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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Shacky Shacky ~ haish ~ morning as per normal ~ walk with LY after tat i went to yew tee mac sit down cuz i didnt want to go to sch =D LOL!! then after tat abt 10+ jiu went back home le ~ then HW say he 3+ then end sch ~ so bo bian we meeting 3+ ~ then i went to slp lor ~ 12+ woke up use comp ~ then went back slp again LOL!!!

wake up le ~ rdy le went down bball court ~ shoot abit ~ they came le ~ HW me and LY went over to BAS @ Ajunied there =.=" KAN PUA FAR hao bu hao =.0 ~ haish ~ then train reach there le ~ STill muz walk so far -.- although no rain ~ but since previously its raining ~ the flr is damn flooded ~ omg !!! T__T

reach there ~ they called that number ~ then hand in form and money ~ and we went back le ~ then intially took wanna took taxi back to CCK de ~ budden since got all de charges ~ then jam ~ we took taxi to Kallang nia ~ then train all the way back LOL! reach cck went down to bball court ~ play abit ~ then after tat jiu went home ~ bathe and dily daly abit ~ then watch 9pm show last epi ~ and folo by watching hot shot ~ then went to slp le xD


well ~ morning is damn CHI JI man ~ Lol ~ went down @ 640 and wait for ly ~ then aga 6.50 liao he still haven come down =.=" so i called him and sms his sch mates ~ cuz i dunoe is he late for sch or he went off earlier then i expected ~ then was replying JH and he suddenly pop out ~ LOL! Ly ah Ly ~ wan die ah ~ Exam period still dare to over-sleep ~ then sms JH halfway we wait for cab lor ~ then he dial a cab budden cab haven lai he took another 1 up Le ~ so i went home ~ watch abit tv and SLP!

woke up @ 10+ i tink ~ then i jiu dota with JH abit ~ lol ~ then BY ask mi to go eat lunch mah ~ okay lor ~ then meet him @ 1240 budden he haven come down ~ then JJ came 1st ~ saw LY oso ~ so ask him come ~ then by and ly came le ~ went lot 1 lor ~ then we walk 1 round de 1st flr ~ decided to go eat mac =.=" Lol ~ since got the value 4.50meals LOL!! well ~ eaten le ~ chit-chat and play abit ~ went up to library and find Sean they all ~ then we went arcade ..

reach there ~ play daytona lor ~ found out that Sean got 1 classamtes name ERic noe how to play siol ~ li hai li hai ~ mi and ly oso lost him .. lol =x si bei jia lat ~ haha ~ well ~ after tat Sean they all went eat while de 4 of us went back lor ~ then wes discussing stuff @ de function hall then jance and Ashley came ~ Lol ~ then went back and change lor ..

hao le ~ go down bbal lcourt ~ then see HongGuang dunk lor ~ lol ~ after awhile went to LBP ~ then bball @ there ~ then chit-chat ~ play stuff ~ lol ~ after tat abt 7 lyke tat we went back 514 le ~ then nth much ~ didnt shoot much ~ was watching other ppl play ~ but HongJing got ppl go play lar ~ Lol ~ then watch for some time le ~ went to LB and tabao dinner with BY ~ i mena he tabao ~ then went back ~

reach home ~ bathe and dota with sam and simp ~ after tat chua oso join in ~ after dota now 12+ come blog =.-" Lol ~ well ~ nitez guyz ~ tmr still nid wake up early T__T

everyday words oso sian ~ so let u all see our team de 大帅哥 .. i belief if Eunice see this will CLICK and save it LOL

厉害吧 ~ 514 oso can take Rainbow LOL!!


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Sunday, September 28, 2008

@_@ ~ posting ~ sunday neh ~ oki lar ~ boring or not i dare not to say ~ woke up @ 7+ i tink ~ then watch de same drama ~ then after tat watch de [乐乐窝] ~ lol ~ then after tat watch again ~ abt 11+ 12+ online ~ then dota with sam and simp ~ after tat abt 3+ i eat then slp le ~ xD

then woke up 5+ ~ use comp abit ~ play a last game with sam b4 he go back book in ~ then went down to find hw lor ~ cuz @ home very sian mah ~ then go down ~ play abit shoot shoot ~ chit-chat ~ then went to LB and buy sweettalk ~ after tat chat with Jame Nigel and ZW ~ then shoot shoot oso ~ then until 9+ simp came ~ then he went back le lights off ~ then we went off lor ~ lol

now reach home bathe le ~ come post ~ simple but dunoe bored or not de day ~ then read other ppl blog found out LY CHEATED MI T____T Lol =x he told mi he studying ~ but his blog say EAT/SLEEP/PLAY ~ sob sob T__T tio cheated ~ haha ~ bye =p


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lol ~ post post ~ woke up 7+ ~ then watch tv -.- actually wanna watch [xiao bao yu kang xi] 1 ~ budden my bro take inside room then he slp-ing ~ door lock -.- Fk ><" then watch POWER SUNDAY ~ after tat 9+ met with BY le then went mac find them ~ got nic and eunice and yanyou ~ after tat nic left others came ~ then eat and stuff Lolx ~ dun tink they study much ~ haha ~ then after tat went to 514 court play bball lor ~ then i went back

reach home ~ use comp awhile ><" watch naruto ~ then after tat went down find them again ~ didnt sit down for long ~ then go farmmart le -.- ai yoooo ~ lol ~ reach there ~ they eat while i drink soup ~ cuz @ home eat le mah ~ then hao le went back nor ~ then on the way back saw weijie haha =D .. after tat wait sean and jon bus come le mi and hw go back nor ..

reach home i slp awile .. xD then ashley msg mi abt going to watch match ~ then meet them 6.30 lor ~ then take bus over ~ sean cant make it cuz too late -.- tio cheated Lol =x then nigel came ~ and we watch the game lor ~ then 1st and 2nd place didnt watch ~ accopmany nigel went to eat ~ then hw rush home ~ mi and ash go see last quarter ~ lol ~ not bad siol ~ then went home wish ash .. reach home le ~ bathe then go game lor ~ then msn abit oso Lol =x well ~ ending this post ~ but will post my feeling out soon Lol =x juz wanna speak =p bye ~~


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Friday, September 26, 2008

Wah ~ a few days no update le ~ okay ~ its time ~ but 1st, I wish those students taking EOY examination de ~ GOOD LUCK, stay healthy and strive for the best. :D


okay ~ i had a wednesday post but that was in de morning where i kena some stupid incident ~ lol .. nvm ~ morning as the same ~ then reach sch ~ meeting time with supervisor is 8.30 ~ so went to eat ~ then do some blogging and reading of blog ~ then 830 go find the supervisor but no teammates again ~ lol =x well ~ aniway he taught mi how to use SQLite xD .. after tat abt 9+ 10+ lyke tat went off le lor ~ then i go home ~ hohoho ~

reach home i go watch [xiao bao yu kang xi] ~ wah ~ i still love that show ~ seriously ~ abt friendship and how clever he is .. how i wish i oso can be lyke tat ~ lol .. nvm ~ then watch until lyke 3 lyke tat ~ went to slp awhile ~ then was messaging BY oso cuz he ask mi got go down mah ~ then at the end aga we meet 410 lyke tat and go bball court ~ then sit there chit-chat ~ play abit ~ kinda bo liao ~ lol ~ then see sean and mingyang team up ~ 2 cute boi team siol LOL =x well ~ after tat the very big size guy came ~ then eunice joker sia ~ i tell u ~ i see Eunice action i fall on de floor lauffing lyke 1 mad guy ~ i cant state wad hapen in blog ~ but u can ask mi private-ly xD then after tat i forgot wad happen le ~ onli noe go back quite early LoL =x

then again reach home ~ use comp chat awhile ~ then went to watch tv and slp ~ hohoho =D


o.O ~ kind of a fruitful day ~ lol .. woke up as per normal ~ send ly off ~ then went back and watch the drama xD .. then abt 10+ went to slp ~ around 12 eunice msg mi tell mi meeting soon to accopmany by go cut hair =.=" then i rush here rush there lor ~ then meet le go cut hair Lol =x

