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Saturday, March 31, 2007

whooo .. uber day nv update le .. rotting liaoz .. lolx .. let mi see hor .. i forgot wad i did last week le .. LOLX .. so i cant blog on it .. so letz juz jump to tis week ba .. starting from monday ..

oki well .. on monday rite .. some ting bad happen to 1 person lar .. budden i cant say abt it cuz its something confidential mah .. so yup .. bad tings do happen .. letz hope that tat person can cross tis freaking obseticles .. jyjyjy ! for him .. hehex .. so .. a very hectic day on monday cuz i hurtx myself .. whooo hoooo ~ lolx .. oh yea .. monday i went back to RP to get my lappy done .. budden fail to do so .. lolx

then on tues leh .. eh .. umm .. i oso went back to RP lor .. after tat .. then i could get my tings done .. phew ~ not bad worz .. then ant oso settle his ite tings liao lor .. after tat i tink we do dunoe wad le .. kaoz .. i have such a lousy memory sial .. haiz .. jia lat jia lat ..

oki .. on wed rite .. i .. i .. i .. hehe .. i oso forgot wad i do liao worz .. si bei jia lat .. nvm skip // LOL!!!

then on thurs mah .. forgot oso .. hehe

friday mah .. o.O .. they finish sch le .. then got parent meeting oso mah .. o i went over to causway wif ant to find ometing for vin .. lolx .. its a secret hahaha .. then after tat .. when they finish parent meeting .. we send them off to a birthday party for their classmates de .. than after tat i went home le .. then hor .. initially tot everyone go back liao .. cuz vin sae he needed to rush home .. budden he fail to do so .. so we waste time liao .. till the end .. i was undeer siong hse doing nth while the rest go back dota .. LOLX ! .. then until 3+ .. i went home lor .. than didnt slp till 6+ .. haha ..

todea on sat .. 11+ HH call mi ask mi go eat eat le .. then i go over lor .. than we dily-daily until 2+ i tink .. then siong came back from dunoe whr .. so i chat wif him LOLX .. until rain damn big .. than he went home lor .. ater tat .. i cycle back .. COOL MAN .. the rain .. the way .. its like .. WOW .. i like .. when i reach home .. not onli whole body wet .. its like .. LOL! then after that bathe and started dota lor .. then now come blog blog .. haha .. oh well .. ending ;p

man .. i realli had shrt term memory sial .. dunoe y so fast forgot wad appen liao seh .. i tink its cuz everyday almost de same ba ? hahax .. hu noes .. suan le .. letz hope everything will be fine fine !!! haha takecare everyone ;p


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Monday, March 19, 2007

didnt i look fatter and fatter ? hahax .. well .. juz posting tis so that when i see at my blog .. it wont look so dead ;p

well .. on thurs rite .. after everything .. i went over to ant hse and dawn again .. lolx .. tis time round alot pplz .. got mi / tian / vin / han / yoke / ant .. haha .. kinda fun at nite when there is so mani pplz .. and we slept quite late though .. hahax ..

well .. after tat .. on friday rite .. hui came over because he wanna ask us to hlp his clssmates to brg some of the BBQ thing towards their destination .. so after we went sheng siong .. found out that we no nid to hlp at all =.=" so yup .. we went over to tian hse and wasted time there cuz of the rain .. after tat .. we all went over to the BBQ area cuz nth to do mah .. and as we are outsider .. no choice .. we went biking alll nitez long .. haha .. always going back after 10+ 20+ minutes .. lolx .. than got eat a bit bit lar .. although its bad for us .. LOLX . wellx .. after tat .. when its time to go home .. we went back lor .. then i part wif them earlier cuz my hse nearer ..

than on sat .. i dun realli rmb wad we did in the morning all those .. >.<" lolx .. budden i tink i wake up very late .. and met them quite late oso lolx .. then dunoe do wad and wad .. until at nite .. when siong say he wanna do hw wif vin at ant hse mah .. so i went over and dawn again !! hahax .. then hor .. until the endf .. all fallen =.=" so no 1 do hw .. well ~ bo bian ba .. hahax .. then after tat leh .. i do abit of my things than i oso fallen liao lor .. lolx ..

then on sunday hor .. siong came over and do work wif vin .. whooooo ~ then after han came over .. all of them nv do work le .. lolx .. then we keep staying at tian hse thr .. doing tings lor .. then at nite .. have our dinner at thr oso because his mum cook for us mah .. after tat .. they all wanna go home 1st because they want to go home and do hw as too mani ppl at ant hse .. they cant concentrate .. lolx .. oki .. so all went home liao hor .. i oso go lor .. then at midnite .. plae a dota game wif vin and siong .. and i went to slp .... ahah ..

