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Sunday, May 31, 2009

The 1st pic, this is what the team wrote to me.
I was seriously Touched by your words.
Although you all lost the game, I really hope,
you all can reflect it, and work on it.
This time round I'm not saying Jokes.
2nd pic was taken @ Jun Kai hse,
cuz help him celebrate mah, hahaa
Happy Birthday JunKai

Story Time

Okay, woke up in the morning, then ask for dota but fail =.=
so nvm .. watch tv le and eat . then went out meet ash and yc .
then went LJS sit down and chat . then talk to them abt wad i say to BY the night b4
after that went to search for Junkai present =.= then saw Ly they all
so bought le . see some girls LOL =p jiu went back le .
reach home. dota . then after that went to watch TV .
then hlp my bro buy things . jiu went over junkai hse le .
not bad lar ~ His hse damn big . his room ceiling is like >< OMGWTFBBQ .
why the heck so high =.= oh well .. thne play paly chat chat .
then after that his dad told us army experience . then done le .. jiu abt time .
so we went back lor .
reach home . bathe . then get rdy for dota . then was like telling yang something
but he didnt accept it .. so yea ~ kinda quarrel alittle ..
then after dota leslie talk to them Lol =X
then since i cool off le, apologise to yang lor . but to yang,
u got seriously think of what i said mah? or u juz find that im picking fault from you all ?
anyway . after that they finish tlaking .. was lookin gofr anime and stuffs lar .
found some old school anime but all megavideo. SIAN =.="
then maybe watch abit jiu go slp .
anyway i got a report i haven do . fk man =.= nad it's kinda due on wed
hais . still dun wan do . will die lar =.= zzz


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Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's stated in the pic

Story Time

okay, back to blogging, woke up in the morning, then played a game of dota lor.
after that coco came my hse get cam le . then wen went over to mac,
chat and eat, after that go LBP le, then they played their 1st game.
After game, debrief abit, then went over Mac to sit and chat.
after that i went home eat le, then went out wait for ismp and coco
went over sunshine there to play bbal le .
played played . then went over to eat . then after that went back le.
then chatted with BY on the team stuffs, then go home, no dota,
so went to slp soon.


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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Don't See my leg hor !
Take a look @ Ly's dog ! hahaa =D So much like a wolf ~ Wolfffffffff

Story Time

Hmm, today woke up, then decided not to go sch =.= holy ~
please no more skipping after today .
was @ LB mac all the way .. then did some FB and emails. intially wanna do PP
but =.=" oh well ~ after that slowly slowly .. went home lor to play lor ..
is actually waiting for BY lar .. then after that meet him le ..
went LJS to eat .. then chat lor Lol =p
after that went to meet ly under by hse .. then he bring sasha came ..
then we chatted again ..
立勇没良心 lar =.=" Lol =p
anyway after awhile .. went back le .. pass ball to Ash
bring milo down walk walk .. then go back .. use comp abit ..
then went down again cuz they say got trainig ..
then 514 ring spoil =.= Lol =X after a game or 2 we all play ..
then went over LBP budden no much ppl luh ~ Anyway the ring is back again hahaa
so at the end play a few matches .. training cancel .. went home lor ..
reach home le . went to bathe .. then sms ..
then ask ppl to send mi back emails .. after that eat and dota ..
done le .. jiu discuss with coco while doing the Stuffs ..
now 2+am .. going slp after blog . nitenitez


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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

~ Fountain ~

Story Time

Okay .. woke up in de morning ~ then wash up le .. use comp abit ..
jiu went to meet Ash .. after that met Yang le .. jiu ate breakfast lor ..
done le .. went over to yang hse slack abit == then after that went home ..
just use comp all the way .. from like 1+ to 3+ ? then coco online ..
so we dota .. then abt 5++ ended le .. so i cont. use comp abit ..
then prepare le jiu went down court .. after that see them train train lor
then play match .. abt 3/4 ended le play with other ppl oso .. lol .
then end game comment ..
"Ly ask mi why dun wan send the others dont, then why he say
'I respect your decision' .. his face looks so unhappy =( =X"
Sorry luh Ly, but its not only see you all play and the sports-man-ship ..
there are some other meaning behind it de ..

anyway after that .. a few of them went back le .. chatted abit ..
went over to LB cuz Coco eating .. then yc / sean / bb shared a plate of fried rice .
after that done le .. met simp .. jiu went home le lor ..
reach home .. bathe le .. then online ~ chatted .. then no dota ..
so played abit FB game .. then now tired siol Lol =X so come blog ..
done le going slp le .. buaiz


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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

CAnt get any pics lar
so use this lol =p

Story Time

Okay .. post for yesterday .. Tues mah ~ I didnt went sch ..
so woke up bblah blah .. then went to mac lol =x then sit down and rest lor ..
then play FB until aSh came .. then BY came soon after ..
then we ate mac Lol =X after that done le .. jiu acc BY go cut hair ..
then talk alot of bball stuffs .. after that send them back le ..
chatted with BY awhile lata .. jiu went to find MY cuz he buying present ..
choose choose choose ~ kinda mah fan Lol =X
then after that BB and SEan came le .. we done le jiu went back .
went to minimart get stuffs .. then go over yang hse .. get rdy le ..
jiu went to find ly .. then go over 707 there to train ..
court damn freaking dirty =.= anyway after that train tarin ..
then go in shelter train train abit more .. abt 10 jiu went back le ..
went over to LB to get my dinner .. then went home ..
bahte and chat and ate and lastly dota .. after that went over to slp ..


