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Monday, December 31, 2007

okay ~ friday neh ~ went to find the to mj .. then vin os owent back le mah ~ so fine lor ~ after tat did nth much lar ~ then i lended siong psp mah ~ then he acc mi go eat "supper" Lol ~ not bad lar .. after tat send him back le i went home le lor ~ then forgot do wad .. hee -.-"

then on sat leh .. same stuff lar ~ i tink so ~ always not much changes de lor ~ i onli rmb midnight i play dota wif yoke ~ after tat watc show le i went to slp xD

sunday which is todea neh ~ ummm .. well .. woke up late ~ then after tat saw vin online mah ~ so ask him to dota lor ~ after tat he ask siong oso .. czu siong called him ~ dey 2 ish so bro ~ wheres xiaOpanG is juz an OutSideR xD after tat we done le .. went oer to ant hse mj .. then i go find yoke and sui how ~ eaten and chat .. then come home .. now blog lor .. seriously i dunoe come blog for wad i do .. haa .. well ~ sad boi is having Short Term Memory [STM] xD bye guyz ~


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Thursday, December 27, 2007

thurs standard lor .. went to work ~ but todea onli work half-day cuz they got enuff worker le xD .. umm .. fine .. then went to walk walk wif van awhile i tink ~ after tat went to find them le ba ~ then after everything leh ~ i msg Siong something that may change my life ~ and hope for his answer .. but he didnt reply mi .. then i msg him on msn budden no reply oso ~ until the part where they say they want dota .. intially i didnt wan to play de .. but i still choose to play .. dunoe wads de reason .. then after tat went to slp

Fri oso went to work ~ ahaha ~ then hor ~ after work same lor ~ went out wif Van ~ after that Siong called mi and ask mi where am i ~ then juz so heng that im @ lot 1 oso .. so went to find them ~ after tat Van gtg mah ~ so they go to meet yoke they all ~ after that they went to teachers hse ~ haa =x wheres for mi ~ i went home .. Rest abit and such lor ~ then @ 10+ Simon ask mi to dota ~ whee ~ so i accept ~ eh wrong .. is i ask him to dota de ~ then after tat Siong called mi to ask mi for dota cuz they @ lan shop ~ then after my game we played ~ w0w ~ after that i tink they went back ~ then i stay on until dunoe wad time before i went to slp ..

On sat rite ~ i went out wif Siong to bugis to walk wakl ~ cuz he say he wan to shop for clothing and such lor ~ then tot everyone was going ~ but until de end onli got mi and him ~ but fine ~ then we shop till evening then went over to ant hse to mj ~ haiz ~ WU LIAO! =x after tat went back le ba i tink .. haa ..

then on sun leh ~ intially they say wan to go gym and such de mah ~ so woke up msg they 2 ~ but no reply ~ then tp replyed mi .. then since so late .. we nv go le lor ~ then i oso got ask siong abt some other stuff lar ~ i juz noe the fact that he didnt reply mi @ all .. serously .. why 1 day u can be so close to mi ~ the other u cant ? am i realli that hard to go along with ? plz give mi an answer ..

then on monday ~ went to work as per normal ~ but complain abt why nv go half-day onli .. haa .. after tat went to sim lim to find them ~ then tp bought his stuff ~ went back le lor ~ then i say i dun wan mj ~ so came jie sen and si han ~ wow ~ then play awhile 黄金路 started .. so everyone came to watch ~ after tat everyone went to eat lor ~ during my sleeping period i guess i made siong angry ba ~ but .. hu is de 1 hu treat mi hot and cold de .. realli .. haiz .. suan le .. then went to lan to play ~ so no mood ~ so after dota .. went out to find other pplz to chat to on the phone while the rest of them ish playing ahppily .. then msg siong sri and stuff lor ~ cuz i noe i did de wrong todea mah ~ forget it lar .. then met up wif yoke .. but so nan de i saw mattew ~ my long lost sec. sch. fren ~ haa =X after chat and stuff ~ went home watch show and slp ..