so yea .. tats tat .. takecaRe everyone ! lolx


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Thursday, March 15, 2007

well .. oki .. so on monday rite .. i slpt lyke 3.45am and woke up at 5.45am .. lolx .. initially didnt wan to slp .. budden suan le .. so yup .. went off to work .. and i have cold war wif my mum .. bo bian lar .. haiz .. then reach working place .. wow .. so mani pplz man .. haiz .. so omg ~ went to work .. halfway i tell 1 of the captain that i onli wan to work halfday nia .. hahax .. so she say lata then tell her again .. then while wipping the culutry .. i told the manager that i got sch activity so i cant work animore .. i noe its realli bad of mi to lie .. budden .. i realli dun wan to work .. if u tell mi to lie to the assitent manager .. i dun mind .. budden the manager is gd leh .. haiz .. i feel i did bad things sial .. well .. after work .. since cold war wif my mum .. i went back myself .. than after tat went over to find them .. they were at lb playing =.="" i went thr .. they plae and then i fall aslp .. hahax .. so yup .. nvm abt it .. than after tat .. we went to the beach again .. then i sit thr kinda quietly .. when they wanna go off .. i oso dun feel lyke going off .. cuz de wind is nice .. and im feeling quite down .. budden no choice .. still got to go .. so went to eat dinner at yew tee thr .. o.O .. after tat all gone ~ went back home and game i tink .. lolx

oki .. tues rite .. intially i tot of going sch .. budden woke up too late liao .. so nvm .. dun wanna go le lor .. so after yi xia zi .. i went out to find them le =.=" we went to funan IT mall .. cuz got dota comp. thr .. then they oso wan to noe who is the other teck whye team tat went into the comp b4 them cuz they fail to join cuz of that team mah .. lolx .. then we didnt get to see the group .. so wasted some time thr .. after tat we went to pak our own lan lor .. ><" .. play liao eat dinner .. after tat went home le .. hahax .. simple day ^^

todea leh .. woke up very xin gu .. budden bo bian .. so i went to sch wif si han .. haha .. than the IT-helpdesk tried to repair my lappy and yesh ~ now working fine i suppose .. ahaha .. after tat we eat big bowl .. than went back to find siong they all le .. after tat they went back to sch the b.ball court .. than vin pass mi his ez-link cuz got concession .. than he took my lappy cuz he wanna use .. and i went home to fatch his bike for him .. lolx .. so after tat .. went back to find them liaoz .. siong went home .. then folo by hui and vin lor .. so left mi ant tian and han thr play BIG 2 .. the yoke oso got come over .. haha .. after awhile .. siong oso came over liao .. then we went sheng siong to get some goods >.<" ahaha .. after tat went to eat dinner .. than went to ant hse .. cuz they wanna eat the "hum" mah .. lolx .. so stay thr awhile .. then went off le .. yup .. day goes lyke tat .. hahax ..

well .. hope tat everything will went back to as fine as fast because i dun lyke tis kind of situation de leh .. haiz ..


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Monday, March 12, 2007

hahax .. back to blogging .. well .. so tues started working .. onli half-day mah .. than work until 12+ liao i haven sign out >.<" than i told kenny (my manager) .. than he still scold mi saying if i wanna leave early than i should say earlier alot .. wah kao him sial .. he himself set till 12 still scold mi .. he BAI CHI .. hahax .. suan le .. than after work is de same thing ba ..

folo on .. i guess im doing the same thing ba .. hahax .. so nvm lor .. letz cont. on till .. hmmm .. saturday ba .. hehex .. well .. sat is a weird day i suppose .. after vin / tian / ant dawn at my hse liao hor .. we went down to LB and find sui how they all .. after that .. initially got play dota .. than nv play .. wasted some time all those then they went to gamble .. hahax .. everyweek oso muz do .. after new year liao still lyke tat =.=" wellz .. after tat went back to LB and we got play lor .. hahx .. than after tat hor -,-"" some of them go home liao mah .. so bo bian .. some of us than went to the pasar malam thr to walk walk drink drink .. tink nv eat eat .. AHAHX .. after tat vin went off to home le ..

so yea .. on sunday mah .. hmm .. which is todea >.<" is vin de b'day .. hahax .. so i met some of them around 2+ lor .. than we decide liao .. went to buy a cake and present .. hohoho .. well .. after tat .. hong hui went over to de so-call CCK beach cuz we dun wanna vin noe abt de bday cake mah .. than after tat went to met wif de rest and we started our journy over thr .. haha .. when reach liaoz .. kinda shuang mah .. although dun hav sand >.<" budden nvm ..

than juz as we wanted to giv vin his bday cake .. rain came puring down .. ( you gou suay ) hahax .. than all of us rush all the way back for shelter >.<" realli bo bian lar .. and to protect de cake is a hard job man! ahhax .. than after tat .. nearest shelter is a carpark .. so we went over thr .. and started his birthday celebration .. ( whee ~ 1st time some one celebrate his bday in a carpark .. kewl ~ ) hahax .. after tat .. cut de cake liao and eat lor .. hohoho .. than ant di siao him .. go put abit cream on his face .. than vin cheong at him HAHAx

