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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just some pics took today
Since it's de "last" day of sch for me.
Those bball de is went to pizza hut to eat =D

Story Time

woke up like 5+ in de morning ~ then see that lY didnt reply ..
so went back to slp .. then woke up @ 7+ ,.. saw his msg =.=" Lol!
nvm .. slowly prepare .. slowly get to sch lor ..
reach sch le .. went class .. then after that watch youtube vid ..
looking on guys that sing high pitch note like "Adam Loopez" and "vitas"
abit =.=" suan le .. LOL!
so after that .. break time .. went down to bookshop help sean get stuff ..
than went 7/11 to buy chocolate for the class =D
then went back .. continue to do nth =.=" (dunoe how to take exam 2days later) Lol..
after tat break again .. jiu photo all the way .. chit-chat .. blah blah
than abt 1+ i left de sch le ..
rush back cck .. @ the end im de fastest LOL!!!! =p
then waited for all of them .. jiu went popular .. sean buy his stuffs le ..
jiu went pizza hut to eat lor ..
eat eat chat chat .. then went home . .prapre ..
went court for bball le .. played some bball .. then rest abit ..
jiu went home lor .. =.="
then i forgot take my shirt .. so went back take again .. then went home .. FK =p
reahc home .. bathe le .. eat .. than dota .. after that DO NTH ! si bei sian !
than abit later dota agian .. then ZBL AGAIN .. wtf =.=" Emo!
then @ the end .. now come blog .. lata go watch anime abit .. then slp ..
sigh ~ bored bored ~ bye


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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

To whoever wants to tag on my tagboard,
please do put your name so that I know who you are,
if you don't want to put, don't bother tagging.
Be a grown up, why don't want people to know who you are?

Woke up @ 9+, than went back to slp, then alarm rang, wtf?
2hrs like went pass without anything sia =.="
I think i was too sleepy .
then woke up le, use comp all de way lor .. juz do this do that =.=
Damn sian ! then abt 3+ went out to lot 1 ..
then waited for sean and co. .. then they came le ..
they went LJS to eat .. eaten .. went over to his hse lor ..
then chat chat .. i play with his niece Lol ! then learn "piano" =p
after that see they copy homework le .. jiu went down ..
than sean cant find his thing .. then jiu took bus back le ..
rush home .. bathe .. eat .. then dota lor ..
than now 11+ came over to blog .. sleeping soon ~
tmr last day .. of study =.=" hope so Lol!
Friday exam .. so byebye

Btw, BingYuan PS mi, he say tomorrow can lunch with me,
then at night then told me his mum prepare ingredient le, sigh.


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Monday, September 28, 2009

I, honestly, said that, I, skipped school today.

Oh well, woke up in the morning, then online already.
Played dota, all the way until I ate things, and watch 超级星光大道.
After that, continue to play dota.
Followed by going to court to sit down do nothing.
Then went into mini-mart get drinks, conincidently Simpson came,
then went over to lot 1 together.
Met with Sean and Wilson, waited for Coco.
Then proceed to the new open shop to eat Wantan Mee.
Oh yay, it sucks.
Fine, after that went to get BubbleTea, then chat a bit,
Sean and Wilson went home, then the rest of us proceed to arcade.
Watched people played while Coco went to played the UFO machine.
But this time round he failed to catch.
So after that done, chat a bit, then went back.
Reached home. Dota, dota.
Followed by watching anime and eating "dinner."
Followed by a game of dota, now I'm here blogging,
lata watch anime, then sleep.


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Sunday, September 27, 2009

The cam which my auntie bought for me
didnt noe i didnt upload the pic @ all lol

Story Time

okay .. today wake up like 11+ like that sia ..
finish wash up 12 le .. than watch anime and eat ..
than dota dota ~ 死立勇 ~ lol .. dunnoe how reply mi ah =p
nvm ~ haha .. anyway after that keep dota-ing .. then watch ani,e
then went to nap .. BUT FAIL! >..<
i was so tired .. but i cant get to slp .. dunoe why =.="
so after tat jus lie on bed .. than woke up le .. bathe ..
cook noodle .. than eat and watch anime .. after that dota lor ..
一路顺风 to MY
so nwo done le .. come blog .. then going off ..
bye ~ see wd my plurk write if want to know wad im doing nxt =D


