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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

im gonna post quitea few at the same time .. cuz i wanted my bday post to be there for a while more =D hehe

On Sunday 27 .. woke up with a nice nice slp xD haha .. at last sia ~ like so long nv had such a nice slp le .. hmm .. woke up .. ate bread ~ then use abit comp ~ watch tv .. boring day sia .. cuz ly they all say not free mah ~ so morning nv went down to play bball ~

after watching tv hor ~ i went to lie down awhile ~ then woke up in a whiles time .. realli like not enuff slp sia =.=" but cuz of PP .. nid to wake up lor .. then i prepare le went down to lb mac .. cuz at home no mood to do project ahaha =p after tat reach there .. order a drink .. then darius called .. so i chat with him lor ~ then meeting him lataer ahaha .. =p

then finish talk ~ i start my project lor ~ then ask yc to come down oso .. hmm .. he came abt 1hr after i called him down ~ then he do abit homework no mood le ~ cuz mac always abit noisy =.=" then abt 4 we went off de mac lor ~ went to bball court .. see no ppl oso .. we went back lor ..

reach home ~ chg then went to bukit batok .. so long no go liao sia ~ then darius lao di reach abt 440 ? then we walk abit WM .. then went down to eat mac le ~ i treat him eat nor ~ since he no $ .. lol =x nvm lar .. he my didi mah ahaha =p then after that we took 187 .. i send him back home there lor ~ then i took 190 back myself .. poor mi ~ now back home .. started blogging then going to eat and bathe ~ bye xD

o.O On monday leh ~ woke up in de morning ~ then walk to sch with ly as usual .. ahah .. i always dunoe wad type of topic we talk abt .. hmm .. but i noe ly todae kan cheong cuz he haven do homework ahaha .. then he rushing to sch ><" Lol .. heng he nv walk very fast =.= arh bo i sure sweat lyke hell .. then he reach juz nice bus come =.=" lol .. then he board bus i went to take mrt lor ~ then walk to sch ..

reach sch le ~ went to canteen to eat breakfast .. then seat there wait for faci Mr Joshua to come to open the lab door .. while waiting .. i played PSP lor .. then Sumathi and Shirley and Tsorng came .. then awhile more Joshua lai liao lor .. so went inside .. then he talk abt on UT3 and blah blah .. but i didnt listen =.=" i dun have attention lifespan in sch work =D then during de 1st breakout i chat with him lor xD haha .. quite fun =D then 2nd break out done my work le i cheong psp sia =.=" lol .. until other ppl presentation still playing =D haha .. so after everything ~ went back to class to have UT4 .. si bei hard .. then walk to sch outside with Serene and Joan .. then Joan walk other place mah .. so mi and Serene took MRT back lor .. i alight at CCK .. then waited for BY cuz we say meet and go back tgt mah .. haha ..

waited for like 40min ? lol .. si bei sian lor =.=" i stand ther lyke 1 idiot LOL =x then after tat he reach liao .. told mi he saw chin seng at bus-stop ~ awww i miss him .. he so freaking long nv come down le .. then walk back to bball court .. i ask by to go de .. but he dun wan cuz he weraing formal =.=" wah liew >< wth him sia =.= lol .. then he sit there .. after awhile he went back without mi le .. lol .. then i play at bball court lor .. then awhile later JJ and Eunice came .. then LY gtg .. dunoe y so kan cheong oso .. hmmm .. lol .. then others play abit .. then we went back lor .. Not bad Not bad .. sean didi improve .. ahaha =D

at home ~ didnt bathe yet .. was sms-ing chin seng to ask him to come down tmr .. but he rejected .. then he say might be coming down on thurs =.= but mi thurs and fri not free sia >< argh ~~ dunoe got chance mah =.= .. after tat i called darius .. but he say his mom at home so cant chat .. abit feel kena cheated .. more like machiam he dun wan chat .. nvm .. lol .. then i went to bathe .. then MTB complain his NBA Live 2008 lost .. cuz dunoe where ly put then he didnt take back .. wah ~ $50 bucks ting juz gone lyke tat .. =x .. wth ~~ haah .. then he blame on ly ><" i wanted to talk to darius again de .. budden dun dare call =.= tooooot .. lol .. so i ask his fren to call him .. but all reject mi >< sia ~ darius realli so ke lian mah >< ahaha =p so nvm lor .. didnt call .. then had a bit chat with sean .. write a few more lines in my PP report .. then come to blog le .. now end blog ~ wanna juz run off =.=" si bei shack >< arGH T__T

blog blog ~ haha .. Tuesday neh ~ i didnt go sch wor ~ cuz hor .. tat t00pid faci lar .. ask us to wear formal =.= juz cuz she wants to take a fmormal photograph with us >< TOOT ! Lol =x well .. walk to interchange with ly .. then after tat i went back home ~ intially tot of going to sch de .. but the preparation makes mi du lan =.=" so forget it >< Lol =x didnt went sch lor .. then i was sms-ing lor .. with by and jj .. to ask them to go eat lunch ahaha =D told eunice too =D so after some discussion ~ we decided to meet 1.30 at lot 1 =D during tat time i oso ask junhao to ask darius contact mi .. but darius say cant >< oso dunoe y >< argh =x lol ..

so went out to meet eunice 1st since she oso no sch mah ~ then we walk towards lot 1 lor .. then he called JJ to ask him where is he .. i onli ask her to ask him where is he lor .. then she chat and chat >< FOR SO LONG ~ nan dao .... Lol =p well .. met up with BY .. then there came JJ .. i oso called Sean to come .. then Sean called Junhao to come =D then was deciding wad to eat lor =.= .. then last choice become BY de favourite .. LJS ><" then we eat de new thing .. the shrimp chess wrap ? liew ~ not realli tat nice lar .. then during LJS was damn funny lar =.=" stupid sia .. we were joking like mad .. then halfway thru Sean drop a srimp on his Sch-U then on de floor mah .. then he say "Oh my God ~ The Scrimp drop on the floor" .. i dunoe y .. but tis sentence makes mi lauff like mad ... kaoz =x haha .. then was lauffing and lauffing throughout de meal lar =D after tat we went library cuz by wanna do some of his project mah .. hohoho .. =D then eunice teach Sean Rubic Cube .. Sean tio addicted .. cfm =p haha ..
then after some time .. went back lor .. then sean went to Eunice hse to change .. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HAHAHAHA =p nth de lar =.="

at bball court .. sean was still playing with his cube .. haha .. funny sia him =p then after tat got some games lor .. then i sprain my angkle once again =D THANK YOU THANK YOU .. i tell u .. a few more times ir ealli nid to sit on the wheel-chair liao .. haiz .. then whole day was sitting there chatting with simpson lor .. haha =D while the rest play bball .. since i cant play =.=" then after tat go back home lor .. =x hai yo ~

at home .. my dad help mi rub rub the sprain again lor .. lol .. then called darius .. but chat bu dao 5mins .. i tink he dun wan chat with mi le =.=" lol =x well .. after that jiu keeping doing my report lor .. its completed .. but i scare not well done nia =.=" haiz .. jia lat jia lat .. cuz of de FYP .. now i scare of PP =.=" t00t .. arghhhhh =x then abt 12 lyke tat went to slp =D

