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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Woke up in de morning .. after that msg by and jj cuz dey bball-ing .. then when they reply le .. i ask for lunch but rejected ~ Lol .. so nvm .. then woke up .. online and play FB lor .. after that intially wanna go out lot 1 de .. budden ly went hoem early .. and BB stayed in sch for DnT .. so nv go lor .. then started watching gundamn Seed Destiny .. haha

watch wathc . then went down court .. play play .. sit sit .. chat chat =.= went lb to get drinks and stuff .. then awhile later jiu went back le .. reach home .. went to bathe lor .. then dota a game while eating .. after that ly and bB say go do hmw .. so dota with coco they all .. Ly bluff mi sia ~ Lol =p after tat cont. dota ..

done le .. read blog .. and started to post lor .. then sms oso mah ~ well ~ going sign off .. bye ~


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Monday, March 30, 2009

Woke up in de morning ~ then use comp abit nia ~ jiu went out to meet ly and co. cuz having lunch .. then went to KFc to eat ~ talk abd blah blah .. then all went off le sia ~ early home today .. then ownself went to RP .. and gotten my lappy for 1.3k ~ (My mum say it was my this coming Bday present .. Thanks wor) hahaa .. after that went to do the configuration and rush home to put lappy cuz urgently meeting coco mah ..

after that went out .. Sean bomb mi ~ budden nvm lar ~ lol .. then met coco @ Sembanwang cuz he late for train =X hahaa .. then reach city hall .. walk walk to the harvey norman there ~ then check check look look le .. he go smoke .. then say wanna go funan de Harvey .. so okay lor .. rush there .. then alot more choices .. take abt 30mins ~ he chose 1 le .. then bought a dry cabinet ~ we jiu went back le .. Lol ..

then took train .. dunoe which stops .. got alot of kids came in =.= i think is Indo-Chinese .. they were so damn freaking ultimately noisy can ? =.= then got 1 kid in front of us .. keep making mi and coco laugh =.= piang .. then think of him will keep thinking of alot of possiblity of wad will happen >< Lol =X anyway .. they alight liao .. got peace ~ shuang .. then coco went down le .. reach YT took bus back lor ..

then reach home play dota le .. eat @ the "free" time .. then after that went to bathe .. then watch gundamn 00 Last epi ~ now ended le jiu come blog ~ lol .. logging off ~ maybi when i use my new comp then took pic ba ~ Buaiz ~

Sean ah ~ you need us !!!!!!!!! Lol =p .. dun think that where u wan go ppl dun wan go de ~ actually alot of ppl is can de ~ budden u no try nia =D
My dad is out from the Hosp like 3 days ago ~ Yay !!! happy that he is fine =D hehee
I think that day which I had my dreams .. all are coming sia ~ Lol =D


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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Was still at MY hse when im awake ~ lol .. then juz lying on bed and chit-chatting .. after that watch tv .. then went back slp .. abt 11+ went off from his hse liao lor .. then went back .. i pei bb to wait for bus awhile .. reach home .. online jiu play FB .. after that play dota awhile .. intially wanna slp .. budden nid help my dad do things .. so didnt lor ..

then after that rush to lot 1 .. pass thing to 1 auntie le .. went to wait to cut hair .. then wait for my turn .. cut le .. jiu went 302 to eat ~ i ate quite alot sia .. laksa folo by bee hoon Lol =x anyway was waiting for the rain to stop .. budden dun see it happening .. so walk the rain and went to lot 1 ..

reach there .. went to popurlar and help YC choose his Excessment book lor ~ then after that went toilet le jiu went to buy bubble tea and ice cream .. then took bus back le ..

reach stop .. didnt saw Ly they all .. then he sms mi and stuffs lor .. budden it took mi quite sometime =.= to believe in him ~ hhaa =X reach home le .. went to bathe .. then online .. see simon offline le .. awhile later damn tired .. so went to slp lor ..

woke up again jiu come blog le .. then i think later dota abit .. then going to went off soon ~ haa =X im still tired anyway ~ Bye


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Today found out a truth about something, i dunnoe i should feel sad or not =X heh

oh well .. woke up in de mornig .. then watch anime .. after that prepare le .. went donw lor .. then teach PH something liao .. let him tain abit .. then they start their training le ~ still the same i suppose ~ budden anyway this time is ly who took over the training =D haha =X anyway .. after everything done le .. they play match .. then went home lor .. then i go down find them again and went LB to eat ..

then they discuss abt going to Bugis/Suntec for the Earth day mah .. so discuss discuss call here call there .. eaten le .. all went back liao lor .. then i bathe liao and have a game of dota .. after that alot ppl "BOMB" .. so at the end we nv go lor .. lol .. then meet YC .. jiu went out to eat dinner le ..

Met MY / BB / Ly at lot .. then eat kfc .. after that wet arcade awhile .. slack slack aste time .. then after that jiu go see HP .. then went back lor .. then Ly go home take lappy .. and went over MY hs while i go home ..

reach home .. bathe .. took my stuff .. oso went over to MY hse .. then awhile later ji went down find WJ adnd Simp cuz chatting abit mah .. then uintil now come back blog lor .. haha =X buaiz

Okay, as for the truth I know, it's the facts about that day where Ly told me he went to cut hair with his bro, but in actual facts is that he went out with another person whom I know, and they buck up 好 not to tell others le, intially was really kinda bluff by them, but today while walking back, they accidentally said something about the OT of the salon, so at the end of some [forcing], they told me the truth lor. When i know le I keep asking them lor, but I really dont know I shold be angry or not. But at least they know how to bluff. Haha.
Sorry about me not believing you 2, because after an incident last time, I Don't really trust people that easily, although sometime I know the 假话 is better then the 实话 because it's not that hurting, but if really wants to bluff, don't 露出马脚, because it's the most painful things to know the "truth" once you believe in the other story.
I hope next time you all don't have anything to bluff me about, because trust is important between friends, let's just hope it will be the last incident and no matter what, we can be truthful towards each other. =D


