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Monday, November 26, 2007

well ~ back to blogging after so long ~ so on monday rite ~ went to sch ~ stay on till de end ~ then after tat i juz went back home le ~ cuz dey are working mah ~ and i dunno wad to do le ~ haa =x then went home to slp ~ abt 9+ went online .. did nth and went back to slp again -.-

tues i went sch halfday nia ~ dunoe y .. haa .. after tat rite ~ went back home to play abit ~ and msg ant le cuz i realli BTH being alone myself mah ~ i can be a loner wif fren's around mi ~ but i cant be a loner @ home by myself =x after tat leh .. last decision is to go over his hse lor ~ then after tat went down le ~ awhile lata vin came over ~ then found out that vin will be staying over @ ant hse everyday when his working .. @_@ .. then after tat dunoe hu say wan mj de ~ so all of us went to play lor .. haha =x after work mahjong .. power hse wor == .. den @ nite went back le lor .. hmm .. lol =x

then on wed leh ~ i went over to ant hse 1st mah ~ after tat vin came back le ~ went down to eat dinner wif tp ~ then all went home liaoz mah ~ then mi ant and vin went to bai mei lor ~ then after tat vin say he wan to go lot 1 mah ~ so yup .. he asked mi to folo him cuz he say nid pplz to help him oso mah ~ lolx =x then walked over .. 有说有笑的 .. how nice ~ its like we had no more barrel going on le sia ~ haa .. then after something happen here and there ~ and @ de end rite ~ chose to went back le lor ~ intially walk halfway back to ant hse le i say i wan to go 7-11 ~ then bought coke ~ and giv 1 can to vin ~ wow ~ he accepted it .. lol .. how nice ~ then after tat i send him back le .. he send mi to bus-stop ~ then after tat i sms him 1 msg .. and off i went to slp i tink .. since i no he wont reply mi de ..

then thurs rite ~ same ting lor ~ i halfday sch and went over to ant hse ba i tink .. then after tat dey all came tgt to ant hse .. and not a good day seriously .. cuz i rmb morning i got send 1 wrong msg to vin -.- budden no reply de .. but i realli cant do aniting rite .. haiz .. then its lyke tis lor .. then play mj and stuff ~ and went off wif siong le .. haha ..

friday i went to sch wor ~ budden i didnt went to class ~ was doing filming wif minyi and fren's ... hha .. fun .. but the sadness doesnt go over no matter how fun it is .. and yup .. abt 6+ i rush taxi back to ant hse ~ then found out no ppl de .. so went down to look for them @ regular eating place .. found vin and ant le .. then eat lor ~ after tat tp came down oso .. folo by siong ~ then we went over to play mj again .. and after awhile go off lor ? haha =-x

on sat leh .. dey working halfday mah ~ then ant ask mi to go over 1st .. so went over le .. then went to slp ~ tired ~ then abt 4+ then dey came over le lor .. and we watch fu man ren jian ~ then was eating some dessert mah ~ then vin was playing psp and i say i feed him -.- and he ask mi to 走开啦 .. lol .. after tat went to play mj .. awhile lata vin gtg liao cuz his dad fatching him back mah ~ then after game went off le lor .. go back was waiting for them to dota or wad de .. msg vin budden he went offline without replying mi ~ siong went bz without telling mi ani stuff ~ sadness to the max =.=""

then sunday leh ~ woke up le then play dota ~ kewl ~ so long no play le ~ then 1st round everyone dc-ed mah ~ 2nd game leh .. si han got play .. then until the end got a bit qurrel wif vin ~ cuz i was saying si han mah ~ budden im juz playing playing de joke .. and vin say mi .. and @ last say a stupid .. then i was lyke .. realli BWG liao lor .. izzit seriously .. how frenly can u be ? how unfrenly can u be ? i dun wan to tink .. but can i ? its impossible rite ? REALLY SAD LEH !

then todea mnday .. didnt went to sch .. haiz .. dunoe tis week if i should still go to ant hse to find them mah ~ i took dem for granted somehow .. i tink .. and i told siong and tp tat .. i will be staying a bachelor ba .. cuz i onli wan to be gd to my fren .. maybi im sitll childish .. but .. suan le .. lata going back for ut .. so now come here blog blog ..



