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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

5 weeks have past ever since the last post, heh, quite long uh.

Okay, in fact, my life is still considering fine in army, due to my good instructor and my awesome "classmate"(Platoon mate). Let me see, every week was almost the same, just that I started reading, and we do quite a some stupid stuff also, but overall, it's really enjoyable, as of now, I really can say that army is really fun, but only to my opinion, except for 1 !@#$%^&* guy.

As of the date today, we did something stupid also. Because JM is singing 一场游戏一场梦, then we ask Francis to sing, then he started singing 朋友, and I go along with him, there after he was punish by doing pumping while every pump needs him to sing the last 4 words of the song. We were laughing frantically hard, seriously, then after that I got called up, so I get another "scapegoat" with me, who is Jon, and we started doing the same thing, but I was laughing madly, though it's a punishment, but it's really, woosh, what can I say, to have such "idiotic" platoon mate. =D

But thinking now, actually it's only about 1 more month before we actually goes our seperate ways, really wants to know how can all of us still meet up and enjoy our days together, I really don't feel like leaving them now, Left Tekong once, and it's like losing a lot of buddies whom is able to joke around together, and now come this. It took me 2 weeks, 2 weeks to adapt to the life of OETI, and now I have to change soon once again, even if I can cope, I guess I will really miss them, miss them so much that ......

Well, as of now, I would just enjoy my days with them, even though I would say not gonna think about the fact that we are leaving, but it's not easy.

Alright, ciao, next time.

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