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Sunday, June 24, 2007

well ~ so on thurs rite .. let mi see .. its IT security ba .. heh .. not quite a bad day i suppose .. at least i started working after such a long long LONG break .. haha =x budden de info i was finding wasnt that well done .. guess im rusty from all ~ haiz .. nvm ba .. shall see how lor .. tis 1 oso bo bian de mah ~ heh .. then after sch .. i tink went over ant hse again lor .. guess was playing MJ ba .. hehe .. standard standard wor ~ after tat went home and such lor .. nth much ~ nth much ..

yup .. so on fri .. didnt went sch .. cuz was so sian .. still got chance to skip mah ~ (haiz .. Alwyn ah Alwyn ~ after lyke tat still dare to skip) then was playing game ba .. i suppose .. hehe .. after that ant wanna borow my lappy cuz he and poh wan cheong game .. initially nv lend de .. then at de end still do it lor .. haiz .. i dun lyke tis .. lol .. my lappy is impt wor ~ then after i went to pass them my lap ~ i went over to lot 1 and met wif yoke and frens ~ they gonna have a b.ball match mah .. so since i dun feel lyke doing aniting .. juz went over wif them lor .. hehe .. so long nv watch b.ball le ~ hmm .. then go over .. finish game .. they lost ~ haiz .. nvm .. then after tat mi and yoke went back 1st lor .. haha .. so tats tat .. after went home .. watch show .. siong reply and all so ~ yea .. then whole night didnt slp .. was watching anime all de time .. haha .. =p so yup .. go on de nxt day lor ..

on Sat leh .. morning 730 called siong le .. then initially met @ 8 @ lot 1 de mah .. his going to take something .. haha .. then he was late =.=" he 8 then went out of hse .. 830 reach ~ haha .. nvm lor .. then go thr .. sit thr chit-chat and such .. then went to eat .. eaten liao .. nth to do le .. siong say go home .. so no choice .. went home lor .. haha .. on de mrt hor .. was damn funni man .. i told him to slp lor .. will wake him up when reached .. but in de end become i slp .. hohoho .. =p then after went home .. chg and Zzzzzz for around 4hr++ .. after tat .. poh ask if ani 1 wan to accompany him go cut hair .. so i go lor .. he cut finish we eat .. then yoke ask if i wan to accompany him go cut hair =.=" HAHA .. accepted .. so he cut finish .. went NTUC and bought things ~ then i went to ant hse le .. was MJ-ing until around 11+ .. then siong at last came over .. but when he came i say i gtg le .. >.<" because i scare no last bus mah .. then he oso go lor .. so pai seh ~ after tat .. i get a cab because not feeling well .. lol .. then siong still wan to lend mi $ de .. cuz he scare i not enuff .. budden told him no nid .. always got spare (unuseable) cash on-hand .. haha .. then went home .. watch anime abit .. went to slp le .. realli cannot stand .. haha ..

so todea leh .. slpt till 11+ .. woke up le .. ant ask if wan go his hse MJMJ cuz last day for those sec. sch. student de holiday mah ~ then oki lor .. but i went over at 2+ .. then .. reach le .. dunoe do wad .. after tat .. went to BPP cuz TP nid to go over mah .. then after tat went to ant hse .. and he did some trickster stuff .. then we started MJ .. tis time incuding his dad .. wow .. so wang man his dad .. keep winning .. haha =D .. then after finish was roudn 7+ .. then i dun wan play le .. sian le .. so went back lor .. then do my stuff .. now blogging .. sleeping lata .. hehe .. aniway .. im having stomach upset for no reason eh .. the pain so jia lat T_T .. haiz ..

well well well ~ nowaday vin oso nv come down till to gaming .. then i oso dunoe mi and him actually how le .. heh .. seriously .. i dunoe ~ T_T ~ talk to him once i tink .. asking abt wad he feel .. he said nth ~ wad can i say ? haha =X but i should believe in that .. so that i wont be so sad mah .. hor ? aniway .. same thing as normal ~ hope for the best .. haha .. thinking back now .. heh ..