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Sunday, November 18, 2007

wheee ~ back blogging ~ seriously let mi tink .. i tink todea is quite quite a happi week ba .. although its a realli expensve week for mi ~ haha =D well .. lets see ..

tues i tink went to ant hse ~ after awhile of time wasting ~ everyone went back as siong nid to go meet *ahem* .. then after tat .. abt 7+ ~ met up wif siong and tp ~ then we bought some stuff to eat ~ after tat came my hse tp sign up mobtv and we watch unbeatables ~~ until earli mooring 6+ >.<'

then went to slp le ~ ant 10+ kena wake up cuz vin reach le mah ~ cuz dey wan to look for work ~ so call and stuff ~ and rush over to boon lay for the interview ~ budden after tat the person say supervisor nnot der so no interview ~ then go home wait for call ~ so went JP to walk walk and all ~ then tp play de scoop candy game in de arcade ~ 1 time nia .. budden got nth -.-: Lol ~ after tat we went back lor .. cuz dey say nxt day gonna go look for job again ~ haha =D

then on thurs ~ i go halfway again -.-: LOL! is realli omg liao lor .. cuz shida ask mi to go off de mah =D hehe ~ then hor .. she nv come to sch =.=" wth .. budden nvm lar ~ den went to eat wif ade dey all ~ after tat went back and meet wif them .. and went over to jurong east de cpf building recruit Xpress there to look for job ~ and interview and stuff lor ~ then finish liao went imm walk wak =.= haha .. then buy stuff and all ~ and den went to paw hse le .. lol .. den waste time there oso .. hehe .. cuz b4 tat paw vin siong went to cut hair mah ~ then went over to paw hse to wash hair .. haha =D then abt 10+ went off lor ~ and we say fri going to swim ~ haha =D

wad u expect on fri? again halfday lor ~ hehe .. budden todea i made ade damn angry ~ cuz i nv go to sentosa wif them .. but .. haiz ~ u all sould noe mi ba .. hor ~ == after tat went to tp hse and wait tgt ~ then abt 11 liao stilll no reply and all ~ so called and no 1 pick up ` after awhile leh ~ the recruit express call tp and told him got job le ~ and siong call back ~ and all lor ~ then de sad part lai le ~ tp call vin ~ and ask if vin got pick up de call from de angency AND he reply yes ~ then dey finish chatting .. i ask tp .. vin not sleeping meh ? he say nope ~ .. from the conversation vin was watching anime ~ WTH .. watching anime others de number all can listen ~ except mine? seriously ~ do u still hate mi tat much? ten after everyone meet up and went over to cpf building . interview halfway my slipper spoil =.= so go buy a new 1 ~ then rain ~ wow ~ sky is crying for mi =x alright .. then after tat went back le .. done liao went to imm again -.-" then siong keep asking mi why i so sad ~ obviously i cant say aniting huh ? haiz .. then hor ~ went to ant hse to play mj ~ paw came too ~ and after tat .. dey say they gonna party @ ant hse ~ so tp and ant went to buy stuff ~ siong go back and chg while i wait wif vin for siong ~ haiz ~ was tinking of all the old stuff .. budden dunoe wad to say to him .. after siong came ~ they went off ~ and i took taxi back home ~

then say abt 2 i see no 1 msg mi ~ so i msg siong and ask hikm if dey all stil sleeping ~ and den he say dey going to mj ~ so i went over lor ~ after tat vin slp the rest play mj while i psp ~ then after tat leh ~ we watch fu man ren jian ~ and after tat vin went back and the rest cont. mj ==" den after tat vin reach le ~ went down to eat supper and all ~ and everyone went back le =D

then todea sunday ~ cuz say going to vivo mah ~ so rush out ~ have breakfast and all ~ and went down lo ~~~~~~~ then on de bus journey dey you shuo you xiao while i psp wahaha =.= im a loner okay -,-" haiz .. then walk walk wak wak ~ lol .. after tat bought alot of stuff and went back to ant hse le ~ vin went home ~ then hor .. watch fu man ren jian ~ after tat dey mj again since its gonna be a long time b4 dey can play so relax-ly liao ~ then after game ~ we went back and dota lor ~ so now 11+++ i come over blog blog ~ dey 3 gonna start work tmr le ~ 相依为命 .. 我呢,哈哈 .. . . . . . . . . well .. gd luk to them ba =D

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Monday, November 12, 2007

whee ~ very very long no post le .. hmm .. last wed i totally forget wad happen ~ wahahaha =D nvm hor .. so get on to thursday ba .. actually its still a school day .. but i chooose to skip it lar ~ xtra 2 days holiday oso shuang =D hehe .. everything is quite normal lar ~ those O's lvl student is still having thier's O .. but ending soon le .. haha =D gratz for them lor .. hehe .. if u ask mi wad i do .. 我早就忘了 =D haha =D but i think everyday is quite standard de lar .. hor =D haha .. so this time round i just post what i can remember lor ..

