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Saturday, September 29, 2007

okay ~ so Wed reach ~ another no sch day ~ then i woke up did my stuff and such ~ then after that go and find ant lor ~ whoot ~ saw vin oso ~ he came then i guess he late ba ~ dun wanna ask cuz he sure du lan when talking to mi .. dunoe y oso lol ~ i guess its better to dun ask ba T__T ~ haiz ~ after tat rite ~ bought those candles and such le ~ went to ant hse sit lor ~ then watch tv ~ after tat wx and sh not coming mah ~ so wait till abt 830 or wad .. we went down to blk 5 and play candle lor ~ lol ~ fun lar ~ last year didnt play mah ~ so tis year play lor ~ i wrote TEAM [budden cant finish de other part cuz of alot problem] -- Siong wrote [Y=X+C .. he forgot the M .. guess that ting urself ba guyz =p] -- and Alvin wrote [SH work xard lol .. dun understand? nvm hee .. cuz i dun oso =.="] .. after tat went back lor ~ tp went wit mi cuz he wanna take back his keyboard mah ~ then after tat i send him off to bus-stop and went home and do some gaming le haha ^__^

Then Thurs woke up ~ felt kinda sick ~ troat dunoe got wad feeling lar ~ i juz feel lyke vomitting lor =.=" hai yo .. then i skip sch ~ no choice .. 1st time i felt other sickness beside having flus and such lol .. so woke up le ~ watch tv ~ use comp abit ~ went to find ant ~ then mi and him eat le ~ then went over his hse ~ after tat wait for tp and sh ~ then we play MJ ~ and i MISS 9pm show 30min lor .. T__T SAD ! =x after tat i tink finish watching le we finish the last round ~ then i went off le lor ~ lol .. went to took bus wif si han ~ then i tink .. normal ba ~ gaming again? haha =.=" thats all .. normal thurs ..

well .. todea friday mah ~ woke up so sian lar ~ then went sch ~ saw de faci 1st time lol ~ then start lesson normally lor ~ then 1st break damn sian ~ ade they all nv come sch =.=" so dunoe do wad lor ~ then ask fish hlp i ta bao drinks and bread ~ juz settle lyke tat ba ~ lolx =D after tat .. during 2nd break rite ~ over-sian le ~ LOL ~ so i went back .. hehe im a bad boi ! then went to find ant again ~ lol ~ tis time saw vin again ~ lol .. guess same ting happen on wed ba ~ heh .. after tat rite .. went to sheng siong walk ~ then walk to lan-shop then to bukit panjang then back to sheng siong ~ @ LAST .. went to ant hse le LOL! so bo liao ~ then went thr .. fite wif vin .. for ti lam =.=" until he sian ~ go put ti lam inside the room ~ then he go share wif ant Lol ~ so no choice .. i slp on sofa ~ haha =p .. after tat .. ant woke up le ~ vin watch tp play psp ~ =.=" then i go kope the bed and slp lar ~ then slp halfway sh came over oso ~ then dey get rdy for MJ le ~ wth ~ i nv say i wan play =.=" hai yo ~ then after tat watch finish show we play lo ~ while vin went to teact *ahem* ~ then .. @ 9 he came back .. bought dinner for us too ^_^ ~ haha .. then eaten ~ ZBL .. then i went home le ~ then come back dota wit siong and yoke ~ then eat dinner ~ now come blog ~ rdy to slp! tmr i dunoe wad will happen leh ~ haiz ~ vin and sh @ ant hse dawning now i tink .. so .. tmr see how ba ~ taKecAre Sign Off ~


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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

~ 1st and formost ~

lol .. almost bored to death le ~ then see got time ~ come up and blog aniway lor .. haha .. alright ~ so todea tuesday mah ~ woke up .. oki oki ba ~ i tink 710 then i woke up =.=" Lol ~ then after tat rite ~ get rdy and such ~ went to sch le ~ took bus ~ and im not late ^__^ haha =p alright so in sch were doing work ~ then standard 1st break go look for them ~ after tat work .. 2nd break rot in class ~ hehe =p then presentation and such lar ~ so bored ~ lOl .. then after tat .. class ended ~ went over tofind dem again ~ then talk abt songs ah ~ tis and tat ~ all those u noe ~ ringtone ~ haha =p after tat tot of going to eat ~ then didnt expect everyone ish poor ~ so decide abit ~ went to the judo room to take a look ~ then minyi and ade got so much tings to talk abt lar ~ haha =p after tat .. its abt 8? then we went out of sch ~ then went to pasar malam and get some stuff ~ then went back le lor ~ then initially tot of playing candles and such wif them de .. but fail to do so cuz CANT BUY LAR ! went lot 1 no sell ~ those shop oso no sell ~ then lastly the provision shop ~ SOLD OUT ~ whoooo ~ so happi lar >...<" then i msg them and told dem that tmr then play lor ~ so bo bian lor ~ then reach home finish show/bathe/online ~ now waiting siong .. wait almost 2hr le =.=" haven rdy haha =p hope can play todea =p TakeCare

well .. got a real-life storu from Shirley blog while reading ~ and i noe its damn freaking sux of mi to do it ~ but its realli touching lar .. aniway Shir ~ if u were looking @ my blog and see tis and u wan mi to take it off ~ tell mi so .. so here goes [i didnt edit .. juz copy and paste ]

heard aunty ml said that welson's botak is because of his frien who was in the emergency ward. 'wheres e link' i tt at first. its something like he and a few friends when to temple or sort to 'qi fu' for his frien. when this is being done, it is believes that their life span will be lower to addon to the frien's one ('zhe shou'). and that all will have to cut botak. i felt that they are all very wei da, able to shorten their life, cut away their beautiful hair despite knowin that they will be laughed at to save a friend. so touch lor. i will be more than fortunate and will be touched to tears to have such friends who are willin to sacrifices so much for me if im the unlucky one. not sure about hows the frien is now. hopin that she/he is real fine, knowin that theres this people out there showin love and care.

