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Friday, August 31, 2007

okay ~ after i blog rite ~ went to slp lor .. so woke up around 1+ ba ~ then eaten and playing trickster ~ lolx =x no lar .. was actually watching "神雕侠女" lol .. then watch until 4+ ba .. do some trick's stuff ~ then after ant oki le .. went to find him lor .. then i tot he wan to eat oso =.0 wrong calcualation ~ haiz .. haha .. then after awhile .. went down to find wei xiang lor ~ then tp came oso .. then after that siong oso come .. after awhile .. realli short while ~ wei xiang went back .. then siong oso go back le =.= .. haiz .. then tp and mi walk to mi de hse ~ haha =x then let him use comp and stuff lor .. then he play finish 1 dota he go off le .. dunoe y suddenly see him =( =( de .. hmm .. budden i dun wan ask so much le lar ~ they wont tell mi aniting in their heartx either way .. well .. after tat .. play dota wit siong ~ then now come blog lor ~ oh yea ~~ tmr going back sec. sch. .. was tinking of going to TWSS ~ haha =x because all of them are there .. budden since got pplz wanna go back to BVSS .. then i will be going to BVSS oso ba ~ haiz .. go BVSS le then go find them lor .. nvm de lar =.= .. [how i wish my heart realli tinks so] kaoz .. k lar .. ending .. haha .. short post =p

well ~ while walking back wif tp .. i ask abt him and 'her' .. then he still dun wann tell mi wad happen T_T .. haiz .. wth .. then oso talk abt vin ~ then he say wad-ever vin told mi i oso cannot tell u mah ~ haiz .. then previously ask vin oso .. he didnt say much .. then juz now .. he msn-ing wif the rest .. it was lyke .. got 1 sentence he ask "pang quit dota le ah" .. then i tink tp ask y leh .. then he reply "nth to say mah" .. wah .. i dunoe wad u mean wif tat sentence .. realli .. u meant de both of us got nth to say? or u meant that the conversation got nth to say? if u meant de both of us .. do u tink i realli dun wan speak? and .. and .. we 2 realli .. realli can onli talk abt DOTA? and nth else apart from that? serious not? tis is called ur buddy mah? y .. JUZ 1 MISTAKE .. AND IT BECOME LIKE THIS .. okay ~ i may sound desperate? but .. u tink i realli wan meh .. seriously .. do u even care abt wad i feel? haiz .. im not lyke siong ~ hu can dun care abt those stuff if u dun wanna say aniting ~ IM NOT! u guyz should noe my curiousity is damn .. and i mean DAMN HIGH .. even if its not .. cant i listen to u all de heart-felt talk? am i realli that apart from u guyz? haiz .. POOOF


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Thursday, August 30, 2007

w0w .. if i still dun blog it will realli become dead ~ todea 30th ~ last post 23rd .. haha =p 7 days le .. a week again .. sri ah .. previous few days not quite in de mood to blog ~ slpt quite earli oso =p .. alright ~ its TIME! haha =X

oki OKI! so on thurs .. hmmmm .. ahahaha .. seriously ~ i gonna forget .. cuz day is lyke .. weird weird de =.0 .. not realli sure wad i did on thurs .. budden i tink is .. quite late slp on wed mah ~ so woke up .. oki oki on thurs lor =.= lolx .. then i tink went over ant hse again? argh ~ seriously .. i forgot wad i did on thurs le T__T .. sri sri .. STM is working badly =.0

then fri leh .. hmm .. tot can meet wif everyone de .. budden all quite late finish sch ba .. by that time i tink went to eat dinner and all gone .. and seriously .. i oso dunoe wad i doing .. HAHA .. forget IT!

so on sAt mah .. i tink normal wake up and stuff lor .. then saw everyone online .. so was playing dota lor .. then cute sia ~ we played draft .. yet we got pplz leave .. oops =x something bad happen i guess .. budden i dun wanna say aniting abt it .. haha =x then after tat .. went to find ant cuz im hungry =.0 .. lolx .. then we went to eat lor .. damn! while i was eating that laksa ~ juz 2 more mouth and im done .. a stupid NEW BREED insect .. C0C0Kr0ak + centipede .. cuz he got centipde tails and cockroack de body and such .. lol .. DROP into my food T__T .. wah laoz .. scare tio mi lor .. somemore came from my hair de @__@ .. wth ~ yuCks ~ haha .. after tat .. ant hlp his sis to 打包 le .. then went to his hse lor .. seriously not doing aniting much lar .. then was sleeping here and there and such ~ >.<" lol .. until i tink abt 6+ going 7 .. then siong came over .. after tat was watching campus superstar grand-final ~ haha .. [YEA ~ ShaWN won the finale .. l0lx .. his juz 13 and so cute lor .. some more voice haven break .. gd on him haha] .. then dunoe wad time .. both siong and ant complain until sia0 lia0z .. called vin and vin said ask s go eat 1st .. he was @ TW walk walk =.0 .. oh well .. budden we 3 guessed that he was wif tp ~ cuz 2 e-m-o pplz mah ~ haha =p .. then eaten .. went to ant hse and dunoe do wad .. i tink siong play play play ~ then go home! haha =p

