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Thursday, October 30, 2008


wah ~ morning woke up watch the anime le then went down to play bball lor ~ kinda boring but funny cuz its only like a few ppl ~ then we went mac since ashley wanted to eat ~ after tat went home lor .. then use comp prepare this and that ~ lol ~ then went down to meet ly cuz he going sch to hand in form -.-" took bus over ~ then wait for sean and BB ~ all reach le ~ they went in while i waited for them ~ but short short lar =D

then after tat we went to lot 1 de LJS cuz BB wanna eat ~ then WJ came ~ after tat they see someone very ZZZ de .. lol ~ so we went to pizza hut ~ haha =X then order lor ~ wah ~ see shuai ge and chio bu LOL! power lar i tell u =D then hao le ~ Sean went to Bluez but eat-stud thjen LY oso buy lor .. after tat i went to sean hse ~ then he say nv use comp ~ more good =D can chit-chat ~ then we talk alot lor =D haha .. i really like his hse ~ very peaceful =D .. well after tat we went down to bball court lor ~ didnt play much i think Lol =x but bike around alot haha =D after tat when going back ~ send sean to lot 1 with JJ bike .. then alot of things happe nlar ~ haha ~ funny and tired -.- lol =x then i went to BLuez help him buy again ~ he damn rich lar -.- then after tat he went off le ~ i send bike to JJ then go home lor ..

reach home ~ rest and eat and stuff ~ then i dota with simp ~ then after tat slp le ..


Totally sad day i can say .. haiz ~ but haven reach the depression mood .. but sooner or later ~ if this continues on .. i think im really going to give up everything .. =( .. morning woke up cuz Ashley msg mi ~ he ask mi if want to eat breakfast ~ he msg mi @ 920 and ask mi down @ 930 =,- .. by the time i finish msg oready no time le .. so i ask him if can meet 940 he say nah nvm .. he going out .. i was like .. so du lan lar .. 10 mins cannot wait meh .. haiz .. then i msg ly .. tell him abt y everytime he dun wan go out with mi but ashley jio him is F-O-C de .. haiz .. im really depress in the morning ~ then i couldnt get back to sleep le .. so get up and use comp ~ play dota do stuff then watch Get Backers all the way till 4+ ~ then went down bball court ..

reach there play lor ~ i think today play quite alot ~ then Alvin bike very Lol =x he ke lian lar ~ bike onli 2days old but alot problem le .. he dunoe how to choose Lol =x well .. after all the game and stuff .. go back lor ..

then reach home .. bathe le now come blog ~ gonna go eat .. lol .. im despress .. haiz .. is 6 years of age gap really that big ? big until we cant be close ? i really dun understand why wad - ever i ask is being rejected .. sigh ~ anyway ~ i think soon im really giving up ~ they wont care about this i belief .. argh .. i dunoe lar .. haiz .. byebye


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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

woooooooooooooooo post post

okay ~ today didnt went sch as usual ~ so met up with ly and acc him to TWSS there since he handing up form ~ budden didnt noe gonna take so long ~ i waited for him for like 2hrs+ ? haha =x cuz we meeting for "Breakfas" mah ~ but @ the end become "Brunch" .. its okay lar ~ my record holding which is like very short ~ is to wait for a person like 5hrs like that ~ continue with my story ~ then he came out le ~ took cab and went to yew tee and find Ashley ~ then manke and Eunice came along ~ after tat went to food court and eat ~ starting eat hai hao lar ~ until dessert time -.- jia lat ~ cuz they keep making mi lauff then i keep becoming [MER-Lion] .. then Eunice angry walk off ~ then Ly there joke saying BYE BYE Eunice -.- haiz .. Sorry Eunice Xiao-mei

after tat we took bus ~ when going on top ~ WJ called and ask mi not to take -,- but de 2 of them go up le ~ so sua lar ~ lol .. after tat went home lor ~ watch $ not enough 2 .. Thanks Eunices' Uncle for lending her and she lending me =D .. then watch halfway went to sean hse ~ saw DX there ~ then chat lor ~ he nv on fan -.- damn hot ~ nvm ~ after tat went off ~ bought drinks and took bus back .. went to bball court ~ change shoe i play bball muhaha =X then play play lor ~ Leg is damn fucking pain lar .. i think my right leg got problem liao lar ~ Cb .. =( .. went home after that Lol =x reach home .. chat abit online .. then continue watching $ not enough 2 since my mum bathing [Ps]Yea !! today that 唐老鸭的孙孙孙孙孙子 nv chat with me alot =D [some of you should know who]

oh man ~ the show is so damn freaking zzz TOUCHING LAR -.- argh ~ this shows how great mother-love is all about ~ but why not father ? hmmm .. lol .. okay ~ after tat went to bathe ~ then come out le jiu wait for simp lor ~ while chatting online ~ then after tat dota but i dc-ed ~ so i came to blog ~ lol =x byee ~

Small like ants =p Unclear too =X

Eclispe PoweR ~ lol

my didi another pic =X lol


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Monday, October 27, 2008

woot ~ wad a day ~ i dunoe should be happy or sad ~ argh ~ not a nice feeling ~

okay ~ woke up quite early ~ cuz i watching the Magister Mage Negi ~ then after tat cont. watch tv until meeting time ~ prepare le went down to meet Ash and Eunice ~ then after tat went to lot 1 and find Sean .. then train to woodland ~ once there ~ went up to get the Tickx for HSM3-SY ~ guess this yourself ~ wow ~ nice show i would say ~ but the plot is a bit copied from previous series ~ but never-the-less ~ i would introz ppl to go watch =D after tat .. we went to take bus to old woodland centre there ~ and settle down for lunch ..

eat quite alot of stuff ~ share share mah ~ then after tat went down to find Sean stuff lor ~ he bought a black skinnes (his mind only black and black =.=") anyway i ask him to try but he dun wan ~ lol =x say troublesome blah blah ~ nvm lor ~ then we went to get his clothes ~ hmmm .. but get something like not bad ~ budden dunoe how he look with his new pants .. so at the end he still got to go change ~ intially very weird ~ but wear le hoodies walk yi xia ~ not bad lar ~ then went to find his shirt lor ~ got something in mind le ~ so his 1st shirt quite fast jiu get le ~ lol =x then Eunice say get a 2nd shirt ~ try try see see then get his 2nd shirt up fast too ~ haha =D anyway before that ~ Eunice say she wants to get hoodies ~ then she talk abt the dunoe wad picture de ~ but not really nice ~ so change to those stripes de lor ~ not bad ~ sean wanted to buy too ~ but no size for him ~ haha ~ anyway sean almost lost his wallet ~ xia si him le i tell u Lol =x heng i help him find back ~ hey lao di ~ take care of your belonging next time ~ lol .. then he get a belt cuz Eunice suggested ~ well ~ the auntie and Eunice look @ the same thing ~ so they get it for him ~ then he damn jia lat -.- nid ppl to hlp him wear lor ~ lan =p okay nvm ~ after tat wanna go off de ~ but didnt ~ went to get drinks le then he wan get 1 more skinnes ~ but i say get short pants better ~ at least more choice ~ so bought le ~ then we went back le .. woot the rain is damn freaking heavy =.=" Lol

took bus back quite fun ~ train back oso quite fun ~ then walk lot 1 since euncie wanna get a present for her friend ~ then she say wanna buy with sean the HP Pouch budden sean dun wan ~ i wanna get but she dun wan ZZZ =x haiz ~ oh well ~ after tat walk back ~ ask sean if can go his hse ~ he rejected mi ~ argh ~ feeling un-happy lor .. then walk back myself ~ then bike aroudn with Issac bike .. then after some time ~ dunnoe lar ~ juz talk nia lor ~ i wont angry with anione for long de mah -.- then after tat hw send sean back ~ then i folo ~ halfway change bike ~ then HW say he langa =.=" ji lousy biker siol ~ lol ~ then affter tat i cheong back sinec issac wanted his bike and hw cont. send sean back .. reach back ~ chit - chat is all i do =D didnt even shoot 1 ball today =D haha ..

