =.=" i like walk so freaking long still haven reach .. nb =.=" then go home eat panado le .. ate porridge le .. went back slp .. woke up 11+ .. do nth again .. went back slp cuz my dad say bai nian @ 2+ like ttat mah .. then woke up 3+ .. called my dad .. he see mi sick then nv ask mi go bai nian T__T lol =X then just rest at home lor .. watch tv / continue sleeping .. ahhaa ..

    then abt 8 like that went to lot 1 with simp and coco .. then coco play those catching machine in arcade >< then he play de sweet de .. si bei suay ba .. use until $50 like that then got it =.= lol =X but anyway .. after tat they wanna go eat .. budden i think sickeness come back again .. so i went home 1st .. reach home slp again =X


    woke up normally .. then watch tv and stuff ~ after tat sms-ing alot ~ ahaha =D after tat until like 12 like that went out to wait for MY .. then he got mi a bottle of honey water ~ but didnt smoothen my throat wor ~ but its okay =D Thanks alot didi =D hehe .. then meet with BY and Eunice .. went over to Ly hse le ..

    went in bai le nian .. sit down chit-chat .. then her sis hao le we started gambling .. awhile later bB sC and Sean came .. then they join in the fun ~ then play play .. ly sis and her bf gtg .. so we stop awhile .. went to eat beehoon and curry .. [i sick still eat] Lol =X then went back to play .. after tat dunoe how long le .. jiu went to watch the Twins Mission ah .. then eat those tidbits and stuff =.=" OMG ~ im trying to kill myself =D

    anyway .. after tat went over to Lot 1 .. then intially wanna watch movie de .. budden i see my cough .. hmm ~ forget it lar .. its better not for mi to go in and disturb them with my (COUGH) LOL!!! then walk around arcade again .. then they went to eat ljs .. then went to watch movie le .. while mi go back lor ..

    reach home .. its like 7+? i watch tv and stuff .. watch watch .. then 11 like that went down to chit-chat with MY while waiting for Ly to buy my fisherman ~ haha =D we talk alot of topic wor =D hehe .. then Ly came at last ~ see his wallet fat fat @__@ HE treat mi and my fisherman ~ ahaha =D anyway .. went back le .. i continue watching my dvd .. [黑糖群侠专] .. should be like this lar .. then abt 2+ to 3 ike that went to slp =X


    today woke up @ 9+ .. then watch the last epi of it ~ then ate 2 piece of bread and drink 1 cup of coffee =D eat alot fishman friend >< haish ~ my throat is going to be destroy soon T__T lol =X after tat come online .. look other ppl blog ~ and ownself come blog lor =D hehe ..

    then 1+ .. went out to wait for them at busstop .. now i noe if wanna meet them cannot go too early .. if not everytime i wait for them de .. ahaha =X then saw them le .. went over .. tot they wanna eat =.= budden go get movie ticket 1st .. haish ~ bought the All's well ends well .. then went down get herbal drinks for myself .. and went up to meet wilson le .. then went inside to watch .. as for the show ~ nth much to comment .. haha .. then after tat still no eat T_____T then took bus back le .. Lol .. jiu went over to bball court ..

    saw remus and friends .. well .. after they done with their game .. we play ours lor .. after tat play abit bit le .. rest abit bit le .. jiu went back home le .. bathe and eaten .. tot they wanan dota .. budden Mich jio mY and lY to her hse for MJ .. then i ask them jio simp oso .. then we 4 go lor .. Lol =x reach her hse .. bai nian .. play mj .. then play blackjack ~ ly on the losing side .. lol .. after tat abt 11 like that we went back le .. MY de dad fetch us back =D how i wish we were further ~ can sit in the pickup longer =D

    reach home .. come back blog liao lor .. Lol =p dunoe got dota or go to slp .. abit cmI le .. haish ~ bb


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    Sunday, January 25, 2009


    Cfm thanks to BoonBing/Sean/LiYong =D LOL =X Kidding kidding =p


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    ah well well ~ woke up like @ 9+? dunoe why .. then wash up .. watch "hei tang qun xia zhuan" .. then ate breakfast oso .. then abt 11 .. went out le .. go get Exclispe .. after tat waited for them lor .. All late =.=" then Sean came to find us too .. haha =X after all reach le .. went over to old Woodland center ..

    Help Sean find his clothing and stuffs .. after tat walk wak buy buy .. then got his stuffs le ~ still not tat bad lar =.= Lol .. then help Simp buy 4D .. ahaha .. then went to take mrt and go back cck to meet Ph and By le .. when they reach .. we train over to queensway ..

    wah lao =.- so many ppl lor =.= forget it .. JJ went around finding his shoes .. after that went over to lvl 2 .. i went to get my clothing le .. every year same same de leh .. that shop still de same LOL =X then buy hao le .. went up to get slippers .. and walk around lor .. wanna get shoes .. but nah ~ nvm =.="

    then simp came .. @ the end decided to go eat Sakura @ West Coast .. so went over .. then waited for the "cab-takers" haha =p then came le .. went in to eat .. left 1hr wor .. then we cheong ah cheong ah cheong ah ~ OMG !!!! I did something so wrong .. i shouldnt drink coffee b4 a buffet meal AND shouldnt eat so much sushi during it =.=" ahh .. anyway .. @ the end .. we were like laughing and stuff like that .. kinda jokes lar .. budden im so full until i think i lack of O2 in brain =.=" argh ~ all use to push the food down to my stomach LOL =X then went back after tat ..

    simp went to buy abalone .. then we walk over to bball court .. (simp went home) .. and they started to shoot shoot .. then Yc came and shoot with them while Weizhi came and chatted with mi .. aafter tat went home le .. lol =X

    reach home bathe le .. then online .. jiu dota .. after tat chat chat and come blog now oso lor .. going off ~ bye ~ lol =X Haish ~ MY say his mum dun allow mi to go his hse le .. =X .. and that he cannot Acc LY go sch early morning anymore .. dunoe why oso ~ haish ~


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    Friday, January 23, 2009

    Mood Now ~ Going to be another sad day

    Woke up and prepare .. then waited for them and MY .. then send them to interchange le .. after that waited for Michelle to come .. then they board bus .. left me and MY we went to the mac outside to chat abit .. then jiu went LB to eat breakfast le .. after tht he went to take the prawns .. then we went to his hse le .. watch bleach .. and went to slp =D LOL!!! then i woke up @ 12+ .. ZBL cuz i was waiting for Ly to msg mi to see if got lunch mah .. then msg BB budden he nv reply .. Then @ 1+ i msg Ly .. he say he @ LJS eating .. ZZZ .. wth lar =.=" Ytd night told u to msg mi if u all going to lot 1 to eat =.=" haiz .. Maybi im really tht unimportant ='( Not deciding to take this down ~ haa =X at least i know 3 days in a row ~ im getting really down ....

    It's not a bad day, but rather a disturbing 1.