well true ~ lyke wad shir has added in the last few lines ~ i will be more then happi if i realli got tis type of frenz .. hu will stand by mi when im realli in a state whr i may juz leave tis world anitime ~ seriously ~ i previously tot that i foun tis type of bros .. but not now le ~ realli ~ im realli sad ~ and i guess ~ {Once bitten, Twice shy} .. dun tink i would wan to get another tis :close: frenship animore ~ because if its gone ~ its gonna be a dunoe how long [Black-Hole] its gonna be ~ and now although i noe that tings arent that rite ~ but i still hope that we can be wad we use to be ~ although wad past is past ~ last but not least ~ i stil wan to say 对不起


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Monday, September 24, 2007

well ~ back blogging ~ hehe =p although its juz words .. budden no problem ! haha .. so sunday mah ~ i tink si han woke mi up lor ~ then saying abt go cut hair and such ~ then rdy and stuff le hor ~ went out to find him lor ~ then he went to eat .. after eaten he ask we realli going to woodland ? cuz he feel very lazy mah ~ then i say nvm lor .. teckwhye oso can cut ~ so he go find 1 salon .. [ant sis introz de] then cut lor ~ after finish cutting was tinking of going ant hse .. budden ant say lata see how ~ so mi and him went to pak lan .. lol .. then play wit siong oso ~ after tat .. go find tp and we went to ant hse .. intially wanted to wach 福满人间 .. budden ant wan to eat ~ so went down ~ then @ 145 hor ~ HH saw us ~ and call ant .. then i went in to sit and chat lor ~ until dey finish eating ~ vin oso came down .. yup .. so vin got some stuff from HH dey all ~ then all went to ant hse le .. then we go pak MJ lor ~ standard rite ? hahha =p so after everything rite ~ acc si han to take his lappy and he went to his auntie hse to stay ~ while i went home ~ then reach home le eat and reading other's blog ~ after tat play dota ~ then slp ZZZ

so todea monday leh ~ quite a weird day lol .. so woke up late ~ although got morning call from yoke and such ~ budden i tot i chg my phone status to normal le ~ wake up see it's silent .. Lol ~ then my bro woke mi up lor ~ after tat .. get rdy and such and went out ~ because its taking MRT ~ took it wif ade ~ then we complain tired ~ and i keep tempting her to pon hehe ;p budden nv lar ^__^ then reach sch and had lesson lor ~ during 1st break went to eat wit them .. after tat went back class and rest ~ lala ~ then 2nd break stay in class ~ got slp awhile cuz tired ~ then oso do work and such lor .. then after meeting all done ~ finish RJ and such .. went to find ade ~ went to her class and slp =.=' Lol ! then ondeh came over oso .. then stay thr to wake for minyi lor ~ then ant msg if i wan dinner ~ then todea i rejected sia T__T heart itchy ~ haiz .. then after meet wit yi liao hor ~ went to sch canteen and eat ~ then we went causeway de NTUC cuz ondeh checking for pricelist ~ some funni stuff happen all de way lar lol .. especially 1 part whr ondeh went to chg for $1 coin to push de trolley mah ~ then suddenly got a person push those hand carry de green carrie mahg ~ ten suddenly we burst into laughter lar ~ =.=" then ondeh come back ask why ~ then told her lor .. sayin she cant get coin then she push that ting out for us =.=" LOL! maybi see here not funni ~ budden the situation thr realli .. haha .. hilarious lar @__@ .. then walk around .. went to pasar malam ~ after tat went home lor ~ then eat and watch show ~ until 10 then bathe now come blog .. msg siong if wan dota ~ he say later abit =_+ then ask him if he wif ant dey all .. he no reply ~ so i guess his wif them ba ~ haha =p its mi choose not to go de .. so suan le ~ lata see how ~ weird day +_+


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Sunday, September 23, 2007

well ~ IM BACK ! haha =D okay ~ so on friday rite ? woke up then call my dad and told him to buy breakfast for mi ~ lolx =X then obviously .. i didnt went sch =.=" so hor ~ went to use my eldest bro comp lor ~ use abit ~ then zg dey all jio us dota ~ then troublesome i nid to make all the nesseccesry arrangement ~ haiz ~ after tat .. everything settle le ~ then evening hor ~ paw ask mi down to play pool ~ intially wannted to go out ~ budden nv go liao lor .. lol =x ~ then watch anime and show and blah blah ~ until 10+ i went to 10mile find them ~ wooo ~ all of them reach earlier then mi except vin .. hah =x then intiailly is play wif zg dey all ~ then they play wif others mah ~ so we play wif Ben lor ~ then actually along the way things happen lar ~ and i so fucking du lan =.=" dunoe izzit cuz of tat tat it disurb my mood =X ~ no lar ~ my lousiness cannot blame on things rite ? haha =D so lost badly ~ haiz .. nvm ~ after tat .. went back to 145 and chat abit =.=" then went home ~ i went home and watch tv ~ then orn orn =.=" .. well .. except that problem of not playing dota because of wad si han say and blah blah ~ i tink nth much went wrong ba ~ everything goes out quite well wif dem ~ =x

