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Monday, August 31, 2009

woke up in de morning
damn shag lar =.= thne faster prepare le ..
jiu go to sch le .. reach sch .. chit-chat ...
do worok ~ not bad leh .. the team quite fun =.= aha
after tath jiu leave le lor .. than chg my ezlink card le ..
went home .. play abit .. than bathe .. than went down get things ..
than coem up again .. make bread .. than go down find BY ..
than go court .. than after that take food from ly ..
than eaten le .. jiu go play bball lor. .
play paly le .. jiu sit down rest .. than come home lor ..
now come blog .. lata go bathe, than watch tv .. than DGN again lol =x
Hmmm, today is really tyco lar,
if BY nv ask mi down, will anyone else ask mi down? =X
hmm, well, dun think dun think .. juz keep it as it is ba


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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Woke up in de morning ~ than jiu online play game lor ..
but awhile lata jiu zhao le .. cuz tired mah ..
than keep on off on off de =.= watch tv oso ..
Sad-ed sia .. some stuffs happen lor,
should i stay back, or continue?
should i hold on, or let go?

really 烦 ah ..
than after that watch tv abit more .. jiu slp le


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Saturday, August 29, 2009

woke up @ 8+, than msg MY and LY .
after that change and prepare le .. went down court cuz wanna get something to bite .
than bought drinks le .. went for the rest lor .. than ly send my nas lemak lol =X
aftre that they jiu started playing lor .. play paly paly ..
than sit down rest le .. jiu went over LB food court eat ..
eaten le .. jiu went home liao lor .. reach home .. bathe le ..
than after that play play play . than abt 635 went out to meet the rest ..
then went to lot 1 .. lol .. bought sweet and Calvin a present ..
after that went his hse le .. ate chat laugh, =D just had some fun ther e..
than went down to find CS they all .. budden they called amd said went back le ..
wth =.= then we go back oso lor .. awhile lata jiu zhou le ..
after that jiu went back liao lor ..
another scary part .. wanted to turn in on 1 of the road ..
than saw a ballon there =.=" than i was like >< >< ><
forget it .. walk the big way =X Lol

reach home .. bathe ..
DGN abit .. now come blog .. going watch show .. than slp le ..
damn TIRED !


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Friday, August 28, 2009

Wow ~ on friday, woke up in de momring ..
didnt went sch once again muahhaa =X
anyway, online .. than play play lor ..
after that no lunch oso mah ~ saded .. so play all the way ..
than went to nap .. after that went to meet the rest @ bad court ..
went to cck interchange buy bread le .. went over woodland ..
go pasar malam cuz sean wanna buy food . than went bball court ..
changed le jiu play play lor .. than after that went to eat LJS ..
funny sia ~ everyone like wants to get the screen wiper ..
than snatching fror crust .. haha .. aftter taht coco smoke le ..
we went back lor .. wah seh .. scary sia ..
cuz they @ woodland that time say got something pull their bag ..
nvm .. than i went back .. @ lift there .. saw an uncle ..
after that i see him @ letterbox area .. 1 min lata i check on him ..
he was gone =.=" omg wtf bbq .. i scared dao ><"
went in lift .. look on de flr . lol =x than went home once i can ..

bathe le .. played abit more .. watch tv .. then slp le ..


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Thursday, August 27, 2009

hahaa ~ woke up in de morning, late for appointment =.= wtf
so nvm lar, than play abit, went out to meet BY lor ..
then ate le .. met with JJ and watch JJ eat ..
went home awhile .. jiu go down bball court find LY and co.
than went LBP to play abit lor .. than sit down watch them play ..
after that jiu went home le .. reach home bathe le ..
jiu eat and watch K.O.Sanguo .. than play DGN till now ~
Tmr's gonna skip sch 1 more day ~ school week start from next ba =D
so bye all ~


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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