reach there ~ cuz nid to wait ~ went to eat lunch ~ woot ~ tell u guyz a secret ~ Eunice had a BIG mouth xD bigger then BingYuan =p .. well ~ then after tat he cut le ~ mahciam no diff ~ onli shorter ~ then i wanna cut oso but de uncle say muz wait .. then nvm le ~ and we went to BPP ~ hehe

reach there ~ went to library find calvin and his frens ~ then went to starbucks cuz mi and by wanted to go drink de mah ~ then reach le but stuff ~ they all study while mi and by talk abt b.ball stuff ~ lol ~ then ChinSEng oso came wor ~ hehe ~ then eunice coach him geog ~ then awhile lata calvin and gang went back le mha ~ so left we 4 Lol =x then abt 5 lyke tat wanna go lot 1 find sean de ~ but he say going back bball court le ~ so we cab back xD

then i was playing @ court lor ~ saw YanYou and BoonBing ~ haha =x funni seh ~ juz joke around ~ then they play match lar ~ i didnt play ~ then i go play joker game Lol =x then found out yuan lai YY oso noe how to play bball actuially Lol =x last time see him tot he dunoe de =x well ~ then shijie's team came down training ~ chat awhile i oso went back le .. xD

rEach home ~ chit-chatting ~ then send good luck sms and msn since they all having exam on friday ~ lol .. did my stuff and watch drama ~ then ornorn xD lol


o.O ~ morning normal ~ send ly off ~ saw DX too .. lool =x then after tat went to yew tee mac sit odwn then did an IQ test lol ~ 8+ jiu go BY hse le XD go his hse ~ we chat abit ~ then i Xplore his hse ~ after tat we transfer dota and listen music ~ blah blah ~ then played abt 11+ ~ then his mum came back le ~ then he wanna eat and he pai seh to eat infront of mi ~ then ~ okay lor ~ i went home ~ watch drama and abt 1+ 2 lyke tat went to slp ..

woke up @ 3+ 4 .. then get rdy le go down bball court ~ then went to lb to buy bandage ~ then oso meet up with YY BB Sean and DX ~ then chat abit ~ then went toilet and go back bball court le ~ haha ~ then go there play abit ally =.=" bo liao ~ haha .. then wait for time to pass ~ then i oso dunoe wad time then we went LBP cuz sure got ppl @ 514 court and cant train de mah ~ lol .. then go there ~ play awile ~ then got ppl le ~

started training ~ i find it oki ~ alot find it boring le ~ haha =x but training is always boring =.=" well ~ then while they were doing ally ~ those Ex-Regent de come ask for match ~ but i reject them ~ then they talk abt some stuff ~ seriosly i didnt hear them ~ but i noe its something bad abt de team ~ well ~ then end abt 10 lyke tat ~ lol ~ then talk to simp abit and went off le ~ they went to eat while i go home .. 1st time ~ i tink 1st time i didnt go with them ~ lol ..

reach home ~ bathe and eat ~ then come here blog ~ tmr go lb mac ~ lol =x tired ~ bye ~~~

My IQ test result
IQ Test Score


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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I HATE (B*A*K) .. star stands for a letter ~ u can go find find see wad it means ~ DAMN ! i tell u ~ F**K UP man =.=" went up on de bus today ~ cuz raining ~ then those long bus i forgot its name ~ @ de 1st deck got the plaec where ppl can stand and hold de ~ i was standing there ~ then got 1 person oready standing infront of mi ~ then a guy and a girl beside mi ~ as in juz on the outer side ~ then got 1 F**KI** B*A*K come inbetween, wth ~ he came stand infront of mi and that guy ~ then if he face the same direction as the bus its okay ~ as in backface mi since the space occupy wont be so big ~ but this F**KI* asshole stand facing the door and lean on the pole ~ i F u lar ~ knn ~ u so short + got a width that i dun tink is small ~ and stand inbetween 2 guys ~ knn ~ u tink wad ~ u come up got so many other space dun wan come in KUEI that small space ~ then bus move u move ~ knn ~ keep banging ppl .. even if u nv bang mi ur hand still touch dao mi ~ knn P** B** ~ if im not wrong the oher uncle oso diao u liao =.=" argh ~ F NI LAR ! some more buey pai seh ~ knn ~ if i noe u nvm ~ but plz leh ~ nv even see u this asshole before ~ still stand so close ~ kns ~ 不要脸 ! nvm ~ u wont understand de chi word oso ~ PUI!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

back posting ~ weird day ~ morning norm ~ walk to sch with ly ~ discuss abt his exam time table ~ but hai hao lar ~ didnt realli discuss much ~ then talk abt eunice to him LOL =x then after tat train to sch ~ sit in class wait lesson start .. lesson .. 3rd lesson but its my 1st .. and can go bonker inside ><" Reasoning sia ~ really a lot reason =.=" boo shit ! =.=" watch hot shot epi 9 ~ cool ~ getting nice =D then lunch break eat lunch with Van ~ lol ~ then talk abt wad i tink ~ after tat still go back surf aroudn ~ found out CS (i mean another guy also from TWSS but graduated .. not ChinSeng ~ so to anyway reading this dun be mistaken although both from TW) oso got a blog ~ so read on his blog ~ dun dare to tag him ~ dunno wanna link him mah .. then after tat have lesson which ended @ 3 cuz i going off earlier =.=" lol =x then go back wait HW they all ..

HW Sean and Jon came ~ then Jon went mac to buy drinks while de 3 of us went inside cuz HW looking for hot shot de disc ~ episode 9-? .. then while walking ~ i put my hand onto Sean .. then he swing his body hard =.=" then i was like .. WTF =x haish ~ lyke tat play nia GAY meh .. juz for fun nia so unhappy .. not like im gonna rape u or wad .. 兄弟啊兄弟 .. haish ~ then i unhappy le lor ~ say i 小气 oso nvm .. feel unjustify tat's all .. after tat they finish walking le ~ they went back .. i went to BB find chua and kai ..

reach there ~ go arcade find them ~ then we walk walk around chit chat ~ then kai drove mah ~ so he drive mi to gombak .. alight le then take mrt back cck and go court ~ sit down then awhile ask sean pei mi go minimart buy ting tio rejected =.=" haish ><" then sit down awhile ~ then they play match i go play ABC with ly .. then they play match other side while i play match the other side =.=" lol =x nvm ~ then after some stupid game ~ went back ..

Reach home bathe le come do RJ and stuff .. then blog and chit-chat ~ then jon called mi oso ~ then talk to him and stuff lor .. then sean msg mi abt something ~ lol .. then tell him to relac =.=" now waiting for simp ` but i tink i going off soon =.=" watch tv and slp .. =x anyway end here ~ i dunoe wad type of day today is .. felt so unjustify .. I dun tink i owe u guyz anything


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Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday ~ hohoho ~ morning as per normal ~ walk to sch with ly ~ then dunoe y today he put perfume + style hair ~ 吃错药啊?=\ joking lar ~ okay ~ then after tat saw SianCheong and DeXuan .. lol =x so they wait bus tgt and LY cut queue ~ ahaha ;D

then they board bus ~ mi train to yew tee and sit @ mac ~ why ? because i dun wan go lesson ~ i stay there do project =.=" but seriously i SGC almost de whole time =.=" then do a homepage ~ try out SQLite but still cant do aniting =.=" give up ~ haish ~ then 11+ went home le ~

then watch XiaoBao yu KangXi ~ haha ~ its nice ~ then abt 4+ went down ~ see no ppl so go LBP ~ still no ppl so go back sit ~ then sean jon and janice came ~ then we game abit ~ lol ~ quite fun la ~ then sit down chit chat le ~ lol =x well ~ then after tat play ABC with weijie and nigel ~ lost T__T cuz i nv 1st to clear ><" arghhh ~ then went to LB buy BubbleTea with Yang ~ then go back and go home le ~ now come post ~ im going off line le .. Lol =x i seriously got nth to do =.="

anyway ~ BY went down play bball nv ask ppl siol ~ haha =x weird guy ~ then today very little ppl came ~ all busy studying ? =x hmmm .. i realli dunnoe can i quit sch mah ~ dun seems like there's any job for mi ~ but school's not for mi either .. haish =.=" well ~ jia you ba ..