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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Today woke up in de morning by Reiner sms =.="
then went back to slp again ~ then woke up le .. rpeapre =.=
still damn tired .. then went down lor .. then eat drink ..
chat .. watch them match .. untilk 2+ .. oso let them do physical 1st ..
then after that sit inside shade for awhile .. jiu went LB to eat le .
eaten le .. went home .. play dota .. FB .. watch an episode of anime ..
jiu went to simp hse below .. than go lb to eat lor ..
after that went over to WJ hse to MJ and watch soccer @ the same time ..
alot ppl was there man =D LOL! then play play watch watch chat chat GOAL!
Lol! after that simp drove coco back .. folo suit ..
than drove mi back le .. went home .. dota .. FB .. now blog ..
going slp ~ lol =p Bye
Let's hope tomorrow there's activity =D


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Friday, September 25, 2009

Wake up in the morning, msg is type, @ the end decided not to send =X
Cuz im juz tired =X than slept .. woke up .. slowly prepare .. slowly go sch ..
KAOZ! got 1 B*a*K dunoe got problem not,
hold onto pole than when ppl wan alight oso dun wan take hand off pole ..
NB =X then after that went sch lor ..
reach le .. then do work .. talk talk .. play play ..
than after that break time ate cookies ~ Hari Raya mah =D
So got cookies to eat muhahaa =D than ate ate .. play play Lol!
than 2nd meeting i keep bickering with friend =D HOHOH!
Im juz so bo liao =X then chat chat all those .. chat with cher oso =D
than 12+ jiu went off le ..
went to lot 1 .. go find Eunice and the rest .. than settle @ KFC ..
Ate our lunch .. eat eat chat chat ~ then went home le ..
prepare abit .. went over to MY hse ... folo by playing MJ
And watching him fight Aram .. he won, congratz ..
than just abt trianing time we juz end MJ .. still lose =<
nvm ~ after that went down .. they train lor ..
done some physical .. match all the way ~ until 10+ ~
than went mac to eat .. jiu home le ..
reach home .. bathe .. do HMWK .. than dota dota till 3 ..
now blog ~ going slp hahaa =D should have take pics of the cookies man !
damn ! i see if monday dey wanna bring again muhahahaha!


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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wooooooooooooot ~ No sch is fun =D
Woke up in the morning ~ than went online lor,
to do some forum fight =.=" Lol!!!
After that went DGN abit, jiu go watch anime and eat lunch le ..
after that jiu went over to Sean hse .. Reach there, used comp lor ..
Forum Fight again .. than chit-chat ~ @ The end i give up lar =.=
Ppl are ignorance, nvm ~ then 6+ .. mi and wilson leave his hse lor ..
went to take bus .. went to see court got hu ~ Not much peeps ~
so went home .. bathe .. eat and watch anime halfway thru ..
went to dota le Lol =X after that see forum play DGN abit .. time flies =X
now is going 12 le =X sigh sigh ~
bye ~~


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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Woot ~ Wed le ~ so fast =<
okay .. in de morning intially wanted to walk with LY de ..
budden kaoz =.= too shag =.= i iddnt wake up even by my 1st alarm =X Lol =p
heng i got 2nd alarm =X Lol ~ than woke up le .. sms ly .. folo by preparing lor ..
slowly slowly ~ done le .. went to sch le ..
bought drinks go up to class .. wait for lesson lor =X hahaa ..
than lesson start, sian dao ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
okay forget it, since im gonna pon halfway .. l0l ..
than msg Sean lor ..
up till the end =X Ly and Bb didnt reply mi =<
than sean say 4+ end sch ~ WTH ~ why the teacher so lousy de ..
NNB =p
okay, than after that jiu went home @ abt 12+ lor ..
reach home .. use comp .. transfer data ~ sian .. save file change psp than broken.
fk =X emo ~ cant play le . suan le lor .
den after that .. watch anime .. till i fall aslp =.=
than wake up le .. wnet back slp again Lol !
than msg sean .. he finish sch le .. so went to lot 1 find him ..
got reiner and wilson .. than went to KFC to eat ..
than reiner go buy things .. jiu went back le .. went court ..
see alot ppl siol ~ aha .. got ly yc ash blah blah ~ Lol =p
then see them play than talk cock =,= that ly sux cock Lol!
oh yea ~ @ KFC msg bb oso =X he sux cock oso ! muhahaa =p
so after that done everything le .. i was there like an ah pek =X
went home .. bathe .. come here blog le ..
going dota ~ than @ nite DGN lor .. try new stuff ..
see how ba ~ Buaiz


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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jussssssst Me!!!