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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Very long no post a pic ~ so add in 1 for Sean aaha =p

Okay .. today woke up .. then sms sms sms =.= after that plan hao le .. 11 went to lot 1 to wait Ly and co. le Lol =x then ate KFC .. then after that went to LB to play bball =x Today new comer ~ KaiBoon ~ hahaa =D anyway play play . after tat went to minimart get drinks . sit down chat abit .. i jiu went home with BB

reach home le . i bathe and prepare .. then pass ball to BY .. then went down to clementi sports haall to see how unity play .. another over 100 game ~ after that jiu went to Hospital to see my dad .. then i went off when my mum came ..

rush back .. then went to court .. play abit match .. then play 1on1 .. then wait Ly come back .. ben lai wanna discuss with him ~ but he no plan .. so nvm lor .. then he went off we went LB and they eat .. after that we just slack @ 1 void deck sit down LOL =D

now reach home .. bathe .. Ps le .. going slp soon .. bye


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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Feeling kinda down right now, due to 1 person. Hahaa.

Well anyway, woke up in the morning, then PS lor, after that watch a new anime i dunoe wad name ~ ah well, watch half half like that lar ~ then jiu went to eat "Brunch" with JJ And BY .. went to eat mac ~ done le ~ went to NTUC cuz JJ wanna buy ice-cream for his sis .. then bought le jiu went back lor .. anyway during the [journey] . i ask JJ wanna go watch match with mi mah ~ he keep reject .. @ the end i oso no go lor ..

so after that went home ~ watch anime .. rest abit .. then sms .. then reformat comp oso .. after that do do do .. then still haven went down .. then do do do again .. at last can do something le .. msn ppl lor .. then after that went down to court .. play a bit game ~ jiu came up @ 8 to watch tv le .. after that watch watcg .. bathe then online lor ..

then found out something again >< argh ~ sad-ed ah .. then now come blog lor ~ later duneo doing wad .. heh =x bye

I dont know what to say, i dun dare to make u angry again, but yet i cant keep wad u do to myself ><" and i will tell u ~ and made u angry ~ heh =X its so hard .. I just wanna ask you, Are we still friends who can be happy together? I really hope you could answer me this, but I belief you wont read this too.
I think someone ish happy now eh ~ Gratz him ba
I think my dad is fine le ~ But im still sad, i tot my dreams will come true ~ but naw ~ still so far ahead =X
The suicider thoughts is coming back agian, after a year or less? I thought I'm really out of that black hole, but .. =X Alwyn ah Alwyn, you should really think about it, what is the reason why everyone can be a good friends of yours, but the one who always had problem with you is the 1 whom you think you are close with?
As the world goes about saying, the 1 whom always quarrel with you, are actually the 1 who are closest to you, because they made the effort to quarrel with you, made the effort to let you think about your mistake/problems, let you be stronger next time, and still tries to hold on to the R/S|F/S no matter what happen, but is this really true?


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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Today woke up le, then msg msg, FB abit, then rest abit, jiu went out to meet Ly they all le .. met liao .. dey went to top up .. after that took MRT to clementi .. reach there . bought drinks .. went in to see the games lor .. woot ~ saw some nice game played although they are still not good ~ haha =D budden its nice lar seriously .. then after that Ly bought his FBT shorts .. now JJ/By/Eunice/Ly all have it le Lol =x black/white reverseable .. then they went back .. i went to hospital to see my dad lor ..

rush there .. his operation is a success in a way, now is that he cannto move much just in case his blood vessel burst >< scary seh .. hope everything's fine for him .. and that he cant move around much even if his discharge .. =x haish .. then stand and sit there until like 8+ (some of my relative got come wor) .. then after that intially wanna go back myself .. feeling abit down ~ budden wait for bus so long .. some more no ppl acc mi eat dinner .. so i went back to find my mum .. ate dinner le .. took cab back ..

reahc home .. bathe .. online .. chat abit .. play a game of dota .. now come blog lor . i itnk i slp-ing early today ~ tmr dunoe got wad plan .. heh .. bye ~~


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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Today woke up kinda early due to BY msg .. then after that msg msg abit le .. went back to slp and had a good dream siol =D I dreamt that my dad recover fully le, then they bought a new lappy for me, then also Ly had forgive mi le, isnt that good? heh =X budden i really hope its not just a dream .. anyway after that woke up .. msg msg .. then jiu play PS abit lor .. done le .. nv go out lunch .. so cook maggie and settle it @ home ..

after that met JJ and BY .. then they went back to change and accompany mi go hospital =D wah thanks lor man =D on the way got chat a few things lor .. hee .. then reach hosp .. chat with my dad le .. then my mum came le i jiu went back liao lor .. after that took bus back to CCK .. went to walk the bsaement to grab some bites .. then jiu went get nasi lemak .. then went to court le ..

514 no ppl .. so called QR and went over to LBP .. after that eaten le .. they oso done with bball le .. i jiu went home liao lor .. reach home le watch comic .. then come here blog .. going to bathe soon and eating later .. heh .. then tonite should be sleeping early oso .. well ..

If I continue to love you, would you still stay by my side?
If I continue to care for you, would you look at me longer?
Is it that only I left, you will then feel my presence?
Is it that only I left, you will then feel my love for you?