oki ~ then on sun .. i didnt wan to wake up earli de .. cuz i realli not in de mood .. was tinking .. y all of them can noe those stuff ~ yet i was keep in the dark ~ it was lyke .. are we buddies? bros? or wad ? a normal frenz hu arent allow to get into ur life? wah laoz .. serious lar .. if lyke tat .. i realli .. realli dunoe wad le lar -.0 .. budden still nid to wake up de mah .. lol .. so woke up .. then si han called mi .. ask mi to go tp hse hlp him fix those stars stars ~~ w0w =.0 well .. so i went over ant hse 1st .. cuz i nid to hlp him fix project stuffy ~ after tat went to tp hse and hlp him settle his tings oso =.- .. settle until dunoe wad time .. vin went home le .. si han stay .. and i went home too ~ hah .. then @ nite went over to tp hse to hlp him again lor .. then slpt ~~

haha .. woke up late .. then was rushing to sch ~ cuz i was having a TALK ~ .. CE POINT ah CE POINT .. haha =p then reached sch le .. go in listen ~ so sianz ~ was msn-ing all de way lar ~ wif all sorts of frenz ~ eh tim .. u cool man ~ ur riddles is damn lame lor =X more lame-r then mine lar .. hah .. budden it was realli fun lauffing ~ hope no pplz see i lauff until crazy =.0 .. so after talk .. went back to tp hse again .. then he was asking mi to fix de puzzle =.0 .. kaoz .. so hard lolx .. then abt 5 vin came over and hlp ~ and i tink i slpt ba ~ since i cant do aniting much .. haha =p tp 大嫂 hlp us 打包 dinner ~ then eat and watch 搞笑至尊 .. lauffing lyke mad oso ~ then @ nite .. si han finish work le came over oso lor ~ then mi and him went down to get some stuff ~ then after tat send vin back .. then i go home oso .. hmm .. haha =p

then on tues .. eh .. i rush back to tp hse earli in de morning lar .. cuz we got plan B .. if he cant finish puzzle .. we will do so wif another 1 which is easier to fix ~ haha =D then i went over .. i did the 2nd puzzle wif tp da sao ~ then si han slp ~ then vin skip sch juz to hlp tp .. wow .. seriously .. vin is realli so fren and bro lar .. 没话说 .. budden tht's for them .. if chg to mi .. 哈哈 .. i tink no 1 would even care =.= .. then do halfway i go slp .. then si han hlp his da sao lor .. then abt 12+ finish de 2nd puzzle le .. still doing de 1st 1 .. after tat .. l0l .. han went to work ~ then i 发奋徒强 .. [i tink correct lar] .. cheong quite abit for him le .. then tp was keep on doing and doing lar ~ tis is de evidence! stil labit left! haha .. then vin was sleeping [tat time onli tp 1 person doing .. i was playing wif those babies kid] hehe .. hahaa =p after tat .. abt 6+ or 7 lyke tat .. @ LAST! the puzzle is completed ~ while i was sleeping though .. haha =p then finish liao .. kan cheong kan cheong ~ tp went down and took taxi .. mi and vin walk aroudn ~ didnt noe how to open my mouth ~ budden i ask him abt him and *ahem* .. he say nth much .. budden i dun wan to ask ani further ~ because i noe that he wont tell mi much either way ~ then after tat .. went to 145 and he get a 大包 to eat .. cuz he was hungry ~ i was hungry too .. budden dun feel lyke eating aniting =.= .. then i send him onboard de bus ~ and i went over to take bus .. while on bus .. i msg him something realli realli REALLI STUPID .. budden im not going to say wad it is .. he replied mi ~ budden not realli de answer i wan ~ budden suan le lar .. haiz .. so went home .. was waiting for si han to come my hse de .. then didnt expect him say not coming =.= .. oh well ~ so slp!
hmm .. juz a pic on Alice ~ tp niece .. while she was sitting on top of si han ~ she DIDNT DARE TO MOVE !!!! thats de 1st time she lyke tat lor .. sit thr 傻傻 de .. so KaWa!! Neh ~ haha =p