Story Time

okay, boring day i would say =p
woke up in de morning as per normal ~ than after that was just DGN-ing
eating brunch ~ playing game, watching show LOL!
okay .. so after that went down to court to buy some stuffs ..
than watch some bball lor ~ not nice de .. cuz all not serious =X hahaa
than after that went hoem le .. bathe and watch some (my cousin wedding Vids)
than bathe le .. jiu dota dota ~ all the way till 11+?
than folo by going into DGN for abit .. than cheong anime le ..
too bad i got sch tmr .. if not i sure watch till mad =X hahahaa =X


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Monday, September 21, 2009

Emo ~~
Today morning woke up le .. played PSP .. than wait for them to come ..
folo by playing some MJ lor =X diu lor =X Totally no luck ~
BTH ~ lost dao ~ so all in all lose $29 Lol =X suay ah suay ah ~
must stop gambling hahaa =X
after that .. everything settle le .. went out to LB to have mac
大赢家不好的, win le dun want acc us go mac Lol =p
than eat eat chat chat .. jiu come home .. blog ..
lata game le ba =X haha
Okay, than play play dota lor ~ after that go DGN abit .. watch some show ..
than went to nap =X Lol =X damn tired lar seriously ..
than abit later woke up le .. played PSP ..
than folo by eating dinner =D hahaa ~ after that dota again =D
then ended le .. jiu wnet to DGN .. quest abit ..
than cook maggie mee .. jiu watch 星光大道 ! hahaa =D
watch finish le .. come blog lor ~ going slp =D hoho ~
oh yea ~ ly is a SUCKER! Lol =p he doesnt noe how to reply mi ahahaa =p
BTW ~ Nxt week the 星光大道 is really gonna be nice =D
believe mi ~





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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Took during my cousin wedding dinner

Story Time

Today leh, woke up in de morning,
than prepare le, went down find them and play psp Lol =X
than chat chat play play, after that jiu went hoeme le lor ..
bathe .. than dota ..
after that play MJ ~ lose T_T totally no luck =X hmmmm ~
weird weird de =X suan le ...
than after MJ ended .. they went back le .. bathe again ..
preapre .. than cab down to M Hotel there ..
woot ~ now i really understand 女人一生中,有一天会是最美丽。 de meaning le ..
Seriously, although in my opinion, the bride isnt that good looking,
but the goan is really ~ omg!!!!!!!!
okay nvm .. than after that as per normal lor .. eat eat drink drink haha =X
my dad's drunk i think =X
then everything ended le .. cab back lor .. than reach home ..
bathe .. DGN abit .. jiu go dota ..
Dun ask mi why I no jio, its full BTW
than ended le .. now come blog ..
later go do some FB stuff .. jiu slp le =X
After yesterday and today,
got a feeling that it's time for me to grow up le,
but I still don't want to.


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Saturday, September 19, 2009


today woke up early in de morning, after that play abit game.
than see sky dark dark de, so sms lai sms qu, call lai call qu,
@ the end is no training lol =X
so planned to go MY hse since im so damn freaking bored @ home ..
than went there le .. LY they all oso there, playing MJ ..
so watch them play lor ..
after that done le .. abt 4+ .. slack abit .. went down to court le ..
chat with simp abit, bought drinks .. went home to bring stuff ..
go down again lor .. reach there le .. play abit bball ..
than rest and talk cock abit .. than went over to Keat Hong there ..
sat in JJ car ~ lol ~ 1st time ever ~ not bad lar ..
Dunoe why when taking his car got the feeling of,
wanting to go learn oso

than reach there .. watch watch .. went to buy tibits .. watch watch ..
ended le .. went to batok there to eat lor .. not that bad =D hohoo ..
eaten le .. jiu went home lor ..
reach home .. bathe .. than do some stuff . dota ..
now blog ~ waiting for dota i think Lol =X
after that should be slp ba =D


