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Sunday, January 31, 2010

actually wanted to use new phone, but batt-less ~ so well
woke up and do some stuff ~ then prepare le jiu went out to meet the rest lor
go interchange wait the rest came le .. jiu train over to meet coco
then went over to kallang indoor stadium lor .. and yes ~ we sux =.=
we "lost" our ways HAHAHAHA =X fine fine .. reach there le .. wait for simp
then jiu went to find seat le lor .. then started video-ing and photographing
then after everything done .. pack up and went over to leisure park ..
then went to an a-la-carte buffet to eat ~ hmm ~ well ~ dun really like ..
but suan le lor =.="
then eaten le .. JR members took bus while the oldies took simp car =.="
reach home .. then same as usual ~ then jiu slp le ..


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Saturday, January 30, 2010


woke up as usual lor, then comp abit i think, jiu prepare le .
then went down liao hahaaa =p then after that today didnt bball
and let JJ take over lor =)
then abt 1+ ended, went LB to eat le .. eaten liao ..
jiu went home liao .. reach home le .. jiu game abit
then discuss discuss .. then went over to WM to get re-contract my line lor ..
then bought phone le . went ot eat something that is damn 难吃
jiu went home liao .. reach home .. jiu game game? then went to slp


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Friday, January 29, 2010


morning woke up went to work .. the captain damn cock lor =.=
but anyway same same lar .. then afternoon BY PS mi for lunch T_T
so went home to ZBL awhile ..
then after that went to lot 1 there cuz wanna cut hair ..
then met sean and reiner for awhile . then they went back le ..
i wanna cut hair but the person not in .. so zzzzzzz
went home .. then bathe and do the same thing over the nite =D


morning went to work ~~ grrrrr ~ was tired hahahaa =X not enuff slp lar actually
then wokr wokr ~ lol .. then went back liao .. jiu go home and cook maggie T_T
then ate ate and stuff liddat .. then went to nap i think =<
then finish napping .. jiu comp abit .. then went down to court liao lor ..
play play and chat chat abit .. then play play chat chat LOL!
then went over to mac .. eaten le .. jiu went home liao ba ..
reach home dota .. tired dao .. jiu slept ~


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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Woke up in de morning, then went to work Lol
shag dao dunnoe like wad =.= hahaa =X didnt expect lar .
then after that jiu reach home round 4+ ?
then rest abit jiu went court lor .. then BY came down take psp charger from mi
then we chat chat blah blah
after that yc came oso .. then they ate the cake i brought back lor ..
should be my mum lar =.= LOL!
then after that sitted ahwile more .. jiu went back liao lor ..
reach home .. i think do de same thing, then slp


same as usual, wake up and went to work .. hohooo
then after that ended le jiu went home rest abit .. watch anime
then went over to lot 1 to meet BY to have lunch lor ..
then after that went home nap abit
jiu went court sit sit chat chat lor ~
then went to LB get BBT liao .. jiu cont. sit sit chat chat LOL!
then abt 6+ 7+ went home ..
then @ nite as usual ba =.= haha


Today same ! =.=" but still shag lar .. since everytime needa wake up so early
den went to work, today shag but fun ba? idk lol
then ended le .. learn new things lol..
then ended le. went lot 1 shop shop le
jiu bought lunch home
ate and watch million star 6 .. then after went to meet BY ..
then went to drink soft drink LOL!!
den eunice came le .. relaax abit jiu acc them go cut hair lor ..
den done le .. jiu went lot 1 cuz eunice wannna eat .. then when going back saw Hx .. so went bavk tgt ..
then go court sit and chat .. den home round 7+ ..
jiu bathe and dinner ..
then come blog ..
lata idk .. bye~


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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Today leh ~ hmm
simple day .. woke up lioa .. then jiu PSP abit ..
then after that jiu online .. then dota dota .. then rest
then dota dota LOL! then @ nite went down to meet yc/wj/ly/my/wz then go lb to eat
after that buy BBT liao .. jiu slowly stroll back .. then MY came my hse take ball
then went home le .. jiu go bathe and stuff .. then online .. now come blog..
sleeping soon since tmr got owrk .. lol =x
tmr will be a boring day i assume .. hmmm