.. after tat we use de water reel .. those use to put out fire de .. we spray water ! hahax .. realli fun .. we were lauffing lyke mad .. buddden HU CARES ! hahax .. oki .. so after tat .. some of us were realli wet .. so went over to LB cuz siong oso got some (secret) problem occur .. PIAK .. HAHAHA .. wellx .. than LB hao le .. we go back to the beach thr sit sit liao lor ^^ sit and eat tibits .. haha .. fun ~ the wind is blowing .. (letz hope that 1 day i could sit wif juz a bit bit ppl .. than i wanna blurtx everything out .. HAHAx .. than as the sky glow darker and darker .. we started some of the lame thing .. we took out de phone .. than see all those cute cute ringtone .. then we try to make them sound at the same time by 5 phones .. hahax .. it was realli fun .. everyone lauffing and all .. if time can stop at that moment .. HEHEx .. ;p .. well .. after tat we went to eat lor .. go LJS and eat .. we see the chicken they give .. hmmmm HAHAHAHAx .. so tiny tiny man ! after eat liao .. no more day .. went to ant hse and sit down lor .. then someting "bad" happen to mi .. letz end birthday post here hahax ..
Vin, realli hope that u hav had an enjoyable birthday that u wouldnt forget ;p .. take care and everything ^^ i will pick myself up A.S.A.P and of cuz .. thxs for ur msg .. a touching msg that allow mi to drop tears easily .. hehe ..

lyke tis cake .. be happi .. we shall be happi ^^ haha (although it looks realli ugly .. lolx ..

yup .. the part i not happi wif is here .. haiz .. i told my mum weeks ago then i realli dun wanna work le .. than she dun agree .. than monday doesnt have my shedule de .. onli that CBK ask mi down to hlp .. than my mum call over .. than had a quarrel .. i realli dun wan de lor .. i noe de fact that tings wont 4ever goes my way de .. budden .. i realli dun lyke .. and dun wanna do tis kinda tings .. u tink im happi to quarrel wif u meh .. budden sometime u r realli realli unreasonable .. i realli bo wei gong leh .. i .... Dun wanna quarrel de leh .. haiz .. than mu bro come talk to mi .. and blah~blah~blah mi all de way .. dao li ? i noe dao li .. i understand dao li .. but the ting is .. can i go wif it ? it's hard .. haiz .. wad-ever thing my bro told mi .. i can easily told anione oso .. cuz i noe them all .. but its realli hard to folo it .. Realli .. and i oso dunoe y i cant juz ta han 1 more week .. haiz .. im realli such a lousy persn .. sigh ~ hope that i realli can juz stop working after later work .. * sad and happi * hahax .. how i wish i was still at the time when i dunoe de word SAD .. budden suan le .. we muz hav all tis feeeling to experience life .. eh .. nvm .. typing weird tings .. time to go off .. hehex ..

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Monday, March 05, 2007

well .. it has being 1 week since the last post .. haha .. so yup .. letz get down to buisness .. i will juz constrain all of them to a short 1 .. cuz everyday im doing de same thing .. work finish go find them .. go home orh orh koon .. LOLX ! thats wad i had being doing for the past few days cuz working realli tired mi out .. >.<"

beside that .. let mi tink .. on sunday .. we went sim lim cuz ant wanted to buy mini SD card .. lolx .. than we quite late went out .. than hor .. jia lat is we miss de bus stiop quite long than found out .. becopme dunoe go whr liaoz =.=" after that .. we went to a plae we dunoe de and eat .. than take the same bus of opposite direction >.<" hahax .. we are so toopid .. lolx .. than search around de whole place .. 2GB de memory 3x bucks .. so ex .. than ant bought 1GB de for 19 bucks lor .. haiz .. bo bian .. aniway .. last time siong realli lucky to get 25.50 for 2gb de .. hahax .. oki .. well .. i tink sunday had being eating quite alot oso >.< hahax .. suan le ba .. than i oso bought 1 mouse .. same size as de 1 im using .. budden now its rainbow color .. lolx .. y i buy ? guess i wasted some $ for no reason .. haiz .. !!!

oki .. so monday which is today .. omg .. damn freaking tired .. bo wei gong .. morning slog lyke hell lor .. so mani ppl .. wah kaoz .. and it lyke no pplz working lyke tat =.=" haiz .. budden maybi it's cuz im too slow of wad ba .. budden realli jia lat lolx .. than afternoon i 1 person buffet .. become so slow until ...
haiz .. nvm lolx .. let's hope tmr will be a better day working .. hehex ;p

oh yea .. todea vin realli very suay .. bike halfway bang into a car i tink .. and tear his sch pants until more jia lat .. than juz when he wan to go home tat time .. he drop his mp4 and it spoil i tink .. haiz .. his kinda unlucky .. of cuz .. his late for sch again tis time round .. lets hope everyting will be better for him !


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