woke up in de morning ~ damn tired .. slowly prepare .. than go to sch ..
o.O ~ after that study study =.= stress ah ! lol =X
than during lunch break .. wanna go canteen le .. Ly msg ask mi go eat ..
than okay lor .. since got time .. went back cck to eat mac and chatted..
than when they go buy things i went ack le lor ..
reach sch do presentation blah blah ~ folo by studying abit for Ut =.=
machiam nv study .. so do do =X okay ~ UT really stress =X haish ..
than after that went Admrt to wait for coco .. than train to cck tgt ..
than i went home to prepare and blah blah .. than went down lor ..
then waited some time ~ still not alot ppl .. so play play abit ..
than talk cock all de way le =.=" lol =X
after tverything settle .. went to mac to eat ..
ate the MEGA MACSPICY .. really mega =.= wah kaoz =X
eaten le jiu went home lol =X
reach home .. bathe .. than i forgot do wad le .. Lol =X


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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Look as though my Blogsite dies on my web browser =.=" Lol
Okay .. woke up slowly .. slow ly prepare .. slowly proceed to sch =.=
than put Lappy @ IT-Helpdesk le .. jiu went to eat lor ..
hmmm ~ the uncle gave alot =.= hahaaa ~ eat until damn full ..
after that went Library play PSP .. play play ..
recieve sms to go collect comp le .. jiu went .. took le ..
jiu went home le .. reach home .. try to dl some stuff and blah blah ..
than "nap" abit .. then went lot 1 le ..
go find sEan they all .. after that went LJS .. then BY cmae ..
than eaten le .. go LY hse borrow toilet ..
folo by going court .. reach there ..
got ppl kick soccer .. so they play .. than halfway thru ..
YC came .. told mi I didint jio
than he went off .. so went to "catch him" lor ..
after that he still look angry .. dunoe is tired out ..
or really angry .. sigh ~
than went back .. play abit .. go buy drink ..
jiu went home le ..
reach home .. bathe .. come here blog .. msn abit ..
than do some transfering of files .. folo by dota-ing a game
which BB DC - ED ..
than after that preparing for nxt game ..
talk to YC he didnt reply ..
die le lar .. he angry i sad .. tmr still got exam to take .........
Forgive me?




see if got DGN 1st mah ~ cuz still nid to install =.=" Swt


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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fk-ing Shag day ! NB ..
woke up in de morning 5+ ..
prepare le walk with LY to mrt .. after that ..
wait bus than go over sean hse .. than train to bugis ..
go KK hosp .. wait for his X-ray and pysio .. wah .. im a pro ..
wad-ever i told him is de same as wad the doc and therepist say Lol!!!!
okay anyway .. after that done everything le .. went bback ..
bought dessert .. go his hse ZBL liao =D hahaa ..
than sms blah blah ~ @ the end still didnt had a chacne to meet LY they all for lunch
so after that rush to sch ..
than after that rush home le .. didn rest .. than rush out to fidn chua they all ..
woot ~ alot ppl .. then talk cock .. wakl awalk .. talk cock ..
go 302 eat .. eaten le talk cock again ~ juz a small gathering lor ..
after that done le .. jiu went to see if court got ppl ..
nope ~ so come home .. now do some internet stuffy .. maybe go game ..
well .. was man-ing on hot topics ~
okay nvm abt that ..a fter that bathe and eat le .. wanted to dota ..
so installl the directX stuffy .. wTf ~ fail like 1 cb like that .. NB =.=
@ the end cannot play lar =.= ji tao sian !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
before that i was on phone with LY .. i think i Fan him until ~~~~ LOL!
than Eunice called him he ji tao faster say byebye put down my fone ahhaa =p
kkae lar .. going slp ~
buaiz ...
tmr needa go sch again =.=


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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

yay ! no sch day !!!! lol =p
okay .. as per norma l.. woke up late ..
than play DGN and watch anime ~ woot ~ @ last complete my anime for the time being ..
after that abt 3 went out to meet JJ .. go lot 1 wait Sean / reiner / Coco .
then went KFC to chit-chat and eat lol =p
eaten and doen chatting le .. went to BATA than reiner buy shoes lor ..
than done le .. go out chat abit more .. jiu went home le ..
reach home .. play abit .. then do some shitty stuff .. destroy my lappy ..
FUCK! sua lar .. reformatted but becmoe vista home ..
so was thinking tmr go sch format again .. so yep .. done stuf f..
watch tv .. went to slp =D