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Yay! No work day hahaa =p
alight, but still woke up early though ..
woke up in the morning .. then preapre le ..
then walk to interchange with ly ..
after that meet BB .. then they board bus le .. i jiu went to sch lor ..
then went to eat and do some stuff le ..
around 11++ jiu went off liao =D
went back le .. put my stuff ~ went over to find ryan for awhile ..
then went over to clementi sports hall to see some B Div game ..
alright ~ watch till around 2++ .. went off ..
then went back again with MY to watch girls match =D Hmmm ~
reach there met Bb/Dx/Ly .. then jiu watch till like 5+ ?
then went back liao .. they 3 went off 1st since they took 1st mrt .
then after that My and mi jiu bought some food then sit down and play psp =.=" LOL!
after that jiu rush home .. thne prepare le .. rush to court again lor ..
then bbaalllllll ~ lol .. after bball ended .. Les motor stall =.= zzzzz
then we wasted quite some time with him .. but in the end actually is ..
he forgot to on the oil stuiff .. dunnoe how say lar lol =.=
wah kaoz .. then went LB to find them liao .. drink and stuff ..
then jiu went home liao lor ..
reach home .. bathe and eat and stuff .. wanna dota .. wait till 1+ oso didnt ..
so went to slp after that


woke up in de morning .. went back slp .. and woke up late .. so went down lata LOL
then reach le . ate abit .. jiu bball and stuff lor ..
done bballing le watch tem play full court .. the nwent inside void deck to relac le
after that quite a lotr went back .. so the rest of us went over LB to eat lor ..
eaten le .. jiu all went back liao .. then reach home .. put stuff le ..
go over Dx hse to take some psp games .. then done le ..
jiu went home liao lor .. reach home .. bathe and stuff ..
then dota abit .. after that jiu went to meet with By and Simp ..
then went over CWP to eat our dinner ..
after that go over to starbucks to discuss some stuff ..
but didnt really discuss .. so went over to Coco hse to do it ..
then stayed there till 1+ or 2+? then went home lor ..
reach home .. wrote some stuff .. jiu fallen dead on bed le


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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Well, today woke up liao, same as usual, preapre to go work lor ==
then work work, so while doing, saw a group of ppl ..
they were holding NIE files, meaning they are training to be teachers ..
BUT. they are all not singaporean from wad i see and heard ..
so i was thinking, are schools nowaday hiring more foringner ?
hmm ~ okay, nvm abt it .. anyway after that jiu continue to work
yes ! today not as shag as other days =D lol .. then done le ..
jiu wetn back liao .. my dad fetch mi hahaa =X
reach home .. chg and stuff .. the nwetn tout to meet BY for lunch =D
his illness hao le .. gratz ~ after that jiu went back ..
then sit sit talk cock abit .. then went home le .. comp and nap abit ..
after that went over to lot 1 find something lor .. then saw Sean they all ..
then ask them help mi buy stuff le .. jiu waited for my fren .. then took stuff le
jiu went back liao lor .. go court see but no ppl leh ..
so reach home .. now come blog .. FB abit .. lata go bahte ..
then eat ba .. im fking hungry =.="
tmr's going sch and going clementi, dunnoe got go sean hse mah LOL!


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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


hoho, alight, went to work in the morning =,- zzzzzzzz
after that ended @ 11 oso .. always this timing, budden always needa wait manager
to sign form, so always late go back == hahaa =X
then jiu went over to canteen to eat abit .. then went back liao ..
reach home .. then nap abit .. then msg sean, and went over to find them
for my late lunch i suppose .. then after that eaten le jiu went off liao ..
then i went court, seee them play abit .. then got 1 van ..
bo jiu the roll out ball .. juz drive over it and BANG!
ball burst =.= zzzzzzz, i think is ABK de ball Lol =X
okay .. anyway .. jiu sit there chatted till 7+
then stomach upset .. jiu went home and SHIT !
after taht done le jie bathe and stuff .. then dota ? then slp


Hmmm .. morning woke up prepare went to work == Lol!
then work work, work work, jiu went home liao lor ..
reach home .. msg BB no reply .. msg LY slow reply .. =.= waahahhaa
okay nvm .. anyway jiu msg here msg there .. then after that went to nap?
but nap bu liao duo jiu .. then comp .. then HX msg mi and stuff mah
so after bathe le .. jiu went down find him .. then talk cock with him lor
after that WJ and ALEX oso came down for awhile .. then QR oso came ==
still talk cocok abit .. then went home le ..
reach home .. no ppl to dota .. so @ the end didnt dota ..
so was surfing that xiao pai kia blog which makes a big hit in SG == HHAHA
then abt 11+ or 12+ jiu wetn to slp le ..