I should buck up myself, but thanks Ly for being straight, at least his not like some others who treat mi like a "toy," just playing with my feeling.
Kena a lecture from Coco at the end of the day, I udnerstand what he mean, so now I must reflect more and more le. Pang ah, take a week to reflect ba, since things are maybe coming okay in ur ways oready.
Tmr's my dad should be going for operation, Wish that he will be fine after that. hehe


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Monday, March 23, 2009

Life is really confusing for me now,
I have so many things to do,
so many things to clear up,
so many things settle down,
what will be my life from now on?
Still the same?
I really cannot think about this.
Can anyone give me a suggestion?
I don't know I should be depress,
or should think nothing,
or what-so-ever.
Why not someone just end my life today,
so I no need to think about my dad's problem,
my own problems,
and Ly's problem.
When will he forgive me?
Will my dad become better soon?
Will I get my things done soon?
I'm soon to be 21,
and yet I'm still so useless,
What am I suppose to do?


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Today .. woke up .. online awhile .. jiu off le .. then watch comic all the way till meet JJ lor .. then meet him le .. went over to Clementi sports hall .. watch some C div. de competition .. well .. then after that sian le .. oso 5+ le .. jiu took cab back lor ..

reach court .. see no 1 .. went to get something le went over to LBP .. then play a match like that .. late le .. so jiu went home lor ..

reach home .. bath .. cook my dinner .. its just maggie .. online lor .. watch Gundam 00 and eat .. done le .. look comp waiting for him to online .. talk abit he gone .. i dunoe go where .. later i think i oso not going to do anything ba .. bye

Did talk to Ly today, he replied also, but from his facial expression, i really dunoe is it his damn sian, or he just dun feel like seeing me, cuz his replied today, to me, it just felt so different.

I know it's my fault for saying those dis-heartening words, but was everything really my fault? I know I didn't put myself into you all the shoes, but did you all put into mine? I think only JJ understand what is it like, because he lead the team before, will everything really works out? Will Ly forgive me whole-hearted-ly 1st? Or I should just give up everything.

一坡未平,一坡又起。Now I really understand what this means le, after typing the above, I was still waiting for Ly's reply in msn, then my bro came back, told me that my dad had a Heart Failure due to bloodclots, I was like, WTH. Seriously, what is happening in my life?


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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sorry Sam, Ps u on dota although we always played on Sunday, I really dun hav the mood.

Woke up .. feeling sad .. see comic lor .. after tat discuss plan plan .. jiu decide to went over Sean hse .. taught his and help him do chinese le .. talk to him lor .. since im really depress .. haish .. he play comp abit .. jiu went off le since he needs to cut hair .. after tat done le .. went to lot 1 there wait for coco lor ..

he reached le .. walk awhile .. then went over to eat pasta .. folo by going arcade to play abit .. then chill @ Cheers .. after tat jiu went off le .. reach home .. chat abit .. nv do anything much .. then went to watch tv .. after that read comics le .. jiu went to slp ..


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Saturday, March 21, 2009


Woke up normally .. then play PS >< Lol =X everyone is high on it >< after that went out to have lunch .. then walk around jiu went back le .. juz played a game of dota .. then after tat went out to court le .. reach court .. see them play match .. then later coco came le .. dey decide to train @ 514 .. so train there lor .. then train train .. play match .. quite a few of it .. after that went LBP to play .. then after that abt 11 jiu went over to LB cuz some of them wanna eat .. then jiu went home .. rest and slp le ..


A very pathetic day for me seriously .. woke up in de morning .. went down .. then went to get food for breakfast .. then see them play match lor .. after that they started training le .. starting still okay .. until a part where i was super du lan with some of them .. really .. later then Xplain ba .. then i said alot of demoralising words to them .. then when training ended .. ly juz went off .. and i went home soon after ..

reach home .. talk to him .. he scolded mi ~ i know he was piss off .. and after tat i sent apologise msg to the whole taem .. then after tat play abit dota .. still no mood .. jiu went slp le .. nap abit .. woke up .. prepare le .. jiu went out to meet simp .. then went his hse le .. awhile later went to fetch coco .. then went cini .. they bought stands for the model .. then went to eat mac .. after tat went to sing party world until 1+ ..

went back after .. went home .. jiu slp .. totally depressed ...


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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Today woke up, then play abit PMS, after that jiu went over to Mac and find Yc, on the way saw Ash so ask him come togetherl or .. then after eaten le .. jiu go home .. then play PMS and facebookc abit =.= Lol =X

then Sean and Bb came my hse .. then they dye hair .. then i help them lor .. after tat facebook awhile and i cooked noodles for them .. haha .. then eaten le .. paly abit more .. jiu went down court le .. after tat see 514 no ppl .. went to buy thing jiu go LBP find them ..

then reach there le .. eat abit .. then play a match or so .. after that went to LB cuz Yang say want to eat .. @ the end nv eat ><" so nvm .. then went to curt .. sit awhile .. wanted to take Harddisk from Yang budden he dun wan .. so sua .. went back after that lor ..

reach home le .. bathe and use comp .. then after that ben lai wanted to use my bro comp .. then he came back =.=" Lol =X so bo bian .. then after that used my compl ply a dota .. then GGC jiu come problem le .. so nv play .. then on fone with Sean .. he play PEt society too HAhA =X then play abit come blog oso lor >< haha =p

Logging off from Blog ~ tada ~

I dont really dun like sia, if he was de 1 hu ask u to do thing rather then mi, will u do it? haiz ..


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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

woke up very early .. cuz wanted to meet YC and BB for brekfast .. after that went over to LY hse to play with his dog and facebook .. then discuss where to go .. then after that went to meet BY and he cut his hair .. folo by eating lunch .. then BB and lY play DSPS, and Ly won .. so we went over to play pool ..

Sean hao li hai =x Lol .. im seriously praising him .. anyway after that went to play lan abit .. jiu went back le lor .. reach back .. went over to court .. play abit matches =.=" chatted abit .. jiu went home le .. nth much =x haha =x

reach home le .. bathe and eat .. then after that dota a game .. then alot of problem come out because of my GGC .. jiu decided not to play .. then went over to play PMS .. Lol =X rush lvl lar =D haha =X then slp after that ..

