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Sunday, November 30, 2008

I really love this sentences.
But this also shows how hard life are in the real world.

If you plant honesty, you will reap trust.
If you plant goodness, you will reap friends.
If you plant humility, you will reap greatness.
If you plant perseverance, you will reap victory.
If you plant consideration, you will reap harmony.
If you plant hard work, you will reap success.
If you plant forgiveness, you will reap reconciliation.
If you plant openness, you will reap intimacy.
If you plant patience, you will reap improvements.
If you plant faith, you will reap miracles.
If you plant dishonesty, you will reap distrust.
If you plant selfishness, you will reap loneliness.
If you plant pride, you will reap destruction.
If you plant envy, you will reap trouble.
If you plant laziness, you will reap stagnation.
If you plant bitterness, you will reap isolation.
If you plant greed, you will reap loss.
If you plant gossip, you will reap enemies.
If you plant worries, you will reap wrinkles.
If you plant sin, you will reap guilt.

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

ho ho ~ up posting 1st .. okay ~ woke up this morning like @ 8 like that lor ~ but i know can go down @ 930 .. so rest until 830 .. after that prepare le .. use comp awhile jiu went down le .. lol ~ not much ppl but they slowly come lar ~ until the end ish 8 person came for training .. not that bad after a [hard day] on friday. =D okay ~ then saw simp but dunoe where is he going .. oh well .. after that we started the training ..

i personally felt that .. and i can see from them that today trianing is defiitely no KICK .. =D hahaha .. cuz i very rElaC today mah ~ cuz i know it's hard to recover from 1 day of physical training .. so this time round give them relax training since it's (basic) .. after training .. chatted abit and "quarrel" with Sean about the training stuff .. its not really quarrel lar ~ juz talking abt the attitude and discipline of the team ~ hahaha .. okay ~ after that Eunice and BingSheng came .. we went to lot1 to have our lunch ..

reach lot 1 ~ went to get yong tau foo ~ haha =X standard no change order ><" after eat eat ~ went to buy dessert ~ ooooo ~ some say nice some say not .. hahaha =X forget it ~ nice to me can le =p .. after tat Eunice wanna go ~ but we forced her to sit down and chatted abit .. then went off .. went to "Playstation" to walk walk see see .. then went to Royal Sporting House and then Eunice and Sean bought new slippers .. after tat went to Blue cuz i get shoelace .. intiallly wanna some bright color but SEan say it sux -.-" so until the end go with YC tates .. a darker color that suit my shoe .. after tht went to NTUC and buy beer for my dad .. and went back .. we went to find BY ~ and he pass us Chocolate .. haha =D so good of him ~ then chatted abit went home lor ..

reach home le bathe .. then chill abit jiu dota .. after that dota with them .. so now ended come post 1st .. okay ~ then i was using computer doing dunoe wad rubbish lar ~ wanna go down but dun feel like also .. some more Qin Rong didnt tell mi hu is there or not .. so didnt go down lor .. after that abt 7 or 8+ simon ask mi to dota .. then played 1 game lor .. then initally got 2nd game de .. but i rejected cuz i helping Sean Didi with his blog mah .. then it took mi 2hr to settle lol .. settle le i come back post this .. going to slp soon ~ wanna rest liao lar .. Signing Off ~ Byezzz

Last but not least, Sean you owe me a treat !!!! Hahaa =D


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Friday, November 28, 2008

Just found out, he really deleted me in friendster, didn't really felt sad this time round, but I just feel, need to 做 until so 绝 mah ? At the very least we are once best pal .. that is in my eyes. Haiz ...

Okay .. back to post .. Morning woke up ~ didint go sch as usual .. then went back slp .. then 835 lyke tat ashley msg mi ~ so went down to meet him .. then we went to mac .. saw YC there too .. cuz he wanna eat breakfast mah .. so eaten le .. went to bball court play abit .. intially tot of going back earlier .. but Qin Rong and gang there too ~ so we played quite alot of matches =D hahaha .. fun fun =) then bought drinks le jiu come back lor .. =D

Reach home .. bathe and used abit computer ~ just ended my GBA game .. haha =x after that see that nth to do le .. i went over to watch tv lo ~ watch the dunoe wad show lar .. not bad lo -.- car drifting de .. well .. after that .. prepared and went down to bball court .. "trained" with QR they all by Zi Xuan lolx .. funny lar seriously .. not that bad .. haha ~ found out Donald doesn't know bball training =X okay ~ then play match .. eat cup noodle ~ after that chat abit ~ after that went over to LBP le lor ..

rEaCh there .. started their training ~ woot ~ fully physical ~ i think all high liao Lol =X well ~ at least 1st time they nv complain like nobody buisness =D so i think its good ~ haha =D oh well ~ i really want to improve all your physical ASAP lar .. so jia you guyz =D haha .. then after their training end .. chatted with with Sean abit while the rest went down to play full court with some Greeneidge people? Lol =x then talk to sean abt the team ah ~ blah blah .. after that he went to play oso ~ haha .. oh yea ~ got once i wanna kick that soccer ball .. but due to my slipper wear and slippery in the front -.- I SLIP -.- zzzz wah ~ i tell u .. in that split sec my heard jump faster then wad their heartx can jump from training LOL =x okay ~ after that they cool down le ~ we went to lot 1 mac and eat our dinner .. haha ..

reach there ~ order .. JJ order alot .. but due to his sickness .. he doesnt have the appetite .. so we helped him finish his stuff wakaka =X most of it is inside my stomach lar ~ who ask my name ish Xiaopang leh? Lol =p after that wanna sit awhile de ~ but JJ request to go home .. so we went back lor .. then walk back .. talk abt "girls" :O Lol =x then YC asked me go find GF cuz he doesnt want mi to find xiao didi le .. hmm haha =x dun wan =p i dunoe lar ~ hard to answer this question .. haha ..

alright .. reach home .. 1st ting is went to bathe .. then come out use comp ~ thinking of wanting to eat my dinner @ home .. but too full ~ so better dun stuff myself with foods =x haha .. then use comp lor ~ go read other ppl's blog .. then SGC awhile .. now come ownself blog ~ blog end le wanna run to slp le .. haha .. oh yea ~ Sean bad boy LOL =x his thanks hor .. xin bu gan qing bu yuan de .. HAHAA =x dunoe should feel sad or not lol =p oh well ~ i think the 1st thing i blog on this post is more jia lat ba .. haha ~ Signing Off ~ byezzz


