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Monday, April 30, 2007

rite .. juz go on wif my story man .. hhaha ='> oki .. well .. sunday finish .. then it came todea lor .. which is monday . aniway .. its past 12 .. so oso counted ytd .. ai ya .. as u all lyke lar .. well .. woke up in the morning .. freaking no mood .. haha =x then since my mum at hm .. i got to go out mah .. cant stay at home .. so yea .. gonna wait till late late then go out .. then my dad fetch mi to sch .. so go eat breakfast lor =.=" oki .. after tat went library and sit .. after tat .. around 11+ i went back TW le .. contact them .. no 1 ans .. then i slept at blk 5 . .then suddenly got 1 "tooot" sit beside mi .. knn .. the stone chair fit for 2 person budden i sitting in the middle .. then sit beside mi kum lan lar .. still got 3 other chair rite .. ccb .. then he ask mi wad time .. whr i stay .. doing wad here .. nnb lar .. i nid to reportt hings to u meh .. knnb .. so stink liao still sit beisde mi .. puai bye .. haiz .. then he disturb my slp liao .. went to find other place sit lor .. cant get ani .. so went home .. rest abit .. around 3+ went out again .. tis time wanna find them cuz they around 4-5 finis hsch mah .. oki .. after tat .. i was sleeping under blk 6 now .. then vin nv reply mi .. and and poh oso .. until behind i nid to contact them .. then ant say 6+ finish sch .. poh didnt reply mi if wanna eat dinner .. haiz .. guess .. everything is going wrong .. haha =x oki .. then was like solo till 7+ .. omg .. then when i wanna take bus home hor .. i saw xiang vin and ant 2gether .. then i was like dumbfolded .. then after tat ant saw mi .. told mi going tat way .. dunoe go whr .. then when i walk over .. i called and ask lor .. then say at SS .. i ask ant to pass phone to vin budden vin sound du lan .. dun wanna listen .. haiz .. then i call vin directly .. ask him a sentence .. then i got nth to speak le .. then poh call him ask him whr .. then i call poh and ask if he meeting them .. he say yes .. oki .. after tat .. i went to sit at 1 area and called adeline .. tell u guyz lata .. then i went and look for them .. budden fail .. walk back to bai mei fail again .. then ant ask mi go home saying all tired .. haiz .. didnt went back home actually .. then i was 'desperate' i guess .. msg vin something .. then suddeny saw them .. heng they didnt see mi lor .. then tink vin read tat msg le .. budden no ans from him .. nvm ba .. then i was waiting thr from 9+ till 11 lyke tat .. then i took taxi home .. moodless to the MaX .. now bathe and come blog ..

well .. the part whr i called adeline .. i was lyke .. dunoe how to say .. i called her .. and i was CRYING .. and i mean it .. crying u noe .. not juz dropping tears .. i still nid to catch my breathe when i speak .. haiz .. i dunoe how long i didnt cry like tat liao lor .. heng no body see ba .. then y was i cryuing .. i tink onli mi and her will understand tat ba .. it oso took mi some time to settle down lor .. i was realli .. haiz .. dunoe wad word to use .. =x .. well .. cant excacly type wd happen in all .. juz know tat i cry todea after abt few years back .. haha .. the rest of the time is not crying .. but tears runningg down .. so it realli has a diff .. haha .. im realli pathetic man .. can get myself lyke tat cuz of someone .. some more not a ger wor =.=" maybi .. say i gay .. say i sisi .. aniting lar .. i really cant hold back juz now .. haha .. the i was oso desperate looking for them .. realli wan to ask everything .. budden ade told mi 1 ting that calm mi down .. am i pushing everything too fast le .. although say it may bi 6 days pass since tat time .. budden .. i hav being pushing and saying alot of tings cuz i wan to settle it fast .. then maybi its too fast oso ba .. i dunoe leh .. budden tis is de 1st time i didnt wait for time .. haha .. alwyn .. u are realli pathetic .. nvm .. end it here .. once again .. hope everything is fine .. can go back to the normal time soon .. i rEALLi hope .. oso .. everyting was my fault in the beginning .. so i dun blame them for out-casting mi .. juz hope the wave will end .. and i mean realli end ~