WOOOOOOOOOOH !!!! i got over 24hrs didnt slp =D
oh yea ~ BTW .. morning .. was DGN-ing lar ..
after that found a song, i damn like sia ..
than record in my fone hehe .. than after that bathe le ..
wetn to meet ly .. walk over to interchange lor ..
after that wait for boon .. then went up le ..
jiu sit there waste time .. wainting fro sean lar ..
after that .. sean was late .. so went gombak Lol =x and went for him ..
he came le .. went hosp lor ~ so fast sia his turn ..
and YAY!! Can see that "re-habilist" again ahaha =D
done le .. jiu went back lor .. went to buy food ..
go his hse eat .. after that .. went to lot 1 meet ly they all ..
went to LJS to eat .. thwen went to watch Where Got Ghost ..
not that bad lar =D done le .. jiu go home le lor ..
reach home .. bathe .. than DGN abit .. jiu went to nap ..
abt an hr .. than after that play again .. till now come blog .
going to watch tv abit than slp le .. really cannot take it le =.=
weak sia !


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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

went to slp @ 5+ .. woke up @ 10+ ..
aftr that eat and watch show ..
than sms BY abit le .. than pla DG lor ..
play play .. than went down to get some stuff ..
after that .. went home le .. jiu go bathe lor ..
done with it ~ cont. DGN .. play play ..
awhile later .. went to play Dota =X lost ><
awww ~ too long no play .. anyway ..
after that cont. to DGN lor .. play play play till now ..
come blog ~ tmr is lesso nday ~ but acc sean go hosp ba ..
fri than go sch =D hahaa ~


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forgot to post haha =X
anyway .. woke up as per normal
than DGN abit .. watch show ..
after that .. bicker with ly over lunch =x
cuz he PS mi lol =X then play abit more ..
went out to meet sean lor .. he buy power supply le..
came my hse .. than fix his comp .. done le ..
bring over to his hse .. than fix it in ~~
than alot problem .. cuz he this cannot that cannot lol =X
but yuan lai all small prob .. make mi run up and down 3 time..
nnb . Lol ~ everything settle le he gunz lor ..
see him so happy =.= kaoz ..
after that .. jiu went home le ..
1st itme saw his bro ~ so look damn alike like his mum ..
reach home .. than bathe .. thn DGN .. till now ..
come blog lor =X Lol


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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Now got chance faster upload

Story Time
i would say .. a simple day hehe
woke up le .. than play DGN ..
after that play play play ..
than went out to get dinner lor ~
then home bathe play .. than slp
than play again ~ now come blog ahaha =D
Exam ended jiu shi zhe yang ~
anyway singtel really cannot make it lar =.=
zzzz ~ bye


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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday leh ..
woke up le .. than preapre lor ..
after that slowly went down lol =X
than play bball ~ play paly .. than sit down rest le ..
chit-chat with BY ahaha =X soon after ..
went inshade .. talk again ~ than went over to LB to eat lor ..
after that .. went ABC to get hings le ..
then went over to MY hse .. than play MJ >< Lol =X
buy no $ le .. abt 1 feng nia =X wth ..
anyway after that reach home le .. bathe and DG abit ..
than went out to meet Ly Sean MY .. than went to lot 1
eat dinner >< lol =X finish le .. went home .. than DG abit ..
wanna slp ~ cant get to slp although tired >< ahaa =X
than now come post 1st ~ bye


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Friday, August 21, 2009

Hmm ~ woke up in de morning .. than preapre le
went out to meet ly lor .. then went to sch ..
read up ~ slowly prepare .. after that jiu take exam
zzz .. cant finish .. anyway after that ..
went home le .. reach home ~ rest abit ..
went out to meet ly and co to eat lunch .. ahhaa ..
after that went home gain =X omg ~
than went out to MTB hse .. hehee .. go there ZBL lar ..
than soon after .. went home preapre le ..
jiu go ouot meet sean they all ..
Time Waster T_T
anyway meet twith them le .. went over Queensway ..
than Reiner bought stuff le .. we jiu went back le ..
go over Sean hse .. than Reiner help sEan fix his comp ..
but fial .. after that cab down to 514 bball lor ..
ended le went to mac eat =D .. last but not least ..
went home ~ oh yea .. Sean de CPU with mi =X Ahaa ..
reach home . bathe and stuff .. than DG .. than slp