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Monday, May 25, 2009

Cute boii changing shoe Lol =p

Story Time

today woke up early =.= Lol =x then slowly prepare le ..
jiu went out to wait ..
then ashlet came le .. cahtted abit .. wait for LY .. then he ccome le ..
went to lot 1 mac to eat lor .. eat and wait Sean come ..
he come le jiu take bus go CCK Polyclinic .. so ma fan >< Lol =p
then after that register blah blah ~ then wait and chatted and played and walk lor ..
still the same luh ~ A Long Long Long queue luh >< lol =X then after that done le ..
Sean de Medicine damn expensive Lol =X Ly de cost 5.60 while Sean cost 11.20
Lol =X (Medical expenses gone up sia zzz)
after that pay money le .. took bus back .. then went to NTUC to get things ..
bought le .. buy 4D and the stratch it .. No chance ~ lol ..
Nvm ~ Wait Wednesday de 4D !!!! Hahaa =p
then after tat they came my hse .. watch tv . ash teach sean hmw . while i go cook .
done le .. then they eat .. eat eat =.= then all went home LOL =X
after that i use comp abit .. then sms .. went to bathe .. jiu went out le ..
pass ball to ly .. then rmb i forgot bring earpiece =.= so went home and take ==
taken le .. jiu went sch le .. boring siol ~ ZZZ ><" then after that take UT ..
done le jiu went back lor .. reach court .. see not much ppl sia =.=
then chat chat .. eat cup noodle .. then sms .. then training cnacelled Lol =X
so went home lor ..
reach home le .. jiu go bathe .. then now come blog lor =D
i think later got a game or 2 dota .. then should be go slp le ba ~ Lol =X
buaiz all =D Ponning sch is like "soooo" Fun ~ For sEc sTuDeNt I meant =p hahaa


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Sunday, May 24, 2009

o.O .. i oso dunoe really know 什么来的 =.=

Story Time

uh huh ~ Long time no post ~ Start from


Woke up @ 8+ .. budden still very tired .. so went back to slp =.=
then woke up @ 1030 .. msg JJ le .. faster get rdy le jiu go down lor .
go down le .. i eat while they started their training .. train train ..
then discuss alot of things .. after that they play match
Probably it would be the last team training before the game on Sat .. lol =X
anyway .. after that de-brief le .. jiu went over to LB to eat lor ..
then went home bathe and stuffs .. went over to queensway to do their jersey ..
walk around ask price blah blah ~ then MY and SL play hide - and - seek =.="
Wth ~ Lol =X after that play play talk talk eat eat joke joke lor =.=
then went back hahaa =X went to lot 1 .. met Ly and Bb .. then went KFC to eat ..
eaten le .. chated abit .. jiu went to bball court sit ~
(Ly very 一个人 leh =.=)
after that chat and watch others play match .. then lights off le ..
went over to 7-11 there outside .. buy drinks le CONTINUe to chat hahaa =X
just fun chatting nia =D ~~ ~ ~ ~ then abt 1145 went off lor ..
then went under by hse below chatted awhile more == abit nia lar ..
jiu went home le ..
reach home bathe .. eat and blah blah ~ then dota a game .. jiu went to slp le ..


Woke up like same time like that loor .. after that wait for dota =.= Lol =X
keep eating lar ~ thne play abit of dota .. until like 2+ ?
then went to watch TV .. then done le dota again .. jiu rest then went down le .
wait for Yc @ de playground .. until 8+ .. then chatted abit ..
went over to watch GeTai ~ see his friend sing and perform lor
Kinda chio siol ~ 娇小玲珑 =D Hehee ~ after that hao le .. went court sit abit ..
he wnt to shoot i went home lor .. reach home le .. chatted abit ..
then went to btahe .. then come back dota ..
then go watch Xing guang .. after that jiu went to slp le ..
Simple day =D


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Friday, May 22, 2009

I don't think this picture has being posted.
So post it up ! Lol =p

Now for my feeling
No matter what I do, it doesn't make a different.
is it my character?personality? Or what?
The thing I request is so hard, yet his silence = your everything.
Depressed, but the feeling aren't that bad yet.
But I guess,
Soon. Real Soon... =(

Pang ah, I thought you should already know this?
I thought you had already 看开了?
I thought you understand and shouldn't make matter worst?
Why you keep choosing to fall into this deep hole?
Take a step back and think?
Although I know no matter what I type is useless,
because I wouldn't make the effort to think about it.

Story Time

Okay, this morning woke up by YC msg, so msg msg ==
up until the end decided not to go find him and he decided not to lunch with mi.
Lol ~ no much reason luh ==
then after that online FB Farm Town, Rc, then look around.
Saw something un-expected luh == haish ~ digging up the past, looking back.
it's really something that i would expect but just dun feel like tkaing it.
since reality is so hard to accept eh ? =X
Jealous? Maybe lor .. hahaa....

