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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Back to post after so many days without posting my life in NS due to the fact that there is a lot of uncertainty in between the change of my new life in BMT.

Okay, in any case, to update everyone, after my Tekong life, I went over to Kranji Camp 3 to be a technician.
Remembering the time in Tekong I pray that I would go there, but once I knew that I would become a technician, I totally regret whatever I pray hard on that day.

Really, I don't want to be a technician, so during this past few weeks, I was thinking of ways and how to adapt to this life. But as of now, to me is quite simple. I would just treat this like a normal camp, just that it has more regimentation then normal camp, and you got to listen to preaches almost everyday. Seriously speaking, I like going back into camp is because of the friends I made there, though in the beginning there is really the "transition" period whereby you are adapting from 1 place to another.

But still, I miss those few I had in Tekong, and I still hang out with my own Tekong batch rather then those of the new camp. Had a few lesson here and there, but overall things are still going smoothly for me, except for me being "gey kiang" =D

Anyway post again next time, its time for me to book in already, bye guys.


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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Aug 31

Went back Tekong, it wasn't that bad, reach Pasir Ris at around 7 and went to eat mac, there after went to take the PEGUIN back =D
Reach back, we kena scolded again for being slow, oh well, Fabian's mad again. Anyway we unpacked and inspect but due to time constrain, didn't gone through inspection, and we had to went up to change and get weapon.
After that we went to LT to listen talk and went to the jungle to do the ROE for Guard Duty, then went for lunch and kena tekan again because it's slack off.
Followed by the cleaning of weapon but it took us like upteens years because Fabian isn't free, WTF. Rush for dinner after he came back and then send back weapon, haha.
We had late RO, but practically before and after that is just relaxing like nobody business.

Sep 1

Morning as per normal, and we started our area cleaning, and had our very freaking lame games day. Piang, might as well just say we are marching almost the whole tekong.
There after we had our lunch, and went to cut hair, sobsob.
After a hair cut and smoking time, we went to our CO and OC talk, and went to Whisky Coy to watch the videos, GOOD SIA! Should had help the SGT to do it the night before. Sad.
Then we had a stand by company, but luckily the CSM didn't check fully, phew.
Then we lepak and do our stuff until dinner.
With that, we do our favorite song by shouting our loudest. =D
Then after we had our RO, PLT 1 was playing with all the commanders, tossing them up into the sky. play camo, and spraying water. Practically after RO there is no government in it. =D
After everythings done, went to smoke, then pack bag and stuff, went down to smoke and drink coffee while other people play guitar, it was in the middle of the night.
Fabian and Joseph came to chat with us, after some time, the SGT went for their DOTA PEEKAY, I went to see then there after joined in using Fabian's laptop. Then were shouting here and there with XuanMing. =D
played and played, then chat and smoke and stuff like that until the morning, and starts preparing for our new camp.

Sep 2

Took Ferry and took bus to Kranji camp, regretted praying hard that I got the camp there, IT SUCKS!
Went there, sit and wait, and wait and wait, then after that went to our room, leave stuff there and went for lunch, then smoke and continue to unpack, there after listen to the SGT talk alot of stuff, and listening to the Encik there stating more stuff, there after start packing and going for book out, but still need to wait like nobody business, sigh,

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