then todea Sat neh ~ woke up @ 10+ budden still bery tired ~ budden stil nid to eat and stuff lar ~ then si han told mi to get rdy lor ~ after dey done then go meet dem @ MRT station ~ then suddely he called again and say tp dun wan to play liaoz =.=" then tot of asking siong to dota ~ haha =p budden he juz wake up oso .. then si han call again and say tp playing once more ~ as in the competition lar ~ so get rdy .. blah blah ~ and went out ~ while on mrt .. were chatting and stuff lor ~ then reach thr ~ almost late for registration liaoz hor ~ we went to find taxi ~ out of so mani taxi onli 1 stop budden see us 5 pplz then cannot le >.< then until bo bian ~ we went to bus interchange ask those uncle for direction ~ then go wait for bus ~ then we reach East Coast Park le ^_^ then we were finding that lan-shop ~ cuz dunoe whr + no address ~ onli say near mac and blah blah ~ then walk-walk-walk-walk ~ then 1 uncle say its not far ~ and WALK WALK until all lyke sian diaoz liao lor ~ then we walk pass it actually budden didnt notice ~ so called again and @ LAST ~ we reach the destination .. budden the registraion time is lyke 2pm and we reach onli @ 3.30 lor =.=" miss the competetion ~ haiz ~ then since si han got vocher [ aniway thr play lan oso cheap chea i tink ~ full day 5bucks nia ] .. oki ~ then after tat we play lor ~ wanted to play irc ~ budden too lag for no reason ~ so bo bian =.=" then heng heng found 1 lan-draft ~ and lost oso .. haha .. oki nvm ~ then finish play le we went to eat mac ~ eaten le intially wanna go back .. budden si han say wan go 吹海风 .. so went over the beach then choeng last 401 and took mrt back lor ~ then @ jurong east i saw jeryl ~ and he hug mi .. lolx =x then went to mrt inside dey ask mi hu is he ~ y anihow bao bao de .. lolx .. actually to us quite normal ~ i mean not mi and him lar ~ juz actually i tink BVSS all fine wit it ba =.=" HAHA =p then took mrt back .. chat abit .. then sent them to LRT .. and off i went home ~ now bathe and blog lor .. hehe =p till nxt time .. ^__^ .. well todea mah ~ quite alot of bad stuff happening actually ~ budden oso alot fun stuff ba =.= .. letz see ~ during the draft rite ? tio scolding lyke 3 time ~ i tink tat 2 more serious ~ budden i not going to say wad happen lar ~ budden i feel very wad lor ~ wad did i do wrong ~ seriously ~ i dun feel de wrong of doing it la ~ if dey all realli lyke tat ~ then nxt time i see wad shitty stuff happen i oso dun go and do lar ~ kns 1 leh =.=" then nxt is tp say abt i ks stuff ~ plz la ~ although i noe i kill = i ks la ~ if fail to kill leh ? y i nv cast skill ? arh bo do tis oso wrong ~ that oso wrong ~ seriously lar ~ tell mi wad to do and i learn lar =.=" haiz .. then nxt is when go 吹海风 time rite ~ alot of joke and fun ah ~ then after tat tings still oki until they reach LRT ~ except vin ~ de rest wave bye bye to mi T__T ~ seriously .. turn a head and wave got so hard mah ? haiz .. take care ^__^这样交朋友吗?我要的不是这样,真的,我相信我应该没有这么烂。T__T


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Thursday, September 20, 2007

okay ~ so on wed mah ~ the most bored day ever i can get ~ lolx ~ i mean tis tis time round lar ~ seriously ~ i juz being a fat-ass and die my way wit my bed until dunoe wad time ~ then eat le play a game wif sam ~ then went back to slp ~ then wake up again still no 1 online T__T .. well .. then after tat dunoe do wad till 7+ .. i tink went out yi xia ~ then come back ~ then see tp online so ask him to dota ~ lol ~ after tat dota finish le play wif ant dey all ~ then after tat chat on msn lor ~ then after that =.=" went to watch 啊旺新传 last episode ~ its a reapeat anyway ~ and i CRY non-stop ~ so touching haha =D then after that ~ went to slp lor ~ =.=

then todea thurs leh ~ i ask yoke to morning call mi when he woke up ~ haha .. heard his voice lyke haven wake up yet oso =.=" alright ~ so after that prepare le went to sch lor ~ although woke up early ~ budden still reach sch oki-oki lar ~ then 1st break went to meet wif those gers to eat breakfast ~ then 2nd break went to transfer songs and such wif the harddisk and all lor ~ then until 3rd meeting end ~ went to ade class to find her and wait for the rest ~ after tat went to meet si han and went back tgt ~ then si han hlp us join a competition =.=" omg ~ lolx .. then mi and han went to lb to intially wanted to see how well we 2 can work together mah ~ then play a draft lor ~ then damn GG =.=" no fight LOL ~ wth ~ =X .. then do nth do nth ~ then i send si han home and took bus back ~ then watch tv eat dinner and everything ~ went to bathe ~ now online dunoe they wan dota mah =.=" so come blog 1st .. whoo ~ dunoe tmr wan go sch mah ~ or train dota since compe on Sat =.=" lolx ~ well .. till nxt time guyz ~


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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

so after sat slp and wake up le hor .. TP suddenly called over and say he @ my hse 附近 .. then i was lyke ~ umm .. lai lor ~ lolx .. cuz juz wake up =.=" then he came over le ~ then he use lappy watch 转角遇到爱 lol .. while i cheong all the bleach and naruto which i miss when the ODEX is catching lyke mad ~~ so watch ah watch ~ then dey still say wan dota or wad ~ budden nv ~ so abt 4+? went over to ant hse le lor ~ walk over haha =D then reach thr le meet wif si han oso ~ then intially wanna watch 福满人间 budden nvm ~ so we juz play MJ lor ~ then play ah play ~ then they went over pasar malam wif ant's mum and sis ~ then i went home cuz very eMo mah =.=" lolx .. then eat and wait and wait ~ until 9+ went over to ant hse again ~ then mj abit then si han and tp went back ~ si han go prepare mah ~ then tp oso ~ then i wait for han ~ after tat he come down liao went to tp hse ~ then wait siong call over we all walk over to 10mile to look for vin ~ after tat vin eating haha =D then eat hao le .. can play le ~ we go play dota lor ~ hmm ~ after tat ~ vin went tp hse ? then siong went home and mi and han oso went off ~

