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Monday, February 26, 2007

ai yo .. post post post ! ahaha .. post for no reason !!! hehex .. oh well .. kk letz see .. done on friday .. letz jump to Fri !!! oki .. realli nth much on friday .. i juz went biking wif them till quite late i tink .. or maybi not ? ahaha .. not very sure abt it leh .. cuz memory quite faded laizo .. budden i rmb is .. we go gombak and eat .. and chua saw mi !!! then siong told mi some 1 call mi .. than i blur diao .. than chua call mi !! ahaha .. and i saw uncle and auntie oso ^^ quite fate =X hehe .. oki .. so after tat we went back lor .. than everyting still oki oki lor ..

so on Sat .. moring b4 i went out .. my dad told mi not to let anione overnight .. budden nope .. initially onli lyke 4-6 ppl come .. then until the end .. 13-15 come !! Lolx .. than die .. my whole hse kinda chaotic .. than theyy blackjack till 7!!! lol .. 1-7 .. not tat bad ah .. than tat paw .. won 120 .. wah .. li hai man .. ahhaa .. oki .. so yup .. morning went to eat mac breafast .. hao long hao long nv eat le .. since i tink .. sec sch time .. lolx .. oki .. so after tat .. i went home and slp lor .. till around 2-3+ .. estint (my cousin) contact mi .. and woke mi up .. than wake up and see tat my hse is full of pplz .. frm both my dad and my mum side .. lolx .. and both comp are being occupied =.=" ai yo yo .. lolx .. nvm .. until around 9+ lyke tat .. i went out find tian vin and ant .. than eat mac .. or juz 1 burger .. and zhao home =.=" Lolx .. funni man .. vin power leh .. from so far come over here .. eat and drink and went home again .. ahaha

oki .. so today monday hor .. went to work in the morning lor .. 1st time kenny (asst. manager) didnt scold mi .. ahaha .. heng sia heng sia .. phew .. todea although very tiring .. budden work till quite happi i tink .. budden dunoe if gonna continue not .. haha .. after work went hoem rest yi xia .. went and find them .. than they polay Mahj .. and i accidentally fall aslp .. lolx .. than siong and tian went back 1st .. than we went lot 1 .. found tat CC is close .. so .. we went out and chat .. for quite some time .. than vin gtg cuz kinda late .. so yup .. tats tat for the day ..

well .. guess everyone dun lyke mi le .. Lolx .. i tink onli i noe wad i mean .. no hard feeling eh guyz .. takecare !

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Friday, February 23, 2007

OmG .. its being years since i last post .. nvm .. tis time round .. will make a LONG LONG post wif wad i did the past 1 week .. hahax .. than it will look nice nice =.=" J/K

so oki .. on Thurs rite .. i didnt work cuz got something else that was plan quite long ago lolx .. so yea .. was waiting at home for vin and siong .. than vin msg mi telling mi that they had some CNY thingy to settle b4 they can come out .. so bo bian lor .. i went teck whye 1st .. than hor .. after meet them .. siong say his too tired le .. dun wanna make sushi .. so arh .. nvm .. than vin nid to see cher mah .. so ant yoke mi vin went into TWSS .. whoo ~ scary ! lolx .. than mi and ant keep chatting cuz yoke and vin seeing teacher until kinda llate .. yup .. so contact siong and he say 7+ maybi wanna do sushi ~ so we went ahead and buy those things lor .. after tat siong was sleeping throughout .. so bo bian .. buy liao .. than cannot do oso .. cuz 9+ le .. than suan le .. we went home lor .. things left at Ant hse for tat day lolx .. oki

nxt is friday .. the day which i plan for something quite long ago lolx .. initially tot everything would be done as plan .. but else .. nope .. so i still went to Ant hse quite early .. found yoke and tian thr lolx .. vin didnt go sch .. so nvm .. than tian and vin went to lakeside and see their teacher .. yoke went home .. so mi and Ant went ahead and buy those GOODS .. LOLx .. it was freaking freaking heavy and .. wasting dunoe how mani "NA LI" at last we make it to Ant hse .. HENG HENG my dad come fetch us from ant hse to my hse .. if not we will drop dead while moving halfway LOLX .. well .. started doing the sushi .. than do halfway vin tian yoke all came along le .. hahax .. than do until quit a failure =.=" haiz .. so until the end .. my parent hlp mi settle everything .. and by 7 they done liaoz .. budden the star .. mr siong onli come at 9 >.<" lolx .. suan le .. so yea ..