WED =D haha .. pei ly walk to interchange .. then i walk back lor .. woot ~ leg abit pain .. then reach home le watch zhong yi da ge da .. then after tat use abit comp .. then asked my dad to fetch mi to sch cuz i wanna check out how ppl do PP poster .. but cant find those leh =.= stupid email .. cheated my feeling ? argh ~ i dunoe lar .. lol .. then went back lor .. then at the same time post some qn ask my mum to bring to her workplace to ask those manger to answer =D .. lol .. cuz with my leg i cant go and interview them mah T__T

i went to bukit panjang wor ~ hehe .. then walking to interchange halfway i saw BY .. wow ~ he going to sch at abt 1+ lol .. so walk with him . took the same bus with him since both oso taking 190 .. then he go sch i stay at BP lor =D haha .. dili daly until abt 345 lyke tat .. took bus back le .. then on bus by called mi .. but i went back so nv wait for him .. haha .. then reach back le go bball court after eating my .. lunch ? tea-break hao le .. lol .. then go down didnt really play lar .. although in a match =.= my leg cant run >< haha .. then have some fun lor =D

then come back home .. bathe and eat .. watch zhong yi lian he guo .. then until 10 come blog .. then i dunoe wan re-edit report mah .. tink thurs then do .. oh yea ~ chin seng say he thurs coming .. which is tmr .. but tmr i got UT lor .. FK =.=" argh ~ might not get a chacne to see him again .. WTH !!! ARGHHH T__T then friday UT oso .. ppl so early end sch mi 5 .. ke lian ah pang pang .. haiz .. bye =x


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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Back to blogging .. wahahah ~ okay ~ time to post wad actually happen on my bday wor ~ and wad happen on sat oso ~ which is today aahhaa ..

well ~ okay ~ on friday ~ since it's my bday ~ i self-declare holiday again LOL =p walk with LY to mrt station as per normal ~ then after tat i went to yew tee de mac .. cuz lot 1 mac sux =.=" ahaa .. after tat reach there le ~ bought big breakfast then i went eat and watch anime + sms everything lor ~ kool man ~ Sean msg mi earli in de morning to wish mi sia =D hehe .. well ~ then eat and eat ~ abt 9+ i went over to junhao hse since he nv go sch =.=" wth ~ lol .. then just sit there watch him play dota lor .. haha .. after tat my long lost god-bro Mr. Jeryl .. cuz he was late for sch .. then he nv went ~ he called mi and ask mi out sia haha =p then i meet him at lot 1 ~ walk around lot 1 for awhile then he bough cup noodle ~ then went my hse to eat ~ then after tat went down to lot 1 again cuz he going back mah ~ then i wait for darius .. DAMN HE DIDNT COME ~ Put mi aeroplane .. haiz .. wait abt 1hr lyke tat .. i went back to rest abit lor ..

then nick msg mi wor .. ask mi to go cck mrt station at abt 2 .. reach there le ~ then yc and nic came ~ folo by ly .. haha .. then they say eunice and by still at queensway .. so we 4 went to food culture to eat 1st .. but onli ly eat though haha .. after tat we took bus go over cidens ~ then walked inside ~ so much ppl lor ~ some more swiss sec sch ppl training over there .. lol .. after awhile Sean came folo by Eunice and BY ~ then we started playing bowling lor =.= argh ~ it sux ~ and since onli can 6 ppl max at a lane ~ sean didnt play wor ><" after tat JJ oso came ~ then he took over mi isnce my hand cannot make it le ~ seriously their ball de hole toooooo small for my fatty tumb T__T .. i oso took some photo at the same time ~ hehe .. see .. they were writing up de name and stuff for the game haha

tis is de 1st game i play lar .. kns ~ lowest score of 50 T__T haiz .. but its okay haha .. da jia happy jiu hao keke

a group photo ~ bday boi as de photographer .. so im not in ahahhaa =p its okay de ~ i like taking tis kind of photo ~ ahah =D then after tis got some photo session lor ~ while playing and eating everything ~ but now i onli post mi and others ~ not others with others ahaha =p

tis is Eunice with SEan ~ Sean damn ke lian lar ~ kena pull cheek ahaha =p

mi and yc wor ~ machiam i wanna kill him keke =p

then took with LY ~ wah ~ so hard to get a photo with him =D but since its my bday ~ ahaha =p

then i took with sean =D hehe my gan didi =D

nxt is nic and mi ~ doesnt de hand looks GAY ? AHHAHA =p its de effect we watned =D

mi and BY ~ i tink its de most normal de fren phjoth =.=' maybi ly de oso normal ahaha =X

then took with JJ ~ his de latest lar ahaha =D

SEE ~ 2 BRO ~ rEally closer then mi de T__T SOB SOB ~ okay joking ahaha .. cuz i rmb sean put in ly frenster once that he wanted to take a photo with him ~ so i help him fulfill it ahaha =D but tat hand ~ FROM YC ~ AHAHAH =p destroyer lar =x

1 of the food sean and yc bouight ~ fried rice with black pepper fish for $4 ~ pricing wise ~ counted okay for it .. but standard wise ~ i tink the fried rich not bad ~ but the fish .. not nice .. then sean say its onli $1 .. so .. Lol =p

last but not least ~ a photo of Sean with his gan jie and gan ge ~ ahaha =D

well ~ after all this stuff ~ we took bus back to lot 1 lor ~ on de bus oso funny ~ jj keep saying eunice then oso got hit eunice head ahaha .. she oreayd so t00pid ~ lata become more t00pid .. KEKE =p muz siam wor ~ haha .. well ~ then reach lot 1 there by and jj went back 1st ~ the rest of us bought ice cream to eat =D hehe .. then walk to bball court ~ see alot .. and i mean ALOT PPL lor .. =.=" then they oso got bought cake for mi wor ~ hao touch .. hmm hmm .. then Eunice was angry cuz we machiam da shao ye ~ qing bu dong we all to go and cut cake ~ until she like angry angry le then we go over =X lol =x go there .. then yc open de cake .. Tis is my cake ~ look nice hor ahaha .. creamy cake though ~ hmm .. haha ..

Tis is de pattern after de candle is put on and light up ~ well ~ 2 big 1 .. shows that im 20 T__T lao le lao le .. ahaha =p

nah ~ they singing bday song for mi lar .. hao hao wor =D

didnt noe i was taken with this shot =.= see my hair ~ so long ~~~ AHaha .. well ~ i was rdy to blow out de candle but i tink de wind blew off 3/4 of it for mi .. ahaha =.="

after tat some ppl cut de cake with mi ~ namely JJ BY Eunice and mi ~ cuz we are the management team of [HongJing] ahaa .. =D

then we eat de cake ah ~ blah blah blah blah .. then after tat took photo again wor .. hehe =D tis time round .. is most of the members of team [HongJing] .. at last ~ got pictuer like tis de .. lack of a few of them since not all cannot make it .. hmm ..

did u all actually see de red shirt ~ its a bday gift from them oso wor ~ a red shirt with my bday on it and my nick name =D thanks alot sia .. hehe .. wonderful celebration .. in mmy opinion .. ahha .. well .. Thanks Chen Lu for helping us take de photo =D .. after tat since bball court still alot ppl ~ we went over to 700+ to play ~ then walk over ~ hmmm .. got half a court for us ~ then the ring there everything harder lor ~ cuz bu xi guan mah ~ then we play ourself ~ after tat other team jio us wor ~ then JJ BY JON and HW play .. then we watch ~ lost ~ haha .. its okay ~ after tat we went to eat mac ~ my decision of 302 and mac .. but i chose mac at the end =.=" ahaa .. then went there no seat sia ~ pathetic ~ until awshile lata got 2 x 4 ppl seat .. cant fit us all in ~ so we had to separate T__T .. hmm ..
after eating and everything ~ they went home le lor ~ since 9+ le ~ quite late .. then i went over to yew tee to meet coco and simp for a beer drinking session .. haha ~ then b4 that sean msg mi something abt de team ~ then i chat with him lor ~ .. lol .. then reach yew tee ~ find them ~ started drinking and chatting + use phone lor ~ cuz yc oso told mi some other stuff ~ then msg to thanks them oso keke =D continue to chit chat eat and lauff blah blah de .. until abt 1140 where coco scare no mrt go back ~ then simp cant drive him back since he drink mah ~ lol =p then after tat coco went mrt while we go take car ~ abit sen sen de .. ><" t00t .. lol .. then simp dorve mi home ~
reach home le ~ i bathe eat and drink hot milo ~ watch anime then rrmb i didnt pay dimp ~ he didnt ask from mi oso ~ i tink is cuz coco say give mi a treat since its my bday wor .. thanks guyz =D and at the end .. too tired .. went to slp at 1+ ..
Really thanks alot for everything guys .. i will nv forget it =D its realli a wonderful day .. i hope our frenship will nv end =D

