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Friday, July 31, 2009

Hmmm ~
okay . woke up in de morning (As usual) obviously =.=
than DGDGDGDGDG l0l .. than after that went lot 1 met Ly and Co.
than ate ~ intially they say dun wan eat de =.= 到最后 all oso eat >< kaoz =X
eaten le .. they went tuition while mi and dx walk back lor ..
reach home ~ DG abit .. went over to Sean hse lor .. Reiner there oso ..
hlp them bought BBT anyway ~ than teach them how to DG >< Lol =X
than show them how i play dota ~ Oh yea ~ contact my teacher ..
budden i really nth to say =.= told her can i swap timing for the presentation ..
cuz i needa bring my "bro" to hosp ~ she say cant .. WTF .. SLap her lar ..
oso not postpone .. swap timing nia .. got a BIG problem meh .. NNBCB =.=
haish ~ suan le .. @ most rush back that day lor .. anyway afte that ..
wasted time le .. went out to meet the rest .. than train to Woodland ..
mi and ly emo ~ they can went in 1st train we cant =X Lol =X
reach there le .. wait les .. than went to my sch lor .. budden fail ..
well ~ jiu went to other side .. than started playing ~
play play play .. than bought drinks .. awhile later .. relax finsh le ..
jiu go eat liao lor ~ wah ~ the food is totally heaven and hell comapre LB and there
Lol =X anyway ~ Darius Chua that Sucker is up on the news =.= hahaa ~
although he hate mi liao =X anyway ~ after that went home lor .
than wanna DG de .. les jio dota ~ so dota lor =.= JITAO SIan !
then went DG abit .. jiu go slp le ..


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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Simple Day
Woke up in de moring ~ Than DG and watch anime + brekafast le ..
around lunch time wnet out meet ash and BY ..
than went over to LJS to eat lor .. than chat chat abit lor =D
abt 3+ went home .. rest abit ..
prepare le went down play bball ~ around 7 went off hahaa =X
reach home .. bathe eat dinner ~ blah blah .. than DG abit ..
jiu dota ~ dota le DG again ~ than went to slp =)
oh yea ~ i skipped sch =p hahahaaa =X


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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

woke up in de morning ~ than cant play game mah
so watch all the freaking shows i can watch hahaa =X
than after that went to nap abit .. than woke up le ..
patch DG ~ @ 1st can de .. than went out to lot 1 with simp cuz he wanna do something
than reach home ~ got problem el .. than take some time to patch lor
than found out someone block mi from msn ~ in game delete mi from buddy list .
dun wanna reply my whisper =.= piang eh ~ our friendship got weak until like this?
than after taht play abit .. than jiu went to slp le ~ kinda simple day =X
except for the part where someone .. haish =.=
Boon ask mi to wait for awhile, let him cooldown ~
well, time again -,- but seriously, everything 我的 fault? ><"


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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

tues neh
woke up in de morning ~ slowly prepare le .. totally moodless to go sch liao sia ..
than went to sch lor .. reach sch .. do my stuffs while teacher on lesson Lol =X
after that just waste my time there .. than 1230 like that went off .. lol =X
str8 go home le lor .. than after that .. played abit of DG .. sms .
than went over ly hse .. intially wanna see his rocket ..
end up helping him =X lol .. than went lb to get thigns le ..
jiu went home liao .. DG again ~ than quarrel with MY ..
due to the word he says .. oh well ~ after that dota ..
than DG abit more .. now come blog .. going slp le ..
and i just found out i didnt complete my hmwk .. ho seh ~ lol


Story Time

Monday ..
hmmmm ~ woke up in the morning .. by Ly's msg ..
after that DG abit .. jiu go watch anime le ..
than after that went to meet BB and co ..
than eat mac lor ~ piang =.= BB joker .. press the ketchup too hard ..
than it overflow on my hand =.=
than i dunoe why .. my wallet hit the chilli .. omg ~ and its white + New ..
now got abit orange le >< haish ..
eaten le .. jiu went back liao lor ..
played DG for awhile .. than go to nap .
woke up le .. bathe .. than after tat DGDG =D
than after that jiu dota dota =)
than go play DG .. thna play PK ..
after that jiu went to slp le =D