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Sunday, September 21, 2008

BORED BORED BORED BORED BORED BORED .. nth beats the bordom of today man ! abit kua zhang though ~ but realli bored ~ morning woke up @ 9+ ~ then watch de tV ~ Le Le Wo until 11 lyke tat ~ then ask if they going back ~ then Ash say yes ~ then wanna go LB buy things ~ so went down .. then they still there ~ booooooo ~ aftter tat going back le i say wan go LB ~ YC and LY lazy ~ so they say wait @ bball court but YC took AShley de phone ~ then he nv go ~ so @ de end LY went home =.=" then mi and ash go lb lor .. and bought some food .. Lol =x after tat went home ~ dota abit ~ then sms and stuff ~ went to slp abt 2+

while slp-ing ~ was sms-ing oso cuz sean say wanna go watch comptition @ CCKCC ~ but @ de end 6+ he say wanna slp ~ so nv go ~ then i went down bball court ~ sit down watch heng wei and his fren play .. then after tat they done le i oso go down play .. then done le went to buy bubble tea ~ then go home lor ..

reach home ~ bathe .. blah blah ~ come blog ~ ending ~ nth to add on today .. bye ~ SO BORED LAR ! ><"


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SHACK ~ ANd i mean it to the max =.=' tired ah ><" haish ~ okay ~ morning as per normal ~ except kinda emo ~ cuz wanna take LY of 1 photo but tio rejected ~ then he nv tell mi his story oso =.=' haish ~ cuz he wearing NCC Uniform mah ~ wah seh ~ very shuai Lol =x neat mah ~ im not gay or wad ~ but his realli handsome lol .. well after that .. he met with junhao and go sch .. then i go sch de library and do stuff then nv go lesson xD Lol =p after tat 12 met with supervisor and 1 new teammate ~ then discuss project abit .. went back to find mingyang .. then he buy mac le i went back prepare le go his hse lor .. lol ..

hao le ~ go his hse ~ then play abit ~ then help him do his blog ~ until abt 5 lyke tat .. kope his cup noodle then went down bball court ~ but since 514 full ~ so we went to Limbang Park ~ not bad not bad ~ then the tree pollen dunoe y on tat day fell =.=" Lol ~ then we like full body oso that pollen thing lor =.=" haha .. after tat do some playing of badminton and match of b.ball ~ they started their traniing ~ lol ~ kinda fun seriously ~ dunoe why ~ ahaha =D then after tat play abit of game ~ then went to LB and eat ~ then went home le ..

reach home ~ wants to watch tv mah ~ then use comp abit but didnt blog ~ after tat watch le went to slp .. TIRED LAR !!!! ><"


wheeeee ~ woke up when my alarm rang ~ still tired =.=" so went back to slp ` lol .. then abt 830 i cook hao my breakfast le i went down ~ wah ~ no ppl de =.=" then play abit ~ after tat Sean choneg cab down =x Sri ah Sean .. so after tat .. cont. play ~ chat ~ then went back 11+ le ~ then i get rdy ~ eat and stuff .. and went down to find sean cuz going his hse mah ~ intially wanna go mac do those project de .. but haish .. BORING lar ><" found them ~ then they went to 302 eat while i went other place ~ then later go find them .. they still eating ~ after tat chat abit ~ lol .. then walking towards bus-stop got those ppl doing flag day mah .. but i didnt donate ~ since 4 years back .. haha =x then reach his hse ~ we sit inside de room play music chit - chat Lol ..

then dunoe wad time .. went to use comp ~ we play the mystery hunt ~ not bad ~ quite fun when more then 1 person play .. Lol =x then after tat his mum bought MEe Goreng for both of us .. Thanks Auntie xD .. then eaten le HW oso came ~ then i play the fish game .. then Sean oso get high .. dunoe y ><" starting still say boring .. haha =x then play play play ~ almost cant stop =.= then abt 6 we left his hse and went to take bus to cckcc .. lol .. cuz Shijie's team playing ..

okay ~ see other team 1st ~ after tat went to buy bubble tea with Ashley ~ liew ~ alot new stuff .. chim ! then buy le .. went back .. watch de game ~ wasted ~ lost by 1 point ~ _|_ man .. seriously .. kns ~ so damn wasted .. haish .. then after tat ~ watch abit on other team ~ and we went to teck whye market to eat dinner ~ wah seh ~ 9months nv walk around there .. ever since the breaking of friendships with them .. haish ~ its not i want .. its they choose =( ..

after tat done le ~ went back ~ then reach home bathe le .. use comp ~ dota with sam and simp .. then XI KE ! COCO CALLED MI ! !! ! !! ! but dunnoe frmo where ~ then chat abit .. after tat phone die off .. dunoe is my fone got problem or his there no reception ~ but its nice to hear his voice .. haha .. then found out yuan lai he got spy =.=' booooooooo haha =p kidding lar .. then help MY do blog .. then blog @ de same time oso .. lol .. going slp after done his stuff and my stuff .. bye =p I want them treat me good =(

Sean help me take de ~ impt is not abt mi ~ is abt de tie ~ TWSS de tie ><" Lol =x bo liao lar ~ haha =x i dunoe if i hate TWSS or love TWSS ~ but i noe i have being curse by it .. the Blue Shirt Grey Pants ppl .. lol

from sean ~ he say from Yanyou de .. cute right ~ interpret it urself =p haha


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Friday, September 19, 2008

Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Feeling really uncomfortable, it's still the same, things has never ever improve for once, in my opinion. I'm really that type of person who can turn the most optimistic ideas to the ultimate pesstimistic ideas. Am I so hard to be a close friend with? Am I being unreasonable? Am I just nothing to you all from the beginning until now? It's almost the same like the time with FanShu they all, it's like what Simp say said, I have 2 walls, 1 metal door that is close and 1 metal door that is open. I got the choice of walking the open 1 and not hurting myself, and yet I choose to walk the 1 that is close, and regardless if it hurts or not, I still choose that route, why? Can anyone tell me that? I thought you all are the 1 who pulls me out from the black hole that I once get into, but after I'm out, I'm falling into it again, it's really uncomfortable. What can I do before we can be close, or for sure we can't? Why couldn't you all be truthful infront of me? Scared hurting me? But I still felt that silent killing is the most painful and scariest things to do, It's more like you guys holding a sword and just slashing though me without killing me, why not just a fast and swift death? Should I keep a distance from you guys? Or let things remain as it is? Few years of age gap is big? I don't think so, but that's define by you guys. Thinking although I asked them to write something for Coco before he leave Singapore, they still wrote it although they got a choice not do, but will it be the same for me? Will anyone do this stuff when I'm gone? I'm not jealous about Coco because we are closed, just too closed I assume and this is the stuff I wanted to do and get from the team before he leave, it's the things I wanted to see, but what about me? I'm still mean nothing in their heart, or should I say, not a place in their life is about me, I'm just a nobody from the beginning, until the end, hope I won't say I give up...
Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo


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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cheong another post today ~ wah seh ~ perfectly boring day ~ should have went out with Chua to watch the dota competition @ Suntec =.="

oki ~ woke up as per normal ~ morning as per normal Lol =x then went home le ~ play psp ~ after tat watch abit show and went back to slp ~ abt 1030 woke up cuz chua called and ask if i wan go down to suntec to watch dota comp. ~ but i dun wan cuz jon say wanna called mi @ 2 and ask if got ani activity .. then i wake up le use comp ~ then blog and stuff ~ wait for jon's called .. but he didnt called mi =.= t00pid .. then dota with simon ~ not bad lar ~ quite fun ~ after tat watch tv then went down b.ball court le ..

today boring ~ no ppl 1 leh =.=" then play a few game ~ after tat chit-chat eat noodle then nth much le =.=" 6.50 everyone go back le ><" kua zhang siol ~ reach home i bathe ~ then now come blog ~ wanna ask sam dota but he back in army =.=" then sean ask mi iwad happen to AX .. dotz =.=' then ask =.=" nvm ~ then i tink should be fine ba .. then he baddie de lol =x always nv say ty or wad de =.= zhen shi de >< ~ help him solve comp let him use oso no ty .. booooooooo =p oki lar juz joking ~ blog ended ~ bye ~ Hate to study, wanted to be close to them, but none will be close to me, or I should say those I wanted to be close de won't be close to me.


