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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Introducing another song to you guys, this song title is: 无乐不作
by: 范逸臣
The meaning of this song is that, no matter what you thinking or you wants to do, just put in your everything and have fun out of it, even if it's something impossible.
Don't let your life lead you, lead your life. =D




































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Okay, today woke up kind early ~ due to their training haha =D then prepare le .. jiu went down liao .. then bought cup noodles to eat ~ folo by some chit-chatting .. then play a match .. and wait for the rest of them to reach .. when they reached le .. started their training lor .. Anyway when doing punishment == I kena challage LOL!!! =X haiz .. this shows wad .. I'm not being respected by them siol =X [Emo] Somemore the punishment is reasonable lor .. should pass this team to coco LOL!! then i will sure kena be said again .. =.= .. then do things oso half half de =.= where is the team moral guys? .. forget it .. wan train or not is their utmost decision mah ~ well .. after training ended .. cahtted abit .. jiu went home le ..

reach home bathe and eat le .. jiu went to meet them folo by going to queensway == cab there when @ queensway shopping centre due to the rain .. then walk around .. looking for JJ shoe .. at the end buy le .. walk around abit more due to the rain .. then walk over to achor point .. then took shuttle bus to mrt .. then mrt back .. reach lot 1 .. go Watson buy the 1st aid kit .. then walk kiddy palace cuz eunice wanna buy something for her neighbour .. then went to 302 get food .. jiu went home le ..

reach home .. bathe and stuff .. eat and chatted .. then ly came my hse .. then we played a game of dota with yang friend .. Come on lar .. young kids talk dun so xia lan can ? .. went to LB after that .. so big rain =.- .. damn jia lat sia .. then went back le .. jiu chatted with yang .. then dota with simon .. then he gone again =.=" then he no play le .. i went to cook noodle lor .. eaten le .. come blog .. later dunoe will do wad .. tmr dunoe how oso .. STress ah =( bye


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One day I was looking through 立勇 music library in his phone, then found this song called {选择} By {林子祥 叶倩文}

The lyrics are below, I will color the very touching part, which mostly comes from the chorus.



















End of (*)











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Friday, February 27, 2009

Hate this thing lar.
How do you define close?
Do you have any wrong in the beginning?
I don't know I should be angry or sorry.
I'm just an invisible guy to you.
Why am I like that?
Can I forgive and forget? Or forgive no forget?
I xxxx xP [Maybe soon the word word will be out?]

Okay .. woke up le .. because of BB msg lol =X then simp oso msg mi .. emo =.=" then woke up dota with simp le .. jiu went out .. then simp forgot to take his road tax thing .. so went to his car .. then yang came down .. he drove to lot 1 .. after that he @ POST paying for things while BB and Co. reach .. then cannot find place to eat .. then Sean/Rainer/Bb went off le .. so we went over to BPP to eat MAC !!! Lol =x then bb wanna come but car drove off le =.= emo .. nvm .. eaten le .. went to harvey normen walk wk .. then simp wanna get a new desktop lol =X plannign soon .. and we went off soon ..

went to cosy corner to sit .. then awhile later they elft le .. i acc simp to wash car .. then went to lb buy beer for my dad .. jiu went home read abit ocmic .. then went down to court le .. then play a game .. Ly sprain his ankle =.= Awwwww =X after that i use my brute strength bring him to LBP LOL =X sadded .. then i went over to lb to get some stuff for him .. and get clutches for him too .. haha .. then went back .. didnt train .. let them polay match .. cuz [in game exp is impt]

after that play play play le .. went over to eat ~ see ly damn poor thing .. then eaten and stuff .. went off lor .. we slow walk home .. then send him off le .. then off i went home . bathe and eat .. then intially waiting for dota . but at the end dun hav .. so well .. ending here ~ bye

Hate thing feeling, don't know what is counted right for me now.


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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kan Pua Du LanIf I'm invis, tell me so, I will diam diam all the way.

Okay, woke up in the morning .. then lazy to play bball early in de morning .. so went back to slp after sms-ing ly .. after tat woke up le .. then went down to find by they all .. budden fail =.=" then they say coming my hse to xfer vid .. then okay lor .. they came le .. then chatted and use comp abit .. went over to lot 1 le ..

reach there . went to eat LJS .. then Eunice came .. then we eaten le went up to library and chatted ALL THE Way .. after that ly they all came .. then we cont. chatting .. not with ly they all though .. then they went to see girls jiu go eat le .. but we cont. chatting haha .. after that eunice went off le .. abit later we meet with ly they all .. then went back oso lor .. reach home le .. get rdy yi xia .. jiu went down court le ..

reach court le .. play match .. play play play play play Lol =X then rain le .. then we went over to mac cuz they wanna eat .. after that i play with de A.X.S machine .. lol .. then after that top up prepaid le .. jiu went home le ..

reach home .. bathe and eat and blah blah .. then after that msn awhile cuz alot of problem occur .. then soething occur make mi fucking du lan lor .. after tat dota 1 round le .. come out .. come blog .. then they continue to dota .. budden i dun think im dota=ing le .. bye ..