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Thursday, June 21, 2007

well .. didnt had quite de time to blog nowaday .. seriously .. im even lacking of my "own" time ba i tink .. hao ba .. get on wif my blog ~ umm .. so on monday rite .. were having java .. well .. still oki ba .. but i guess its some how getting harder and harder le .. kinda jia lat for mi le lor =.=" lolx .. nvm lar .. then after sch .. i think went over to find them le .. [ dun quite rmb wad happen ] but i tink went there and did nth much .. until poh came over and we went for dinner ba .. after dinner .. we sat around .. chat abit .. then poh went home le .. ant oso lor .. then i went over poh thr to take time-sheet .. after tat i oso went home .. do m stuff .. and slp ~ ..

then on tues ~ let mi see ah .. went to sch for database lor .. still quite fine .. haha .. then after tat .. initally wanted to go suntec wif si han de .. then yoke called and ask if wan go lot 1 .. then i go wif yoke and sui how lor .. cuz suntec bery bery far T_T .. after tat .. went to yoke hse dw-stairs and teach him and sui how to fold tat StAr thingy .. lol .. after tat went to find ant .. then poh an siong came over .. then we MJ abit and gone le ba ..

then on wed leh .. quite normal oso .. after sch .. i went home 1st .. after tat .. prepare le .. eat le .. went over to ant hse lor .. then play abit MJ .. poh working on math ~ woo hoo ~ lolx .. then ant' mum was playing wif them some poker trick .. kewl ~ but i tink i saw that from my bro quite long ago .. onli that i dun rmb liao .. haha =x nvm .. then after tat .. abit MJ again .. then late le .. i gtg .. so went back lor .. then finish show i slp le .. wad a day .. lolx ..

well .. was chatting in sch on msn 1 day wif my online mei ~ then chat abit suddenly talk abt FL .. wow .. if i dun rmb wrongly .. its 1 of my most active gamed i played during that time .. haha .. seriously .. its a lame game .. but i played quite long and stuff lyke tat .. tis pic is from her de .. it shows her pet and her during that time .. hehe .. old times are good eh ^_^


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Monday, June 18, 2007

o.O yupyup .. so after my stuff done .. went to slp lor .. then woke up at 11 .. =.=" then do abit thing .. went over to ant hse le .. cuz he say go his hse b4 12 to paint his hse mah .. then i reach at 12 .. didnt paint because not enuff pplz =.=" wth lolx .. nvm lor .. then stay thr wif vin and ant until around .. i tink abt 5+ ba .. then went and find siong .. then eaten liao .. went over to sheng siong .. cuz i wan buy things mah .. then vin went back cuz he got to go somewhere else .. than at SS .. bought ABC for my dad =.=" then bought sweet .. bought cheapo earpiece but kena con because of some problem .. then after tat .. went over to ant hse to play MJ .. finish liao .. sent siong home .. then went back le .. on my way back saw kang sheng .. haha .. so conincident .. every time oso saw him thr de .. then went home le .. eaten .. now online blog haha .. tmr gonna start sch le .. hope things will be fine .. and everything will get better too .. Takecare everyone ~


