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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

let me see, any special occasion

monday - went to meet sean after he end his sch ..
then do this do that, after that went to cut hair .. drag until damn late wor =.=
hahaa .. then after that jiu went back liao i think =X nth much oso

tues - nope, nth special, juz bored @ home until want die ..
only wnet to LB to get some bread and stuff =<

wed - today wor ~ hmm .. went to bball with BY ..
to help sean / reiner .. then got JH and LY and YC oso ..
then went 514 to chat chat lor =X a simple yet tiring day i assume ..
but the feeling isnt great ..

I wanted to ask, if the day I'm at Weijie house is the real me?
Or now at home is the real me?
I know I'm pushing things too far, and I'm quick, but I can't control.


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Sunday, February 21, 2010


Okay, i know its freaking long i didnt post ..
but anyway i wont be posting wad i did everyday =.=
so lets shorter it down to ..

went to uncle hse to eat renuion dinner ~
went to bai nian @ chu yi
nth to do @ chu er
chu san jingrui and oldies came my house
chu si nth oso i think =.=
chu wu / liu = work and forgot liao lar =.=" wahahaa
chu qi went wj hse --> dinner with turtle gang --> furama hotel --> fren hse -->hm
chu ba went to auntie hse to eat and have fun =D

okay, conclude my CNY for now AHAHA ~ the rest is just normal lor =D
byeeee !!!


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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hmm, woke up went to work T_T
then work work ~ hahaa ~ after that jiu went home to nap i think =X
then comp abit ? jiu wetn down court then see see chat chat sms sms =.=
then after that jiu went ome liao lor ..
reach home .. comp again till like 12+? then went to slp ..


today oso .. went to work .. then work work .. do sai kang =.=
yet nth gd happen Lol!
then after work eat @ canteen .. then went back to meet by / jj / eunice
to have lunch @ mac .. then went home to nap le ..
woke up .. eat again and watch anime =D hahaa ..
then FB abit .. jiu wetn down .. totally see no ppl .. then jiu went home
OTW back saw ly go home from tuition Lol! =X
then reach home le jiu bathe .. ended come blog ..
tonitez should be same same .. =D

Yay! I had a long weekend!!!


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Monday, February 08, 2010

Today saw 2 "shocking" things lol
anyway, morning woke up, suddenly got the dun wanna work mindset zzz
cannot hor pang ~,~
then prepare le, jiu go work lor, today isn't that bad I think haha
then ended le, jiu went to eat, cuz no 1 wanna have lunch :)
then after that went to take mrt lor
Case 1 - when the train reach clementi, a person rush out of the mrt and at the same tome,
spit on the ground, I assume he wanted to spit on the gap, but he missed, and it's inside the mrt.
Case 2 - there was a guy, he was looking at the spit, alot peole was looking anyway,
then suddenly he smile smile, then he jump.
1 uncle was shocked, then about 1 mins later, he jump again.
Okay, this time round I'm dumbfounded, what the heck is he doing.

Okay, anyway went to Clementi to watch kss vs uss b div,
kinda rough, but looks normal, then 1 unitian get technical, reason I didn't see ~,~
then I think kss lose ba, cuz I left that tiime left 6mins point docferent almost 30.

Anythngblog again today.


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Sunday, February 07, 2010


alright, morning woke up veery xin ku ah lol
then prepare le, jiu went down to ball lor,
let them have some training of knowing what is meant by
all for 1, nxt would be 1 for all :) this Is wad a team is :)
anyway done le jiu went lb to eat
eaten le went home bathe and stuff
burden still too late so didn't go queensway with ly and gang,
then meet others le, jiu train over to sci centre there lor
go the sakura, eat eat Chet chat haha,
but but, seriously, if can choose, I will nv go back again.
It sux dao~~~~~~ I got nth to say haha but still edible lar ~,~
then after that done le jiu went home and stuff
then slp


hmm, wanted to wake up late, but my dad phone kept ringing
then at the end can't get to slp lol ~,~
then jiu online and stuff, then Dora I assume?
Then after that went tobuy 4D le, cont. To play lor lol
then at ard 7 went to meet Hx then go lb to ear dinner,
then go bball court sit sit Chat char
then go home jiu bathe ans stuff, then do my 'project' :)
then SMS Sean lol
gears him for getting a white iPhone ba haha :)
more and more iPhone user in our team ~,~ lol
then dota And stuff, watch million star le
jiu went to slp


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Saturday, February 06, 2010


let me see, too long no update, really forgot how le,
rmb-ed i woke up then preapre to go work, afer that jiu work ended le ..
jiu went back rest? i think so lar =.="
then after that jiu went down to "bball" with BY awhile le ..
jiu went home liao lor .. then @ nite as usual ba ?


umm, no work, yay =D
but early woke up preapre, then went to interchange with ly ..
then after they board bus took mrt to sch .. do some shitty stuff ..
then after that jiu went back home liao lor .. reach home .. then prepare
then went out to meet BY to have our lunch lor =X i think lar LOL =X
then after that went home to rest le .. then jiu went out to meet sean and reiner
then walk ard lot 1 .. then go gombak there cuz reiner doing specs ..
then joke ard .. jiu went back liao lor ..
reach home .. bathe and stuff .. usual usual ~ lol


Woah ~ Friday ~ im like those sEc 1 students, so happi on fri =D LOL!
woke up in the morning preapre to go work ..
today work i hurt my wrist wahaha =X haiz .. sian lor ..
then after that jiu went back .. then relac abit le ..
jiu went to meet ly and bb and yc and sc and mtb ..
then ate liao le .. jiu went to library sit sit talk talk read read ==
then they go for tuition i went home lor ..
reach home jiu rest rest rest ~ then online abit ..
jiu went down for ball .. budden hurt my hand, so didnt ball lor ..
jiu chat chat .. until dinner ime go eat dinner Lol!
then after that eaten le .. jiu went home liao .. bathe and stuff .. usual lar =.=
then now come blog Lol ! going slp le .. tada ~~


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Tuesday, February 02, 2010


hoho ~ woke up in de morning .. then prepare le jiu wetn to work =D
work work ahaha =X then after that ended jiu went back home and chg
then went over to clementi to watch watch ..
then went back to lot 1 to find BY to eat lunch
eaten le .. jiu walk ard ~ then went home liao ..
reach home .. comp abit .. then meet by again and went court ..
then waited for abit ppl to come le .. match abit .. then jiu went LB buy PPC
then jiu went home le .. reach home .. bathe and stuff .. eat and stuff
then normal --> sleeeeeeeeeeep ~~


Today woke up, tired dao idk wad to say lar =.="
then jiu preapre and went to work ~ i was like very hungry, yet not hungry ..
feeling un-comfortable today ~ but i guess its due to my no slp situation lar T_T
then after that done with work le .. reach home .. eat and stuff ..
then wetn to nap .. now come online post this .. lata idk wad im doing ..
so i guess will be .. NORMAL ! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
buaiz =p


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