then on .. umm .. wed ~ which is de day im suppose to blog budden i blog after 12 .. haha .. woke up le .. msg si han .. then he came over my hse .. then play abit dota ~ after that we walk to TeCk WhyE and eat lunch+dinner ~ haha .. wif ant siong and wx ~ vin was @ home le .. tp still in sch ~ o.O .. after tat .. went to ant hse to play MJ .. i didnt play .. then siong and wx went back 1st lor .. so left mi and si han and ant @ ant hse ~ after tat si han keep playing dota =.= .. ant keep sleeping ~ i nth to do .. haha .. then siong ask mi to call him .. and i talk to him lyke .. 1 hr+ lor .. so le lar .. outgoing tis month going BOOOOM again ba T__T sure kena scolding .. arh bo will tio suspend line ~ haiz .. then after tat .. siong / vin / si han / yoke / paw was playing dota draft ~ and si han keep complaining lar .. so 烦 ! haiz .. then done wif gaming and such ~ all de twss-ein went to slp ~ @ 2am++ cuz all got sch .. lol ! then mi and sihan went to the coffee shop .. beside NTUC de .. 134 ah? to eat lor .. he eat abit nv eat le .. cuz it kinda sux ~ then he went back hom .. left mi 1 person walk home lor .. no taxi pass through mi @ aLL !!! haha =x weird .. fine! reach home bathe le lai blog =p .. oki lar .. thats how i pass my 1 week .. a damn tired week T__T .. *chao~~*vin ah vin .. i realli wan to be bro wif u .. 1 hu can talk abt everything de .. i tink im old enuff to liten to u guyz seriously ~ budden i guess no 1 would believe in mi ba .. heh ..


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Thursday, August 23, 2007

well ~ so yup .. wednesday rite .. sri ah .. everytime i post is 1 day later =p cuz midnight posting most of the time mah ~ so .. intially tot of going to sch ~ budden nope ~ didnt went to sch again .. then woke up around 8+ tis time round .. then play abit .. watch anime and stuff ~ oh ~ then went to dunoe do wad and wad =.- .. oh! hlp tP to find a song .. 不能说的秘密钢琴版 .. lol .. then found 1 .. budden not realli is pure piano de lar .. so .. nvm ~ then abt 4+ .. saw wx on9 le .. o.O .. they all todea earli finish sch ~ then went over find ant ~ then msg tp/siong/vin asking if wanna dinner .. no 1 reply .. then abt 630 or so .. tp called and he came over lor ~ after tat we went down to eat ~ then waited for siong to come down ~ o.O ~ then eaten le all zhao =.0 .. lol .. i went to ant hse cuz i wanna watch him play wif his frenz mah .. then his frenz not free yet .. so i went home lor .. then reach home le .. done wif some of my stuff .. and i tink dily-daly until tp online .. dota once ~ then after game ~ some stuff to do .. cuz gonna wait for siong ~ then i tot he went to slp le .. didnt expect him to wake up late in the nite >.<" i mean onlin ~ haha =p well .. @ last .. found wad tp wants ~ he should be happi now =D .. kk .. my stuff le ~ long time nv post

i tink tis time round im typing more half-half langauge ~ easier to Xpress i tink? haha =D well .. 我觉得 .. dunoe wad should i say leh .. todea found out 真得很什么 .. i said abt no 1 reply-ing mi on the diner sms mah ~ then he told mi went home le ~ then out of curiosity ~ i ask him how he noe .. then he told mi u wan to noe for wad .. diao =.0 ~ 哇,问一下也有错啊 .. well ~ suan le lor .. then he say no contact him @ all .. WtH ~ =.- haiz .. 朋友啊朋友 .. k lar .. forget abt tis incident ~ haha =D budden 不管怎样,朋友终究是朋友啊,哈哈。 whoo ~ hao ba hao ba =p im backstabbing !!! haha =X 喂,至少我可以在我的地盘上写我想写的东西吧。haha