okay ~ woke up at 7+ nera 8 ~ then coco called mi to ask mi bring for him socks =.= then went down le ~ they started 5v5 with those pholiipinos .. then after tat rest abit started on their individual training ~ hmm ~ not realli a good idea cuz not de whole team do the same ~ but at least we could see their potential here and there .. haa .. the training ends with some 4v4 games lor ` ashley went back early cuz he got something on mah ~ then after our own de ~ got outsider come ~ TMD .. not fun de lor ~ as in ~ to [HonhJing] team ppl .. they nv actually play so rough mah ~ then they play until likle tat .. fuk them lar .. then 2nd set coco sub mi ~ then got 1 tall guy damn LL lor .. say paly real ~ but dunoe wtf he doing sia .. machiam like 1 moneky =.= all act seh nia .. kaoz .. they lost 2 game to us =.=" then we went over to shelter and chat lor ~ cuz raining mah .. then jj and ly went back le ..

mi by sean and dx went to limbang to eat brunch ~ breakfast + lunch .. lol .. after tat we went over to the playground there .. sit .. chit chat .. joke around ~ like wad mi and my bastard fren always do .. haha .. then Eunice oso got come over ~ and she chat with us oso lor ~ then after tat we went to bball court and seat ~ then some of them shoot shoot ball lor .. haha .. coco went back earlier cuz he damn shack ~ then mi jiu go play oso ~ but maybi cuz of coco influence ~ i oso damn tired sia =.= lol then shoot abit .. ivan got come then say wanna play bball .. then hw and sean dun wan ~ until at the end sean play ~ haiz .. poor sean .. then i sit there .. so damn tired .. then i lie down le =.=" didnt really slp ~ juz close my eye and rest ~ then sean's phone woke mi up =.=" lol

after their game ~ jon say abt 7 wioll go back ~ so i decide to go home 1st lor ~ then went to buy tibits ~ and went home le .. go back cheong dinner ? lol .. after tat chat on msn ~ send abit sms .. called darius and ask him y he put mi eroplane ~ =x then now come blog hehe .. still realli shack ~ keep pushing back my project oso .. die le lar =.=' ahhaa .. =x

wad a shack bday week ~ lol .. i dunoe ? but tis year i realli had a good time celebrating .. thanks to everyone ~ including bball ppl and Ade they all .. 谢谢你们 =D .. to bball ppl -- we shall had tis kind of celberation if possible ~ cuz i tink if everyones chip in a little ~ its still possible to have a bday celebration going on hehe =D JIA YOU !


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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Whee ~ backs blogging ~ 1st thing to say .. MY BDAY IS TMR =D ahaha

well well .. todea i didnt go to sch ~ so i juz went to walk wif ly to interchange as normal lor ~ then i walk back le =D lol =x then at home hor ~ i watch tv lor ~ then watch de zhuan shi ye zhong hui =D ahhaa .. not bad lar .. after tat i 就 went to slp le xD cuz realli tired mah =D

woke up abt 11+ 12 lyket tat lor ~ then eat breakfast while using comp ~ jiu keep watching anime .. bamboo blade =D after tat abt 3 i went down ~ but i msg ly 1st asking if can go his hse ~ he didnt reply .. nvm lor ~ i walk to bball court then saw him Lol =x then ask if can go his hse ~ his answer still is no =.= standard sia =.= arghhh ~ after tat jiu go bball court sit sit lor ~ then saw kenny they all so chat abit ~ after tat they went off le >< lol .. then jon sean and decxuan came =D lol

oki .. so we play abit lor ~ since alot kranjian came oso mah ~ then after tat rain =.= wth ~ lol =x but nvm ~ foresee it since the cloud is getting dark =) then after tat we sit at the void deck and chat ~ actually onli mi sean and dexuan cuz the rest still playing bball since the rain isnt that big ~ hmm .. then after that more and more ppl came ~ then we started playing lor =D ahhaa .. then LY damn cute lar .. he tot i noe wad will happen tmr (which is my bday) .. then he blurt it out =.=" Lol =x i didnt noe sia ><" ahahaa .. so it arent a surprise liao wor ~ but nvm lar =D everyone be happy can le ahaha =D after tat we jiu played full court lor ~ then after de game mi went back le ~ with ashley ~ the rest still stay at bbal lcourt .. but i tink onli until 7 or so .. ahaha ..

alright ~ reach back home ~ check comp when wanted to bathe Darius called mi .. so i ask him to called back later lor ~ then after tat i went downstairs to eat my dinner + talk to him lor ~ then we keep chatting lar ~ i asked him to go out with mi ~ tmr .. haha .. but i dunoe he realli wants mah ~ i juz keep forcing him muhahaha =x details cant be told lar hor .. but juz tat we will be meeting 90% ba .. lol =x after tat .. i went back .. then started to blog le lor ~

now going off since i want to watch tv =D byebye guyz ~ Yea .. tmr i'm gonna be 20years old .. old liao sia ahaha


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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Whee ~ back blogging ~ now thinking back ~ at least i started to blog everyday rather then letting my blog goes to a waste .. hehe .. well well ~ lets start off today =D

morning woke up as per normal ~ then walk to sch with LY lor .. ahhaa .. then after that wanted to transfer de money over to buy something de .. but then that ATM machine got problem de lor =.= wah kaoz ~ waste my time ~ then walk home .. but started to rain ~ kaoz . . .

after reach home didnt slp or wad leh .. i went ahead to watch Zhong Yi Da Ge Da .. after tat use comp till breakfsat ~ then abt 12 i slp awhile ~ until 1+ cuz ly say 1.30 end sch .. so was tinking go lb find him ~ since i oso nid to Xfer money ..

went over .. but fail to get him ~ but transfer completed ~ so not that bad at least xD lol .. then after tat went home ~ sit abit coco came over wor ~ he check out my bro's cam .. then after tat we went down to bball court le .. he played quite alot today .. while i play nth .. didnt even shoot much ~ lost my passion ? maybi wor ~ haha .. but shalllll get it back ASAP ! xD ahaha .. so we cont. chatting even after everyone went off lor .. talk quite alot abt bball =D hehe .. then 8+ went back le ..

then went off i called on darius ~ wanted to chat but he cant .. so .. haiz =.=" wasted ~ no ppl to chat wif .. then watch anime lor .. until now come blog .. but i wannted to chat sia .. and oso i couldnt realli call sean either cuz he got *cough*cough* to look after LOL ! =p .. haiz .. no worries ~ im not emo or aniting ~ juz bored Lol =x bye