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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Well, 1st and foremost, Hengwei is flying over to Aus to have his basketball competition, I hereby wish him luck over there. =D

okay .. back to post .. today woke up in the morning morning lor ~ then went down to meet Ashley .. then we went to bball court ~ after tat Yc came .. Jit Chin oso there .. then we went over to mac ~ but this time round only Ash eat ~ well .. after tat Ly came too ~ haha .. then after eating .. went back to court and play .. i sit down and observe lar ~ dun feel like moving =.=" lol

then about 1230 lyke tat we went back lor .. then watch tv while sms-ing By if wanna eat lunch .. until the end didnt eat T__T lol .. nvm ~ then played GBA after tv ~ follow by meeting BY and went down to court .. and played a few games =D well ~ after that .. wanna went home with them ~ but saw my dad msg .. so went to buy beer for him .. after that went home myself =D

Reach hme watch 10brothers lo .. then Ash wanna go LB .. so i went down .. then reach le he msg mi say he cannot go le .. oh well .. then i went back .. bathe then online .. dota with Yc and LY .. lol .. after that 10pm watch xing guang da dao =D lol . until now come post lor .. ahaha .. signing off ~ byezz =D


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Wah .. late for posting .. oh well .. nvm ..

today woke up in the morning .. then met Ash le we just go bball court .. after awhile go LB mac and eat .. then YC came .. after that we go back court .. Nic and Ly oso come down .. lol .. we also saw jon .. but he and nic went back earlier .. folo by we play 3v3 .. with junkai and junwen on diff team .. its kinda fun .. =D ahaha =x after that we buy drinks le went home lor ..

reach home .. i bathe then played GBA all the way .. until 2+ .. went to meet them then find By and Eunice @ lot 1 .. cuz they eating mah .. after that Sean and his cute cousin came to find us .. then i accompanied those 2 to bugis ..

Train there .. chat chat chat .. kinda fast sia reach there .. Time really run like nobody buisness when it's fun time .. haiz .. lol .. well .. reach le .. went over Bugis Street .. then search for their bag .. they bought the total same bag ~ cute siol ~ lol =X anyway they 2 same characteristic de lo .. hahaha .. after buy le i was looking for watch .. wanna buy but nth caught my eye .. so went back after that .. haha ..

Reach cck .. we buy bubble tea le went over to court .. then just shoot shoot chat chat .. cuz quite late le mah .. then abt 7 went off le .. hahaha .. reach home i eat and watch 10brothers .. after that went out to meet ash cuz he go LB NtUc to buy things .. after that meet YC and LY and went to pasar malam .. see other people play those game .. fun .. but expensive T__T so we nv tried .. food's better hahaa =D walk around .. buy some thing .. went back lor ..

reach home i bathe .. then ask HJ ppl to send mi msg to send to HW as farewell de .. its posted on the blog le =D haha .. then dota 1 game .. after that i come here blog lor .. going off soon .. bye .....


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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

woooooot ~ post post ~ hahaa ~ okay ~ today woke up @ 7+ .. then went to LB mac and do some stuff lor ~ after that about 9am lyke tat my lappy batt flat =.=" so i went to bball court find them ~ after they came we went to LB Mac and eat LOL =x okay ~ done with that go back court play awhile ~ then the rest go le ~ left me and ash and tyco-ly ~ got han xiang ~ well ~ chatted and tell Ashley lo =D hahaa .. after that go LB and get stuff then went back le =D

rEaCh home ~ dota 2 game but both DC ~ so went down and meet nic ly and yc for lunch ~ i mean they eat -.- mi JIAN FEI !!!! HAHAHHAA =X then went to LJS ~ only Ly and Yc eat .. then after eaten i think they went to eat the [Snow Ice] while i went to wait for Eunice, Sean and his cousin ~ Oh man ! i tell u .. sean de cousin is damn freaking cute -.-" dun say i gay or wad .. budden others oso say the same .. hahahaha =X pri6 dun look like 1 ~ lyke sean lyke tat haha =p .. anyway after that sean went to cut hair .. the 姐姐[not good to say auntie .. haa] ask him he want SLOPE or LAYER ~ omg ~ we lauff .. hahaha =X okay ~ after he cut hair le .. then HJ All-Star oso came ~ so get a drink le then we went court =D [Oh yea ~ Thanks Sean for the drink treat =p]

reach court ~ played a bit i think ~ then i dunoe wad happen siol -.- Lol =x i think played quite a few game ~ some are funny and stuff like that lor .. haha =x didnt really go memorise ~ i know i chatted alot too ~ then see HJ ppl play full-court .. hahha .. i mean with others .. then ownself play lo ~ didnt went back to watch 10brothers =.= Lol =x stayed @ court then see them play ABC .. after that i joined in .. then abt 840 lyke tat went home le .....

REach home ~ eat cuz i tot they want go pasar malam ~ then msg abit they didnt go ~ haha =X so well .. went to bathe .. come back dota ~ 1st game im freaking freaking du lan .. but suan le .. 2nd game win .. still not that bad -.- Lol =x well . then chatted abit on msn .. now come blog ... Sean asked mi to go bugis street with him tmmr wor ~ cuz he and his cousin wanna buy bag .. hmmm ... byeezzz ~ haha

Oh yea ~ i wanna said ~ i SHAVE!!! OMG!!! i shave away all my moustage and goate or something lyke tat lar .. now my face damn clean LOL!!!!

Clean eh =D hahaha

Oh yea ~ i wanna say .. LJS the chicken is giving mroe and more smaller -.- LOL


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Monday, November 24, 2008

Post Post ~ today morning woke up ~ my dad ask mi if got go sch -.-" Lol =X i said no ~ then go back sleep haha =x after tat i woke up @ 830 and get rdy ~ then went down to meet Ash and Yc lor ~ then play abit ~ then we go mac eat le .. after that Yc went back ~ left mi and Ash there played ~ then play bullet and ABC blah blah ~ cute siol ~ me and him de bullet we add up to 50+ charges although we only 5 life >< Hahah =D after tat we went home lor ..

bathe and played dota ~ after that meet Yc and Ly cuz Yc wanna eat then Ly wanna cut hair ~ mi wan eat de -.- but jian fei lar -.- haiz >< meet le ~ went to mac ~ eaten le ~ Ly went to cut hair ~ after that we meet Ash then go to Eunice hse to watch the 10brothers again ~ haha =x well ~ after tat went down .. i ate cup noodles then went home take shoe go back court again =D