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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

oki ~ well .. cont. from previous post .. after dota wif siong le .. i called ant .. and ask them whr they were .. then TP say everyone @ his hse .. so .. i oso went over lor .. then dunoe wad comes over mi ~ took taxi and went over =.0 .. hahax .. fine .. reach le .. went inside to find TP .. then sit on the "balcony" and look @ him playing dota ~ after tat .. tp wanted to fold the 'star'star' stuff ~ budden nv do so cuz de 1 he bought is small and hard .. then mi ant and vin was looking @ de dota reply of WCG ASIAN final .. kewl ~ after finish watching .. TP bro was back .. so went off lor .. then went down to 145 and eat .. then wait for siong to come down .. then everyone eaten ~ then siong went back .. ant oso went back .. then i accompany vin do his stuff ~ hehe .. after tat .. he suddenly say wan to play dota ~ so umm .. well .. went to 10miles lor .. ask tp along oso .. sit thr and do nth actually .. then went back .. kaoz =.0 .. lol .. mi and tp send vin back 1st .. the ni went back .. wad a time ~ too bad .. budden nvm ~ reach home le .. did nth much i tink .. yup .. then went slp ~~

okay ~ yup .. then on monday .. woke up dunoe wad time .. budden i didnt went sch .. heh =.- ~ alright .. then was doing dunoe wad stuff oso lor =.0 lol .. then ant contact mi for dota ~ wow ~ then saw siong online .. ask him play oso . then he say vin and wx going 10miles to play oso .. reach thr .. found out 2nd flr no lancraft ~ diao .. left mi and siong and ant play lor .. after tat .. i went to find ant ~ to eat dinner mah ~ siong intially told mi not coming down de .. then @ the very least .. met liao .. vin and ant tgt ~ then called siong and he came down too .. intially wanted to go pasar malam de .. then nv go .. cuz all go ant hse watch "gao xiao zhi zun" .. after tat .. went to eat the "chou tofu" .. wx hlp us buy back de .. then we were lyke .. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO .. not smelly @ all .. lol .. suan le .. after tat .. send vin back ~ ant walk back .. then mi and siong ... This is a Secret .. =D .. after tat .. went home and such ~ then use comp until 4+ >.<"

oky .. todea rite .. power lar ~ force myself to keep sleeping and sleeping ~ cuz i dun wanna wake up .. and seriously .. no mood to do stuff ~ hmm .. so .. 4+ then i woke up wor ~ after tat .. watch Naruto + bleach .. then saw ant online ~ so tell him i go find him lor ~ after tat went out @ interchange thr .. those promoter promotes mi abt upgrading my bank acc =.=" ai yo ~ wasted alot of my time ~ haha =x .. then went over .. saw vin oso ~ =.0 lol .. then eat finish .. went to blk 5 and play cards .. after tat went to buy bread ~ then went to ant hse downstairs and play cards again .. cuz *cough* .. lol =x then ant went back cuz he relli sian le .. so mi accomapny vin lor .. chatted for some time .. budden i cant 开口 to talk abt my own stuff ~ because i dun wanna make him mad ~..~ well .. after tat .. he went to take 190 .. go wif him .. and i went home lor .. now online blog ~ was chatting wif Jeryl di de laopo ~ x___X ... lol .. guess he wont mind de lar =p .. yup ~ going off .. TakeCare .. i tink tmr then post again .. for some stuff ^__^ .. bye~


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Sunday, August 19, 2007

well .. on sat .. went to slp qutie earli cuz of siong sleeping =.=" then woke up quite earli to play i tink .. after tat .. keep playing lor .. until 6+ .. rush to lot 1 meet wif siong .. then went 145 and eat dinner .. wif Ant oso .. haiz .. after tat .. went SS to buy stuff .. then go Ant hse watch show .. lolx =x .. as in movie lar .. after tat .. vin contact us and ask if got dota wif tp frenz .. then intially got .. until behind sudden chg .. ebcome no .. then vin oready coming down halfway .. late le .. lol .. so when he came .. all of us wentback le lor .. then go home and played wif tp and siong .. then went to slp around 6+ ba ..

then i 1+ woke up lar .. then trickster abit .. found out that they went tdown to eat breakfast without asking mi .. then i ask siong if he got go down .. he say no .. then i ask if they got jio him .. he say yes .. wah lan eh .. nv even jio mi down lor .. wad sia .. damn moodless now lar .. sad lyke hell =x .. haiz .. t00pid .. gonna dota wif siong .. dunoe lata wan do wad le .. haiz .. juz blog because i dun wan to hav STM +.=