Now waiting for dota .. lata maybe go lunch? Who knows =X
Anyway I'm kinda du lan abt the facts that I needed go school today
just to take that freaking test .
but after what i saw . anger became dispair ><"

played a bit of dota .. then quit game halfway cuz rushing for time Lol ..
then met Ly and co for lunc le .. eat eat chat chat .. then went to sch ..
saw Turtle post .. contact Minyi .. she told mi UT cancel ..
so aSk faci .. really cnacel =.= sian .. so chat chat lor ..
then after that went back .. go mac cuz they eating ..
after that went cold storage .. then when we getting ..
there's a real fire alarm wor ..
but no 1 panick sia .. from this exp i can see that ..
singaporean are mostly 不见棺材不掉泪 Lol =X including mi anyway ..
then went off .. then saw JJ .. so walk back with him ..
get rdy le .. go down for training .. chat with Les until Coco came ..
they warm up .. done le play abit match ~ cuz game coming up so match time ~
then after that Debrief .. then went to mac to eat lor ..
ate le chat chat .. then went off le lor ~
reach home .. bathe .. online do FB and stuffs .. then waiting for dota =.=" Lol
Ly ~ When are you gonna reply mi? ><"


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Thursday, May 21, 2009

The old time Simpson =X Lol =p

Story Time

woke up early .. then after that do stuffs on net le .. jiu went to lot 1 mac ..
surf net drink ice tea lor .. then after that abt 12+ le comp gonna flat ..
then BY coming too .. so went to toilet .. then wait for him ..
on the way saw Justin ~ STill de same Wilbur look Lol =p
then chatted abit lor . hahaa .. then BY came le .. ate subway ..
after that chatted abit .. jiu went home le ..
reach home .. nth much either .. =.= so watched tv .. surf net ..
awhile later jiu go 514 wait them le ..
then they told mi go LBP =.="
Ly ah >< How dare u forget about mi man =.=
Put mi inside ur heart luh =.=" Lol .. ~ Emo ~

then after tat train train .. play paly .. then done le ..
jiu went LB to talk cock lor .. then watch abit 9pm de show ..
jiu went home le ..
reach home msn abit .. went to bathe .. then dota ..
Sorry Yang, Ps you ytd night ..
then gave LY alot of offline msg and 1 online msg .. he didnt even replied mi ==
wah kaoz =.="
then done dota le .. jiu chat abit more .. FB abit .. then went off to slp le ..


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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another old picture of my group
The Mr. coco ! lol =p

Story Time

Today woke up @ like 10? then went back slp Lol =X
after that yang told mi no eat le .. so msg ly they all lor ..
then i went to watch TV and EAT Lol =X after that 1+ ly told mi no lunch ..
so online ~ do FB le .. then jiu come blog le .. will be continue to online ..
then very sian mah .. so went to watch tv Lol =x then after that watch watch ..
onlien again .. then talk to BB . yuan lai they went to play bball ==
no jio mi ~ Lol =x then after that just waste abit more time getting songs ..
then jiu prepare and went out le ..
reach court .. wait for ppl .. then started training ..
then cuz of new stuffs .. they abit unhappy .. hmm ~ My gfault luh ..
but anyway it's resolve .. then after that train train lor .. budden ..
other ppl wanna use full court .. so we let them lor ..
then observe game .. then after that they went in to play ..
although simp told them not to .. == hmmm ~ then simp went off unhappily ..
then they played le .. lost .. =X after that de-brief .. done le jiu went back lor ..
reach home .. bathe .. chit-chat .. playd dota .. then eat and watch anime ..
cheong until 1am like that went to slp ..


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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

ah dui == cant find any pics to put sias ..
so put this 1 which i think posted before ~ Retroz crack Lol =D

Story Time

Woke up @ 7 .. lol .. then prepare prepare .. after that met Ash le
jiu walk to mrt together lor .. then took mrt .. he yew tee alight le ..
i cont. my trip T__T after tat slowly get to sch ..
替不起劲 .. so sian sia .. the whole lesson was liek so boring lor ==
then until i got somethign to do then abit fun luh ==
after that present le .. listen cher talk .. wah kaoz == not even listening
ho seh lor =.= friday test Lol =X then after that rush off lor ..
took mrt then reach cck le .. met BY .. after that went home together lor ..
then watch tv abit le .. jiu went down court .. see oso like no ppl ..
then MTB told JJ and I ly and my went gym .. so we go find them buy fail ..
then called them .. they reach le == kaoz Lol =X
after that JJ FORCE mi to go gym with him Lol =X then at the end go lor ..
reach there .. do do joke joke Lol =X then abt 7++++ jiu went off le ..
then walk to minimart get things le .. sit down and chat lor ..
Paiseh to MY and LY for being so noisy Lol !
after that discuss some stuffs le .. jiu went home ..
then play dota lor .. play play le .. then do RJ ==
afte that went to bathe and watch Anime and chat msn ..
done everything .. abt 3+ zai slp ><"


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Monday, May 18, 2009

This is how Simon look few years back. =D I'm promoting him man,
Dun let Cindy see .. if not sure kena scolding LOL!

Story Time

Ah well ~ didnt post yesterday .. okay .. got up like 10+?
then online lor .. then watch tv cuz nth to do on de comp ..
then abt 12+ went out .. to meet ly and co. .. then we ate mac ..
intially got yang ~ but his sis bring him out == oh well ..
after that took bus back lor ~ Ly Owe MI !!!!! Lol =p
then reac home le .. online abit .. then nv do anythign much lar ==
so went to slp abit lor .. lol =X then wake up le ..
jiu went ocurt .. not much ppl ~ lol .. then shoot shoot nia ..
jiu went home with Ash le .. reach home .. bathe ..
then eat .. then after that dota .. then watch "My School Daze"
not that bad lar == after so long then watch de show == Lol =X
then came back online .. played a game with yang .. then do the FB quiz Lol ..
so fun luh ~ Go play it man ~ see how well u know mi @
afer that chat abit more .. jiu went to slp le ..
Sean blogs is so =.=" Long - winded =p Lol