then 910 lyke tat rush home ~ eat and watch tv ~ last epi ~ it sux -,-'' then bathe le come here blog while doing the NS things .. hmm .. lata maybi dota with simp ~ lol .. bye ~

My didi new look ~ damn pai kia hor =D haha


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Sunday, October 26, 2008


Okay ~ 2 days never post ~ so i camt post 1st just in case tmr nid to type alot ~ anyway im off timing again ~ friday mah ~ woke up ~ then i went to LB mac ~ cuz didnt go sch ~ I really dunoe wad am i suppsoe to do lar .. after tat 10+ liao Jon came find mi ~ then saw MY also ~ then awhile later we went to sean hse lor ~ then see them play game ~ then 3+ leave sean hse to go eat ~ lol ~ then i went home while they went bball court .. home rest abit ~ went down le ..

training started 6+ ~ like normal ~ not that bad actually ~ quite complete =D happy happy =D then they play a match with those GreenRidge de ~ abit unfair to them since they leading but suddenly nid to cut short match due to those people hu wanna kick soccer ~ timing set le mah .. lol =x anyway aftrer tat we went to mac eat ~ joke and chat and after that went down bball court chat agani .. then coco called and i talk to him abt my own stuff lor and anyway ` wow ~ 1st time see them outside until so late ~ then we 12+ went back lor ..

reach home see no 1 online ~ bathe use comp abit went to slp le ~ haha


o.O ~ late late day again ~ went down @ abt 830 lor ~ then see afew of them there shooting ~ then play play ~ wait for the rest to come is about 9+ ? or 10+ le ba ~ not sure ~ then train lor ~ wah they damn happi ~ 1st time pass their free-throw Lol =D not bad not bad ~ then the spread out go play match lor ~ quite nice i suppose ~ was out there watching haha =X then after everything done i went back then go out again .. then pei Sean/Hw/Cs to LB and eat lor ~ after tat HW go le then sean stomachache ~ haha ~ funny siol ~ then he run toilet lor ~ woot my phone almost spoil T__T the sound didnt come out ~ luckily at the end it heal =D Phew ..

after tat meet Ash le went to Eunice hse to watch the 9pm the show ~ they joke around ~ eeek ~ then after taht went down lor ~ then i went home since i totally got nth to do -.- then dota with sam 1 game le ~ i went down again ~ LY ps mi T__T boooooo ~ nvm ~ anyway chatted awhile ~ then WJ and Nigel say wan MJ ~ so meet with simp lor ~ then went home le ~ i wait them come ~ and cannot dota with sam ~ lol =x then when they come ~ MJ lor ~ lost in the beginning but thxs to my mum won @ the end -.- Lol =x im a mj noob =D anyway should be continue playing de ~ but i really .. BTH NIGEL -,- he talk alot ~ kaoz =.=" arghhh !! suan le

then after tat they went back le .. bathe then come here blog lor ~ then read Coco emial back to mi ~ haiz ~ im in a dilema now ~ i really dunnoe wad to do ~ FK THE WORLD =x haiz ~ anywya ~ going slp ~ hope the team can get better and better =D Lol


okay ~ post on sunday too =D well woke up kinda early cuz ashley asked if wanna bball the night b4 ~ but until the end didnt go ~ then i ask him to accompany mi for brekafast but he say 2 person too sian ~ i was like .. haiz .. then i jio ly but he rejected too ~ standard line from him ~ so ask him dota lor ~ after tt i played with sam ~ then went out to bball court ~ saw ly ~ lol ~ then went lb get stuff le went back ~ then play abit bball

after tat all the while i sit there and stuff lor ~ while they playing ~ my ankle still haven heal ~ was like .. haiz =x then abt 7 lyke tat went back ~ do some stuff i went out tabao my food ~ lol .. then that Donald DUCK ~ nb 1 leh =.=" keep talking ~ i tink i find someone who is better @ talking rubbish then mi le lar ~ i felt so 烦 seriously .. somemore he talk until lyke im close to him ~ zzz =.=" forget it ~ after tat tabao le jiu went home ~ dota last game with sam b4 he went back camp ~ then i watch tv lor ~

now come online SGClub for some time ~ and post ~ well ~ going off ~ bye


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Thursday, October 23, 2008

ahaha ~ post ~ wah .. like very long nv walk wakl with ly le hor ~ aniway this year is last time in the morning with him le ~ since i assume he wont walk with mi and that he end sch le ~ so ..
Congratz to all Secondary School Sec 1 - 3 students for having their Holidays now =D Have a great time ahead and for those Sec 2, remember to get your class posting and get your stuff =D haha. Ask me along when you going back school, I wanna take a look =D
okay ~ this morning ~ met up with him ~ then see his eye damn jia lat sia ~ ke lian ~ lol ~ then reach interchange le he went onboard lor ~ since bus is there .. then i go get Nasi Lemak and go back ~ go back time saw JJ LOL! after tat went home ~ watch tv blah blah ~ then use comp abit ~ 10+ went down to lot 1 find Sean ~ but he didnt reply mi sms and he didnt tell mi excat timing ZZZ ~ make mi wait for nth ~ then after tat i went home lor .. then 11+ he told mi he @ lot 1 asking mi where am i ~ boooooooo ~ still so angry sia -.- is ur timing not right leh ><" haiz ~ suan le .. after tat went to find them lor ~ then heard some bad stuff lar ~ like hu go NA and blah blah .. haiz .. later then post somethng to tell them lol .. then wakl around and buy a tissue box and water bottle Lol =x after tat went to bus-stop .. DX go sean hse while BB go home .. i went home lor ..

then awhile later ~ BY done le ~ so i met with LY and we went to meet with BY ~ then meet with Eunice le went to food court and eat ~ oh man ~ lol ~ Eunice noisy =p ~ but she reading on books abt resolving conflicts ~ lol ~ after tat walk around ~ then we went back le lor .. haha .. go back comp abit ~ then went down lor ~ then chat and shoot ball ~ after tat play a match ~ then most of the time is chit-chatting lar ~ aha .. almost sprain my right ankle again .. ZZZ .. forget it .. then went back @ 6+ lor ~ then found out Ashlet scare of something =p kekex

okay ~ reach home chat alot lar ~ then dota with LY ~ but then got noob in team ~ sian ~ nvm ~ then cont. chat chat lor ~ then after tat 9pm watch tv le ~ then 10pm watch tv again ~ but now use comp and blog and chat and try do things lor ~ going slp @ 11+ ~ byee everyone lol ..