then tues rite ~ lol .. X'mas ~ wish everyone MERRY CHRISTMAS ~ although im slow lar .. =p .. well .. i woke up damn late oso ~ cuz i dunoe morning wake up can do wad mah ~ then they say meet 4.55 @ lot 1 mrt station .. budden they came onli @ 5.25 .. nvm lar ~ then went to buy drinks ~ after that went to take mrt to marina lor ~ then we went to eat de steamboat there .. hmm .. although its X'mas .. budden im kinda sad .. serious .. well .. when we juz got there and they say wan to go get food .. siong say 4 person take 2 person sit mah ~ i voloutter to go .. budden vin say .. u sit down .. then i look @ ant and he grin at mi -.-" after tat they 4 go over .. wow ~ HOW AM I SUPPOSE NOT TO BE SAD !?!?! .. well .. then we had our dinner and such ~ and everything lor ~ after tat when taking bus back ~ i see tp put his hand over siong de shoulder he nv complain ~ wow ~ nvm lor .. then while we walking to 10 mile ~ i did the same thing .. BUT .. wif a reason because there is a bike behind i tink and im trying to pull him over .. then he say let go let go .. then wad else can i do .. after tat i say .. wah liew ~ tp can put but mi cannot .. he say of cuz lar .. ur hand heavy .. i tink the "ur hand heavy" is not the true meaning ba .. =') i realli dunoe wad am i suppose to do le .. serious .. then after game we went back lor .. then went to meet yoke oso .. and chat and then go home orn orn

then on wed which is ytd hor ~ i did nth all the way .. then i msg siong to tell him if he reaching lot 1 can tell mi .. then we cna go get something to eat lor ~ then yup .. done and stuff ~ after tat we went over to ant hse le .. then mj lor .. after tat watch show le went home ~ siong .. abit weird .. he walk damn fast .. then he say if i dun keep up he will juz walk off .. then i dun wan to walk so fast either .. and he didnt tell mi ani reason y he so gan cheong .. then i juz look @ his back while he move off infront of mi .. u noe how sad it is ?

Todea thurs leh ~ went to work lor ~ not a bad day working lar ~ cuz intially while working i realli sad lar .. my face shows everything .. after tat the captain keep trying to make mi lauff ~ and @ last i did .. and yup .. the day goes by well lor .. after work i met up wif van @ lot 1 to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks .. seriously .. its a nice show .. i recommend everyone to watch it xD .. umm .. then intially dey ask mi to mj de .. i say @ least 7+ .. then behind ask them .. dey say dun wan le .. dunoe y .. maybi too late ba ~ so after tat van came back wif mi to play wil "milo" .. my hse dog .. then after that she went home i bathe watch show and stuff ~ i msn siong ask him if he wanna dota ~ but no answer .. haa .. im realli a failure being their fren .. ='D .. after tat heard tat yoke meting yang and de rest mah ~ so tot of going to find them .. budden i throw the mindset away .. so chill out abit .. went home le ~ then watch show .. now come blog .. later going to watch again ba ..

I realli dunoe wad am i suppose to do leh .. while chilling out .. i was tinking .. wad did siong treat mi as .. wad did vin treat mi as .. then as for vin and mi .. we realli cannot go back to wad we use to be ? izzit the 1 most impt in my life can treat mi cold and warm as and when they like ? did dey tink of my feeling not ? do they noe how sad it is .. to someone like mi .. hu treat "frens"[whom i seriously treat as] as the most impt 1 in my life .. where i tink .. i can sacrifice everything to them .. last time i keep saying 我什么都没有, 就是有时间. thats wad i always told siong .. but now .. seriously .. my time is wad i sacrfice my life wif .. wad i did for them brings nth .. but NVM ~ i no nid them to repay mi or wad - so - ever .. i juz wan them to treat mi as a bro .. a close fren that they can share their woe and joy tgt .. but .. i dun tink i fit as 1 now .. =) .. vin wont even share his woe wif mi .. neither to siong .. 原来小胖,从一开始,就没有和他们做朋友的权力.