@ YangIF I'm invisible to you, tell me so, if things cannot be say, just say cannot say? Must diam diam keep talking to him, then I keep asking still no 1 care, until the end tell me 1 stupid excuse just to shun me off? FUCK IT. And I though we are closed, I don't know how do you define close.

Dunoe why Im always so hot-headed nowadays during @ night, haiz. Guess I will make a lot of people angry easily now. I apologise to those whom I made angry here.


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I really find this words meaningful, if you are somewhere lost about [Love], take a look on this few sentence. If you need a translation, tell me in my tagboard, I will do it.

















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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Today woke up by Jon called =.=" Funny seh == i tot its my alarm .. then i go end it .. then msg ring le then call ring agian =.=" Shock dao wo .. so liten le .. budden reject jon .. lol .. after went back slp again .. budden couldnt slp much lar .. then after that wake up le .. on comp .. do the uploading of videos .. DAMN ALOT OF PROBLEM LAR .. then watch tv and stuff .. then went out to meet My then meet ly and Co.

Met them @ library .. after that went over to LJS .. sitted awhile .. then they say sian .. cuz every time eat .. so went to kfc .. then bought and eat hao le .. jiu went back .. then turn back i go get mua ji ~ Lol =X after tat buy le .. took bus back lor .. went home .. prepare abit .. see it rain abit .. then BY no come down le .. so nvm ~ still went to court . then see quite a few of them there =D Lol ..

then i oso got play .. tired to play in the rain =.=" ahah =X after tat sit down chat le .. jiu went back play again .. play play play .. then 6+ le .. i think rain getting bigger or wad .. everybody went back le .. so mi yang ly and ph went over to mac sit .. then went to ABC get drink le .. jiu went home le ..

reach home .. bathe .. then online .. see vid not uploaded .. close everything LOL .. then dota a game .. then went out to meet simp and my cuz simp wanna eat .. at the end i oso got eat =.=" [went to yew tee food court] .. after thatn went home le .. jiu onlien dota lor .. play play play sms sms sms .. until now then come blog ~ 1240 .. going off .. tmr dunoe wan wake up early mah .. bye ~


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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Okay !! Today wake up unwillingly LOL! =X cuz im still damn dead tired .. but nvm lar ~ after all i did help MY train mah =D okay .. from wad i say .. went to LBP and help MY to train on his shooting .. with JJ of cuz =D hee .. then abt 11+ we went back cuz its too Hot then i went over My hse ..

reach his hse le help him do cooking =.=" 1st time i cook so many things in my life =.= but i suckS !!! Lol =X then JJ came over pass us 2 bball videos and Red Cliff 1/2 .. then after that we eat and watch lor .. then wah =.= si bei tired Lol =X anyway after movie .. wash those utensils le .. jiu get rdy and went out to LB for MY de photo taking session ~ lol =X then done le .. we over to Lot 1 there to find BB and co.

after meeting with them .. went over to LJS to eat .. only mi ly and bb ate nia .. then they were looking @ some Hillgrove girls LOL =X got 1 .. not that bad lar .. haha =X then after eaten and eveything .. nth le .. so went back lor ..

reach home le .. help my mum do online booking .. after that went down to court see got ppl mah .. no 1 there =.=" so get a drink and went back home .. then dota a game .. after tat went to bathe and eat and chit-chat Lol ..

after that leh .. dota a game with ly le .. then simp ask mi to go eat .. then acc him lor budden i nv eat Lol =X so after that done le went home .. get rdy le jiu dota == sIan ~ anyway after that chatted and blog abit .. then now 133 come here edit .. sleeping soon .. hope tmr will be a good day =D bye LY IS A BOMBSTER !!! Lol =p


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Monday, February 23, 2009

Okay .. today woke up 5+ .. then went down to wait for LY ~ WaH !!!! I so long nv acc him le lor =D haha .. then went to interchange le saw BB .. after tat went to yew tee do stuffs .. then took bus back home le =D then after that online .. transfer of data and stuffs .. still not done wor .. haha .. then sam asked mi for a game .. so played abit .. 10+ le we went out to meet ..

then we go lot 1 de food court .. the couple eat .. then mi ate dessert .. then after that shop ah shop .. then after tat waited awhile .. then they went back le .. so i went to lib .. after tat read books le .. Ly they all came =.= kaoz ~ So slow .. Ly doesnt know how to reply sms 1 lor =.=" Kaoz lol .. after tat rush down to mac cuz the Macvalue Lunch gonna end .. then ate abit .. saw Michelle and friends .. then after that when wanna go home that time .. it rain =.=" so took bus .. then halfway down de road .. SEan went down =.=" Then we follow suit .. liew ~ the rain hadnt stop .. and its getting bigger and bigger .. so after tat sean get food le .. waited abit .. then rush here and ther e=.="