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Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday ~ Hmmm
woke up in de morning .. than solo go sch lor ..
Su tot i didnt go sch .. lol =X
than i shock her =p ah anyway ..
just having lesson as per normal ..
after that 12+ went off lor .. reach home le ..
rest rest ~ than go over LY hse .. hlp him try something ..
did from 2+ to 5+ .. but heng ah .. success @ the end =D
than went home .. play abit .. watch anime ..
than play abit more .. jiu go slp le ..


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Sunday, September 13, 2009

When there's a chance to put pic
dun let go man ~ lol

Story Time
Boring day ~
Hihi everyone, didnt post yesterday ~ lol ..
okay, woke up in de morning trying to do some DGN =.=
but @ the end fail ~ so went back to slp ~ ahhaa =X after that ..
woke up @ 11+ .. ate breakfast and watch anime ~ then cuz BB didnt reply mi ..
went back to slp again lor .. @ 3+ went out abit ..
than jiu come home use comp le .. keep using till alte nite ~
doing some stuffs =.= t00pid though ..
than @ abt 8+ went down to get sweet from LY .. thanw ent back use comp ..
watch anime all the way till 12+ ..
and went to slp


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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Still cant post pic, so fine ~ Nvm
Woke up as a normal Saturday lor =X
just kidding, was online checking my comp and stuff =X
lol =X than slp back and stuff lar =.=
@ the end make myself so tired =X
prepare le .. jiu went court le lor ~ hahaa ..
reach there .. only saw Jerome ..
nvm ~ went to buy drinks .. than ate my breakfast lor ..
done le .. the rest oso came down le .. let them play abit ..
than 5v5 lor .. play play ~ play play ..
than physical up Reiner ~ not really successful =X lol =X
but its okay .. after that leh .. chatted abit ..
went LB to eat le lor .. eaten ~ jiu depart our way le ..
intially everyone say wanna come my hse ~ @ the end no peeps came Lol
nvm ~ BB and Sean went to buy their stuff .. than come my hse lor ..
after that use comp abit .. jiu help them dye hair ~ damn troublesome sia ..
than after that Sean de fail mah ~ so he went down to buy again ..
come up dye again =.=" @ the end ~ Epic Phail ! hahaa =X
okay .. after that leh ~ jiu do finish everything ..
went out to cout meet simp .. then went to find COco ..
then went to watch bball game le lor ~
after 1st game .. went over to get tibits =.=
walk 1 big round cuz we dunoe where is de minimart =.=
wtF ~ heng can find it @ the end ~ Phew ~~~
than after that .. bought le .. went back watch ..
finish it le .. went to 302 to eat lor .. eaten .. jiu home ..
reach home use comp abit .. bathe .. comp abit ..
now come blog .. i think i go watch show than slp le ba =.=
shag ~







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Friday, September 11, 2009

Shag day siol
Morning wake up le, slowly prepare, then jiu went to sch le lor =X
tired dao ~~~~ reach sch .. cant go in the class.
Cuz all the doors lock .. WTF
heard from them every time also liddat =X hmmm ..
Please improve in ur Service Standard RP
than went to class le .. do some stuff .. lesson start lor ..
ji tao sian ~ than use comp abit .. play play ..
than abt 12 jiu left sch le =D
went back to yew tee .. walk over to LB ..
than wait for simp and jj .. than ate lunch lor ..
after that chat chat =X done le .. jiu went home ..
rest abit ? didnt rest lar ..
jiu went out to lot 1 le =X hahaa ..
reach there .. find BB and Sean .. than went to KFC to eat ..
eaten le .. went over to Surf and Skate ..
cuz BB buying slipper .. than Sean follow suit ..
okay lor .. after that Sean went to cut hair ..
wah .. cut till like typical small gangster nowadya =X lol
totally same ~ he like jiu hao .. than they came my hse while i rpepare ..
went to meet BY le .. jiu go over to court lor ..
reach there .. than rest abit .. i eat ..
than play match .. play play .. play play play !
than chat chat .. than jiu went to Mac to have dinner le ..
eaten liao leh .. jiu went home lor ..
is cuz LY shoot ice shoot until a girl =X Damn PS lar =X
after that reach home le .. bathe .. online now going dota .,..
so come blog .. dunoe got DG mah ~ see how ..
ji tao sian sia ~ someone just doesnt want to tell mi something .