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Sunday, June 17, 2007

well ~ up and back blogging le wor ~ hmm .. let mi tink ah .. umm .. yup yup .. ytd i say everything is blur blur rite .. so today saturday leh .. buey pai .. everything is clear le .. lolx .. i tink nth is wrong wif them ba .. maybi realli all tired le lor =.=" haiz .. let mi see arh .. so i slpt ytd .. then woke up around 11+ 12+ ba i tink .. then prepare abit .. went over to ant hse le .. i chatted wif vin !!! hahaha =D at last .. ask him some of the qn i wanna ask for quite some time le lor .. maybi hai oki ba i tink .. not very sure wor .. then went over to ant hse .. hmm .. he ask mi to ta bao for him seh =.=" so go ta bao 3 mix rice + 3 bubble tea .. lolx .. so reached his hse .. then he and his family finish breakfast + lunch .. so after tat i use comp le lor .. then he duno y suddely headache ~ so he went to slp .. haiz .. poor thing .. then i cont. using comp .. then after dunoe wad .. i went to watch show .. then he cont. sleeping =.=" lolx .. so dily-daly until around 8+ .. i go off le lor .. then i go meet wif Jaryl ~ my another gan di ~ but his from my sec. sch. de .. diff .. hahah .. then met wif him .. ate abit .. then accompany him go IMM .. b4 that was thinking if wanna go ant hse dawn mah .. budden vin coming .. so abit wan to go .. abit dun wanna go .. very Mao Tun .. bt lastly i chose not to ba .. got reason de lor .. so reach imm .. chat abit and wawit for his gf to finish work .. then went back .. was like light-bulb .. but of them them dun mind .. ahaha .. so nvm lor .. then on mrt .. oso saw Christ ~ wow .. haha .. after tat reach yew tee .. he went off wif his gf and stuff lyke tat .. then i 1 person sit and wait for him to come back lor .. after tat he came and find mi .. then had a very short conversation wif him .. but .. he realli hlp mi alot .. maybi because he treat mi as a kor .. then he keep listening to mi .. aha =x well .. then now juz reach home .. going to do my stuff le .. so .. bb .. haha ..


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Saturday, June 16, 2007

well .. after wed done .. its thurs lor ~ let mi see huh .. thurs leh .. umm .. i woke up .. dunoe do wad .. then went back to slp again i tink LOLX ! after that hor .. poh msg if wan play majong mah .. if wan go ant hse lor .. then i went over .. i reach thr earlier then everyone ^_^ .. lolx .. then ant came back .. folo by poh and last but not least .. siong come oso lor .. after tat play a few game .. then tired le .. so all went back .. then siong went over mac to bu sunday ~ lolx .. then poh initially wanted to come my hse de .. budden until the end he say no le .. cuz going gym mah ~ then i went home liao lor .. after tat .. then online chat and all those .. same old ting ~ haha

then todea fri hor ~ let mi see ah .. wake up lyke normal ~ then after tat online yi xia zhi .. then ask yoke if he wan to go and buy his cherry tomato ~ then wasted around 1hr+ .. at last we went off .. went to sheng siong .. then bought his stuff ~ then TBC agency called mi .. ask mi if possible to work ~ of cuz not since my holiday ending le .. then hor .. i went over to ant hse lor .. since poh oso thr liao mah .. then de 2 of dem decide here decide thr .. lastly they wanna go interview ~ then when siong came and we went to lrt .. both oso dun wan le T_T then we went to eat .. after tat i had to go my cousin graduation dinner or soemthing lyke tat .. so got to leave them liao lor .. then went thr .. halfway .. poh msg mi .. [pang .. no nid come ant hse le .. dun ask why and dun reply tis msg] .. wah lao .. dunoe wad happen .. so i called siong .. he say everyone tired wan to go back .. then i msg poh no ans ~ wth .. haiz .. after tat i went home lor .. after the dinner end .. now come online do all this stuff lolx ..

hai yo .. all making mi blur blur leh .. now i dunoe wad i should do tmr le .. siong wont be free tilll evening .. then evening poh nid to go out ~ ai yo yo ~ boring day seh .. lolx .. hmmmm .. seriously lar .. if pplz msg u tis type of msg .. will it realli be lyke .. all tired wan to go home that type ? haha =.=" well .. haiz .. nvm .. shall end it here .. dun feel lyke posting ani pics up .. takecare everyone ~


