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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Very Very long I didn't post already.

How are you guys, although I know no one is reading this Blog anymore, but it's okay, just treat it as I'm talking to myself. Haha =X

Alright, It's a New Year, 2013, lets all have a better year this year compare to last year, and has a up curve forever for every new year. =D

It has been 十多天 ever since 2013 starts, everything is going fine for me. Regardless it's work(Camp) or friends outside, maybe except 1 group which ... ... ... ... 一半一半吧.

This end of year has quite a few things in plan, I shall see it happening so that my life would be COLORFUL. Cheers for me =D

Campsite, new guys are in, they are consider better then 1 of their senior. (Which is still quite a few batch junior.) I believe if give any 1 of them to pit with the senior in servicing, they won't even lost at all.

I know I'm not in any position to say this, but please, do buck up, from what we see, we know that you don't have interest, but at least put in effort in there, at least withstand this 1 year you have left inside, if not, how are you going to survive? It's not like the people inside is not giving you chance, they have given you a lot, a lot, a lot of chances already, from the beginning when you started playing stunt, until now. No doubt they keep saying you, but think about it, why only you? If you put in the effort, I can assure you that at least someone will stand up for you.
You always say 没办法,不习惯也要习惯,but in reality, did you ever 习惯? 
Now you are been pushed back to a very very "fun" yet 凶 place, and you started complaining that you rather stay with us, but with your attitude, no 1 wants. 
There are consider [a lot of freedom] here, but you don't 珍惜, no 1 can do anything anymore. 
If you fail the test, do go back and learn to take things like a "man" before you come back, at least if you change, by then, everyone will change their attitude towards you.
Last but not least, this is reality, face it up.

Oh man, what a long winded passage, I believe he will not have the chance to read it, but it's okay either. If by "chance" anyone of them saw and pass it to him, I do wan to see this paragraph help him.

Alright, nothing much for now, shall 跑 1st.


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