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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Okay, woke up in de morning ~ then watch comic, use comp d/l show le ..
jiu went out meet LY .. went over to Sunshine there ..
than wait for BB, he came le, jiu went to cut hair =X
waited for quite a long time luh =X after that leh ..
done le jiu went buy BBT .. then went home ..
reach home le .. use comp abit ~ Bathe ..
met ly le .. went to lot 1 LJs find Sean and BB ..
I tio bomb can, they told mi wear Geans, I wear le,
all wear bermudas. WTF =X than "quarrel" abit,
LY Angry ~ 小孩子! hahahaha !!!! =p

after that eat LJS or .. done le jiu bus over to Far East ..
kaoz =X i was slp-ing =X damnnit Lol =p
reach le, walk around, stupid lar =X
than wanna go Ion Orchard de, went in underpass, come out the other end,
then went in again, reach there le, walk aroudn walk around =X
tired lar =X after that @ last ! they found something in EverLast ..
hey ! its de same bag i saw ytd =X lol =X than after that went to walk abit more..
went back .. BB went to buy converse bag ..
Sean/Ly went to buy Everlast bag ..
idk wanna buy mah =x kinda small ~ abit not suit mi =X
than after that went swensen =X ate the ice-cream
eeee yerr ~ Sweet dao ~~~ =X YUCKS LAR !
then eaten le ~ jiu pay $ .. then went off lor ..
train back .. reach cck le .. go lot 1 walk abit ..
than went 302 find simp/eunice .. than eaten le .. jiu went home lor ..
reach home .. bathe .. online .. used comp .. now come blog ..
go dota le .. than slp soon ~


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Happy Birthday Xiao Lai
TOO LATE ~ lol =X
Too bad lar LY .. didnt have a chance to post on 09/09/09 =.="
okay .. in any case ..
woke up in de morning by sean msg =.= wth =x
then after that watch watching comic ~ than msg keep in-coming =X
okay nvm ~ after that .. went down to find ASh they all ..
than bought stuff le .. jiu went home le ..
reach home .. watch anime and eat breakfast ~ bathe and stuff ..
than jiu prepare to go out meet the rest le ..
wait wait ~~ than come le .. jiu went over Bugis ~
went to buy ticket =.=" piang eh ~ alot conflict ah =p hahaa
than bought le =D YESH!
than go over find the steamboat to eat ~ lol =x
eat eat eat ~ chat chat chat ~ eat eat eat ~ rest rest rest ~ lol =p
than completed le ~ jiu took ice-cream ~ and went off ~~~
went to arcade ~ play play ~ than coco help them won an ice-cream ~ Lol =X
than after that everything settle .. went to watch movie le lor ..
G-Force ~ okay okay lar the show =X cute nia ~ lol =X
than done with movie ~
went over to discuss where is the nxt plan =X than halfway thru ..
a few of us went off .. than went over to toilet chit-chat ~ =X
Cuz Ryan stomach pain ~ lol =X than after that jiu go buy LY the present ~
not bad ~ kinda ez to choose ~ cuz didnt think much of a budget =x hahaa =X
bought a Stupid Human Opening E Black Alinement Gap
than after that re-find them .. chatted ~ give LY his bday present ..
than jiu went to take MRT le ..
went over to town ~ =X we were @ town all the wya .. haha =p
than went to play lan ~ CS!!!!!!!!! OMGOMG! so fun can ~
after SO SO SO Long didnt play .. its suddenly fun lar =X haha
than play 1hr+ .. done le .. jiu went to take bus lor ~
on bus .. something funny happen =X ahahaha =X stupid ly ..
say wan to shit so loud =.= wtf =X Paiseh sia =X
than after that .. went over to South View there ..
find Manke le .. than ly took his present .. went over to keat hong ..
see got things to eat mah =x budden nope ~ then ly went to shit =X
eh wtf =X something stupid happen again ~ he drop into the toilet bowl !!!
No lar =p lame ~ lol =x than took bus to lot 1 ..
went over to 302 to eat lor .. eaten le .. jiu went home le ..
reach home .. bathe .. than chatted chatted chatted ~ now come blog ..
should be going to watch Million star than slp ba ..
abit hungry leh ~ hmmmm ~