Monday wor ~ haha .. an interesting yet sad sad day ~ so morning went sch ~ haiz ~ gonna be late ~ then hor .. took mrt then when wan take bus ~ see the qeue ~ 吓死人哦 ~ lol .. full to the MAX lo ..then bo bian ~ walk up again and saw my dad .. cool .. then he fetch mi to sch ~ then @ agora wait for Fish ~ and went to class together ~ lolx .. then hor ~ 1st break went to find ade and gang ba ~ hehe .. cuz i saw my ex-classamte as a class went to eat ~ budden nv call mi ~ guess im out cuz i left the class wif my own personal matters ~ so .. went to library outside wait ~ then 21[u all wont noe hu de la] and mahyi was thr ~ then 21 no time le .. so bought sandwich eat le and go off ~ mahyi oso ~ then i was waking around ~ then @ last contact dao ade ~ she @ ITRC =.=" lolx ~ so after tat went to eat the sch RaMaN ~ YUCKS .. sux .. lolx .. eaten le went back to class lor ~ todea my teacher is DAMN LAME AND DAMN FUNNI LAR =D he broke the coldness of the ice in class .. haha =p then 2nd break ~ cuz si han wore slippers to sch ~ went to causeway to buy shoe wif him lor ~ then told mi that he lost his 1 1/2 month de time sheet ~ then he quite sad .. budden bo bian lar ~ then buy le went class do work and stuff ~ then mi 3rd meeting end fast ~ then stay in class until 4+ ba ~ then went out wif si han ~ then halfway rmb his shoe nv take ~ rush back to class and take ~ then walk out of RPC le found out laptop nv take ~ rush back cannot find ~ then i tink we went back and find for lyke 3 time or more ba ~ then oso went to RPC to report ~ then he damn damn sad laR ~ then after tat .. realli bo bian ~ haiz . walk out of sch lor ~ then halfway that RPC call and told him his lappy found =.=" THEN WE WALK BACK TO SCH ~ wah i damn tired lar -,-" then he so happi and say ~ the 600bucks fm timesheet nvm le ~ laptop is so much more impt ~ haha =p true lar ~ a laptop cost more then 3 month salary lar ~ for part-timer ~ then hor ~ i send him to his wokplace and i took bus back to find ant ~ then meet wif him eat dinner ~ after tat went to his hse and watch 宝贝父女兵 last epi ~ the show realli nice ~ budden the ending ish .. nth to say lor ~ SUCK SUCKS SUCK ~ lol .. then after tat went home .. online and got dota wif vin and siong ^__^ haha =p after slp .. y abit sad is cuz .. i msg 4 person ~ onli 1 person reply go whr play ~ then again no replY ~ the other 3 no answer @ all lar ~ although say siong and vin nv brg phone out ~ budden they wif ant mah ~ y dun wan reply sia T__T then after vin discuss dota stretegy wif si han ~ then wah ~ my msg sure got see lor ~ juz dun wan reply nia .. T__T suan le ba haiz .. dun wanna ask y nv reply ~ cuz the answer is standard de lar

so on tues leh ~ woke up late again =.=" lolx . cuz tired mah ~ then ask ade if wanna take mrt to sch together .. then sms ah sms she suddenly ask mi pon ~ lolx .. then she call mi liao went on taxi -,-" then i wait for her @ RPC ~ then reach le .. then saw yasmin oso ~ haha =p then she came in lor ~ then dicide abit ~ suan le .. lets juz pon ^__^ then went IT help-desk to do some stuff ~ after tat we went to eat ~ then 21 and 27 came down ? haha =p then we were joking and laughing lyke mad lar ~ i keep crying =D lol .. then after that ~ we went Kboxing lar ~ haha =p so fun ~ after tat .. stay till abt 3 then went off ~ then send them both home ~ and i went to find BL ~ went there and took a secret stuff ~ i tink no much ppl will noe wad ting lai de .. hehe .. its my realli secret =p after tat chat abit ~ went to find ant ~ then he was wif vin lor ~ then after tat went bought something ~ and go find stone table/chair sit and chat abit ~ then i tink vin abit "emo" la ~ talk to him he very "guai lan" lolx .. suan le lor ~ his every action always let mi feel lyke "get of my sight u sucker" .. oki ~ i noe maybi im tinking too much ? i dunoe wor ~ then send vin to bus-stop .. he went up le ~ then send ant back and i wake for bus lor ~ then reach home i juz went to slp zzzzz .. then 10 lyke tat paw called mi ~ and i was eating and chat wif him and such lor ~ then he was dota-ing wif siong/vin/ant ~ too bad i dun wan to online .. eMo sux .. lolx .. then after tat they finish le i msg siong ask if wan dota ~ he say going to slp le .. suan le lor =.=" then i come blog ~ then get song do stuff and everyting ~ tmr no sch ~ shall see how sian ~ byez guyz ~


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Saturday, September 15, 2007

whee ~ so thursday rite .. woke up liao .. then in the afternoon i msg ant ~ then oso told him im going his hse soon mah ~ then after that he say went fdirectly to lan shop lor ~ then i took bus ~ pass the basketball court ~ awww ~ how much i wan go find yoke they all .. Lolx =x then @ de bus - stop i saw them .. so rush over to find them and walk together wit them lor ~ after tat reach sheng siong .. some eat some didnt .. then went lan shop budden nth to play .. intially tot that we will be playing wif zhigang they all .. budden they dun wan to go 10 mile while we dun wan to go limbang ~ lol .. so after tat .. went to ant hse and play MJ ~ while wx play comp and vin play psp ~ after MJ .. paw and wx went back 1st .. then left the few of us ~ then went to eat dinner -,-" after tat .. eaten le .. siong went back .. i went home oso lor ~ cuz dunoe y ant suddenly dun wan alot pplz go his hse .. nvm ~ after done watching .. we went down to 10 mile again .. tis time round siong went to slp =.=" so luckily si han can make it in time .. then we dota lor ~ after game .. tp went back .. vin and ant went back oso .. then i walk back wifd si han lor .. then after everyting i went home ~ then door lock .. i stuck outside =.=" so went downstair and play psp till 5+ then went home .. haiz .. after tat did some stuff ~ abt 7 then i slp lor .. then 7+ siong oready woke up .. wth ~ lol ..