My TissueBox =D haha

To those that is laterally drop to NA frmo Express, sounds better, but in actual fact just get it as drop down to NA, dun fret about it, try appealing. I know how you all feel since I'm a 过来人, so don't say I not fit to say you all, but really, don't mind about it, I can say drop down is also fun if you think it the other way round. I know is sad, everyone get to that stage also like this if you did put in effort, but it's okay one. Some time your life are pre-destined, so don't brood over it too much. Take care alright =D


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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

wheeee ~ they are back ~ today saw Ly and Alvin ~ lol ~ and saw Sean/Dx/Bb/Jh/ they all online ~ lol =D funny siol ~ all go back like not tired like that =p

okay ~ morning woke up ~ think abit ~ ai ya ~ go sch for the presentation lar ~ then help Roystan to boast some courage le ~ but i dun tink i made it ~ well .. wear until so nice oso like wad lor -.- some more so hot >< lol ~ then went back and buy nasi lemak ~ then reach home eat and watch tv abit ~ use comp and saw them lor ~ chat abit ~ GBA abit ~ i went to slp le ..

but didnt slp much ~ i tink 1hr plus nia? i dunoe why oso ~ then woke up le ~ comp abit more then i went down to bball court le lor ~ lol .. reach there ~ shoot abit ball ~ then sit down and eat cup noodle chit chat sing song blah blah ~ i just didnt play that's it ~ let my leg rest =D nid to heal it haha =X then saw Ly lor ~ after tat 7 liao ~ rain getting bigger ~ so went back ~ woot ~ his voice damn break out -.- just wake up de voice LOL =x dunoe why like tat ~ then he sot sot de ~ suddenly tell mi some weird stuff -.- then he oso dunoe wad he talking ~ funny la Ly ~ lol =p

okay ~ reach home ~ use comp ~ bathe ~ then msn abit lor ~ then watch tv ~ now gonna dota but come post 1st ~ Yea ~ anyone is going to sch to buy books or anything ~ please ask me along ~ i would like to visit sec. sch. abit =D just to take a look lar ~ haha ~ i ask JH oready ~ he say if okay then he ask mi along ~ lol ~ then tmr ask sean and bb again ? Lol =p well ~ asking them if tmr after sch can pei mi go lot 1 mah ~ waiting for reply ~ haha =x bye everyone


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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

back to poting earlier today ~ awww ~ totally bored ~ intially wanted to walk with Ash in the morning but he rejected ~ so i got nth much to do ~ went to Yew Tee Mac lor ~ this time round i didnt buy aniting -.-" then waited till 12 lyke tat sms Ash but he didnt reply ~ called him he answer but no voice ~ then sms abit .. i damn du lan ~ i really hate the word "SEE FIRST" .. zzz .. so near yet keep say see 1st see 1st .. fk la .. forget it .. then went home lor ..

reach home le ~ cook maggi mee and eaten le jiu went to slp le ~ 5+ then woke up .. went down bball court ~ get a drink and tibits .. then sit there eat ~ then a little small chat with QR and Nigel and it rains .. just went off myself lor ~ since i mean nth in everybody eye =D reach home .. went to bathe .. then dota myself abit ..

now 8+ i come blog lor ~ lata go watch 9pm show ~ after tat dunoe want dota or not ~ see how ba ~ tmr those TWSS student coming back le ~ hope they had a fun time there =D take care everybody =D


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Monday, October 20, 2008

woot ~ post ~ oh well ~ today woke up later then normal since meeting ly and they no nid to go sch early due to camp ~ lol ~ then i went down 1st .. play psp do this do tat ~ after tat meet him le ~ ji shuai yi xia ~ lol =x then he meet with Alvin and took cab to sch xD almost late ahaha ~ after tat i went LB mac and Ashley came soon after .. then we eaten abit le went over to lot 1 find Eunice and ate KFC with her =D

after eat le neh ~ Ash went to cut hair ~ due to his reason for saving money and blah blah ~ he went and cut until a hair like nerd lyke tat ~ SLOPER if Sean and Ly they all going to see it =D haha =p but damn short and neat lar ~ seriously .. after tat we went back lor ~ then i watch hot shot abit .. and went over to Eunice hse to watch the 9pm show =D

reach le ~ watch le ~ played and watch hot shot abit oso ~ lol .. then we went down to play bball lor ~ i sprain my ankle .. but still can walk lar =p then chat and play and blah blah ~ then sit there and chit - chat lor ~ with WeiZhi ~ after tat go take E-HDD from MY ~ then come back talk to WeiJie and play some matches ~ then went home le ..

bathe and such ~ watch tv ~ GBA abit ~ then now come post ~ haha =D going slp le ~ no dota today ~ awww ~ Bye

dotz .. i miss Coco, and those TwSS student le ~ lol ~ arghh ~ they coming back 2 days later ~ and coco coming back 2months later Lol =x anyway i guess they should be sleeping by now ~ arh bo is there talk ghost story or what-ever lar ~ haha ~ hope they having fun wor =D lol ~ jia lat ~ im getting worst and worst ~ haiz ~ im no more a human !!! =X


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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Two things to say, Good Luck to those O's level student which is coming tomorrow =D Beat it all down without any regret left behind =D 加油.

Next is, those TWSS secondary two students, please had your utmost fun time in the camp =D see you guys 3 days later =D and remember tag me =D.

Found out some stuff about people in 红劲,I mean their Personality, so don't get me wrong. =D

Last but not least, Take Care Everyone. =D (Sounds like I'm going to gone for long -.-)

Okay, normal post, well, today woke up early since the HJ higer management decided to go down to have discussion =x lol then met abt 1030, im late as usual =D after tat we went to lb and eat ~ lol ~ then hao le get bubble tea we went back aroudn 514 there de place and sit dwn discuss, but still no conclusion came -.- haiyo, this is bad ~ haa .. after tat 就 went home le lor, reach home, dota with sam .. then go out ago since sean and bb still nid to buy stuff for their camp =.=" 1st time see camp-er getting so many stuff =D haha =p

saw HW while waking .. then he bike mah .. so i tongbang him over lor .. then rain damn big and sean is late -.- nvm ~ went to buy their stuff .. walk walk ~ blah blah ~ lol .. after that went to KFC =D haha .. eat lor ~ but BB gtg so he tabao -.- boooooooo =p after tat 就 went home le i think .. since nth to do mah .. hahaa .. reach home i dota with sam again wor ~ lol =x

after he go off ~ i met MY and went to LB to get bubble tea since he wanna buy mah ~ im a gd bro hor =D haa ~ no lar ~ ytd he acc mi then i acc him back nor ~ no lar -.- its juz that ~ go lor =D after tat went to our 老地方 to meet LY .. then went to LB and eat ~ wah ~ i morning eat 鱼片汤,at night eat again, lol ~ then chatted with LY ~ wah ~ very long never like ~ just the 2 of us chit-chat nor ~ haha ~ then he went NTUC and buy stuff ~ done le we walk back lor =D haha

reach home ~ i just GBA/SGC/BATHE .. done le watch tv lor ~ Oh yea ~ foudn out ~ Ly tag Sean but nv tag mi =.= booooooooo =p no lar ~ well .. they are more bro mah ~ haha =x nvm ~ watch finish tv le come here post lor ~ going off ~ bye ~

I'm a bad guy, I wish for world end, but when is it going to happen? I don't want to just end my life. I'm pure bad. =D


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Saturday, October 18, 2008

wheeee ~ i post post post ~ okay ~ as today training is gonna start late .. i set my alarm to 8 but dotz -.- ash msg mi 730 ~ argh ~ my slp ~ lol ~ then he ask mi if i can juz go down and train him 1st but i say no .. cuz i realli in nid of slp -.- well .. after tat .. went down 9+ lor .. not really any people lar .. slowly a few came lor .. so until the last 1 came le .. went to LBP since 514 full but LBP ppl kick soccer -.- so we went 707 and yea ~ got court .. then i sprain my ankle =D thanks to i dunoe wad happen lar -.- nb ~ pain lar .. after tat train lor ~ let them run abit ~ court 3 round ~ then shoot 100 free - throw ~ then alot problem occurs lar -.- ai yo ~ intially wanted them to do lay-up de .. but i see the shooting too long ~ so i wanna change to ally since can run abit .. then heard sian .. blah blah .. then i oso sian .. so training cancel lor .. lol ~ i dun wan force ppl lar .. aniway it isnt alot of peeps .. so .. then they play matches while we sit down discuss stuff lor .. then bought drinks blah blah .. the play match i sit there slp xD

after tat .. went back lor .. then use comp blah blah ~ then ben lai wan go eunice hse watch tv de but she going out .. so i tink no nid liao lor .. lol ~ then jiu use comp blah blah .. then after tat went down to LB to buy bubble tea with MY .. lol .. then @ bball court he shoot shoot while i look look =D then 7+ go home le ..

reach home . use comp eat dinnre blah blah .. then dota lor ~ SGC abit oso .. then chat chat .. then now blog .. gonna play again .. ~ bye ~ hope tmr can discuss =D lol ..