Sian sia, dunne wad happen to my internet explorer =.=" Problematic like my GGC .. Zzz


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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kena bomb by 2 student early in the morning =.= LOL

Okay, woke up @ 10+ .. then play a game of AI dota with sean and ly .. then discuss discuss .. alot problem lar =.= then at the end decide to go LB eat lor =.= Lol =X so abt 1+ i went down .. meet ly le .. go find yang / simp and yc .. then went to food court to eat .. then go get drink .. sit down awhile .. all jiu went hoem le ..

reach home le .. palyed a game of dota .. then discuss some mapel private thing .. i guess all going to go back play abit Lol =X then after that i went down courtl e .. reach court .. quite a few ppl there .. then play 2 games lor .. after that chit-chat .. shoot shoot .. jiu went home le ..

rach home .. bathe and eat .. then talk to my mum abt some things .. then after tat online .. chit - chat .. blah blah .. then itnially got go ly hse to get things .. budden yc acnnot le .. so nv go .. then waiting for dota now lor .. so come blog .. i tink later a game or 2 of dota jiu went to slp le .. damn tired =.= dunoe why ..


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Monday, March 16, 2009

Tio Pangseh by Liyong haha T__T

lol .. okay .. woke up in de morning .. damn shag =.=" then prepare le .. meet with ly .. jiu went mac wait yang .. then he reach le .. order food .. jiu eat lor .. done le .. talk abit .. ly jiu went off le .. then mi and yang went court sit .. wait PH bring ball down .. then kranjian came .. play abit =.= ji bo liao yi xia .. jiu went to mac again cuz of yang .. then sit and chat abit .. jiu went back court again =.=" Then cycle around .. and yang destroy alvin de stunt bike Lol =p no lar .. then after that all went back .. so i went back too lor ..

reach home le .. bathe and online .. after that chat chat .. play maple =.=" haish ~ starting hai hao .. awhile later jiu sian diao =.= so juz sit there chit-chat lol .. sia lar ~ they really earn SGD as a trader siol ~ should i ? lol =X anyway .. after tat msg BB awhile .. jiu dota a game .. after that all went off le .. so i nth to do mah .. then juz now yang ask mi out .. so went out ..

he wanna go check up .. so went to LB .. buden it say close for now .. so went over to court .. played psp .. then coco came .. play quite alot of matches lor .. then aftr that hanxiang and coco talk abt Ns while i play psp .. talk to kok and peng .. lol .. after that abt 930 jiu went off lor ..

reach home le .. bathe .. online .. and eat .. then still nid bring out table and lappy due to my maid .. abit F up lar .. but bo bian leh .. got her alot of housework no nid do .. haish ~ anyway .. jiu online and watch Gundamn 00 . i think ending .. then now come blog .. waited for so logn still no dota =.=" i tink later 1 game i jiu zhao le .. LOL!


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Sunday, March 15, 2009


Woke up in the morning, although Coco said that no need to fetch him le, cuz they having training mah, and since i oready told JJ to conduct, i juz wash up jiu went down see le, then see chat eat and everything lol .. Thanks my bro for the Mac breakfast .. then train train train .. discuss discuss discuss .. watch watch and joke joke .. then abt 1+ or 2+ they ended training, so played abit game we jiu went home le ..

reach home, bathe and dota, after that went out to meet with de rest le, although i was late abit, still got ppl later then mi .. haha =x then went interchange wait wait .. wait till everyone came .. then bus to BT le .. reach there .. we wanna pool 1st de .. budden saw arcade .. coco gian .. so we played arcade 1st .. then finish playing abt 7+ le mah .. so went over to eat dinner .. not bad leh =D haha .. eat eeat chat lor .. after that jiu went over to play pool le .. before that ==> Yang wanna send Jaynice back .. then talked to Simp .. blah blah .. then at the end is Simp fetch Jaynice and yang back and bring yang over once again .. haha .. okay .. then went over .. then got the new member rule .. fuck up ..

so at the end we went to century there to play Lol =X then we play team game .. mi and coco si bei suay =.=" okay .. had a lot of fun and laughter, haha .. then after that .. went down to withdraw $ and get an apple pie .. saw jianyong . so chatted with him awhile .. jiu went to meet with de rest le .. meet le .. plan and discuss .. at the end everyone went back except mi/ly/simp/coco/sean .. we went to play lan .. sean juz watch us play .. then after that done with lan-ing .. we went over to eat again .. haha .. then after that send coco home le .. jiu send sean then we went back at last ..

reach home .. rest .. psp .. slp


Woke up early because of Sean msg .. not gonna say antyhing .. then dun feel like going back to slp .. so online .. then dota dota dota all de way lor .. then here and there got rest abit =.=" sian dao ~ Lol =X not i say dota sian .. its juz that whole day infront comp will die =.=" then i tink after last game le .. went out to get my dinner ..

reach home .. eat and chat .. after that simp ask mi out .. so went out to mac to acc him eat lor .. after tat yang came .. lol .. then chatted abit .. jiu went over to simp hse =.=" then paly maple .. beginning so fun .. abt 5 - 10 mins later .. wah kaoz .. bored dao ~~~~~ dunoe why those kiddo can play for so long =X Lol =X anyway .. after that ly came too .. then coco reach le .. went out to lot to meet him .. then meet up with yc .. walk pasar malam .. lol =X

si bei fun sia =.= walk alot of palce lar .. like watching all teh old songs .. go see ppl play bumper car (wanted to play budden ly and yc say too ex) .. then after that played on Pri 6 maths .. then yc went back le .. we went to buy bread .. and went over macto sit down .. chatted .. watch ly play psp .. blah blah .. abt 1145 went back home ..

reach home le .. played a game of dota .. then bathe .. jiu come here blog and talk on msn .. hehe ..

Anyway, to Sean, hope you could tell me de reason like last time, I believe we are not so apart.

To Yang, I know where I stand, I just hope you won't push be down to the black-Hole which is impossible because I will still fall into it myself.