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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Well, posting the 2nd time todea cuz tis morning post abt ytd .. now post abt today =D

well well well, morning woke up ~ went to sch with LY as usual .. lol .. i mean i go to my sch while he goes to his >< Lol =x then reach sch a per normal oso ~ then was juz reading on all the blogs ah .. stuff and this and that .. suddenly interested in shopping online ~ but no $ sia T__T lol .. well .. so conducted the meeting like norm lor .. then during 2nd break-out ~ simp and coco came and we had lunch ~ chit - chat and blah blah ~ lucky got them to take away my time .. arh bo i sure went home halfway i tink .. Lol =x after they went off ~ i went back clasa and present blah blah lor ~ Shi yang kind sia =D thanks .. i didnt do aniting but he gave mi a slide to read on =D Xie le =) i purchase a pendent too ~ online de .. if successfullly bought then will post the pic again =D

so after sch .. walk to woodland interchange with Van .. then she took bus while i took MRT .. then on the mrt was chatting with Ade .. cuz she went back RP for judo .. lol .. after tat i alight at YT then bank in ~ since i dunoe if i wan buy concession or not .. lol =x well ~ after tat .. walk to bball court lor ~ see a few of them ahaha .. then juz play play abit ? hmmm .. but quite boring ~ lol .. dunoe y oso .. tink play with ppl i dunoe de is damn sian ba =.= .. haiz .. suan le ~ then juz keep playing lor ~ until 6+ all going back ~ went back oso ..

reach home directly bathe le ~ then do abit bit stuff ~ called Darius .. talk to him on quite a few topics lor .. oso teach him how to 做人 although i myself dunoe how .. dun tink yellow .. its juz how to be a better person something like that .. cuz he kena some problem in sch due to his bad-mouth =.= haiz ~ suan le .. then chat and chat lor .. then after finish chatting i watch anime and eat dinner ~ then chat wif sean in msn oso .. lol .. not tat bored at home todea i tink ~ hmm .. now blogging ended .. so going to slp soon i tink =D bye guyz =D


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Ehh .. ytd was too tired to even post ~ so i come to post in the morning ~ maybi at nite i post again =D for today's stuff haha =D now post ytd de xD

Ehh .. well .. ytd went to sch as per normal ~ except this time round i ate in de morning ~ cuz sit at chair wait faci oso very sian ~ so went to eat lor ~ then after that sit yi xia zi faci jiu lai le ~ went class and have class as per normal Lol =x then abt 9 Serene came ~ then she ask mi wan go talk mah ~ then i say go lor =D lol .. then went the talk damn cute lar ~ the whole place is flodded with people and the theatre is so small lor =.=' ai yo ~ all sits on the stairs and floor .. but nv listen lar .. all play play play nia =D lol .. after de talk .. i went back .. discuss abit .. then mi ning and ade decided to go and sing K at AMK .. then juz when i wan to go out fro the class .. our faci Mr Joshua came back ><" ai yo ~ then tell him i go celebrate ppl's bday lor .. since this whole week .. lol =x

train to AMK by myself ~ wah lan eh ~ its so damn boring lar .. so slow de train =.=" arghhhhh ~ then reach aMk contact ade ~ then after tat meet with her .. then we went and wait for ning ~ kewl ~ shes slow .. after she reach we say wait for her at cheer's outside ~ then she say she reach le .. then we tink ~ 完蛋了~ diff cheers .. so we went out to find her .. but fail again =.= then at the end we found her at the older building de cheers ><" zhen shi de .. she dunoe how say properly lar >< ai yo ~ lol .. then we went to sing lor ~ damn funni lar .. sing sing sing ~ then mi and ade de fone gonna flat mah ~ so we divert to ning de .. then after awhile right ~ due to the usage of the phone HER PHONE WENT DOWN TOOOO ! omg ~ 3 person in K's .. none of us fone can be use .. haiz .. then heng i ask JJ to come K outside meet mi 1st b4 fone die .. ahaha =D then he reach le ~ i go off 1st lor ~

train back with JJ ~ after tat reach bball court but not alot ppl lar ~ then see Sean wear hse shirt + sch pants = more handsome and nicer LOL =p dun care ~ ahaha ~ then play abit bball .. went off lor ~ then went back ~ i walk with sean didi to bus-stop ~ cuz i wanna go lot 1 see see tings mah ~ after tat ask him abt darius oso .. but maybi darius didnt tio whack like wad liyong say ? lol .. then after Sean went up his bus .. i went lot 1 .. then wait till coco and simpson came ~ then we went to orchard ..

Simp wanted to buy bag for his GF mah ~ so we accopamny him since coco wanted to look for his camera de bag oso .. hmm .. then walk walk wak at last Sim,p bought his shirt at projectshop .. then wanted to go with coco to see his bag but the shop close le =.=" lol .. so early sia ><" hmm ... after tat we went to Carl's Jr .. onli simp eat .. lol =x then after tat talk talk chat chat and we went home ..

i went home liao ~ bathe and eaten ~ then after tat watch 1 and a half epi de anime and i BTH le .. juz went to slp .. wad a tiring day .. haiz


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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Well .. ytd didnt post cuz i was kinda tired from the whole day =.=" so yup .. todea i will go ahead and pot 2 days worth of event and its gonna be long i suppose haha =D

okay ~ so ytd .. morning 8 went down ~ Cool man .. i tell u .. no 1 is there =.=" then sit abt 5mins .. Eunice came down le wor ~ ahaha .. then we see no 1 .. then Eunice went to get breakfast for her and her dad .. so i went to buy something to eat oso lor =D haha .. after buy hao le .. went back bball court saw Nigel ><" LOL .. he damn funny lar .. he was looking for ppl at bball court until he fell into the drain =.=" t00pid sia Lol =x then he ask JJ to brg him tissues .. Eunice went back and jj came .. o.O but JJ didnt bring ~ heng eunice got ah .. haha .. then after awhile Ly oso came down le .. then after buying things frmo minimart we come back also saw By .. ahha .. then we play match ~ mi JJ and LY 1 team .. Eunice BY and nigel 1 team .. lose and lose T__T Booo Lol =x Eunice damn tyco lar =p haha .. well .. after tat James and ZhengWei oso came down ~ then they were playing oso lor .. after tat Ly got went home mah ~ cuz he going out .. then mi jj by eunice play bullet .. lol .. by won -.-" well ~ then sit down chat abit .. i ask ade if wanna go K mah ~ cuz i dun wanna ps they all .. then they say dun wan .. so i say i go find them for dinner lor lol ..

then after awhile more we went home le .. then i go back .. bathe and watch anime ~ then ask Yc if he wan go JE entertainment centre de ice sktating there see ly they all mah .. he say oki lor .. lol .. then anime till 2+ i went out le ..

then 1 person train to JE le .. then yc say his dad nv fetch him .. so he took MRT till JE .. he made mi wait 30min and more ><" lol .. nvm lar .. after tat he reach le ~ we went to buy bubble tea .. eeeyerr .. then then auntie very sux lor -.- got attitude de lor ><" forget it ~ bought le then went de ice Skating thr lor .. then see Ly they all .. chat abit oso Lol ..
lol .. see how Ly and Cs is lor == ahaha .. damn funny ~ abit not clear due to the reflection of the light from the panel =.=" nvm ~ ahaha .. then actually Yc wanted to go back de .. then i say wait ashley reply see if bball court got ppl not ~ then we go back lor ~ then he sya oki lor .. wait till 5+ ><" Lol .. then Sean and YanYou came over after their movie ~ cuz lack of ppl they cant go in mah ~ arh bo too ex .. haha ..
juz anihow help them take pic lar .. Lol =xthen u all muz see 大头 YANYOU AhAHAHA =x well .. then we chat chat outside lor ><" till very sian le ~ we went to play arcade Lol =x Sean's card inside got 12plus .. then we keep cheonging Daytona1 ><" lol .. then we play play paly still got some other pros come pk =.=" wth ~ bully them sia .. lol =x heng nv bully mi ><" cuz i not bad oso =p well .. then after tat LY they all came down to find us .. and they went to eat ~ then Ly bought Curry HotPlate .. Lol =x and he bu shuang lar ~ he say too hot .. and not nice at all .. ahaha .. Wilson went off earlier wor ~ and today i made a new fren .. ahaha =D Shao Wei .. haha =D dun hav his pic ~ cuz 1st day nia mah LOL =x then after that eaten le .. we took mrt back lor -.-" today oso 1st time talk so much wif YY .. hmmm .. then we go back .. i go bball court take a look .. no ppl de .. then went home and change again Lol =x