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wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot ~ cannot say tiring lar ~ but i think i 20 years yi lai nv jump so many high jump ba .. skipping rope got do b4 500+ and above .. but today dunoe how many jump all in the end ~ shuang Lol =x okay ~ start posting ..

woke up late today since LY they all no sch and i no nid to wake up early =.=" woke up 8+ le .. so PON sCH =.=" after tat watch tv ~ then do the biscuit which Eunice teaches mi ~ juz keep punching and punching de stupid buscuit Lol =x okay ~ after tat SGC for some time le .. then went out to meet BB and Sean since they buying camping stuff and watch The House Bunny .. lol

meet le cheong to buy movie tix .. then daytona 1 round go in le ~ lol .. [read Eunice post then noe she went to watch too] .. then we 3 person share 1 pop-corn but BB pay since he want eat >< then we help him settle the Un-finish 1 =D lol ~ wah ~ the show not bad ~ i dunoe y they say its funny ~ funny rating would be 7/10 but the movie itself would be 8/10 or 9/10 seriously ~ its nice =D but i think it's created from a novel ~ hmm ~ nvm ~ after tat went walk wak ~ they get their BLACK SHIRT ><" seriously Sean eye onli got Black and Black =.=" Lol =x then went NTUC get their body wash and shampoo ~ then after that walk aroudn for track pants but fail ~ so sean ask to borrow from Ash .. after tat we went mac sit since BB eating .. then met with BY le he bought some food we went home .. lol ..

reach home comp awhile go down bball court ~ not bad lar ~ like not alot ppl ~ then when going training time dunoe y so mani ppl >< Lol =x Today training .. i dunoe its fruitful or not ~ but wad ly say would be true lar ~ its kinda complete =D haha ~ well ~ some stuff happened on training lor ~ then LY say i too fierce Lol =x jia lat siol ~ but anyway ~ after training went to LB to eat .. lol =x then eaten le chat abit went home le ..

bathe ~ online ~ chat and dota with Simp but i Dc -.- then talk to LY he no reply ~ supposing-ly is he gaming too ~ wah liew ~ no jio mi play .. booooooooo =p lol ~ now blog le going slp ~ dun tink im eating dinner ><" sri dad and mum for cooking my share ~ =x Bye


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Friday, October 17, 2008


Wah .. totally alot day nv post .. lol ~ juz in case it rot ~ well .. okay ~ morning woke up and send ly to bus interchange ~ then i go back lor ~ then intially was meeting MY cuz we wanna eat breakfast b4 he go sch mah ~ but he say cannot make it =.= so after tat i wait under his block lor ~ then saw JJ and Ashley .. then called Ash and chatted while waiting .. then wait till 9+ saw yang going sch .. then i went mac lor .. budden i saw Jon going CC .. folo abit but lost him @ CC .. so went back mac sit down LOL =x until abt 12 then MY come find mi haha .. then chat abit he went back sch le .. then i went home lor .. then dota le met with him and went to mac and he do hmw but we chatting lar ~ then abt 5+ 6 lyke tat went bball court chat and shoot abit then went home lor .. lol =x

go home le ~ bathe and use comp watch tv play dota ~ nowaday at night everytime same stuff =D haha =x bye ..


ai yo ~ lol ~ wed no sch mah ~ so wake up liao .. acc ly go interchange ~ then went back home ~ eat and watch tv .. after tat wait jon called mi .. then i go down lb mac and meet with him lor ~ then he abt 1 lyke tat go lan shop le mah .. so i went back home after that lor .. cuz sianz -.- then do stuff @ home .. then after that went to LY hse ~ and play alot of game .. like GB/Audi/Maple/Trickster .. Lol =x old games llar ~ then after tat chat chat blah blah we met with BY and went down court lor ~ then JJ and Eunice came .. then JJ go buy wire to tie the net mah ~ done le we play full court -.- boooooooooooo ~ not fun LOL =x nvm ~ after tat Ash ke lian ~ he wanna go home but no 1 pei him go ~ lol =x after tat bY oso went off .. then simp came and we eat dinner lor lol .. then go back liao saw LY ~ so walk back tgt .. haa ..

reach home same stuff okay ~ 9pm show really nice =D highly recommend ~ ahah =)


woot ~ juz ytd stuff .. okay ~ woke up .. then was realli too tired ~ so 1st time i PS ly and let him go sch himself Lol =x 1st time wor i think -,- haha ~ then after tat i woke up abt 12 >< wah liew ~ so late ~ then msg by and stuff .. then saying we meeting @ lot 1 there .. so i play Summon Night 2 .. then hao le went to find him ~ @ alighting point saw SC Alvin and LY .. then go find BY .. wait for Eunice . then eunice came le ~ we went to LJS and eat .. eat le jiu go off le -.- then SC go back 1st .. then they folo mi go NTUC since i nid to buy stuff for my dad .. after tat buy le jiu went home .. but raining >< lol =x

then use comp le .. abt 4+ i went to Euncie hse to watch the 9pm show lar ~ lol ~ then nic came too ~ then abt 6 we went down Lol =D play a few gamae ~ then simp oso come mah .. so mi and him chat abt dota 1st .. then qingrong came in and we talk abt those Wu Xia Xiao Shuo .. lol .. then chat chat .. then sms Sean oso but he zzz lar .. i 好心 tell him stuff ji tao kena scold fk .. zzz ~ then abt 9.05 le i cheong home lor ..

reach home sit down watch tv and then bathe after tat ~ then blah blah ~ dota liao .. haiz . dunoe y so jia lat de game -.- then after tat read other ppl de blog lar ~ intailyl wanna post de .. but nv ~ cuz had a quarrel with Sean .. i was like .. he talk until that way .. wad can i say .. use the words until suan ppl .. wth sia .. how i noe maple got patch .. how i noe u nid how long to open jon de shop .. 1hr from ur post and i ask if u aslp nid speak until lyke tat meh .. haiz .. i dunoe lar .. damn fustrating .. wads the use of mi trying to hard to build "something" and yet the other parties <-- [take note .. its pural] arent gonna do it .. haiz .. bye bye
Really depress .. maybi i should just G**e ** .. wad are god-bro for? not even fit to be a fren? haiz ..