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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

So on tues leh ~ umm .. get up went to work per normal lor .. then todea sad lar .. Kenny keep find mi problem lor .. seriously if 1 day i realli buey ta han .. maybi .. i dunoe wad i will do lar lolx =x .. aniway after work rite ~ cuz i tot vin wanna do bus pass mah ~ so i tot they all will stop @ lot 1 .. nv expect tat vin nv go to work ~ so nvm lor .. then i was @ lot 1 wif Van ~ we walk wak aroudn .. got a earpiece for 17.90 ~ OuCH ~ lol .. after taht went to mac and sit down and chat abit lor .. until abt 7+ she got to go mah ~ so i went offf oso lor ~ to ant hse .. den wait siong come and we play MJ ~ woot .. i fuck - up day wif ant i tink .. talk until so XL .. LOL .. suan le ~ after tat sent siong back ~ then i went home to watch tv le .. after that ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

so todea leh .. woke up @ 11+ then go shhh shhh ~ after tat went back to slp and woke up @ 3+ haha =D abt 12 hrs of slp ba ~ then after tat juz online awhile .. play a dota game by myself .. and went out to find yoke ~ eek ~ they ask mi to mj but i decline .. ai ya .. sad lar .. budden dun tink anione noes tha i meet yoke ~ if u all see tis blog oso nvm lar =D so were juz chatting and getting stuff to eat lor ~ after tat went to ant hse .. tot got mj de ~ budden siong say he can onli come after 1030 ~ and tat i tmr got work so i cant stay ~ so i eleave .. b4 that still heard tat siong going to hav supper wif tian and ant ~ haa .. i tink im no more impt to ani 1 of them le .. or should i say .. maybi from the beginning im not impt @ all .. hor ~ so went home watch tv lor .. now 10plus come blog ~ dunoe do wad ba ~ shall see how .. hee

我很伤心,知道的人应该很多?我也不是很清楚,但我知道,我身边最重要的人,却依然不知道我的痛与苦,哈哈。今天,星期三,也算廷伤心的吧。其实,听起来,这也算我自己的错,应为只是听到一些会让我不开心,但其实没设么的事,我都那么伤心,那么得一直去想,有可能,我真的很失败吧。大家应该去听听,星光帮的“终在我生榜", 真的,很有意事,但是能,我却得不到,哈哈,他们的一句,[每当我需要依靠你,你一定会在这里] 真的很让我感动,可是,至于我,每当我需要依靠你,你好象,一听不会在这里。唉,活得好辛苦喔。


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Monday, December 17, 2007

whee ~ back to blogging wor ~ haha =D ai ya .. still got some time left mah ~ so might as well come blog b4 go watch show lor =) .. okay ~ so sunday rite ~ 不错不错 ~ haha .. woke up have my breakfast and such le hor ~ then hao le went out to cck complex de gym @__@ wth .. xiaOpanG went to gym ~ uNbElIeVeAblE ~ haha .. then hor .. dey say got student price ~ show the counter my ez-link ~ CANNOT T__T SOB poly student not student ah .. kns ! then entry fee become 2.50 .. 不爽啦! hai yo ~ forget it .. then buy tower le ~ went in ~ found out that i am so unfit @ all .. and i MEAN IT ! cant even put my weight ah ~ SRI HOR .. IS CANT EVEN PUT A 20kg stuff ~ kns ~ pui ~ xiaOpanG eat so fat yet still so USELESS !~! but suan le ~ after tat .. we went to ShenG SionG lor ~ then met up wif Athony and bought stuff lor ~ after that went to his hse to eat ~ eat wad ah ~ i dunoe leh ~ lunch kum dinner ~ haha =D then after that play MJ ~ but i not happi wif it lor ~ so finish le dey wan play 2nd round de ~ i dun wan .. haha .. =p after tat ant cook again ~ then eaten again mi and Siong went back le lor ~ cuz 11+ le lar .. late late ! then went back i chatting wif Peng Yoke abt my stuffy mah ~ then ai yo ~ saded lar .. =( .. after tat went to slp le ..