@ the end went to DX hse .. then watch him play dota .. damn funny lor =.=" SWT !!! LOl .. after tat they wanna go back le .. i oso went home lor .. reach home le .. dota a game .. after tat went down court .. chatted wth jon .. then My cae le .. went to ABC to get things .. then jiu went home le .. then no dota after that .. went to slp awhile .. 8 jiu watch "CAmpus Superstar" and eat dinner .. haha .. after that online lor ..

online le played a game of dota .. then opp left =.=" then BB and Ly went study .. so i chatted abit .. then after that saw LY online .. he said come online to listen song and study siol ~ POwer him .. i think i slp-ing early today .. damn freaking tired .. ZHAO ~

The SPecial hair i made after i bathe lol

MY with his new "specS" on .. plz take a look @ the word on top

BB with his new "specS" on .. plz take a look @ the word on top

LY with his new "specS" on .. plz take a look @ the word on top

At the end ~ THe 3 of them took a pic together ~ And last but not least ~ The word is what they wanted !!! ahahaa =p


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Sunday, February 22, 2009

tmr post (pang is so MA FAN-written by simon) - [Simon sucks ! i must coloured his sentence because its so "Special" ahhhh haha =p .. THanks bro]

Okay .. Sunday woke up le .. then dily daly awhile .. went out to meet LY .. then BB came and we went LB to eat .. after that went to mac and study (I use comp) .. then MY Sean and JN came le .. stuy abit more .. then we went over to MY hse le .. see them dota and stuff here and there .. then 6+ we went off and they came my hse ..

reach my hse .. watch abit tv .. then JN wanna slp .. so went into room =.=" then play play .. after that cook noodles for BB and Sean to share .. then they eaten le .. went into room again ~ then play "BED WAR"!!!!! Lol =p so fun lar .. and tiring .. then abt 830++ then they left le .. so i went to bathe .. then went to my bro comp and play dota ..

after a game .. didnt play le .. went out to eat "dinner/supper" while watching [million star 4] .. then after that my dad bought Satay back ~ haha =D .. then after that went to slp @ 1+ 2 like tat ..

I cant get to slp sia .. was thinking abt some stuffs .. haish ~ Lol =X


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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Woke up @ 930 like that .. then prepare le .. went down and saw Ly and Cs .. wah ~ after that more and more ppl came .. then until sean come le .. they started training .. anyway training didnt do much .. because alot ppl wanna go back study =D so yea ~ training ends around 12+ and we sit down @ void chatted abit .. then went home le .. [Sean cousin Ryan got come ahha =D so long no see him le]

reach home .. online le .. then see like no ppl dota =.=" then ask simon to play lor .. then play play until abt 4 like that .. i wanna go slp mah .. then saw MY online .. chatted le then he jio dota .. so ask others to dota .. then play until 540like that .. ben lai Ly wanna play .. budden i jio him go lot 1 and he agrees .. so i went out @ 630 to meet BY and LY ..

met them le .. talk to them abt my phone bill [$88 after all the minus .. wth sia =.="] then went to food fair to eat lor .. and talk abt bball too .. it was kinda funny =.= .. while we were eatining .. the 2 seats outside was taken .. then BY say .. pang .. no place to go out le =.=" Lol =X then we were like waiting for ppl to leave lar .. then talk bball halfway .. BY saw ppl leave le .. we faster went off oso =.=" lol .. after tat went over to sweettalk to get bubble tea .. then jiu went back le ..

after tat my fren come my hse .. then let him paly dota cuz the area not big mah .. play play play .. then PH talk to mi abt the basketball competition things .. hmmm .. maybi its time for mi to do some email le .. anyway after that chatted abit .. then i dota 2 games like that .. then come here blog lor .. going off le .. byez

Tomorrow stress ah, sentosa so sian lor, really dunoe should I go or not.


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Friday, February 20, 2009

Okay ~ Today woke up .. then watch the DVD lor .. then watch and watch .. didnt want to leave .. so was thinking of going to MY hse @ 12 cuz he asked mi to go his house to help him do de form thingy mah ~ then well .. i went out @ 1215 then he said no nid come cuz too alte .. so went back and watch again .. after tat go out wait Yang lor .. his slow ~ LOl =X almost always late =p

came le .. went to lot .. then met Ly and Co. @ Lib .. after tat they like dun wan go like that .. then at the end cannot pursuade LY .. so he and Bb played DSPS ~ Lol =X then BB won so LY bo bian nid to folo us =D then train to bugis .. and went to bugis street ~

walk aroudn .. then at last foudn that shop for their "specs" le .. went to look lor .. "so long" Lol =p no lar .. then i was looking @ the wallet there .. not bad leh .. budden i really dunoe want change mah ~ Cuz this wallet is from Ade they all de mah .. lol =x budden anyway i scare the quality there not good .. so in the end didnt buy it .. then took photo le (Upload it nxt time) .. then went off lor .. intially wanna shop for watch .. budden see Ly they all so tired le .. suan le ~ lol =p train back ~ joke joke fun fun lor =D AHaha =p

reach lot le .. went to KFC and eat .. then Ice war again .. but this time round not much ~ well .. after tat went back le .. BoonBing Owe Me $4 LOL =X then watch tv .. prepare le .. went down court ..