    Then ask Ly to tabao for us ~ budden dunoe why his reply so slow ~ at the end we decided to went to LJS to eat .. then walk over to lot 1 .. saw ly they all coming out .. then they went off while mi and MY went to LJS to eat .. lol =X was still kinda du lan during that time .. cuz like kena PS again =.=" ahaha .. then they came back wor .. after tat eaten le .. jiu went to take bus .. then went get bubble tea .. then come home le .. MY came to my hse too .. we watched bolt together =D lol =D THe dog and hamster and cat is really CUTE~~~

    after that prepare .. went down to court .. play awhile .. went to lbp le .. then saw michelle .. well .. they started their training while i talk to her .. after tat training got to end cuz got alot ppl mah .. then some play match while the other goes aroudn with "love story" and "chit-chatting" session .. lol .. up until the end .. nth is solve LOL!!! =X oh well .. then after tat abt 10+ some went back le .. and since nth much to talk .. watched the game some of them play lor .. after tat went over to LB to get a drink .. and sit down chat ..

    came back around 12+ .. bathe and online and blog lor .. lol =X going off soon ~ tmr going to get my stuff .. haish .. buaiz [Initially wanted to go Ly hse .. budden nvm ba .. cuz MY say his sick and his mum dun let .. but at the end if MY went then let them have er ren shi jie ba haha =p] Seriously, take care everyone, alot of problem are occuring man ~ lol ~ and .. CNY is coming ~ it's time to eat heaty stuff and get sick =p wakaka =D take care take care =D

    Anyway, I said it's a disturbing day because I really don't know about tomorrow plan, it's like go where also wrong, up until the end, someone like me isn't that good in shopping. Haiz. Fustrated ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


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    Thursday, January 22, 2009

    Mood Now ~ Feeling weird, not a nice feeling seriously

    Okay .. woke up as per normal ~ send ph and ly to interchange .. then juz when i going back saw dx rushing over siol ~ lol .. after tat went home .. use comp ah .. watch tv ah .. blah blah .. juz wasting my time ~ then after tat went to lot 1 and waited for BY to come .. like 30mins?

    Saw Yasmin b4 BY came .. and had a chat with her ~ oh yea ~ she dye her hair le wor ~ haha =X then BY came le .. we went LJS to eat .. then coco called and ask mi for movie .. but since no ppl wanna watch .. i ask him for bball instead .. after that we went to cinima that lvl chit - chat abit .. i jiu send him home le =D

    then i went back to lot 1 .. wait at the alighting point like 45mins for them ? lol =X after tat they went over to LJS to eat wor ~ wah ~ 2 time there together Lol =x ah well ~ no diff ~ done eating .. they played Ice War ~~ Lol =X shooting ice @ each other ~ and Ly damn zhun =.=" hit BB in both eye =X suay BB ><" after tat waited for Sean awhile .. jiu went back le ..

    reach home prepare le jiu went out to meet BY .. then went court .. coco reach le .. then change shoe .. then play afew game =.=" my ankle haven heal .. cant run .. Sian =.=" haish ~ anyway after that went over to lb to eat lor .. eat le went to ABC get drinks .. chatted abit .. then jiu went back le .. Coco ask mi to change style .. to more fashionable .. budden i dunoe leh ~ dun have the ability just yet ~ even got .. i oso dun feel like changing .. how? Anyone can tell me? Kinda Vex with this .. haish ~

    went home .. bathe .. then online le .. then watch tv at the same time msn lor .. msn oso make mi emo ~ haish ~ but shouldnt be thinking this way lar .. seriously .. anyway was dota-ing .. then come blog .. lata going off ba? i dunoe .. see how later ><

    Haish ~ even the "normal Sean" spea i also cannot take his joke .. so hot temper =.=" dunoe wad get over mi sia .. sri sean .. haiz .. i just dunoe wads wrong with mi ..

    Vex vex vex ..... We can't accept our Pre-destined fate?


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    Wednesday, January 21, 2009

    Mood now ~ Crying in the heart, feeling totally depressed.

    Woke up normally ~ went to wait for them normally ~ MY came today lol .. done sending them .. went to 302 to eat and talk cock .. then after tat went back home watch bolt .. then went down court to find him and Jon .. [my mum noe i fail module le .. haish .. obviously tio scolding from her] met them ~ play abit then went over to mac .. eaten le go ABC but thing then went back home le ..

    use comp awhile .. then meet jon and MY go clementi sports hall to see bball game ~ was having fun in the cabin and platform ~ reach there .. watch halfway ~ Ly and gang come .. then watch USS play .. after tat jiu went back le ..

    reach home .. was thinking should i go .. then @ the end wanted to go le .. but tio PS at the end .. haiz .. then went down court .. play abit .. emo ~ jiu go home le .. totally no mood ..

    reach home come post le lor .. lata i dunoe lar .. maybi watch tv jiu slp le ba .. dun think there will be any add on from here

    I know you are angry with what I say, but did U think of my feeling anot, I wanted to go but I dont want to be PS at the end then got to sit by myself, but if i were to pull him out from the group and the 3 of us sit in 1 table, wouldnt he be outcast since the other few groups are all Teck Whyean, and I was asking you this and waiting to see what you all will say before making the next move, at the end? I was just waiting for nothing, until the end had to go down bball court and kena PS. Is it a must for me to message you more then once before you will want to reply me? Am I such a nobody in your eye when you are with them? I apologise 1st if you see this post very what, but I just dont understand. If you are just another friend, I might not be like this, but you are not.I think you don't think this way, but I just cant face it, sorry. Really feeling depressed. It was since a long time feeling this way, or maybe not. Well, no matter how much effort I put in, I always fail. =')


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    Tuesday, January 20, 2009

    Post early in the moning ~ woke up le ~ accompant the 2 to interchange ~ then after that went to LB mac .. did my stuff lor ~ was actually waiting to go MY hse de .. budden he said his mum @ home .. so its btr for mi not to go .. haha =X anyway .. i saw ppl more siao dota then mi =.=" those Ex-Unitian .. [Jia en friends] .. they were @ mac early morning .. and talking abt dota >< OMG !! its 7+ Am lor =.=" but from their attire .. they were like out sporting before coming .. haha =X

    wEnt home after that .. then watch abit bolt .. and fall asleep =D Lol =X after that abt 12 like that woke up .. then use comp le .. jiu ZBL ZBL until like 2+++? then went over to BPP cuz i wanna see fashionable change sell wad shop mah .. cuz SGC said it sold big size clothing .. then reach there le .. WTH ~ Sell girls stuff =.=" i emo sia .. then go popular walk walk .. then waited @ busstop for ly they all to end sch lor .. waited for 1hr plus .. was thinking quite alot .. haha =D then they call le .. jiu went up and meet them .. then walk over to bball court le =D

    reach court .. saw unity Vs Kss .. Lol =x no lar .. they just playing nia .. then got ppl come le .. we play with those untian .. girls lor >< Lol =x but i was juz ZBL-ing there .. then after tat ownself play match .. and i rest for awhile =D haha .. then abit later .. like 7+ like that jiu went back home le .. lol ..

    reach home .. use abit ocmp .. then bathe and eat .. after tat msn-ing and sms-ing .. then blah blah .. and dota ~ then i think sean mistake mi for saying out who his GF is =.=" haish .. I swear that I didnt tell anyone.. anyway guess later still got dota 1 more time .. then dunoe gonna do wad le .. lol .. buaiz here Emo sia ~ I went lot 1 with them got joke joke Sean no post ~ No mi then got post de =.=" Boooooooo Lol =X

    Just posting this, reason being that while I was waiting for them, I was looking at this building, and thinking, those who created this building are really good man. They can like build everything from nothing, and make it until so nice, not only that, those who design the building aren't that bad too. Was also thinking, should I go learn some Engineering courese? Haha, well, just a sudden thought that building are quite nice afterall.