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Sunday, May 17, 2009

My new look =D Like Nerd le =D Hahaa

Next is Rc .. my room not bad le lar =.= Lol =X 50 pop yea ~

Story Time

Okay .. woke up like 10+ i think lol =X
then went online ~ Played RC then dunoe do wad .. msn chat i think ==
then eat breakfast and watch anime .. after that still dunoe do wad >< Lol =X
then dota abit . but keep DC .. ZZZ wth == then after that no play le ..
awhile later jiu went nap lor ..
nap le jiu online ~ after that ben lai wanna go out de .
but sean's gonna be late .. so played a game of dota ..
after that done le .. jiu went to sHIT then went out ..
then met up le .. jiu went over find Sean ..
then cut hair lor .. lol .. after that jiu went home le ==
reach home .. bathe .. ate and watch anime .. ben lai got dota de ..
then now dun have 1st .. so come blog lor .. dunnoe want dota or watch tv 1st ><
Lol =X i think i go Tv 1st ? later see how ba .. >< Lol =X
buaiz .. simple day eh >< Lol


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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Taken today, just to show Sean that his name is coming out == Lol

Story Time

o.O ~ today woke up @ 7+? then wash up la .. blah blah ..
on comp read this read that do this do that then slowly prepare oso ..
then got watch TV oso ~ Doreamon so CUTE! lol =p
after that 10+ jiu went donw le lor .. then started their training ..
train train ~ =D then training ended .. went inside shelter rest lor ..
then abit later .. see WJ he got ppl le .. so played a full court 5v5 lor ..
with time limit ~ well .. how do i say .. opponent didnt give in their best ..
and my pppl are tired after the training ~ so its okay luh ..
at last they won with 8points =D
then after that by ash and ly went off 1st .. then the rest inside cool abit ..
then i went home le .. reach home .. eat and play comp abit ..
then went out again .. then met sean .. then he stay on for Xtra training ..
then saw QR they all .. so chat with them .. intially wanna go find WJ and friends de
then after that went to sit abit .. then go minimart get a drink ..
then went to yang hse le .. reach there .. rest abit .. watch tv >< chat ..
then eat noodles .. then after taht jiu went to get ball ..
then went over LBP for them to train lor .. train train ==
then went over to 514 see see chat chat .. hahaa .
abit later jiu went off liao lor ..
then when going off a KID was playing with "Alvin" the name ..
then i keep turning my head cuz i tot he calling mi .. then at the end ..

sua lar ..
so went LB to eat .. and chat .. eaten le jiu went home le ..
reach home .. msn .. some replied some didnt ..
then gave Ivan offline msg asking his fren not to play with ppl name ..
then ask HW he say that KID is trying to make mi du lan .. ????????????
Blurred ~ lol

Hey Chill man Pang, people is only a kid,
his still young, relax relax and Relax.

Are U*i*i*n all like that? Not all I suppose .. Lol =X Maybe lar ..
but Cmon lar .. u are still so young dun come and step 1 man ==
ah well .. lax jiu hao pang .. signing off .. bye
Anyway, was pondering on which place to go, at the end,
decided to reject both so that none would be angry, but I didn't expect.
I guessed both sides are angry with me and those angry with me are girls. =X





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Friday, May 15, 2009

I just took on sat morning,
I tink my dog is cute when it's sleeping =D Hahaa :D

Story Time

psps ytd didnt post ~ anyway work p early in de morning ==
then prepare le .. was still pondering abt going to sch ..
then aiya .. go la go la .. then go pay sch fees le .. jiu went to hand in ez-link .
after that went to eat .. lol .. after eating just sit and play pokemon ..
play play play .. abit du lan le .. cuz waiter 2hr still no information ==
after that went to the hall outside wait .. then my dad call .
i more du lan =X lol =x then at the end i asked my dad just coem to fetch mi lor ..
then heng .. dey contact mi le ~ seriously i love wifi fone .. ==
i was using my hp to surf the schoolmail to check if they got send mi email ..
if wait for them to send mi sms == i dunoe wad time le . ZZZ
anyway i didnt get to get the new ez link cuz i think .. not enuff card ..
then my dad came le .. went home .. jiu online .. btu went to watch TV instead ..
then played a game of dota .. after that jiu chat msn .
intially dun wanna onlline RC de .. but see the others == okay .. on abit ..
then after that jiu preapre and went down court ..
1st time i didnt went into the court to play .. hahaa =X
but they train train ~ not bad .. got "feel" le .. Lol =X
after that chatted abit .. lights off jiu went mac ..
awhile later Ly sean and bb came lor .. then YC did something SO STUPId ..
then he made mi laugh until .. ==""
okay nvm ~ Lol =x after tat done le .. went to debrief ..
Coco said until like his gonna gone for long =.="
but after debreif le .. jiu went home lor ..
reach home .. bathe and eat abit .. online chit-chat lor ..
then slp .. =D


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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bird Bird Bird !!! find the Bird in there!!! Lol =p