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Post about yesterday ~ cuz wasnt free to post yesteerday although i was online ~ haha =x woke up ~ went to interchange with ly lo ~ wah .. damn tired sia =.= dunoe how long can i last like this .. lol =x went back le watch tv and use comp haha ~ budden didnt go Kbox again because BY dun wan mah .. so @ 12 we went to lot 1 to eat ~ then JJ and Eunice very kind soul ~ help a blind man to buy food and everything ~ mi and BY juz sit down and rest muhahaa =X then we went de food court eat ~ i nv eat cuz eaten le ~ but eat de ice kanchang ~ wah ~ big siol .. lol .. then afer tat went to play daytona ~ lol =D done le they went back ~ saw ly and siancheong .. folo by alvin while i wait for SEan cuz wanna go his hse repair comp .. go a few time but fail =.= boooo haha ..

well ~ met le ~ then take bus with him lo .. after tat chat abit but see he like unhappy ? maybi too tired Lol =x then reach his hse ~ then start repairing his comp le ~ AND AT LAST .. ITS DONE AND FINISH ~ wah .. tired siol =.=" frmo 3-6 i was doing the computer =.=" tired lar dey ~ then no thanks from him T__T BOOOOOOOOOOOO .. still kena suan by him T__T =x lol .. then intially was tinking bus back ~ but he lazy wait .. so cab back lor ..

reach court ~ some playing bball while i play badminton LOL ! was juz playing and holding to a racket and not letting go muhahha .. then after that play bball ~ wah ~ but didnt wear shoe so play 小心一点 lol =x juz in case mah ><" then abt 7+ 8+ went back .. then was sitting down and chatting with BY .. then his parent came home .. and he went back .. so i went back too lo ..

reach home ~ didnt do much ~ chatted with coco ? but he didnt reply much either ~ after tat dota with sam ~ then lata wif sam and jerm .. last with simp ~ but the game with simp damn sian cuz of others =.=" then forget it .. no mood do aniting and juz went to slp .. haish ..

Random post
  • Wei coco ~ how many days have pass le ? haha ~ how are u getting over there ? update on de team ~ its still oki with them ~ maybi gonna have a joint training with shijie's team but its not gonna be easy since i belief the players arent getting along well LOL =x but its oki ! we shall see how it goes ~ juz take care of yourself over there =D sean always post msg for u sia ~ u realli had a big influence on him .. haha

  • well ~ chat with BY ytd night mah ~ then keep talking abt myself i tink ~ 1st time .. i got my own tinking i tink .. i realli wanna quit sch ~ sch realli dun interest mi .. especially in this line for now .. my supervisor told mi human cant change easily .. yea i noe .. but something did happen mah .. that's y i hate sch .. but nevermidn about that ~ now i felt like going to find work .. then quit sch ~ realli dun wanna study liao sia .. but tink around ~ its de same isnt it ? i can skip sch for fren ~ but i cant skip work for fren ~ budden maybi ~ its realli time for me to grow up le ~ but .. haish .. my mum wont allow mi to quit ~ and it's such a waste seriously ~ left onli like 3 and a half month and quits .. its stupid ~ but .. i itnk that i will still be retaining .. haish ~ 烦啊!!!!!拜拜


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  • Tuesday, September 16, 2008

    okay ~ morning woke up ~ but still damn tired siol ~ how i wish can go to slp =.=" but well .. nvm ~ woke up prepare hao le go meet ly lor ~ woot ~ today he earlier cuz i @ last min nid go POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO T___T meet le then walk to interchange with him lor ~ haha =x he walk si bei fast ~ seriously ~ hao wu liao wor lyke tat .. should enjoy de morning breeze ~ Lol =p reach le ~ bus came ~ and i went over to yew tee mac ~ liew ~ 原来 Unity Sec de lesson starts @ 8+ sia -,- then inside full of student lor ~ then i waited till lesser ppl le then buy breakfast ~ budden i didnt eat ~ was psp-ing ><" Lol =x well ~ after tat on comp and eat @ de same time ~ and blog ~ jon met mi soon after .. then i asking ppl wanna go K mah ~ but nope .. so @ de end cancel T__T =(

    then dota with sam and chua ~ woot ~ so long nv talk to chua and stuff ~ cuz he ask mi abt my result mah ~ so well .. played 2 boring game le ~ then i met him for lunch ~ eat KFC and chit-chat ~ wahaha =D so long nv find him talk ~ fun fun ~ xD .. after tat met with jon sean and eunice ~ asked ly if wanna come but he say no ~ today he abit dao .. seriously ~ call him lyke 不睬你 .. lol .. then after that jon went to eat LJS ~ then eunice and sean oso eat ~ but i was juz psp-ing away xD haha =x then they went back 1st lor ~ and i went over to sean's hse cuz wanna do his comp things ><" but fail cuz chua called mi and told mi he going bball court le .. cuz i ask him go play play mah ~ then after sean done with his preparation ~ we went back ~ then i go back change and bring shoe then go find chua le xD

    then play a few games with him ~ he become lousier ~ but still has some of the skills over lor ~ then play and play ~ abt 6+ 7+ lyke tat he went back le ~ well ~ then those left de play abit ~ then shijie's team came down but nv train ~ juz b.ball-ing lol .. then jon oso play with them lor ~ but didnt win ~ nvm lar ~ then weijie came and b.ball-ed .. after tat lights off le went back le lor .. reach home bathe le ~ then eat ~ then come blog ~ Eunice ask mi ask BY if tmr wanna sing ~ then now msg-ing ~ waiting for answer ~ shall see how ~

    This is dedicated to whoever is sad, regardless it's about friends, B/G relationship, parents, or just anything in this world.














    It's not for any specific person, so no worries. =D

    i still felt that heart is the root of all emotion, not de brain, but, for consolation purposes, let it be this way xD, but in any case, even if i can type this .. im still not a happy person =X


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    woo ~ come back post abt ytd ~ cuz i didn't post lol =x
    morning as per normal ~ acc ly walk to bus-interchange ~ then dunnoe y he suddenly starts walking so fast le =.=" hai yo ~ troublesome to catch up with him =.-" lol =x then after tat i went sch xD see i sho good boy xD hahaa =x

    reach sch psp all the way till faci came .. then do work and stuff lor ~ then ask others hu wanna go Kbox xD haha .. then after tat do my stuff ~ sch stuff ~ then abt 1230 i went down to meet with the supervisor =.= ai yo ~ he told mi wad to do for FYP and alot of other things oso ~ haha ~ understand and doing it is different lol =x after tat went off from sch and go do my stuff ~ nth fun =.=

    then abt 4+ or 5 lyke tat i went down b.ball court lor .. then they say going to change to LBP .. ai yo ~ lol =x then sean jon and hw came tgt mah ~ so after tat all went lbp lor ~ then they play full-court 1st while i was eating muhaha =x then ater 4v4 ~ i was in an imba team xD after tat they played with other ppl 5v5 ~ 2 set oso win ~ nt bad wor ~ other team 2 set oso last ball Lol =x then they cfm damn shuang lor ~ then some went back 1st .. cuz we going to play candle muhaha =x then play and play lor ~ then some go shoot shoot ~ then we play with deoderant xD nice ~ after tat went home le ..