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Thursday, June 14, 2007

well well well .. tues mah .. let mi see huh .. i tink we slpt around 3am++ lor .. until aroudn 10+ ba .. nt very sure .. den woke up .. de weather damn gd lor .. haha == then i played dota wif poh .. diao .. play 2 game both oso lost .. haiz .. we are weak .. haha =x then after tat .. han called and told him got job lobang for 2 day .. so i ask to work oso lor .. then yea ~ got slot .. hhe .. so yup .. we prepare abit .. went pasar malam walk wak .. after tat went his hse he prepare .. then we set off to suntec to introduce .. then went P.S to work lor .. working 10-7 .. 1 hr break time .. lolx .. tiring .. maybi not .. but the midnight timing not tat gd ah .. time cross very very slow ah ~ haha .. then finish work .. manager sign sign .. went and take bus le lor .. then poh fallen on bus .. haha .. after that .. reach his hse 1st . he went back lor .. then i oso went home .. didnt bathe and all .. i juz fallen lyke nobody business ~ haha =x

then i woke up at 1 lyke tat .. because nid to watch show .. then finish eating and watching show .. i went back to slp again .. until poh msg mi .. then ant called mi .. then go find ant .. go ant hse wait for poh .. after tat wait for siong to come then we mahjong ~ haiz .. mahjong from 7+ to around 10+ ba .. not tat sure .. then ant go to slp most likely .. poh went home because he cannot come my hse .. i tink my parents not happi =.=" haiz .. then i went to eat wif siong lor .. then talk quite alot ~ haha =D after tat he went home i oso went home .. bathe and all .. watch show liao come over here blog lor .. thats how i pass my 2 days .. hehe =.="

ahaha .. tis quote is cool hor .. "Life is a journey where the destination is unknown" .. seriously .. its realli true hor .. got tis quote on 1 person shirt when his shirt print tis quote .. haha .. let mi see .. true enuff ~ a person is a life .. but the destination is unknown because some can had a happi ending .. some may not .. hu ever will know it b4 it actually happens ? haha .. but .. somehow .. the destination lies within the person itself seriously .. a happi ending or sad ending realli muz see how de person handles with all sorts of big and small problem .. take mi for eg .. i made myself so sad because of a wrong-doing i did .. lol .. so its realli a realistic world whr pain is unavoidable .. so .. guyz ~ muz live ur life to the fullest and minimize ur regrets ! thats for sure ^_^ haha ..


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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

well .. tis time round update kinda fast .. since everyday nth to do .. haha .. =x .. alright .. poh played psp until 3+ .. then he BTH le .. so went off to slp .. mi leh .. seeing nth to do and i dun feel like sleeping .. so i went to play dota lor .. 2 game or so ? then around 5+ then audi audi .. then met alot pro T_T .. after tat .. i went to do the puzzle .. wow .. its realli a puzzle .. dunoe where and how to start .. especially when de border is of white colour and each and every bit and pieces is almost de same size .. lolx .. =S bad choice i made .. hah .. then around 9+ lor .. went ahead to slp cuz canot find tings to do le mah .. then around 1+ poh called adn woke mi up .. ahha .. he said ant contact him le .. so after do some stuff .. went over to find ant lor .. hehe .. =D .. met up wif him .. he ate his breakfast+lunch .. then we went to poh hse thr to play poker =.=" then last until aroudn 4+ 5+ i tink .. went to ant hse and mahjong .. then play until 7+ 8+ .. siong came over .. then he took over ant' sis place .. and abt 1more hr .. too sian liao .. quitted de mahjong .. haha =x .. after tat .. tink ant wanna orn orn .. so we went off .. sent siong home le .. i went over poh thr and he get rdy again to come my hse haha .. he wanna complete psp mah .. let him lor .. then reach home .. and get some thing done here and thr .. then up here blogging .. haha .. tats how i pass my monday .. tues dunoe how to pass wor ~ see how lata on .. keke =x

haha .. dunoe wad am i doign tis few time .. juz wanna add a pic or something up to my post ba .. =D .. budden always looking at old memories .. haa .. sound like im kinda old ? nah .. not realli ^_^ .. yup .. aniway .. looking at tis pic .. it realli brings back some of the stuff we did .. heh .. maybi .. now we still can do de same ting .. but somehow .. im out ? not sure wor .. oh and to who-ever is reading the post .. i seriously is not pointing at anione/aniting/ .. im juz writing on my own thoughts .. maybi some how here or there .. im not that sad animore .. but somehow here and there .. im still sad .. haha =D i tink some of u can understand it .. but i dunoe how to put it in words .. so sri wor ~ .. end it here ba .. takecare everyone ^^