i know on tuesday rite .. they somehow finish their O's mah .. cuz its O lvl sci paper 1 MCQ .. ahha =D then hor .. Karen msg mi and told mi that zhi yang they all were @ b.ball court mah .. so i rush down lor .. hehe .. then sit there hor .. funni sia .. wei xiang called over and ask mi to go PS to work @ carrefour .. then intially he got call kang sheng oso mah .. then he say nid 6 or 8 ppl de leh .. after that leh .. he told mi onli nid 1 person to work @ PS .. then i ask de rest leh ? working where .. he say all working tgt @ suntec .. then i was lyke .. [u might as well dun call mi if thats de case] haha .. then hor .. siong called over and told mi he dun wan to go work because i msg him and ask him where is he mah ~ then i ask him come down lor .. so during the waiting time .. i di di siao siao go try leng yuen de new bought PSP .. then when i put de battery back into my own .. OMG!!!!!!! the whole psp become lag lyke no body business lor .. haiz .. then tot of going down to BPP to work on it again de .. then went to the shelter to sit and chat .. then we called WX / VIN / SI HAN and ask them where they are because we were made blur by them .. budden heng we clear the misunderstanding .. wahaha .. then siong nid go off @ abt 5 and ant+tp wan mj .. so go find them liao lor =.=" ben lai tot of everyone going down to job interview tgt de .. but fail to do it because over people le .. haha .. so we chose not to go lor .. then hor .. hong hui called over and say they nid 8 ppl more mah .. so siong tp mi and vin went down to meet johony lor .. hehe .. we reach there 1st .. then HH dey all bring us to the TBC company .. then vin reach after that .. then we chat wif johonny liao hor .. found out none of us can work tgt de mah .. so we ultiamately chose not to work there .. haha =X after tat .. they went to fetch vin and i went to 1 of the shop to check out my PSP .. then hor .. then person dunoe do wad .. and its solve ~ and its FOC =D HAPPI ~ hahaha =) then since its still earli .. we went over to dolby ghourt thr to pak lan .. 1 game and we leave le .. haha =D its fun wor ~ although its onli we 4 ppl playing hehe .. then took 190 .. on bus we were chatting abt tp and siong de chalet .. and stuff lyke tat .. all lyke so well-plan ~ lets hope everything goes well .. haha =D then after tat we go find ant to play mj .. but awhile later i dunoe y i so tired ~ so i ask to go back lor -.-" and everyone oso .. haha .. went back i tink i slp le ba .. hhoho ..

then juz plainly skip wed | thurs | fri cuz its simply the smae over and over agian ;p keke =D

then on sat right ~ Vseriously its 1 of the besst day in the week liao lar .. nth to say haha .. so we decided to went swimming ~ hohooho .. then intially met @ 9am de .. budden some time delay .. met aroudn @ 10 @ cck complex l or .. then go in chg and all .. AND OFF WE WENT !!!!! HAHA =D realli fun sia .. although its damn tiring .. so after all the game and such ah .. swim and all .. went to 泡一泡水 .. then talk abt stuff and all ~ then went to eat lunch cuz all hungry ~ haha =D after tat bought some tibits and all .. and come to my hse le =D then tp and siong use comp .. to dota or aFk MU .. while vin watch them and i play psp .. after tat hor .. went to watch fu man ren jian ~ haha ~ =D nice ~ then hor .. after tat they cont. to play .. and abt 730 eat dinner and all .. den siong watc goong S on chn U. hehe .. then vin and tp went to lot 1 to accompany someone to eat ~ ahem .. but i dunoe y vin still dun wan to say aniting abt it to mi ~ but i realli cant do aniting le bu shi meh ? how i wish we can go back to what we use to be ~ can talk abt everything de ~ haha .. then around 1 hr lata they come back le .. and i forgot do wad .. haha .. tired day mah ~ and around 11 they went off since last bus 11.30 ~ then i accompany them to MRT staton lor .. tis time round i bring doggy out to walk wkl ~ si bei cute seriously .. AHAHA =D then after they went off ~ i bring doggy back .. bathe and all .. then went home and do my stuff ~ and slp @ abt 1 i tink ..

sunday leh .. woke up .. do some stuff ~ went to ant hse le . tis time heng got si han come over to play MJ~ haha .. then after mj wanted to watch fu man ren jian de .. budden dunoe y got some other stupud star search show came out -,-" then we went to watch mobtv "unbeatables" haha .. so nice lor .. BTH .. then 1 epi done le went to eat ~ i didnt eat cuz siong dun wan hl,p mi buy ~ then i lazy oso =.=" OMG ! haha .. after tat went back to cont watching until 11.30 ba .. then we went off ~ then went back and slp le i tink ? haha =D

todea is monday .. went to sch le ~ haha ~ budden since shida nid to go hospital ~ i oso go off halfway .. then mei xiang dao my whole team left together ~ nice sia ~ budde luckily we finish all our stuff =D ehe .. then i went over to TP hse ~ i tink 3rd time saw his 2nd bro ~ haha .. a nice person i would say =D then ant say mj and all mah .. then tp bro's take over mi sia =D wheee ~ then after tat he nid to go off 1st .. so i continue my place lor ~ haha =D after tat went down to eat ~ and go back home le ~ eeeeeek sad ting is .. i miss half de show of the 女婿当家 .. sigh ~ sad sia ~ then now come over here to blog ~ cuz waiting for dota budden i tink dun hav le ~ so mani days no play ~ kinda sad ~ haha =X alright ~ ending this post le ~ bye guyz =D


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