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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

all taken @ Kbox Jurong Safra

Story Time

Woke up in the morning by Sean msg ~ then prepare le jiu went down lor Lol =X
after that chat chat discuss discuss play play watch watch ..
done le jiu went home prepare .. than went out to meet Eunice and LY lor ..
than go lot 1 .. saw YC they all .. then chated abit .. go find CS they all ..
than done shopping le .. cab over to jurong safra ..
reach there .. go Kbox .. than have fun singing all those lor ..
i totally lost my feel of singing =X ho seh liao .. =.="
dunoe why .. than play play .. after that 7+++ le ..
jiu went back lor .. @ the interchange .. buy food ..
than we make it as LY's Bday present =D .. than jiu mrt back le ..
walk back with LY ~ solo wor ~~ lol =x Lame ..
reach home .. bathe ..
than online eat and watch anime lor .. very long no watch =x
after that .. had a stupid stuff over sms with BY =.=
well .. its my fault lar =x anyway settle le ..
than now blog .. should be slp-ing? idk .. bye


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Monday, September 07, 2009

A Fuck up boring day !
lol =x okay ~ just anyhow upload a photo lar
really very long nv take le =X haish ~
must start taking =D Hahaa =X
Okay .. Woke up, but not as usual ~ haish ..
prepare prepare .. than proceed to school lor ..
reached WLD interchange .. went to buy breadtalk ..
than wait for Su .. met her le .. go class tgt ~
after that have lesson =.= Piang eh ~
Stress dao ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
What u wan mi to say =X
after that leh ~ my friend were like .. Bag bAg baG ..
WTF WTF =.=' fine fine ~ lol =X than after lesson ..
have exam =.= piang eh ~ kinda hard ><" Emoed Emoed Lol =X
after exam ~ hohoho .. do finish some stuffs .. jiu went back le ..
reached cck . met BB and Reiner .. than go 514 ..
play / teach bball ~ abt 8+? went home le ..
reached home .. bathe .. than DGN DGN lor ..
did nth much lar =.= then chatted msn / sms all those ..
i was like so sian of DGN lor =X haish ~
anyway .. after that played a game of dota =.=" Kaoz boring ..
than come blog le ~ going slp liao lar =.=
1 whole day no rest .. 会累的


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Sunday, September 06, 2009

SUNDAY !!!!!!!!

Well .. woke up le .. than jiu online liao lor ..
than try out the monster rumble event by DGN ..
ITS SUX .. forget it .. after that went down to find them ..
than play abit .. jiu went to LB to buy BBT with BB .. lol
done le .. went home .. ate .. watch tv .. than play play abit ..
continue to watch show lor .. than abt 7 went out ..
meet yc and ly for dinner .. went to eat LJS ..
than by came le .. awhile lata .. jiu go 514 .. play play ..
than chat chat .. than home sweet home ..
reach home .. DGN abit .. now come blog ..
lata go watch show than jiu slp le ..
Emo tmr still got sch =<


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Well .. woke up @ 6Am .. than went to off ocmp ..
went back slp .. then woke up again le .. slowly prepare ..
than went down lor .. intially tot wasnt playing ..
than playe awhile .. wah piang .. cannot make it =.= almost died LOL =X
than watch them play .. blah blah .. after that went to eat lor ..
i ate damn DAMN little bit nia lar .. after that jiu went home le ..
cant do some stuff .. suan le .. went out meet them ..
go Cheers buy things .. then went over BB hse le .. lol =X
reach there .. intially wanna play monopoly de ..
budden he lost it i tink . =.=" wah kaoz ..
so after that palay MJ .. Lol =X
i was watching 1st .. ahahhaa =D after that than play .
funny sia =p then ended le .. walk over to keat hong there de court ..
watch SAF vs Keat Hong CSC? than Home United vs Min Yi ..
2nd round awhile nia .. jiu went off le ..
than went to run and catch bus .. WTFBBQ =.="
suan le .. after that jiu went lot 1 ate KFC lo ..
eaten le .. WJ and WZ came .. than chatted .. wait WJ finish eating ..
than went home le .. reach home .. bathe le ..
than DGN DGN .. than watch show .. than jiu slp le =p
Sri for no pic / color .. Blogger got problem Lol