Things are getting better i think and i hope .. so i wont put that liao


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Sunday, April 29, 2007

HAiz .. oki .. i noe its bad for mi to start a post wif tat word + sri that my blog is pure words for now .. budden i realli dun hav de mood to lyke .. making it faciful .. and if u all feel that my depression or aniting is all fake .. as u all lyke ba .. regardless how carefree a person i am .. i believe i will hav problem that could really takes mi down .. and realli .. a big thxs to everyone whom tried making my days .. i realli hope to pick up from tis mood asap .. the freaking black-hole is sucking mi in once again .. haiz .. i may not be a lousy person .. but i do things without caring abt other pplz state .. so in another word .. treat mi as a sucker ba .. sri if u all dun lyke to see tis post .. budden i tink i can vent my anger on my blog ba .. =x .. duno wad u all wan to tink .. say i fake than i fake lar ..

well .. get back to normal post liao ba .. lyke i say .. hope to see him on saturday wad .. then realli got the chance to see him on sat .. budden .. everything was a big downpour for mi after seeing him thr .. cuz of something realli wrong happening .. and beside those things tat nid to be say .. he didnt realli chat wif mi ba i suppose .. was damn emo .. =x .. well .. go biking .. after tat went over to lan shop and pak lan lor .. for 2hr+ i tink .. after tat went home le .. aiya .. nth much for mi .. dun feel lyke saying aniting .. let mi forget abt de day ba ..

todea leh .. sunday mah .. went and find them .. after tat contact wif siong and poh lor .. then realli bored mah .. so went to lan again .. tis time round onli 1hr or so lor .. well .. nvm .. i tot everything was fine .. budden guess its not yet .. and wadever i can do i do liao .. juz hope he can realli forget abt everyting and juz .. u noe .. =x right .. get down to buisness .. i cried again todea .. budden secretly .. hehe ..

oki .. back to my own things .. umm .. i realli dunoe wad can i do leh .. and i realli hate going back to the freaking black hole lor .. its something that i dun wan to keep going back and back and back and BACK again lor .. i noe .. u all may tink .. wah kao .. small problem oso go back .. or like so problematic for wad .. emo-world is for pplz hu realli got problem than go in de mah .. budden that is if u noe mi well enuff ba .. like i say .. i may be a happi-go-lucky person .. budden i could at least show out my 'depression' if needed ba .. hope is the onli tink i can tink of when problem occurs .. and time is the onli thing to heal it ? I DUNOE ABT IT ! cant i settle it wif myself ? cant i try to overcome it ? y izzit tat everytime a problem confirm started out wif mi .. yet i always make myself so xin gu .. am i stupid or wad .. y leh .. haiz .. wad the hell .. how do i like .. dun hav so mani problem .. wad de hell is my character man .. can someone juz tell mi tat .. i tink i dun even understand myself at all .. and yet always telling ppl "dao li" .. haha .. lame lor Alwyn .. when u dunoe urself .. dun try to noe others 1st .. tis time round i dunoe how long it will take to settle everything .. i will try my best to .. do wadever i can .. oso hope tat he could try and accept mi as a buddy again .. lyke last time .. time time time .. time dun wait and yet i nid to wait for time . haiz .. realli fustrated .. end it here 1st .. type again .. im moodless to do aniting .. ahahax ..

Things are getting better i think and i hope .. so i wont put that liao


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Friday, April 27, 2007

haha .. once again i blog .. cuz too bored man .. realli .. sigh .. lets get dwn to buisness man .. since onli 1 day to blog ..

oki .. i woke up at 6.30 .. then i msg vin telling him sri cuz i did something wrong lor .. then .. he nv reply .. sigh ~ i believe he had read tat msg .. budden nv reply .. dunoe y .. so suan le ba .. then i was kinda depress ba i tink .. cuz .. cuz .. its lyke last time i make chua angry lyke tat .. msg him yet no reply .. oki .. after tat .. went to sch .. on bus rite .. i tink im lyke "dead" .. =x .. budden nvm .. then after tat .. reach sch le .. went to class .. quite earli .. onli a few pplz reach nia .. after tat when the class start .. mre ppl came .. then i like PMS like tat .. aniting oso scold ba .. sigh .. during tat time realli wanted to run off to find vin .. cuz no ans from him .. worried .. sigh .. then ta han until finish present .. i rush abck lor .. then call ant .. no ans .. call vin no ans .. call poh he say he wif frens outside .. then i went tW .. and walk around all those .. after tat sitted at the pavillion BY MYSELF lor .. then called ant .. he say he sleeping .. dun wanna meet .. sigh .. then still solo sitting .. after tat .. i tink sat thr for 3hr +++ ba .. since from 3+ or 4+ sit until 7+ .. then i went home .. haiz .. y a i sitting thr ? cuz i m doing the impossible .. i was waiting for vin to come out of sch although i knew that he had left sch dunoe how mani hrs ago .. reason for being so stupid is because i dun wan to leave my regret down .. i had quite alot of regret liao .. so now .. if i got chance to amend my wrong .. might as well do it fast .. cuz i dun wan to add on my regrets .. tis time round .. i can assure u guys that i am not a GAY for doing that .. and thats for SURE .. then while sitting .. i "cried" .. OMG .. y leh .. cuz was lyke tinking of the regrets thingy mah .. then suddenly tink of 'TM' .. sigh .. then suddenly cried lor .. heng no 1 see ..