eat till 11+ everyone was very very full .. and diao .. got show to watch .. so everyone cheong show 1st .. than 11++++++++ hor .. we brought the bday cake out for siong and tian .. i tink until the end than tian knew that we celebrating his bday ba .. hahax .. so yup .. sang their bday songs and brought their present for them ^^ and they cut the cake ! hahax

yup .. so intially everyone wanted to go mah .. so i went to bathe and wanted to go oso .. then hor =.=" Ant steal de ti lam .. than he dun wan go liao =.=" kaoz .. make everybody wait .. so bo bian .. siong and yang went back 1st lor .. the rest camp at my hse .. b4 they went .. a group photo .. budden not all of us

yup .. 1st time i slpt earlier than them i suppose .. maybi too tired .. and so .. woke up in the morning at chu xi le ~

oki .. so chu xi rite .. nth much .. i sent all of them home .. than went home myself lor .. after tat went to cousin hse thr and eat TUAN YUAN FAN .. oki lar .. another day of FULL stomach .. omg ! lolx .. than .. went home and plae i suppose .. nth much at chu xi lar .. so nvm .. lolx .. jump

yea ~ xing nian le .. ang bao ~~ lolx .. oki .. woke up late and went out late .. went to my grandpa hse oready 3+ 4+ liaoz .. than bai nian all those .. sit and chat and gamble .. lost 2x bucks lolx .. than nth much oso lor .. didint recieve quite alot of ang bao .. ahaha .. nvm lar i suppose .. yup .. so after tat went to my gu gu hse .. o.O .. went thr and didnt gamble sia .. 1st time .. juz go thr eat dinner and plae wif my newphews ba .. i suppose lolx ..
lolx .. than coco kept calling cuz they wanted to come my hse play mahjong 1 .. then till the end .. bo bian cuz too late .. than i went 513 thr and find them lor .. and chit chat abit .. and went home le .. lolx ..

oki .. at chu er .. tian got msg if ani1 wanna watch movie all those mah .. so oki lor .. after some wasting of time .. lolx .. we made it to cini lolx .. went thr than tian and yoke wanted to eat .. mi and siong and vin eaten liao .. than when went kfc wif them .. everyone started to eat LOLX .. nvm lar .. than kinda full .. so went on top and buy the movie ticket .. wanted to watch norbits .. budden full le .. the nxt 1 is quite late .. so we chg to portage .. still not a bad show though .. b4 that .. we went to plae 2 roudn of pools .. the 1 at the arcade 1 lolx .. 2 bucks per game de .. i sux man ! lolx .. nvm .. than finish movie everything .. they say come my hse .. so oki lor .. walk halfway le .. siong sae dun wanna lai liao .. cuz too tired or wad .. so bo bian .. he went home le lor .. than we gamble abit .. and vin play game cuz he dun gamble de .. nvm .. than lost 8 bucks or so ba =.=" eee lolx .. than yoke go orh orh .. vin and tian play DOTA AI .. until 5+++ .. than at last .. they went sleeping .. so i oso go slp .. tis time nv went back rm .. i slp outside wif them hahax ..

so nxt day .. woke up at 11+ .. then msg ppl .. and went back to slp .. until 12+ .. woke up .. i cheong everybody up lolx .. cuz i gtg around 1+ mah .. bo bian .. so prepare and eat and everything .. yup .. went out to chua hse lolx .. didnt send them back tis time round because i was late .. so went over gombak lor .. hmm .. meet vin and da sao .. and SH .. ahhax .. so oki .. went to chua hse .. and as per norm .. some were oready playing .. nvm .. i sit and eat .. everybody noe mi de .. ahaha .. and sitted till quite late and play lor ..

haha .. took vin lying on da sao lap .. than he point middle finger at mi T.T Lolx .. nvm .. yup .. so kinda late le .. at last coco came .. than we went down and eat dinner .. after that come up .. gamble abit .. than we go off le .. quite a fun day actualyl .. every yr at thr oso fun de lar .. so not bad .. lolx .. won 3bucks =.="" hahax .. nvm lar .. once in a yr gamble .. its not abt de $ .. its abt de fun we had ^^ hehe .. then hor .. went home lor .. and they say got party world the nxt day .. lolx

so yup .. nxt day .. woke up .. dun hav the str to go pt world le .. so i miss it .. than went and find Ant they all .. ant wanted to buy bike sial .. so went around cck to find bike .. and fail to bought 1 .. LOLX .. nvm nvm .. so yup .. the day pass as per normal lor ..