Let's be truthful, what am I to you if I were to compare me to Liyong. =D

To Xiaopang, why do you want to get into this kind of trouble everytime? Why didn't you abide to your swore to Yoke last time. You are really dumb, and purely stupid, when can you grow up? Or do you want to continue to stay in this condition, up until the day where you step your foot into the coffin. Are you going to give up soon? Make a decision fast, time's not going to wati for you.


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Saturday, March 14, 2009

I edited my 1st song, it's a japanese song, from Gundam 00 2nd Season de, I find it damn nice. So put it in blog and introz to you guys, take a short break and listen to it. Lyrics and English lyrics will be down next.


Nakusu koto ga hirou tame nara
Wakareru no wa deau tame

“Sayounara” no ato ni wa kitto
“Konnichi wa” to deaun da

Midoriiro shibafu ni nekoronde itai
Doubutsu mo issho ni gorogoroshitai

Kyou wa ii koto ga takusan atta kara
Asu mo ii koto ga takusan aru you ni

O-hi-sama dete yuuhi kirei de
Hoshi ni negai ashita ga kuru

Doushite icchau no?
Issho ni kaerou

Kenka o shite ano ko ga naite
“Gomen nasai” ienakute
Kokoro no naka sakebi naite mo
Kotoba ni shinakya dame da yo

Arigatou arigatou boku no o-tomodachi
Aitai na atarashii tomodachi no minna

Kimi to te o tsunagu
Sore wa tsubasa ni naru
Minna no te tsunagu
Oozora mo toberu

Warau warau ooki na koe de
Yonde yonde daisuki na…

Niji-iro kakehashi watatte “okaeri”

O-kane ga ne atte mo tomodachi wa kaenai
Nani mo nakute mo ne minna ga irun da

Minna kiite boku-tachi no yume
Minna shitte boku-tachi o

Anata wa doushiteru?
Boku wa ne genki da yo

Anata wa doushiteru?
Boku wa ne genki da yo


If losing things is for picking them back up
Then parting is for meeting

After “Goodbye,” certainly
We’ll meet with a “Hello”

I want to lie down on the green grass
I want to tumble together with the animals

If many good things happened today
Then I wish that many goods things will happen tomorrow, too

The Sun comes out, the setting sun is beautiful
I wish upon the stars, and tomorrow comes

Why are you leaving?
Let’s go home together

Getting into a fight, that child cries
Unable to say, “I’m sorry,”
Even if you scream and cry inside of your heart
It’s useless if you don’t turn them into words

Thank you, thank you, my friends
I want to see all of my new friends

I hold hands with you
It turns into wings
I hold hands with everyone
We can fly through the great sky

I laugh, I laugh with a loud voice
Calling, calling for my favorite…

Crossing the rainbow-colored bridge, I say, “Welcome back”

Even if you have money, you can’t buy friends
Even if I don’t have anything, everyone is with me

Everyone, listen to our dream
Everyone knows of us

How are you?
I’m fine

How are you?
I’m fine


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This isn't any new song, but I really find the lyrics meaningful.

李玖哲 - 想太多



























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Friday, March 13, 2009

Forgot to say, I saw Li Nan Xing yesterday at LB foodcourt. haha

Woke up in de morning .. then cheong finish the Gundam 00 Anime .. Nice siol .. after that watch bleach and naruto ... then jiu went out to lot 1 le .. then wait for Bb and co. for like 30mins .. dey reach le .. went to mac .. no seat .. so went to foodcourt .. sit then chat == no 1 go buy food .. after that went down to basement .. see KFC no seat .. then jiu went over to Ly hse le =.="

Reach there .. play with sasha .. Sean go play maple =.=" lol .. sasha teeth is getting sharper le .. then watch tV there oso lor .. haha .. done le jiu went home lor .. then played with sam .. then awhile later went off .. then played PSP .. lose again .. fuck siol .. then sian le .. so went down lor .. Lol ..

reach there .. simon came too HAHA =X then play match .. fun siol ~ so long no play with him .. after that he went hoem le .. jiu went minimart get things .. jiu went to LBP for their training le .. then simp came awhile later .. then chatted wiith him while dey train .. then abt 9 those Pinoys wanna play .. so let htem lor .. then abit later went to eat dinner le .. lol ..

ate ate .. chat chat .. Ly funny =.=" Lol =X after tat coco called .. told mi no nid go fetch him le .. well .. okay lor .. then after that done with eating le jiu went home . bathe .. then online .. then eat again >< muhaha =x si liao lar .. then after that dota lor .. then in the midst of dota .. Simp called .. then ben lai nth de .. then his msg come .. ZZZ .. alot problem lar .. then after that having 2nd game was sms-ing him .. totally no mood .. then now done le jiu come here post .. finish post should be sleeping haha =x buaiz


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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Well well, woke up in de morning .. then watch anime le .. abt 11+ almost reach 12 went o BY hse .. then he help mi scan le .. then send out that email .. wo jiu went home take psp .. then took bus to Calvin hse .. on the bus .. saw Ant[1 of my story character if you all heard from me] .. then i didnt look @ him, but i think he look @ mi =.=" haha .. then alight bus he sms mi wor .. talk abt some stuffs, but anyway, dun think he will read .. just type to him If you said that 2 years back all still don't know how to think, then I think now still the same, because no one has unblock me since then.

reach his hse .. yan jiu feng jing .. then after that chatted aand watch im play sims 2 =.= lol .. then i played my psp too .. then abt 250 i left his hse .. Thanks calvin for the HP charge .. walk over to BPP de bus - stop .. then jiu wait there .. then wait wait for 30mins =.=" then BB sms told mi they at home le .. kaoz =.=" then i took bus back .. bought a drink jiu went home le .. watch anime again .. after that feed dog le .. jiu went out ..

went LBP to find them .. no 1 there =.=" then walk over to 514 .. then see them there .. Please see my sms carefully =.=" .. then sean came and it rains big .. so didnt train .. play matches all de way lor .. then late le .. jiu went over to LB to get bubble tea and dinner .. jiu went home le ..

reAch home .. bathe .. eat and jio dota cuz i gian =.=" budden no 1 reply lol =x then simon came back le .. then everybody oso back =.= so played 2 games .. after that now i come blog lor .. haha .. later watching anime and tv .. buaiz ..