well .. i realli realli hope everything can settle fast and soon .. best is tmr i can see him and tell him lor .. hope that i can be pardon .. sigh .. hope for the best is wad i can do now ? and time is the best remedy to heal ai wounds again ? sigh .. i wan to make the change man ..

everything may be mi tinking too much .. who knows .. but i dun lyke tis type of things .. and it always occurs to mi cuz i believe .. and i know i SUX most of the time .. well .. well .. tis is the Alwyn u all knows ? hahax


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Thursday, April 26, 2007

o.O .. after 3 days .. lets get back to posting ! hehex =x
well well well .. oki .. so .. umm .. continue on monday then .. hahax .. well .. kinda earli finish i suppose .. then i cheong finish the RJ all those .. then go back liaoz .. hehe .. then i tink we do standard things lor .. lyke eating and sitting down and poker-ing .. hahax .. normal normal .. then nowaday .. i always send vin pass 1 xpressway b4 i went back .. tis will in-turn kinda make us same time online .. then can game 2gether .. budden always fail to do so .. hahx ..

rite .. so on tues .. i was having HTML lor .. initially everything was oki oki .. quite well .. then suddenly rain .. and dunoe wad happen .. nowaday when it rain .. i sure got flu de .. wah laoz .. so pek cek lor .. then i try my best to finish my thing asap .. and leave the rest to shirley liao .. i realli BTH .. during presentation oso .. omg .. i think i speak 2 sentence without stopping ==" haiz .. jia lat jia lat .. oki .. after tat .. went back and find them .. things like that .. haha .. then we met poh under his blk .. then waited for ant .. then we were at blk 5 again .. i tink .. or beside police post .. hahaa =x oki .. then go home as per normal ..

so yea ! jump to wednesday ba .. having lesson on data communication .. tis time round a bit hands-on .. i learn how to pluck in those stupid wire to the connector .. wasted so much of my time and YET .. i put 2 wire wrongly!!! ARHG .. damn pek cek lor .. haiz .. then suan le .. and try our best and solve de problem all those lor .. then i told faci that after presentation i gtg mah .. haha .. then went back liao .. find them .. and thing goes as normal .. onli kinda earli went bakc .. then on bus rite .. i told vin my biggest secret of all .. dunoe y suddenly tell him that oso .. then after tat he went home i went home lor .. initially tot can game .. budden he bz here bz thr .. then till the end nv game le .. lolx ..

well .. todea .. i kinda pon sch ba .. i initially dun wan go sch de .. then rmb that i promise adeline to meet her at 1st break .. so no choice .. went back to sch sick-ly .. after tat .. around 12+ i went back le .. then contact them .. so weird seh .. all of them so earli finish sch todea =.=" lolx .. then i saw HH/WX+CS/BP+VIN/PY lolx .. then i same ting lor .. took the same bus as paw and vin .. he were like quite happi wif paw .. then after paw alight .. he do his tings le .. guess my secret realli disturb until him ba =.=" haiz .. dunoe leh .. then he say lyke no problem all those .. then as i nid to waste time to ensure i would not go home earlier .. i took the same bus again wif him .. tis time round to his hse =.=" haiz .. i tink he damn du lan le .. cuz he oready noe i very bo liao to take bus wif him .. yet now still go up till his hse thr .. haiz .. then he accompany mi towards the bus-stop lor .. after i go onboard .. i send him a sms saying my feels .. budden he haven reply mi .. so yup .. guess i wont be recieving it aniway .. okix .. nvm .. after tat .. went back liao .. went to paw hse .. oso dunoe y .. then after tat meet poh .. found out abt his small secret =.=" hahax .. he make it obvious mah .. so not realli a secret .. then we were sitting down at blk 5 thr .. after ant came .. went to eat .. then ant nid make passport photo .. after tat went NTUC buy tings .. then so tyco-ly .. saw siong .. hahax .. after tat .. mi / poh / ant sit yi xia .. chat yi xia .. then went bak le .. then ant nid top-up ez-link budden without cash .. so i borrow 1st lor .. then after tat went to his hse .. to uh-hum .. lolx =X after tat went home .. online .. now blogging lor .. ben lai xiang plae game .. budden ant wan slp .. so nvm ba =.=" well .. finish blogging .. time to go .. hehe