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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hmm ~ woke up in de morning ~ than play DG Lol =X
after that play paly .. then went out to meet BY ..
than went to eat sub way hahaa =X after eaten le
went back lor .. 1st time so arly went back ..
anway rech home .. sAw ly .. shock dao =.=
yuan lai he kinda pon sch ahaa =X
oh well ~ than went to slp lor ..
slept le .. woke up .. play DG awhile ..
thna went to bathe =D after that leh ..
cont. to play lor =.= and eat oso ahahahaa
than play play paly .. now studying ~ but come post 1st
hahaa .. bye
STRESS AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hmm, my blogger is going down oso
okay, woke up in de morning ..
than LY last min msg .. say can acc mi wlak ..
so rush out meet him .. than go find bb ..
wow ~ looks so sick Lol =p
anyway after that .. jiu went to sch le ..
study on the way~ how long was it when i last studied =.=
anyway after that .. chit-chat .. than do exma lor ..
piang cant finish ~ WTFBBQKNN >< suan le lar ..
after that jiu went off le
Thanks Melvin for the update of UTClient ..
if not i sure die

anyway after that .. went to CWP wanna see things ..
but shop not open .. so went home .. watch aNime le ..
jiu went over sean hse lor .. bought for him something ..
after that chatted abit .. than i le ft his hse le ..
is went to see his LITTLE FINGER lar >< Lol =X
than go over 514 .. play bball .. chit-chat .. hahaa =X
than lastly .. went home lor
Oh yea ~ BB is sick
Do take care =D

after that bathe le .. than play DGN ..
than ate dinner ~ than play play .. do some comp stuff ..
after that went to dota ~ than now DGN abit .. should be slp-ing soon
Izzit de HGF starting in few mins time..
Hmmm ~ well ~ 白天不做亏心事 jiu okay de lar =D haha


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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Haha .. okay ..
woke up in de morning ~ than DGN abit le ..
jiu went out to meet Eunice and JJ lor ..
read up abit oso lar ~ after that ..
went to LB Food court .. than Eunice ate ..
eaten le .. jiu went mac .. mi and JJ eat Lol =X
after that chatted ahwile ..
jiu went back le lor .. reach home .. bathe ..
play DG hahaa =X than after that LY they all online ..
COMPLAIN !!!! Lol =X anyway after that ..
went to bathe again .. than DGN all the way till now lor ..
come blog ~ gonna study abit .. than go slp le ~
bye all
Wish me luck haha =D


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Monday, August 17, 2009

I saw something damn cool today.





In everyone's like, you will have the chance to meet 3 similar brothers.
Most likely you will first meet with "lost,"
follo by knowing what is "regret,"
and lastly know what is "cherish."

How true ~

okay .. morning woke up as per normal ~ im juz kidding =.=
woke uo tired lar =.=
than after that jiu play DG lor .. than ate break fast ..
than play play play play =.=" LOL!!! lifeless guy ..
anyway after that .. abt 3+ went out to meet Sean and Reiner ..
than with DX .. we went to KFC to eat ~ eaten le ..
sean was discussing on his comp .. so we went to courts see see =.=
after that jiu went back le ..
reach home .. bathe .. than cont. to DG and do some stuffs lor .. hahaa =X
than watch show . hehee .. until now come over to blog =X
dunnoe wad time slp-ing ~ in a confusion state again =X
Paiseh ah, Reiner didi, keep suanning u today


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Sunday, August 16, 2009

wheee ~ blogger's back to normal ..
woke up in de morning .. than play abit of DG >< still lag =.= hahaa ..
than ate oso lor ~ after that play dota .. cMI sia .. every game oso got delay ><
than quitted .. so went to slp ~ wah ~ 1st time i slp until so soundly
maybe really tired wor .. after that .. woke up le ..
bathe .. than DG and eat @ the same time lor ..
after that neh .. cont. DG all de way =X lol =X
now come blog ~ dunoe wan stay up for the night or not .. HMmm
wanna study ah !!!