so oki . todea leh .. went to find venn haha .. meet at 3.30pm .. budden got late and of cuz .. got pplz nvm come =.=" zhen shi de .. than went over venn hse 1st .. played ps2 .. than venn and huat play fifa .. i went and fetch XY lolx .. so yup .. XY come over le .. and we game abit .. than eat .. eat quite long lar and xy is a damn joker lor .. i lauff until almost voimit ! .. lolx .. and bo liao de XY do tis

lolx .. thats de prawn venn ate ! 2-3 is mine and 1 is XY de .. hahax .. nvm ..
so after eating .. game abit .. than we gamble le .. tadi and blackjack .. regardless wad .. lost again =.=" kaoz . hahax .. oh well .. gonna went home le .. than took taxi home .. and now come here blog .. no game for mi .. nvm .. so oki oki lor ..

at last .. ended my post .. TAKECARE EVERYONE .. i tink i made some one angry again lolx .. >.<""

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Weell .. its thurs .. and i went to sch to see my MATHS faci !! SERENE !!! hahax .. well .. i went because she was a gd faci .. realli .. she cares abt us and verything all those lor ^^ hahax .. than she bought pizza for everyone in the class .. budden hor .. i left in de 1st meeting =.="" lolx .. i go find them eat breakfast because NAN DE siong didnt went sch cuz of stomach ache .. hahax .. although you yi dian dian dui bu qi serene .. but .. suan le ..

so on friday rite .. went to sch again .. cuz impt-ly .. again see teacher lor .. the side parting freak .. haahx .. i dunoe y .. budden juz feel lyke going lor .. so went over thr .. and out of de duno how mani week .. i at last stay till sch end man !! hahax .. so cool ;p .. well .. his 6P chg .. we were gaming de dunoe wad tittle game =.= budden nvm lar .. lolx .. juz .. hav fun can oready .. hehe .. i think during break time .. qian chen said she will be going back China .. so .. umm .. we took some photos ..
my class .. hahax .. specially made for the pic though
the ger is Qian Chen lor .. hope that she will have a fun time back in China ^^

alright .. on Sat .. went out wif vin groups to queensway and shop .. bought 1 geans, 1 belt, 2 T-Shirts, 1 Shoes, 1 Slippers, 1 Shirt .. and total cost mi $170 !!
sobx sobx T_T si bei painful sial .. and onli 1 pants lor .. sigh ~ jia lat lolx .. well .. tiring day though LOL ;p didnt take pic cuz too lazy le hahax

so on sunday .. went to work .. then met a new guyz .. wooo hoooo ~ than on sunday quite earli off .. 12nn im gone cuz afternoon shift too much pplz le .. hahax .. so happi ^^ and Peng Yoke got to pay 20 bucks for satay le .. cuz he bet wif mi if i work 3 days than he will pay 20 bucks for mi .. ;p hahax .. i won ^^

on monday went sch cuz its de last day of sch .. and its PATRICK !! he very li hai lor .. although its vanguard sheet and sticker and ang bao .. budden he made 50 book mark for 2 classes lor .. hao gan dong .. always tot they self made item = cheap skate .. budden when recieve its like .. thinking how long time he nid to do the cutting and pasting all those .. so gd of him .. than i oso stay till the end .. after tat vin come find mi .. cuz we go woodland walk walk round round see wad else can buy lolx .. and bought some thing secret kekex .. oh yea .. b4 that .. i oso recieve my valentine present on monday sial .. during 1 of my break time .. she gave mi 3 F.R ^^ hahax .. haven eat yet hehex .. =p

okok .. so tues and wed stick together .. its juz mi working lor .. and today .. wed is a valaentine day .. i didnt went out wif her worz .. sobz .. cuz she went out wif a group of frens .. lolx. . nvm lar .. will be meeting her soon cuz i still owe her her comic .. HAHAH

so .. well .. TAKECARE AND HAPPI V.DAY to everyone ..

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

hey~im back lol . oki oki .. lai lai .. i forgot wad i did on sunday .. but its confirm not aniting out of the odinery .. lolx .. except that i quarrel wif simp over de game .. haiz .. dunoe .. when will the problem realli be solve .. haaha .. well .. skip till mon

monday mah .. didnt go sch .. i tot i got to go work cuz they make a vancancy for mi .. lolx .. than no cuz my mum didnt work morning shift .. so i didnt go .. and oso i dint go sch cuz its still week 15th .. nxt monday than i nid to go .. hahax .. oki .. i went and look for them Lolx .. hmmm .. than i forgot wad we did .. YEA !!!!! lolx .. i guess too tired to tink back ba .. SkiP

haha .. oki .. ytd tues mah .. i went work .. very luckily .. i kena station A in the morning and station DEF in the noon .. at least im not in the runner section .. which i hated alot .. hahax .. was slogging ? lolx .. not realli cuz i noe some of the thing .. and yet i dunoe a ting ? hahax .. guess it urself ba .. ;p .. furthermore .. Yvonne, dunoe spell lyke tat not .. hu is 1 of my manager .. chat wif mi wor .. cuz my mum introz de mah .. than they oso noe mi Lolx .. so she chat wif mi and ask y i suddenly come work ehx .. lolx .. than out of no choice .. i told her reason lor .. hope tat she dun tell my mum 1st .. hahax .. oki ..