reach court .. see alot ppl .. then after that shoot abit .. just when about training .. ppl jio match .. so play lor .. play play play and then no training today ~ but well ~ its okay lar .. then chatted with simp and yang and ly .. and ly is learning how to dribble ~ JiaYou wor Laodi ..

after that went to LB de food court eat .. then weijie came too .. then eat and chat chat chat .. laughing like mad oso =.=" cuz talk abt wad mahjong use mouth play =.=" WTH!!! after tat done le went home ..

bathe .. onlne .. then simp nv play =.= then ly cant play .. and bB tired .. =.= so at the end played with MY a game .. after that come here blog lor .. going off to watch tv eat and slp .. bye ~ Sorry

Wah, see Ly de nick I'm like, ummm, 1 of the cause-r seh, let's hope he simmer down although he said that it doesn't link with me, because I talk about Dota while he talk about Basketball.
Anyway to Ly, no matter how pro they are, there's always a weakness in them, so aim on that weakness and breakthrough them =D Jyjy


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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Junhao

okay .. woke up .. then after that watch tv .. then go DIG the dvd out cuz i really wanna watch =.= then watch 1 epi liek that .. msg here msg there .. then at the end no go out eat .. sucker ! lol =X after tat also nv online leh .. so cont. to watch that dvd .. then abt 5+ le jon ask mi down .. so went down .. and pass him de bball ..

after that went MY hse .. do nth .. juz chit-chat .. then 6pm went hoem to feed doggy ~ after tat went down and go to MY hse again .. then dota 1 game .. eat cup noodle .. chit-chat .. thjen 7+ went off le .. reach court no ppl =.=" haiyo .. then went home le He machiam treat mi as invis

reach home .. bathe le .. then played a game of dota budden host left i think .. after tat BB went to eat .. so i went to eat and watch tv lor .. after that abt 9+ came back .. then waited awhile .. dota .. and oh yea ~ Simon is back .. Lol =X anyway game a few game le .. come here blog liao lor .. goign to offline le Lol =X buaiz

Liyong no care mi de Lol =X i joke with him he nv joke back de .. only joke with BoonBing .. EmoEmoEmo .. ='(
I think bcause of my age I recieve too much respect .. or maybi its cuz i dunoe how to joke with them ... hmmmm ~ muz [jian tao jian tao zhi ji liao]


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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Okay, woke up at 10+ in the morning because quite a few msg came in .. and i dunoe why i cant go back slp .. so wake up le jiu watch Tv all the way until like 1? Then see comic le .. jiu went down ~ BB JJ and MY came later on .. then went over to alightning point to meet Ly and Co. .. lol .. after that went to eat at LJS =X then were like chatting and chatting and stuffs lor =D hahaha .. then BY and JJ went off 1st .. then played ice war again =.=" haiyo ~ then after that walk arond lot 1 .. then JJ came le .. jiu went off le ..

took bus 1 round .. then reach back le went over to LY hse to see his dog .. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW .. SO FEAKING CUTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wah piang .. nth to describle lol =x some more so active .. argh .. shes so cute .. Lol =X anyway play paly paly le .. time for her to shit .. then put her into cage le .. mi and yang jiu went off le lor .. reach home .. cont. comic abit .. then went down to court ..

go 514 see le jiu went LBP .. then match a game .. jiu let them train .. wOW !!! today did it nicely =D haha =X guess they know was is pressure shooting le .. =D and form shooting .. anyway .. then they play full court with others .. then left Ly/My/Sean and mi .. chat abit .. then went off .. budden just as we were rdy to zhao .. sean said he lost his SIm Card =.=" and we went back to find lor .. find find find .. just as we were to give up .. Found it lying on the grass =D Phew ~ Mr. Sean Yeo, you must thanks your 老哥 me for helping you find your Sim Card, Don't lose it anymore.

So after that went to mini-mart .. get a drink le we jiu went home le .. reach home .. played with my dog .. then went to bathe .. then online .. get rdy le .. dota a game and few mins later i DC >< Wth =.=" haiz .. after that come here blog lor =D Lol =X later i think still got dota .. tmr dunoe got eat lunch mah ~ I wan do shopping ah!!! Lol =X bye

I bluff my dog for chocolate to took this cute pic =D

This is Liyong's dog .. so cute hor =D So white some more =D

Jiajun de SWEAT !!! Why got design de .. so cute Lol =p

My dog sleeping so soundly =D
Ready ~ Fight Oh Fight Oh!!!!