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Monday, January 18, 2010

Sunday ~

hmmmmmmm ~ wake up .. quite early i suppose =X dunnoe why ..
woke up le jiu eat and stuff .. then dota dota lor =X
after that rest abit then dota .. i only rmbed i dota almsot de whole day =D
then went court see ppl dunk dunk =X all unitian de Aces =X lol ..
then WJ came le .. play a match of bball .. then hurt dao him le ..
jiu went lb liao =.=" Lol =X
went NTUC to get some stuff .. then jiu went home liao lor ..
reach home then bathe .. then dota again =X then slp wahahaa =X


Today leh ~ umm .. woke up and went to work ..
working is not that hard .. its de waking up and PREPARING to go for work is hard =.=
si bei early can >< ah nvm .. juz work work ~
then ended le .. today no 1 to lunch or blah blah =X totally ZzZ lol
jiu went home lor .. then comp abit
then went clementi sports hall watch some B div game .. kinda boring can ==
then sms sms .. STUPID BY !!! Say want msg mi didnt msg =.="
then i emo 1 person go home =<
reach home le .. bathe .. then now come blog 1st .. lata should be dota - ing ..


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Saturday, January 16, 2010


woke up damn early .. then prepare le .. jiu went to work lor =X
sama sama =x after work ended, jiu went home liao lor =X lol
reach home .. juz rest and stuff ~ then go meeeeeet sean and reinienr for lunch
then eat eat eaten le .. i jiu went tailor pants . then went home lor ..
after that comp abit .. jiu went down to court lor .. then see them play ..
cuz working so fking early in de morning is shag =X lol =X
anwyay .. after lights off .. went to eat mac lo .. then eaten le ..
jiu wait for QR to finish eating .. then send BY to under his block
we chatted ALOT lor .. after that chat ended .. jiu went home ..
bathe and stuff .. then comp until too tired .. slppppp

Saturday ~

Yay .. woke up le .. preapre liao .. jiu went court lor ..
then watch them play again =X dunnoe is no motivation to play or no strength to play
anyway juz watch watch chat chat blah blah ~ then psp oso =X lol
after that they ended le .. went to eat lunch @ lb .. then went home liao
jiu borrow yc psp charger .. after that jiu went home and bathe lor ..
then juz comp all the way till nite .. then slp =X


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Thursday, January 14, 2010


i think from than on i will really put this phrase hahaa =D

Wah, if i still dun blog i gonna forget wad happen =.=
alite ~ went back to my mum's place to work, hahaa =X
ask her to make slot for so long, then now @ last have le, budden a few day
a few days nia =X nvm .. woke up and prepare, then went to work lor.
its almost the same lar .. nth much ..
then ended work @ 11am =.="
jiu went back lor .. then waited for BY ~ wah ~ almost doze off while waiting can ==
after that we jiu go eat lor .. eaten le .. then walk around .. jiu went home liao
reach home .. msg sean again ~ then went out again to find him hahahaa =X
then got reiner / sc / mtb lo .. then go pizza hut .. then eaten le
jiu went home liao =X l0l
reach home .. oonline .. bathe and stuff .. i forgot if i got go court or not =X
but nvm .. juz noe after that @ nite = dota and stuff nia


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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

woke up liao, jiu anime lor, then after that chua called.
so went to lot 1 to meet him, his back from i forgot which country =.= Lol =X
then he ate and we chit-chat lor .. after that jiu he went home,
then i went home le lor =.= Lol .. comp abit more ..
then went to nap .. woke up liao .. jiu went court see but no ppl =.=
so went home again .. then went court again cuz got ppl liao Lol !!
after that jiu @ court play play lor .. den went back le ..
jiu bathe and eat and stuff .. then went down to meet BY .. saw Eunice and Jon oso
then help BY do survey and stuff lor ..
after that jiu went home .. dota and stuff ~ then sleep =D
@ last i finish clannad, and clannad after story.
Seriously, beside the ending isnt that good, but its really nice,
damn touching.


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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

tolday woke up in de morning ..
then msg ly .. then slowly preapre le ..
jiu went down meet him lor =.= he like kan cheong spider siol ~
walk so fast lol =x suan le ..
anyway after that board bus, went to wait for my dad ..
then he fetch mi to thiong bahru / redhill there ..
then i went to eat breakfast le .. jiu went to CMPB lor ..
shuang man ~ after that my dad came to fetch mi jiu go home lor ..
ate something, then went to slp le ..
then HX called mi up =.= then he came my hse ..
awhile lata jiu went over to lot 1 to eat ..
then met sean and reiner .. after that dey went back le ..
hx and mi went to court nd chit-chat lor .. then after that ash and sl came ..
then awhile jiu went off liao =.= after that ash came down pass us ball
then play abit lor .. then alex and wj and eunice came ..
but awhile we all jiu went back le .. then hx came my hse take things liao
jiu went home lor .. then i went to bathe and come out eat dinner + anime ..
then dota .. now come blog ~ FB done .. its bored hahaa =p