change le .. then 1 person take mrt to Dhoby Gourt .. cuz nid go PS to meet Ade they all .. early birthday dinner haha =D wah .. trani there 1 person so sian lar .. take the mrt so long -.- wo de tian ah .. then at last train dao le >< almost 迷路 .. but heng ah .. nvm Lol =x then found them ~ then still waiting for Kelvin and Micheal .. after tat Yas keep asking mi to make up lar =.= ai yo >< she ah =.= then at last the 2 of them reach le ~ we went to mahatanne .. i dunoe how spell .. de fish restaurant .. lol =p then we do de order lor =x wah liew ~ all seafood i cant eat .. so bo bian can only take de fish T__T .. nvm ~ after tat we eaten hor ~ then so funny lar .. alot of bian tai topic coming out lor =.= ai yo ~ wth de lor =.=" then after tat keep talk talk ><" no xing xiang again >< ahaha =x alot ppl looking at us sia =x cuz we making a din out of the whole place ><" omg ~ nxt time cannot go le .. then after tat we oso got recieve present wor ~ minyi got a necklance .. Ade get 2 doll doll ~ yining get facial mask and mi got a wristband =D not tat bad ah Lol .. then after tat went home hor .. Ade say wan take bus .. but too full ~ so at the end we change to take MRT .. and the MRt is still full of our voice =.= Lol .. well ~ reach CCK at last .. alight .. and send yas and ade back and im off haha =D reach home bathe and eat and watch anime ~ but awhile too tired le ><" so went to slp =.="


Well .. today sunday ~ hmm .. woke up 8+ .. ask ashley if he got go down in de morning to play bball ~ then he nv reply .. so i online msg him since he online oso LOL =x then he reply my sms Lol =x so after tat we went down ~ hmm .. ly didnt go ~ seldom seh ahaha .. then we shoot shoot abit lor .. went down saw nic Eunce Yongan and JJ but we diff court play .. both Emo group LOL =x well .. after tat awhile hor ~ they cameo ver play match ~ but i nv paly lar .. very sian =.=" so play finish le went back .. lol =x not too late ba i tink

reach home rest ahwile and i went to slp ~ but lyke keep not enuff slp sia .. weird ><" then woke up le cheong anime .. left 3 epi mah ~ then cheong finish i went down haha =D

reach bball court again hor ~ wah .. juz chit chat and shoot ball ~ didnt play much match oso .. then see de sky not bad ~ so oso took pic lor ..
not bad hor ~ but i tink cuz haven sunset .. then no red red de >< Lol =x then after tat we went to lb .. i Xfer funds to Ade for owing her $ mah ~ then they go 7-11 bought the mash potatoe combo ~ lol .. then chat abit oso lor .. then went home le .. today quite simple lar ~ then now im online blogging lor ~ ahah =x tmr got sch .. SO DAMN SIAN .. bye guyz


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Friday, July 18, 2008

Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody

IM JUST FEELING DAMN MOODY NOW .. FUCK IT MAN =.=" WANTED TO SAY SORRY TO LiYong, Sean, Alvin and to anyone else if i made you angry on this date, i juz dunoe wad comes over mi .. maybi is u all de action brings up my past .. really sorry abt that

well .. todea woke up .. but i didnt go sch cuz ytd promise Alvin to pon with him =.=" then i accopamny Ly to bus-stop lor .. then .. went back home ~ rest abit .. didnt realli get into slp .. the msg Ly if afternoon can go his hse .. he say see first .. then ask alvin he went sch ah .. cuz he so late le haven call mi or anitng .. he say yea .. haiz .. then i juz watch anime ~ wait breakfsat .. then abt 11 i went back to room to 休息 .. then 1230 msg Ly if can go .. he didnt reply .. then was online at 1+ ? saw him online .. then msn him and sms again .. but he didnt reply again .. then alvin online .. ask if can go his hse .. he say cant cuz he gonna F**K later .. WTF .. then i was getting so fed-up lor .. after abit chat with alvin i juz scold a fk and afk .. then nic ask mi if wan go watch janice play competition .. then i ask jj and by to acc mi oso .. then my dad fetch us down =D not tat bad ? i dunoe .. very long nv see tis kind of competition le .. abit uninterested cuz i dunoe those ppl mah =.=" lol =x then was also tinking y when i in sch i dun wanna join a team .. haiz .. after tat right .. went back and get to bball court le ..

saw alvin and Ly .. then feeling moody lor .. then talk to ly i give temper ><" then he bu guan mi lor .. now at last i can run in bball game le .. happi abit .. but dunoe wad feeling lar =x lol .. then juz cont. playing and playing lor .. then sean oso came down .. then play with him oso .. lol .. quite alot of weird stuff happen >< then sean got scold hw fk-er mah .. hmm .. didnt ask wad happen cuz i aga-aga noe wad is the ting abt .. abt 8 then went home lor ..

online .. chat and chat .. =x haiz .. then msg sean ask him wad happen oso .. then talk until damn du lan sia .. then talk abt de frenster things more jia lat .. ><" wah .. hot-headed mi .. i realli dunoe wad has gotten over mi .. juz not feeling right .. haiz .. then chat and chat .. sean online le we msn lor .. then i tink he more du lan oso .. haiz .. dunoe lar .. but i said sorry le .. haiz .. then went to bathe .. now come blog lor .. eMo-DaYz

Really sri for making u guyz angry .. maybi especially Sean ba .. lets hope things will turn out fine =)



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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lol .. back posting .. supposingly today's mood is abit better .. went to sch as per normal ~ at CCK MRT .. shida msg mi ask mi to pon ~ but i rejected her ~ then when reaching sch ~ MTB called mi ask mi if i wan pon or not =.=" then i tell him tmr i pon with him but today go sch since i oready reaching sch gate .. then went sch ~ chg team .. talk alot with the faci though ~ then told him would be staying till de 3rd meeting .. but heh heh .. i didnt LOL =x cuz Wendy keep asking mi go .. then saw Miao Lin went off le .. so .. yep ~ Since so bored + dunoe wad to do + let Wendy disrupt mood due to FYP .. hai yo ~

Train back to yew tee ~ met up with YongChang to eat lunch ~ ate curry chicken .. damn ~ the chickent the auntie give 1//4 de .. no cut .. i peel until so pek cek lar .. then when finshing le de auntie come say .. nxt time ask auntie to help u cut 1st .. so wont eat until so 辛苦 .. WAH LIEW ~ SHE DUN WAN SAY EARLIER MEH ><" hai mi eat until so pek cek liao then tell mi =.= argh ~ then after tat went to get a fruit .. i take honeydew then yc get rock melon =.=" Lol .. then was down there chatting then sAW MY OLDEST GAN DI ! Mr Jaryl Yuen !!! wAhahaa .. it was since CNY i last saw him lor =.=" zhen shi de .. lol .. then chat abit .. he went off .. then mi and yc took bus back le lor .. ahaha .. then reach home ~ play psp .. ><" Game ended le ~ yea xD at last i complete WildArmsxF although it took mi so long .. then after tat went down to bball court ~ chat with nigel abit .. then coco came ~ woooooooo .. then play abit bball .. then hor ~ got a time . kokmeng shoot and sprain his leg ><" muhahahahhaa =x his de same as mi liao lor =.=" hai yo ~ zhen shi de .. now tink back .. kena tis injury is realli t00pid Lol =p well .. then his mum came down and help him abit .. wah .. then i see him so ke lian ~ icarry him lar ><" then walk halfway then they make mi lauff =.=" then no strength to carry >< Lol =x until KL help mi out .. so we half half ~ wah ~ damn tiring lar .. to bring to his hse =.=' haha .. now thinking back ~ how did hanxiang and coco carry mi .. hmmm LOL =x then after get a drink .. chat with them .. nth much actually .. lol .. quite a boring bball day ahaha .. then went back le ..