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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Post abt yesterday 1st =)

Totally [C]annot [M]ake [I]t (CMI) day .. lol .. juz in case anione dun understand wad is CMI .. okay ~ morning woke up and acc ly to interchange lor ~ then i met jon @ lb mac mah ~ so i U-turn and walk back to LB mac .. then tat bugger 730 called mi and told mi he coming .. 830 i called him then he say now come out ~ WTH =.=' tis kind of ppl hor .. si bei jia lat ah -.- swt swt .. then after tat we eat and chat awhile .. he went lan - gaming [how u going to study ah boy] .. while i stay there since its raining .. then saw nelson .. then after tat dunoe wad time went back le lor . cuz realli nth to do mah .. reach home watch tv then use comp .. then 4+ went down bball court le ..

wah ~ quite alot of peeps there Lol =x then hav fun lor .. then after tat saw sEan .. lol .. he came back from LB but nv come bball court .. si bei gamer siol -.- swt ah ~ and and ~ he has grown up ! lol .. i mean his face pimple come out moer le =.=" Lol =x wthh siol .. my didi grown kekex .. okay after tat .. juz stay there watch and chat .. nth much .. then bully kokming awhile .. went to lb and eat with simp hw and nigel .. eaten le went back saw ly .. then after his game we went back together lor .. haha

reach home .. use comp abit .. then awtch tv ~ after tat dota .. then didnt post cuz tired .. haha =x but hor .. keep sms MY until my mum unhappy .. so i go called him wakaka =p abt 1.30 went to slp le .. lol =x Wad happen on Tuesday i psot tonight if possible =D

Ps1 - Sean became more shuai =D
Ps2 - Ly dunoe become better or worst towards mi =D
Ps3 - Yanbo did improve his basketball =D
Ps4 - Alvin a.k.a MTB jump higher so much le ~ guess its the grow up part haha =D
Ps5 - Im a good for nothing guy, when is the world coming to an end or the (Shinigami) coming to take my life? =D


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Monday, October 13, 2008

  • Haiz, an email was send to me, but at the end found out that it was a hoax, make me fret over something for nothing.

  • O's level coming, some students are going to have holidays while some are going to study like mad and went on a holidays, what about me?

  • I'm still wasting my life by not going to school, and by not working, when I'm going to change for the better?

  • A lot of things are running through my mind, what am I suppose to do, what should I do?

  • Continue schooling won't be late, but I really don't have the motivation, but, it's such a waste

  • Oh, a lot of them going to wear long pants, it's going to be a new experience for them to become upper secondary. :D

  • Argh, so vex, so vex, and still so vex.
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    Sunday, October 12, 2008

    well ~ post 1st since im going offline earlier today ~ well ~ Boring day man =.='

    okay .. woke up kinda early ~ as ly say going to play bball .. but i went down late =.=" lol ~ then onli got hengwei there -.- then slowly a few came oso lor ~ after tat shoot abit we went LB le .. cuz JJ nid buy breakfast while mi and ash nid to eat ~ then we went foodcourt le but @ the end chose to eat @ mac .. then JJ tabao le and went back .. left us .. then chat and eat ~ then after tat went to NTUC and buy stuff .. then went back court and shoot shoot abit .. then go home le .. liew ~ HW is niao .. got secret training place dun wanna say .. haish ..

    reach home le ~ went to bathe .. then dota with sam lor -.- while sms-ing Ash cuz we were very bored .. then he 3+ went down bball court while i go down @ 4+ lol =x then sit there chat and shoot abit ball lor .. wah ~ better then staying @ home can le .. =.=" then after tat we went to LB and get stuff Lol .. then they came back and play match =.=" HW quarrel with MaoZhou .. lol =x then they unhappy with each other buy thanks to YiFei .. i tink it settle some how xD haha .. then after awhile later Ryan came and play match while mi ash and jj went LB NTUC again .. then while queuing .. tat ash totally stupid -.- he give alot coins then he @ there joke and laught -.- ji tao lyke madman siol =.=" then the auntie infront and behind and the cashier auntie all smiling -.- Lol .. Ji Cute Yi Xia =D haha .. then after tat went home le ..

    reach home .. saw my GuGu they all .. but they acme to visit my dad mah ~ then eaten le use comp .. play the Hotel game which is quite trilling? lol ~ but cuz i on light then alot ppl @ hse so not scare ba -.- Lol .. then after tat sGc abit then now come blog .. going off soon ~ lol =p .. bYe ~ watch tv and slp .. haha ..


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    Saturday, October 11, 2008


    Wah, 2 days no post, so today post together =D haha .. okay o.. on Friday .. i didnt go sch as per normal lor .. then use comp and did some stuff here and there .. then wanna go slp de -.- but got dog bark this and that -.- make mi cant slp .. DAMN ><" then abt 2+ i use comp till 3+ i went down le .. lol ..

    reach bball court .. eat and dink then chat abit lor .. then when the rest came we went LBP .. then play matches .. after tat training .. haha .. training as per normal lor .. after their run coco called back ~ and chat abit haha =D then do do do .. then HW say juz after training come .. Jon say juz wanna come shoot .. then they go other court .. oready du lan liao .. then 8+ alot ppl say going back .. wtf =.=" haiz .. forget it .. then i cancel lor .. since weijie oso ask for 5v5 .. then they play while i go biking around ..

    after their game we went LB eat .. then chat after that went home le .. haha .. reach home neh .. hmmm .. use comp abit .. then damn tired .. so went to slp -.- ..


    Woke up kinda early .. but cuz very tired -.- went back slp .. haha .. then wake up le .. Ash go down 1st since he earlier -.- then i met BY and his late .. booooooo =p after tat go ocurt see no 1 sia .. then slowly some came .. then we see those Unity C div Girls came to take photo cuz Redsports is doing the shoot out .. after tat we play some matches .. then see the other plays .. then they started their training with quite little ppl .. ><' but after shoot 2 pt le it rain -.- so .. lol =x then chat abit .. mi and ash went to 302 to eat ..

    then met up with sean and rest .. then eaten le we went 7-11 haha xd after tat since Ash rushing for time .. we went home .. then i bathe le .. SGC abit .. then ask Sam to dota .. then abt 5+ went down ~ Lol =x saw LY ><" swt swt .. he went to buy newspaper .. haha .. then we go buy bubble tea >< haha =x then went back ourt .. sit down chat and stuff abit .. cuz oso got weijie and others mah .. then i tink 6+ went home le ..

    reach home .. eat and watch Naruto and Bleach .. then dota dota .. then wanna blog de .. but the stupid IE got error .. amek mi take so long to fix .. then now hao le so kin kin come blog lor .. well ~ byez ~ [Hw say they having secret traning wor] lol ..

    While waiting for the rain to stop .. i took a pic .. liew ~ Ash give tat stern face .. machiam peeps owe him stuff haha =p

    Anyone rmb this cute lil boy? his XiaoBinBin .. one of the children actor last time de .. ytd saw jerm de DP .. so do liao put here .. lol .. his seriously CUTE!!