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Monday, January 11, 2010

Wah ~ lol ~ morning woke up liao .. then used comp abit ~
then went over lot 1 to walk around lor, after that waited for BY to come le ..
jiu chatted and ate our lunch lol =X
after that done le .. jiu went back ~ but fail to see any mei mei =.="
dunoe why take result ake so long =.= booooo
after that reach home .. preapre yi xia ~ went back to lot 1 to find sean and reiner
then they eat and stuff .. vin was there oso ~ after done le ..
jiu went back le .. after tat went to court because i needea take things.
then saw HX and ash there .. then yC came oso ..
after that chit-chat and stuff .. eunice pass mi TD le ..
went up o My hse to take questionare ..
then jiu went home liao ..
reach home .. bathe and eat and stuff ~ then jiu dota ..
watch anime then slept.


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Sunday, January 10, 2010

wah ~ boring siol today ..
early in de morning wake up liao .. jiu eat lor ..
after that eaten le .. jiu dota dota and dota .. then went to watch TV ..
after TV .. FB abit .. then went down to get dinner ..
go home .. bathe and eat .. eaten le .. jiu comp and dota dota dota ..
now 1130 .. come blog .. sleeping dunnoe wad time though =X lol

Anyway, i seriously needs to find a job. sigh ~~
Anyway, still in deliema if i should get IPhone not ~~
Anyway, im really bored until cannot to be bored le =.="


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Saturday, January 09, 2010

a tired day ~ hahaha =X
woke up liao, jiu slowly preapre all those, then went down to court ..
after that jiu get a drink then eat lor ..
eaten le .. jiu bball ~ budden i didnt bball till de end la .. =X
then after that chatted abit ~ jiu went over to lb to have lunch lor ..
after that reach home le .. bathe and comp abit ..
then went out to meet sean / ly / yc ..
intially wanted to go over NYP for the open hse ..
budden @ the end go over NP .. 谁知道 .. NP oso open until 6pm nia =.=
wth ~ suan le lor .. went there .. then walk around .. saw CS hahaa =D
after that jiu went off le .. walk over to beauty world there .. =D
then went over to play lan lol =X ly and mi wanted to cut building .. but fail =.="
anyway leh ~ pak pak pak liao .. kinda funny lar =.= joke around with the CS stuff
then sean jiu went back liao .. then mi yc ly went to eat duck rice lor ..
eaten le .. jiu took bus back .. then home and bathe and dota ~~ then slp =x lol


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Friday, January 08, 2010

very long no blog =.="
let mi re-cap
woke up liao .. after that used comp abit
then went over lot 1 to find ly and co.
after that eat lunch @ LJS lor .. lol =X
thurs eat fri eat again =.=
after that jiu went back liao i think =.="
then comp abit more .. jiu went out to meet sean and reiner ..
then with another 2 girls =.= idk who ~ budden not bad eh >< hahahaa =D
then reiner took 302 with 1 of the girl while the left-over of us took 188
cuz i go sean hse mah ..
then reach his hse .. his mum offer mi noodles =D THanks auntie anyway
after that watch tv play with his niece all those,
then did his psp since he say spoil .. and hear him say how unlucky this year ..
then blah blah ~ after that took 188 back .. met boon ..
then went over for BBAll lor .. play play ~
then went home to bathe and stuff .. then meet ly le ..
jiu wnet over to find them .. then meet yc @ mac .. then eat mac .
eaten le .. chat abit .. then jiu went home le ..
reach home .. dota .. and and .. slp i think =x lol


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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Woke up in de moring ~ then comp and eat liao le ..
jiu watch tv and stuff ~ then went out to meet by .. his damn late =.=
then go lot liao .. find ppl le .. jiu go eat LJS lor .. then after that ..
go eat mac =.=" wah piang .. full dao = = = = = =
then hor .. jiu went home .. chg le .. went out again ..
then help BY to check his keys .. but lost =.="
then go over to SP lor ..
then find ZX they all .. then went to walk ard get doorgift blah blah lol =X
then after that they tired le =.= so we went back .. thne ZX help BY get bakc his key
from the same mac ... okay lar .. its cuz i went back too early i think haha =X
anyway after that jiu went court .. then BY and Ash came le ..vin and dx oso come ..
after that chatted abit .. jiu went home le .. since not much ppl oso =.="
reach home bathe le .. now blog .. lata i dunnoe going do wad =.=
should be standard stuff .. lol =X bye