Today played quite a few games ~ but didnt move much oso -.-" swt ~ in any case ~ i fall down siol T__T Lol =x while i was defending my shoe friction too good ~ it stop all my movement then i fall down >< Hahaha =( anyway ~ after tat continue to play and play lor =D not bad lar ~ then after tat change back slipper le played 1 more game then went home ..

reach home ~ watch 10brothers and eat dinner @ the same time ~ after that played GBA then go bathe ~ followed by used comp to post ~ but halfway went to watch tv for 15 mins -.- okay ~ now 9pm liao then come here blog lor ~ then later dunoe gonna do wad ~ dota ba .. haha =X tot of going down very early to run run tmr ~ but Ashley cant .. so forget abt it =D hahaha =X well ~ signing off ~ byeee


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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Posting early today, reason being that later when I come back is like 11pm already. =D

Alright, woke up in the morning, check on something, and went down to find Ashley. Saw YongChang there too, and we played a bit of basketball, after that YongChang and me bought our drinks at minimart while Ashley asked us to accompany him go Limbang and he bought his drinks there. =D Follow on is that we went home after that.

Reach home, bathe, then used computer awhile, follow by going into the room and resting, but didn't sleep, oh man, I'm totally shack. Well, after that about 1 we went to lot 1, got LiYong, YongChang and Me.

Reached there, saw Nick too. So he followed us. Yongchang went to KFC and eat, then we chatted a bit, we off, initially thought of going back, so Liyong and me went to get bubble tea, but after that Yongchang said he wanted to eat dessert, so we went up again. Well, eaten, we went to arcade and played daytona, followed by going to the library to check it out. I can only describe WoW. The library indeed change a lot, not only that, it grew so much bigger and the facilities look better now too.

After that we went off, went to Mac and get ice-cream, followed by us going home. Went home I went into room and rest again. =D After that Simon asked me to dota, so on comp and dota, after that teach Nick how to use PPT. Shortly after, went down thinking of buying some tibits, but to think that i need to go NTUC, I turned back, and went home to bathe. Then now come here to blog. =D

Oh well, watching television now, later will be coming back at 10pm, follow by 11pm where I will be out watching television again. =D


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Saturday, November 22, 2008


okay, woke up, and went to LB mac to do up some stuff ~ and check on my PP result .. dotz .. fk those ppl =.=" i fail ~ oh well .. after that .. check ah .. read up ~ then ashlet and kokmeng oso came down mah ~ so i talk to ashlet on some stuffs lo ~ after tat they went off le ~ i ask yC if he wanna lunch ~ he say yes and he came down =D Cheers ~ and we ate mac .. after that went home le ..

reach home ~ intially tot of going sean hse ~ then he ask us to go CCK stadium de gym to help him check up on the towel mah ~ so mi and ash went ~ and saw Qinrong on the way .. and go together =D after that bought his tower le ~ i see the time ~ argh .. i never go his hse le .. went back stay inside room rest ~~~ haha =X abotut 5+ went down ..

chatted awhile ~ then played a game ~ after that went over to LBP lo ~ then they gather le ~ wheee ~~ today they gather quite early ~ then off we went for a run ~ and mind you ~ 1st time i went running with them LOL!! =x after tat train train lor ~ and Mr Han xiang is down ~ haha =D well ~ he gave mi some old's time suggestion and stuff lo ~ then help me out too =D heng got him ~ stress ah ~ anyway paiseh for losing my cool, but sometime you all de discipline and attitude muz see see yi xia la =x .. after training ~ they play matches ~ and off we went to eat after that .. [Side-Track]:::::::> We help BY celebrate again ~ by helping him to cut another cake ~ hehe =D hope he had a nice bday this year =D

went to 302 .. cant find slot ~ then we decided to go mac eat ~ omg ~ mac again haha =X after eaten and chatted ~ walk back with BY ~ then back home ~ bathe and comp abit ~ and slp ..


woke up around 8.15 ~ then play abit GBA ~ went down to coach them le =D reach there ~ not alot ppl there ~ standard lar ~ after that saw Nick de nephew with his cousin there playing car ~ wah .. i tell u hor .. its damn cute lar ~ that young boy boy sitting on the electronic car then drive drive ~ haha ~ si bei si bei cute !! =D okay ~ then when everyone reach le ~ started with their training =D haha

did left right hand lay up plus free throw shooting ~ which last until 1 lyke tat ~ aga aga is lyke tat de lar ~ then same lor ~ only time delay .. beside that not bad le =D well ~ after that rest under the void deck lo .. then went to get maggie and go up to Eunice hse to watch the 10brothers show ~ this time roudn no Ash and Ly ~ but anyway when u all going again plz tell mi so ... @ the same time she cook maggie for us ~ thanks Eunice =D after tat went home lo ~ i didnt slp lar ~

used comp all the way ~ until abt 6+ lyke tat ~ very bored .. so went down buy something .. then after tat went back home ~ then ash called ~ so accompany him to LB and he buy things lor ~ then talk to him abt bball stuffs =D hahaha ~ wow ~ Ash family like play bball come out de leh ~ aha 篮球世家 hahaha =D oh well ~ after that he bought finish le we went home lor .. then use comp ~ now come blog ~ then still wan dota and stuff =.= ~ no sleeping until later tonite ~ bye all =D


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Friday, November 21, 2008

whoosh ~ back posting because i went home too late yesterday ~ okay ~ woke up @ 6.20 lyke tat ~ then prepare le went out to meet them =D after tat met up with JH and Sean le ~ took the freaking long mrt trip to Buangkok .. after tat we eaten le ~ went over to Learning Habitat and listen to briefing .. done with that ~ YC and mi was a team and we went to our designated spots =D haha

It was Rivervale Primary School lor ~ then hor ~ thanks to Mr. Yc .. we took extra 1 bus stop ~ wah ~ starting it was kinda bo liao ~ then peak hr suddenly came -,- eek ~ so fast our fliers were gone -.- zzz then called the Vincent to send us more he didnt reply >< oh man ~ luckily i called another in charge and she contected him ~ but the new set we only gave half haha =X half-way thru i went out to buy drinks ~ since very thirsty mah and i must thanks Mr. TYC for squating down and helping mi to slot the fliers to brochure haha =D ~ then after tat heard that higest scorer was 287 ~ wow ~ Gratz =D .. After that we took bus went back and waited for the rest ~

after that we took our pay le ~ went back lor ~ went over to Jurong Point ~ and get something for Mr. Tan Bing Yuan because today is his big day ~ which is his birthday !!! Happy Birthday Mr. Tan Bing Yuan =D after that we went to lot 1 again ~ to get decoration for his present and stuff like that ~ after that went home liao lo =D reach home le i change then i went to bball court le hahha =X