well .. todea hor .. i work again lor .. tis time round is Kenny as my manager .. ARGH !!! i "HATE" Him .. he kan cheong sure TALK TALK TALK TALk .. I KEEP KENA SCOLDING BY HIM .. ( although i tink he kena scolded by the director cuz of mi ) .. than i was lyke .. argh .. bo wei gong .. i tink i cry too ? LOLX!!!!! tears accumulating in my eye lar .. cuz was lyke so long nv kena scoled .. and its realli LONNG !! a bit bu xi guan ba .. lets hope that if i were to work under kenny .. everything will go smooth !!! lolx .. ;p .. suay suay - ly .. i kena runner in the noon .. eeeeEeeeee ! hate it .. i at 1st station DEF tio scold for being slow .. than being runner tio scold for not doing well .. haiz .. so hard to please pplz man ;p lolx .. maybi its my fault .. i dunoe .. lets see how ba .. Lolx ..
Tired .. its realli tiring than last time i work .. i dunoe y oso =.=" my hand is going numb soooooon lolx .. budden hope can earn enuff $ for wad i wan to do ba ..

so .. ta-Da .. ending .. CYAz

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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Thats the slacker team on Wed .. didnt post the pic cuz i haven got it that day .. still got some more .. budden the blogger upload slow ~ so if u all wan see the slacker team day .. can go to YINDI or VENN blog .. the link is below thr .. lol

well .. on friday .. problem solving .. i go and finish the whole lesson oki ^^ .. the onli thing is that i didnt listen to the 6P .. hahax .. oh well .. after sch .. coco came my hse 1st .. than he went down wif simp and sam .. i still wasnt on gd term wif simp mah .. so i didnt wan to go down because i dun like confrence face to face de .. so nvm .. i go find them .. and we had .. not a fun day .. budden not tat bad oso .. a day that i like ^^ hahax ..

well .. on Sat .. which is ytd .. i was doing gaming .. than Tian come and settle his bike le .. he went off to look for the rest too .. after my gme .. i bike halfway thr .. coco called mi and ask if i wan to go out wif simp and him cuz simp wan to cut hair de .. than he say is simp ask him to ask mi de .. than i keep thinking and thinking .. and at last .. i chose to face the reality and go and meet simp .. initially was like .. dunoe wad to say .. until quite some time lata .. thing went better .. hahax .. well .. guess tat it was solve ba .. 1 thing settle ..
than at nite went home .. ask my mum if thr got some very very part time job cuz i nid some cash urgently .. reason ? say in the nxt paragraph .. hahhax

well .. i dunoe wad am i tinking nowaday .. realli .. like a bit crayz man .. last time was not like tis de .. especially .. i still go and buy those hp accesory .. like no body buisness .. lolx .. sigh ~ nowaday cant save $ lolx .. well .. i tink i hav quite a few tings to settle b4 CNY .. intially still got simp case .. budden case 1 settle .. so well .. theres something else i nid to settle too .. 1st is the buying of CNY clothes .. they say nxt sat go queensway .. letz hope that there is something to buy thr .. oki .. tat is 1 ..

the other 1 ting i wan to settle is the most crazy ting ever i hav done i tink . lolx .. siong say his bday after he celebrate wif his stead . wanted to come my hse .. hmm .. so was tinking of making a party for him .. hehex .. thats the reason y i nid to get a part time job soon cuz i nid some xtra cash to get the things settle .. hehex .. i told coco tis and he say u are crazy .. guess so .. quite alot of things to settle for his bday ? hahax .. didnt actually want to tell out .. budden 1 person realli had .. muz realli see wad can i do le .. oso .. wanted to keep a secret from him .. lolx .. maybi juz let him noe coming my hse like those norm day .. budden without aniting special so as to giv a surprise .. hahax .. planning is needed .. cash is needed .. whooo .. alot of tings nid $ >.<"" haiz haiz . lol ..
well .. aniway ..i dunoe if i got make him angry again or not .. cuz todea his msn typing so weird .. like i did something wrg and he juz wan to "fu yan wo" oki .. I NOE and I BET i am thinking too much .. budden .. ai ya .. better dun tink wor .. hahax .. now keep listening to YuGiOh 1st episode de ending theme .. damn nice .. not soothing .. budden suit mi hehex .. anway SIONG - if u were to see tis msg .. im sri abt it ..