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    Monday, January 19, 2009

    Today is a "lot 1" day =D hahaha =)

    woke up as per normal .. went to acc them to interchange .. after tat today didnt went mac .. was udner void deck sitting down ~ wah lan =.= almost fall aslp serously lol .. anyway saw something that kept mi thinking for awhile .. Saw a mum bring down a handicap boy in the wheelchair .. then after a short while a bus came .. and got all the devvices to let the wheelchair-bond guy go up the bus .. was thinking ~ how many uncle would like to drove those handicaps to and fro sch ? [forgot to ask u all note .. they arent disable] its like ~ they cant speak and cant this cant that ~ really would like to praise de uncle =D .. okay .. cast that aside .. then changed a place to sit .. then called MY and he ask mi tabao for him .. so tabao le went over his hse lor ..

    Reach his hse neh ~ use comp ~ i post on XX blog ~ please take a notice on wad's posted there plz .. after tat watch bleach with him ~ from the beginning de =D Lol .. then watch watch .. until like 1? went over to lot 1 .. and ate with BY .. then aftter tat we went over to libarary to sit down ~ BY use comp .. then check this check that .. then they went off le ..

    After that i waited for Ly they all ~ then saw Ly/Sean/Bb/Dx/Cs .. then went over to lot 1 ~ laugh all along =.=" they are like .. talking about girls ALL DE TIME .. hahaha =D okay ~ then went over popular .. BB joke lar .. wan buy ink no $ =p .. after tat went over to LJS to eat .. they eat i nv =D haha .. then Ph came .. then cont. chatting blah blah blah ~ laughing and stuffs =D lol .. cute lar them .. then done le .. took bus back ... [Ly doesnt allow mi to go his hse!!! LOL!!!]

    went home .. then went down to bball court again ~ then play some matches .. after tat chatted and bought like quite alot of stuffs? i think must save up le lar .. anyway abt 7++++++ went home lor ..

    reach home .. watch tv abit .. then bathe ~ then on comp use lor .. watch Campus Superstar and blogging here same time ~ later they wana dota .. dunoe wad time Lol .. then msn-ing oso wor ~ then 1 xia lan kia talk to mi until his Bball skill so god .. ahaha .. hao lar ~ he god good for him lor =D .. Signing off =d hehe ~ buaiz ...


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    Sunday, January 18, 2009

    Whee ~ okay .. today is a Picture post haha =D

    anwway ~ woke up @ 830 and went back to slp till 845 because i tot MY and LY and nic is going down to play bball .. then i just contnue to watch my Resident Evil Degenaration =D after that msg nic and stuff .. knew that they nv go down le .. so online play dota lor =D

    play le .. then went down find ly to get his pants .. then go back and he went out with his sis .. haha .. after tat cont. dota until like 3+? then went to eat lunch with MY .. i mean i eat he accompany mi =D Thanks MY for the drink treat =D .. after tat jiu went to take ball and chatted abit .. then pass ball to nic jiu went home le ..

    Reach home nth do .. went down again LOL! then play abit .. then chatted with nic .. and went home .. reach home le found out like i got aLOT of stuffs to do .. well .. then i surf net .. chit-chat lor .. haha .. lata watching xing guang .. dunoe got dota mah .. end here .. btm alot pic =D its from this week or last week .. just have fun =D haha

    I think my gan-didi is in love ~ So muz gratz him wor =D haha JYJY and dun learn bad stuff okay? =D hehe

    Paiseh ah lao-di ~ Cant help u taper pants cuz my dad doesnt want to ..

    Very fan leh ~ alot of things to buy ~ but dunoe where and when and no $$$ T__T

    See the little Sean? lol ~ His hiding from my cam

    Ly ~ Wad u doing arhh ~ lol

    See my new table ~ behind my lappy ~ not bad hor =D lol

    See my new look ~ Short hair =D

    Was finding it rather interesting that there is light on it ~ 1st time took this mrt wor haha

    Ninja!!! lol .. kidding ~ juz my bandage

    Small little doggy that live in my hse for a day =D Lol

    My ah My ~ u belittle my cam skill =p keke

    My old look ~ zi lian yi dian ~ actually i arent that ugly >< LOL

    slanted corridor

    my flinch is gone =X

    The navy pans coco bought for mi from US ~ nice to wear siol =D

    Another pants coco gave mi de =D haha

    clandar 2008 ~ its gone ~ Welcome 2009 !!!


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    Okay, post agian a day late

    today woke up =D then after that watch Resident Evil [Rxxxxxxx] ... i dunoe wad name .. abit nia .. then prepare le went down ~ then waited for all of them to come .. then started training ~ look look see see whistle whistle ~ after tat watch them play 1v1 .. then go over to void deck to chill =D play tai di there =.- .. anyway then we went to eat .. then go back le ..

    intially wanna go out to my fren's place .. budden think im totally broke .. forget it .. then ask where is MY .. then went over to his hse lor .. mei xiang dao got ppl sia =.=" boooooooooooooooo ~ anyway they play tai di ah .. bluff and stuff .. while i play dota and surf net .. lol .. then some went back 1st .. left Ly mi and My and Yc .. then went off too ..

    went over to lot 1 .. then atea KFC >< BROKE AH !!! after tat walk abit .. then went back le .. then halfway my leg pain .. so decided to take bus .. then i went home lor .. after tat bathe .. waited for dota .. then simon come back le .. asked where ly .. they at LBP playing ball =.= kaoz!! then we played a game 1st .. then they back le play 1 more .. then ended de session le ..

    then msn and blog then was sorting out my msn group =D now its more easier ~ although i might be blur for the beginning =D haha .. anyway .. im going off le .. bye ~ Feeling very weird sia .. haish ~ emoemo Ly ah Ly


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    Saturday, January 17, 2009

    Back posting .. morning woke up .. wakl to sch .. today got DX oso =D haha ~ budden a quiet trip to interchange .. dunoe why oso .. anyway after taht went to LB mac .. sit down check emails and stuff ~ then 830 like that went over MY hse le =D

    reach his hse .. he was like still sleeping =.= then i play psp .. after tat he on comp play .. i play with him dota =D Owning =p .. okay ~ after that nth much .. i watch "Journet to the Centre of the Earth" .. wah ~ damn nice okay ! my gosh =D i like it man !! anyway watch like left 15mins like that rush out .. cuz late =.= haha ..

    why late? cuz we meeting Ly / Yc / Eunice for lunch .. then rush there .. waited for some time while walking around lot 1 .. then Weijie came too =D then we went pizza hut to eat .. haha =D then a girl came serve us .. and she looks malay .. then when she was talking to Eunice halfway .. she speak chinese =.=" OMG ! like coco liek that sia =.= malay speaks chinese .. but she's a mix .. lol =X after that eaten le .. see those 4 eat until like so poor thing like that =.= Lol .. then done le jiu went back home lor ..