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    Thursday, October 09, 2008

    today come post earlie since i dont feel like dota ><'' okay ~ woke up by BY msg ~ he asked to go earlier, then i ask to slp awhile more xD then after that ash msg le ~ then discuss le ~ went down to mac at 830 i think? haha .. met with Eunice and Nick after tat, then went to lb mac le ~ intially wanna use comp but plug kena used le -.- so forget it ~ eat and chat ~ then saw YC and Jon but they cock-eye no see us -.=" swt lol .. after some time Ash wanna go back ~ so mi and by went to Eunice hse .. then she play audi we disturb her ~ and something UNEXPECTED happen ! she miss 1 of her FM .. then she do the [pooot] sound from mouth .. and SHE SPIT SALIVA!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHHAA =x i tell u ~ it was so hilarious ~ BY and MI were laughing like 2 totally mad guy ~ and its de 1st time i saw BY laugh until lyke tat ~ powe siol Eunice .. really Miss Eunicevese xD then BY say machiam Merlion spiting water .. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay ~ after tat ash came and pump ball ~ then JunKai came to have tuition while mi and by play dota .. after a few game .. we watched the 9pm show from last week .. then went off le ..

    i went to LB to hlp my dad get stuff ~ then went home use comp abit ~ then abt 430 lyke tat i went down le ~ saw quite alot of people there sia ~ then still got others came down ~ then got play match ~ blah blah ~ then we sit down watch Aaron they all make entertainment =.-" .. after tat play abit more ~ went back le lor ~ haha ~ reach home bathe and use comp ~ then watch 9pm show .. then now come blog ~ i going slp soon ~ tired .. realli tired ... and stress ....

    some notes, Eunice has a big mouth that is able to store alot of saliva and spit it out like a merlion =D

    I dont know how to continue surviving, last time i said once, try not to think about what they say, and i did it for quite some time, but i don't know why now suddenly i couldn't do it, its so stressful ... why do i care so much, and making people fustrated with my action while making myself sad, how do i control this emotion? how do i stop thinking about what they say and what they do? can i believe what they say?

    just read someone's msg, ( Time tells everything ) , its really true, there are so many true stuff on earth, haish. Don't feel like living in this world, why world destruction isn't coming?


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    Wednesday, October 08, 2008

    Moodless Moodless Moodless Moodless Moodless Moodless Moodless Moodless Moodless Moodless Moodless Moodless Moodless Moodless Moodless Moodless Moodless Moodless Moodless Moodless Moodless Moodless Moodless Moodless Moodless
    okay ~ post post ~ well, i think i really very long never sleep until 9+ wake up le .. to wad i tink lar ~ well, today wake up @ my own time own target no msg no call no alarm no NTH! haha ~ woke up and use comp ~ then moodless liao ~ lol ~ saw Jon online, didnt noe he got go sch or not, but i ask him to pei mi go LB, kena rejected T__T then after tat i ask LY, kena rejected again T__T, then i msg By, no reply, lol .. Moodless well, after tat i went down by myself, saw janice and hw, then by reply say cant cuz busy T__T .. then i go buy breakfsat for my dad and mi lor .. buy hao le .. went back .. then eaten .. awhile later jiu go meet them to play badminton le .. well .. i was late cuz i help my dad to [sai yi fu] lol ..Moodless

    meet them .. walk to CCK stadium, waited abit, then went in play le, saw Nigel[ZhengHua Sec de] .. after tat play play a few game lor, then i sit down chat le and play Calvin de psp .. lol =x after when Ash and Eunice came back from buying fries .. they decided to go home .. liew ~ on a big rain .. go home so urgently .. haiz .. LY still 我行我素 wor .. well .. walked in the big rain ~ then slowly walk back lor ~ when reach minimart .. it became small Lol =x then wwent home .. was totally bored and moodless .. Moodless

    after use comp awhile .. chat with CS and dunoe wad else .. play a dota by myself .. then went down to bball court le .. Moodless then juz sit down listen song emo + bo hiu attiude lor .. then MY didnt went for night lesson .. lol .. well ~ his sad too ~ haha .. then went to LPB .. played a full court -.- and off we go LB ~ then hao le went back ~ MY went back with mi ~ then took tumbdrive le meet BY .. then chat awhile lor ~ haha ~ after tat went home ..

    eat watch tv .. then use comp .. see blog and blah blah ~ then emo + moodless .. haish ~ just feeling so bad .. then bathe le dota with simp .. then now come blog lor .. totally moodless .. i tink who read this post oso moodless LOL! its propagenda .. =S some pics from ytd and today ..

    A pic of the cake Eunice made .. its kinda sour for the cheese ~ lol =D but the busckit below is nice haha

    The 2 bday girl blowing candles =D ~ wish them luck =D

    Just pic of my desk on the left, can see how messy it is right =D haha

    Moodless leh, feel that alot of things arent going my way, alot of thoughts are running through my mind, i just dont feel the ability to go on. haiz, anyway while talking to MingYang .. this quote came across my mind .. What you think or treat others as isn't the same as what they treat and think of you .. hope u guyz understand this quote .. MY doesnt in the beginning .. then i quote example for him lor ~ its so damn true .. bye ~ post again


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    Tuesday, October 07, 2008

    OKay ~ a very no mood day ~ seriously ..

    morning 6+ kena woken by my bro ~ cuz he say my dad nid help of something, but i guess i sucks ~ i didnt help my dad ~ i stand behind and see him ~ then help him clear up the mess after that, well, then after tat went back to slp ~ and did some sms-ing ~ then met LY @ 945 le ~ walk to Interchange, then after that his bus came ~ he went up and i went to Yew Tee to find YC .. waited for him ~ then after tat eat lunch .. and i ROT @ lot 1 for 1hr+ waiting for BY ><" lol =x but during dunnoe when SMS like mad lar -.- swt swt ..

    BY came ~ Ash say he cant come ~ then i saw wilson .. so chat with him abit and ly came ~ then they saw chinseng .. so we went off ~ on the plateform we were like funni siol ~ very old sch playing .. since got IMM and CWP to choose .. which MRT come 1st go where ~ but while we waiting, it rain, so last decision is CWP .. lol .. reach there ~ walk around, keep see see look look ~ i looking for Manke de present while BY looking for her sis de, but at least he got aim ~ so we boought his stuff 1st, a 4GB tumbdrive, [i can spill out here since her sis doesnt come my blog i suppose] haha ><' then i cont. walking around, at laast settle with a Jay poker card and coin bank ~ girls present are hard to choose when its not plushie T__T

    well, after tat went back to bball court, then did something undesireable, haish ~ then broken my whole day seriously, well, talk abt that later .. so after tat went up to Eunice hse and wait for the rest to come, her fren was there, but i didnt noe her, anyway Happy Birthday to Eunice Friend, Vanassa xD [Eunice is see this can tell ur fren le xD] .. after tat LY, Manke, CS, and 1 of their fren came .. then sing bday song, give present, then Eunice rushing for time, so we went off soon after eating cake, Eunice made de ~ hao suan ah ~ aniway i wanna ask her how to do the biscuit .. haha .. pic post tmr ~ today my bluetooth die on me ~ haha

    then went down and chat awhile ~ then play bball .. juz joke and laughing like 1 mad man that is, those hu noe mi for some time, should noe that once i laugh, i wont stop .. =x 不好意识啊 .. lol ~ then after tat chat with Nigel and WJ awhile, WJ went back and mi and Nigel went to LB NTUC buy stuff .. then go home time, at bball court saw QingRong, so shoot abit, went home .. lol ..

    reac home, bathe and use comp awhile .. then watch 9pm de show, then come online play dota with simp ~ 1 game nia ~ realli moodless ~ anyway fucking dota change version again .. haiz .. then after chat abit .. then come blog lor ~ found out i sms alot this few days .. haiz =.=" okay ~ going off liao .. bye ~

    Anyway about the undesirable thing I did, was that I scolded HengWei. Said sorry to him at night, but I really don't like the way he talk, as in I know a lot also say that, but don't everything also need to link to that. I think only those at basketball court would understand.