so .. slp abit .. i tink 2+ then wake up mah ~ then eat liao went back to slp ~ then contact si han ah .. siong and all lor .. then i went over to ant hse ~ after tat rot thr and thr and rot and thr Lol .. then watch tv and all ~ lol .. then tp came oso .. then hor .. weird sia .. ant was all along infront of mi .. then dunoe y hor .. realli dunoe y .. his specs is behind myt back yet i dunoe .. then i tink i destroy his specs le lor =.=" Lolx .. then intially he say cancel everything de .. dunoe y suddenlyu everyting oso okay liao .. lolx .. then went down to eat ~ then after tat buy bao went over to 10 mile le .. then hor .. went to play poool .. after tat pak lan .. then went back .. all of us came to ant hse to orn orn ~ except siong went back .. lol .. now waiting for si han ~ ba .. so .. cya guyz ~ end here =p

okay ~ so cuz no slot to slp le ~ we ask si han not to come mah ~ then vin slept @ around 5= while i slept @ around 6+ lor .. then @ 8+ rite .. wake them up and such ~ then get rdy le went to find tp liaoz .. budden too late for wad we had planned in the first palce ~ so no choice ~ then we went to eat breakfast lor ~ after breakfast .. went to play card game then i went home awhile ~ after tat went to ant hse again ~ then i slp ahhaa =p tired mah ~ budden juz close eye nima lar .. nv slp ~ then after awhile .. they stop their MJ then all come watch show le ~ after show rite ~ went down to eat dinner .. then siong and vin went back 1st .. then after dinner all went back .. intially wannted to meet @ ant hse de .. then no more le .. so yup .. now come blog ~ lata see if got go 7-11 or not .. not in the mood toblog ~ damn vex ~ cya guyz ba .. haiz .. another emo state is coming


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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wheeee ~~~ im back ^__^ hehe .. alright ~ woke up in the noon ~ lyke i say haha =p then i contact si han .. ask if vin they all got contact him not ~ then no .. then initially he wannted to come my hse de ~ after tat ant called mi ~ then change of plan ~ i went over to find ant they all ~ reach thr le left wx/vin/ant .. siong went off 1st .. haha =p so yup ~ wx was using comp ~ vin and ant was sleeping while i was psp-ing ~ after tat .. i go lie on the bed to psp mah ~ then vin saw le .. become he use to play it =.=" then ant oso wake up ~ haha .. then called siong ~ ask when he coming down ~ alright ~ then ant go cook up hotdogs for us ~ hehe .. after eaten and waste time abit ~ si han msg vin and ask him to go cini wit him =.=" then ant nid to go swansen wit his family mah ~ so .. mi acc vin went .. then we ask siong along oso ~ hehe .. reach thr .. intiailly say wanna eat pasta de ~ budde siong say too ex ~ so nv eat ~ then since han working ~ we went to check up on those lan shop ~ then saw a plce to eat AND because im damn freaking hungry =.=" we sat and order ~ "hor fun" "mui fan" "hokkien mee" .. when it came ~ w0w ~ its HELL DELICACY lar ! omg ! the food SUCKS .. and i repeat .. SUCKS to the max lar .. its hor fun weird taste ~ hokkien mee i no try ~ the mui fan .. LOL ! GG .. then vin was cracking joke all along while we were eating ~ then siong too engross to finish it [not to waste food] he didnt hear wad vin was saying ~ then we 2 were lauffing lyke mad lar .. take for 1 Eg
Siong: hor fun 没有 sotong 的
vin: 这里有三个sotong
pang: 后面还有一个

then mi and vin lauff until mad lar =.=" siong was serious abt the hor fun not having sotong mah ~ then vin was saying that no sotong cuz those went in to eat de are all sotong ~ aniway guyz ~ if u went to dolby ghourt ~ there's a shop name [Isle XXXX] dunno wad le .. plz plz .. dun get in .. Lol .. dun regret ~ Lolx =x man ~ so after eating rite ~ went to rush bus back to ant hse because all wan to watch 宝贝父女兵 hehe .. then watch finish .. juz waste some time .. then took bus home le ~ then reach home get some of my stuff done and i played dota wif siong le ~ after 1 game i went to eat ~ since he dun wan to play le ~ then yup .. now blog ~ sleeping soon .. hope tmr will have a fun day =.="

whee ~ todea im realli happi ~ i tink i got quite a very very long tiem then i nv reach until tis type of happi state le ~ serious .. i realli hope that things will go on lyke tis ? or rather i hope its not the "暴风雨前的平静" .. reason for mi being so happi mah ~ todea i get real close to vin liao lor =.=" hehe .. its has being dunoe how long i can get tis type of stuffy le lar ~ ever since the problem since April T__T .. so happi lar ~ maybi its because of the "new game" in my psp ba .. budden @ least while eating ~ he joke wit mi ah ~ then on bus will still talk to mi and such lor ~ wah seh .. how i wish its realli gonna be like tis le .. happi ^__^ .. lolx .. budden still sad on 1 ting ~ tat is the point where we still cannot talk abt every single stuff ~ maybi i realli nid to look out of everything le ~ haiz .. lets see how ba ~ budden if realli there's no choice ~ lets juz hope our relationship remain juz tis way .. =x take care everyone ~ haha =D bye~ sri ah . no pic hehe