Todea is Monday ~ whee .. 1st day of work @ still @ my mum place lor -,-: kaoz ~ lol .. so woke up ~ then not in a good mood cuz of quite some stuff abt my hair and such lor ~ budden still made it in time hehe =D then reach there le .. change le then get to work ~ everyone is new to mi ~ EXCEPT StePhNiE ~ haha =) 6 to 8 months ago when i work i saw her ~ then now i saw her again =D then we were chatting .. actually not bad lar =) i feel lar ~ hehe ~ cuz maybi we are both Singaporean + same age ~ or i forgot hu older le ~ hee .. then after done wif half the day ~ went to break .. DAMN SAD LAR ! the manger onli put mi and i MEAN ONLI MI to eat by myself ~ de rest of the worker's there i dunoe de lor .. wah liew ~ then actually 30min break i onli take 15min ~ i rather use the other 15min to work and chat sia -,- tmd ~ haa =x so after tat work on till 4+ tired si le ~ ahaha -.- then after that went back ~ then i went over to Ant hse lor ~ then started playing psp but fallen directly ahaha =) after tat i lie on his flr ~ then umm .. went down to eat wif Vin and TIan Poh lor ~ then eaten le went to NTUC to buy stuff ~ then i accompany Vin to bus-stop & wait for bus ~ then chat abit lor ~ ahaha =.- then bus came le ~ funni sia ~ Siong came down Vin went up =.="" WTH ~ haha =D then chat abit wif Siong and after tat went home ~ pom pom le nwo come blog and watch TB oso hehe =) .. abit wad leh ~ vin bluff mi ~ say nv cut hair .. haha .. budddden nvm ba ~ logging off ~ takecare ^__^


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Sunday, December 16, 2007

hmm ~ upteen days realli nv blog le ba ~ but dun realli tink anione is looking hor .. so should be oki lar ~ well .. skip monday and the whole week ba ~ i nid nth much happen =D ~ jump to NEXT tues ~ haha .. i went to sch but that was lyke after 1st meeting le ~ hehe .. so met up wif min to eat eat breakfast ~ omg lor .. onli mi and her on tues -.-" wth ~ haha =D then it was like .. everyone plan to went to go eat @ marina south after sch ( except mi cuz i dun wan mah ) .. budden no 1 came to sch ~ cute seh ~ but dey still got go celebrate after tat lar .. hehe .. for mi leh ~ same as normal ~ went over to ant hse le ~ found out tp nv go to work again -.-"" wth sia him ~ lol .. nvm lor .. then we were juz playing and sleeping until the rest came over i tink ~ heh .. after tat play mj ba -.-'' haha =,- .. gueess tat was it lar ~ actually nth much hee ..

wow ~ on wed neh ~ slp dao shuang shuang le ~ then did some stuff and such ~ ten went over to find ant lor ~ cuz siong say he not so earli finish meeting wif *ahem* mah ~ then i went over lyke 3+ and i saw tp and siong ~ wah ~ funni seh ~ 1 nv went to work ~ 1 so fast finish 'work" lol .. then Mj and such ~ same lor ~ nth much hee

then on thurs neh ~ didnt went to sch ~ too lazy le lar .. hee .. plus i realli dun lyke the faci lar =p then ning earli in the morning call mi to go ~ budden until the still chose not to go -.-" so went back to slp ~ after tat went to find ant and saw tp again .. wo de tian ah .. 3 or 4 days nv go work le lor ~ haha .. then same same lor ~ did all sorts of rubbish until de rest came over ~ then mj again ba ~ sian liao lor ~ haa .. then after tat send siong back mah ~ ask him a very funni qn ~ tat is cuz previously i tink lar ~ he oso chose to leave mi as a god - bro mah ~ so i ask him again if he is willing to be my god - bro again ~ although he didnt say no or wad ~ but i noe de answer lar ~ so yup ~ didnt force him much le lor ~ then after tat went home ~ kinda sad ..