now at home .. bathe and come blog ~ BORED LAR !!! AND ITS SO DAMN BORED !!!!!! GET MI SOMETHING TO DO !!!!!!!!!!!!! byebye


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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


well .. abit wad for a post to start with this words .. but nvm ~ tode awent to sch .. yea ~ cuz got FYP evaluation .. then reach sch .. still studying ~ waiting for su and asri to come .. then abt 830 .. both came wor ~ hmm .. then ask abit more then went up to the classroom to present le .. then Serene Yong and Ting Ai Lee came .. well .. we presented but .. serene tone is like those .. STAB U BEHIND UR BACK de lar .. knn .. i tink ting ai lee better .. she shoot in the front .. juz 1 sentence to deem my team fail [ur project is too simple for a sememster work] .. haiz .. wan dan liao lar .. after tat went to pool at cafe galilee .. then saw alvin mah .. so chat abit .. then after sit thr rest awhile went to eat .. then walk back .. then i took 302 home lor ..

reach home le .. i went to slp .. realli not in the mood .. then in my dream still tink of that fk-ing advisor telling [Alwyn .. u nid to retake another sem to complete ur FYP] .. then yasmine gave mi a msg to wake mi up frmo it .. cuz she ask mi to go eat dinner with them .. but i rejected .. then woke up .. watch tv .. and went down bball court ..

went down ~ like no ppl like that .. but after awhile quite alot come down le wor .. then play .. got saw rainbow oso .. dunoe y .. maybi sun too hot ?
2 rainbow picture .. after tat right .. Alvin was funny lor .. tink he disturn jon .. then when he running awhile he fell down .. and hurt his elbow and kneecap .. =x poor him .. =x well .. after tat ly pimple burst oso cuz ball hit it .. then andy fell down .. wah ~ alot of injuries ah .. then i made alot of ppl enemy in the court due to my bad mood =) Sri guyz .. not purposely de .. after tat they went back .. i stay on lor .. then caryy kokmeng back to his hse cuz he sprain his ankle mah .. lyke mi last time ~ then after awhile oso went back lor ..

reach home bathe .. then chit-chat on msn ~ then eat dinner .. then now come blog ~ emo-ing at the same time .. but 1st time due to sch work i tink .. haiz .. lata slp-ing .. STrESS AHHHHHH .. nid to choose FYP 2 within few days .. then nid to do up PP .. then now FYP1 hanging in the air .. FK IT MAN !

Well, realli sri to whomever i scold or aniting lor .. realli in a bad mood .. cuz .. FYP is realli 1 of the most impt thing .. or should i say most impt ting to a poly student at yr 3 .. haiz .. bye


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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


back blogging ~ went to sch as usual ~ talk to LY as usual Lol =x then go sch lor ~ slp for the 1st 30mins in sch .. guess realli too tired ~ w0w ~ i tink ytd is the earliest i slpt during tis year .. 1015 lyke tat and im dead =.=" Lol =x well .. after faci came ~ do abit work ~ i was actually studying the coding =.=" haiz .. worried worried .. then 1st break go down tabao western go classroom eat =D after tat 2nd break go find asri to talk abt the ppt .. then yan jiu yan jiu .. damn worried lar .. then went back calss .. Mr Goh came over .. aga aga tell us wad to do and blah blah =.=' wah ~ heng he came seriously .. then he go meeting .. after tat come find us again .. how good if his my evualator Lol =x .. well .. wad's decided IS decided .. hmm .. then after tat ask Su .. Sam abt some coding lor .. then do UT .. lol .. after UT done clarify abit then went off le ..

training ~ ~ ~ ~ on the train i saw mingda wor ~ but we alight different stop .. then walk walk walk halfway saw Andy ><" Lol .. he walking with a girl wor ~ Lol =x then i faster went off lar xD then go bball court .. saw alot of them ~ then they play match .. hmm .. i played at the end .. but did nth realli ~ then JJ ke lian lor .. whole day machiam keep tio whack Lol =x then Eunice kena BANG by MTB and 1 more dunoe hu .. Ashley ah ? i not sure haha .. then game ended .. wah ~ aniway i reach there abt 6 .. then stay there till 7 jiu go off le .. since all going .. hmm ~ then went back home . . . [Ly i think nv talk to mi .. Lol .. then nv see Sean / Darius lol but saw DeXuan] haha . . .

well .. at home bathe liao come chit chat and blog ~ lata eat dinner + study abit .. then tv and slp .. wish mi luck tmr ba .. bye guyz =)


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Monday, July 14, 2008


okay .. i realli got nth to say abt de stress-ness ~ lets continue with wad happen together .. woke up as per normal .. walk to bus-stop with LY then took mrt to sch ~ reach sch i went to the canteen sit ~ intially was asking them to meet up in the earlier morning so that we could complete all the stuff ~ then all never turn up =.=' so i went to class to attend 1st meeting lor ~ after tat i keep doing the report sia ~ Report during that timing realli makes mi MAD ! ARGH ! then during 2nd meeting ~ i Told Joshua [our teacher] that i gonna miss de 2nd meeting to go do the FYP thingy ~ then do do ~ wah ~ Su miss out alot of things before she burned them to disc to hand up lor =.=" aiyo ~ make mi stress oso =x after handing up ~ had a bit bit relieve but the worst still haven come yet ~ then went on to lesson ~ the class really like zombie sia =.=" Power ~ lol .. then oso got abit FYP tips on dress code ba ~ well ~ after tat went back ~ walk with both Su and Asri to mrt station ~

okay ~ train back and walked to bball court ~ when i reached ~ saw the 难得不见的 Darius xiao di .. well ~ very long nv see him .. another guy whom very long nv see is Chin Seng le lor .. kekex =D then play abit with him and the rest of the gang .. lol .. but dariius funny lar .. seriously i dunoe is he tio bullly or he bully others ~ but nvm .. haha .. then play afew full court or half court game .. but .. well ~ juz didnt had the energy to run or play .. 不好意识 guys =x then hor .. LY todea .. dnoe counted unlucky or funny ~ he jump out to save the ball ~ but when landed accidentally step on a water bottle =.=" and FALL ~ on the grass ~ well .. his posture is realli ~ Lol =x .. then when he come up .. his pants got .. dunoe is soil or dog shit .. but it stinks aniway ~ and we were lauffing =.=" ahaha .. funny scene realli .. after that play abit more ~ and went back le ..

At home ~ play dota wif coco ~ then he kena his tupid problem again ~ so i went to bathe eat then now come blog .. gonna be a stressful day tmr .. haiz .. wad can i do ><"

Tmr got UT / Lesson / STudies on Code / doing FYP Presentation Slides .. wah realli fk liao lar .. 1 day how to do so mani fk-ing things =.=" i juz hope my FYP can pass wor ~ no nid ani nice nice color lar .. juz pass for this round T__T Stresssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss T__T anione help ?