    Then to MingYang, don't blame anyone, out of the basic is still coming from a kind heart from what I assume, hope you understand what I mean since it sounds like very profound. But take care of yourself first, I won't tell you don't care don't think, because I know it's totally useless, read on your post, even though Ivan said that, it's totally useless right, but not bad, his good at consoling people, haha? Well, just take care of yourself now.


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    Woot, my life is like damn shit now, seriously a lot problems, and I found out I really depends on my parents too much, just too much. Oh well, my dad had a fall and had a fracture bone I think, then his in cast, so can't work, and since he can't work, my daily allowance won't be the same anymore, haiz, then a lot of things need use money the coming up also, stressss....

  • Life is damn shit, nothing's on the right track.

  • Seriously in need of money.

  • Depends on families too much that I can't even fend for myself.

  • A lot birthday coming up.

  • Always very 敷衍我.[This is damn sad]

  • Need a job, but don't dare to give up on something.

  • Stresssssssssssssssss.

  • Who can help me?

  • Still got a lot.

  • I want my life to get back on track.
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    Monday, October 06, 2008

    okay ~ today is a totally damn bored day ~ haish ~ didnt went sch as per norma =D lol =x walk to interchange with ly and saw dx ~ then they board bus le i went yew tee mac ~ my fav place le -.- then sit there see alot Regentnite ~ wah lan ~ i saw 1 guy si bei shuai -.- okay ~ dun say i gAy or wad ~ but he beginning dun look that handsome ~ buy yue kan yue hao kan -.- lol ~ but bo bian ~ he sit infront of mi -.- cant dun see ~ aniway after tat got some renovation work ~ so i change seat ~ then Unitian end sch ~ and flooded de mac =.=" haiz ~ then ash came find mi and we watch abit hot shot tgt ~ and Andy played [ICE]war with frens -.- swt ~ after awhile we went back le ~ slowly walk back haha =D

    reach home ~ was so damn bored ~ dota by myself ~ then wanna slp but cant fall aslp ~ so wasted time dunoe @ where ~ then wan eat but lazy cook ~ then this then tat ~ so went down wanna go lb buy stuff buy rain ~ zzz ~ then after tat came home use comp again =.=" then wanna slp fail again ~ wah kaoz ~ i was fking bored like from 1-5 lar ~ tmd =.=" then 5+ i went down again ~ then saw sean jon they all ~ very few ppl ~ then play abit ~ went to mac since simpson say wan go eat ~ then bought my ultimate Cup Noodle then went home le .. lol

    reach home ~ bathe and stuff ~ watch tv ~ then dota with simp lor ~ then ask ly they all abt plan tmr ~ ARGH ~~~ i tink i cant go since ALOT ppl i dunoe ~ some more i dunoe de are non-chi ~ haish ~ shall see how ba ~ but anyway ~ since this post is after 12 ..

    Happy Birthday to Manke and HongHui =D
    Sean has grown up!! haha


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    Sunday, October 05, 2008

    w00t ~ post early early cuz going off ~ wahh ~ kinda boring day =.-"

    okay ~ morning woke up ~ then ate 2 bread le ~ went to dye my hair -.- wah kaoz ~ wasted my 8bucks =.=" the coloring so light lor -.- machiam no different ><" haish ~ some more i dye 2 time -.- swt swt ~ haish ~ forget it ~ then after tat use comp awhile ~ dota with sam ~ lol ~ then was damn bored le ~ suddenly LY msg mi ask mi if i want to go buy present for the upcoming bday girl mah ~ okay lor ~ since i was getting so bored ~ so met him and HW @ 3+ ..

    reach lot 1 ~ went to walk walk ~ Then Eunice and Chinseng came to find us ~ then we shop abit ~ then easily found ly de present le =.=" ~ mi didnt buy yet ~ i waiting for the online chocolate ~ see if can mah Lol ~ well ~ anyway after tat we went to NTUC walk walk ~ then UP to arcade there to play daytona ><" then there is some bunch of kids ~ come disturb our game -.- then challage them Advance mode -.- BUT MY stering wheel damn pwoer lar =.= kns de lor ~ haish ~ then i get 4/5 while LY get 1/5 ~ nice lar lao di xD haha =D then after dey play 1 more we went off le lor ~ then we went to buy bubble tea while hw buy milkshake ..

    then go back bball court ~ i sit there chat + see other ppl play bball lor ~ then that MY ~ At last he got that girl number le ~ Good Luck to him ba ~ haha =D then went back @ 7+ i assume xD lol ~ reach home ~ bathe and eat while dota with simp ~ then aga is 10 ended game ~ then was damn sian ~ cuz of that team ><' haish ~ frens' frens lor .. haish ~ then now come blog ~ byezz guyz ~ going off ~

    Ps: Eunice is niao, she doesn't allow me to go her house when tomorrow LiYong going her house to watch the show I wanted to watch, the weekdays 9pm show. 她很偏心,唉,可怜的小胖,还是没女人缘。T__T


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    Saturday, October 04, 2008

    post posT ~ post earlier since i assume later playing dota =.='' LOL!

    well, morning woke up @ 7+ cuz Ashley msg mi ~ ask mi abt their training .. but its postpone ~ so training cancel .. then after tat he ask mi wan go makan mah ~ but see that my dad always buy us breakfast on Sat morning ~ well ~ i accopmpny him lor ~ then after tat go down but didnt went to eat ~ but we sit @ bball court lol =x see Janice they all play ~ then contact ly ><" T00pid ly ~ nv msg mi lor -.- make by msg mi ~ shen me yi shi mah T__T then i msg u still dun wanna reply =.= booooo ~ ashley call u oso no reply ~ boooooo ~ u and by gay ah =p kekex ~ oki ~ then they came down oso ~ we play play shoot shoot chat chat lor xD after tat ly went back ~ then the rest of us went to lb ~ intially wanna eat mac with ash ~ but full ~ so buy bubble tea then we went back bball court sit down ~ then i there shoot pearl -.- ArTiStIc boi LOL =x after tat go home

    reach home rest awhile ~ then contact yang and ask him to go cut hair lor ~ then while i waiting for him ~ COCO call xD then chat abt 10mins nia and he go off liao ~ he say nxt fri try calling again ~ tis is de onli time i post it ~ so anione read rmb to come down on fri if wanna chat with him ~ hehe =p well ~ then MY came le we went Trim and Cut to cut hair lor ~ wah ~ damn different =D @ last i cut short hair le xD after tat went 302 eat ~ then go lot 1 walk wakl lor ~ at last i bought a new earpiece ~ now using xD lol =x hai hao lar ~ then MY buy with mi ~ then i buy dye he buy O lvl excercise book ~ lol =D JY to those O's lvl student xD .. then after tat @ bball court sit sit ~ then simp ask mi go eat ~ so pei him go 302 again LOL =x eaten le we went back ~ then chat and shoot abit ~ then went home le .. lol .

    reach home ~ bathe le ~ now blog keke =p bye

    Mi Old

    Mi New xD

    MY New hairstle wor xD haha

    see ly so good boi ? keke

    Eunice BIG MOUTH!! bye!