well .. when today chatting wif poh rite .. feel so weird sial .. realli wrong of mi to tink of that .. budden its not fully thinking leh .. more like my feeling .. dunoe y oso .. then i regret telling "him" tis liao lor .. the him is not poh though .. lets realli hope everything will went out fine .. and oso .. after he share his secret rite .. i oso feel lyke i should do the same liao leh .. dunoe y oso =.=" haiz .. mix up feeling sux leh .. i wan everything settle asAp .. then i will not feel so LUAN liaoz .. jyjy ba .. T_T


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Monday, April 23, 2007

well .. back to blogging while in sch time .. kekex =X oki .. get it down to sat man .. well .. some of them were overnight=ing at ant hse wor .. so around in the noon .. i ask them whr they were and i bike over go and find them .. after tat .. we were waiting for all the rest to come because everyone has their things to do mah .. so yup .. kinda rot and plae wif bike mah .. then yoke came over .. folo by siong and lastly .. poh came .. so total 8 pplz .. went over to the BP lan shop wor .. then plae 2hr or so .. something heaty occurs during the game because of something han did lor ==" lolx .. well .. nvm lar .. although lyke wad siong sae .. kinda "stresss" while gaming .. hahax .. alright .. after tat .. hh went back .. then we went to SS cuz siong wanna buy tings .. then nv buy .. lolx .. then we went to the 24hr kopitian .. then eat lor .. vin didnt eat cuz he say dun feel lyke eating .. then he bought those tibits to munch on .. well .. after tat .. went back halfway .. vin found out that his wallet drop .. so he rush back and luckily .. he got back his wallet .. heng man .. after tat poh went home 1st .. then vin and mi at ant hse .. then i go back to get rdy .. after tat all of us went to ant hse to dawn again .. did nth much .. went thr lyke near to 1am .. and slpet quite earli ..

on sunday .. oso quite earli wake up .. dunoe y .. after tat .. dily-daly .. then ant specs broke ==" then go do lor .. bo bian .. wif his mum .. then we also went to eat lor .. after tat .. hao le .. we went over blk 5 to rot again .. during tat time .. dunoe wad happen to mi leh .. was lyke damn freaking sian for no reason =.+ .. all of them are lyke happily playing .. then dunoe wad happen to mi .. lolx .. after that .. join wif them .. then siong came .. then they wanna went SS .. initially wanna buy tings de .. then siong dun wan go .. so he went back .. after tat we went thr .. bought nth much .. and went to the kopitian again .. then i saw vin slp .. so i went to slp .. then aroudn ½hr lata i woke up .. gonna rain .. so rush over blk 5 .. then poh came over .. then rain stop le .. went over to ant hse and do all de bike tings cuz lack of bike to go far mart as ant's mum wanna treat us to dinner .. then hao le .. all sweat le .. then we all go over lor .. lolx .. going up is "fun" .. then after eat finish everything rite .. when oging back .. accidentant happen lor .. and poh bike wheel become "BREAD" .. guess we will understand it .. after tat we walk back wif him .. then near ant hse then part wif him .. after tat mi vin and ant sit around and chat around .. around 10 .. went bakc lor .. then sent vin to the bus=stop .. then chat wif him abit .. cuz as u guys noe mi .. im kinda "good" and likes tlaking .. dunoe wads de reason .. =X .. after vin went up .. i went home lor .. bathe eat and see anime .. bleach 122 and naruto shipudden 8 9 10 .. lolx .. then went to slp ..

now having lesson on IT security lor .. lets hoopee things goes well and quick .. so can get back earlier .. and oh yea .. jia lat jia lat .. i gonna fork out 40 bucks to repair vin and poh bikes cuz both of their bike problem kinda started wif mi =.- .. im a SuAy MaN .. haha =x .. take care guys .. im off ~ =p