Story Time

Today woke up @ umm ~ 7+ ? intially wanna eat breakfast .. but tired
so went back to slp .. then 8 woke up .. wah kaoz =.= faster prepare
then went out .. almost late for sch == 5mins to late =D HAhaa
then reach school ~ do do .. talk talk Lol =X then trade trade ..
after that abt 12+ went off liao lor ..
then went lot 1 to meet BY and MTB .. then went over to KFC to eat
But before that .. something i dunnoe suay or heng happen ==
I was saying on something .. then i saw it =.= wah kaoz ==
totally BWG lor .. then the "something" still dun care us sia >< piang
anyway, Thanks BY for taking the coupon =D Hahaa
after that eat eat and chat le .. then intialyl wan go see girls de .. lol =X
then dun hav le . so we went home lor .. reach home .. dota .. then read newspaper ..
jiu went down court le .. reach court .. just sian sian sit there =.=
then after that chat chat then see QR they all train ..
then chat abit more jiu went home le .. reach home ..
bathe .. eat .. then dota .. then called LY Lol =X and chatted with him ..
piang =.=" i tink i made him angry LOL ! no lar ..
Sorry Lao Di
anyway .. now end things le .. come blog lor .. hahaa
SIan sia ! TMr still nid go sch .. FUCK IT MAN!
Go sch for wad? Nto for study .. but to make Ez-Link card .. FCUK lol

buaiz ~


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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

OMG ! Everyoen DIAO mi? lol no lar =p hhaaa

Story Time

Umm .. today woke up liao .. then went back slp again Lol =X
then after that use comp lor .. then chit-chat msn
cook my own breakfst ~ Watch anime .. then dota
then after that dota with BB .. dunoe where Ly go Lol =X
sms oso got lar == after that Chua came le ..
prepare jiu went down court ~
reach court le .. chat chat ~ then play a few matches Lol =X
after that they come le ~ jiu start training ~
but today keep playing match ~ why? Because need them to have the flow ..
a smooth flow so that they can get use to different tempo ..
after that training ended kind aearly due to TOO many ppl ..
then afterwards juz chit-chat nia lor .
done le jiu went over to 302 to eat ..
eat hao le .. jiu went back lor .
Call BB oso ~ then blah blah lar ..
reach home .. Quarrel ? Lol =X not really lar ..
bathe then sms and msn ~ both not good sia Lol .. nvm ~ i guess SOLVE =D hehee
after that dota with chua they all .. then end le .. i jiu come blog lro ..
done le jiu slp ~ buaiz


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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The 1st pic is taken on my RC ~
Yay ! My 2nd 50 pop today =D

As for the 2nd pic ~ a team is a team ~ JIA YOU BA ! Lol

Story Time

uh huh ~ woke up @ 6+ ~ but decided not to meet yang ... so went back slp
then after that 7+ woke up rpeapre .. rdy le jiu go sch
SIAN AH ! Lol =x anyway .. had a chat with my PP advisor ~
and something funny happen ~ My teacher in class ~
budden when i got question ~ I Chose to msn him ! Lol =p
then chit-chat with him oso lor .. then sch ended ..
bought waffles le .. rush back to meet BY .. then went court
saw boon and sean going off ~ then we went to shoot shoot and play match Lol ..
after that abt 7 like that went off ? hahaa =X
Thanks Ly lao di for helping mi take back my jacket
after that reach home le .. jiu go to bathe .. then online ..
dota .. after that RC and watch tv abit .. then dota again Lol =X
until now lor ~ then msn and sms chatted .. then surf blog ..
then now blog ~ done le jiu slp ~ Hahaa =D bye


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Monday, May 11, 2009

TeamWork ~ Let's fully hope that all JingRui members
will have this thing when they are playing their 1st game ever. =D

Story Time

today woke up @ 10 .. then went down cuz i wanna draw $
but wad shock mi was that .. the court was SO FULL !!! Hahaa =D
So played bball instead ~ kinda fun man =D hahaa ..
then after that chit-chat blah blah ~ then went home to change
then go lot 1 with simp lor ..
OTW ther ~ Saw Boon and Yong Lol =X funny sia ~
bb so long ago left us to go home but we still got chance to meet him Lol
so since fated ~ simp fetch him home ..
after that we went Lot 1 .. to go buy his toto . then play the stratch and win
fun sia Lol =X after that went to eat mac ~ chatted .. then went to Arcade ..
see ppl play de San Guo ~ lol .. then after that jiu went home le ..
reach home .. played dota with sam ~ then after that play play lor ..
then jiu went to bathe .. then eat and watch tv abit ..
until 7+ come back use comp .. played a game of dota .. then chatted ..
all the way until now Lol =X 10+ nia mah ~
then heard some news from JJ luh ~ will disclose again .. lol ..
this should be all . bye ~


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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Taken during 1 of the C div. West zone.
I think I'm trying to capture that guy who look just like Edison Chen

Story Time

Today woke up 9+ .. thn went toilet le went back slp Lol =X
then 10+ sam woke mi up .. so dota with him lor .. play play .. play paly ~
after that rest abit .. chatted awhile ~ then continue to dota all the way =.=
until abt 5? then was chatgin with Reiner .. then dota with him for fun ..
after that preparel e jiu went out meet them le ..
meet le .. ly and bb went to take their ID Photo .. then after that went to KFc ..
reach there then they eat .. i didnt lol =X after that JJ coem le ..
went over to cckcc lor .. then wait ~
Not long after Coco come .. the game started ~
its was a nice game between Remix and Knights .. lol =X
But knights still won by a mere 4 points .. lol .. nice game indeed ~
follow by cck csc vs yuhua ~ okay ~ as wad we anticipated ..
yuhua still was the last winner ~ but CCK CSC indeed put up a good fight =D
after both the game ended .. the rest went home while mi simp and coco went to mac ..
then eat eat chat chat lor .. after that 11+ jiu went home le ..
reach home .. i EAT AGAIN ! Fuck it lar =.= SLAP MY MOUTH ..
then on tv then i go dota .. cuz music show mah .. listen to music can le ..
then awhile later off tv le .. dota dc .. then went to bathe ..
now bathe ended ~ come post lor . bye =D