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Monday, June 11, 2007

well .. get on wif wed then .. hehe =.=" too long nv blog oso .. quite blur abt wad i did seh =.= .. alright .. wed rite .. didnt went to ant hse == .. cuz i scare nid to see him slp again .. haiz .. so nvm lor .. woke up dunoe at wad time .. after tat we play dota because got pplz playing mah ~ lolx =x .. actually didnt play much wor .. played around 2-4 rounds ba i tink .. and i rmb 1 ting vin realli make mi sad .. but i cant do aniting arh ? haha =S well .. he came in the room le .. then 1st thing he type is "y is 'mi' doing here?" haiz .. i see liao sad to the core .. budden cant do aniting ba .. but suan le .. muz 振作 =] then when game start hor .. i choose de new hero whose name is like a dog .. but i didnt noe .. then he said "wah lao use dog" .. didnt quite get the meaning of it intially because i tot he was scolding mi .. but i tink he is joking de ba .. ^_^ .. be optimistic hahaha because he even said ant abt it .. haha =p .. alright .. finish gaming liao rite .. i tink ant went to slp .. then de rest oso gone le .. so nvm lor .. i contact ade .. and then ask her out to de pasar malam .. hehe =.=" well .. we went thr walk walk see see buy buy Lol .. then bought some foods and drinks le we went to a corner and sit down eat eat .. hahaha =D after finish le she went home lor .. then i went and find yoke again .. =X everytime oso find him de .. weird weird .. haha .. then we sit down and chat lo .. till around 10+ or 11+ . then went back home .. after tat did my stuff and zzZzzz ~

then on thurs rite .. oso didnt went and find ant .. because he ask for dota at home i tink .. so played i tink .. almost de whole day ba .. dunoe how mani game .. until around 7+ or 8+ starting from afternoon .. not very sure .. but after that .. my hse cook de diinner is unable to be eaten by humans ^^ so no choice .. i go out and eat .. then contact poh and he accopamny mi lor .. after tat he wait for bus wif mi .. then i went up bus he went home lor .. after come home juz standard procedure and did my stuff .. lol =.=" then zzZzz =p

then on fri leh .. we met up quite earli i tink .. around 1+ ba ? haha =.=" because poh wanna talk abt dota thingy since he said he wan to join back ! hahaha .. kewl huh ~ then hor .. juz went over and everyone was thr liao .. hai yo .. then chat abit .. then do abit dunoe wad .. laugh until pengz sial .. cuz i tink we played until very fierce .. then after tat went to eat ~ eat liao we went blk 5 sit sit lor .. then siong go back sch bbq ?? haha =x vin didnt went back cuz he lazy .. =x then we sent vin to de bus le went bback and play card lor .. after tat we went back le .. lol .. norm day i guess ? haha .. quite a tooot day ..

well .. sat reach .. quite a day ba ? not very sure .. let mi see hor .. umm .. initially woke up .. did my stuff .. transfer data thxs to ant .. he wanna get stuff from myharddisk mah .. then after tat went to lot 1 and meet siong 1st .. initially tot is ant and poh wan come de .. yuan lai is siong wan come de .. haha .. then he was shopping for *cogh*cogh* b'day present mah .. he very 体贴 leh .. hehe .. then after tat .. met up wif poh and ant .. then went pasar malam again .. tis time round i bought something .. a elzzup .. haha .. after tat .. went home and put down de ting 1st lo .. then went and find them le .. then meet up at 145 and wait for siong .. after tat .. went to ant hse .. then xfer data ah .. get tis get tat .. then started playing mahjong .. haiz .. wad a ting i dun like sial .. == .. starting still oki .. behind lost until jia lat i tink .. heng no play $ =p then after tat hungry le .. then their data done .. so went down and eat diinner .. after tat went home prepare and went ant hse again .. at thr dawn whole day .. intially wanted to finish those show .. but didnt make it .. cuz they wan mahjong .. so played until around 6+ ah ? then after tat they fallen ~ haha
mix de 2 days 2gether