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Sunday, July 13, 2008

POST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha
post on sunday
today funniy lor ~ ummm .. ytd said gonna meet at 9am to play bball de mah .. then 5.25 sean didi msg mi sia =.=" in de morning ~ cuz he slept early then woke up early ~ lol .. then pei him msg msg msg ~ then he say went back to slp ~ then i oso went back to slp lor T__T Lol then 8am my alarm rings ~ but thinking its still 1hr b4 9 .. i went back to slp again Lol .. then 9.27 lyke tat then wake up =.=" aahaha ..

woke up le ~ wash face drink coffee eat gum i cheong down liao sia =.=' then saw LY and ASH playing with others .. whom i dunoe de .. then after awhile i oso join in lor ~ those people some are quiet funny lar .. seriously =X Hhaha =D quite fun i suppose? haha =x until behind where WeiZhi and his frens come ~ cuz his fren tall .. then rebound simple liao =.=" then abit not fun ><" haha ..

after tat went back lor ~ its abt 11+ i think .. hmm .. then rest do things blah blah ~ watch 3 epi of naruto in 1 go and go down le lor .. cuz oready 4 mah ~ then shoot shoot .. play with another team .. wah .. damn rough ~ but forget it lar .. then weijie oso got come down ~ hmm .. play again still lost .. LOl .. i nv run .. weijie oso =.=" too lazy or too hot ? haha =X after tat play with own people .. like joke like tat =.=' but realli for fun de lar >< YC was down too .. but he go off around 6+ cuz his going to his ahma hse toeat dinner .. ahaha

then oso 6+ LY came down wor ~ ><" haha .. then he [SOOT SOOT] a few balls .. then we went to lb cuz he getting Drawing Pencil for DnT usage ~ then i get my drinks lor =x aha .. after tat came home ~ bathe eat anime ><" now come blog .. haha .. lata go [beef] up my report abit bit .. then most likely going slp le .. tired ><" haha ..


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Saturday, July 12, 2008

this is 1 of the pic i took ytd i tink ~ not that bad hor .. artistic .. haha =D
whee ~ im back haha .. anione miss mi ? supposing-;ly is a no .. T_T nvm ~ oki .. woke up in the morining ~ went down to bball ><" haha .. play play play ~ game game game ~ chat chat chat ~ then went home le .. ahaha .. nth much happen ~ intially they should have training but due to not enuff ppl ~ so well .. haha =p

After tat .. go back rest yi xia ~ i ask YC to go mac wif mi wor ~ cuz i at home no mood mah .. wanted to go to other place to do report =.=" wah .. xiong ah .. FYP report so hard to write ~ and dateline is juz round de corner =.=" then at mac saw sean ~ found out that sec. sch. now so high tech. uses blog sia =.=" Lol .. then ask MTB and LY to give mi their blog web oso ~ go see see .. then YC came ~ after awhile sam oso came down to play ~ then funny lor ~ we playing maple private server mah ~ then alot of ppl behind him watch =.=' cute sia haha =p well aniway after that LY oso came down ~ and we went bball court ..

didnt play much wor ~ actually juz sit down chat chat and stuff like that .. then talk abt bball .. and alot of things ~ noe how SEan felt in some of the cases .. ahhaa .. 加油吧,文俊. i think is write lyke tat .. haha =p after everything .. i send him to bus-stop since tode no 1 to walk with him ~ then i oso still early mah ~ then reach there .. awhile bus 就 come liao ~ then i went home ~ bathe ~ watch anime and eat ~ then chat at msn oso =) now blogging ~

Stress ah .. FYP FYP FYP FYP FYP .. DAED T__T

another pic i took ~ i think same angle .. but change some of the cam function .. become like this =D haha have fun guys =D


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Friday, July 11, 2008

Post Post Post ~ ahaha =p
well .. todea friday ~ should actually be a happi day ~ but hor .. jia lat sia ~ thinking around .. nxt mon muz hand in everything le .. and yet i haven complete anything =.=" 哦,我的天啊。有没有人可以帮我?T__T

morning woke up ~ rdy le went down wait LY .. gave him bubble gum =D hehe .. then standard nor ~ walk walk walk to sch ~ then watch anime =) ahaha .. todea seriously i slack till dunoe wad sia =.=" work abit bit nia =.=" wheeeeeeeee ~ then discuss abit on FYP T__T haiz .. after that do UT .. eh wah lao .. which idiotic person set the question =.=" si bei hard lar .. KNS ><" then after UT alot ppl staying in sch to cheong FYP ><" lol =p i went back ><" argh ~ slacker to the MAX lol .. walk to sch "gate" wif joan ~ then drizzling but i walk to mrt station lor ~ then took to yew tee ~ i tot nv rain =.=" but waddddtheeehecccckkkkkkk .. drizzling oso =.=" then i walk all de way back to bball court =.="

well .. play abit ? i suppose so .. aaha =p after tat rest more ba i think LOL =x wah .. shacky shacky ~ then go mini-mart get cup noodle ~ then ly bought de nata de coco to eat .. i ask him gib mi 1 .. he dun wan ~ but he gave nic .. ARGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol =p sad lar =( then after awhile .. sean oso came ~ then play abit >< but i didnt play ahaha =p then went back lor .. abt 8 i tink

at home ~ watch tv bathe eat tv ><" until 9 then online .. now come blog haha =p later dunoe do wad .. still gonna tink how to do report T__T haiz .. jia you ba xiaOpanG


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Thursday, July 10, 2008

well, back to posting, today is a t00pid day =.=" okay, in the morning went to sch, then went canteen to sit and eat and watch anime ><" after tat Van came and give mi bubble gum =) YESH YESH .. XIE XIE NI =D keex .. after tat i went to lubrary to watch ahaha =p until abt 11 my dad say nv come fetch mi .. so i ask ashley if he coming ~ but he say no -.-" so well, went off lor =) kekex train to yew tee ~ then took bus back cuz realli very sian ~ then was looking at the pri sch kids going to sch ~ wah ~ so cute and funny lor =D haha =)

reach home .. cook meggie to eat ~ and went to slp after that ><"

rest till 3.30 then go down bball court with ashley juz play abit ~ then nick and his [pro] fren came .. not bad .. shuai-ness ~ can look .. not bad wor ~ haha .. then skill-ness not bad oso lar .. for his age ~ well .. then play abit and it rain =.=" after tat sit there eat cup noodle =.=" shoot abit ~ play play abit ..

then went home -.-' argh ~ now at home .. 9.40 .. lol =p went back and bathe ~ then SGC-ing ~ then watch anime eat dinner now blog ~ haiz ~ tmr muz go sch le .. come back so late oso ~ SIAN Ah =(


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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

argh ~ well .. back to posting at 745 .. oh damn ~ tis is juz too boring for mi ~ seriously now i at home dunoe wad to do !!!!!!!!!!! talking abt todea ... hmm
well .. went to sch early in de moring cuz we say got meeting mah ~ then reach sch at 7.30 ~ and sit at canteen do nth =.=" looking @ the chiken rice stall to see when it open =.= LOL .. at abt 8+ saw yuan and fish .. then yuan ate spegatte .. since they got to go for the outing .. hmmm .. after tat leh .. i chg seat .. buy the curry chicken noodle and eat while watching ghost rider ~ the food sux =.=" not very nice lar .. not sux lar . but not nice .. hmm ..

then abt 11 i went inside library .. sit there .. then awhile lata asri came =) wait and wait .. wah ~ Su came at onli abt 1+ ><" she say 10 but come at 1+ lor .. then started cheonging >< ;p do do do .. report so hard to do T__T then keep bugging other team to help mi out keke =p then abt 2+ Nic came to find mi .. then he watch abit basketball stuff ~ on the television provided ? haha .. then su and asri went to eat .. when they come back .. my turn =) went wif nic then he go try western ~ and he say so-so lar .. but worth the money haha =] after eating .. went back ~ but didnt realli do much .. thus spread de job around and .. went back =X abt 4 T__T

train train trian ~ Nic hlp mi carry my bag =) and he noe how 辛苦 i am le .. wakaka =p after tat reached yew tee .. met up with Janice .. then went bball court =D then play play bball lor =D todea like alot unhappy ? i dunoe leh .. Nic abit face blak black .. Eunice oso .. haha =x so weird => then around 7 went back .. bathe .. now blogging .. bye ~