    reach home i bathe then eat ~ sUAY LAR ! i drop my rice on the flr .. FK =x omg ~ saded siol ~ then after tat cont. do stuff .. wah ~ play the friend test thing like so fun ~ LOL =x then sean copy mi oso go put hah =D then coco got online wor ~ then machiam like playing 1 word competition see who wins de game ~ and sean win hw since sean got 6 letters while hw onli got 3 letters lOl =S then i continue watching hot shot epi 7 xD wahha ~ nice ~ then after that simp ask mi play dota .. but i rejected him ~ then he lyke abit bu shuang liao lor =x cuz i lyke always ps him ~ budden i realli dun wan play mah lol .. then finish show le i went to slp le .. haha =x dota is not realli tat fun now

    HongJing wor ~ i 1 person write ~ tkae so long sia =.= lol

    heart heart ~ but i dunoe hu created ~ juz put ~

    Ps: Candles is fun once in a year =D wakakaka


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    Sunday, September 14, 2008


    well ~ woke up in the morning ~ but i felt like ~ wah ~ si bei nice to slp ~ then was still lazing on bed ~ then listen to the outsde =.=" actually it was raining .. 难怪 so nice to slp ~ then since its raining .. training would be postphone or cancel ~ so went back to slp ~ then dunoe hu msg mi ~ well ~ msg abit ~ then jon called =.=" Lol =x after tat find that rain small le ~ msg everyone to come for training ~ and i went down lor ~ but actually onli abt 7ppl came for the training =D well its oki lar ..

    then dey train train lor ~ and play 5v5 @ de end ~ i was complaining whole time long because i wanna go sing K =X cuz i cant folo ly they all to K mah ~ liew ~ so shuang =.=" haish ~ Emo .. after tat sit down and chat ~ and quite a few went back le ~ so left mi jon sean hw .. we went to farmart cuz hw wanna take otah from WJ ~ then we go eat lunch oso lor ~ not that bad de food there =D haha ~ then went home after that .. lol ..

    preapre le ~ i ask if sean wants my help on his comp mah ~ since he tat time say dunoe how to do even if listen to that person ~ so hao le went over to find him lor ~ then his whole family @ his hse mah .. so i was like .. inside the bedroom with him and chat lor ~ lol ~ then abt 7+ went out do .. then his parent went out buy dinner wor ~ then after some time .. called the company but its closed for the day =.=' liew ~ stupid lol .. then after tat his parent bought dinner for mi oso wor ~ 谢谢 uncle and auntie =D .. then ate in his bedroom ~ dunoe y ~ then was chatting all the way ~ then abt 9.30 gtg mah ~ so he send mi to bus-stop ~ then wait bus le i went home lor ~

    reach home bathe and everything ~ dota with simp .. until abt 1+ ah ? lol =x then went to slp ..


    woke up by ashley called asking if i got go down play bball ~ cuz i didnt check my 2nd phone abt todea got bball mah ~ then i went down find him lor ~ after tat went lb and when going to go home saw yc ~ so told him dun play in de morning ba ~ afternoon then meet ~ so went home and watch tv .. lol .. after tv is use comp lor ~ then play with simp and sam ~ hmm ~ after tat went out find HW and Sean cuz Sean wanna cut hair mah ~ then well ~ bring him to Trim and Cut ~ not a bad salon ~ lol ~ and i cut too ~~ and they say become more like girl le =.=" LOL =x nvm ~ after tat went to bball court .. play abit ~ and took bus to Teck Whye cuz wanna see Shijie's game ..

    reach there ~ bought stuff ~ sit down and waited ~ abt 710 lyke tat went to ask if still got game ~ he say game cancel cuz refree cant make it ~ well ~ we went off lor ~ we walk all de way cuz wanna buy candle and play mah ~ haha ~ our plan ~ then HW say he nv play candle b4 ~ Wah liew =.=" then walk dao siao ~ still cant find ~ @ the end reach back cck ~ sean went back .. hw oso ~ then left mi ash and yc wanna go lb buy candle de ~ but hw called and say shop close =.=" diaoz ~ then we sit @ playground chit-chat have fun lor ~ haha ~ then ly came down oso xD then i interrogate him .. spell lyke tat ? Lol =x abt some stuff lar ~ then went to vending machine buy stuff ~ cuz yc wanna buy something to bite ~ then mi ash and ly buy drink .. then we buy le ~ ashley was trying to get his drink but yc joker =.=" go click on his drink and POP ~ Jia Jia Liang Teh .. then we were lauffing like mad lar i tell u .. ><" then ash dun drink de mah ~ so i gave him my Lemon Tea ~ but i dun drink oso ~ so left abt 3/4 throw away le =.=" haha =x then went home lol

    reach home bathe and watch tv ~ now come blog ~ going to slp le ~ bye guyz ~别骗我好吗?难道我真的那么难相处吗?哎。。。


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    Saturday, September 13, 2008

    Oie asshole ~ hows ur life getting over there? HJ's blog abit kua zhang wor ~ haha ~ but ~ never-the-less its still from their heartx ~ happy ba ~ wont say i miss u or wad lar ~ since i got 1 year i skip total contact with u guyz becuase of [you know who] .. oso from TWSS ><" Lol =x then now come back le ~ gather back once again although not everyday ~ things didnt change much ~ onli with older people worries .. lol ~ but all of us are still the same ehh .. a day has pass ~ count-down to 89 days .. lol =x jia you take care and RMB TO CALL MI LAR .. TMD =D haha

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    Very long no post liao siol ~ 3 days ~ better post arh bo lata i forget alot of things =.="
    well ~ on wed ~ woke up as per normal and accompany ly to bus-interchange lor ~ then i went home and watch tv ><" Lol =x i BTH sia .. watch halfway i slp thru it =.=" ai yo ~ then i tink ~ forget it ~ went to slp after that and woke up in the noon ~ then i got msg Mingyang early in the morning and ask if he wanna go queensway since he wanted to buy shoe ~ afternoon then he replied ~ so we went over lor ~ onli the 2 of us wor =X lol =x

    reached there ~ walk around ~ intially he was thinking of his hyper dunk shoe de wor ~ but onli got the grey color de then abit not nice =.=" then cont. around and i tried to phsyco him buy addidas cuz almost the whole team using mah ~ Lol .. then show him Garnett b.ball shoes ~ and he love it siol =.=" walk around to see got cheaper price .. but nope ~ so he buy that and a shoe bag and socks .. lol .. machiam like sean on last sat .. haa .. then we took taxi back cuz i was realli tired =.=" hai yo ~ wasted money siol .. lol

    cab to 514 but no ppl ~ so went lbp and find them ~ then oki oki lar ~ play a bit and went home le .. then reach home bathe and eat and do stuff ~ then wait for the rest to contact mi since we going to have a farewell supper with coco ~ and yep .. went out around 10+ .. went to puggol eat de nasi lemak there .. not tat bad ~ after tat went to yishun damp or selatar resevoir there to chat ~ cool man de wind =D and abt 2+ then go back .. lol .. reach home use abit comp again .. and went to slp ..

    a picture of him taken by justin ~ lol


    o.O woke up in the moring ~ alot of alarm siol ~ cuz i scare cannot wake up .. then ly msg mi say he not going sch cuz sick .. then well .. i went back to slp .. lol =x then abt 10+ woke up .. cuz mi wj and my decided to go and send coco off @ de air pork .. so yep ~ meet @ 11+ and went over to chiagni le ~ wah seh ~ so long sia de trip =.="

    reach there ~ went to find him but his running short of time ~ so we went to eat the popoye ~ lol .. wah tell u .. the chiken damn nice lar ~ and the marsh potatoe .. OMG .. kfc lost ~ and the prcing is de same =.=" LOL =x then hor .. ly msg mi say sri after he knew abt wad i knew abt him .. lol .. funny lar him .. then after tat we took the sky train to terminal 2 and took some photos .. and then went out to smoke .. after tat he went in le ~ and we see till his gone lor .. bye bro ~ see you 3 months later .. after tat went to walk abit .. and train back le .. =x 2hrs plus we travelled almost whole singapore on the mrt xD LOL =x

    reach back ~ i prepare le then went b.ball court lor .. then chatted abit ~ didnt play much ~ and told ly tat nxt time dun nid bluff mi de lar ~ wanna skip juz say lor .. zhen shi de .. then thurs is actually jon de bday mah ~ so we go buy a cake and help him celebrate lor .. Jon, happy 16th birthday .. HW bought a shirt for him siol xD lol .. then we celebrate le jiu sit down @ court chit-chat and watch how ShiJie's team train ~ i mean as in de team his leading .. then until abt 950 lyke tat went back lor ..