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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

oh hi yo ~ haha =p well .. do up some stuff liao rite ~ i go fried the carrot cake from morning mah ~ cuz rush out then didnt eat =.=" then hor .. haiz .. i tot i pur the sweet sauce leh .. budden dunoe y .. not sweet at all .. then become salty =.=" lolx .. after eaten .. i too tired ~ went to take a nap ~ then i told si han to wake mi up when he finish gaming ~ keke =p .. so well .. after tat we both went to slp lor .. until abt 2+ woke up .. heh .. tats cute ~ no 1 contact him yet ~ he tried calling vin budden no answer ~ then we eat and watch show and stuff ~ after tat vin contact him le hor .. after awhile he bathe le then went to work ~~~ then mi leh .. hmm .. i online .. then after abit saw siong .. talk to him .. budden he sound angry ~ wah .. then i dunoe wad to do oso .. so yup .. after awhile play dota wif simon ~ hehe .. long-lost frenz ba =D then after tat .. DC-ed =.=" and i went to slp ~ 9pm woke up watch tv ~ then @ 10+ i wan go back to slp again .. ant called and ask mi if i wan to go down and hav dinner ~ i tot of a while .. then i say no and went back to slp again .. until abt 12+ i tink .. woke up then watch tv then come use comp .. haiz .. wad a boring day ~ dunoe if in the noon will anione call and ask mi down not .. haiz .. =.=

well .. let mi see .. dunoe y siong is so angry lor .. budden i dunoe is angry or wad leh .. weird weird de .. and i tink tis is de few time i ask to dota he would say dun wan ~ normally he would juz say later .. weird weird T__T .. then todea i tink is realli de 1st time .. i rejected going down to find them even though vin was down ~ when ant called mi ~ i pause awhile ~ then i heard their voice ~ budden i still said no ~ i felt weird during tat time ~ cuz i tot vin went back wif si han ~ didnt expect him to be wif ant .. was tinking ~ y nv ask mi down earlier leh >...<" haiz .. budden suan le lar .. for mi now leh ~ i juz felt that .. im a game kai kee ~ a close yet normal frenz to them .. hehe .. im not de 1 that dey can induge mi in those close conversation .. hah ~ am i not up to their standard ? then while watching tv rite ~ some of the scence was realli touching ~ and tinking back of myself ~ hah .. for mi rite ~ losing a best frenz is worst then losing a girl frenz T_T .. budden .. if the other party is happi ~ it will all be fine i guess >.<" .. lolx ..

juz some pic foudn in my comp ~ so juz post it up incase it so dead ~~ lala ~~ haha =p well .. Pon and Zi ~ quite a hot pic during 1 of the month tis year seh ~ dunoe y suddenly everyone is going crazy for tis 2 ~ budden their word realli had meaning ~ even if its juz a pic ^__^ .. how i wish someone would allow mi to hug them and cried ~ let mi cry my heartx out ~ haa =-p or maybi lyke tat sleeping pon&zi ~ lolx .. u noe ~ its nice to have ur buddies to slp beside u ~ because u noe that if tings realli will to happen ~ everyone will be able to take care of each other ~ haha =p sounds *ahem*ahem* .. budden plz! im not talking abt ani "dirty" stuff alright ~ =p

some words can be left unsaid ^__^


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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

well .. then i do my stuff ~ until around 9+ ba .. then went to slp .. after tat .. they called si han @ abt 1+? then we faster do stuff liao then cheong down to find them .. onli got vin and wx ~ lolx .. rite ~ so we walk over to 10mile and eat 1st .. after tat went to de lan-shop budden see no game .. until abt 4+ went to si han hse .. he chg to his working attire ~ after tat he go top-up ez-link and ta-da ~ vin and him went on-board ~ then mi and xiang oso went on board ~ then i reach home le .. play dota wif wx .. then trickster abt .. then i keep watching tv le ~ after tv .. slp awhile .. then woke up @ 11+ played dota wif siong ~ then si han came over and we 3 play tgt ^__^ .. then after done le .. siong went to study ~ i went bathing .. haha .. si han gonna bathe lata .. then do wad mah .. lata see how ba =p

hmm .. well .. another time for my own stuff hehe =D .. alright ~ so yup .. hmm .. let mi see .. i tink i will get on wif my sch stuffy 1st lar .. cuz found out my class le .. its W64Q i tink .. anione wif mi? .. seriously ~ because u noe .. haha .. yup .. and hey ~ my class iw W55K .. omg ~ so far .. dey are a bunch of active + very very get - together group lor .. intially there wasnt tat much of outing ~ budden until the 2nd term of the sem rite ~ dunoe y suddenly everyone gets active and keeps going out together haha .. budden im the O-O-O [odd-onoe-out] .. why ? the ans is simple .. because of my problem wif vin tat had oready made mi skip classes lyke mad .. i didnt had that closeness wif them le .. well .. i dun blame vin @ all .. because its my fault to begin wif ^__^ .. oki .. wont be posting ani W55K pic ~ too lazy =p budden i can say its another nice class to be wif ~ and sri guyz that i didnt went to the chalet ~ i was busying helping my fren to do some stuff T__T =x .. now lets go to individual ba ~ i hope i dun forget them =p

Zhao Yang => uncle .. the oldest yet still quite immature sometime haha =p no lar .. actually realli thanks alot for being so understanding lor .. seriously ~ its nice being wif u ^__^ big thanks!

Shirley => well well .. i will miss ur Where's the Link .. seriously .. u are so hype lar ~ lolx .. how i wish i can be lyke u =p no lar no lar =p lolx .. budden its nice being a team wif u ~ although u slack too =p but im more of a slacker then u .. lala ~ keke =D

Samantha => well .. dunoe if i spell ur name rite/wrong ~ budden dun mind lar =p hey ~ english pro ~ always speaking in english haha =p yup .. team wif u sometime ~ and its quite nice ~ hehe .. and the Miss Online-Shopping ger ~ man ~ u should save up sometime =p keke J/K ;p

Wei Yu => heh heh .. the Mr Fish ~ rmb Pish ? or wad .. from the It security ~ hehe .. u always kena that =.= okay .. sounds lame ~ budden duno wad to say abt u leh lolx ..