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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Woke up in de morning ..
than wash up le .. relac relac abit .. than BY called mi ..
ask mi go take ball cuz he not going down .. than went to take lor ..
than chatted with him .. than rain ~ lol =X after that coco they all reach le ..
go find them .. than waited abit .. go ate breakfast ..
than done le .. waited for LY and Ash .. jiu went tour CCK =.=
cuz we wanna go CCKCC to play bball due to rain ~ but got event ..
than turn back .. go back 514 @ the end =.=" Lol =X
than play match lor .. but piang .. the weather cannot make it =.=
after that it rain again >< so rest abit .. jiu all go off le ..
than i went to find BY and take notes .. than go 302 find the rest ..
after tat went to lot 1 find something but nv sell ~ so well ..
went back after lor ..
reach home .. bathe .. than did internet stuff .
totally being fuk up .. awhile can awhile cannot .. WTF lar ..
ccb ~
after that play DG .. than play paly .. than whole day lag lar ..
KNN .. after that DC .. jiu re-do everything again ..
PCB .. wad a fuk up internet this is ..
after that talk to YC .. dunoe why YC so emo .. or angry ..
than now come blog . should be having an early night .. damn fk up.


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Friday, August 14, 2009

woke up early in de morning ~ wanna walk with LY BUT FAIL !!!! Lol ..
cuz he rode bike .. oh well .. than after that watch tv ~ wah lao ..
not bad sia .. the show .. than finish le .. prepare .. rdy le ..
jiu went out lor .. reach sch .. than use comp ~ lol =X
than after that chat chat play play do work ~ done le jiu went off le lor ..
went back CCK .. wait for the rest .. done le jiu went to eat KFC hohoho ..
eaten le .. than i tink jiu went back hoem le =.=
reach home ~ bathe .. use comp abit .. jiu went down for training lor ..
than play abit nia lar .. after that jiu sit down talk cock all de way =.=
than after lights off .. went to mac .. eat "dinner" lor .. lol
BB funny luh =.= oh well ~ after that done le ..
jiu went back .. reach home .. DG lor .. than dota a game ..
DG abit more .. jiu went to slp le ..


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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hohoho, woke up in de morning ... than wash up ..
watch comic .. dress up le jiu come sch lor ..
now in sch ~ start today's post hahaa
than played monopoly in sch ~ muhahaaa =D fun siol ..
play with the class .. than do General Ledger @ the same time ..
than too engross in it, our team have over 9x transaction ..
damn it >< i left them halfway, hoep the team is fine ~ =D
went back .. met with BY .. than ATe ljs .. after that went popular buy things ..
jiu went home le .. Lol =X reach home .. went to nap ~
than finish le jiu bathe .. fnish le play game lor .. DGN and anime
after that abt 12+ jiu go slp le ..
but i turn on bed till 2+ .. dunoie y .. haish


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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

weird day, woke up in de morning, online,
but was fk by my internet =.= dunoe wad fk-ing problem
took mi 30mins to settle ><
anyway after that .. didnt play lar .. cuz game is having maintenence ..
so after that eaten le .. watch comic .. see tv Lol =X
watch anime .. than discuss hao le .. jiu went out to LB le ..
reach there .. contact LY .. budden mistake =..=
Paiseh eh, mis-communication.
than ate with MY le .. went over to court to play play lor ..
intially wanna go woodland de .. but didnt lol =X
after tat leh ~ done le jiu went home .. bathe ..
than online play lor .. than play dota ~ lost feel hehee =X
than played DG abit more .. jiu went to slp le ..


