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Monday, May 31, 2010

21/5 - i only rmb fri they got training =.=" the rest i forgot le LOL!

22/5 - taining in de morning/afternoon,than no 1 went to eat lunch, so went back and game ba. then @ night went down court again LOL! to sit sit chat chat nia ..

23/5 - comp in de morning and early afternoon, then went to cut hair with sean and junhao. after that i jiu went home white sean went junhao hse lor . then home le jiu comp and comp then go court awhile, and comp agian ==

24/5 - like a normal day, comp and went court and home and comp LOL! =X

25/5 - was @ home until night time, then went to minimart get a drink then went to eat diner outside, then jiu home le lol =X (went to eat, and i choke on the food, lucky didnt voimit out LOL! =X HENG DAOOOOOOO~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

26/5 - was at home, so went to get mac as lunch Lol! then home to comp, and after that went court again. then went to buy PPC .. lol =X then home lor =XXX

27/5 - tiring day =.=" noon time went to meet GGG ppl, then here wait there wait =.=" after that jiu went to dunnoe where de Giant and buy ALOT of things == wasted so much time there can >< LOL! then after that leh, jiu cab down to Aloha chalet there, and waited for the key, then everyone "unpacked" and starts cleaning the place and start making dinner. then awhile later i jiu went back lor, then go court see see le, jiu went back and prepare, then go over there agian LOL =X then Melvin fetch mi back to the chalet, then wanna drink de, budden like not enuff ppl. so at the end drank abit nia == then MJ the whole night =.=" after that jiu bathe then those who were awake de jiu clean up the whole mess lol =X

28/5 - went back quite early, then go back watch tv feel like sleeping =.= zzz then went court lor, since their match is coming up soon. then do this do that le, jiu went to eat lol =X eaten le jiu went home .. then comp abit le .. jiu went to nap == but cuz going for dinner .. so didnt slp much anyway == jiu out of 36hrs i slept 30mins lor .. ZZZZ .. and to keep myself awake the whole night i drank 4 and 1/2 can of RED BULLLLL LOL =X jia lat =.=" anyway at night went to have dinner at pizza hut .. eaten went 302 to eat again >< then went home lor .. comp abit .. jiu slp le =.="

29/5 - boring sat =.= no training and stuff .. jiu like nth to do sia LOL =X then went court in de late afternoon =.= like a normal weekday .. then went to LB to eat >< intially dun wan de .. see ash eat .. at the end oso eat Lol =X then afte that done eating jiu went to get BBT .. then went home le lor .. lol =X

30/5 - nth to do oso, juz went court ard 3+ ? then went lb to buy 4d and bread and dirnks Lol =X then chat @ court nia .. and played abit .. talk abit .. ard 8+ jiu zhao liao .. go home and comp =.=" sian ~ lol =X

31/5 - O lvl MT paper today sia Lol =X anyway .. i oso nth to do at home lar, praticaly just comp @ home, and went lb to get some stuff, then went home to comp again lor. cuz raining mah .. STTM =.="



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Thursday, May 20, 2010

1 week has passs

let mi seee wasnt in the correct mood nowaaday

14/5 - didnt do much in the morning/afternoon, then went down to see them train and stuff lor. then went mac eat and chat with BY there-after

15/5 - same, see them train on Sat, then went to eat, then talk cock @ void deck, then comp @ home.

16/5 - comp de whole day, went lb get dinner, thats it ==

17,18,19/5 - morning wake up comp liao afternoon go court liao evening comp agian. thats all.

The only different is that I know some stuff happened, actually i could anticipated it, but i just cant accept the facts.


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Thursday, May 13, 2010

10/5 - basically just home comp court home

11/5 - breakfast @ lot then comp then court then home comp ==

12/5 - went to fresh origin work, kinda relac cuz idk anything and i didnt had to do much == jusssst liddat lor .. after 21 years of life tthen i 1st time play cash register, fucking fun .. thats it == and went home dammn fucking late .. and juz comp and slp

13/4 - went there to work again, today fuck by the supervisor, cuz i slow, aiya, idk how ppl wanna do lar, u ask mi go there without exp and u expect mi to fast, i can tried i cant do i kena scold wtf .. sua lar .. nb .. ended earlier today .. went back then go court chat with HX and others .. then went home kena fuck by a few ppl lar .. i really dunoe, why izzit like this lar..


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Monday, May 10, 2010

2/5 - Totally forgot wad i did =.= wahahaa

3,4,5,6 of may - totally de same, slp liao wake up comp liao go court see liao go home comp liao watch movie and slp again =.=

7/5 - FRiday leh ~ woke up then comp lor ~ then cant go sean hse =.= kaoz .. lol =X then nap abit le .. went to 707 de court ~ hot dao like a cb =.= then alot ppl nv come down >< lol =x okay sua ~ so practically no training, just ball ~ buts its all cool =D after tat went mac to eat le ~ then chat chat .. then home =D

8/5 - Sat leh, they have their training ~ =D then train train le hor, jiu went to LB to eat lor .. the rest went lot 1 =.= lol =X after that went home bathe le .. then go orchard to walk walk abit ~ then went to watch Kick Ass, quite a funny show .. after that watched le went to eat dinner lor =X eaten le jiu went home le ba i think =X lol .. reached home le jiu comp and then slp

9/5 - dota thru the day ~ and went out to grab my idnner .. then home to dota again ~ going slp soon Lol =X buaiz


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Sunday, May 02, 2010

29/4 - simple day ~ was sleeping @ home, then comp abit ~ then went down court to play some ball ~ very long no sweat while balling =X Oops =X hahaa .. then went back to bathe and stuff then went to meet by and jj and went to mac to discuss on the team =D then simp came and eat and chat ~ then home and comp and slp =D

30/4 - Shag day ~~ Lol .. okay ~ i was comping the whole day can =.= was reading manga wahaha =X now interested in it le =X then after that jiu went over to get a ball from DX .. then waited for WJ before proceeding to TW .. but who knows =.= lights off ~ fine ~ then went over to teck whye there .. i forgot wad court .. its been occupied too =.= then went back 514 .. still full .. wah lan eh =.= then heng heng lastly .. went to 707 there to ball ~ phew ~ heng ah ~ then @ last started to give KB and Reiner some basic trainign le lor ~ hahaa =X and tey say shag =.= hohohoo ~ after that went mac to eat .. then chatted abit .. jiu home le ..

1/5 - Eh .. May le sia .. so fast suddenly ~ anyway today was a fruitful day lar =.= i would say .. mornin woke up .. ate le jiu went to meet them lor ~ then went to get ticket for iron man 2 .. then went to party world to sing .. but very weird .. cant even use any strength at all .. then didnt sing much or anything lurh .. then after that went to watch iron man 2 .. umm ~ no much comment .. not my type of show .. but its still not bad lor lol =X then went over to eat zhi char @ 888 there =D maybe should eat Ex abit ? its enuff lor the food =D hahaa .. then ate dim sum .. is full actually >< then went 7-11 but none wanna drink .. so @ the end went to the under mrt track place to sit and drink and chat ~ then bought a birthday cake for YC Lol =D YongChang, hope you had a nice celebration from us, 1st time ever that the team celebrate a birthday with you like that =D Lets hope we could do more of it =-D then after that home and comp lor .. lol =X now come blog .. going slp soon ba .. Not for me


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