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Saturday, May 09, 2009

This is a screenshot of a message my friend send me.
If u all want a translation then tell mi ba =D

Story Time

Today woke up @ 9 .. budden abit lazt ~ so juz 赖床 lor ~ lol =X
after that prepare le .. went down to find them lor ~
today attendence ~ 5 person ~ Ly/By/Bb/Sean/Jon
Nxt time please full attendence =D
Then ask them want training or Gym ~ at the end all request training lor =D
So okay lor ~ gave them training ~ XF was training QR they all at the nxt court
after that train train ~ today see them not bad sia =D
Concentrated, Focus, Playing. Although I not sure if my training is helpful
But I hope it is =D Cuz its abit on the playful side ~ hahaa =D
Anyway ~ after training ~ chatted abit .. then went home le lor ..
reach home .. bathe ~ comp abit . then went to watch tV
then slept 15 mins or so ? then went down meet Ashley lor ..
after that meet Yang .. Jj came oso
so we went over to LB .. get stuffs and Food ~
After that went to buy my Mother's day present Lol =X
then went home lro ..
reach home jiu dota dota ~ then now ended come blog ~
Weird leh ~ called BB and LY both no reply =.= haiyo ~
byez all =) Lol


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Friday, May 08, 2009

Yeah! This is me, taken today while waiting for Liyong.

Story Time

Uh huh ! okay ~ woke up .. umm .. 9+ ? then on my bro comp but fail ><
so on my own de ~ then on RC .. then saw MY so high score =.= cant catch sia lol =X
after that went to watch tv lor ~ then abt 2 went out to LB .. get a drink ..
after that went back to wait for Ly lor ..
met him le ~ went over to lot 1 . find DX ~ then bb and sean came le ..
went over to Queensway lor ~ then eat 1st ~ folo by looking for BB de shoe ~ lol
Done le then BB/Sean/LY share $ buy a new ball ~ after that jiu take Bus le ..
went to JE Interchagne .. then change to mrt then go back cck lor ..
then while they were buying ice-cream ~ saw wei zhi ~ so went back with him
while de rest of them go 7xx to playt ball ..
then go home prepare and stuff .. went lb to get coco
then went over there lor ..
then as usual ~ play match and do their traiing lor ~
Just find that today training they lost concentration ~
Maybe because there's a new comer today? Lol ..
but for wad ever reason there is ~ lets hope this will not happen again lor ..
after that had a debrief .. then went over to LB eat le ~
we "old" ppl eat food court .. the young 1 eat mac .. so no mo qi =p hahaa
after that went over to 7-11 outside chat chat .. then go home lor ..
reach home le .. bathe .. then msn and blog at the same time lor ..
buaiz all =D Hahaa


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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Haha, this is taken with my lappy webcam in the library.

Story time

Woke up in the morning, then prepare, jiu went to school le.
Boring sia ~ still must walk in with the only 1 way >< lol
anyway reach class .. see ppl take temperature wor .. juz too lazy =p hahaa
then lesson goes on lor .. i on my RC the whole time Lol =X
slowly slowly .. rush PPT liao .. then 1 like that went off lor ..
Kaoz .. something fuck up happen sia ..
Outside my sch has de traffic light .. while i was crossing ..
there's a truck driver moving along .. then as i was turning my head looking ..
he drives on and then i walk slower juz to see if he gonna stop or move on ..
he just fucking move on .. i was like WTF .. if i continue walking ..
wouldnt he bang on mi ?

then an uncle came and talk to mi saying that driver very rude ..
uh okay .. after that went to meet BY @ cCK lor .. then went to eat LJS
then use comp there .. awhile nia .. jiu went home le ..
reach home .. on RC .. do nth for awhile .. chatted in msn ..
had some problem but ah well ~ lets Forgive and Forget ..
then after that went to slp lor .. lol ..
had weird dreams while sleeping ~ And ppl msg-ing mi Lol =X
then after awhile .. by JJ the ku ku ai qiu .. went down to court ..
then chatted abit .. simp came le .. still chatting .. then shoot abit ..
buy ice cream eat abit .. chat agian .. then went home le ..
reach home .. bathe .. then started dota lor ..
argh ~ Just du lan lar .. but suan le lar ~ Its only a game ..
let forget it after a 1 nite slp .. cuz after all its not big of a problem

after dota .. went to surf blog .. eat and watch anime .. then now hao le ..
come blog lor .. going off liao Lol =X Buaiz


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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

hahaa, I hope BoonBing remember what is this.
It's his TORN pants that he wanted to take a last picture of. Hahaa

Story Time
Okay .. As per normal ~ woke up .. then on comp for RC Lol =X Edited lar =.=
after that jiu watch tv and stuffs .. then abt 12+ went out to find Ly and Co. le ..
went to library to find them budden cannot find them ..
then went gamecraft at the end lol =x then after that eat @ food court ..
then chatted lor ~ then MTB came find us .. then after that jiu went home liao lor ..
reach home .. online ~ played a game of dota .. then after that rush out meet By
cuz we gonna discuss stuffs on the team mah ~ then chat chat ~ quite abit la ..
jiu went court le .. shoot shoot .. then play play match ..
then sit down watch them play and chat with eunice and junkai .. Lol =X
after that went home .. bathe .. then prepare le .. jiu go out meet simp lor ..
then went over cckcc to watch match .. 1st game CCKCSC vs KNIGHTS ..
knights almost walk over due to no ppl .. lucky at the end got 6 person ..
but really not enuff man power to fight ~ so at the end they lost ..
(during that time we also eating Mui Fan which my mum cook =D Lol)
after that was REMIX vs YUHUA .. although Yuhua didnt play that well ..
but rEmix really not enuff exp to figth wth them .. =.= okay well ..
so u guys know the ans ~ any more things can be seen @ team blog =D
after that listen to wad Yuhua coach say ~ wahseh ..
jiu went ome le ..
reach home wash up abit .. then online lor .. initally wanna dota ..
but cant load .. so well .. no 1 dota lor .. then i come over here to blog ..
hehee ~ lata post other blog ~
buaiz all =D
Hope tmr will be a nice day eh ~ hahaa =D