Reach there sit down chit chat ~ then after that bouight drinks le then went back to watch 10 brothers and do up his bday present ~ then went down again to chit chat lor ~ then after that some of them came of JJ went to buy cake =D haha ~ then 10 like that i go find BY le =D

Found him .. chatted with him for awhile ~ then the rest of them POP out and gave him a suprise party =D hahaa ~ see ~ Mr Tan ~ how good tohave us as ur friend who would give u a suprise partyy kekex =D well ~ after tat took some photo and then chatted with him awhile ~ then went home after that le .. =D

went home ~ bathe and sit down ~ then replied and forwarded some sms and went to slp =D

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Well well .. woke up in the morning ~ then off my comp and went back to slp -,- then woke up later for the bball meeting LOL! =x well .. then went over mac ~ i eat since all of them eaten ~ Then they wait for mi ~ after tat went to get the photos and buy calculator ~ folo by going to Ryan hse to play poker cuz raining ~ wow ~ his bro not bad not bad ~ noe how to play piano Lol =X

after tat went home ~ rest awhile prepare le jiu went out to meet the rest ~ then we went over causeway point and met BY ~ then go seoul garden eat ~ woot ~ mi and BY eat and eat and eat ~ then we gay ~ always 2 person go check got wad food eat and blah blah Hahaa =X

Eaten le .. done with everything .. went over to arcade and play the throw ball game ~ damn fun LOL!! after tat we walk arou causeway ~ then took mrt back lo .. haha

reach back ~ went to bball court ~ then chatted abit ~ called alot ppl cuz i wannab orrow ez link -,- then at last borrow from KL ~ then went home .. then trying to get from HW oso ~ well ~ see how tmr hahaha =X maybi using my own =p but anyway ~ reach home le .. watch abit of 10brothers ~ bathe ~ then wanna dota after that BUT my comp keep giving mi problem .. zzzzz .. fk lar .. until the end was chatting with nigel and JJ and looking @ them quarreling ~ fren quarrel damn cute ~ okay ~ im off with that ~ go get card then come back yi xia jiu slp le ~ nitez guyz =D


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wooooot ~ woke up 7+ ~ then went over to LB mac to do stuff ~ liew ~ they say wanna come de ~ At the end no 1 came .. YC came then told mi nid go sch -..- so abt 9+ 10 lyke tat i went off le ~ then went to eat cup noodle under a blk ~ after tat went home le jiu get prepare ~ and slp =D

woke up .. played dota ~ after tat awhile later went down to court le ~ saw ppl there ~ play quite a few games cuz i wanted to play today mah ~ but so suay ~ i sprain my left ankle again T__T Scare mi to death sia ~ phew ~ but i assume nth happen ~ haha =X after tat simp came ~ chatted abit ~ then KM Mum brought fried rice down for us to eat ~ omgomg ~ Thanks Auntie =D then after tat went over to LB cuz QR wanna get bubble tea -.- but all my shop close ~ FK !! haiz ..

after that went home ~ bathe ~ then get rdy to dota le ~ haha .. played a game no more play le ~ then wasted time playing stupid stuff ~ then Coco called and we chatted on the team ~ haha =D after this going off to slp ~ nitez .. tmr nid to use money ~ heartpainx T__T but suan le ~ Since it's BY bday celebration ~ lol


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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

post post ~ for yesterday ~ haha

okay ~ woke up .. then went down to meet them @ Mac ~ haha .. eaten le we went for abit bball-ing ~ then chatted abit ~ went home lo ... bathe .. then used comp ~ after tat played game ~ then folo by watching abit of tv ~ @ the end .. met with Ash and Ly and went over to Eunice hse to watch last Friday the 10brothers ~ hahaa .. then after tat went down to bball court ..

didint play much ball ~ was chattting all the way ~ abt someone's problem ~ argh ~ im juz so kpo ~ but fine ~ after tat .. went to mini-mart to buy something ~ and went back home le .. bathe and watch tv .. after tat use comp .. all the way ....

play game / chit chat / read things / wasted time / tagging / but i just didnt blog ~ so blog it now ~ byee ~~~~ Lol =p


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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Okay ~ post 1st since got free time ..

today woke up ~ then used comp le .. hao wu liao wor ~~~~~~~~ LOL! no lar ~ woke up watched tv then use comp .. after tat realli lyke got nth to do lor .. so wasted my time until 3+ like tat .. i went to slp ~ woke up @ 4+ .. then go down .. see no 1 @ bball court .. more sian =.= zzz

then after tat reach home .. continue using comp .. doing nth much lar .. just wasting time all the way lor .. then after tat dota at last .. with YC and LY ~ haha =x then we went out to lot 1 cuz YC wanna buy Avocado Fruit Juice ..

meet up ~ wah ~ i see those kids hor .. so nice lor .. 无忧无虑的 ~ anyway we walked over ~ then Avocado sold out -.- zzz ~ then went up ~ then went down again LOL! then after tat we wanna buy tis but no money ~ buy that no money ~ hmmm LOL!!!! then we went to arcade playa daytona .. LY CHEAT !!! He ask mi dun bang him .. he knock into mi ZZZ !!!! STUPID LAO DI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay ~ after tat play photohunt .. then went to food court .. they bought ice jelly to eat ... i didnt .. then went back lor .. but on the way they buy cup corn while i buy bread LOL! =p after tat reach home ..

found out friendster alot problem ZZZ I LEFT WITH 0 FRIEND !!! ZZZ NB !!!! hope it comes back lar .. then chat abit .. went to bathe .. then now wanting to dota ~ bye guyz ..