    reach home le ~ bathe eat and watch tv .. then online awhile ~ see see look look ~ and offline le .. lol =x and after show end i went to slp le Lol =x

    a pic we took b4 coco fly off =D


    hohoho ~ then today leh ~ woke up in the morning and pei ly lor ~ then we chatted funni siol .. i everytime say wanna go his hse but he always reject mi =.=" then dunoe y say until after exam ~ so .. Lol =x i gonna bug u after ur exam =p keke .. then after tat i train to yew tee cuz i dun wanna go sch ~ stupid mi siol =.=" then @ the mac there play psp use laptop .. then jia lat .. psp flat .. laptop flat oso =.='' wah kaoz ~ then cuz stay there until 10 lyke tat and keep listening song + sms-ing .. so gonna flat =.=" kua zhang lar ~ then i went to bukit panjang cuz i was trying my luck over there .. lol =x then use the NLB power supply to use laptop .. lol =x

    after times gone pass ~ went over and see if i can find my fren cuz i didnt meet him mah .. but diao =.=" waited for 1 hrs but to no avail .. then went to his hse below waited for awhile ~ wah .. saw him .. budden he came frmo another side =.=" i was like .. WTH =x then ask him to meet mi can .. he say try .. then he came down le but didnt meet mi =.=" so i was like .. dunoe wad to do .. called but no use .. so suan le .. decided to went home .. haish .. reach home charge this charge there ~ called him .. then he say msn chat budden he chat dman fk siol .. haish ~ keep nv reply ~ si bei like ly last time ><" LOL =x then after tat forget it .. i going donw le .. so say bb le and preapre and went down bball court ..

    intially tot of going to lbp de mid-atuumn fest. since its a joint program by KSS and YTCC .. budden didnt go ~ then 514 court CRAMP .. and i mean CRAMP with ALOT of ppl sia =.=" then we change to other court lor .. budden by the time we reach there other court oso got quite a few ppl le .. haish ~ then training was abit cancel .. lol .. then when lights off they play 1 last game lor ~ after tat walk to take bus together ~ lol =x i tink quite a fruitful day for some of them .. lol =D jia you ba ..

    reach home le ~ bathe and chatted and eated and watch naruto latesst epi .. lol .. then now come blog .. hmm .. haha .. going off after this post ~ bye .. wah lao ~ i oso realli want to have fun sia =.=" but muz noe ~ no matter how i still cannot realli get into their life .. haish .. girls are better =.="


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    Tuesday, September 09, 2008

    Happy Birthday Mr Lai Li Yong

    woot ~ 1st and foremost ~ muz type this blog b4 12 so that its still valid =D haha ~ morning woke up le ~ then decide to go sch halfday ~ so meet up with ly and wish him a happy birthday ~ today ppl officially 14 liao wor ~ haha .. ppl old liao ~ better dun make fun of him muhahaha .. so after that reach there le his bus oready there =='' boooo ~ then went to train to woodland ~ after tat shida msg mi ~ ask mi pon ~ thinking that i nid to go eat lunch lata ~ oki lor ~ then went TPY to slack =.=" realli nth to do mah ~ after tat went to mingyang hse .. ahaha .. and waste my time there till 1+ =D

    so went home rest abit ~ then after tat went out to wait for ly .. cuz i say want to ambush @ his hse and check his present muhaha =x but alamak ~ he reach home without mi knowing ><" WTH ! then after tat met with the rest ~ and we went to lot 1 there find coco le .. haha .. then slowly everyone came ~ and we went pizza hut ~ intially wanna go sakae ~ but some say kinda ex ~ so .. oki lor .. went to eat pizza ~ wahaha =D so fun =D seriously ~ so after that we went to arcade ~ woosh ~ they play daytona ~ but i didnt ~ pei coco mah =D haha =) then he go play de so called in our lanaguage .. or my language [diao diao] .. cuz is the diao sweet that machine ~ then wasted abt 35 lyke tat cuz he wanna get the jack pot ~ abit suay lar ~ then another 5bucks i pay cuz i wanna get the car ~ the car is cute okay ~ but fail to get other color ~ cuz car is counted as sweet part =.= so hard to drop ~ haha .. so after tat went back to b.ball court ~ while i go back to change and stuff

    reach there ~ quiea lot of ppl ~ lol ~ all change shoe le ~ so i oso change lor ~ after that play a matches ~ and i sit down le =.=" LOL =x then go play with the rest at the other court ~ then went to give ly a suprise bday celebration .. haha .. bought a cake ~ and went up to his hse to sing his bday song once again ~ wahaha ~ and i bet he was shock .. hohoho .. then after tat go back ~ see them play i got no chance cuz full le ~ so i sit there chit-chat ~ ater game then most go back le ~ mi weijie and coco sit donw stone table chit-chat lor ~ u noe ~ 20years old ppl de stuff =D haha .. then come back and blog ~ okay .. should be all .. bye

    Once again ~ Happy birthday Liyong lao di =D haha .. seriousy his so fortunate ~ so many present + so many cake + so many celebration ~ haha ~ i onli got 1 .. boooooo =X bye .. before that ~ see the cute little car i get ! Lol =D


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    Monday, September 08, 2008

    POST! haha
    rather sad ~ well
    woke up in the morning like few weeks ago ~ wait for ly and acc him walk to bus interchange ~ but this time round i nid to go sch le T__T so train to sch ~ and reach classroom play psp till teacher come ~ haha ~ its Mr. Goh again ~ my fav. teacher =D hehe .. lesson was still normal ~ kinda boring ~ everytime 1st lesson is like this de ~ haiz ~ then after sch ~ classmates talking abt Iphone seh .. lol ~ Wendy and Mr. Goh oso using ~ haa .. but it's gonna be a common thing soon =x i wasnt actualy paying attention whole day ~ was rather chatting and surfing blogs ~ lol =x then oso got chat with the long long time dunoe y nv contact mi de darius .. lol ..

    so train to yew tee ~ and walk to b.ball court ~ wah ~ not alot of pplz .. lol .. then ly came ~ folo by sean and gang ~ inside got YY =D wooooo ~ so long no see him ~ haha ~ they were @ Eunice hse doing report seh ~ then i didnt play bball lar ~ was psp-ing there ~ dunoe y oso ~ then abt 630 ashley they all went back ~ so i go back home oso lor ~

    reach home le bathe and let hot shot load ~ then eat and watch and msn chat and try helping van to do microsoft outlook but fail ~ since she using 2007 edition =.=" then chat with the rest tell them tmr abt 3.30pm to 4pm like that having lunch ~ a farewell lunch for coco from the team ba ~ haha .. then oso talking to sean ~ then he make mi sad ~ no lar ~ ahah .. seeing Eunice so good to ly ~ aii yoo ~ 羡慕 leh ~ lol .. anyway tmr is ly b'day ~ hope u had a nice and fun day ahead =D

    random posting ~ wasnt sad ~ juz finding it a waste ~ i really tried so hard ~ but everything still goes down to drain ~ hmm ~ or maybe it's just because i try so hard le .. that's y it backfire ? i just find that .. wad is a god-bro to u?