then hor .. poh went over to time chamber .. and mi ant and siong juz went ahead and slp .. but didnt slp much lar . haha .. woke up around 12+ .. then cont. watch show .. go ta bao breakfast all those .. after tat .. poh say play dota match wif his fren at ten mile .. vin coming le .. so we finish our stuff and went ahead .. vin met us .. the nwent thr le .. then open comp all those .. then start our game lor .. initially hai hao lar .. then behind lost le T_T .. lolx .. nvm .. gain exp lor ~ then after tat .. vin went do concession and 本来 wan meet us de .. but see tat we got nth to do .. so he went home lor .. then siong oso went back .. after abit care game .. poh and ant oso went back .. lolx .. wad a day ~ then i didnt went home lar .. so went to find ade again .. hehe .. then play 2gether wif his bro lor .. at de playground .. then after tat went to find daniel and zhigang ~ wow .. met up wif tis 2 so long didnt see de person le .. hah .. then went pasar malam again . but didnt expect so sian ~ dunoe wad to do thr =.=" Lolx .. but nvm .. after tat went home .. do my stuff .. then poh came my hse le lor .. then now he dawning at my hse .. today is monday ~ haha =]

looking at my pic on tis blog rite .. got 1 is written something like "dun cry bro .. be happi is de most impt ting u teach mi" haha ..
tis was a screenshot taken on my phone when i recieve tis msg de .. it realli touch my heartx during tat time .. was actually looking at de photo while xfer-ing those datas mah .. then rmb tis .. he told mi tis was because b4 aniting happen rite .. he is kinda sad ba i tink .. then i taught him my phylosiphy .. Lol ~ xiaopang is gd at tat =p well .. then tis msg was recieve during his bday i tink .. because i had a quarrel wif my mum and stuff like that .. then not in a very gd mode mah .. then he told mi that i should be happi .. [because i made him a smiley face cookie thxs to ant tat time haha .. then i told him tat everything muz smile all those lor] .. then he oso told mi to be happi and tat onli a happi person can make happi food so tat de consumer will feel happi .. haha .. TOUCHED by tis words man .. then de 2nd msg come over is tis le lor .. still rmb-ring tat time .. realli touch .. and thxs for his cared .. but thinking abt now .. haha .. felt lyke everything is lost .. the bond is no more thr i tink .. almost everything is scatter juz because of a few sentence i said .. wad a failure u r man .. xiaopang ..
anione will be like tat towards me ? i tink onli her and her ba .. haha .. i noe .. got her is a good ting .. but .. ppl whome realli noe mi .. u should noe mi ba .. heh .. well .. end here .. takecare everyone ~


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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

o.O .. well friday is here .. went to sch as per normal .. haha =x normal lar .. going to sch is normal HOR ! haha .. well .. it was surely a fun day wor .. seriously lar .. but i had my own problem .. so theres still sadness in mi ? haha =x well .. we were photo taking the whole day man .. went around the whole sch t otake pic lor .. from classmates to classroom to corridors to sch compound to ani single person == lolx .. quite stupid though .. but fun heh heh .. then after sch .. finish my RJ le .. went to find them .. cuz they say wan to meet up ^_^ .. yea .. at last i got the chance to meet them le ~ haha =] then went and find them .. then chat abit lor .. then after tat found out that my phone kena cut off =.=" omg ~ haiz .. then they ask mi to dawn .. but wan to settle my phone problem .. so bo bian .. cannot go dawn ~ haiz .. then suan le .. go back and do my ting and ZzzZ ~