    Reach home cont. my sow .. then watch "Transporter 3" but halfway relali tired .. so went to slp .. then got 1 T00T guy called mi @ 520 saying where got ppl slp at this time de >< Kaoz =.=" LOL! then after awhile more prepare le went down .. then chattefd abit .. went to LBP for training le ..

    reach there .. no court .. so train abit .. then Pinos wanna play .. so we went over to 7xx to train ~ cool =D then abit more we play match le .. si bei suck cock .. i sprain my ankle again .. emo ~~~ haish ~ but anyway its a nice game seriously =D hehe .. after that went back to LBP then chatted abit more .. went to lot 1 de mac to eat le =D then chatted alot .. that T00T guy oso joke alot =.= kaoz ~ then he went off .. we went back .. [oh yea ~ dunoe why LY de PiGu so itchy .. he keep stratching it .. LOL!!!!! side story ah =p]

    reach home .. bathe .. online surf net .. msn chat then come blog .. going off soon .. bye ~~ I think i know what type of ppl will sean be close with liao


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    Thursday, January 15, 2009

    whee ~ back posting ~ weird feeling siol ~~

    woke up late =X they called mi then i rush down to meet them ~ then send them off le went to get breakfast ~ and went home watch movie .. but halfway i fall asleep ~ then my dad off tv got sound .. so i go to bed and ZZZZZ

    woke up like 11+ ~ do some stuff ~ then went over to TW and wwait for them ~ then they come out le ~ Went to TW market cuz they wanna taper pants ~ well well ~ then i wait for BY le then go and find them ~ @ the end never .. so they walk to buy vanguard sheet for their classroom decoration ~ then done le they went back to school while me and BY went to lot 1 ..

    go there reach popular ~ we were talking abt our sec. life siol ~ looking @ them ~ find that sec. life really so fun =D Diff class de ppl can just go around and disturb ~ hahaa .. last itme i oso ~ go N2 sit down talk cock ZBL =D haha .. anyway Eunice and My came shortly after ~ and we ate lunch ..

    done le .. went to NTUC and buy Toto and sweets ~ after tat went back le .. jiu ZBL yi xia ~ went doewn to court .. but no ppl and it rain .. then halfway through PH came bakc .. then he ask mi go his hse .. then i oso nth to do mah .. so went over to his hse .. then ZBL and chatted on msn ~ after tat went down to court .. and chatted with Remus ~ he came with his Girlfriend .. Lol =X after play matches .. then sit down talk to Ly .. then went home le ..

    reach home .. bathe and eat and watch bleach .. then msn abit .. budden dunoe why after that everyone gone .. i guess later will dota 1 round .. then go slp ba ~ dunoe lar ~ see how .. weird feeling is cuz .. feel like sean doesnt like mi wor ~ lol =X his attitude changes .. haish ~~ anyway .. chao ~~ lol


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    Wednesday, January 14, 2009

    okay ~ quite a weird day ~ haha =X

    woke up as per normal ~ went to interchange with Ly .. then went back home .. wah seriously .. i tell u .. the weather cold like dunoe wad sia =.=" i was shaking >< ahaha =X anyway reach home ~ play dota 1 round .. morning realli no ppl == haha =X then went to slp for awhile ~ [keep asking BY to watch red cliff with mi but he dun wan T__T] .. then after that wake up le watch some movies >< then hao le jiu went to TW there to meet with them .. and went to Clementi Sports Hall in 2 different group ..

    reach there le .. watch the competition ~ haha =X the game isn't that nice to watch ~ budden Sean and Ly and Bb joke joke until so fun sia =.=" LOL !! anyway after that .. went back to court ~ and went home .. rest yi xia ~ jiu went down court again ~ reach court .. play and chat =.='' just rubbish all the way ~ nth much to do anyway ~ until abt 8 went off lor ..

    reach home bathe and eating now while blogging ~ later dunoe going to do wad .. should be dota-ing? Lol =X Give up on Red cliff 2 .. now asking for tmr's lunch =D haha =X hope can ah ~~


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    Tuesday, January 13, 2009

    Okay ~ total is a total cork up day =.=" all my planning wwas totally destroy >< Lol =X
    well .. my initial planning was to wake up and acc ly with my and ph .. then go eat breakfast with My .. until his bball .. then i ZBL .. then after tat go watch Chi Bi @ CCK .. then meet with the rest for 'high tea lunch' folo by going court .. but my day is as folo ..

    woke up as per normal .. acc Ly .. budden today no Mingyang .. done le i go over LB mac .. then sit there and waited for MY while eating and using comp .. lol .. then he came at last =.=" then he eat and his friends come .. so after awhile he went to bball court i jiu stay there ZBL lor .. until abt 1215 like that go over his hse ..

    then wait after sometime that starhub person come le .. then he fix ah .. blah blah >< i play psp Lol =X after tat i tot done liao sia >< still got chance to watch movie .. budden his internet cannot use dunoe why .. ZZZ >< ARGH !! then do do do until 4+ like that >< [budden ly and sean oso dun wan go eat lunch .. lol] .. anyway after that went to court see no ppl then went home .. then knew that JJ is coming back liao .. so went to cut hair ..

    Okay .. dun ask me why i wan cut .. i also dunoe de reason .. budden i juz wanna cut .. and i cut it damn short .. Ahahaa =X anyway after Eunice and JJ met mi .. went back to court .. lol .. then play abit game .. then ask them how my hair .. YC say abit nerd Lol =X after tat coco oso come mah .. so i went to buy stuff for my bro and send it back .. then we sit down chit-chat liao .. then yc and ly went off 1st .. so we went over to LB Mac ~ then PH join us .. then we talk abt the old times ~ maybi to some they dun understand ~ budden sometime a little gathering talking about old times is really .. a memory =D

    anyway abt 11 like that went off .. reach home jiu bathe .. then online come here blog >< That stupid shorty sean nv reply my sms sia =.=" ZZZ ask him the game wad time he nv say >< ARgh ~~ t00pid .. Byez T__T

    I wanna watch Red Cliff 2 tmr or wad leh .. budden i think like no chance like that .. dunoe wan wait Sat mah =.=" haish ~~
    [anyway ~ Pic will be uploaded nxt time cuz of my computer de bluetooth PIAK ><"


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    Monday, January 12, 2009

    Today is a total waiting day.

    Alright, morning woke up as per normal and acc ly and ph to mrt station .. then after tat walk back to LB mac .. and then started using comp .. doing all the blogs and stuff ah .. blah blah .. then go to MY hse below wait for him .. cuz asking him to meet mi mah .. then at last he came .. for a while and went up again ..

    then i went back home put my stuffs .. then went down to wait for him again cuz he going back sch to take his O lvl result mah .. then he came down le .. i go over eat cup noodles then chatted abit .. after tat he went off le .. i went back home lor .. then nap abit nia .. jiu went down bball court and waited for him again ..

    he came le .. then go off again to pass things to his friends .. then waited for him to come and he gtg home mah .. so went LB to get kopi O for his mum and halfway met DX .. lol .. then he went back while mi and Dx stay at court lor .. chatted for quite some time .. then later play some stupid matches oso =.=" after that some ppl go home 1st lor

    anyway after match .. Eunice came .. the 'couple' bicker >< lol .. chao shi ren le >< then simp came oso mah .. then chatted with him awhile .. jkiu went back le .. then reach home dota 2 games .. went to bathe .. then chatted with sean abit .. and he go offline .. i come blog lor .. ending here .. ahhaa =p

    Emo sia .. told Sean to jio mi go lot 1 if he got go he say cannot =.=" cuz i "not in enough" .. hey ~ wad u mean ? Lol =X then ask sean y he go make 3mm cuz for his size not gonna be nice if big .. he say buy 2 time oso buy 3mm when intially wanna buy 2mm =.=" Lol =X joker lar boi ~ anyway .. ASK ME OUT !!! lol =p
    To those who took their O lvl result today, regardless it's good or bad, it's already there, and you cant make a different except that u gonna retake your O lvl .. so choose a nice course you like to go, regardless it's private/ITE/Poly/JC .. or anything ~ just make a right choice and go forward! Takecare alright!!


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    Sitting inside the MacDonald and doing nothing at all, is such a boring time. But I'm just too pure lazy to do other stuff that requires me to do it.