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    Sunday, September 07, 2008


    wah ~ ytd didnt post cuz was busy dota-ing =.=" so today then come post about yesterday and today .. lol

    well .. woke up kinda early and played psp ~ after tat went down to b.ball court le ~ then awhile later almost all of them come lor xD haha ~ then Eunice and Sean help some of us to buy some little breakfast ~ eaten le ~ they started training ~ and coco wanna mi to watch and learn ~ lol .. well ~ when they were playing matches ~ i was recording ~ and wah =.=" the vid goes up to 1GB++ ><" haiz yo ~ then after that training ends abt 1+ ~ and we went back to prepare and off we went to Queensway to shop cuz Sean wanna buy b.ball shoe

    meet them ~ and train there ~ then emo ~ LOL =x reach le ~ they was eating but i didnt eat cuz i was still kinda full ~ so after eat and we went around lor ~ very fast see the shoe Sean wanted le cuz he oready got something in his mind ~ then he saw 1 is abt 83bucks best price ~ then we walk around ~ and went to the 3rd flr that shop ~ and he test the same shoe ~ and bought @ 95bucks cuz he test le then pai seh mah ~ if nv buy .. lol ~ then i bought a slipper and socks ~ jj bought socks and sean get his shoebag too .. saw a bag not bad leh ~ but the brand is "Anta" then its a new [China] brand ? i dunoe ~ but Alvin - MTB was using its brand of shoes mah ~ not like cannot buy ~ its juz that jj and yc find that it looks abit funny when wear =.=" ~ hmm ~ so nv buy ~ Anyone wanna go bugis or where to buy bags with me? ~ so after done le ~ me and yc bought drinks and we walk back lor ~ reach mrt ~ and train back ..

    reach cck ~ yc took to yew tee so he can bus back easier ~ then chinseng oso go take lrt since his hse @ petir there i tink ~ then the rest of us went arcade play abit daytona ><" made so many mistake ~ haiyo ~ but suan le ~ after tat sean and eunice went back while mi jj and hw went to eat kfc ~ then after tat jj went back while mi and hw go CCK-CC cuz got basketball game mah ~ so go see lor ~ somemore it's ShiJie's team playing ~ haha .. Thanks Nigel for helping me and YC buy fries =D lol ~ anyway until evening the game was postpone for the last 1min+ cuz its raining too big ~ hmm ~ maybi nxt sat i oso go down to surpport their last 2min .. HAHA .. after tat yc's dad came to fetch him ~ then hw folo ~ while i took bus back ~ wanna deposit $ but machine spoil =.=" zzz .. after tat went home and dota with the rest of them ~ Versus Jerm friends ? but lost lyke siao ~

    Abit dis-hearten-ing cuz we trained so long long long then because too long nv play ~ then u noe ~ become so lousy .. haiz ..


    well ~ today woke up ~ and i guess there's no b.ball in the morning ~ so i watch tv .. after tat i very guai ~ I CLEAR UP MY COMPUTER TABLE ~ shocking right ~ 小胖 will do this kinda things de siol ~ Lol =D used abt mi de 1hr+ to 2hr juz to clear everything and so on ~ Phew ~ after tat ask Sean if i nid to go his hse help him backup and reformat comp ~ but he say no nid yet ~ so i went to sam's hse take harddisk le then return him his [Precious Dear Boy] comic which is seated in my hse for like ............. months ~ Lol =x

    after tat go back ~ seriously very bored ~ so went to slp awhile ~ and abt 430 i went down bball court ~ then ly came cuz he went to cut hair ~ nick and hw came later and lastly is JJ ~ then we went to LB-Park de b.ball court cuz newly build mah ~ ring higher le ~ not bad not bad ~ haha =D then they say training on friday held there ~ we shall see how it goes ~ haha ~ aniway we were chatting on PERVERTIC topics ~ wakaka =x okay .. so abt 630 went to LB ~ and get bubble tea ~ wah ~ $1.30 le ><" Increase in price =( .. buy le ~ then went home lor

    realli very sian ~ then bathe ~ after tat online Junhao ask mi play dota with him ~ so install GG Client ~ then he played 1v1 with mi =.=" i ask him dun bully mi ~ lol ~ cuz i realli become so weak le ~ then he say i bully him T__T liew =X then done le i went to eat ~ and watch tv ~ tell him that nxt time dun play 1on1 cuz i realli dun like ~ u noe ~ hu win hu lost oso abit 不舒服 .. tat's y i rather play more ppl de game ~ got reason de lar ~ lol =x sri ah Junhao .. anyway eat and watch tv ~ and told him i nv play le cuz maybi gonna watch till quite late ~ and abt 10+ i came back online

    so now come blog ~ then went to sean's blog find out got someone write my nick and scold him .. Lol =x funny siol ~ too bad i dunoe how to find him out ~ nvm ~ aniway blog hao le ~ awhile later gonna go ornorn ~ byebye .. lol


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    Friday, September 05, 2008

    uh-huh ! back posting okay ! haha .. so today friday ah ~ damn jia lat siol T__T Sch day .. SI BEI BORED ~ woke up @ 6+ .. intially tot of watching show but cuz of my miscalculation ~ decided to wake up @ 645 and went out @ 730 or so .. lol .. reach sch abt 810 lyke tat ba ~ and i msg alsred cuz i scare go wrong class =.= then went in saw cheryl and miao cai ~ haha .. then faci come and stuff ~ Kns sia .. the faci is new de .. and go law by law =.=" si bei boring ><" lol .. then wasnt realli paying attention de whole day =.=" still in hols mood xD =.="

    then halfway through eunice forgot i got sch ~ so she ask mi for lunch ~ then tink tink ~ okay lor .. so 12+ rush back cck eat lunch and my slipper break off =.=" tmd ><" bought a new 1 then i go back sch ~ wah damn rush ~ and i late for lyke 15mins Lol =x budden my group last 2nd team present ><" so doest realli make a diff .. haha .. =x so end sch abt 4+ and tis time round didnt meet with coco .. and after tat go back to b.ball court le ..

    then coco started training kinda early ~ but i chose to go sean hse =.=" and help him with his desktop and stuff lyke tat ~ now i noe sean eng fail de =p wahaha =x so after that is like still cant settle his problem ~ so we went back to bball court ~ and they play while i watch ~ cuz i decided to let my feet rest =D haha .. then they do some training and after that is matches throughout since court kena stolen mah ~ Lol =x common stuff =.=" so just use my time there ~ chat watch and stuff ~ until lights off ~ some go off 1st ~ and others sit down and chat awhile ~ but very soon all go off ~ and i went home too lol =x

    use comp awhile ~ eat and watch tv then pass harddisk to simp cuz his WC3 got problem =.=" then chat with coco .. and i noe im like half-hearted in training them sia ~ cuz of 1 person i miss like the 1 hour with them =.=" 对不起 .. and coco talk to mi abt it ~ well ~ same as always ~ cant answer his question ~ but i will try my best in what i can ba .. 加油 to myself and them =D haha =D

    just some random posting ~ okay lar ~ nth much to keep ~ nth much to hide and nth much to let people know ~ this is my leg result .. how is my left ankle and everything ~ if u all want can take the time to go read about it ~ and check on it ~ i did it le ~ but still dun understand =.=" haha ~ tink its both worst and good ? since i dunnoe =x haha ..

    arent this cute !? haha ~ i hope i can always make people smile =D 笑一笑,没什么过不了。 does anyone remember this quote ? haa =x i realli hope i can change from an ultimate pestimisstic guy into just a normal optismitic guys =D 加油加油,小胖。


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    Thursday, September 04, 2008

    Thursday le wor ~ hmm ~ okay .. so i woke up @ 7+ lyke tat cuz dunoe hu called mi -.=" then prapare le went down to play bball le ~ then after tat heard that some ppl cheated in their training ~ i damn bu shuang hao mah ~ then played matches ~ i tink can see my face black black lar .. gnivigpu soon anyway .. nvm ~ then abt 10+ 11 lyke tat it started to rain ~ so went home

    reach home le then rmb i nid to go to sch to hear abt the FYP rework brefing .. then my dad fetch mi go ~ thxs .. then reach there see quitea lot i noe ~ lol .. then hear le the requirement was there keep scolding F =.=" wth sia .. its almost IMPOSSIBLE TO CLEAR DE LOR .. knn =.=" fk sia .. then go meet coco jerm and their fren .. and walk around ~ after tat went to causeway to buy board and everything for team-hongjing ~ walk quite some time sia .. lol .. then after tat i go coco hse and we chatted and did some stuff .. then come back b.ball court le ..

    so juz normal playing lor ~ made alot mistake =D haha .. then play play .. then got 1 time sean push mi ~ wth ~ then i bu shuang lor ><" haiz .. was not angry .. was actually sad =.=' lol .. then after tat he didnt play le .. cuz his leg hurt .. and blah blah lor .. then abt evening time shijie that team came down ~ and so we play some games since quite alot of ppl go off le and their team is still training .. so after tat they played with them .. then i was messaging sean and he say that when i turn my shoulder hit him =.- but i dunoe is mi mah .. cuz i totally no feeling =.=" tat's y he bu shuang and delibrately push mi .. haiz .. then their game they lost hope .. its a learning for them ba .. and after that i rush home .. wanna watch TV lol .. but now come blog ~ si bei sian ~ Tmr got sch .. haiz =.=" byee ~~

    To whoever knows me and play b.ball with me ~ if i accidentally hit you or wad .. plz JUST tell me, or wad .. i will say sorry but PLZ DO NOT delibrately do aniting to make mi fall down or wad .. seriously .. i cannot fall down animore .. onli some noe's the reason .. but plz .. if playing with others i got nth to say .. but if own ppl .. dun forget lar hor ..