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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

okay ~ woke up in de morning >< no lar .. afternoon
than after that ate .. and play abit DG ..
folo by going to lot 1 to meet Reiner an Sean ..
than walk around .. bought a mini fan =.=
Reiner bought speaker Lol =X
after that went pasar malam to buy some things to eat ...
jiu go home le lor .. reach home ..
finish eating .. went to nap ..
woke up again .. play DG folo by dota =D
hahaa .. after tat neh .. done dota le ..
jiu all de way Dg lor .. play play ..
play until morning 4+ .. watch anime ..
than go to slp


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Monday, August 10, 2009

Awwww ~ being woke up by Ashley msg .. hahaa =X
in the end i didnt go down ply lar .. so went back to slp ..
after that wake up le .. jiu online play DG lor .. play abit ..
than watch anime and eat @ de same time luh ~ hahaa ..
than cont. playing .. and went for a game of dota ..
after that cont. play lor ><" than eat and wathch Million Star 5 ..
Singaporean 满厉害一下 Lol ..
anyway aftre that Dota .. than now come blog ~ stupid simple day hahaa =X
Lifeless guy .. going DG abit more than slp =p


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Sunday, August 09, 2009




okay, woke up in de mornig ~ lol =X than play abit DG lor ..
than play a game of dota .. jiu went to bball court le ..
reach there .. ate alot of tidbits =.=
after that play abit bball ... than went home lor ..
reach home .. bathe le .. online awhile .. jiu went to nap le ..
woke up again .. watch NDP .. BB bluff mi ..
say NDP is 8pm .. heng i watch TV cuz im bored =.= lol ..
than watch watch .. after that went to meet Ly ..
than find coco and wJ .. than go lb get yc ..
than ate lor .. eaten le .. went over to WJ hse to watch soccer ..
finish le .. go home lor .. play abit .. bathe ..
than play abit more .. now come blog .. going to slp soon =D


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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Hihi ~
woke up le .. slowly prepare .. than went to meet them lor ..
than chatted abit ~ BY's friend came le .. than jiu warm up abit ..
than they started playing ..
My comment for the team
Well, no doubts you guys had improve substentially over the past months.
And that I would definitely say it's a good things, but you all still lack focus.
You all can be good in awhile, be bad in awhile, very on and off,
so if possible, now what you all needs to improve on would be your stability,
as in, the focus would be there, can keep yourself good constantly.
Also, don't bother whose your opponent, even if they are some unbeatables ones,
try your best to win, because once you take the step back,
you will lose the courage to step infront, thus losing the game.
Ah well, guess this is a weaknesses you guys showed today,
not regrading basketball though.

3/4 thru the game, it rains, than wait wai. by's friend left le ..
so afew of us sit back chit-chat .. than others went out play ball ..
follow by going to LB to eat ..
done le neh .. went over to 514 play paly abit .. than jiu go home le ..
reach home .. bathe .. watch comic than went to nap le ..
5+ woke up .. play abit DG .. ate dinner ~ play play ..
than now waiting for dota ~ so come blog Lol =X
after dota should be gaming lar ~ so yea ~ cyaz
I think Sean kinda dislike me, LOL!!!!


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Friday, August 07, 2009

Okay .. woke up liao ..
than DG abit lor ~ lol .. Coco tot i didnt slp =.=
anyway after that .. eaten le .. went out to meet BY ..
than go over to Sunshine .. follow by meeting with BB and his mum lor ..
than they went to cut hair ~ lol .. done le .. bought BBT ..
than they 2 went tuition while i went home lor ..
reach home ~ bathe .. than DG abit .. than jiu go nap le ..
woke up .. watch tv and ate something .. prepare le .. jiu went down to court ..
didnt see any of my ppl .. tot they @ LBP .. so walk over there .. halfway ..
saw Sean and Bb .. so well ~ walk to LBP to check if got ppl .. but nah =.=
原来 is all haven come down .. kaoz =.= so go back 514 .. waited abit ..
than the rest came le .. jiu started playing bball lor ..
i didnt lar .. just watch all de way nia =.= dunoe why oso ..
after bball neh ~ went over to Mac to eat .. and joke around =)
eaten le .. jiu went home le ..
reach home bathe .. than DG DG DG and MSN lol =X
now come over blog .. than jiu go slp le ~
Alright! Wish them luck tomorrow. =D