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There are some things in this world you cannot emphasize, ask and force on it. A lot of things aren't inside the control of your hand, so why do people say we can win over our own Fate and Destiny?
Is it because of your choice, you don't want this to happen, but to overcome the Fate and Destiny that is already put down for you, you choose to do something that you don't like?
But what if you choose to follow your Fate and Destiny, is your overall life being control like there's no choice? Or is it that we still have a choice?
Life is NEVER fair, nothing is ever balance in the state of life, therefore, there are pros and cons in every single thing, and there is a good and bad side in every single person.
Humans are clever, reason? Because they can choose, because they can think, they can choose to do the thing they like, and choose what they want to do, beside that, they could also choose what they don't want to do and what they don't like to do. In actual facts, can anything stops a person from doing something they want? The answer is NO.
Mind and Heart? Which is which? Which is the one that controls you? Scientist would say Brain would be the power to support you, but people will say Heart will be the power to support you. So which is the correct answer? Sometime somethings' are not answerable by your brain, they could only answer you through your heart.

Lastly, I really got a question for everyone, including myself, that is...

It's not anything that has happen to me, after reading on something, I just find that, why the world can be so unfair? I did more then what I can, but I recieved only the word granted at the end.


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Saturday, November 15, 2008


woooooooooooooooooooooooot ~ didnt go sch kekex =p okay ~ morning woke up ~ then went down to find them ~ wah ~ no ppl de leh ~ then we went to eat breakfast ~~ haha ~ eaten le ~ went back to play abit bball lo ~ then after tat go home le ..

wanted to dota ~ budden no time ~ so nv play ~ then luckily Sean msg mi ~ so went to lot 1 to wait him ~ then went to his hse ~ woot ~ ji fun yi xia ~~ hahaha =p Today is the 1st time his niece play with me lor ~ haha ~ normally his baby niece like scare of me ~ then his niece like don like mi lyke tat hahha =x then Sean gunz all de way ~ chat abit ~ haha =p then after tat went off ~ met up with BY @ lot 1 ~ then go LJS buy food for his mum ~ folo by mi and him going KFC getting 2piece chicken meal ~ we shared 1 >< GAY!!! Haha =x no lar ~ bo bian oso ~ he cannot eat full ~ cuz got training ~ after tat ~ met up with JJ then went back lor ..

changed le ~ went down ~ met with by then went over 514 ~ see alot ppl le ~ we went LPB 1st .. then wait for them ~ come le ~ then keep waiting for the rest -.- zzz then play match ~ then @ the end sean jon hw come at last .. kaoz .. come le ~ then started training lor ~ today i kind kind ~ let them play their love love "Matches" Lol =x anyway ~ no much physical today hahaha =D .. after tat done le ~ chat abit went over to eat ~ then sean eat half the fried rice then he give mi theo ther half -.- i eat le i full liao =.= zzz

went home after tat ~ then wanna dota ~ but ly went off .. so we go off oso lor haha ..


slp until damn xin ku ah ~ every turn i made my head pain 1 time and i woke up once .. damn xin ku .. haiz .. then abt 745 woke up ~ but see JJ didnt msg mi ~ so went back slp ~ then ash msg mi ~ told him stuff le then i ask him not to reply cuz i nid the rest ~ my head is bursting -.-" then abt 830 i get rdy then went down le .. im the 1st =D folo by Ash and JJ ~ then BY ~ Then slowly the others came ..

come le ~ changed le ~ training started ~ funny siol ~ kekex =p then got a part jia lat sia ~ i hot-tempered -.-" they told mi to change to full-court but i insist on half-court ~ then they keep talking until i du lan .. i say play full-court can .. if i see def 1 person not in posistion the team do 100x pumping .. =.=" hot-tempered siol ~ sri ah guyz .. then after tat play back half court ~ then at the end let them play a full court lo ~ haha .. [Ps: Now I know what to buy with the extra money, (Medicine Ball)(Cones)(Whistles)] haha .. hope the team dun mind =p
after tat went in to sit down ~ but i didnt give debreif because i dunoe how to >< Zzz .. wan dan le ~ well .. after tat went to 302 and eat ~ done le went home .. wanna ask ly dota ~ but he didnt reply .. so i went down soon after i bathe =D

sit down chit-chat nia ~ after tat buy things le ~ went to under my blk then chat with QR abt my old stuff .. keke .. now talk oso nv think much ~ realli vauge le .. =DD nicenice =DD hahaa .. after tat went home ~ then used comp ~ LY STILLL didnt reply mi =.=" ~ then chatted with Alvin - MTB .. he MAKE JOKE WITH MI zzz =.=" told me wad i didnt join in the training .. then everyone be coach can liao .. slack and give command .. then he oso say wad he very suit to be coach .. lol .. make joke =p nvm ~ i wait see ly got reply mi for dota mah Lol =x going off ~ bye =D


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Thursday, November 13, 2008


Yea ~ woke up in the morning ~ still sick ~ as in headache ~ but luckily no more fever =D then i went down to find them ~ intially eating @ mac ~ but jon dun wan ~ so at the end go food court eat ~ after tat bought drinks le went back court ~ then i went home 1st lo ~ cuz i wanna watch TV lol =x

then watched Hitman Reborn ~ folo by zhong yi da ge da ~ then watch du shen 3 and xiao hai bu ben 2 @ the same time ~ keep switching LOL =x after tat went to slp le ~ 3 - 4 lyke tat ~ woke up ~ see sky so dark ~ then it rain ~ hai yo -.- disturb mi sia ~ then i jiu use comp lor ~ then after that bathe ~ then continue comping ~ playing dota la ~ haha =x

then 8+ went to LB and get bubble tea with Ly and Yc ~ then chatted abit ~ then went back ~ saw Simp ~ chat abit again ~ haa ~ reach home ~ cont. dota ~ abt 12+ i went off to slp 1st haha =X


o.O ~ today woke up ~ then went down le ~ then went over to eat @ mac ~ folo by abit bball game ~ all just joke nia lar -.- Lol =x okay ~ after tat went home ~ played dota ~ but both game DC ~ wth .. aRGH!!!! forget it ~ after tat we went out to eat lunch ~

went to lot 1 ~ go foodcourt ~ then i eat fruits ~ they say i wan lose weight ~ haha =x after tat go play daytona ~ LOL =x then waited BY come ~ then he went to eat mac ~ he treated us fries wor ~ thanks BY =D .. after tat we walk back lor haha

reach home ~ i get rdy le went dwn to play bball ~ lol ~ not bad lar ~ fun fun =D haaha ~ then chat and play some 3pt shoot out ~ after tat it reaches 6+++ le mah ~ so went home lor ~

reach home watch tv ~ 10 brothers folo by the who that brings us to watch how Sumo live ~ wah lan ~ POWER LAR .. i tell u ~ if i got their size and skill ~ i can LENG LENG own the whole lan di man LOL! and i tot theirs is fats ~ 原来 im wrong -.- its not 肥肉,its 肥肌肉. hope u all noe de diff ~ then online ~ wanna dota ~ waiting for them ~ so come blog ~ haha ~ ending ~ bye =DD