Warm-up properly guyz =D

Took when MY is at Vivo with me and Simp



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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Well well .. woke up @ 11+ .. cuz i was thinking of breaking my losing streak for dota =.= haish .. then went to watch TV 1st .. after tat online le .. played de 1st game .. then got leaver .. sucker !! 2nd game i won !!! YES YES YES lol =X oh well .. after tat went to watch tv and ZBL until like 4+? then went down le ..

reach there .. no ppl sia .. ALL LATE .. haish .. after tat came le .. more and more ppl =.= then they play match and stuff lor .. after tat juz as training started .. other ppl play full-court .. fk =.=" then after tat when they ended .. Sean and My went to sent Jaynice back .. and came back 50mins later .. WTf ><" cheat mi and Ly sia .. Lol =X say send her to bridge nia =.= ZzzZzzZzZzzzZzz .. anyway came back le .. do some dribbling and shooting .. went home le ..

reach home jiu bathe lor .. bathe le jiu online .. then waited awhile while having dinner .. then dota .. LOST AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!! ><" haish .. then now come blog while waiting for simp .. Lol .. i think later dota another game or wad .. jiu zhao le .. buaiz .


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Monday, February 16, 2009

Okay ~ Today woke up early .. then pee le jiu go back slp .. muahhahaa =X after that 12 wake up lor .. hmmmm .. then watch tv all the way till 2+ then went out to meet My .. after tat went over to popular to waste time walk walk while waiting for Ly they all .. then they come le .. jiu went to food court to eat .. intially went food culture budden dun wan at the end lol .. then eaten le .. chit chat and stuff .. bought ice-cream then chit chat .. then took bus home le ..

reach home .. played a game of dota .. then initailly still got training for them budden all rejected .. so didnt start 1 .. then went down court to play play .. then after that went LB with yc / nigel / My .. then bought drinks and stuff .. jiu chatted abit lor .. after that went home again

then went home le jiu get rdy for dota .. then played a game budden i DC .. so come here to blog .. later is eat / bathe / dota again Lol =X hmmm .. well ~ i guess thats it for today .. haha

Wah ~ Jaynice de aunt treating her and sean to eat on wEd .. then they invited BB and LY .. no me and My de share .. =( Sad-ed =X
TOtally cannot make it lar =.= after the game i play with Simon on Saturday .. there's no game i won ever since from sunday till now .. its like WTF!


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Sunday, February 15, 2009

wEll well .. today woke up le .. then call here call there then sms here sms there .. trouble sia .. then discusss everything oki le .. online then play a game of dota ~ then went out to meet MY and to find them le

meet Jaynice and Sean and BB @ lot 1 then after tat went over to library cuz they wanna study ,.. then do abit work le went to LJS to eat .. after tat went library again while Jaynice and MY went to get Sean's present .. then Ly came le .. go walk walk see specs and stuff .. then done with everything le .. at the end went to MY hse ..

reach there .. awhile go buy cup noodle .. then went back to cook and eat while Sean maple and the rest of us chit chat lor .. then 8++ went home .. reach home le bathe .. then online .. chatted abit .. waited abit .. then dota .. kaoz =.= so suay . this few days de dota game all lost .. haish

anyway .. i going to end blog cuz going watch tv .. lol ..

Was going to watch TV, budden my mum came back and took the TV away from me, and i cant watch >< ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ .. then read through the bball drills and stuff .. after tat played a game of dota with MY .. lol .. no feeling de game .. dunoe why .. starting still chi ji .. budden mid game jiu sian diao le .. nvm nvm ~ lol =X sleeping soon .. bye ~ (Oh yea ~ Cuz Ade got things on .. so tmr K cancel .. =X)

Paiseh to the Turtle country people for not attending the outing today.

Paiseh for mis-understanding you this morning too, Mr Lai laodi.


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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine Day !!!!!

WHee ~ woke up damn tired sia .. Saturday today .. then prepare le jiu went down .. then only Ly there mah .. then he shoot i catch rebound lor .. then PH came le we play ABC .. after that more and moe come .. they play match while i sit down lor .. after that at last jon and sean and nigel came le .. wear shoe le start training =D

didnt train much ~ just abit basic and matches all the way .. then done le jiu sit down chat abit .. then discuss hao le .. jiu come home and bathe .. haha =X lata will be going out with them to pass all our lonely V.day ba .. =( .. Ly PS mi dota T__T @ Court ask him want dota he say see 1st .. come back he dota with BB nv wait mi >< EMo!!! Lol =X .. Dear Mr Lai .. my comp on slow lar ~ so nxt time plz wait mi or msg see if i want play mah ~ dun just play like that lar =(