oki ~ so on fri leh ~ went to sch lyke abt 9+ lor ~ then didnt went to eat ~ juz ask Song Cheng to hlp mi get a sandwich up lor ~ after tat during 2nd break rite ~ Wen Huan put up "The Hills Have Eye II" ~ wah ~ nice movie lor ~ after tat then put up "American Pie VI" ~ haha ~ funni to the max lar ~ budden cant finish oready time to present le mah ~ so after presntation ~ i went off le [the faci is long-winded] then went over to agora hall to look @ de gaming ~ and chat wif Si Han abit lor ~ after tat went to find those gers and got my present ~ then went over to ant hse le ~ haa =x so after tat leh ~ the rest came back le ~ MJ !! OmG ~ haiz ~ then done le dey went out to buy stuff while mi | vin | siong stay @ ant hse to watch show ~ haa =.=" No 主人 @ home leh ~ but nvm hee .. after tat they came back ~ while ant was cooking ~ mi and siong left le ~ then went home ~ online chat wif Jun Le and Peng Yoke ~ then watch abit tv and anime ~ and went to slp

well todea sat le wor ~ sigh ~ was woke up by siong call and such ~ after tat when wake up le ~ watch anime eat breakfast hlp bro do something le ~ cuz i tot abit late ~ so cheong over to ant hse lor ~ after tat we didnt went to watch movie 1st ~ we play MJ -.-" wth ~ haaz ~ after tat went to take bus ~ woot ~ raining cats and dogs lar ~ haa =p forget it ~ then we went to watch WarLord ~ the show is quite nice ~ budden cut too much liao i think ~ haiz .. this is 1 of the part ~ whr the 3 bros are taking their blood pledge ~ or 108 ~ dun quite rmb haa =p well .. after de show rite ~ i ask vin 1 question .. i ask "我和你是不是兄弟" .. his reply was “兄弟哪里有五个人那么多” .. then i ask “只是我和你呢” .. he reply "你问他们,如果他们说是就是咯” ~ then after hearing this was kinda quite sad ~ maybi it realli let mi understand the fact that i am not longer require ~ no longer in this group le ba ~ my mind is realli in a whirl ~ dunoe wad am i suppose to do ~ haiz ~ so after show ~ went to walk abit ~ then ant complain le ~ lol ~ so when wanna went back hor ~ vin nid top up .. so acc him lor ~ after tat went to take bus ~ wah ~ stand thr 30min ++ no bus tat is empty enuff for us to come ~ until lyke 11 then got ~ phew ~ then went back ` vin went off 1st ~ then we went back lor ~ haha ~ umm ~ so went to uncle shop get drinks ~ and then i chat wif siong abit and i walked home le wor ~ so bathe and such ~ now 2.33 come blog hehe .. tmr dunoe will do wad lar ~ see lor ~ but monday working le ~ sad ~

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Monday, December 03, 2007

100000 yrs nv come blog le .. haha =X well .. so back on de task .. well .. so todea is another monday @__@ then hor .. i didnt go sch again .. well .. talk abt it lata .. last post ends @ monday .. so yup .. went on to tues ~ hehe .. i went to sch for the whole day sia ~ although im late la .. -.-" then hor .. gonna went back le mah ~ so msg ant and ask him whr is he and stuff lyke tat lor .. since its his birithday mah ~ then neh ~ he say no celebrate cuz 家人有约 after tt leh .. i very very bored mah ~ so i tink msg siong ba .. budden no reply from him ~ then i was lyke .. ZZZZZ liao lor .. so i went down to his b.ball court thr and sit down thr emo myself ~ tat place nice seh ~ then siong got see mi b4 sending his GF home mah ~ so after tat he ms mi and ask if wan go lot 1 find him .. i decline -,-" Lol ~ den he say he will be coming to find mi lor .. wif vin and tp ~ so i was still there sitting lyke nobody buisness ~ then they came over le ~ say going to celebrate ant birthday ~ eh .. wad do u tink of my feeling .. starting say maybi 11 then go home .. now still can cellebrate ~ but forget it .. then went to buy cake ~ and after tat go to ant hse to hlp him celebrate lor .. i guess tat it ends lyke tis ba -.-