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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Hmm ~ thurs mah .. lets see ..
woke up in de morning ~ Shag dao =.= after that drag myself to sch lar ..
than something funny .. the faci asked whose leaving halfway ..
mi and 1 girl raise our hand .. than @ the end during half time ..
Alot more ppl leeft =.= funny lar ..
oh yea ~ oso ..
dunoe my sch do wad lar =.= needa recite pledge and sing song ..
lol .. budden only the faci did it ~ we were standing there though ~
but well .. so long no hear .. abit nostalgic =.= HAHA

anyway after tat .. went to meet BY le .. than went to eat LJS lor ..
than we complain why no girl see de =.=" than complain complain ..
after that went to walk walk .. still missssssss ~ no girls ..
than go pasarmalam get chicken chop .. then jiu went home le ..
totally =.= omg ~ lol =X
after that .. reach home le jiu went to bathe lor .
than use comp abit .. jiu go nap awhile le .
than finish le .. had my dinner .. jiu dota abit lor ..
after that DG abit le .. watch anime .. my bro get that freaking MIO internet ..
fk it man .. seriously it sucks lar =.= zzz .. than do this do that ..
after that DG abit more .. jiu go slp le ..


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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Woke up @ 6Am .. than take my time to prepare lor ..
after that went out to meet Ly .. than walk over to Control station with him ..
waited for BB .. than they left le .. waited for Sean .. than went 302 to eat ..
eaten le .. jiu took bus down to KKH lor .. wow ~ Bus duration kinda long T_T
Anyway after that .. jiu wait for him to do Xray blah blah ..
than go do pysio + clean wound .. than doc come in .. ask the nurse take plier come
Omg ~ Sean face change siol =.= Lol =X
than came in realyl a plier .. OMGWTFBBQ .. than after that ..
the doc ask sean to talk to mi .. and when once sean turn his head ..
the doc 出手!!!!攻击!!!!!!! than he just turn and pull the wire out ..
wow ~ sean clench his fist and his face totally change .. than "sayang" him Lol ..
see he pain until like that =.= than after that nurse cont. to help him excercise ..

than ended le .. do "payment" le .. went over to bugis Mrt there de market ..
eat alot lor Lol =X than done le .. jiu took mrt back lor ..
Tired dao ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ =.= aftre that rush to sch ..
than prepare to present =.= omg ~ hope i can pass it man ><
this year i really do better than last year Lol =X
then done le .. jiu go back meet BY .. than he ate Subway, while i drink ..
than chatted .. after that see phone abit .. jiu went home le ..
reach home .. change abit .. than went to 514 to play bball lor ..
than play play ended ~ Taught Reiner some simple basic .. done le ..
abit later jiu went home le lor ..
reach home .. bathe .. than online DG abit .. went to eat ..
now wanna go dota .. dota ended go back DG .. and .... and .....
than go slp lar =.= obviously ~ tired neh =.= haha


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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

today woke up damn early ~ wanna fight boss .. but timing off =.= wth ..
suan le .. than went back to slp ~ slp till 12+? than online .. DG abit ..
asking for help ~ but fail .. dunoe why suddenly ppl cant .. ppl no gos ch ..
haish .. than suan le ~ so went out .. than think still got other fren ..
but nvm lar .. out le might as well go lor .. than reach sch ..
went to print lor .. than do editing htere =.=
after that printed le .. went to find coco .. than eat and chat lor ..
than went off .. go court see .. not much ppl .. so go home lor ..
reach home i come blog le ~ lol =X abit more go bathe .. now msn ..
than after that DG abit .. than went to dota .. sian ~
dota finish le .. wnet back DG ~ after borrowing 400G frmo Coco ..
@ last i got my things =D ..than after that 2am jiu log off go slp le