Tmr is Alvin - MTB bday ~ he so xing fu ~ on his blog stating his dad getting him a laptop as his bday present most likely ~~ wah ~ i can nv recieve such present de lor ~ but i oso cannot 羡慕 ppl lar ~ ppl family rich ~ hahaha =p
Nan de ~ Ly replied mi in comment and stuff ~ lol ~ hope he replied more ~ but i give less ~ so no much diff eh ~ haha =X
Sean is a bad boi!! lol ~ he care HW nv care mi T__T sobsob ~ hahaha =p
Slow fever curse is spreading around wor ~ i got it on like Tuesday? Hw kena on Wed, Jon kena on Thurs .. jia lat sia ~ hope everyone drink mre water stay healthy =D


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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


wah ~ okay ~ morning woke up ~ then go to LB mac and do some stuff lor ~ then after tat sean ask mi go his sch ~ travelling halfway ~ then @ the end we met at lot 1 but he went home .. lol .. then i go home too lor ..

after tat i think dota ~ folo by ly sleeping ~ intially gonna go for lunch ~ but ly wake up late ~ but heng we still got go out =D haa ~ went to lot 1 ~ ate pizza hut ~ its funny lar inside -.- okay ~ after tat we went to play photohunt and daytona ~ done le we went back =D

went to Eunice hse to wach 10brothers ~ after tat play with her massage thingy ~ then went dwn for a bit bball .. then went home again haha =D

went home watch tv ~ then used comp ~ after that ben lai wanna dota with ly ~ but went out with simp since he wanna eat mac ~ then done le we go void deck sit down chit-chat ~ until abt 2+ then reach home .


Today woke up @ 8+ ~ but still tired ~ but never-the-less ~ went down to mac to find them ~ then they eat le and since no body help mi order i didnt eat Lol =x im an ultimate lazy bum -.- that's y i wear B.U.M equipment shirt go out ~ okay no link =X .. after tat play abit bball ~ then rest liao ~ we went back le ~

reach home ~ played a game ~ wanna dota with ly since yc doesnt want to play but i cant find him ~ argh ~ forget it -.- after tat juz rest ~ then went down le ~ saw alot ppl siol ~ haha .. i didnt play .. im totally weak ~ anyway i just wasted my time there ~ 辛苦 haha =x nvm ~ then after tat we went home .. then i bathe le come blog ~ lata go watch 10 brothers then maybi got dota ~ if not i go slp le .. FYI

I'm SICK T____T


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Monday, November 10, 2008

bleahx ~ up posting even though it past 12am haa

wow ~ read nic msg early in the morning stating that his not joining campus superstar due to his sore - troat ~ awww .. then woke up by QR msg of asking mi to acc him to mediacorp there since his joining ~ well .. went @ the end .. then done with some stuff ~ met up with KM and him and Eunice @ cck interchange ~ then his uncle and mum fetch us to yishun to pick up ash ~ and car to mediacorp ..

reach there ~ wah ~ alot ppl ~ then he went up get form and blah blah ~ friends and families are being thrown out LOL! well .. after tat we took taxi down to Juncti8n for our lunch ~ and coco called ~ oki ~ after tat walk around and played aracade ~ at abt 3+ QR said his done and fail cuz the judges find that his singing is too soft HAHA =x

we train back to cck ~ and after tat went back to change .. and off i wwent to bball court .. played 1 game only .. for the sake of fun lar ~ then after tat went to LB and eat and buy some stuff ~ after tat went home ..

reach home le .. chatted online ~ then ly ps mi lor .. we said 1120 dota de .. budden @ the end he say tmr then play ~ argh ~ boooooo ~ well .. then read on blogs .. saw Sean de ~ he posted a story online ~ i mean ~ other ppl .. and was reading thru it ~ wah ~ singaporean type korean style abit weird ~ but a really nice story i would say =D Kudos to the story maker =D anyway i will give you guyz the link ~ and 1 more is a story i found online last time ~ and AT LAST i finish reading everything today because the aurthor take quite some time to ocmplete the story haha =X byeezz ~ Ending my post ..

found out that actually my sch had only pass by 8 weeks and starting from tmr is 9 ~ and if i go for lesson i could actually pass all my modules ~ but ~ haa .. still thinking if wanna go or not -.- and its only UT2 gone ~ at least another 2 UT to pull mi up ? haa =x well ~ shall see how it goes ? most likely abiding my own thinking ..

Story 1
Story 2
FYI ~ it would takes a long time to finish reading both ~ hahaa


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Saturday, November 08, 2008


Well well, didnt had the ability to post ytd due to the needs of sleeping ~ so i post it now =D

morning woke up, meet with YC and LY .. then go to TWSS there and met up with Sean/Calvin/JH/CS/ then they go sch see their posting lor ~ gratz to those that go into the clas they wanted, those who didnt, dun fret, can appeal ~ good luck also =D .. after tat we went to mac and eat .. then went off le .. we sitted @ CCKCC for like 5mins? then go back liaoz -.-" Lol

went back and dota ~ intailly wanna go sean hse de ~ then when he say can go le ~ Eunice called and say he going to acc BY to cut hair ~ so @ the end nv go ~ then i cook some stuff to eat lor ~ done le went down to meet BY .. walk to interchange to meet Eunice .. then Eunice went to eat ~ HW came .. then done eating we meet Sean and went to cut ~ woot ~ BY cut same style but very long Lol =x Eunice oso long but chatted alot .. so didnt notice haha .. after tat we took bus turn 1 whole round .. then went to bball court le .. then they played a few games .. then mi and by went back to change lor ..

go back to court once again .. then went LBP for their training .. wow ~ ALOT OF PEEPS i tell u .. LOL! can play 3 teams of 5v5 .. then let them do physical cuz we only got half court and those competition boy nid to train mah ~ then after tat we use court .. but i go teach the competition boys .. so left them to train with their Capt. =D hao lar .. then after that play alot of matches .. and last game with "them" again .. lost .. nvm ~ after tat we went to eat .. done le went home ..

reach home comp abit .. and off i went to slp =D


Woke up lyke 1 mad man today .. only had 5hrs of slp ~ total of 15hrs for 3 days .. haiz .. my dad is cute .. he waited for mi to turn my body then tickle my leg to wake mi up .. zzzz =.=" almost wanted to scold .. Lol =x after tat prepare le .. get rdy go out to meet HW/LY/YC/Eunice/Nic and to interchange to find Sean/Cs/Jon .. then we went to eat .. done with that .. off we went to take mrt to Eunos .. far lar -.-"

reach there .. walk to the CC .. then sit and chated ~ after tat they went to register .. then 10+ started their game ~ no details put in ~ but lost all 3 .. its oki ~ Experience mah ~ lyke how i go for WCG Dota Competition last year .. =x lol .. lost all 3 games too =X .. okay .. then we called the uncle to ask the jersey .. but he say no stock -.- argh ~ so cant take .. then cuz they dunoe wanna go Queensway or Bukit Timah .. we took bus 61 ..