then on sat leh .. woke up hai oki lar .. then poh ask mi go ant hse le .. so yuup .. went over lor .. since the game start at 12 .. then went over .. meet them .. chat abit .. walk towards lan shop ~ somehow vin broke the barrel le ba .. so happi .. hehe .. aniway .. went there .. play lor .. starting stress abit .. then game getting better as it goes .. after tat .. finish game le .. went over to poh hse dunoe for wad .. lol .. juz rot there =.=" then after that went over to ant hse then siong came oso .. he wan to play mahjong .. ai yo ~ then duno wad and wad .. then initially wanted to dawn de .. budden some how some problem occurs lor ~ then it let mi find out that the barrel is broken but not to the max yet .. but nvm .. shall wait longer .. at least its better then the past 1 month .. yyup .. so no dawn at the end .. nvm lor .. go home .. do my things and slp lolx ..

kk .. on sun leh .. i went over to ant hse lor .. then dunoe he nid to do alot of hsework .. become i help him do .. wah sad .. but suan le .. after tat .. ask poh come over oso ~ then hor .. we went NTUC buy dinner thingy .. cuz ant is going to cook for us .. aha =] then siong oso came over to eat oso lor .. vin didnt came .. he said he lazy .. well .. eaten liao .. its so damn full ~ while eating .. poh and yoke were dota-ing .. and after tat .. alot of problem realli occurs .. haiz .. i dunoe wad to do man .. seriously .. then after tat went home do abit thing and slp le lor .. lol ..

monday leh .. went to find ant after he finish sch .. then see him slp .. omg ~ so damn bored .. lolx .. but suan le .. then he woke up le .. contact every one to ask if they wan go pasar malam or not .. then met up wif poh .. then han and xiang oso thr .. then yoke oso came .. haha .. then after tat .. han and xiang went off .. then yoke went off wif kee kiat/kok sang/kang sheng/tim .. haha .. then after i sent ant and poh back .. i went back to find yoke they all .. then at the end after everyone went back .. had a bit chat wif yoke .. and he speak to mi abt the problem occuring .. well .. at least he speak to mi le .. haha =x [oh yea .. hp is back working ^^] then went home .. eat and watch show .. heng got replay .. then orn orn le .. haha .. =x

today leh .. went to find ant oso .. budden i tink too earli =.= i go thr and see him slp for 4 hrs .. omg ~ ! ~ wah piang leh .. haiz .. after tat poh came and find us .. then went to 145 eat .. eat finish le go play see-saw .. then went to ant hse .. poh play wif yoke again .. haiz .. siong oso came lar .. after everything done at ant hse .. go to a shop and buy sweet/drinks .. after tat send siong then i sent poh and lastly took bus back .. ben lai wan go pasar malam wif ade de .. she no pick up call T_T saded .. so i went buy things liao .. come home .. bathe liao watch show eat "dinner" .. then now blogging .. haha .. end here ba ^^ .. talk to u abt my life nxt time =p

my stuff my stuff .. i dunoe wad to speak abt leh .. i noe that there's something i didnt told 'him' .. but i dunoe wad is that .. so hard to kai kou .. then until now .. i oso dun dare to speak to him on msn T_T .. im reali a damn weak coward lor ! haiz .. but .. seeing things are getting better somehow .. it reali give mi a sigh of relief .. haha .. well .. but at the same time . there are still some other problem occuring .. saded .. dunoe y there are always so mani problem occuring de leh .. althugh somehow it doesnt realli apply to mi .. but they are my fren .. and u guyz should noe .. frenz are almost my everything le .. haiz .. Alwyn ah Alwyn .. u muz JY ! regardless how mani pplz beat u down .. u muz stand up .. and of cuz .. she will always stand by u ^^ thats wad u noe .. JYJY !


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