Happy Birthday HengWei

Coco is coming back 2 days later


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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Back to post, haha =x today woke up @ 9+ .. tired but suan le .. jiu went online .. watch anime while discussing with BY abt de time to meet .. settle le jiu cheong anime all the way =D haha .. then abt 1+ jiu went to meet BY and JJ then after that went over to alighting point to wait for those Teck Whyien .. lol =x

met le .. went to food court to eat .. not all lar .. then after tat eat dessert le .. jiu went over to library le .. awhile later BB went off .. then we talk abt Bball ah .. this and that .. budden nth much lar .. cuz they wanna bball mah .. hah .. so we went back like 4+ lor .. then reach home prepare le .. jiu went down to meet them .. then went lbp .. then play a game or 2 .. and it started to rain .. lol .. [Alvin damn rich]

reach hoem le .. bathe .. then online surf net .. after that dota 1 round .. now BB say is resting time .. so came to blog .. later plan would be .. anime and dota i think >< See 1st if i wan Tv or not .. if got special thing cork up then i will be back =D If not .. Tada Readers LOL =X

Wanted to get a new laptop, for game and school, budden I think my mum wouldnt buy for me, and Im not having a job =.=" What should I do? And if my mum allow [which I wish], do I get a school lappy since their OS sucks =.=' Window Vista Enterprise. Haiz.


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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

okay .. today woke up @ abt 9+ .. then on my bro's comp Lol =X after tat watch anime .. all de way until abt 11+ lor .. then prepare le .. jiu went to meet JJ BY MY .. after that we all went to my sch .. and i went to request for a Letter of Certificate Lol =X and oh wow ~ My module head is a fast worker =p haha =X anyway .. we went to eat (intially wanna check out de comp .. budden looking @ the amt of ppl .. LOL) .. went to eat cai fan lor .. haha =X eaten le .. jiu went to buy sweet then went off le .. lol =X

train over to Chinese Garden .. then after tat went to Jurong sports hall .. see JSS Vs NYGS .. lol =X okay okay matches IMO .. after tat USS vs NTSS .. 1st half of the game was quite okay .. lol .. the most exciting part occurs during the last 33sec of the game .. haha =X [I think during the last min NTSS overtake USS by 2 points .. so after a time out .. NTSS starts the ball .. and they got a foul and score another 2 points, which means 4 point lead, then during the last 33sec, NTss starts de ball, but within 10sec Uss stole de ball and put in anothe 2 points. And during the last 10 or 12sec, Uss stole de ball once again, and rush down the court, and tries to beat the buzzer, but nooooooooooooo =X They miss. And so it ends with NewTownSec winning the finals over UnitySec by 2points.] okay .. so after game end .. we went back lor .. kaoz .. squeezy train haha =p anyway .. reach home le .. prepare .. jiu go meet BY le ..

then went LBP .. then heard some Ex-Regentnite talking abt Jon .. =X dunoe wad happen .. then after tat they played a match .. then we played ourselves .. after that went to 514 they shoot while i Ransack Kenneth bag =D haha =X after that went to ABC .. jiu went home le =D

Reach home .. bathe le .. jiu online lor .. then sms abit .. cuz ball went missing .. then ehng @ the end JJ went down to find it and pass it back to yang Lol =X then after that chatted abit le .. [ly got admirer] .. jiu went dota .. then done le i come here blog .. gonna dota again i think .. bye .. end here haha =p


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Monday, March 09, 2009

Woke up in the moring ~ then jiu played PSP ><" Lol =X after tat wash up le .. jiu watch tv and eat bread lor .. then 12+ went out .. [piang ~ the rain so big =.="] .. anyway .. went over to lot 1 to meet them mah ~ then ate MAc =.=" then they told mi wad "Economic Crisi" then today last day eat =.=" Lol ~ Dunoe them .. then eaten le .. jiu went over to BHG to walk walk cuz DDX and Sean wanna buy sch shoe .. lol =x budden no their size =.=" well .. after tat went to watch slippers .. (Maybi i getting 1 again) Haha =X then jiu went over to the dunoe which shop then see see .. after tat jiu went back le ..

LY went home while Dx/Bb/Sean came over my hse .. then they play with my dog while i help them clean up their shoes and socks =.=" My dad Told me off cuz i doing some 吃力不讨好的事 .. lol .. 算了吧 .. then after that i psp while Sean doze off and BB playing my dog =.=" then abt 330 they went off le lor .. i jiu watch anime .. then ZBL awhile .. jiu went to play PSP again ><" then come back use comp and eat .. then jiu go LB check something .. then went home jiu dota le ..

1 game le jiu went bathe .. now up blogging .. later dunoe wad plan .. should be dotaing oso ~ haha .. Sign Off ><

Jia Lat lar ~ Anyone got a job to introz ?