    Anyway, once again I hope any O's level student who are reading on this blog will know that I'm wishing you guys good luck for your O's. No matter what result you get, regardless good or bad, don't ever give up. O's is just a small stepping stone in your life actually, the big deal of your life is totally after O level because you are then off from the compulsory 10years of study in Singapore.

    When the life is yours, get down to Earth and start thinking about it. When it isn't, wait until it's yours. Don't worry about your results, you will still have your family and friends to stand by you no matter what happen. Who cares if there are people laughing at you. Show them what you can do!

    Anyway, to what i wanted to post, yesterday while I was doing don't know what, or maybe just as I was about to sleep, I was thinking about Lies.

    I also don't know why I'm thinking about this topic, maybe due to the fact that I had being lying almost everyday in my life? Because I didn't go school and that I hadn't told my parent about it. But seriously I wanted to ask anyone reading this, how many of you doesn't lie? There are white and black lies? But who knows which is which, humans is the hardest thing to understand in this world.

    Well, end this post, Bye.


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    Sunday, January 11, 2009

    back to post ~

    Today woke up abt 11+? then msg them budden i suppose all still sleeping ~ so i jiu on comp ~ then ZBL for a long time .. then at the end decided to play dota lor .. then play play .. sms oso ~ until the end i think abt 3+ like that they not playing le .. so went out with simp to eat lunch .. [intially should be going to MY hse de .. budden didnt go at the end]

    anyway eaten le . went back home jiu dota .. then break ><" until like 7 like that? play again .. after tat dunoe why i find it so damn sian ><" argh ~ then htye cont. playing while i jiu go watch tv lor ..

    now watch tv and blog @ the same time .. lata watching xing guang .. then slp le ba .. today is boring ~ haa =X suan le .. anyway .. tmr is O lvl release ..

    Good luck to those taking it


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    Saturday, January 10, 2009

    Okay, come blog 1st just in case, today woke up in the moring, like 9? and then slowly prepare lor, then juz as im going to go out >< coco called and say he wanna come my hse to do T00T .. lol .. okay .. he come le .. done le .. we jiu went court le .. after that everyone came .. we no court .. went over to LBP train =D

    wah ~ HOT LIKE zZzzzZzzz ~ lol =.=" anyway they had their training under the hot sun =D haha .. budden today looks like ez feat for them except for the 1st 1 .. budden its okay, because this 2 days we are trying out .. so no worries guys =D haha .. anyway after training play match lor .. play play .. i play oso mah .. tired ><" argh ~ i sux !!! No Stamina !! =.=" oh well .. after tat went to LB le .

    help Simp to buy 4D and Toto .. then went up to LB food court and eat my oready bought prawn noodle =D heh heh ~ li hai ba =D ahah .. after tat went ABC shop to buy drinks and the rest go buy 7-11 and yc went to buy bubble tea .. we went outside 7-11 to sit down chit chat .. but more like mi and coco chatting =.=" we talk abt show .. ahaha =X after tat jiu go back le ..

    reach home bathe and stuff .. then wanna dota .. after tat blah blah blah .. alot thing cork up and stuff .. @ the end dota finish 1 game le .. i Ps simon =.=" psps .. bduden very sian leh .. suddely everyone gone .. anyway went down court .. sit and buy tibits .. after tat chat with WJ and simp .. then they decided to go WJ hse to watch soccer .. i going oso .. di siao =.=" LOL =X since i dun watch de .. watch a few time nia lar ..

    okay .. blog done .. free i come back blog .. if not i leave it like this .. haha =D


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    Friday, January 09, 2009


    Lol, everytime 2 day post 1 time, jia lat siol ~ nvm ~

    woke up in the morning ~ not able to get MY =.=" oh well well, nvm ba ~ then i just accopmany ly and ph to mrt station le, went back home lor, reach home le, watch tv abit, then was hungry, so called MY budden he didnt want to go eat breakfast mah, so nvm lor, then my dad cook something for mi, eaten le jiu went to nap abit ...

    jia lat sia, i dunoe wad happen, but i accidentally like choke on dunoe wad .. then i woke up machiam i wanna voimit =.=" all de feeling there sia .. heng nth happen .. then awake le went to bathe, then use comp abit, told MY that i wanna go his hse do some psp things, but nope didt do it because at the end he told mi he wanna go NP de open hse oso mah .. since Sean they all there .. well .. then go back get rdy le went over lor ...

    took bus over, reach le ask BY to take us walk around .. i machiam kid sia =.=" lol .. kinda hyper .. well .. anyway didnt get a chance to see those Teckwhyien, but anyway .. after de trip .. took bus back .. then we met them @ lot 1 mac but alot ppl came .. so no seat and thus @ the end went over to library .. then we discuss some stuffs abt the new thing and all lor .. some intially wanna join budden cannot because alot of ppl pop up .. out of our expectation .. well .. anyway .. chatted until 7+ .. went back home le ..

    reach home jiu bathe .. eat .. then chat and stuffs like that .. then Alvin confronted mi .. ZZZ =.=" ah well .. forget abt it .. after that abt 10 play a dota game and watch xing guang da dao oso .. then @ the end watch le msn abit and read on bball things abit jiu went to slp .. but i toss bed 1hr++++ b4 getting into sleepness ..


    Today woke up le .. prepare le jiu went down find them .. then MY still wan bluff mi sia =.=" lol ~ but heng his tricks didnt work keke =p okay ~ anyway .. walk over le .. he went back put bag and take stuffs .. then went to LB to eat breakfast and chatted abit .. then went to 514 and he started "personal training" .. well .. cannot say he got improve or not .. becayuse 1 day of training wont let u see de effect .. budden i could say his ball-holding grip is better le ..

    anyway after tat went to his hse to sit lor .. and use comp to read on drills .. after tat we played psp and stuffs .. then msn abit oso ~ Ly bully .. LOL =X anyway after that 5 like that i went home .. prepare le jiu went down to court le ..

    reached there .. shoot abit .. eat dinner .. then chatted .. after tat went over to LBP .. then after awhile .. started the whole traiing ~ well .. more organize .. juz that when want them to listen is still abit hard .. haha =X okay ~ light training .. folo by some "discussion" on the team ~ then they started playing matches while we were playing with balls LOL =X as in training some other place lar .. then Hw got a fren buey pai sia .. his dribbling .. some more his so young ~ then Sean learn from them lor .. after tat he try out .. then i was trying some other stuff ~ then PH come and ask mi some stuff ~ then i re-teach him how to "pass a ball" .. but up until the end he haven got it .. hope he @ home sleeping can think abt it abit ..

    after that went over to LB to eat "dinner" .. then went to buy big glup jiu go home le .. reach home open comp and bathe .. online le budden see Yc and Ly offline .. then msn simp budden he didnt reply .. now come blog then see all offline le .. think nid to wait until tmr then can play dota ba ~

    Paiseh ah .. i still came back too late ><"


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    Wednesday, January 07, 2009