Fabian => well .. i tink i didnt chat wif u till the last few weeks of sch ba .. because of so "luckily" we team tgt .. budden i tink i miss ALL last meeting .. so PAISEH ah =.=" and sri that that time play dota wif my fren still nid tokeep u waiting for SO SO SO long .. intially tot u pai kia sia ==.=" budden u are frenly .. hehe

Hua Long => o.O didnt get ani near to u ~ until dunoe why suddenly u care abt mi .. realli thanks alot man ^__^ seldom got pplz will ask mi abt my stuff de .. thank tnkas ^__^

Wei Zhang => hey ~ u look old !! haha =p .. well ~ nth much to say abt u .. a hard-working guyz seriously .. hehe .. and thanks for always going down to buy stuff during break time ^__^

Alvin => hey ~ quite bro wif mi i tink .. i felt lar .. lolx =x budden i dunoe how u feel abt it .. lol .. budden u are funni .. java faci will give up on u man =p [fcuk u 1000 time hehe]

Zhen Yuan => o.O starting still okay ~ budden when i started distance from the class .. u distance from mi too .. thanks for listening to my granpa story tat time .. heh .. =D thanks!

Hwee Ming => WoW .. oso distance from mi @ late late time .. lolx .. rmb u keep chatting wif mi .. sms-ing wif mi abt my stuff ~ realli thanks alot man .. cuz tat time my fren gave up chatting wif mi le .. haha =p budden u didnt ^__^ .. thanks for giving mi courgae some time too .. hehe

Joan => sometime get bulli by mi because of ur phone =p hehe .. its cool man .. u are kinda kind .. and u TauGhT mi that there's a bus 903 to take .. hahaha =p thanks alot =p

Mcken => well .. 1 of the most handsome + coolest guy .. lol .. not cool lar .. budden cute and handsome =p lala ~ well .. always being nice to mi >.< sounds wrong .. thanks lot for being wif mi .. KEKE =p i wont forget ur darling always come to our class!

Lao Tsong => dunoe spell correctly anot .. miss blur ~ lolx .. u are cute some time .. from ur blurness in myu opinion lar .. hehe =p and u always bulli mi too i tink =.=" when i didnt do work .. haha ..

well .. i guess that's tat in my memories ~ if i nv put ani of u guyz down .. no worries .. u all will still be wif mi .. hehe .. THANKS W55K for being wif mi for the past 4months .. seriously .. a BIG THANKS!

woot ~ a pic @ last in my blog hehe .. hey .. got tis pic from deviant art webby ~ nice man .. i lyke the words .. Of Frens and Frens ~ and the pic .. shows their frenship ~ wow ~ realli nice lor .. how i wish mi and vin is still lyke that .. hehe =x my wish lar .. budden i dun tink it will ever comes true ~ of frens and fren .. hmm hehe =p letz hope =D HOPE that it will come true hehehehe =D

Its cool ~ well .. let mi see let mi see .. todea hor .. so happi sia ~ i tink 1st time alvin talk so much to mi out of allllllll those longs day ~ i dun mean the point where we sit down and talk abt dota ~ its juz that we could chat lyke last time .. serious ~ im so happi lor =p hehe .. budden i tink lar .. after tis holiday i cannot afford to let myself become emo tat much le lar .. because it realli affects mi soooo much ~ budden vin ~ i hope .. we can realli be like last time .. the point where i believe u are 1 of my best buddy of all ^__^

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Monday, September 10, 2007

well .. so after went home rite .. we kept dota all the way lar .. until 10+ .. then chat until 11+ .. all go get rdy le .. then my dad drove mi over .. so on the way i called siong and ask him to come down le .. then went outside his hse thr to wait ~ then call him ask him rdy lor .. after tat ask tp .. then he said si han went back le .. he preparing and stuff ~ then after tat .. was msg-ing wif da sao mah ~ then keep waiting and waiting .. then da sao said tp sleeping .. so i call him up .. then after awhile she say tp sleeping again !!!! WTH!! i was du lan lolx .. then i call si han .. then he contact tp lor .. after tat @ last .. siong came out .. then we go bread shop to buy bread cuz he hungry mah ~ then went under ant hse blk wait for them lor .. then all come down le .. went to take bus 180 ~~~~~ on the bus si han and vin was talking abt dota all the way ~~ lolx =D then discuss on strtegy oso ~ then reach swimming pool le .. went to chg ~ then went off to play !!!!! then dey keep bullying tp lar .. cute ~~ keke =p well .. after everything is done .. we went to ant hse ~ then some of us orn orn le .. then siong went to find *ahem*ahem* lolx .. after that .. everbody reach le .. juz stay thr and did nth? umm .. i tink mi and vin did nth .. the rest was playing MJ ~ haha .. then after tat went back le lor .. lolx .. then i oso went back .. then wait abit .. chat abit and slp ~~

todea leh .. woke up i tink @ 2+ .. then was watching show .. haha =p until they say wan to meet mah ~ then around 5+ went to find them .. then 6+ went to eat ~~ lolx .. then the rest didnt come down =.=" after tat tp came to find us then we went MJ-ing ~ then go home =.=" quite late i tink .. haha .. si han was @ myu hse mah .. then we play dota full day i tink >.< until now 6+ he went to slp .. haha .. then mi mah .. see how ba =p

i shall get on my stuff nxt time ^__^


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Friday, September 07, 2007

whee ~ back blogging .. alright .. so after dota and stuff ~ i went to bathe .. then eaten my dinner le .. i went over to wx hse downstairs .. cuz i nid to return his eye drop ~ then msg him no ans .. call him no ans =.=" then i called ant then he was wif them @ ant hse =.=" diaoz diaoz ~ well .. then went over to ant hse .. watch tv .. lol .. [see dey all play until so siao .. so gd .. i dun tink i can join in .. haiz] .. then after show ~ play abit mJ .. oops .. lost 2bucks T__T lol .. nvm .. then watch "The Lengendary Swordman" .. after tat .. went to eat supper ~ then went over to play dota ~ while ant went back and slp .. then finish dota le ~ sit sit around .. then went drink water again .. then back home le =.="