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Friday, April 20, 2007

whee ~ 3 days have pass since i last posted .. lala ~ lyke .. very long ago meh ? hahax =x .. well .. nvm .. lets get the work started .. yup yup .. so i guess .. handed-up a not bad work to the faci ba .. hahax .. some other teams were better though =.=" .. well .. nvm .. after tat .. he speak his 6P and i went back le lor .. then i waiting for han .. saw ben dan .. lolx .. she ben lai no sch de .. come back to FYP .. ke lian .. budden i tink i more ke lian ba .. =x cuz kinda sick wor .. well .. after han came and we got off .. then vin came over to wood wif poh cuz he wanna buy present .. then last-ly nv buy .. so we ate le went back teck and meet ant .. and keep rotting le lor .. kekek =x well .. day passes juz like that lor .. after tat .. go back .. forgot do wad and i went to slp le ..

so ya .. get to thurs .. went sch as per norm .. tis time round im doing JAVA .. and u noe .. its something so CHIM CHIM CHIM TO de MAX lor .. wah kaoz .. dunoe how to learn man .. muz realli focus liao .. some mroe the faci oso not gd de =X .. haiz .. so jia lat wor .. budden will try my best to cope wif it ^^ .. well .. went back earli cuz i tot ant they all nv went sch .. then tio con .. so went over to find poh 1st lor .. after tat .. vin and py came .. then we meet ant and ROT ROT ROT .. lolx .. well .. then i guess .. everyone goes home liao .. tis time round buey pai .. after lyke dunoe how mani weeks .. i at last plae back dota .. for juz 1 time .. budden fail to win game .. forget it .. lolx .. get to friday then

todea mah .. went sch .. and was "late" cuz of traffic problem ~~ hahax =D .. then well .. went to class and saw the faci .. eeee yer ~ i tot she china ger .. then dunoe from whr de .. then her eng still oki oki lor .. budden she teach the database hor .. lyke SAI .. shhhhhhh .. i dunoe how de heck can we ta han for the nxt 15 weeks man .. shes weird .. its like .. we ask tis qn yet she nv ans out qn .. and ans other tings .. piang eh =.=" ! suan le .. tis time i oso go back earlier to meet them lor .. lolx =x funni seh .. then rot to the max .. now came home blog liao .. gonna see if got game lata .. html is fun .. kekex =p

Eg. 10²=100 YEA ! i noe im lame .. sheesssss .. aha =p


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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Whee ~ todea is Tues and its the 2nd day of my sch ~ hahax .. well .. lets go back to Monday !!!

oki .. let mi see .. ytd is my 1st day of sch .. some more is year 2 wor .. no more a freshie .. oki .. so yup .. on the previous day .. was doing dunoe wad tings .. until that state whr i slept at 4+ .. waakaka .. so jia lat .. then woke up around 645 .. initially was asking paw to morning call mi .. budden he woke up later then mi .. haiz .. so oki .. woke up .. prepare but very kan cheong because tis time round im taking bus to sch le .. so rush over to buy concession then go take 190 .. kinda full .. oki .. after tat met wif han and take 187 to sch wor .. then initially wanna take 902 .. budden too much ppl .. forget it .. we walk to sch .. then i was taking IT security and management .. wow .. 1st day i dunoe le .. how to study sial T_T .. well .. the class mah .. hai oki lar actually .. hehe .. oki .. after that .. finish sch .. was waiting for han to finish .. wah .. damn long .. then he go check if he can take ez-link .. then can .. budden working time eneded .. so went back and take bus lor .. after tat .. went to poh hse .. and after awhile .. went to 145 and eat .. then siong py and xiang oso come mah .. eat hao le and everyting .. they went and buy waffles .. siong went back 1st .. cuz he wan go homr orn orn mah .. alright .. then buy liao .. went over to the playground and sit awhile .. chat abit .. finish everything .. then ant went back lor .. then we sent vin to bus - stop .. when bus came .. he went up .. tian go home .. i go take bus and py oso go home .. after i reach home .. watch abit tv .. finish my ting .. tian came and use the comp .. around 10+ .. he went back cuz no game lao .. then when i online .. alot go orn orn le mah .. so nvm .. i oso go slp.

tis morning leh .. early wake up early go out .. haha .. then early reach thr .. then standard lar .. then reach sch .. go class .. found out no electricity supplying thr .. so went ot another class . todea doing web multi-media .. tat means all the coding of HTML come out le lor .. then still oki cuz i noe some le mah .. then my teammates oso noe .. bot bad .. fun day i guess .. now try to finish things liao .. so blog again soon ..