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    Friday, October 03, 2008

    okay ~ today woke up quite early ~ 7+ ~ then watch tv ~ then seems that jon didnt called mi ~ so i assume he didnt go mac to study ~ then i ask sean if jon's with him but nope ~ so well .. lol .. but juz in case ~ i went down @ abt 9+ ~ but i didnt go check on him -.- cuz i saw ly solo training @ de court ~ then acc him and give him some guidence lor ~ after tat some lower sec kranjian came ~ and 10 of them came to steal ly court ~ and bo bian ~ he got to leave LOL =x but aniway its drizzling lol .. went home after tat ..

    reach home le talk to eunice awhile ~ then she dun allow mi go disturb cs and mk study group with her @ her hse ~ haish ~ =x then after tat i dota with jh le ~ then seriously i find nth to do ~ went to slp .. slp till 4+ 5 lyke tat but not a good slp lar ~ then woke up le eat something and went down le ~ wasnt in de mood seriously ~ haish ~ cuz of some stuff happening .. then went LPP training lor .. but half-court tio stolen =.= lol

    then do the free-throw shoot out -.- until very sian le ~ Sean say if he 1 person pass within a standard limit ~ let this training end ~ okay lor ~ and he did it ~ well ~ its a sure done stuff de lar -.- seriously .. then after tat still got something else lor ~ haish ~ in de begiining realli very sian lor ~ i mean wad i asy they oso dun listen .. realli nid someone who is able to do can do with them ~ at least they got nth to say ba .. Coco, when coming back ? after everything ~ went to eat @ limbang ~ lol ~ then chat abit and went home after tat

    now @ home ~ bathe and online ~ see some site and blog ~ going off liao ~ sleepy but not tired ~ busy but moodless ~ alot things to do but i juz dun wanna care ~ might as well let mi be dead ><" bye


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    Unlucky Morning, and an emo 1

  • Im damn bored seriously

  • Damn fucking unhappy, why friends can be like this?

  • What did i do wrong seriously? this is me and yet im always being cast out

  • Im still the same, not good with girls, no girls like being with me, except turtle country girls, but turtle country guys doesnt seems to like me

  • Not in the mood to do anything

  • Even miss Coco the call, which i assume is his

  • Feel like singing K, but money is 1 thing, finding people is another

  • What are god-families?

  • Might as well just leave me, easier for me

  • Well, some friendship quote quoted from the website||Brush up your English if you don't understand.

  • Chance makes our parents, but choice makes our friends.

  • The mere process of growing old together will make the slightest acquaintance seem a bosom friend.

  • It is wise to apply the oil of refined politeness to the mechanism of friendship.

  • What sweetness is left in life, if you take away friendship? Robbing life of friendship is like robbing the world of the sun. A true friend is more to be esteemed than kinsfolk.

  • If you have an ounce of common sense and one good friend you don't need an analyst.

  • To find a friend one must close one eye -- to keep him, two.

  • Search not for a friend in time of need, for a true friend shall find thee.

  • A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

  • A true friend is one who knows all about you and likes you anyway.

  • What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.

  • A friend hears the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails.

  • Over my head his arm he flung, Against the world.

  • The only reward of virtue is virtue; the only way to have a friend is to be one.

  • Only your real friends tell you when your face is dirty.

  • Friendship is always a sweet responsibilty, never an oppourtunity.

  • True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it be lost.

  • If I had to choose between betraying my country and betraying my friend, I hope I should have the guts to betray my country.

  • Okay, something like this, hope you all like, the 1 that is bold and underline is my personal favourite, and it really means alot.


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    Thursday, October 02, 2008


    Well, seriously not a nice day, lol =x okay ~ morning woke up as per normal, waited for Ly but this time round I took bus with him, since they going to TW mac to eat breakfast, and since I'm gonna skip school once again, =D Reach there, they ordered, I orderd after CS came, funny, JH didn't bring any Maths stuff, same like Calvin, and I lent my calculator to him, but still no curve rule. Haha ~ Well, wish them luck. After they left, I took bus back and change to train and go to school.

    In school sit at library do my stuff until meeting time with Mr. Joshua, well, fun being with him, joke around =D After some discussion, time to leave, I wanted to try the Sandwich vending machine, but I see must wait and got people there, give up, went back to CCK and met with Eunice, Ash and By. Meet le, we went to eat LJS ~ lol ~ Standard no change :D After that walk walk around and went home, rest abit, went down to bball court.

    Reach le, then sit down chit-chat buy thing eat, then a few more of them came, Jon, Sean, YY, BB[they 3 always together now haha] .. then play abit, but after 2 games I didnt play le, just sit there and chat, AND FUCKING HELL, THE VERY FAMILIAR NUMBER CALLED ME, AND I MISS IT, I ASSUME IT'S COCO DE, ARGH, FUCK MAN, IF ITS HIM THEN JIA LAT, I KEEP MISS HIS CALL ><" ARGHHHH .. then after that i was waiting for his call again, then chat lor, didnt play, haha, after that bike around awhile, chat with ShiJie and Aaron, then seems like their team doesn't like me, NVM ><" then went home after that.

    Reach home, played a dota with JH and YC, intially got LY but he didn't update his WC =.=" wth ><" but JH and 1 more person DC soon after, so I went to bathe then watch tv, then kena scolding from sEan cuz i disturb him playing gunz =.=" booo ~ he nv tell mi lor ><" Lol =x EMO LAR !! Lol =x well ~ bye !

    Special Post

    JunKai ask me, Coco your best friend, you treat him like brother ah? I simply say a yes, then he also say he with another friend also very long le, from K1 or K2 then same class, then 1 week a few times after school will go out together to eat and play. Then i told him, do you know that we are not from the same school? We met outside, and our meeting time is only after school, but 1 important is that, during that time, we met 7/7 a week, nv fail, gone thru some ups/downs, especially de exam period, game the same game together, wad else? oh yea ~ do the [good] things together too, haha, its such a hilarious sight thinking back, you growed up oready, but i still hadn't .. hmm .. haha ~
    he also ask me, if coco ask you to rob a bank for him, will u do it?
    I say, He will never ask me do this thing, want is we do it together. but we aren't that young to be so stupid, so .. haha =D anyway ~ its good to know that after 1 year, alot of stuff still didnt change =D take good care over there bro =D


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    Wednesday, October 01, 2008

    today is a no school day since Public Holiday mah ~ well ~ Happy Children Day and Selamat Hari Raya to the Muslim =D

    okay ~ woke up @ 7 lyke tat ~ then watch de anime [Sugar Sugar Rune] ~ after tat went down to bball court cuz they say 7am training =.=" then reach there HW den msg mi training @ 9 =.=" then was wanting to go home de ~ but Ash came ~ so we chatted @ the playground ~ then went bball court @ 845am lyke tat lor ~ then saw nick and her sis ~ and folo by the others

    didnt see much training from them ~ but well ~ its common ~ juz some playing ~ then got 1 part i dunoe is sean angry with mi or wad ~ abt de 3 point shoot-out stuff ~ hiash ~ then abt 12 lyke tat went back le ~ then rdy ~ met with ly hw and eunice cuz they wanna go study mah .. lrt to BPP ~ met with CS then they ate KFC ~ after tat went to mac de outside thr study while HW went off for bball -.-" ai yo ~ bball bball and still bball ~ lol ~ then dey study maths and euncie help them with art ~ mi do nth xD =.=" well ~ ly mix coke with vanilla ice-cream to make coke float but i personally find tat it fail .. lol =x and he made alot of ants came due to his careless-ness ><"

    then abt 5+ we went off ~ to popular then back to 302 cuz Eunice that pig wanna eat DOU HUA ><" then bought drinks le we went back lor ~ reach home i played a dota with Jh and Yc ~ haish ~ then go bathe ~ after tat getting Jay and SHE de new album song ~ then watch 9pm show ~ after tat 10+ which is now come blog lor .. EMO LAR !

    JUST EMO DUE TO SOME SMS STUFF .. haish .. god - bro? y dun u juz ask mi to stay away from ur life since i dun tink i exsist there ..


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