Anyway .. played a game of dota with simon ~ then wanted to slp awhile but see the time .. diao .. no much time =.= so bo bian .. watch a bit of comics then i get ready le .. jiu went out find them .. then meet them le went to lto thre to find and wait for the rest .. after that bought FR for the 3 girls in our group Lol =X

bus to JP .. then they walk aroudn for sports stuff .. then mi and sean went to get flowers for Jaynice =.= Joker lar sean .. waste my time =p Lol =p its okay lar dude .. anyway after tat .. meet the rest le .. went to find things eat but WAHKAOZ ! EVERYWHERE ALSO FULL .. WTFBBQ =.=" then after a long long long time .. we decided to buy the $2 nasi lemak set and eat outside .. and i belief everyone bought set + alot of stuffs LOL =p .. eaten le Sean Jaynice and Yang went back .. for further details abt them .. go to sean blogs haha =p

as for us .. went over to startbucks coffee to drink .. i bought the Ice Chai Tea Latta .. KNNBCCB =.=" I DRINKING MEDICINE AH .. wah .. then lan lan as it cannot be drink by mi .. we play Zhong ji Mi Ma .. then i still kena alot of time .. sob T__T BoonBing u tis sucker !!! lol =p kidding lar .. anyway .. we talk alot abt bball lor .. then after tat late le .. so we bus back to lot 1 .. on the way still bball .. then went lot 1 mac sit awhile oso bball stuffs LOL (Including alot of rubbish =p) .. anyway after tat they bought beer le .. and we went home =D

reach home bathe le .. jiu come over here blog .. i htink later got dota .. budden i damn tired =.=" I NEED SLP .. buaiz


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post for Friday .. Lol =X Cuz late a day le mah T__T

Anyway .. woke up and play dota with MY .. then after tat meet him and BB and Ly @ lot 1 and ate mac lol .. eaten le Ly go TOOT =.=" then after tat went home le i go over to MY hse .. then he play dota while i watch him paly lor .. then 4+ i went back ..

reach home slp le .. wake up preapre jiu go down le .. then after tat went LPB for their training .. didnt train actually cuz pinos came early and they played with those pinos .. oh well .. after tat went to LB and buy drinks and MacChiken .. folo by chit-chatting and stuff .. then came back home le ..

came home le bathe and made supper .. then come blog and chit - chat lor .. Lol =p buaiz ~ Emo lar ~ Ly never come my blog see and tag de !!! Lol =(


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Thursday, February 12, 2009

today woke up by a call .. forgot from who le lol =X then after that reply sms ah blah blah .. on comp then use use abit and sms lor =D after that phone my module head and chatted with him about my next semester .. then after that went out to kiat hong there to meet BY le ..

waited for him like 20mins ? then eh came le .. went over .. then just as we were waiting for BY to cut hair .. Eunice came .. then chat chat while BY cut lor .. after tat went over to lot 1 de KFc . then chat le jiu order food .. then eat halfway .. JJ and those Teck Whyien came lor .. they didnt eat .. done with the eating .. went back home le lor ..

prepare le .. went down to court .. then play match .. play play paly =X si le .. too lousy le .. after that cuz of stomach ache .. then chatted abit .. jiu went home le ..

reach home le jiu bathe =.= my bathe that shower thing got problem . .NB =X haish .. then bathe hao le .. jiu on computer .. then chatted and awhile later played dota .. then dc le come blog LOL =X continue to dota and dota .. alot of problem here and there Lol =.=" then after that chatted and surfing net from 11+ due now come edit post haha =p nitez

Ly ask mi diam T__T LOL =X Today weird leh ~ again 忽冷忽热 .. stress ah ~ cannot emo ah =D haha =.=" swt swt ~ budden maybi due to my un-socialise behavior .. i cant get close lol .. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Told my module chair im not sad anymore .. budden not really leh =.= Lol =X haish .. Alwyn: You think too much ..
Say before le shouldnt care too much, should really dun care lar. haish.


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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

woke up at 9+ .. wanna go back slp de .. but lazy lar .. so online .. surf abit net .. then play a game of dota .. after tat meet MY le then went to lot 1 to meet BY .. and we went to eat LJS .. after tat inside there chat and chat lor =D abt bball things .. i think find 1 day go coffee bean or wad then sit down drink kopi and chat better =D hehe [maybi after their exam]

after that went over to MY hse .. watch replay .. then play with his photo editor =D hee .. then after that try the tag game =.=" kaoz .. then do his internet .. until abt 4+ to 5 like that .. went down to court lor .. not much ppl .. then jon jc and yc came too =X lol =X match abit jiu went off le ..

reach home .. prepare le .. jiu went down find MY .. after tat train to clementi [again] =.='' then wait for simp .. kaoz .. so long Lol =X then he came le .. went vivocity .. then walk walk shop shop lor =d haha =X at the end buy his V.day stuff le .. went to harbour front hawker centre there to eat .. lol .. then went home le .

reach home jiu bathe .. then after tat come online .. while waiting for dota .. i blog 1st =p later i think ish dota .. haa .. buaiz ~


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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Woke up kinda early ~ like 9? Then wash up and ate breakfast =D

done le .. preapre jiu went out le lor ~ then met MY le sit and talk cock with him .. after that simp came le .. went to orchard the party world =.=" haish ~ Tired dao ~~~~~ i sing like 2-3 song i no voice oready lor .. Emo T__T Pek Cek lar =.= haish ~ MY really go in see us sing lor =X lol ~ he sang a few song lar .. after that inside until 2 le .. went to shop around Orchard ..