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Sunday, April 15, 2007

well .. lets start wif friday man .. oki .. woke up around 9+ mah .. then wake adeline up liao .. we met .. and we went to woodland ^^ y leh .. cuz we go sing party world mah .. cuz she know i sad sad de .. so she pai mi lor ^^ then went thr .. went to sing le .. cuz around 11 liaoz mah .. ;p .. haha .. after singing and all .. feeel shuang ;p

haha .. tis is the wu gui he tong i bought for her .. cuz i cant find another wu gui hu got a baby wu gui wif it ba .. so bo bian lo .. kkex =p

tis is the 2 turtle that 1 she gave mi and 1 i gave her .. so called de " sch opening present " =.=" haha .. cute mah .. right 1 is mine =P ..

then i went back to find vin they all le .. they were at han hse dwstair .. after tat went to ant hse cuz vin shoes is wet and all those mah .. then after tat hor .. settle hao le .. we all went to the BP de lan shop thr .. cuz we wanna check something mah .. then at thr oso plae liao lo .. kekex =x after tat .. plae finish .. went and eat .. then went to ant hse .. then all of us ton thr .. haha ^^ fun .. oki ..

on sat .. intially vin needs to go sch .. then he tot siong nv go .. so he nv go oso .. then i oso nv went home .. lolx =X then after tat .. knew tat siong got go budden too late le .. so nvm .. then we "lai chuang" until kinda late i tink ..
then at nite .. we all go eat cuz all of hungry .. then ant went out wif his uncle .. after tat went to blk 5 chat abit .. and all of us went home le .. then tian came over my hse .. after ant and han oso come .. budden cannot game cuz no creator .. hahx .. nvm .. then at around 2+ .. we all went to slp .. then ant suddenly wans to go home .. so he went back 1st ..

oki .. sunday mah .. which is oso todea .. tian and han stil lat my hse mah .. then after tian on comp and started using .. awhile lata .. han say he gtg .. so he went off 1st lo .. at around 1+ we went to find ant .. then went to sheng siong cuz ant wants to buy dye to dye back his hair color .. then hor .. lolx .. we went blk 5 sit .. sit abit then han oso come back liao lo .. then hor .. we went to fetch vin wakaka .. after that .. siong oso came .. then we went over to the lan shop again .. kekex .. and plae the DBZ game .. buey pai =p then everything done le .. we went back .. some of eat .. some didnt .. then siong went back .. de rest os us went to NTUC lo .. then after tat .. ant and tian went home .. han and mi accopany vin to take bus lo .. hahax .. after vin went on board .. i went home le .. then eat all those .. now online .. waiting for game .. budden guess wont have the chance to game todea .. keke .. then blog oso lo .. ^^

wow .. tmr is a new term lo .. starting sch again .. and tis time round im not a freshie ani more worz ~ year 2 liao .. guess muz start to study le .. scare cant make it .. budden almost impossible for mi to cant make it de mah .. WHAHAHA =p TakeCare everyone .. im gone ! ;p


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Thursday, April 12, 2007

yup .. continue from the post .. i was doing some slides tings mah .. in the mean time oso making tings to eat since im HUNGRY ! kekex =X oki .. i tink i settle tings at around 5+ 6+ ba .. then realli tired i guess .. so went to slp .. around 11+ .. i tink siong called mi .. ask mi someting .. then i half-awake talk to him .. wahaha ~.~ okix .. then after tat .. hui ccontact us and ask if we wanna go biking mah .. so go over lo ~ then it rains ~ piang eh == not very gd eh .. hahax .. then funni de .. intially i wanna go Lot1 but fail .. so nvm .. then we go get lunch .. then at my hse downstairs eat ! lolx .. =X funnni leh .. then when we wan go CCK beach .. it rains again .. so went to void deck and play dai tee lo .. bo bian .. then at around 5+ 6+ .. at last we get to our destination ! hahx =X well .. after everything .. i went over to ant hse while de rest went back .. so yup .. ant was lyke playing games liao .. so after awhile .. i went home and game lor .. i tink .. =X lolx .. after tat .. i tink nth much le ba .. so went to slp ^^

well .. on monday leh .. i met wif ant 1st lo .. cuz everyday oso sian for de both of us mah .. then after we buy waffles liao hor .. we went to blk 5 .. then so 'unluckily' .. we met siong they all .. they oso go and buy waffles .. Lolx =D
well .. then were chatting thr lo .. then after tat siong and xiang went back .. left mi hui and and vin .. after tat .. when tian and han came .. we went over to sheng siong .. then after inside a bit bit hor .. hui went home .. bought another xi gua and same ting .. eat at ant hse again .. kekex =X well .. tis time is vin and tian doing all the funni stuff .. hahax .. damn funni .. and vin say someting funni .. -->tis is de 1st time i eat xi gua until perspire<-- hahax =D .. well .. after tat we play tai de mah .. so i send vin to bus stop cuz i oso gtg .. then walk abit abit .. bus came .. he ran for de bus ! haha =X then i went lot 1 .. cuz wanna check someting mah .. well .. after tat .. see liao .. then tink back of someting .. so yup .. nv buy aniting .. went home and do tings as per normal .. hahax ..