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Monday, August 03, 2009

woke up in de morning once again =.= Obviously ..
thna play DG Lol =X after tat waited for time le ..
went out to met LY .. than cab to find boon ..
oh yea ~ That taxi driver uncle damn kpkb .. nb ..
after that boon onboard le .. went over to the midview there ? lol =X
than send his cpu for repair le .. jiu went home liao ..
reach home .. DG for awhile .. than went out to meet BY ..
than ate mac ~ and chat chat lor ..
after that ..walk aorund lot 1 le .. jiu went home liao ..
reach home ~ Bathe .. than DG lor =.= than play play .. dota oso ..
than jiu go slp el Lol =x


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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sunday mah ~ Woke up in the morning ..
after that DG abit le .. went down for bball lor ~
taught Reiner how to bball ~ well ~ i guess he didnt learn much =X Hahaa ..
than after that play play lor .. than go hoem le ..
reach home ~ Bathe .. after that just DG and rest all the way ..
than after that do abit of the PPT le .. than DG abit more .. jiu slp le ..
I think lar .. forgotten =.="


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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Is the Caterpillar cute?
found it on YC bag when i wanted to swipe the leaf away =.= lol =X
Reiner face is de nxt pic =p hahaa ~ Taken @ LJS

Story Time

okay ~ woke up in de morning ~ wanna die =.= Lol =X
then prepare le .. went down lor .. reach there .. than eat .. slowly get rdy ..
hao le jiu play match =.= play play ~ than after that they lay full court ..
i be timer and blah blah =.= lazy to play =X anyway after tat ..
1st time no 1 went to eat ~ hahaa =X i think lar .. than went home lor ..
online surf net watch anime abit .. eaten le .. jiu went down to meet ly ..
than go MRT station tgt lor .. than his "gang" come le .. they went off 1st ..
mine is late anyway ~ than was chatting with James and ChanWai .. hahaa =X
anyway the rest come le .. bid farewell .. went over to Bugis lor ..
1st we went the Iluma ? the new shopping centre ~ wow ~ 7 story ..
power ~ and his arcade .. OMGWTFBBQ .. his catching machine oso nice =D
hahaa =X oh well ~ than see their lan ship ..
there put D3 .. dunoe got or not .. wtf sia ..
forget it .. than went over to Noodle Empire to eat ~ cMon ~ it sux ..
so small bowl .. cost u 7bucks =.= piang .. heng i didnt eat =p hahaa =X
after BB/Jim/Rei eaten le .. went over bugis street walk lor ..
than reiner didnt see htings he like =.= walk agian ~ than went over to
bugis shopping centre .. to walk Lol =X after taht still cant find ..
than Rei wanna go back mah .. so he and sean went back ..
while mi and bb went to coffee bean to drink ~ chatted .. blah blah ..
than awhile latae they 2 came le .. chatted abit more .. than Cassey came ..
Sean's god sis .. than they compare ht .. WTH =.= oh well ..
after that we went off lor .. (forgot to say .. jimmy went off earlier)
then took mnrt .. squeeze squeeze lor =.= hahaa .. until JE then FREE =X
after that went over LJS .. than wait ly and cs .. than eat lor ..
than Sean get the lucky draw Lol =X heng siao =X then we share among ourself ..
since he cnat eat sea food ~ =p eaten le . jiu went back le lor ..
reach home .. bathe .. than DG .. wanted to dota de =.=
budden they wan cheong DG .. so bo bian ~ broke my plan again Lol =X
haish ~ suan le .. going slp ~ nitez all ..
tmr teaching Reiner hwo play bball ? =X lol ~


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