Eunice say 1hr plus .. but i think no so long lar .. but anyway its JUST TOO SLOW .. and we decided to alight @ queensway @ the end .. went there ~ toilet break and off we went to eat our Curry Chicken Rice ~ lol .. after tat went to arcade and play ~ wheee ~ fun and retro game lar .. haha .. wasted $ there too T__T its okay ~ fun jiu hao ~ dun think abt $ .. haha .. then after everything le ~ went back lor ~ and go to court .. played a game i think ~ and i was laughing all the way ~ lol ~ due to alot of things lar ~ just sitting down having my laugh anyway .. oh yea ~ Kranjian are damn too noisy .. i mean some NOT all .. im not gonna post details .. but dun make mi shout out 1 day .. zzz .. after tat i met with BY and went to eat @ LJS LOL =x BY say i smelly .. but bo bian lar -.- cuz the shirt got swt mah ..

eat and eaten .. we went back home to change and went to bball court .. then played quite a few games ~ wah ~ fun siaa ~ lol .. after tat intially BY wanna go LBP to shoot shoot de ~ but didnt go ~ and i played my dunoe how many HORSE game today T__T ~ u noe .. in my life .. including today i played less then 5 HORSE game T___T ~ okay ~ went to 7-11 get drinks and went home ..

online do alot of stuff lar ~ SGC / Chat / wanna dota but dying so decided not to / send email and private msg / some other stuff / blogs .. wah ~ bust all the way -.- zzz .. then now post ending im gonna go slp ~ NITEZ!!!

Thanks Bing Yuan for the LJS treat =D Then you can thanks me for the drinks treat =D haha


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Thursday, November 06, 2008

2 days miss, wanna post yesterday but time dun allow, so ... hahaa .. sri to anyone whose reading this but i dun think anyone will .. hmmm .. haha ..


i think i went down in the morning on tuesday .. not very sure though .. cuz almost having the same day everyday haha .. okay ~ so went to makan mac i assume? if im there lar -.- after tat went home le .. lolx .. reach home dota with ly i think .. or ZBL .. i forgotten -.- zZz .. then ly damn early went down .. but it rain soon after -.- Lol

went to lot 1 after tat .. cuz i initally meeting Sean de .. and @ the same tie Eunice oso .. but Sean no come due to rain .. so yea ~ meet with Eunice le went to buy my thing lor .. then after tat went home le .. do my PP stuff .. then sit awhile went down court when the flr dry dry .. lol .. and we were talking abt campus superstar 2009 since QR wanna join .. haha .. then sing song blah blah .. after tat went home le -.-

reach home .. sitted and eat and stuff .. then dota with LY and YC i think .. lol .. lost lyke mad .. tats all .. wad a toopid thing that i forgot everything zzz ..


okay ~ morning went down with YC and Ash .. then eaten le ~ they went to court while i went to sch .. then go do my PP Presentation .. well .. fail le lar .. zzz .. stupidly i go mix up the stuff again .. forget it .. after tat went back lor .. then msg yc .. he say go 707 .. then i walk halfway saw them @ YTCC .. Wah lao .. cheated mi lor .. zzzzzzzz .. then after tat play play play .. then went to LB and Nic eat .. while we drank .. then chatted .. after tat went home le .. intially got play dota de .. but YC gtg out .. so mi and ly play i think .. then he went to slp after that ..

i went down court lor .. then chatted all the way .. then play abit bball .. cuz nth to do mah .. then kinda late then went off le .. lol =x reach home same routine -.- i bathe le .. then eat .. then sit down infront comp ask them paly dota Lol ~ play quite alot .. woooot =D

then abt 12+ ended all game .. 1+ i went to MY hse .. then teach him dota .. intially wanna overnight @ his hse .. but lazy ... so went off after tat .. reach home jiu slp le .. @ 3+ 4 lyke tat ..


well ~ woke up by ashley since he ask to makan .. then we go tgt lor .. after tat @ mac saw the kranjian ~ short pants de .. lalaa ~ then after tat went court .. teach ashley some stuff .. then went home after tat .. reach home le dota with ly since yc went sch .. then after tat ly went to slp while i go watch tv .. cuz nth to do online ..

after tat went down court .. bring shoe wor ~ wanna play mah ~ then play quite alot of game ~ fun lar ~ not that bad hahaha =D very long no excercise .. but found out my right ankle now got problem .. should be cuz tat time sprain then i nv let it rest .. haiz .. okay ~ after tat went home lor ..

watch 十兄弟 .. then bathe le watch 超级星光大道 .. then online .. dota with LY cuz YC say he busy .. after tat msn abit .. cuz LY said timing change ~ ai yo .. dunoe if still can go Sean hse to chit-chat mah Lol =x sms him somemore no reply .. then after tat SGC ppl di siao mi T__T lol .. were just playing around .. then blog @ the same time .. ending this post ~ BYe ~~


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Monday, November 03, 2008


Post 1st post 1st .. morning woke up wanna watch magister negi de .. budden change to mai otome hime -.- lol .. nvm ~ then done le .. went down to bball court there .. then chatted with nick ~ after tat went to lb mac to do my pp poster .. abt 10plus leave .. then played bball with ly and ash .. lol .. then go home after awhile .. bathe le went out to meet ash and we wakl to his sch lor .. cuz he go back to check his class posting .. after tat we took bus to lot 1 ..

then Sean and QR came .. then we went to lot 1 to find Eunice and MK .. then MK went off 1st .. so we went to food court and eat .. then joke around .. after tat walk around lot 1 de basement ~ woot ~ new shop open .. haha .. bigger le =) .. done with it ~ we walk back lor .. then i go bball court see no 1 .. so went home .. and watch anime .. and chatted on msn plus complete my poster stuff .. lol .. it rained heavily anyway ..

waited till no rain ~ then went down to play bball .. chatted ~ then see JJ vs SJ .. then JJ won .. JJ pk QR .. JJ won .. LY pk SJ .. SJ won .. so he won de hongjing #19 title LOL =x after tat play around chat around .. and some bball around lor .. then LY and sean rush off siol .. lol .. then continue playing .. not tired .. but realli fun =D haha .. then chat abit .. sms ly .. and went home at the same time ..