    Okay, 2 days no post, so kin come here post 1st ~ ahaha .. anyway woke up le .. then contact MY but fail .. then i jiu walk with them to lot 1 lor .. after tat 1 person go back ~ wanna go MY hse or at least ask him to wake up cuz going to go coco hse mah .. but @ the end fail =.="

    well ~ then i solo go coco hse lor .. reach Admrt .. then we went to eat .. then his hse le .. still the same .. except more and more messy .. then we chat and talk abt photograph .. then talk abt the team and stuff while reformatting his comp .. well .. he gave mi 2 pants .. a addidas jersey and a US navy bball jersey .. pants lar hor .. then after that done with his comp .. Paiseh ah, make it more and more worst .. then jiu went back le .. [emo sia ~ no 1 wait mi de .. then solo .. ahaha]

    reach YT .. alight .. walk back .. saw them .. chit chat all the ways .. then went back home .. put bag le went out to meet simp and YX .. then go civic centre then wait coco .. he reach le we sing K till 1145 .. wah ~ fun fun ~ anyway after tat went home .. eaten le use abit comp jiu go slp le ..


    today woke up .. then went down to find them as per normal ~ today got MY oso .. then after tat they went bus le .. we went mac sit .. wanna eat but dunoe eat wad .. at the end we buy the nasi lemak .. then went to my hse downstairs de playground sit and eat and chat .. after tat went to his hse .. intially he wanna play bball .. but at the end too hot =.= then dun wan le Lol

    then ZBL @ his hse .. until 1 like tat .. went home .. prepare le then meet him go lot 1 again .. cuz eating lunch .. then waited for BY .. saw sean oso .. ahahah =D he juz came to get DX back to sch for bball training .. haha .. anyway after that went to eat LJS ~ [BY Favourite] .. then went popular to get things .. and we went back after that ..

    reach home .. psp abit .. then went down to court .. shoot shoot .. then wait for coco to come lor .. @ the end he come we play a few matches ~ then 6+++ they went back le .. then we juz sit down talk cock lor .. then go void deck sit .. blah blah .. then abt 10+ went off ..

    now reach home .. bathe le chit chat in msn + eat maggie as dinner .. lol =.=" lata should be dota 1 game and slp .. [hope tmr MY can acc mi again wor] haha ..



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    Monday, January 05, 2009

    Okay, 1st day of school restarting and I'm not there as usual ~ haha

    Well well, morning woke up ~ get ready le, went down to wait for LY le lor, but now different liao, got PengHeng also, then today got YongChang and MingYang also. Haha, after they got on bus, me, Yc an My went to mac and eat breakfast, then took 307 together with Yc, and he alight go sch while i went over to MY hse to do my email checking and foruming, after tat dota with him le, jiu waste my time there, then help him with his game. haha.

    After that about 5 like that I went down, no ppl de, then 5+ almost 6 then got ppl, then play abit, just shoot shoot and stuff, chatted abit, jiu went home le. REach home, bathe le jiu online, chat abit, then waiting for dota now .. I think later will be dota finish le, jiu went to slp le ~ so off here. bye

    Liew ~ Next time go Lot 1 jio me along hor, To Sean/Liyong, I'm just so bored.


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    Sunday, January 04, 2009

    o.O ~ today wake up normally
    [Ah shit .. starting from tmr i nid to get up on 6am le .. hope i can do it seriously]

    anyway ~ woke up liao jiu use comp .. then do something le jiu dota .. after tat rest abit then cont. to dota .. until coco ask mi jio ppl down for basketball .. jio hao le .. i preapre le .. jiu went down le ..

    saw quite a few of them there .. after tat coco come le .. we jiu play match lor .. then play play play .. and chat and talk abt the team yi xia ~ jiu went to 7-11 to get drinks and chit-chat le .. until abt 1055 then went off ..

    reach home .. bathe le jiu online ~ was thinking wanna watch 1 million star or dota ~ but well .. dota ba ~ its oki to less watch 1 epi .. anyway gonna run

    hope tmr can wake up .. lol


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    Saturday, January 03, 2009


    Okay, woke up as per normal ~ after a late night sleep ~ then msg ly and my for dota .. after tat play with simon 1st .. then with ly .. after the game .. we went to lot 1 to wlk walk cuz ly wanna buy hamster ..

    Reach there .. check it out .. budden too expensive ~ so bring down the thoughts .. then we walk around .. then decided to eat KFC .. had fun inside the KFC ahaha .. so aftrer tat .. nth to do and walk le mah .. so decided to go court there lor ..

    walk back .. then sit @ void deck to play daidi .. after tat went out to shoot shoot abit ball ~ nth much ~ then simp came .. then went off with him and meet coco .. then eat dinner ..

    funny sia .. eat halfway it drizle .. then we finding place to sit . aha .. so after eating le ~ i went to POOO ~~~ AHAHAH =X after tat chatted abit . they say wan MJ .. so i ask MY lor .. then @ the end they come le .. i ask my bro play .. then they played while i bathe then msn abit then watch million star .. haha

    @ the end they done playing is like 2 liao .. then send coco back .. then i went over to MY hse .. then we didnt play .. i help simp do his song things .. then chatted with MY all the way to morning le =D


    Went out @ 630 .. to meet with YC ~ wow ~ see him wear long pants .. his really tall =.=" lol .. after buy vitasoy le .. went to find Pengheng and Liyong le .. woot .. Ly wear long pants not bad oso .. but his shirt too big ~ ahaha =D anyway after tat took bus there .. and saw Ian / Cs / Jh / Yy / then duoe still got hu .. after tat they went sch le .. mi and My went to eat duck rice ..

    eaten le .. juz as we waking back .. we saw those BPGHS doing morning walk .. so we kay siao folo them all the way .. yuan lai their sch is been rebuild and they go back to study le .. i see liao .. not bad ~ big siol .. ahaha .. afer tat we took bus to lot 1 .. walk around .. then go back his hse le ..

    reach back liao .. My went to slp .. i didnt .. i juz did nth all the way .. then Ly ask if we wann go lunch .. so we went to lot 1 lor .. saw Sean liao .. wow !!! he realli grow tall .. last time his shirt so big .. now normal le ~ haha .. anyway sean ps ah .. i that time choose bigger size de cuz was thinking u still got a long way ahead mah .. okay .. then we walk raound .. all no slot =.= so at the end we went back while the rest of them @ aijisan eat .. went to MY hse le .. then BY msg .. ask if wanna go lunch =.=" then we went out to lot 1 again .. meet BY And JJ .. then we eat LJS .. ahaha =-D after tat walk abit .. jiu went back le ..

    i reach home .. bathe and change and stuff .. go down to court le .. sit there .. taidi abit .. then ZBL abit .. then after tat jiu went to LBP to train .. then train train .. saw simp .. ahah .. then YC tio grounded .. okay ~ anyway after training .. was talking to the whole team .. [Thanks to Zixuan .. he said things that Simpson and Coco and mi(put in blog) b4 the stuff] .. then we had quite a long talking lor ..

    after that done le .. went over to LB .. cuz they wanna eat .. then we cont. to chat .. until jon aunt call mi .. then ask mi alot Qn sia =.= lol .. after that chatted abit more .. jiu went off le .. reach home .. bathe le .. eat .. then after tat chatted abit .. talk something .. then jiu went to slp le ...


    today leh .. wake up @ 930 like that .. then prepare le .. jiu went down ~ didnt see anybody .. then ly came .. talked to him abt some stuffs lor .. then slowly the rest came .. then waited for the last man .. we started our training .. starting is group training folo by individual training .. it last until quite late .. then debrief abit .. jiu went off le ..

    then Sean Cs mi Jj and Yc went over to LB to eat .. then JJ went off 1st .. and we went to ABC to buy drinks le .. jiu walk back le .. the rest departed while i go bball court .. then cont. teaching Pengheng how to shoot .. Lol =x after tat leh .. went back home @ 6+

    reach home le .. jiu bathe then online .. then chatted then jiu come play dota .. lata go eat .. after eaten le .. jiu cont. dota .. until now 1+ i come re-blog ~ haha .. gtg byebye


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    Thursday, January 01, 2009

    Whee, it's 2009! Let's welcome it with our big big HEART!!!