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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

A very very old 全家幅 that is taken almost a year ago

Story Times

I find it fun putting a picture 1st for every post
like that it wont be so sian mah
budden i dunnoe how long i will do it for this type of stuffs Lol =X
ahh anyway .. woke up LATE in the morning ..
by the time i woke up is like 10+ .. then tink in my head how long to reach sch .
ahhh .. forget it lar =.= although 俗语说得好:早到好过迟到,迟到好过没到。
but well forget it lar Lol =X
so called my dad .. and he bought mi braekfast because he mix up my sch day Lol =X
Thanks eh ~ then eat lor .. after that wasnt doing much ~
just watching TV until like 4+ ? then use comp until 5+
then went out to bball court le ..
reach there .. play abit .. then match abit
Got 1 guy not bad siol ~ Kranji Sec sch team de ..
but he came down with ivan they all . so i tot he 14 years old =.=
budden in actual fact his 16 >< awww ~ 没听过这号人物啊. lol =X
nvm ~ play play liao .. then something dumb happen lar ..
bid Ph Goodbye he ji tao dun wan reply .. then i tell him i saying goodbye to him ..
he look at mi and wave like just to "ying xiu" me .. kaoz =.=
You think wad? bball is 1 team, friend is another wad. zzz
ai ya ~ Nvm .. after that went hoem lor .. reach home le chatted abit ..
intially wan go bathe de .. but nv .. so went to dota ..
then after that watch TV lor .. the 9pm show ~
AWww ~ that guy really is Nowaday de PaiKia LOL!!! like that defy teacher ~ hahaa =X
Abit Nostalgic seh ~ Bb they all good le ~ This is now their sch life ..
but not mine anymore >< Lol =X (How i wish i am still in sec sch)
ah well ~ then after show dota lor .. then ended jiu come here blog =D
that is after surfing aroudn ~
ANyway ~ gotta run ~ buaiz
BB TI me ~ SUcker ! Lol =p


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Monday, May 04, 2009

My handphone wallpaper ~ I just got nth to do =D Lol

Just a dirty joke

A man went to his doctor and asked him how to prolong the lovemaking experience.
The doctor told him that masturbating before sex often helped men last longer,
extending the pleasure for them and their partner.
The man decided, "What the hell, I'll try it."
He spent the rest of the day thinking about where to do it.
He couldn't do it in his office.
He thought about the restroom, but that was too open.
He considered an alley, but figured that was too unsafe.
Finally, he came up with a plan.
On his way home, he pulled his truck over on the side of the highway.
He got out and crawled underneath as if he was examining the truck.
Satisfied with the privacy, he undid his pants and started to masturbate.
He closed his eyes and thought of his lover.
As he grew closer to orgasm, he felt a quick tug at the bottom of his pants.
Not wanting to lose his mental fantasy or the orgasm,
he kept his eyes shut and replied,
"What?" He heard, "This is the police. What's going on down there?"
The man replied, "I'm checking out the rear axle, it's busted."
Came the reply, "Well, you might as well check your brakes too
while you're down there,
because your truck rolled down the hill five minutes ago."

Joke ended, hope you all understand. :D

Story Time

Uh huh ~ woke up like ummm .. 10+ ? then ask sam if wanna dota ..
but he say he playing RC .. so well .. i went to grab a bite
and wtch anime .. follow on i wanna go slp awhile . but msg-ing yang lol ..
so abt 1230 went out and find yang .. then his dad fetch us to lot 1
Thanks Uncle =D
after that went mac sit down and chit chat ..
then wait for Ly and co. to come le .. then buy food to eat lor =D
eat and joke around .. then WJ came oso ..
we were looking @ DX de eng compo .. funny sia =.=" joke joke =D Hahaa ..
ah well ~ Sean is fine after 2 days of rest i guess =D just abit cough hahaa =p
then after that Sean and BB went home ..
then we acc WJ to buy medicine for his mum ..
done le jiu walk home lor ..
reach home .. slowly slowly .. then played dota with them including Sam .
after that abt 5+ liao jiu went online to search for work ..
and surf around =D then abt 6 went down court .. totally no ppl sia =.=
only ivan and fren + ash and jun jai and kenneth Lol =X
then went to minimart get tibits .. then chat and bite @ court ..
then after that went home liao ..
reach home .. slowly slowly .. went to bathe .. then chit chat ..
then watch anime and eat dinner .. then went to watch TV ..
nice sia =D
after that jiu dota spree le . lol ..
dota ended is like now lor .. so blog-hop around then come ownself blog =D
Bye all ~ Tmr got sch ~ Boring ~ and .. BORING !!! Lol
Wanna get a new line leh .. dunnoe should I or not ..
At least unlimited SMS is good to use right ?
But then dunnoe want the phone or not .. Hmmm