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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Woke up in de morning .. guess too tired .. i slept till alarm wor ~ haa =D after tat jiu wake up le .. then use comp abit .. then transfer psp games mah .. so after tat watch tv until 12+ .. then went out to meet Ly le ..

met him le .. went over to libarry .. after tat BB came le .. chatted abit .. went to KFC to eat lor .. eaten le .. jiu went to take bus over to JP le .. then had some problem with sean .. lol .. after tat reach le .. jiu went to Spade to look for BB shirts .. then he say too ex .. not buying =.=" so walk abit .. then saw aquite a bt of wallet sia .. then feel like buying .. budden didnt lar .. after tat discuss le .. went to take taxi and go fetch sean .. after tat at the end we4nt over causeway to walk ..

walk walk le .. wsee that nth to buy oso =.=" so we took bus over to phonix LRT there .. then wait for simp .. then they play "Bottle Soccer" =.=" when simp came .. went over to timah lor .. then we walk walk the bukit timah shoping centre .. then separate group .. mi and simp went to ge sugarcane drink le .. walk beauty world centre and plaza .. then went over to bukit timah plaze .. Today then i know that Bukit Timah de shopping centre all different name .. zzz == .. then after that went back to pool thr to find them .. then play billard .. then hao le went down to play lan .. Lol =X after tat went to eat ><" haha =X eaten le jiu went back le lor ..

then come back now blog lor ~ haa =X Dunoe later wad plan .. but im gonna eat my dinner =X Bye ~


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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Woke up @ 8+ cuz Nigel called mi == then went back slp then 9 alarm rang .. then went back slp and 915 woke up .. then preapre le .. nap another 5min LOL =X Was damn freaking tired lar =.=" then after tat preapre preprae .. jiu went down le .. quite abit of them there le wor .. then the rest came too ..

then started by playing match .. after that training started .. then train train simp oso came .. Ash came too Lol =X after tat Sean and Jon came .. then train train train train then at the end they play match lor .. then done le .. some went home le .. mi and simp went to LB to eat (Simp kena de Ah Nua Virus, which means that he is just too lazy to do any single things, not even making decision == ahaha) .. after tat went home .. forgot to say, bought 4D too =D haha

[Was planning to go Jurong Point because of BB, Then LY ask for tmr? then dunoe wads goiong to be the plan lar, ma fan] then reach home le .. bathe .. then after that sms abit .. jiu online .. then played a game of dota but i DC .. so went to read blogs then come here post lor .. haha .. after tat leh .. played another game with sam =.=" then done le .. jiu preapre .. then bring dog go odwn walk with LY LOL !!!

So funny lar =.=" my dog really Horny Bastard =.=" ahaha ~ Budden heng they nv fight .. so we walk from hse there to LBP then to LB down back home .. then OTW saw QR they all .. so chatted and they play with the dog .. mine ke lian ~ look fierce .. they dun dare touc htocuh . haha =X Ly de too cute >< Swt swt ~ anyway .. after tat went home lor ..

then reach home .. bathe le .. jiu .. online all the way lor .. then got dota got this .. then BY ask mi out to Escape Theme Park .. intially planned hao hao de .. budden AT the end alot things corp up =.=" so i very de 烦和乱 .. then at the end evverythin sort out le .. jiu dota again ... lol .. then DC again ~ power dC day today .. anyway i going off soon ~ so sign off here .. haiz .. buaiz

Ph ah Ph, Don't emo le, hope BY and JJ words got go into your ears wor, it's common for people to discourage you when you just started your bball life, learn from what others say, and put in EFFORT in what you learning.

Yang ah Yang, I don't know what you treat me as, but I really hope you can at least think of me when you doing something lar =.=" Lol =X you get what I mean wor? I'm not angry or what le, just that I don't like de feeling of that nia[Bball and Games]. And please, don't be so lazy when it comes to me, CAN?

Sean ah Sean, what is late by 2hrs mean? Saying at least you come is better then not ocming, true, but it's unfair to every other else who woke up early and came down for training. If Jon want play and you want wait, might as well don't come if from the beginning making it on time or coming down isn't your main purposes.

Someone ah someone, why do the girls you like always like this 1? Can you stop making this kind of choices, when you are not, you are not, dun step 1 please. I really hope you break. =X [I know I'm bad and steading is your choice, but I just dont hope you continue this relationship]

I know my post isn't that nice to read if your name is stated there, but I really hope what I say could bring in to your heart, I Apologise to you if you think that what I say is too harsh.


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Friday, March 06, 2009

Ahaha .. okay .. woke up as per normal or .. haha .. intially wanted to acc ly down to intercahgne .. budden suan le .. after tat wake up le .. awhile later jiu went to lot 1 with yang to find the rest .. then ate mac .. budden today only boon and yang ate nia .. lol .. after tat went to popular to buy something lor .. then went home le .. intially wanted to go LY hse de .. budden sean dun wan .. so bb dun wan .. then at the end all no go ..

after tat reach home .. do my things le .. then wanna dota .. buden quite alot of things happen lar .. just too lazy to list it out .. then go watch tv abit .. 6+ jiu went to LBP for their training le ..

played a few games .. then trained abit .. then pinoys and others came le .. so let them paly match lor .. then we watch watch lor .. after tat went to eat .. today quite early settle .. haha =X

went to lb to eat .. then chatted abit .. i jiu went to find Sim[ they all @ Court le .. cuz coming my hse to MJ mah .. then reach my hse le .. i go bathe while they set up .. then after done le .. started lor .. alot of things happened .. we played till 310 like that .. then ended .. so they went off while i went to slp .. =D

[Special msg will be posted on Sunday's post.]