Im seriously very bored lor, reached home, on comp, but dunoe wad to do, muz wait abit later then got ppl online maybi, then always emo emo .. haizz .. dunoe wad to do arh ~ HeLp T__T


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Changhua .. u made mi do tis survey de .. will kill u nxt time muhahaha =p

1)What do you want most?
--> hmm, i dunoe, maybi is still de same as before, friendships =)

2)Where do you want to go if someone sponsors you a tour ticket?
--> japan/America/Not sure about others liao =X

3)Whats your favourite thing to do?
--> Chatting/smsing people/msn-ing/playing bball/sitting around the court or void deck to chat/playing together with friends =)

4)Do you think money can buy you happiness?
--> Maybe yes maybe no, money are really needed every single time i think, or at least most of the time, but true happiness that comes from the heartx cant be bought by money, tis is wad everyone noes and believe, so half half lor =.=" but i oso wish i got money ahaha =)

5)If you can have one dream come true,what would it be?
--> have them back as my friends, haven new god-bro and god-sis, younger de obvious =p except for sis can be older since i got 2 older brother =.=" then .. having new friends? maybi no ba, haha, good relationship lor =) Wakakaka, quite alot sia, but realli hope that friends will treat mi as a friends, in my way =D hehe

6)Do you believe you can live without money?
--> Nah, although people say simplicity is the true happienss, and being contented is enough, but in a world like this, juz being contented is a No-No, money really makes a big different.

7)Who do you wanna be with right now?
--> Friends, as simple as that, but i meant good friends, or god-sibling =)

8)Whats LOVE?
--> Love is something undefine by humans, nor anything in the world, maybe u can say its the sharing of happiness, but like oso can mah, haha =p ponder about this if u guyz wan =-)

9)What do you dream about of doing in the future?
--> Not dreaming, but will be venturing into buisness and be a buisness-man, most likely haha.

10)List 3 good points about the person who tagged you.
--> Innocent, funny, weird[haha, sri ah ChangHua]

11)What makes you happy?
--> Being with my friends, and not doing things i hate

12)What type of person do you hate the most?
--> Action people? haha, basically nth much except dun go overboard lar, there's always a limit to everything right =)

13)Where do you see yourself 10 years down the road?
--> Working, being a busyman, wakaka, the rest shall wait, and also of cuz, chilling out with friends and family =)

14)At what age do you intend to get married?
--> This 1 im not very sure le wor, haha, maybi staying singles =)

15)What are you thinking right now?
--> Sleeping or chilling with friends

16)What I wish for?
--> isnt it the same as above? wish for the same as Qn 5 hehe =)

17)If you had a chance to change your life, what would you want to change?
--> Let's be pesstimistic, change wad oso de same, cuz fate and destiny is oready there, but if really can change, change my life ba =X

18)The love of your life now?
--> God-Sibling, Friends, Families.

19)Are you courageous enough to tell a person you like her?
--> Nah, or maybe yes, i dunoe actually, because i dun wan to disappoint a ger since i cant give my time for her.

20)Who are you[Don't just say your name, but includes who you are actually?
--> Alwyn Peh if anyone keeps getting mix up by my msn E-mails, well, basically im a Emo boi, because someone taught me to be sad, always thinking too much and, whenever i think friends dun treat me as friends in my way, i felt sad or anything, >< but maybi to them, that is oreayd friendship le, guess i always say i dun expect anything back, but i expect so much more from them. haha, guess im realli not a good friend.

Remove one question from above & add in your personal question.Make it a total of 20 qns.Then tag 8 people in your list.List them out at the end of this post.Notify them that he/she has been tagged.

1. Eunice
2. Junle
3. Su
4. Vanassa
5. BoonLing
6. Adeline
7. Nicholas
8. Zhenyuan

--> 不好意思阿


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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

well, this morning posted something about life, can scroll down abit and take a look =) they are meaning-ful =) for sure =D

Lets talk about today. Hmm, actually quite a tiring day, not sure why either, but i slept during lesson. Well, morning went to school as per normal, in the first breakout met up with Su to eat and talk about FYP, after that went back to lesson but it's so boring until, I suppose I felt asleep. Then during the 2nd break-out, I went off to do FYP, and went home after that, rest abit, and went down to court.

Just a picture taken when I went to Limbang Mac because Sean ask me to go there look for him and Jon first, after that, we went on to basketball court, and played a few games, after that since it's quite late, some of them went off first, and after a few shooting , Jia Jun, Heng Wei and me went to Limbang to have dinner. After dinner, went back to the court and see LiYong YongChang they all still there playing, wow, then chat abit and went home.

Chat abit with Ashley on the MSN, he blame himself for being weak because today they lost to some other people, well, I don't really blame them, so I think it's okay, haha, I think being formal is abit weird, so, Takecare everyone =)


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Juz something i found over the net and stuff ~ but its not all compilation .. i compile it myself =D ahaha






天下没有不散的宴席, 但肯定有永恒的友谊

你的出现打破了我内心的平静,但是你的离开又将我的心瞬间沉入万层冰封,你来也匆匆去也匆匆我漫长的人生旅途中,好似一颗流星,就在一个瞬间燃烧了我的激情,但也就在瞬间,你又将那火种遗留,瞬间燃烧的激情又在瞬间消逝的无影无踪 ,难道,你就只能是我生命中转瞬即逝的流星



没有离别 ,就没有重逢的喜悦。没有死亡,生命就不显得珍贵






I will post again when free =) hehe


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Monday, July 07, 2008

well .. back blogging ~ i shall start from yesterday =D which is a sunday .. hmmm ..
woke up as per normal ~ then went down to play bball .. shun bian teach them yi xia how to defend and stuff lyke tat .. after tat right .. see Eunice come down wor ~ but kinda late .. then after tat went Limbang cuz i wan buy slippers T__T 4.50 for a useless slipers T__T lol =x after tat went back .. then play psp .. hmmm .. then go down floor chat with coco since he come .. then i lend him my bro's cam cuz he wanna play play ~ then i think he addictated Lol =p after tat we went to bball court .. shoot abit .. then teach them again ~ btu todea offense ~ after tat went mac sit sit .. then went Party World T__T wah ~ intially dun wanna go de .. but suan le lor .. lol .. then go home damn shack =.="

then todea monday nv went sch either ~ moring play with them awhile ~ quite alot of ppl actually since its a youth day for them ~ after tat i go back rest .. then Ashley pei mi went to RP since i nid to go and take UT =x LY and YC ps lor .. after tat bought some food ~ went to bball court .. chit=chat .. didnt really play much ball ~ then went back .. wah .. went home hor .. Ashley and LY ps again .. go back nv tell mi de T__T LOL =x make mi 1 person go home .. now at home .. Su ask mi do PhP coding but i dunoe ~ then zzz .. come blog .. haiz .. 死了啦


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Saturday, July 05, 2008

well, back to posting, alot of people had being pestering mi?
nah, i dun suppose so =) no 1 cares a bout me, so its kinda okay
about my life now, still trying my best to get a new life after they had left me, its kind of successful? but never-the-less, no matter where i go, there will always be something sad, reason? simple, cuz some people taught me how to be sad, but i dun blame them, since sadness is something everyone knows, it only how u amplified it.

well, 1 of the 2 pic i created for my new groups of friends, yep ~ they are trying to create a bball team, but not very successful since alot of set-back ~ and alot of no-effort from them, i hope that they would really be serious in it, since they are still young, haha.

2nd pic, created because Ashley ask me to emilinate Eunice out of the picture =.=' Eunice, blame it on Ashley haha =p

another pic created by HengWei, haha, dunoe if he got send to others mah, but well, at least its an effort from him =D

woooooooooooooooooooooooo, after 1 year + i presume, i change my specs, but this time round i dun go for faciful stuff animore, simple simple, its better =D

will be back soon =D cyaz


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