walk walk walk for simp the stuff .. after tat went to cini eat BK ~ then walk around again .. haha =D then after that continue to walk until 4++ .. then went back to court .. sit awhile .. shoot abit .. didnt play match .. then abt 6+ went off lor =X

reach home jiu bathe le .. now come blog .. later should be dota and dinner =D haha =X dunoe will be coming back mah ~ see how lol =p


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Monday, February 09, 2009


Okay, Friday neh ~ woke up late late =D hahaa .. then do this do that lor .. then after that went over to clementi sports hall .. bought mac on the way .. went to see USS and TWSs play .. saw Randy they all oso .. haha =D .. chatted abit .. watch .. oso got take vid lar .. vid will be posted on the other blog soon ..

after that .. went back .. paly and sit abit .. then go home prepare le .. went down to LBP for their training .. same stuff =D then ppl came to take over court Lol =X no lar .. is just that i ended quite early ..

after tat went over to LB to eat and celebrate JJ de bday =D haha .. Happy Birthday Mr Goh Jia Jun .. after tat bought drinks then at the corner there chat and stuff lor .. abt 12+ went home .. bathe and eat and awhile later jiu slp le =D

See the bday boy =D haha


Sat neh .. woke up .. prepare prepare .. still tired =.= then went down to train them ~ train train train then after tat Ashley came to see see look look =D haha ~ then done le went in to sit down talk awhile .. jiu went home .. prepare le .. went over to Wei Jie hse le ..

wah ~ alot ppl siol .. then see them play taidi .. then i eat eat .. then after tha abt 4+ started to play MJ .. haha .. @ the end lost wor .. then they went to play pool while i met simp and he went mac to eat ..

after eating .. went over to bball court sit down talk talk talk .. then went home le .. reach home i think play a game of dota .. jiu gone le >< Lol .. went to slp soon after =D haha ..

Pump Pump haha =p


Woke up by their call .. ask mi play dota .. then done le .. went out to eat brunch with simp .. then we go bai tai sui =D .. must rmb nxt year nid to huan shen .. after tat .. call here sms here .. then went to my hse lor .. my hse got ppl le mah .. then play MJ .. after that Jaynice and Pengheng came .. so simp play while i stick with them lor .. after tat Jaynice went off awhile .. then i play blackjack LOL =X not in luck lar =X haha =X

after tat some other came .. then those kiddos came too =D Lol =X then they oso got play lor .. then play play play until like 6+ ? went to eat dinnner .. hungry like dunoe wad Lol =X then eaten le .. outside chit-chat and stuff lor .. haha =D after tat drink liquor and blah blah .. done alot of thing lar =D haha .. then Sean and jitChin went back le .. My and Ly came lor .. then they play blackjack outside .. Ly cut 2 time both time let Simp tio blakcjack .. ahaha =p after they play .. they chage to taidi mah .. then i went in help my mum to play lor .. then lost like mad .. banker soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wang =.= haha =X

after that late le .. all went back .. simp oso went bakc .. then he went off le .. juz as i wanna watch tv .. he call and ask mi to send him gome cuz he "zui le" LOL =x went down .. talk to him .. "sayang" him .. then let him voimit blah blah .. @ the end he can move le jiu "fu" him back lor .. wah =.= TIRED DAOOOOOO ><" damn joke lar him =.= wan smoke to touch the fire area =.= then wan put key canot put .. press life press bu dao kekex =p ..

anyway after send him back .. went home bathe le jiu rest yi xia .. then slp ..


today woke up @ 9 .. then online do this do that lor .. then BB jio lunch mah .. so okay lor .. then after tat done le .. go down wait for MY .. he came le we went alghting point find them .. then went library cuz waiting for sean ..

then @ Library they copy chem lor .. after tat sean came le .. went to LJS to eat .. then play ICe War again =D haha .. after eaten .. went to MY hse .. then play dota there .. Sean Jaynice and BB went off soon after =.= then LY came lol =X then he lpay dota .. after tat abt 5+ went down to court lor ..

reach court .. play abit .. then eat cup noodle .. then after tat went back le .. LY came my hse to get harddisk .. then watch video oso .. then after tat he went off le .. i went to bathe .. thne online eat and dota lor =x then do alot of stuffs le .. jiu cme here blog cuz alot day nv blog mah LOl =X

Hectic week lar =.= somemore sooooo no money de .. must think of a plan le LOL =X below would be picture time =D haha .. buaiz ~

Galaxy .. got from Net .. nice mah?