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Monday, July 27, 2009

Let the picture do the talking ~


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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saturday leh ~
Woke up le .. than went over the other room cuz they are noisy Lol =X
than wash up .. chat chat ~ than discuss finish le ..
jiu wait everybody okay .. than went over to Ehub to eat breakfast ..
CHicken rice ~ after chicken rice .. they went to buy Coffee bean ..
than some went to play bowling lol .. play until abt 2+ or 3+ ..
than we tio fake =.= yuan lai Nebo card is only for per person discouns ..
wah kaoz =.= Zzz ~ aii ya .. anyway .. pay le .. jiu stroll back to room lor ..
reach room .. than ZBL lor .. just waste our time there =D
while WJ started to do those firing ~ Hahaha =D
than around 6+ 7+ we started to Eat le wor =D oh man ~ its nice =D hahaa ..
after that leh .. eat eat .. joke joke .. than Coco started to roller blade ..
than Ly oso want lol =X than folo by Boon .. he learnt how to blade ..
last but not least simp oso blade Lol =X
after that leh .. WJ help mi cook some stuffs le .. went over to Ade de chalet ..
give them food .. than Minyi fault ~ ask mi drink .. than juz keep drinking lar ..
than i see Micheal's dead Lol =X his drunk seriously ~ hahaa ..
i was too anyway .. after that .. wj they all come le .. i say wait another 1hr
cuz i wanna drink some more Lol =X so after that they come again ..
jiu went back le .. hahaa =D
reach our room .. WJ ask miplay Blackjack ~ wtf boring .. so after awhile ..
went out to drink again LOL! this time orund with Simp and WJ ..
but WJ very ke lian >< he like kena pull down bny mi =D Hahahaa ..
i was making the din like nobody buisness .. just to drag WJ out ..
to drink with mi .. than i dk wad time lar .. just fall dead on bed ..

Sunday time ..
woke up in de morning .. feeling damn cold + weak + sick ..
aww fuck .. than was inside the toilet .. wanna voimit but dun feel a thing =.=
fk man .. than after that ly came in to pee Lol =X
than he went back to lie down on bed .. than i ask him acc mi out ..
cuz very SHAG .. so went over to foodcourt .. bought fishball noodle ..
eat abt 2 strand of noodle .. gave the whole thing to ly le =.=
cannot take it .. it sux .. or izit my taste bud spoil Lol =X
anyway .. after that went to buy sweet and choco .. than went back le ..
alot of them awake liao.. so slowly pack up .. pack pack =.=
chatted abit more ~ okay .. than went to check oout .. than its time to zhao le ..
took simp car back .. after that reach WJ hse there le ..
alight lor .. than cant carry stuffs back .. so ask Ly to come ..
intially bing kia came le .. budden i rejected his offer cuz his hse far mah ..
as in far from mine .. so i rather jio ly .. =X after taht neh ..
ly came le .. bring stuff back to my hse .. Lol =x than he went off le lor ..
reach home .. unpack .. bathe .. than started to DG .
MY so heng ~ got his heart damn fast .
after that play abit more .. went to take a nap .. cuz i still had headache ..
than woke up .. play DG abit .. eat .. than dota lor ..
after that DG again ..
then intially wanna go do Report de .. but su say fail it this time roudn ..
so nv do ..
Well, this time round I had fail it oready ..
really gonna do something on it so that i could bi ye .. haish ~
Regretted ... Seriously ...