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Friday, September 04, 2009

Today morning wake up oso 辛苦
having a BAD BAD backache .. ate 止痛药
budden it seems like no effect .. if up until tonite or tmr ..
still no .. than i go see doc le .. =.=" budden the rest of the illness ..
should be okay le .. now waiting for the rest to reply mi ..
if going to eat lunch mah .. LOL!
okay .. didnt went to eat lunch ..
so was @ home lor .. than play play ..
after that went over to Sean hse .. chit-chatted
play with his niece .. after that went to lot 1 ..
meet BB le .. went to LBP ..
they did physical ~ lol =x
that was like how long ago .. do do ..
than go back 514 play ball ..
than went to eat mac =D Lol =X
than home sweet home .. went to bathe ..
folo by DGN . than slp ..


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Posted for Thurs .
hahaa .. serously a poor thurs i had lar =.=
woke up in de morning .. than pee le .. wanna went back slp ..
but cant =.= wtf .. was feeling damn uncomfortable lor ..
than have diarroe .. than voimitted =.= fuck man ..
then @ the end @ last i went to slp .. till 4+ ..
than ate abit .. went back to slp agin .. until 6+ ..
than went down court find them talk cock ..
watch them play abit .. then went home ..
str8 went to slp but cant slp .. @ last awhile later ..
successfully slp le ..


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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Hmmm, didnt slept alot actually ..
then woke up in de morning le .. jiu slowly prepare ..
after that went out to cck to meet sean le lor =.=
saw kokmeng oso mah ~ then train together .. alight @ bugis le ..
went over to wait shuttle bus towards KK
onboard ~ off to there .. okay ..
reached there le .. took temp. blah blah ..
than go in .. see sean rehab lor =X funny =p
after that doc see le =.= kaoz ~ the doc talk so fast got use meh ..
oso eat $ de =p .. after that waited le .. jiu went back le ..
took mrt back Lol .. then @ Gombak bought things ..
went over Sean hse to eat .. eaten le .. chat chat lor ..
than wasted time there le .. jiu went out .. contact BY and JJ le ..
oh yea ~ LY ps us =p Lol ..
than jiu meet yang / by / jj @ lot 1 ..
than go over to BHG to help Sean change his stupid school shoe ..
like kid like that =X Lol .. after that leh
went to KFC to eat lor ..
eaten le .. went court .. then go Eunice hse to kope dumpling eat =D
muahhaaa ~ than play paly tease talk cock lor =X
than 5+ left her hse .. jiu went home le ..
reach home .. bathe le .. than play abit DGN .. jiu eat and watch tv ..
done le .. cont. watching .. abit later jiu DGN till now lor ..
come blog ~ lol .. should be sleeping early lar


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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Story Time

Well, woke up in de morning .. than on comp abit le .
jiu went down court .. didnt do much lar .. juz chit-chat there..
after that went home le .. jiu DGN abit more .. watch tv and eat ..
after that went to ly hse try something. but because timing not enuff ..
so went out lor =.= than went to bus-stop to meet ryan and ash ..
than bus to lot 1 wait yc and eunice .. than went LJS to eat ..
eaten le .. jiu went timah le .. reach there .. go on top de century ..
than i told that uncle they al 16 .. he say dun heong him .. CCB sia ..
than cant play lor .. lol .. than after that went odwn to the dunoe where ..
play pool =D played halfway thru .. i go play MAhjong game Lol =X
than after that .. went out and go opposite to eat de duck rice ..
not that bad lar =.= than because its "sao ya fan" mah ..
than the "SAO" ~~ word .. than LY damn high lar =.=
after that he keep using the newspaper to whack ppl head
whenever ppl say something wrong =.= Lol =X than bus back with lughter ..
reach home le .. went to nap str8 =.=
woke up .. bathe .. than eat and watch KO3anGuo .
than do the fk up internet thing ..
after that DGN lor .. than msn @ the same time ..
now abit free .. so come blog Lol =x


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