    Happy New Year to everyone who see this post. May all your dreams and wishes comes true this year, and that you have a fruitful year ahead.

    New year eve, a happy and sad day I would say, let's go on with my story before saying anything else, and also, I promise you guys that this will be a long post, so don't worry, I will make it long.

    Woke up in the morning like 9+ because the day before I told Mingyang that if I can wake up early, I will go his house to help him out with his internet stuff, so as I promised, went over in the morning. Reached there, we played PSP and chat chat, then Jiajun came to take PSP game while giving Mingyang the CS installer, then he go back and wait for us because we going to have lunch, anyway, the person said 9 will come but in the end came at 12+, well, just wait with him. At the end the internet person come, but he couldn't find any Cable plug, so at the end told Mingyang that he need to install it but earliest is this coming Friday, so no choice, Mingyang got to wait. Then I played dota with Simon and Liyong, then rubbish a bit, went down. Went down already, went to slot money to Weijie's letterbox because of the BBQ thing, and after that waited for Liyong and Yongchang, then we went over to Limbang to eat our lunch. Eaten, I went to buy 4D for my dad but number didn't buy through, and well, as expected, my dad wasn't happy because he told me to buy it at 12+ but I went at 2+. Nevermind, with that, I went back, then Mingyang told me something drastic, said again later.

    Go home, urgently prepared everything, and went out by myself. Trained to Raffles and met up with Brayant, and walked over to the building which I also don't know what is it name. Nevermind about that, reach there, help out with all the moving and stuffs, at the end received a free bottle of coke. Actually there's better deal, we can actually go and drink alcholic drinks but well, we didn't. After that waited for my aunt, then she fetched us to Marina hotel, the [Madrine] I don't know how spell, so don't add better. Reached there, went to the hotel and sit down to rest, and I try out my brother's camera because he borrowed me to take photo of the firework.

    Sitted at the hotel, doing nothing, testing out camera, after that at about 11+ I tried again the camera because I need to do the setting, but in the end, the battery flatted. I was like, Holy Shit. Then my handphone left only 1 battery bar too, then I really nothing to say. Then 12 like that, the firework started, watched at the balcony, it's indeed nice, but I really don't enjoy it, [intially should have friends watching with me, but at the end being put aeroplane, even if can't watch, I should be with friends celebrating, but at the end is still no, I'm just that, watching the firework and listening to the boom boom sound, it's near, it's heart tumping, but it just isn't nice at all. Whole performance I didn't took photograph too, and I went there, well, nevermind.] Done with the firework, bid my aunt and cousins goodbye, but I see that my aunt aren't happy, but what to do, I don't like staying out without my friends anymore, so went off with 1 of my cousin, and trained all the way back, he alighted at Woodland, while I alight at YewTee. Bought a drink, and walk home.

    Reached home, took a bathe, online, and wish everyone on my msn who's online a Happy New Year, then chatted with Eunice while blogging here. Ending my 'day' post here, but the story continue on.

    Side-Track 1
    Since it's a new year, 1st of Jan 2009, it also means the school re-opening is coming for all the primary and secondary students.

    To Hengwei, You are going to start your very secondary 1 school life already, get real in it, mixed well with mates and do well for your studies and basketballs. It's really fun in secondary school.

    To those going to secondary 3, Regardless you are in express or normal, try to study something, I could say that a lot of people failed in this year because this is the actual year where 1 grows up to be a "sensible" teenagers, so give in a better effort and at least get to secondary 4 smoothly.

    To those taking N's/O's level, Give it your best, as a taker myself, N lever is as easy as ABC, but study on it at the very least. For O's taker, give it your best shot, O level aren't that easy I can tell you that.

    To those waiting for their O level results, what's done is done and you cannot undo it, life isn't like microsoft word where you type something wrong you can just backspace it. Life is a on-going thing no matter where you are, what you do. Time waits for no one. Even if you didn't do well this time round, don't worry, give in your best shot when you get into tertiary studies. For those getting good results, choose a course you really wants to study, don't give up halfway.

    To those in Polytechnics, if you got your [F]inal [Y]ear [P]roject or any assignment or major examination coming. Give it your all, you can actually halt your studies after this last 1 to 2 years, but get something out of it, or pursude further stuides, but give in your best shot first.

    Side-Track 2

    Actually this side track story shouldn't happen, but oh well, since it happened, might as well blog it down too. I got clerification at the last few paragraph with colors.

    This was about what Mingyang said, he told me he decided not to go with me to help my aunt because he finds that Liyong's plan is better, well, it's good for him to pick on opportunities, but not at such a point of time. I guessed some people would be angry, finding it weird, or thinking I'm just a jerk after reading this, BUT, [this is my blog].

    Seriously, felt hurt, can't felt angry because 我没有资格 to be angry, he promised to go with me on Sunday, without any hesistation. Well, obviously I was happy because at least there's someone who can accompany me go, and I told him my whole plan for this week, from Monday to Friday, and we were happily chatting about it. Friday is reaching, but problem occurs on Wednesday. When we met with Liyong, and he said that his not going because his lazy, and he offered Mingyang a plan, Mingyang at the end accepted his plan, and thus destroying mine. Well, was obvious I'm unhappy with it, because he told me his accompanying me already, but at the very last minute, he said that his not going. Nevermind about that.

    While I was at the hotel, I asked him again if he wants to come find me to watch the firework together, as the hotel view is freaking clear I would promise, he told me to ask Liyong because his going to Mingyang house already. At the end of the day, his not coming again, I was being put aeroplane by him for 2 time in a day, 1 is a promise, the other is okay since it's sudden.

    I was really depressed, was thinking, I guess I shouldn't cling on any thing, AT ALL, because at the end of the day, I'm just the extra guy poping out. Would anyone choose to be with me rather then some people who are closer of age to him? Was back thinking, all because of Liyong, and you can totally discard me, but well, I don't blame anyone, I just wanted to let myself out, what's the feeling of someone who treat some friend more important then anything in life to get discarded by 'friends' for consecutive 2 years? 31st Dec 2007, some people throw away our 'friendship' because of a reason which up until now I still doesn't know. 31st Dec 2008, was being throw away to be by myself because of 'different planning.' Can I asked, what am I to you all? Is it wrong for me to get closed to you guys?

    I said there would be clarification, I don't blame the people I had named above. Liyong, from the beginning he only told me see first, I also know his way of doing things, well, and that he said something is fined with me, so I don't blame him for anything he did. Mingyang wise, I shouldn't say all this I know, if you wanted an apology from me, I don't mind giving one, because out of total "sian-ness" after seeing his don't feel like going face because no one accompanying him, I told him that "you can choose not to go if you don't want to." But well, he said he promised me already, and at the end still broke it. Fined, I wouldn't blame him, I just wants to let things off my heart.

    Beside that, I'm not asking for sympathy or what, so don't say I said all these things is to let people see that they are the bad guys here. If you wants to flame me, read on the clarification part first. And I repeat myself, I don't blame them for anything, I'm just unhappy and wanted to let things out. [Until now, I don't know if I should continue with my plan, or just find alternatives.

    Side-Track 3

    This is my life, in 2007, I guessed I had actually gotten over it, so might as well list it down here, and since this is 2009, I must lived a better life right?