oki .. tues mah .. same lor .. woke up .. then nth much lar .. went over to find ant .. then wait for tian finish sch and then han oso came mah .. so we 4 person dunoe do wad and wad LOL ! forgotten wad i had done on tues .. SKIP =p

wed leh .. tian pon sch .. lolx .. cuz he dun wanna go for speech day .. so hor .. when i am still orn-orn-ing .. tian called over and say wanna come my hse ==" then oki lor .. so after tat they came liao .. then my bro went out .. so de 2 of them play Gem TD .. then after they finish .. nan de vin say wanna come out .. so rush over to teck and meet them .. then after tat .. poker plae finish liao .. then went over to ant hse .. cuz dunoe hu wan mahjong mah .. then lolx lo .. vin plae .. i nv plae .. hehex .. then the other 3 plae $ de .. haha .. after tat leh .. all of us went eat cuz all complain hungry ~ wakaka .. then eat liao .. ben lai tat ant wanna buy waffles .. then suddenly dun wan le .. so .. we send vin to the bus - stop .. after he board bus .. tian go home and left mi / han / ant at blk 5 .. after awhile .. i go off oso .. then after tat .. went over to BEN DAN de hse .. cuz i wanna return her comic .. then oso borrow new comic .. kekex .. well .. then .. she gave mi de sch opening present lo ..

lol .. turtle .. i tink tis few years .. turtle very liu xing wor ==" .. well .. came back .. then plae game wif them again .. after tat chat abit .. went to slp le lo

oki .. todea is thurs .. funni leh .. i suddenly woke up at 7 .. for no reason .. then nv slp le .. reading someting lor .. after tat use comp abit .. then went lot 1 and buy tings le .. heee hee ..then after tat went to find ant lo .. reach his hse .. then go down they eat lunch le .. after tat tian come find us .. oso told us that tmr dota game cancel .. cuz his fren dun wanna plae animore .. well .. haiz .. letz see tmr wad we can do ba .. then after a bit mahjong .. they went sheng siong while i went home lo .. cuz i nid to go out eat dinner ==" wah .. seriously speaking .. i tink im brought up in a westernize way man .. chinese restuarent doesnt suit mi at all ==" omg ~ ~ lolx .. after eat liao .. went home .. lai here blog lo .. so well .. compelted ^^ jyjy everyone


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Sunday, April 08, 2007

well .. last post ended on thurs mah .. cuz i went back sec. sch. haha .. so yup .. start de post wif friday lor .. oki .. friday is GD friday .. oso so called the international frenship day .. hahax .. so let mi see .. i slept till around 2+ .. initially tot i going shao mu at 3 .. budden their time chg to 4+ mah .. then i going plae last dota game wif vin they all .. cuz TOOOT lolx .. oki .. so no choice .. i didnt went .. then i go over find ant they all lor .. then we reach IRC at around 5+ ba i suppose .. then game till 6+ .. and most likely .. tat game we plae is we won cuz we had the upper hand ^^ .. oki .. after tat .. we went back lor .. and meet hui and xiang .. cuz we going eat steamboat !! haha .. so went over .. take mrt those and reach marina south and luckiy gt space for us to sit and eat .. then had kinda lots of fun ba ? hahax =p
well .. abit bit pic siong had taken over thr .. kkex =X

oki .. after tat rite .. all of us went back obviously .. then we took mrt to cck and walk to teck whye 2gether .. then xiang and hui went back lor .. so left mi / tian / ant / vin / siong .. then after tat we stay at blk 5 do tings ba .. kekex .. then after dunoe wad time .. got CID came !! lolx .. so copy ic all those .. chat abit and we gone .. wad funni is we were chatting happily wif those CID .. hahax .. then they got say something abt "that" thing mah .. so i tink siong abit scare scare .. then we accompany him home 1st .. then the rest os us went to ant hse .. initially wanted to borrow a bike .. then suan le .. stay thr ba .. at his hse .. we keep talking alot abt "tat" ting lor .. lol .. cuz dunoe y .. talk ownself ownself oso scare .. =X lolx .. then around 5+ .. went orn orn liaoz lor .. then around 8+ .. i woke up le .. cuz vin dunoe y always will hit dao mi =.= .. then .. i will wake up de mah .. cuz i wanna go back earlier 1st .. so oki lor .. till around 9+ .. i went home 1st and settle my tings