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Saturday, August 18, 2007

o.O ~ back blogging .. lai .. so todea woke up .. nv go sch lar .. sri Racheal and Jeffrene and John .. heh .. nvm hor .. will meet up soon =p .. well .. then woke up .. game abit .. realli abit .. cuz very bored .. then went to watch anime .. after tat go to slp .. then watch show and went to ant hse le lor .. haha .. then .. vin called ant and ask if wan dota .. wif wx sub siong .. then ant dun wan de .. until i say i treat him lor .. then he reluctantly say yes .. then called vin .. he said something made mi sad .. nvm lar .. =x .. its a mix feelign aniway ~ .. yup .. then vin and wx came over .. then rot and rot .. until go eat dinner .. after tp came .. he said his frenz onli 930 then can go lan .. then he not playing .. so .. diao .. ant dun wan liao .. so bo bian .. vin went home lor .. then siong came ~ he eat le .. funni ting happen .. tp somehow touch my psp on the chilli source ~ then i push over my sarsi drink .. quite abit drop on siong .. haha .. funni scene .. >M< .. then after tat went to play poker .. then went home lor .. now @ home blogging .. intially saying paly dota .. now i wait siong lor .. see how =.=" not going trickster for the time being ba .. i tink =.==" had being chatting wif WL mei mei ~ hehe .. =x .. cuz both emo emo @__@ haha .. guess thats all .. heh .. TakeCare eveyrone ^__^

my feeling now hao mix wor ~ realli very mix .. seeing him online make mi xin ku .. because i noe that tings dun remain de same le .. some more .. i dunoe wad he tink of mi now .. zhen de .. hen mix wor ~ argh ~~ STUPID Alwyn .. haiz .. im gone .. ~POOF~ sri if u got read tis =.="


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Thursday, August 16, 2007

whee ~ blog often bettr .. rather then forget things here and there =.=" haha .. so tues reach ~ i i i .. didnt went to sch .. then morning msg su told her that .. then she oso said she nv gp =.=" oh wel .. nvm .. then was lyke playing games and sleepign thoughout, until afternoon, went to sch and take UT .. haha .. heng i met her 1st .. got company to sch ~ =p .. after UT .. went over to Ant hse .. then vin was thr .. then was doing stuff and all .. after tat vin left .. then went to 145 and eat .. forgot to ask tp come over ant hse to do stuff .. so yup .. @ 145 we were doing all tings lor .. then ben lai wan dota .. after tat cancel .. so .. all went home after that .. haha

whee ~ wed .. went to sch lor .. then after tat .. 2nd break i gone again .. hehe =p intially su wannted to leave oso .. budden she nv .. so nvm lor .. went to ant hse .. then trickster thr abit .. after tat i went to slp .. then TP came and he use comp lor .. then ant oso slp .. after tat folo by TP .. until abt 6+ 7 .. @ last contact dao vin and siong .. then ask if they wan dota .. after tat .. went to 145 and eat .. wait siong .. then all went over to pak lan le .. whoo ~ went over thr .. waited for lyke 1hrs? not very sure .. haha .. then after tat .. play finish .. vin went back 1st .. then the rest of us went SS .. ant got his stuff .. while queuing .. tp went back oso .. whoo ~ all kan cheong .. after tat .. siong went back le .. i send ant back .. the nwait bus and go home lor .. eat and watch anime and slp .. haha =x

alright ~ todea .. intially was planned as go back halfway wif su de .. then she say tired .. not coming to sch .. oh well well ~ nvm lor .. after tat .. i went ot sch .. was late .. haha .. forget it .. then do tis do tat .. then during 1st break .. went down to eat .. pei ZY eat breakfast set ~ haha .. after tat went to class le .. my dad called .. so went home lor .. ask him to come and fetch mi de mah ~ hehe =D .. then went home .. eat liao i went to slp ~ 2+ woke up .. dunoe do wad .. then saw tp online .. play dota wif him .. after tat .. dunoe do wad again .. then went to find him .. then go and cut hair lor .. after cut le .. went 145 meet wif siong and ant and eat dinner .. then went prime to buy swtuff le ~ siong wan go home .. so all go lor .. dunoe y lyke tat .. lol .. =p nvm .. after tat .. the other 2 top up ez-link le .. alll went home .. i oso lor .. then now come blog blog .. aha .. msg alot of pplz gd luk msg for their O lvl eng oral exam .. budden onli 3 reply .. haiz =.=" oh well ~

Gd luk to whomever is gonna took their O lvl Eng oral exam ~ soon or not soon .. hehe =p those over de oso gd luk lar hor ^_^jia you!

To passerby .. hey .. do i make a diff in aniting i say? since u oready ask tat .. it shows that u oready dun believe im str8 .. so is there a point for mi to answeR? hhaahaaa =p dunoe is it because u read my post le then ask that .. budden if u dun believe mi .. dun make a point in asking =D hehe .. aniway .. i said my ans on tag ~ its a no .. believe it or not ^__^ hehe .. regardless hu u .. thanks for asking also .. hehe =D .. if u noe mi and u didnt read my post and juz ask mi tis .. then i tink .. check it out urself ba =D seriously .. if u r my [frenz] .. then tell u wad .. im still a 'kids' thinking that frenz are the most impt in my life .. so much more impt then anione .. so .. i tink frenz should accept hu u are .. and wad u are .. does it realli matter if im a gay or not? xD i wont ask u to grow up and tink .. since im a 'kids' myself .. but .. frenz are frenz .. to mi .. there is no diff .. sri if i offend u in aniway ..