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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Mushi mushi
woke up ~ lATE LATE LATE lol ..
cuz woke up round 130 lar .. then do some sms ..
some brekafast / anime .. some psp / some napping ..
until like 6+ went down to get a drink .. went home to bathe and stuff ..
after that went down to get ppc with BY .. then chatted until 9+ liddat ..
after that jiu went home and eat while dota .. now ended come blog
lata anime abit then ornorn le .. Buaiz


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Tuesday, January 05, 2010





Well woke up in de morning .. then perapre le ..
jiu went down wait for Ly ..
after that walk to interchage wait for BB lor ..
then DX and BB came le . bud came .. jiu baord ..
then alight @ their sch there ~
after that went to take things le .. jiu see see look look =.=
but nth to see leh T_T
then msg BY lor .. after that took same bus as BY to BPP there ..
then changed bus and walk to sch after that ..
then used comp in the libarary and stuff ~
until around 12+ went to eat lunch with my cousin ..
then follow by going to the bookshop to walk walk ..
then went home le .. anime and psp abit ..
went to nap lor .. sleept til 5+?
then comp abit .. jiu went down waste time lor .. no much ppl either =.="
then BY came le .. jiu chatted abit .. then went home le ..
reach home .. bathe / dinner / anime .. now come blog ..
maybe sleeping early today ~ see how ba =<


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Monday, January 04, 2010

okay !
Woke up early in de morning
intailly wanna go watch mei mei de ~ budden =.=
it rains .. SO !
I didnt .. and i went back to slp lor ..
after that woke up le jiu eat and watch anime .. watch watch
then went out to lot 1 to get some stuff ..
then wait for BY folo by waiting for LY
ten went to eat maac lor .. hahaa ..
eaten le .. went popular to walk walk and waited for eunice ..
after that they went back i go find sean and reiner ..
then chat chat le .. went home liao .. prepare abit ..
jiu went to meet yc .. but his late ..
so weent to wait for him @ control station ..
came le went to meet coco on mrt .. then reach orchard meet wj lor ..
then walk walk for yc's bag but fail ..
then went over to paragon to find cocos stuff ..
done le .. jiu went to wait 190 then go home lor ..
reach home .. hlp my mum to do some stuff le ..
bathe .. then online .. dota a game ..
then went to slp le =.= BUT
i toss in bed for 2 hrs ++++ then can slp .. ZZZ


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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Last day of Holiday for everyone that still needs to wear uniform ..
including those that didnt >< =X
ah well ~ woke up in de morning le .. online .. breakfast and anime
then dota dota lor .. then msg everyone but to no avail == Lol ..
then completed survey le .. jiu ask ppl hlp do hahaa =X
after that done le .. jiu dota and stuff ~ then now 7+ come blog ..
going to eat .. maybe lata go LB then come back and dota again ? =X
see how ba . dota finish le should be anime and slp hahaa =X


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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Well ~ sat woke up in de morning ~ then preapre le ..
jiu went down to court . then saw BY .. lol ..
then we 2 sit there like statue liddat ==
then BB came and sit with us LOL!
after tat yc and my came .. at last got ball hahaa =X
then slowly the rest came lor .. then match match and stuff ..
then went to void deck chit-chat / rest
then go over LB to have lunch ~ after that went to buy PPC liao ..
then jiu go home le lor =.="
reach home bathe .. then preapre le .. went out to meet ly / bb / sean / jon
cuz i wanna go cut hair mah ~ then cut till 5+++ ?
then went over to lb with ly .. saw HW on de way ~ lol =X
then ly purchase his dog stuff le .. jiu went home lor ..
then prepare le .. jiu went out to meet them again ~ now with yc and wj
then go over lot 1 .. intially going bugis ~ @ the end nv go
wj pysco until yc nv go bugis Lol .. so they went to get tickets
then go KFC to eat .. eaten le .. chit-chat abit more ..
jiu i went home then they go wathc moive ..
then bathe and stuff .. jiu dinner and dota ba ..
then watch anime + tv .. jiu go slp le ..


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Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year Everyone =D

Okay ~ 1/1 ~ hahahaa =X
well ~ let mi see ~ woke up in de morning .. then was comping my way thru the day
then went to nap lor ~ after that jio ppl go dinner ~ @ the end only got
mi / ly / yc / wj / coco lol =X
so went over to yew tee to eat .. eaten le .. jiu went over to buy some stuff
then chit-chat le .. jiu go home lor .. reach home ..
then dota ~ damn unhappy Lol =X
then dota ended .. jiu go slp le ..


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