Well .. yuan lai ly ting ji chou de mah lol ~ anyway its my fault though .. he RMB-ed i said him hao lian 6x total for today =( cuz sometime he shoot in ball i will say hao lian mah .. then he told me his unhappy about it .. I'm sorry bro, I meant it as a joke, because after I said you hao lian you will give me that type of funny face, then somemore I thought we close then I jiu don't mind playing on this kind of thing, because you never told me cannot play. I didn't know you will be so mindful and angry about it, sorry.

After reach home ~ was sms-ing LY abt the top stuff lor .. sorry .. then SGC a si bei funny joke ~ later post it up ~ anyway i come blog 1st ~ later go watch anime and eat dinner .. bye

The Banana Test

There is a very, very tall coconut tree and there are 4 animals,
a lion, a chimpanzee, a giraffe, and a squirrel, who pass by.
They decide to compete to see who is the fastest to get a banana off the tree.

Who do you think will win?

Your answer will reflect your personality.

So think carefully . . . Try and answer within 30 seconds

Got your answer?

Highlight those from the btm =D

If you picked:

Lion - you're dull.

Chimpanzee - you're a moron.

Giraffe - you're a complete idiot.

Squirrel - you're just hopelessly stupid.

A Coconut tree Doesn't have Bananas!!!!!

Obviously you're stressed and overworked.
You should take some time off and relax!
Try again next year.


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Well well, yesterday didnt post, so i post it today =D okay ~ woke up late late as there was no activity in the morning at all =D woke up le i dont have anything to do =.= so i went to watch Get Backers, after that went down to get tibits .. lol =x went back watch again ~ then see the rain comes -.- kaoz ..

after tat waited for the rain to become small ~ then i went down to bball court lor .. then saw a few people there ~ so play abit ball ~ then chat abit ~ and went to LB to get bubble tea Lol =x after tat went home le ..

reach home bathe and eat ~ watch anime and watch TV ~ lol ~ then my computer dunoe got wad problem siol ~ will auto shut-down ~ i think put on sofa then heal too much Lol =x k lar ~ that's all for my Sunday -.-" bye ~~


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Saturday, November 01, 2008


Well well, okay, woke up as per normal, and watched some shows and stuff like that, after that went down to bball court and find them, shoot abit, went over to LB mac and sit down to relax =D after that were asking Ashley to join the Milo U14 cup but he is considering, hope he will join since his the last man to be confirm haha .. okay ~ then we went home lor .. and i continue watching my Get-Backers Lol =x after tat about 3+ i went down le ..

reach theere .. play a few games with those kranjian .. after tat .. i juz sit there relax lor ~ then abt 7+ lyke tat .. we went to LBP to train but the light arent on -,- so too bad >< .. we went to 707 .. juz as we gonna start .. got other ppl came .. so we cant train .. then HW and jon said that YTCC got court .. so walk halfway see alot ppl there le .. so went back to LBP since the GreenRidge people say can play le .. but lights still not on -.-" zzz .. after tat went to 514 play lor .. since no training .. we play match .. then that Nigel du lan cuz team arent properly put .. i didnt really want play cuz no mood lar .. i mean see ppl lyke tat .. wtf .. zzz .. then play halfway nigel got 1 pass accidentally hit LY eye directly .. wah ~ pain siol .. then he went to sit and rest .. then game cancel .. then he juz rest there and we help him lor .. after he can move around le .. we went to LB and eat ~ hmm .. eaten le we went back lor .. lol ..

reach home .. watch abit Get-Backers .. help Sam with some comp stuff since he got error .. then chatted with Coco abit .. then went to slp le


Today leh .. woke up @ 6+ cuz urgently nid toilet .. some more hear the rain ~ went back to my beautiful slp =.= then 850 lyke tat CS msg mi .. he ask mi if got traiining .. didnt hear the rain .. i say got .. then i quick get rdy le went down but no ppl .. so ask them not to come 1st lor .. then went home and relax 1st .. waiting for rain to stop .. but it didnt .. lol .. then after tat do some stuff le .. went out to meet Eunice BY and LY to go queensway cuz they making jersey le .. haha .. then meet sean and cs @ lot 1 there .. and train over ..

reach there le .. we went to eat .. CS ke lian .. sitted with mi and by .. 2 old guy .. lol .. then he didnt talk much .. hmm .. but i talk to him lar .. at least he wont feel left out =D then mi and BY share 1 bowl or Curry Chickent Rice since BY sick and he cant eat much .. well .. after tat we went to find CS bball but dun hav .. so walk around to find jersey lor .. @ the end found 1 shop .. the uncle not bad serously .. i like his attitude of working .. so @ the end we close deal with him lo .. $35 bucks for top and btm =D post up when it comes .. after tat we went around looking for bball .. @ the end found 1 .. and Eunice bought it for CS as his bday gift since its tmr =D haha .. then we went to arcade .. they played the bishi bashi game ? while mi and BY went to get tickets Lol ~ cuz we keep playing those bo liao game to 回味童年 .. haha .. then @ the end change a few sweets .. and we went back ..

reach lot 1 .. CS and LY went off .. then mi Sean Eunice By went to food court and eat cuz BY nid to eat something healthy mah .. lol .. then we eaten le .. Sean went back .. then we go bball court =D sit down and chit-chat .. then abt 9+ LY brought ball down cuz BY ask de mah .. then we shoot abit .. then play match .. 1st train the U14 2 guyz .. then played with QR they all .. after tat we went 7-11 without LY =.=" bought drinks and went home ..

reach home i do some changing of stuff .. chat abit .. then went to bathe .. now come blog .. later eat and watch anime LOL! -.,- awww .. JH ask to watch movie tmr .. wanna go but really broke T__T haiz .. okay ~ post ended ~ bye

Shuai mah? haha =p


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