Guess ending my blog tis time . post again soon .. heh =p


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Monday, August 13, 2007

alright .. back blogging .. haha =x so last post ended on tues? so tis shall be wed then ~ heh ..umm .. wed leh .. went to sch because its data-comm .. then i tink was getting a bit emo ~ lol .. then the faci ask mi abt the UT 3 .. i ans him rudely =.=" haa .. problematic guyz man ~ well .. after tat .. went back @ 2nd break again .. lolx =x because its pre-public holiday ~ haha =p forgot wad actually happen .. i tink after sch went to find them .. and t00000t ~ blank out ~ hehe hahaha =x sri ah guyz .. yea ~ seriously i forgot wad i did =D .. ka lar .. nxt man .. sigh ~

so on thurs .. it was national day .. so holiday .. wakkaa =p then let mi see .. umm .. was lyke staying @ home whole day lor .. then after NDP broadcast .. went to find ant and guyz ~ haha =-p .. after tat . went to pak lan wif TP frenz ~ until 1+ i guess ? then went talking .. after tat .. everyone went home .. nad since its so late .. and if i slept ~ i sure cant wake up .. so yup .. cheong game the whoole nite ~ wif siong i tink .. haha =p and if im not wrong .. i was watching the show "男儿本色" .. seriously nice show .. haha =p .. well so yup .. tats how i pass thurs

then on fri .. went to sch lor .. wah ~ when i on bus hor .. jia lat sia .. nearli slept onto a starnger(ger) shoulder .. Lol =x heng nv i tink .. haha .. after reach sch .. saw new faci beause Mr Goh unavalaible for the time being .. yuyp .. wow .. his speaking .. omg ~ i got nth to say .. then stupid Jerrrene and Reacheal .. make mi lauff lyke nobody buisness lor .. and they were having joy looking @ mi lauff until cry =.=" omg ~ haha .. budden the faci words realli make mi lauff ~ its not tat his funi .. its juz his lame-ness .. then halfway through .. went abck again .. then went to ant hse .. 1st ting i do .. wash leg .. chg pant .. and slp ~ wakaka .. until abt 6+ then woke up i tink =.=" seriously .. i buey tong ~ after tat .. went to eat lor .. then talk abit .. then after that i tink all went back ba .. not very sure .. haha =p

well .. then i tink was gaming wif siong ba .. on sat leh .. was lyke doing nth lor .. i very sian .. so earli earli went to ant hse liao .. then oso lie thr lor .. after abt @ nite .. they say got dota game .. so went over to play lor .. @ last we won again =p hha =x alright .. then went to eat and such .. go back time is abt 4+ oready .. then they bathe and such .. went to slp .. then i was chatting wif vin until he buey tong .. so i went back home le lor .. then after tat .. played game wif siong .. and then went to slp .. haha .. cuz cannot ta han =.=" then woke up siong still haven slp .. until i went to ant hse then he go to slp .. omg ~ haha =x alright ..

so sun rite .. when i reach ant hse .. not realli got pplz sleeping lar .. stuff are still the same lor .. then we do tis and tat .. eaten liao .. lol .. vin started hsi work .. i "work" wif him .. after tat he felt very hot and went to slp =.=" omg ~ haha .. then i oso slp lor .. @ nite woke up .. watch the nan er ben seh again .. haha =x then vin nid to go off reali quick .. so i went off wif him .. and he ran to the bus-stop =.- omg ~ how long was it when i last run .. haha .. nvm .. after send him to bus-stop .. i went home lor .. then do my stuff .. watch show actually .. sian abt gaming .. then went to slp ..

After that .. todea lor .. went to sch .. then was having web multi ~ kinda fun .. but i realli sian abtstudying tis sem .. so yup .. gone off wif su halfway again .. then went back home .. watch fantastic 4 .. halfway .. went to slp .. woke up .. see everyone onine .. then i played abit game .. and went to eat dinner wif tp and ant .. after tat play abit cards .. then went home lor .. then dota wif the whole group .. whoo ~ then now come blogging .. sleeping soon .. then dunoe tmr wan to go sch not .. seriously .. its quite bored .. haiz .. felt guilty cuz su ask mi not to pon .. yet i dun hav de mood to went sch .. 进退两难 haha .. well .. gratz to those chi O lvl student getting their grades .. and if u didnt .. no worries .. 2nd time is easier ^_^

oki .. t00pid vin tan ask mi do wan .. but suan le .. i shall do it haha ..

