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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Woah, didn't expect that I wouldn't post about what happen, but well, I can't blame myself for what happen to my laptop that kills my sense in writing this.

So what should I say, the days in STC aren't that bad afterall, things were actually going quite smoothly, and at the end of the day, even though it rains big and drizzle there-after, nobodies effort gone to waste, my BMT mates still happily POP altogether. Congratulation to all of us. =D

we had block leave after POP, which I had a lot of problem on hand, but still I didn't went to solve, except a bit.

Went back to OETI after 1 week, tried out the life of being a private soldier, was quite fun intially, but boring all in all, there's quite a lot of free time that I really had to find something to do as of now, 1st day was 1 of the best I think due to the fact that it is our 1st time having so much night time to ourselves.

Went sick throughout the late weekday of the week, but still, booked out happily, we shall see what new stuff are there next time, tune in if you want to. =D

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Sunday, October 02, 2011

On Wednesday, I bid farewell to OETI and went over to another camp, heard a lot of rumors from sergent, therefore we try to be our best once we reach there, pratically rushing to keep ourselves from being punish.
Rush here rush there, do this do that, hurt my leg, but well, then listen to the CSM talk crap. 1 ear in and 1 ear out.

I can only say, pray hard that this coming 4D4N will faster end, so that my nightmare can end and I will POP, I don't want to see that camp anymore.


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