then wed leh .. i got no sch de mah ~ so intially ant ask to meet ~ i say 1-2 pm budden after tat minyi say she wan to chat mah ~ so yar lor .. the both of us went over to vivo and sit down @ the coffee bean to chat -,-: LOL ~ then abt 5+ went back .. and took the same bus wif vin tp paw and siong .. cuz dey finish work mah ~ after tat went to eat le .. go over ant hse to play mj ~ then .. yar lor .. after tat going back tat time .. i ask my mum if her workplace still nid pplz mah ~ so she say yup .. then i called over to vin and ask him abt racheal .. then he was giving mi attitude lor .. i was not angry wif his attitude .. but i was utterly sad .. u noe de feelign of .. fren in my face and strangers in my back ? its was realli dis-heartening lor .. my heart break down again -.- ... then was realli sad ~ i tink after tat rite .. @ nite b4 i was going to slp ~ i called on minyi and we were chatting on fone ~ while i was doing tat .. breakdown into tears .. realli realli very sad .. and i was talking abt leaving them for good le .. but minyi ask if its realli a good choice .. i dunoe .. and i dun realli tink i can do it T__T sad !

then thurs was realli a fun yet sad day ~ y leh .. cuz i was prepare to be late for sch mah ~ then while i was walking to interchange .. saw ade ning and yas ~ then we sit down chat abit and we went to urong entertainment de KBOX !!! haha .. den sing to our heart content lor .. then abt 3 liao we discuss if wan extend .. then i dun wan mah ~ cuz beside kbox is ice skate centere ~ so i ask them to go play lor .. wahaha =D then we went over to ice skate .. within juz tis K and ice i used 30 over budden since no bring cash out . i had to borrow from them -,-: LOL! after tat leh .. yas got to go work ma ~ den ning and ade went back together .. mi so bored lor .. and then i went over to siong hse downstairs de b.ball court again .. then 1 person sitting down ~ den msg siong oso no reply de .. -- haiz .. after tat .. 8+ i went home le .. 1st ting i do is NTH except going to bed and slp ~ till the next day ~~

then friday went to sch ~ i dun lyke de faci haha ~ budden juz stay in sch till dunoe wad timel ar .. after tat went to find ant .. then dey haven come either ~ quite late then come over .. so after tat dey play mj ~ i juz did nth lor .. vin was playing my psp mah ~ so yup .. after tat leh .. dey done wif all mj and everything le .. then went back liao lor .. so went over to find sui how oso .. den we were chatting like till 5+ 6+ haha .. so the day is simple lar ;p

sat oso quite simple leh .. woke up le .. rdy le went over to ant hse .. den they were playing mj mah ~ after tat watch fu man ren jian ~ then we play again LOL .. after tat i tink nv play le ba ~ hmm .. i onli noe still nv dota for the whole week .. haha .. kinda forget wad happen le .. forget it hor ..

den sunday leh .. play dota 1 round .. budde i dc-ed .. wah sian ! after tat went over to ant hse .. den mj lor .. then abt 3+ went off liao lor .. dunoe y oso ~ so juz went ahead to buy some stuff .. then come my hse to cook le ~ whee ~ fried rice again haha .. then eat untl damn full while watching fu man ren jian lor .. hahahaha .. then after tat come over to my comp and cont. to watch some we miss de .. den hor .. i went over to lot 1 to get tohua and a dye ? hehe .. wanna dye lar .. budden dunoe how -.-" scare tio scolding oso .. haha ;p .. then after tat siong and tp went home le .. i did my stuff and all .. and went to slp le ..

then todea monday loeh .. nv go sch again .. dunoe y .. juz noe tat wake up no mood nia ~ so was juz playing psp and such ~ then now come online blog lor .. shall see how .. bye everyone

realli sad + sad + sad + sad ~


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