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Friday, July 24, 2009

A neck i bought

Story Time
Morning woke up .. than sms abit ..
jiu online DG abit ~ hahaa =X after that preapre things lor ..
than angry with some ppl for boming mi .. haish ..
but nvm ~ than preapre prepare =.= pek cek ah ..
than after that wait wait lor .. than hao le .. jiu took simp cars over ..
check in le .. than find room le .. after that started unloading items ..
piang =.= the red Ants were BIG man >< Lol =X
after unloading .. rest abit .. went foodcourt to eat ~
the food sux anyway =.= Lol .. than eaten le ~ some stuff cock up lar ..
but since everything had being settled peacefully .. so nvm =D
than eaten le .. went over to Ehub to play the arcade .. lol ..
than abt 7+ 8 like that than went back .. the rest came le ..
WJ started cooking lor .. than jiu started eating =D hahaa ..
eat eat .. chat chat .. until kinda late ..
during midnight .. went out with BY/BB/MY/Jon to mac ..
than drank coffee ~ haaa =X abit later jiu went back ..
wanna get to slp .. but coco didnt let Eunice slp ..
he keep talking to her .. than we keep laughing lor =D Hahaa =X
after that abt 4+ than we get to slp =D


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Morning woke up .. than sms abit ..
jiu online DG abit ~ hahaa =X after that preapre things lor ..
im going to go chalet le ~ wont be posting .. BYE!

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

thurs was a simple day i think ..
woke up in de morning .. than acc Sean to hosp for his check up ..
than as his bone displace again =.= the doc ask him to go for operation lor ..
well ~ he was in a dilima and that his really depress .. can see lar ..
so was cheering him up from dunoe when to when =.=
well .. after all the hosp stuff .. went back to lot 1 to meet BY ..
than ate lunch .. piang .. BY keep suan mi =.=
anyway after that BY bought bread le .. jiu went home ..
reach home .. DG abit .. than went down to buy some stuffs lor ..
after that dota abit .. than cont. to DG ..
AT last .. i change job oready =D
than ply play .. and slp


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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Today neh ~ early in de morning acc ly to interchange ..
than on the way was playing with the umbrella =.=
than chatted abit ~ omg ~ the "other" me is out ..
ah nvm ~ after that .. bought breakfast .. went home le ..
now coem blog ..
Im waiting for the Eclispe to come =D
it rains quite big .. so didnt go out to watch @ all ..
after that wants to watch tv .. budden its too boring ..
so at the end .. went to slp ~~
woke up abt 1+ ? i think lar .. lol =X
than online DG lor ~ than awhile later ..
jiu went out to meet BY le ~
than mrt over to Thiong Bahru ..
after that met with his sis and his sis's bf .. went to BK to eat ..
than walk yi xia ~ jiu went to Singapore Indoor Stadium le =D
went there to watch KB (Kobe Brayant) lol =X
starting was a game between ASEAN and Singapore ~ oh wow ~ nice ..
after that was looking @ 20
youngster .. training? aiya .. soon after KB is out ~
oh man ~ Lol =X than he taught and joke aorund with those youngster ..
follow on .. he throw bball with his singature to audience .. lol =D
than last but not least .. he sign on the shoe he wear .. and give it to small baby .
lucky them =D
after that went off le lor .. than walk for like 30mins .. cuz lost our way =D
than reach mrt .. took back .. BY bought drinks .. jiu went home le ..
reach home .. play abit dG .. than slp le =D


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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

testing the new cam my aunt bought for mi

Story Time

okay .. woke up in de morning ~ than decided not to go sch =D
so wanna check internet .. but diao ~ its down =.= guess it was cut off ..
so watch tv for awhile .. slp for awhile .. than went to lot 1 ..
get milk ~ than go over sean hse le .. reach there ..
talk cock sing song with him lor .. than rubbish rubbish ~ lol =X
than abt 2+ he came to my hse with mi .. took my lappy and went back his hse ..
than help him reformat his comp while i use comp awhile ..
aftwe that ate dinner @ his hse .. got curry hahaa =D
than he sent mi to bus stop .. waited bus .. than went home le ..
reach home ~ bathe .. than see can use internet le .. hahaa
so online ~ and dota 1st Lol =X
after that DG DG DG =P buaiz


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Monday, July 20, 2009

This will all be gone


Sakura Day


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