so yup .. after finishing my things .. i went over to ant hse at around 1+ i guess .. [its Sat wor] .. lolx .. then after tat siong and xiang came over .. and started working on their CME project !! kekex .. funni lar .. half half de .. then they oso mahjong lor .. hao ba .. then after tat all of us complain hungry .. so went to 145 and eat .. finish liao siong went back lor .. then we went to bai mei cuz ant say wan buy things .. then nv buy .. so went over to fairprice lor .. then i bought sparkling juice .. dunoe y oso .. then oso got XI GUA ;p .. then went back to ant hse and eat the xi gua .. mi and vin damn funni .. dunoe do wad .. we keep lauffing in the kitchen .. == then after tat pour the juice hor .. they complain de smell .. LOLx .. budden nvm .. they noe got tat kinda smell .. weird weird de .. hahax .. so after tat .. send vin to bus-stop .. chat thr and mi ant tian went to blk 5 again .. after awhile .. TWPS alarm suddenly rang !!!!! sia lar .. tot wad .. then we take bike zhao .. cuz dun wanna get into trouble thingy .. lolx .. then tian and ant bike so fast . PS mi .. lolx .. budden nvm .. went home .. then come over and game .. until now then blog .. going orn orn soon .. after i finish something ..

so take care everyone .. bye bye ~

omg .. todea i did something realli so STUPId .. and i can bet wif u .. ITS REALLI STUPID !!!!!!!!!!!! i got nth to say abt tat .. maybi its mi thinking too much .. maybi its not .. budden i shouldnt even ask tat rite ? its like .. haiz .. SMACK MYSELF !


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Friday, April 06, 2007

oo .. last post is on saturday ? wow .. days passes damn fast man .. realli sia .. oki .. well .. on sunday rite .. i tink day passes normal lor .. then during de nite .. b4 vin go off rite .. he say he dun wanna coome out on the following week cuz he wanted to study mah .. lolx .. oki lor

monday rite .. i go find ant like normal lor .. then vin come overr and get back his tings .. after awhile tp come liao then vin oso gtg le lor .. oki .. so then on tues rite .. day passes normally LORX .. like normal .. so nvm .. go to wed .. mi and ant were like very happi because left a few more days towards wad we were hopping for .. then someting kinda bad happen though .. haiz .. that ting left mi fustrated .. lolx .. budden i wont be typing here wad is de ting ba i suppose .. although tis is my blog .. budden i should keep tings confidential ..

so skip to todea .. in the monring .. i went back to sec sch wif eugene .. cuz we nth to do mah .. then went and see the sch cheer lor .. oo .. dunoe how to say .. maybvi is cuz we sian or wad .. budden de cheer dun realli look appealing to mi .. except for some .. haha .. well .. itss normal ba .. then saw quit a lot of my teacher lor .. how i miss them .. if let them teach again oso buey pai .. kekex .. after tat .. i went to eat wif gene at WM .. whee ~ so long nv eat thr le .. haha .. then went back liao lor .. then i go find ant they all .. his wif vin mah .. then we dunoe do wad do wad until go under siong hse sit sit .. then siong oso come down .. then after tat .. discuss abit of tings liao .. all went back le .. i tot everyting is fine wor .. budden when i reach home .. nah ~ weird ..

oki .. how should i say .. i oso dunoe wad am i tinking abt lor .. tings are like going so complicated .. or maybi its onli mi making i complicated because i dun realli like tings going off my way of life .. i mean .. nvm .. if u all dun understand because alot of tings goes into the middle .. guess alot of ppl oso dun like ba .. budden if were to say .. its oso actually a kinda small matter to some .. budden maybi its because its mi .. its big .. haiz .. i hope .. and i REALLI HOPe .. situation would turn for the better .. ( eh Alwyn .. dun tink so much ba .. everybody told u to smile because there is no point in being fustrated .. tmr u try to settle everyting lor ) <-- oopx ... =x talking to myself sounds kinda weird ! haha ;p


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