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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Uh huh .. today woke up like 10+ ? lol ..
then after that online and eat and watch anime lor ..
then done eating le .. play a game of dota .. after that jiu go back watch anime
then went to play dota again lor .. then wait for BB and LY but they 2 nv play ..
so mi and simon continue to play until like .. 5+ ?
then after that went to cook my dinner liao .. jiu eat and preapre ..
then went out to meet Simp and Cocoo .. then go over CCKCC ..
jiu wait for matches to start lor ..
ummm ~ Yuhua VS Cashiew .. Not a bad match actually ..
the score are kinda close in the beginning .. but after 2-3 quarter ..
Yuhua show their EXPERIENCE to Cashiew and thus .. Yuhua emerge the victory today ..
as for the nxt game .. its Twss VS Cck CSC .. well ..
cck csc tried to pull the score far apart and not putting too much water ..
this is good because
No matter who is your opponent.
Playing to your maximum ability is a respect to them.

anyway watch 2 quarter we jiu go liao lor ..
then went over to mac and coco taught JJ alot of stuffs ..
then mi and simp listen lor ~ hmmm ~ then abt 10 went back le ..
simp drove us back .. after that reach home .. bathe lor .. then use comp ..
msn and chat ~ then wanna use the memory card reader ..
but i stupid .. put in the small 1 then now whole thing stuck ..
Fk it man =.= bo Tai bo Ji lose a memory card =.= zzz //
im just dumb !!!
after that dota while watching 超级星光大道 V ..
after that talk to Reiner but he REJECT me .. suan le Lol =p
then ended le ..
jiu come blog while msn with Yang lor ..
He bully mi ~ but anyway Ps ah yang .. i lazy to wake up early
since i lack of slp ~ Even if there's other i will also skip it =.=
End of my story =D

this sentence really good .

Eng translation
Even though I doesn't have faith in myself.
Do not sad that you will hurt me,
Tell me your true feeling.

Just how many ppl can really do it? Not much .. but sometime somethings ..
are to be say str8 then beating around de bush .. hmmm ..
Ah well .. lazy to think .. buaiz


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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Woke up like 9+ i assume? hahaa
after that prepare and slowly lor . then went down court le .
bought a drink and bread . then have my "breakfast"
after that the restt came le . relac abit . jiu went gym le .
needa take temp. wor . then worried Sean cannot pass .
cuz he having slight fever mah .
but luckily all pass lor =D Hahaa . we were joking around that
Thermometer man LOL =X
oh well . went inside . do do lor . budden dunnoe why .
totally no motivation leh . so do things half half de ==
Buggy sia >< Swt ~ oh well . after that slowly slowly lor .
then abt 1+ like htat left le . cuz sean totally cannot make it liao .
then went sportslink budden Eunice didnt buy her stuff =.=
then went over LB lor . then they eat while i went home .
reach home bathe and eat . then find BY le jiu go find Sean they all lor .
found them . all of them went back le . then i acc sean home lor .
cuz all worry for him mah ~ his just so sick .
then give him med oso lor . then reach his hse corridoor i jiu left le .
cuz he worried his dad scold >< lol =X oh well .
after that bought a 100+ . then went back to cck interchange le .
met with BB and co. then bought KFC . went over to BB hse lor .
then play a game or 2 of dota ~ Lol . before that was like joking playing around .
so abt 6+ . went out to meet coco . then BY came le .
went over to cckcc to watch comptition lor .
close fight lar i would say ~ Nice game ? Lady's luck is not with CCK CSC .
game end le . yc went off 1st . then we ewent over to eat lor .
so damn freaking hot >< LOL!!!! oh well .
then after that took Simp car and went back couirt le .
shoot shoot . chat chat .
Eunice brought her newly made chocolate cheesecake down .
sweet siol Lol =X but Thanks ..
then after that go mac sit down with BY and JJ .
then went home soon after for dota game lor .
play play play play play . then after that went to bathe .
then eat something while watching anime . then halfway i went to slp le .
Takecare Sean


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Friday, May 01, 2009

I just don't like only.
Today woke up @ 7 .. then see my bro still sleeping .. so went back to slp ..
then woke up every 5mins just in case anytime i needa wake up and go out mah ..
so at the end my dad came back .. so get up .. eat then watch anime ..
then prepare 才 go out ..
reach there just nice like that lor .. Lol =X
anyway went over to Redhill cuz my Maternal Grandparent dunnoe wad lar ..
so listen to the taoist? Eh i not very sure .. but just keep 念经 lor ..
so slowly slowly .. then abt 3+ went to burn everything le .. then went home liao ..
reach home .. slowly prepare .. MSN abit .. then went out to meet yang le ..
then went over 302 to meet BY and Coco .. then eaten ..
jiu slowly stroll over to 707 ..
reach there .. have a game 1st .. then follow by their training
while BB have his own personal training .. then after that game training lor .. lol
done le .. cool down .. chatted abit .. then i went over to shoot lor ..
just to get my form back, but nah ~ Still cant Lol =X
then after that change hao le .. jiu took Simp's car and went over to LB le .
reach foodcourt .. the others came le .. then order .. then eat and chat lor ..
lol .. after that the rest went home while WJ/SIMP/COCO/ME went over 7-11
to sit and chat chat .. then abt 1145 like that went off lor ..
reach home .. bathe le jiu come blog ~ lol ..
ended blog jiu dunoe got dota or not ><
but logging off from blog ~ Buaiz


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