Answer the following questions.

1.(the person who tag you is ...)
Alvin Tan

2.(your relationship with him/her is ...)
Classmates during Sec. Sch. A.K.A Buddies

3.(your 5 impressions of him/her ..)
caring(to stead nia =x) | busybody(samesame) | a good fren to be | quite arrogant | dunoe liao leh T_T (sri ah)

4.(the most memorable thing he/she had done for you)
I guess was to accompany when i was emo-ing

5.(the most memorable words he/she had said to you)
not sure wor~

6.(if he/she becomes your lover, you will..)
Kill myself ..

7.(if he/she becomes your lover, things he/she has to improve on will be)
I think i copy vin ans .. Break up !

8.(if he/she becomes your enemy, you will...)
nth much i would do.

9. (if he/she becomes your enemy, the reason will be ...)
maybi im not a gd enuff fren to be

10.(the most desire thing you want to do for him/her now is ...)
nothing, he has his life, i had mine.

11.(your overall impression of him/her is ...)
Not a bad guy seriously/

12.(how you think people around you will feel about you?)
Im a Big Ass Sucker!

13.(the character you love of yourself are ...)
Being able to act .. haha =x
thinking <-- same as vin .. i lov to tink .. =.=" but always on -ve side

14.(on the contrary, the characters you hate of yourself are ...)
acting and doing wrong stuff @ the same time
thikning too much of =ve stuff and making myself EMO

15.(the most ideal person you want to be is ...)
myself, when i was still in sec sch .. the young and carefree guyz ~

16.(for people that care and like you, say something to them ..)
wah lao ~ y my answer is same as vin de .. regardless what i did wrongly .. forgive my wrong-doing. thanks for being my frenz too ^_^

17.(pass this quiz to 10 persons that you wish to know how they feel about you)
1 - Simpson
2 - Simon
3 - Xavier
4 - YingXian
5 - Alvin
6 - Anthony
7 - Chee Siong
8 - Tian Poh
9 - Suriani
10 - Myself

11.(who is no.6 having relationship with?)
not sure .. i tink no 1

12.(Is no.9 a male or female?)

13.(If no.7 and 10 are together, will it be a good thing?)
Hey .. both are guyz ~ 7 will tink it sucks ~ 10 will tink still oki =p hahaha sounds gay =-p

14.(How about no.8 and 5?)
well, the had being buddies for 7-8 years .. haha =p

15.(What is no.2 studying about?)
Something abt IT stuff ~

16.(When was the last time you had a chat with no.3?)
Wow .. quite a long time ago?

17.(What kind of music band does no.8 like?)
some sentimental songs =X

18.(Does no.1 has any siblings?)

19.(Will you woo no.3?)
No way!

20.(How about no.7?)
Guess it urself =p i guess its a no haha =D

21.(Is no.4 single?)
I think so

22.(What's the surname of no.5?)
Lee, full name keep a secret alright.

23.(What's the hobby of no.4?)

24.(Do no.5 and 9 get along well?)
they dunoe one-an-other.

25.(Where is no.2 studying at?)
Dover ITE

26.(Talk something casually about no.1)
old man =p

27.(Have you try developing feelings for no.8?)
Nope . not realli .

28.(Where does no.9 live at?)
ard WoodlandS?

29.(What color does no.4 like?)
IDK lolx .

30.(Are no.5 and 1 best friends?)
nope ~ juz frenz

31.(Does no.7 likes no.2?)
umm .. guess its still alright between de 2 of them

32.(How do you get to know no.2?)
classmate in pri sch. basketball players in sec. and gaming buddies ~

33.(Does no.1 have any pets?)
nope .. dun tink so

34.(Is no.7 the sexiest person in the world?)
Nah ~ his a guyz .. cool but not sexi alright ..