here is the lyrics of the song .. translated to eng .. looks nice .. lolx .. suit for those hu are heart-broken =.=" well .. srii .. BUDDEN IM NOT HEART BROKEN OKI ! hahahx ;p

"Call my name," that voice of someone calling
The deep sadness of the darkness
Your pale skin fills me with light

Without knowing if it was black or white
I wonder if this type of love is old-fashioned?
For the entire day
We just waited for the sunrise

Even if you could shatter tomorrow
I won't run from this place
It cures the fatigue of my body
Your smile

Lonely heart, feelings beyond my control
It's like a wide hole has opened
Unable to control myself, I became angry at something

"I can't forget that love"
That's what you had said when we first met
Your face hides your true intentions
Is there any redemption for me?

Even if you could shatter tomorrow
I guess that I'd still keep wandering
Loving you, I discovered for the first time,
That fear of losing you

Even if you could shatter tomorrow
Even if I should lose my sight
We'll start walking
In those times, when we were at peace

It's a ghost of you

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

lol .. well .. last post was on moday wor .. todea is thurs .. so lets see .. on tues rite .. im not very sure wad happen .. i juz noe its sci and its so bored .. so i went home at around 1+ than i met with them i think lolx .. let me see .. as i needed my harddisk urgently .. i went to find him lolx .. than halfway through .. i saw the rest .. so i borrow their bike and ride over to siong thr .. than he pass the haddisk to mi lor .. and i chat wif him awhile .. after tat .. i went to sunshine place thr wif si han .. cuz we were finding the rest .. than reach thr .. return them their bike .. sent vin to 190 bus stop thr .. budden rmb i wan to buy things .. so he went lot 1 wif mi .. hahax .. well .. after tat siong come find us oso .. after he sent his gf finish mah .. so yea .. he bought 2 T-shirts for 22bucks .. o.O .. than we went off to buy ice-cream and i sent them to 190 again .. lol .. than wait for them to board bus .. i went home ..

so on Wed .. went sch quite earli wor .. reach thr and do everything .. than hor .. started our Ut .. after that .. oready had plan .. some of us went off after Ut because we dun realli lyke de new faci mah .. lolx .. and she say something so funni to us "you all may leave if you want" .. hahax .. yea .. so we LEFT .. hohohoh ;p went to Sean hse as planned .. and we were went every where to buy tibits .. than hor .. at hise hse watch movie lor .. lolx .. than around 1+ .. venn gtg mah .. so i went wif him lor .. than i reach home .. i started doing on my OLD bike .. cuz they make mi feel like biking again .. was like srubing off those rust .. pek cek man .. than coco and siong and vin come over oso .. siong go fix his bike while coco hlp mi settle my bike lor .. than after tat .. siong gtg meet gf .. so he rush around .. sent vin back .. than after that i rush over and get him oso .. lol .. budden fail .. than coco fetch mi went the canel thr .. whoot .. my butts hurt but its fun .. lolx .. than hor .. saw siong at the b.ball court thr .. so chat wif him awhile lor .. lol .. after tat .. went to meet wif the rest .. they went eating .. after tat .. we went biking .. lolx .. not realli biking .. we went sheng siong cuz siong wanted to buy something .. lolx .. then bike over thr .. than i went and buy E33 .. a liquer that venn introz 1 .. not that heavy lar .. onli 8%+ .. so still oki .. si bei nice lor .. lol .. after tat they went back le lor .. so i bike back oso .. haha ..

todea leh .. initially they say go Jay hse .. than plan cancel .. so i didnt go to sch at all lolx .. went online and game wif coco .. after tat coco gtg and game wif simon and rick .. 1 game liaoz .. i bike down to find them .. budden they at home le i tink .. lolx .. so wanted to return Ant cable and when i reach his hse below .. he say dun wan le =.= wah kaoz .. nvm .. than went to siong blk thr sit sit cuz thr the wind very VERY shiok .. lolx .. than msg him to ask him come out .. he say lata than say ba .. than i 1hr + contact him .. he nv reply =.= lolx .. suan le ba .. than i come home .. and blog now .. realli a sian day .. haiz .. letz hope tmr will be better .. lol

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