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Thursday, March 05, 2009

well .. slept kinda peacefully ? Lol .. almost lar .. sean msg mi to ask them for training .. then i msg others le . then went back slp .. then another person wake mi up hlp her check things .. then rest abit .. jiu help her lor .. done le .. i jiu nth to do le mah .. so eat and watch anime .. haha .. after tat went to vaccum my room and laptop and blah blah .. haha =X I guss i reformatting soon .. then after that bathe .. jiu went lot 1 le ..

reach there .. go walk walk at the popular and stuffs .. then after tat went library .. see books lor .. was sms-ing alot of ppl all the way too =.=" then after tat bought LJS .. jiu went home le .. reach home .. msn yang why he no reply .. then he say l;azy reply .. then i du lan him le Lol .. then blahj blah and stuffs lar ..[Things should be solve by now haha] .. then after tat went down court .. chit-chat with james and chanwai .. after tat a few ppl came le .. jiu play match lor .. play play .. then abt 7+++ jiu went home le ..

reach home .. look @ my comp .. then bathe .. after tat cont. sms .. then msn =.= eat and stuff .. [playing with Reiner .. chatting and stuff] then after that 10+ went to dota lor .. played a damn GG game .. make mi so high haha =X after tat lost le .. chat abit .. jiu come blog le .. buaiz


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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Okay .. woke up in de morning by Eunice msg for lunch .. well .. then replied le .. went back slp .. then JJ called == Lol =X Emo ~ Anyway woke up at abt 11+ .. then watch anime le .. jiu went out meet them ..

go lot 1 .. then after tat wait for BY while we @ Courts and minitoons walk walk lor .. then after tat BY came le .. jiu went up to food court .. then i see the"Fosh noodle" .. $5 .. forget it .. we decided to go eat mcvalue lunch lor .. haha =D afterh tat eaten le .. PH came le .. jiu went to zinc and he bought a new bag [wah .. ph is damn freaking rich] .. after tat went miniton buy my sweet le .. jiu went home .. reach home .. rest abit .. jiu went down for bball ..

went LBP .. then alot ppl came after .. then play match lor .. after that other court no ppl le mahj .. so th rest wenmt over there to play while those 3 have their special trainig =D Lol .. then train train .. can see SEan unhappy lar .. lol =X after that simp came awhile le .. jiu rain liao ==

went home .. then watch news .. didnt see their face .. after tat jiu bathe .. then online .. jiu dota .. then quarrel with simp after game .. nvm ~ I think solve le .. after tat went down to lb with simp and MY then eat abit .. then went home come blog lor .. lol ~ Think sleeping early today ba .. haha =X

Eunice say she needs to go do specs le, because at mac she say she saw a TWSS shuai ge coming into mac budden she say it looks a bit like Ph, and at the end its relly Ph ~ Lol
PengHeng is a PERVERT!! Haha =X He used his body to bang a Kranji Sec the girl when walking back. haha =X he jia lat lar him haha. No hard feeling.
MingYang act cute ~ He paid the auntie money liao then got chance back, then he say auntie so good give me tips LOL =X No hard feeling.
MY owe mi $1.75, I say he remembered 1st then tell me, he say if he didn't remember he not call MingYang. Lol So put it here so that you will be remind =D
When can I strike 4D neh? I buy small small nia mah, haha. Come come fast fast haha
That's all folk =D


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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Woke up in the morning .. then aftre that msg JJ abit le .. then they went to LB mac .. so i folo .. then get something to eat and drink and we chatted .. after that abt 1030 went off cuz JJ wanna go Bugis .. so we came back ..

after that used comp awhile .. then sian le .. jiu go watch comic .. after tat watch watch .. then went to nap abit .. then BB called .. ask mi go down eat (cuz i jio them de .. i si bei hungry during tat time) .. then we went to KFC .. quite alot of ppl though lol .. then after eaten le .. went back lor .. then prepare le .. jiu went donw court ..

saw hw @ void deck waiting for his dad .. then taught him sci .. after tat went to LBP to find the rest .. then play awhile .. jiu went to 514 wait yang le .. his so damn slow =.= and i having stomach ache during that time .. aRgh T__T pass him ball and went off .. just as i were going off WJ came .. budden i told him i [tu zhi tong] .. so he let mi off LOL!!! =X No lar .. after that reach home le .. jiu bathe and SHIT! =p

then online .. eat dinner while watching anime .. then stoamch ache again .. wtf == something wrong .. then jiu started dota .. all the way until now 11pm i come post lor .. buaiz


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Monday, March 02, 2009

woke up in the morning .. having a bad dream =.= haish .. dun wanna talk abt it .. then after that yang say he not eating .. so i woke up .. use comp abit .. then when i wanted to dota .. BB say they off early .. so went to meet them soon after .. saw alvin and sian cheong on the way .. then went to library find them .. then went to MOF .. WTH!!! walk off after sitting down .. so paiseh =.=" then went to mac .. they eat .. and i drink .. then went over to ly hse to play with his dog again haha ..
play play .. abt 3+ went home lior ..

use comp abit .. jiu wwent out for bball with JJ and BY .. soon after it rain .. wth =.= then sit down chat awhile .. jon/jc/alvin came .. then abit later no rain le went to lb to buy some stuffs .. after that jiu went hoem le .. bathe le .. use comp abit .. then simp ask to go out =.= so went out again .. to lot 1 .. after tat him and my eat le .. jiu went to took his comp .. then went over to bedok to his fren hse .. then fix his comp .. until 9+++++ then went back ..

now reach home le .. jiu use comp and blog .. pic is folo .. later should be dota-ing .. bye ~~ Lol

The 4 crane i did haha =D

Cini de kbox .. nice man the design

Group photo we took at the end =D

BAD GUY!!!!!!!!!!!

The thing i bought last time, pin it up le

design i cut .. lame i noe =.=


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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday Simpson
Lol ~ Yesterday forgot post for him.

Okay, woke up as per normal .. then used comp for awhile trying some stuff lor .. after tat went to ly hse to play with his dog .. then went to meet sean and cut hair .. after that went back bathe le and stuff .. met them then went court to go simp car le .. yang came at the end .. then off we went to sim lim square .. then went over to "Bell" then bought his stuffs .. then after that went to eat since waiting for his ocmp to be fixeed .. then hao le .. took liao .. went to cinileisure ..

went there de Kbox to have fun .. wah ~ the K Buffet there power =.= eat until like dunoe wad lor .. some more b4 that i eaten liao .. omg ~ So damn full ~ and damn fun too =D haha .. pic will be posted on the above post .. anyway after that .. go home le .. watch tv .. then went to slp le ><"


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