wah . @ last im done .. vin .. i will kill u haha =p kidding


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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

well .. on monday .. went to sch to had java .. then was toooooo bored .. so talk to su abt leaving halfway .. then coming back for ut .. then she said she not coming le .. so we still left during the 2nd break .. i went home played game .. then go back to sch to take my exma .. lol .. after tat went to find ant .. then went down to eat dinner .. then went to sheng siong .. so long nv go le .. then after tat went home lor .. and game .. haha =x

alright .. then on tues .. tis is a late post .. so teat it as todea .. went to sch lor .. then was oso bored mah .. so was thinking .. intially was oready tinking of leaving during 2nd break .. but su didnt came .. so i left @ 2nd meeting .. reach home abt 1 .. then start cheonging game .. until 3+ ? after tat slp abit .. woke up then went to ant hse lor .. then go down eat dinner .. todea so jia lat .. onli mi and him .. lol .. then after tat rush home and dota >.<" .. guess i can end my psot le .. haha =x

im sad .. realli sad .. dunoe y oso .. he did chat wif mi when we are face-to-face .. and will onli sms/call if its needed .. no nid = nth came? got once he did something kewl ~ he called mi 1st .. wOw .. how mani upteen year was it ? heh .. previously were talking abt stuff .. said that .. wads past is past .. we are still frenz now .. heh .. do u realli tink im looking for onli fren? =[ wad i wan is more then fren .. those whom i go out wif everday .. is those whom are more then a fren to mi .. we realli .. cant get to de past? even if past if gone, wad abt de future, will it be de same, or cont. lyke tat .. izzit very hard to reply mi in game? am i realli that lousy? hey .. looking back @ de chat we had during last yr de nov and dec .. heh .. we were chatting so happily .. but looking back tis year .. everything is lost .. if im juz looking for fren .. i had them .. but im realli not looking juz for frenz =[ .. bye ~ take care everyone ..


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Sunday, August 05, 2007

woo ~ again so long nv update . lol .. but nvm .. i guess oso no 1 reads my blog .. so yup .. let mi see

so then .. on wed .. didnt went sch .. cuz its a official sch break day .. haha .. so juz stay @ home and play game and such lor .. after tat .. went to find ant they all .. discuss stregy and such .. after tat .. woo .. got ask Fabian if he wanna play a darft game wif mi mah .. then wah lao .. damn du lan .. the game ben lai 10+ start de .. then i tot all going ant hse then go lan shop .. but no .. so all went back home again ==" wth .. then 11+ gonna play .. then ant slp lyke a log ~ haiz .. called him for abt 20min then he woke up .. had a quarrel wif tp again .. then dun wanna play .. then i was like .. i got nth to say liao lor .. after tat siong oso come out wif eerrror ~~ argh ~ juz de day b4 WCg oso so mani problem =.=" haiz .. then @ last still game lor .. game finish le .. went to slp

then on Thurs .. nv go sch cuz its de big day mah .. so morning cant wake up within the meeting time .. haha .. then met wif de rest @ lot 1 .. after tat went to Suntect lor .. abt 910 we reached le .. cuz the reporting time is 915 .. lol .. then wait thr quite long .. until behind then at last start to queue up and such .. then started playing .. Lol .. 1st game almost win .. but sigh ~ nvm .. 2nd game oso lose .. 3ed oso LOL ! we lost 3 games in a row ~ but nvm .. we shall fite back nxt yr .. cuz tis yr no preparation + not familiar wif draft .. lol .. some more played 3 games without a rest .. i was hungry lyke hell ~ haha .. then after tat .. they went BK eat .. then i quai lan .. nv eat =.="" lolx .. then reach back TW .. go to 145 drink drink .. then TP fren ask if wan play dota wif them .. but ant dun wan .. so nv go .. then all go home rest le lor .. haha

so on fri .. went to sch .. quite a fun day .. but i left halfway .. skip UT oso .. i sux to the core .. ha-ha .. then go find them liao .. rot abit .. or rot quite long ah ? i dunoe leh .. Lol =x then after tat .. nite time play draft game wif TP fren .. lost ~ oh well ~ nvm .. lol .. so then vin went back lor .. then TP was lock out .. so he come my hse and slp .. i was playign de whoe mid night ba .. lol ..

then on sat .. tp went back quite earli cuz siong wan to use bike mah .. then i went to slp .. abt 12+ go lot 1 find siong .. then went to TW cuz ant and siong wan to eat lunch .. after that went to ant hse and play 3 person MJ .. after tat vin came along .. haha .. then during nite .. went to eat dinner lor .. then tp oso came .. ben lai wan to ask tp fren again to play de .. budden ant dun wan .. so nv play .. but talk until the end .. decided to play irc draft .. so went home .. and game and such ~~~ lolx

then todea .. woke up 12+ oso .. then play wif siong dota .. then went to look for ant / tian and vin .. after tat rest awahile le .. went eat dinner .. then vin and tp went off .. so siong came down .. then buy things and such le .. went home .. now blogging .. haha =p

well .. my blog my style no pic nvm =p hehe .. oki .. ending .. take care everyone ..


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