    Let me recalled. During 2007, everything started on Feb, this way it's easier for me to recall what happen. I won't list their name out, for privacy purposes, but it will all be on short form.

    I remembered that year, it was the year where I chose to leave my 'gay' buddies and joined the other group, a group of them whom we knew through the game 'dota.' I get closed to them, because of 2 person, CS and A. Reason being that A has a charisma that I don't have, and it's a things I wanted for a very long time. CS was just because his very close to A and that I find him "cute," in action. Can flame me 'gay' if you wants.

    Anyway, continue with the stories, I remembered Feb that month, 2 of them had their birthday, CS and TP, and since I am getting closed to them, and I wanted to help them celebrate[This is the first time I helping people to organize birthday party], I open a steamboat party at my house. [It cost about $200plus I would say, and $50 were subsidise by 2 of them, but who cares about the money.] It was really enjoyable for me although I burned a big pocket in my hole especially for people like me, But I was happy.

    Life goes on, on March, A had his birthday too, that time since we are more broke, we celebrated differently, but it was fun too. And most importantly, I wouldn't forget the message he sent to me during that time, when I was down because of "house quarreling." He told me, "Don't cry brother, you ownself said that only happy then can cry wor, so must be happy and smile, remembered the time all of us play the same ringtone together?" I was really touched by this, (About the ringtone, it's something that happen on his birthday where different models of phone was use to play the same melody and making it loud.) During that time I didn't expect him to treat me that closed, because I'm the "new member," but, yup, at the end I'm still touched by his words."

    Story continues on until I started my poly year 2. That time I uses bus concession because SH took bus to school, and I followed him, then that time our dota timing was like 7+ to 8+, and we always had to wait for A to get back home, so I told him that I would take bus with him and once it pass the expressway, he changed bus to his house while I took the other bus back, in that case I can eliminate the waiting time. First 2 days were fined, and that we were geting really closed, he told me a lot of stuffs that he doesn't tell anybody. (Anyway I love hearing stories) But on that dreadful day, I said something I shouldn't say to him, (It's not going to be post out) and my life totally changed. I asked TP what should I do, he say no hoped anymore, I did a lot of stupid stuff, to try and get a chance to talk to him again, but failed. And it's since then I started skipping school because Secondary School end so much earlier then mine.

    Stupid Stuff I did
  • Waited outside his school for 5hours by myself, like one idiot.

  • Knew that his overnighting at a friend house, and I waited under the block hoping for a chance to talk to him.

  • Some other stuffs...

  • At the end of the day, he said that he forgived me for everything, and that we would be friends back once again, BUT, whenever I'm with him, I don't feel it that way, he treats me like a stranger, and sometime hot, sometime cold, it's really tiring, but I still continue to stay with them.

    Life still continues to move, it's still the same, being treated kind of coldly but at that point, CS treated me very good, I'm not sure why too. But anyway, we still did a lot of stuffs up until the end of year. I even joined WCG competition with them when I had intially wanted to play with my old teammates but didn't had a chance.

    Also during this year, something really touch my heart occurs. Got once I was down, and I asked Simpson out, he told me a sentence I wouldn't forget. He said, "If you still stubbornly wants to stay with them, it's fine, it's you who is getting hurt, we as outsider only see you sad but we can't do anything, or we had already tried our best but what's left is by yourself. But no matter what, if you still need us, our door will still be open for you." I almost cried with this sentence, this really shows me what is the meaning of "True Friendship" But even though with that, I didn't leave them.

    Until that fateful day, 31st Dec 2007. As usual, were at Ant house playing, then went out to play dota as our countdown, after that, they asked me to play Mahjong, but I rejected, and from then on, CS didn't talk to me once, I called him and he just reject my call, I knew something had happen, but at the end, or up until now, I didn't know what had happen, and why did they chose to leave me.

    Some Stuffs they bluff me on
  • Ant told me that A didn't find him, but when I went back that time, I saw them together, and when I asked both of them, they gave me different stories.

  • I was bored at home, so wanted to go and find them, but Ant told me his sick and wants to stay at home to rest, but because of other incidents, I didn't belief him, so check around, at the end found out the whole gang of them went to play lan.

  • There are still some other stuffs.

  • Side-Track 4

    I was totally dispaired on the 1st day of 2008, it was totally boring, and it was just too bored. Previously whenever I ended lesson, I would rush back to meet them, but now? I actually stayed in school until 6+ because I got nothing to do at all, the time of going to find them is gone, and I don't know how to get on with life during that time. So I guessed it's until Feb again, something changed my life.

    Since I had nothing to do at all, I decided to went down to the court I used to play. 514 basketball court. During that time, I'm a loner, always getting a drink and cup noodles sitting down on the bench to watch people play basketball.

    There was once, I went down, and that Jiajun still remembered me, so I sitted down and chatted with him for awhile, and he introduced Bingyuan to me, and we chatted quite a bit. After don't know when, I went over to Eunice there, and started to know Liyong and so on and forth. It was really funny, knowing that they are still very young, well, they spark the interest of me playing basketball again.

    And slowly as time goes by, I get closer to them slowly by slowly, and up until now, un-seperated peoples from my life. Went to school as per normal during that time, and rush back once again but this time round it isn't gaming, it's basket-balling. And I don't know how long it has passed since then, suddenly they said that they wanted to form a basketball team, and asking me to be coach, well, didn't accept it in the beginning because I don't have the ability to do so, but in the end still did it, and it marks the beginning of team 'HongJing/红劲' coming out. Slowly by slowly, it grows to more people, but more people do not come for training either, but well, that's out of topic.

    I get a lot of helped from others because I'm just too inexperienced. And at the end, Coco came down to help me to coach them and some other people taught me too. It was quite a fun and sad year? For sure there are ups and downs. But well, because this time rounds there is a girl, a lot of event occuring here and there. Quite a fruitful year I would say, and I see how they changes over time, it's really a weird cycle, I don't see how myself change, although I knew I did changed, but maybe because they are still young, in a way or so, I see them grows up although I only knew them for like, for sure less then a year.

    Let's talk about events.
  • Birthday events are having here and there everytime, and surprises are up too.

  • Ashley hurt his hand very deeply, and that he had to stop coming down for don't know how many months, school is re-opening soon boy, take care of yourself and come down find us soon.

  • BBQ event, in less then a year, there are 2 coming out, 1 for the celebration of birthday party while the other is a welcoming celebration for Coco.

  • There are still a lot more and I can't possibly list out so many too.

  • Some sad event.
  • Liyong wanted to skip school but he bluff me he was sicked, well, at the end he found out that I knew what happened, he apologize.

  • I'm being taken for granted once again, or is it just my own wishful thinking?

  • The most recent thing about Mingyang case, but a New Year, should forgive and forget, I'm not angry, I just feel dis-hearted

  • Same thing, a lot more but impossible to list out.

  • I guess I should conclude my things for today, I wrote my life for this past 2 years, although there are a lot of holes here and there, if you wanted to know more, you can asked, but not everything I will give you an answer, I can only say,
    Cherish what you have before you lose it.

    Give in your best shot if you really wants to do well in something.

    Do not regret what you have done, instead regret what you hadn't do.

    No one is born perfect, and perfection doesn't occurs at all, so forgive and forget is the best remedy in life.

    Just be yourselves, you are who you are.

    This is a freaking long post I would say, but well, at least I had the heart to post it. It's time for me to hit the bed, and last but not least, I should improve on myself, to be a better man


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