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    Wednesday, September 03, 2008

    Today post earlier haha =D

    okay ~ so woke up @ 730 ~ wah ~ still damn tired lor =.=" then prepare le .. abt 8 go out ~ diaoz ~ almost everyone late ><" im the earliest and yet still say training starts @ 8 =.=" Boooshit >< Lol =x then reach bball court le only sean with me ~ so we called others and blah blah blah blah ~ then 9+ a few more came ~ and aT 10+ at last all came .. so all rdy .. started training ~ common stuff ~ onli the new thing is today add in full court layup since its weekdays and morning they are free lol =D but i see them pass and do .. forget it ><" cannot make it siol ~ WJ told mi nxt time dun give this 1st .. let them learn passing 1st and his thinking of something to teach them how to pass .. lol .. hope he faster think arh bo i nid to tink le =.-'' Lol .. =p

    okay ~ after tat they play full court 5v5 and abt 1.30 went back ~ i reach home abt 1.45 .. bathe eat and went out @ 2 >< and im again the earliest ~ power pack i tell u Lol =D then they came le ~ went to lot 1 meet yc calvin and benny ~ then we went up pizza hut to eat ~ i tell u .. i used dunnoe how long to bug calvin to come down sia >< too bad chinseng didnt come ~ haha .. then eaten le ~ chit-chat abit went up to arcade and play daytona >< heng wei and Eunice learn how to play ~ hohoho .. after tat we went down buy ice cream ~ and took 302 all the way from cck interchange to yew tee there and back to our hse ~ then acc them to go take umbrella and i went home le ..

    reach home ~ help si han for hie PP report but i dunoe how to do oso =.=" so ~ give up .. lol .. then simp ask mi go IMM cuz he wanna go starhub service centre ~ so we went off .. and then walk daiso abit .. then come back ~ abt 8+ reach home lor .. haha .. then now i came to blog while waiting for show to load .. xD hope tmr's gonna be a nice day since i Friday nid to study =( ARGH !! bye


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    Tuesday, September 02, 2008


    well, post everything @ a go .. lol .. so on sunday right ~ seriously a boring day wor ~ i woke up quite late since all say no b.ball in the morning mah ~ lol .. then after tat use comp awhile ~ and then i ask ppl out but no 1 free to pei mi go .. so nvm .. @ the end heng junhao went to lot 1 with mi wor lol .. thanks boi ~ then i bought a CD rack and a prepaid card cuz i using 2 phones mah ~ haha =p touchscreen quite fun .. then i wanna clear my computer table oso =.=" Lol ..

    okay ~ so done buying all this .. we went to calvin hse since he ask junhao go over to take back the guitar .. then reach le juz waste time there .. until abt 5+ went off .. then junhao went off and i went to b.ball court ~ eek ~ not mani ppl =.=" then went back with ash and put things and went down find YC again .. and we went to 302 to eat .. reach there no seat sia =.=" then saw jeryl lao di again ~ wah ~ so qiao .. haha .. after tat done eating went back home le lor .. then juz do something and went to slp .. getting rdy for the BBQ nxt day =D haha


    woke up kinda early ~ abt 8+ or 9 i tink LOL =p then they got play bball in the morning but i didnt go down ~ so went to meet sean earlier cuz he go check the card and things mah .. then after tat the rest came le .. we went to sheng siong abd buy our stuff ~ Eunice pay for the food while i pay for the quipment .. lol .. after tat we all took taxi there since all SO lazy .. haha .. reach there le ~ put things into fridge while the rest went to play poker ~ and play till abt 2+ we went down for a swim .. DAMN .. EUNICE SUAN MI IN HER BLOG T__T lol .. swim swim play play then kena scolding frmo security oso cuz we are not in proper attire .. Lol .. so after tat done with swimming ~ went to wash up abit then they go into the suana sia .. then the rest of us went in and CRAMP inside ~ hot .. but nice haha =D after tat they were staying downstairs for awhile while i went up to do some of the thing

    then hor .. they called mi regarding the security cuz got problem .. budden actually nth much oso . lol .. then saw Sean de gan jie ~ cute siol ~ ahha =p .. okay .. then all went up after tat .. and do with the food while some still pokering .. after tat abt 5+ le some went down 1st .. to start and stuff while some of them still cooking @ the hse .. lol .. then abt 7+ the BBQ started .. hohoho .. well .. juz cook and eat and have fun ~ hjaha .. then i was chatting with coco wor ~ shuang .. lol .. then after tat he went out to buy liquor .. and abt 8+ the cake came .. and we sing bday song for ly and jon since their birthday is coming soon .. haha .. then we sing bday song and cut the cake and stuff .. then gather around and chit chat .. i mean those older guys while the rest were having fun dunoe where .. lol .. then liquor ended quite fast ~ so they ask mi go take from my aunt .. then oki lor .. since i oso wan drink mah ~ then we took XO Maroy ~ woosh ~ ahaha .. then drink and drink lar .. nth to mix .. so juz neat xD then those kiddos oso try try ~ haha .. see them drink kinda funny =p but i tink not bad lar .. haha .. then slowly slowly all going off .. left mi jon coco simp wj stay on till 11+ cuz we chatting and eating and drinking .. then simp drove us back Lol =p nice sia ~ the feeling ~ abit gonggong then lol .. fun fun ~ hope got tis type of event more often =D haha

    so reach home .. i wait my hair dry and slp le .. CMI

    Ly and Jon de cake

    The 2 joker putting an effect under the Mr CAKE wakaka .. nice right ? haha

    A group photo of us =D WJ BLOCK VIEW !!!

    Alvin tio bully ~ ORH BI lalalal ~


    The poor Mr Xiaopang dunoe why cannot get into slp .. =.=" then woke up @ 3+ .. went out to slp ~ and my dad on tv @ 6+ .. then woke mi up and i went back to slp @ the room since they saying playing ball @ 8 or 9 .. so woke up le .. then went down to play abit ball .. then teach jon how to shoot 3 point .. cute sia =.=" I teach nv gone case good liao lo .. haha .. after tat the rest came down cuz they say going to gym mah .. @_@ then i go oso lor ..

    reach gym .. then play play abit .. didnt excercise much cuz i too lazy .. gameover lar xiaopang .. lol .. then abt 12+ we went off .. and mi and BY went home 1st .. rest abit .. abt 4 lyke tat i went down to bball court .. game abit oso .. then it rain =.=" so we decided to went lb since some wanna eat .. and ivan eat FnC while YC eat fried rice .. lol .. after tat we went back bball court and play matches =.=" stupid sia .. haha ..

    then raining big le .. so we went home ~ reach home bathe .. then come use comp .. haiz .. my last time the message cannot save T__T .. haiz .. meaning im gonna lost de 2 person de msg forever .. suan le lar ~ cant always think back right .. jia you ba .. pang .. or .. get a new life ? haiz .. take care everyone .. going off bye ..


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