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Thursday, September 06, 2007

oh ~ so long nv blog in the afternoon le .. haha =.=" so yuup .. after tuss rite .. slpt le wake up le .. then han worked quite late mah .. so played dota wif him and alvin .. intially got siong de . then he gtg out wif xiao man .. then while waiting .. i felt that im realli an invisible man .. its more lyke .. i ask tings no 1 reply .. why? am i tht hard to communicate with? well . after tat .. xiang came to my hse .. then awhile later siogn call le then went off lor ~ then reach tw le i come back =.=" lolx .. then dota .. play a draft ~ lost dao siao =.="" .. haiz .. after tat .. tp came over find mi out =.=" then i say later lor .. then after tat @ nite .. went out lolx .. then go thr they finish pool le .. then discuss and discuss ~ then started playing draft .. without mi ^__^ dey almost win ~~ lolx .. budden de whole game ish realli realli funni lar >.<" after game we go eat .. eat le went to ant hse and MJ .. after tat go home orn orn lor .. hehe =p

o.O then thurs leh .. dayu haven end i blog 1st .. juz in case i forgot all those stuff >.<"" yup .. woke uo around 1+ to 2 ba .. whoo damn late .. lolx .. after tat had abit sms .. then siong called over and ask mi dota lor .. kk .. online le .. alot pplz online oso .. so all dota . until 6+ still dotaing lol .. nxt time then post wad happen after .. lol


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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

bØØØØØØØØØØ .. so mani days no blog liao lor .. almost a week .. haha .. guess got here and there forget again lar =.=" kaoz =p .. alright alright .. so on Friday rite .. its teacher day celebration ~ so i went down to bvss ~ omg .. i met them @ 7 all was late =.=" lolx .. then after eaten our breakfast ~~ then went over to sch lor .. then find jin xuan liao .. go to the hall and see performance .. then oso chat wif all those teachers ^__^ .. haha .. it wsas realli nice talking to those teachers again lor .. seriously .. i miss those days .. some more while we were walking around the sch .. [to see how much it chg] we were talking abot "those days" lol .. then got 1 place haven paint yet .. and we was lyke .. WoW .. so 怀恋 lar .. ='< .. now everyone grows le .. and had their own stuff ~ haiz .. lolx .. after tat rite .. we went to Westmall and eat .. then jx rode mi over ~~ haha =D then we sit thr for a very long time lar .. talking abt *ahem*ahem* Lol .. then until around 1+ .. i ask jx to bike mi down to 10 mile because they ask mi go play dota .. then reach thr le .. so full ~ and i was like being pang seh lar .. they had book comp and stuff ~ diaoz .. dunoe y still wan ask mi down .. nvm lor .. after tat tp came oso .. then play wif tp and such ~~ then .. tp went to dunoe whose bbq mah .. so left mi and vin and wx and sh and we walk to blk 16 thr to eat ba =x .. after that ant and siong came oso .. intially is got another dota game de .. then vin not playing cuz of headache ~ then the rest oso dun wan to play liaoz =.=" lolx .. after tat .. i tink is send vin back .. then we oso went off ba .. not very sure =.="

Then on sat .. i was woke up by vin phone =.=" wah .. was happi to see his num though lol .. then he ask if i wan to draft i tink .. [budden they got went sch .. teachers day still nid to go back sch de meh .. so weird] .. nvm lar .. then after tat .. went to 10miles ~ find them le .. then started playing i tink .. got mi han tp vin wx .. then after 2 games .. it was raining cats and dogs mah .. so we played again =.=" omg ~~ after tat .. we send vin off cuz he nid to go off 1st .. then siong and ant came .. then we went to play abit pool .. after tat went to eat i tink >...<" then after tat all gone off ba .. then GG .. nxt

i seriously forget wad i did on sunday .. haiz .. nxt time muz make a point to write down .. or do something to ensure that i noe wad happen on that day .. arh bo my blog weird weird de ..

oki .. then monday .. woke up liao .. feeling eye damn pain .. so called wx .. then ask him if he wan acc mi go see polyclinic ~ then he say his going to BB de private clinic cuz the medi thr is better .. intially got go wif him de .. then lazy le .. no $ oso T__T so i called HH .. ask him whr is he .. then his @ 145 wif de rest of the "Red-Eye GanG" LOL! .. seriously . all of us kena red eye dieses >.<" then went thr .. they finish eating le .. then i saw vin and si han and jie sen >.<"" ai yo .. they both oso thr .. lolx .. after tat .. went to see doc lor .. funni sia .. rendy de rm doc tink dun wan see him .. then waited so long then push him to 2nd flr .. Lolx =x after done wif all .. we go eat rojak .. then off we went back home .. after tat .. @ midnight .. went over to eat supper =.=" wif si han and siong .. then si han talk abt he treat vin and stuff ~ after tat went to play pool .. play around 30mins ~ si han desperate for dota .. so went down to play dota 1 game lor .. then after tat .. we went back le .. haiz ..

tues woke up as per normal .. after tat online and play game and stuff all de way .. cuz siong ask mi dota and such mah .. then saw tp/vin online .. ask vin if they were @ lanshop .. no reply .. most likely is lar .. budden SAD! y nv ask mi down leh .. even if im poor .. i oso wan to play lan de lar T__T .. haiz .. then after tat went to slp and slp .. until abt 11+ i went out to find them .. intialy got si han and mi and siong and ant to eat supper budden @ de end .. end up wif onli mi and ant nia .. after eaten .. went back home .. and play a dota game wif tp and si han and tp fren ?? weird .. lolx .. then now come blogging =.=" seriously .. im getting more and more emo ~~ i realli dun wan to tink of this kind of stuff leh .. seriously .. its hurting mi ah !!!! [nxt time then post abt my feeeels] lolx


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