My cousin bdayt .. then took pic =D haha

A pic my dad draw de =D lol .. its at my living room .. dunoe nice mah =.= but just take and post lar

1 of a pic took last sunday when they all were @ my auntie hse there bbq-ing =D haha


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Thursday, February 05, 2009

blog blog ~ Lol =X

woke up @ 10++ ~ then jiu watch yi tian tu long ji ~ until 2 like that .. went out find BY .. then we walk lot 1 for 1hr ++ juz to find that JJ present ~ [Mr. JJ, plz repay us LOL!! Kidding lar kidding lar =p] anyway ~ after that Eunice came .. cont. walk around until those kiddo ly they all come ~ then we go food court eat =D

Eaten le ~ went back liao .. then prepare le ~ jiu went down to court .. play abit ball nia mi ~ then see show the chinese combo [he hao lan wor] LOL =p later tio scolding =p after tat just sit there ZBL lor .. then sms simp =.= think he still angry with mi Lol =X anyway after that went over to LB to get drinks le .. went back meet Ly and go back le ..

reach home bathe le ~ jiu online ~ then after that chat chat all the way until now i come blog ~ lol =.= talk more on bball ba ~ hai yo ~ anyway ~ chao ~~~ maybi go dota Lol =X Buaiz


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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

haiyo ~ today wake up damn early ~ cuz intially wanted to accopamny ly to interchange de .. then didnt =.= then was thinking .. ask him help mi buy breakfast =.= Lol =X but impossible lar .. then lie on bed .. then 730 like that wake up and watch yi tian tu long ji ..

all the way until 11+++ then read abit comic jiu went out meet MY le .. then went to mac to eat .. then chit-chat le .. jiu went over to clementi sports hall .. then watch abit game le .. ly and gang came .. then cont. watching .. then TWSS won ZHSS ? i not sure which sch .. and they fang shui sia .. lol .. then greenridge VS fajar .. i watch halfway fall aslp LOL =X game ended .. went over to lot 1 then mich and sean eat .. then went back le ..

raining mah .. then reach home watch 1 epi le .. then went out to court ~ then play abit game le .. rest .. then simp came jiu acc him go eat dinner ~ he eat i watch and we chit-chat LOL =X then went mac he eat agian >< shen jing bing de da wei wang LOL =X after tat went back home le .. jiu bathe ..

bathe le jiu come online .. then dota le ~ then quarrel le ~ dunoe wad will happen again .. haish ~ then jiu now come blog lor ~ Lol =X 事事难料啊...


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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

morning woke up ~ kind of late le =D haha ~ 12+ lor .. then wake up le jiu watch yi tian tu long ji all de way till 3+ 4 like that .. then use comp le jiu go down play bball .. hmm ~ nth much happen @ court .. lol .. just noe that keep playing and playing nia .. then abt 630 jiu went back le ..

reach home .. msg yang abit .. then went down to find him again .. then waited for simp le .. went LB to eat dinner .. then went ABC to buy drink le .. jiu came home le ..

reach home le then bathe .. now ome blog .. i tink later going to play dota ? and watch yi tian tu long ji agai Lol !! bye / Brb >< ahah =p


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Monday, February 02, 2009


woke up kinda late ? lol =X then just keep watching yi tian tu long ji until 355 .. then meet MY then wanting to go lot 1 that time .. Ly called .. so meet le Ly then go find them lor .. affter tat Ly and Sean cut hair while de rest of us wait outside .. done le .. we went to lot 1 to walk walk .. then go arcade i polay de catch toy de ~ got 1 toy .. then cannot get le T__T after tat go library yi xia ~ then Ly gtg le . we went off oso lor ..

went to BB hse downstaris de bust stop .. then wait for sean .. affter tat he went home .. then took drinks down le .. we cab over to my aunti hse there .. lol .. reach there le .. started cooking ah .. blah blah .. drink wine and liquor ah .. then play paly blackjack .. then lou he ah .. lol .. did quite alot of stuff there lar . ~ then sit down chit-chat oso got lar ~ fun lar =D after tat time to go off .. MY's dad came to fetch .. then send everyone back le .. i went home oso lor ..

reach home .. watch yi tian tu long ji again .. then went to slp le ..


today leh .. woke up le .. msg msg .. then wake MY up .. after tat went to watch yi tian tu long ji again .. then after tat jiu prepare .. then go over MY hse le .. play a game of dota .. then rest abit .. went to lot 1 to find Ly bb and Dx .. then ate mac ~ lol =X im oso in the Hot Pink Club Lol =X anyway .. after tat went over to MY hse while BB went home ..

reach there .. play MJ .. no streak no $ no nth de .. then play play ~ lol =X after tat ly wanna dota budden too lag .. so fail to dota .. after tat we play "bed" game on MY bed .. lol =X si bei fun lar .. juz "tie luo han" then blah blah lor LOL =X then abt 6 cai went off .. hha =X

went to court after tat .. play abit bball le .. went home .. bathe and rest abit .. then meet ly and simp cuz they going to bai tai sui .. budden nv open .. so bought bubble tea le jiu went home le ..

reach home jiu dota .. dota hao le i come blog lor .. i tink later watch yi tian tu long ji again .. buaiz ~ Lol =X


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